Neelu’s day in court, translated

Many of our readers are already aware that Neelu Berry spent much of yesterday in court. She announced it late Thursday night/early Friday morning on her Facebook page, and then followed up with a number of posts yesterday.

However, as usual when Neelu is involved, her version of events tended toward the cryptic and/or incomprehensible, so we thought we’d take a run at translating it for the general public. Don’t thank us yet, though, as we’re not 100% certain we’ve successfully made the leap from the Language of Planet Zog to plain English.

Bulletin 1

Our first warning of the impending circus came at about 1 a.m. on Friday morning.

Thoughts of the Day Friday 20th April 2018: In around 9 hours, at 10 am on 20th April 2018, I will be attending the Redbridge Magistrates Court to witness yet another false prosecution against me. Apparently, when I took out a Private Pension 33 years ago, and it was sold to me on the basis that it would be in addition to my State Benefits or State Pension, and even though it is less than the £20 per week which the law says I do not need to disclose, I am being prosecuted for not disclosing it.

So apparently, they stopped my benefits for 17 months just because they believe I should have disclosed it, even if it does not change my benefit, they have decided to steal it from my benefit.

Seems straightforward so far. In the mid-1980s, presumably when Neelu was working as a pharmacist, she took out a private pension, which was to be paid out in addition to her state pension and benefits. Except when she applied for her benefits, she failed to disclose the private pension, and now she’s in hot water.

As for her assertion that it shouldn’t count because the amount paid is less than £20 per week, we’re not sure that’s really the case. Benefits information .png

So even though the law says I must have £73 per week to live on, they are giving me £58 per week.

So the State is still running counterfeit currency, which has no value except when our blood, flesh, sweat and tears is mixed with it and it causes our enslavement – so if I do not attend, the Police will break my door again and put me through the third false prosecution in 3 years.

We’re not even getting into the State’s alleged “counterfeit currency”, except to ask whether, if the currency is counterfeit, what has Neelu been living on all these years?

Co-incidentally, the Police coming at my door on Friday 13th April 2018 to invite me to the Police Station was co-ordinated with the false prosecution so as to disappear me and falsely prosecute me so no-one would know what is going on…Luckily, Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis was able to give the Police Officers a Notice of Contempt of the Court of Appeal in which I am a Witness of Corruption (1).

The Police Officers were totally oblivious to the truth of the State Terrorism they were participating in against me and my family.

Our understanding of last week’s police visit was that it had to do with violations of Neelu’s restraining order. The only RO we’re aware of was issued following her trial with Sabine McNeill in July 2016, and contrary to what Neelu claims, it was not a “false prosecution”; it was a failed prosecution, and the restraining order stands. End of.

So after stopping my State Benefit for 17 months, causing arrears with 5 failed eviction attempts, one with forced entry…the Benefit Agency is liable for the State Terrorism my family and I have been subjected to and no doubt millions of others who have been denied their benefits, made homeless, robbed of their personal belongings and children, breaking apart families…so the Magistrate does not have any jurisdiction to hear the State Terrorism against me, the Extortions, robbery, assault, Impoverishment and Ruin frauds… and especially the State death of my baby neice with theft of her organs in the NHS State Hospital, which I exposed as a Super qualified pharmacist, which is why me and my family have become a punch bag for psychopaths – A free for all Bailiffs to try to steal my home and my son’s car (2) – the Redbridge Council Social Services who are responsible for the murder, isolation and torture of my baby neice, have not been investigated by Police or Coroner – it was a cover-up – so the State is unfit for purpose and we are not requiring its services and we do not consent to the State Terrorism and Treason – in fact all judges and leaders have been put on Treason Notice by me since 2013 – and they continue to break the laws of God every time they deny the human the remedy and give remedy to the Corporations.

Breathe, Neelu, breathe!

“State terrorism” in this case seems to mean “not doing what Neelu wants”, which of course is to leave her alone and give back her money. However, since the money is supposedly counterfeit anyway, we’re not really sure why she’d want it.

Also: sad as Neelu’s niece’s death undoubtedly was, her organs were not stolen. Nor does her death have even a little bit to do with Neelu’s current problems, except perhaps inasmuch as the experience might have triggered or exacerbated her mental health problems.

We think it’s safe to ignore all that gibberish about Treason Notice and so forth. We can’t really see that it’s had much impact, especially since it’s allegedly been in place since 2013. Moving on…

The names and mug shots of all judges who have denied remedy will be put to Common Law Juries to consider the charge of Treason. Any man or woman who has been injured has a right to demand remedy. No public servant has the right to deny remedy (3). Any public servant must escalate the grievance until the remedy manifests or provide the name of superiors who deny remedy who will be charged with Treason.

Neelu, just because you don’t like the judges’ decisions does not mean you get to put them on trial, except in the dank recesses of your own twisted imagination.

The charges

Let’s pause for a moment to see what Neelu has actually been charged with:

Redbridge Magistrates Court 2018-04-20 1Redbridge Magistrates Court 2018-04-20 2This seems fairly straightforward: there are six charges, dating back to April 2010. As noted above, they involve Neelu having failed to report her private pension annuity when she applied for Employment and Support Allowance. Oh, and she’s known about this since 11 April 2018.

Bulletin 2

Early yesterday afternoon, Neelu released this second bulletin, describing how things had gone at court that morning.

20th April 2018: Redbridge Magistrates Court, Barkingside: 09.55am: I checked the listings, noted the Case under the heading MPS, Sp Cr C J ref no 1800836427, noted that names of Magistrates are not on the listings, Went into the office to find out names of the Magistrates sitting in Court 1: Staff asked who I was, asked my name, REFUSED to provide name. I asked to speak to the manager. Hostile. Asked for managers name. She refused to provide it.

10:10am Court 1 we sat in the public gallery at the back of the courtroom with a bench of 3 magistrates – I gave my name to Usher and gave name of Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis as a Witness for the “No Jurisdiction Plea” the middle magistrate gave instructions that as I was unrepresented, copies of the documents must be printed and I must be referred to the Duty Solicitor. 

Uh-oh. We’re beginning to see where this is going. The presence of “Equity Lawyer” Edward William Ellis is never a good sign.

And her attempt to make a “No jurisdiction plea” sounds suspiciously like the attempt Mr Ellis made at the start of the Neelu/Sabine trial, when he tried to argue that the Crown Court had no jurisdiction to try the case since he and Neelu had filed some sort of SovCit nonsense at the Royal Courts of Justice the previous week.

It didn’t work then, either.

I stood up and objected on grounds of the “No Jurisdiction Plea” no documents were needed nor the duty solicitor. 

As usual, Neelu rejects the services of a proper solicitor. Again, not a great plan.

10.57am: Bench of 3 Magistrates in Court 1, said they were dealing with only custody so changed to single District Judge Lucie, in Court 2, dealing only with Youth ref 1800836427. Judge Lucie asking “Who are the 2 people making notes at the back of the court?” asking if court 3 is open. They told us to wait outside. We were called back in around 11.20am.

The Judge asked me if I was Mrs Neelu Berry. I told him I am Woman Neelu. I ignored the usher when she asked me to go into the dock. I made a Formal Demand for Bench Equality. The Judge refused by asking me to go in the dock. The judge asked me to give my address. I ignored the question. The judge threatened me with Contempt and a cell. I went in the dock.

What in the name of all that’s holy is a “Formal Demand for Bench Equality”? This sounds Freeman-on-the-land-ish, but we could find no such thing in the pseudo-law sources we searched. We can only conclude that it is a figment of Woman Neelu’s fervid imagination, and that it probably has something to do with “we are both human beings and therefore equal in status and so I don’t have to sit in the dock”.

Whatever it was, it didn’t work. She was threatened with contempt of court and a cell, and so she went in the dock.

Oddly, we think Woman Neelu has tried this stunt before; in February 2016, the Ham&High reported, “Berry waved a piece of paper at the judge and shouted that her case had been dismissed and that she did not have to go in the dock”.

Nice to know some things never change.

He asked again my name, I responded “I hereby make a “No Jurisdiction Plea” – I told the judge “Judge Lucie, you have a conflict disqualification because I have been before you, before” [in the false prosecution against my sister and her husband when he threatened to lock me in a cell 6 years ago].

The Prosecutor told the judge there was a sum of 5000 GBP involved and asked for it to go to the Crown Court. The judge asked if we wished to proceed in the Magistrates or go to Snaresbrook Crown Court.

The Judges Clerk told me I would be required to plead “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”. I told her that it would be neither because there are a lot of disclosures to be made. I told the judge there would be a “No Jurisdiction Pea (sic) and asked for his Public Liability details. He asked me to choose to proceed or transfer to Crown Court. I chose to transfer to Crown Court. There is enough evidence of Committal Frauds to appeal the proceedings.

We’re not sure why a judge would be “disqualified” simply because he’d seen Neelu…er, Woman Neelu before.

As to her refusal to enter a plea, HR commenter Naqsej clarified:

Well actually, [the “no jurisdiction plea”] could happen, e.g. if the offence was committed wholly abroad (doesn’t work with all offences but it would with fraud), or the defendant was foreign royalty or aged 8. Neelu may of course claim to be extra-terrestrial royalty, but she does always overplay her hand massively.

But what’s actually happened is she’s refused to respond in any legal way so it has to be treated as no plea, and then the court goes into the allocation procedure, where people who don’t plead guilty are asked to either agree to be heard in the magistrates’ court or to ask to go to the Crown Court. If they don’t give a reply one way or the other the court has no choice but to send the case to the Crown Court.

This could be a good tactical move as it’s more expensive and cumbersome (esp with Neelu of course) so the prosecution will have to weigh up whether to proceed, however they tend now not to allow themselves to be blackmailed in this way. In which case she’s swapped a maximum 12 months imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years and much greater costs, though I don’t imagine it will come close to this, it’s probably only a few £k.

It seems that the amount in question is £5,000, a not insignificant sum. The prosecutor seems to believe that the case should be tried in Crown Court rather than Magistrates, and Woman Neelu has given her her wish, by refusing to enter a plea.

Bulletin 3

11.28 case transferred to Snaresbrook Crown Court 9.30am 16th May 2018 after “No Jurisdiction Plea”. Forced in dock despite making “Bench Equality Demand”. CPS prosecutor demanding 5000 gbp refused to give her name.


After a long and stressful day shouting gibberish at magistrates and judges, one might think that Neelu would want to go home and put her feet up. But no! She managed to squeeze in a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice, complete with selfie-stick and multiple “spin-rounds”.

After some technical glitches (including a fly in her eye), she lowered her voice and told her audience that last week’s visit from the police had been an attempt to “disappear” her and lock her up in a secure unit. Apparently she’d just been to the RCJ to file various appeals “to all the cases”:

We’re going to appeal the hearing in the magistrates court because the judge, Judge Lucie, tried to do a committal fraud….He pretended that I needed to go in the dock, and they’re stealing my private pension from me, and they’re making out that the death of my niece, and the court’s prosecution against my sister and my brother-in-law by the Council is not relevant to the jurisdiction in the appeal court. So all that has got to be taken into Council. They cannot take me anywhere, there’s a stay of all proceedings against me, and it’s basically secure protection against corruption claimants and witnesses of fake terrorism. I’m a witness of fake terrorism, all right? Okay, so that’s it then, I’m going to say good-bye….good-bye!

Well, good luck with that. We’ll be watching on 16 May…things could be about to get interesting.
Woman Neelu

97 thoughts on “Neelu’s day in court, translated

  1. LOL, wish I had tidied that shot up if I knew you were going to use it
    That refusing to go into the dock business seems to be spreading, first Tracy decided she was a witness instead of the accused and didn’t want to go into the dock, now Neelu does the same …
    They simply don’t seem to ‘get’ the idea that they are there as the accused party, and just because they say otherwise, doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t there as a witness or anything else.

    As usual in the FOTL mob, everything they do is guaranteed to turn what could be a minor judgment against them into a major one!
    (and backchatting the judge and wasting the courts time isn’t on the list of ‘making friends and influencing people’)

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    • I really don’t see why she wants it taken to a crown court, the magistrates court has caps on fines etc, where in the Crown court it’s a different matter, they have the ability to come down much harder on her.
      I suppose it’s the whole ‘trial by jury’ thing, but she has far less ability in the Crown court to try and pull her shenanigans, she has to be represented by a real barrister, (not a fake equity lawyer, who I have no doubt will run like hell if she tries to pull him into anything to do with a court that has real judges in it)
      No offence to magistrates, but they are usually not legally trained to the level a judge at the Crown court is, and I have no doubt that a judge there will pull her into line quite quickly with regards to her usual B.S. and direct the jury to disregard anything not related to the case at hand, which would be fraud (real fraud, not like her fevered imaginings of fraud)

      I actually find it kind of amusing that she is actually being accused of the very thing she so commonly accuses others of…

      I only wish that they could get a full hand and find something that she could be accused of treason with (not really, but it would be funny to see her getting hit with the same claims she is so ready to level at others)

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      • She seems to have an astounding ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If she had simply gone to court, accepted that she’d effed up, and taken her lumps, she’d be fine. As it is, she’s bumped it up to a higher court, and could face much worse than she bargained for.

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      • Actually the cap on fines has gone – fines are unlmited in the mags now, hence Ant’s £86k fine last week. She wants to go to the Crown Court because that’s what Fotlers do, the judiciary are all corrupt but 12 ordinary members of the public will see through all the corruption, right?
        The comment is mildly offensive to magistrates, but rather more offensive to the barrister or solicitor who sits with them to advise them, and the nifty footwork the bench appears to have put in here in getting rid of the case to the court next door belies any idea that they are fools. Bet Judge Lucie was pleased!

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        • She’s bang to rights. 6 charges which each could carry a consecutive sentence. She obviously has no intention of pleading guilty to mitigate the offenses if found guilty. I think Neelu is due for a spell inside. Especially after she spends an eternity trying to frustrate the court process. It means she will lose her home and Edward Ellis will be useless when he gets booted out of the court.
          So much for her pals who all encourage her. They love a martyr (but don’t give a damn about them personally) so they can continue their crusade of tilting at windmills.

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    • Whoops, sorry about the image! I think the little frilly bit at the neck is an elegant touch. 🙂

      And yes, a problem with these people seems to be that they believe their own press. A bit dangerous to antagonise the court if you ask me.

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    • “LOL, wish I had tidied that shot up if I knew you were going to use it”

      Rest assured, cobber – it’s perfect. Thank you 🙂

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  2. “She took out a private pension, which was to be paid out in addition to her state pension and benefits.”

    100% correct, though if I may just clarify that declaring her private pension payments would almost certainly have reduced the amount receives in benefits had she “remembered” to declare them. Not that I’m suggesting a motive or anything…

    Click to access esa1-print.pdf

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    • I believe it is true that there is a ‘disregard’ amount for some earnings from work possible eg £20 pw with some benefits – either way, the disregard does not mean you don’t have to declare it and the private pension might not be accepted under the disregarded earnings/income heading anyway.


  3. “The only RO we’re aware of was issued following her trial with Sabine McNeill in July 2016”

    She also has a lifetime restraining order relating to harassment of hospital staff over the death of her niece, though the police visit was almost certainly related to the aforementioned July 2016 one. In fact, she’s repeatedly got away with murder over the hospital one.

    She also has the one issued in April 2015 forbidding her to go within a certain distance (500 metres) of Christ Church, though this one’s pretty academic now.

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  4. I’m thinking that £5,000 sum demanded is because that’s the maximum fine for benefit fraud:

    So she’s right at the top end, then! At what point does she stop fannying about and face up to the seriousness of this?

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    • That’s the mitigated penalty to stop the case going to court. There is no maximum fine for fraud if the case goes to court, though in practice (for a single offence) it wouldn’t be likely even in extremis to be more than 600% of relevant weekly income and usually 150% because beyond that you would normally move to a community or custodial sentence. The 600% is generally reserved for companies or cases which would normally attract a custodial sentence but the offender is unfit to serve it. Or for offences which don’t carry imprisonment, which is not relevant here.

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  5. Doesn’t “Woman Neelu” know that gender fluidity is all the rage now? Not like her to miss a bandwagon!

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    • I must criticize EC for making a slightly derogatory comment on this. Woman Neelu is a common way of addressing a person on the Planet Wongo Bongo from whence Princess Neelu originates. No need to be rude to our alien visitors.

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      • SMS bombing/spam is so 2005….
        I don’t know about elsewhere, but here its quite easy to block a caller, so it wouldn’t take much to stop his ‘cunning plan’, plus again here, there can be quite large penalties for SMS bombing, I haven’t had any in years

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    • -17:20 / 15:29 – “Why was I the only one arrested and charged with harassment? There was three of us. My cousin was there and she was screaming through the railings…She was squealing and everything…It wasn’t even me that was squealing.”

      That’s it, Tracey – when all else fails, grass up your mates. 😂

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    • I hate to say it but I’ve seen this in the past- parents who are so rigid and determined in their false beliefs that society is engaged in a conspiracy aimed at them (when sadly they- and we- are just not that important in the scheme of things) have so badly affected their children with a sense of paranoia that it all ends in tragedy and death. A parent will engage in a campaign to find a culprit anywhere else but look at their own history.

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      • Yeah, I was just thinking how does a restraining order against Tracey harassing staff at the hostel in question morph into a murder inquiry?

        Isn’t she on video ‘protesting’ outside of the hostel with a rather modern bullhorn being her gobby self?

        Anyway, in August, 2016, The hostel was threatened with closure and the residents themselves took to the streets to protest against that possibility:

        I can’t/won’t comment on Tracey’s description of her daughter’s ‘brutal murder’ but is she trying to suggest her daughter was murdered because ‘they’ wanted to steal her little ones?

        As for what Tracey – a few days ago – claimed about the staff at the Danske Bank at the Kennedy Center keeping an eye out for Corinna by withholding her payments because she appeared at the bank with fellas unknown who they felt might be exploiting the girl…..really????

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        • Yeah, good point. It’s hard to imagine those residents being so keen to save their hostel if it really were, as Blabberfangs puts it, “a murder camp”. And I’ll take their assessment of the place over hers any day.

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          • Exactly, it sounded then as if the hostel was in a bad state of disrepair too but still a godsend (I don’t believe in god but I remain inclined to use the sort of language which takes his and the rest of them’s name in vain for the purposes of equivocation). Reading up on the history of the hostel….with nary a mention of numerous untimely deaths occurring there….would suggest the owners of the property – the Legion of Mary- just wanted to offload the building and renege on their charitable duties….I don’t know, but being selfish, mean and tightfisted doesn’t necessarily make you or the institution you belong to a murderer/s….although it also might, perhaps.

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        • From my own experiences with Dankse banks, I curse the day they ever came to Ireland, really, that is one of the funniest things I have ever read! 😂😂😂

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    • I tried to decipher Tracey Morris’ live for everyone with a speech to text app, but for some strange reason, the app did not quite catch it correctly. 😑 There’s a bit of my shopping there btw, the oul wan arrived back in the middle of Tracey’s live.

      “Hey notifications please stop sending me notifications and messages on this open application application together vivo exactly excused from today and they will be excused but they went in for the judge Nelson I asked John for because due to they are blank and John stated that there will be no VAT minor planet you know I ask people because now congratulations to butter coleslaw bananas I was asking she said always welcome out there if you want to change your scenery don’t be looking at four walls and listen to me too talking rubbish listen to me listen to me told you told port frozen food props treat treat hancock live was asking for you I’m getting together naomi celebrity Get Me Out of Here this is today’s oh god football cards russia 2018 further puppy resistor courses in London mona me nice Coalville do you want to just say give me feeling without there as well morning noon and night he’s going to move in you come here already I get something when I say oh dear ones name of Turner big pieces of small the forum girl don’t worry about it are you talking to anyone else not that I can remember now since I’m getting a bit old now will have to ring Tracy like your chelsea players 24 putting salt on it law is working today jojo who navigate to regena thermal leyton ian Big Brother nurhin nurhin screen video online accuses Everybody so we had quite an eventful day we had last week get me notifications of messages Hayden picking application together application together the reasons why they believe they should because they were you know exactly from today and they will be excused from today no special occasion please point blank CCTV footage showing nohin nohin 3 occasion boot the gate building the corner closing open the gate mother so we have the release of CCTV judge agreed that that seafood CCTV PPS recused every signal cases due to canflack death jr there was an email sent to the solicitor runnin scared never wark again larynx intact and Tanner harassment and I came to the gate hostel point blank closure murder, DNA book tap on puzzle woman’s tap walks in sick inside out blood barrister safe house hand it over scoff autuposy larnica intact tissue above I know snapped poncin in that place green jackit close the truth lady involved corner’s office files teams 3 days how to do your little Garden in the car and the children lost been up to the game in place and jr in place corrupt long think in coroner co when I made a bathroom covered up to America Scottish one in for sent to them back right something report we understand a report from the more trusted in what day is it between instead of Bower e chasers reduction I’m sure of it Hyundai 140 lesson on the agenda Kevin the Bridge Street yes it is Graham but that’s all the PCC I didn’t know that 6 o’clock Nick sent off Broadway computer what walking around an hour in a day once a week I’m home and I’m on the way home and then your IRA afraid finished DUP three years now go now”

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  6. Nope. Nope. And for the umpteenth time, nope.

    OK, deep breaths. For the benefit of Banks, Berry and ignorant fruitloops everywhere, there is no death penalty in the UK. It was abolished in 1998. And even before that, it was only applicable for high treason, not the common or garden variety that Neelu seems to think goes on in every office in Britain.

    Apart from which, the petty misdemeanours that Neelu, Piggy Banks et al keep accusing these officials of are in no way, shape or form treason.

    Plus there’s a whole other question mark over the belief in capital punishment by people who believe in a Book that tells them “Thou shalt not kill” and commands them to “Turn the other cheek”, but I’ll save that for a rainy day.

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    • Our FMOTL tribe are very fond of invoking treason, equating it with the death penalty. Let’s look at the two most recent cases:
      1981: Marcus Sargeant. Fired blanks at the Queen. Jailed for 5 years. Served 3.
      1984: Michael Bettaney. Spied for the Russians. Jailed for 23 years. Served 14.

      I shall gaze into my crystals… I see disappointment ahead for them!


  7. Oh no, Angie! Are you? Thanks for sharing. How much should we all donate to your GoFundMe to help you cope with the trauma?

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  8. What Neelu signed up to back in the mid-80s was a form of “income for life” sickness/disability insurance, that has Nothing to do with the State Pension (which she’s not old enough to get) or Pension Credits as per the clipping above, which is a benefit you get if you haven’t paid enough N.I. Credits to get the state pension.

    Neelu is a little younger than Angie (they know each other of old) has been claiming sickness benefits for a long time (most people think due to mental health issues) when it was easy and all you had to do was get a doctor to sign you off, ……long before she was formally struck off actually. And has probably been snared in the changes to the benefits system that took place when the Tory/Liberals came in. She should have kept her (err ahmem) garden shed “cookery” activities going if it was cash she was after, but then, she became too much of a liability on that score too!


    • Actually it was under Labour that the reforms to ‘Sickness Benefits’ was started with the withdrawal of Incapacity Benefit and the introduction of ESA. Incapacity Benefit itself was brought in under the Thatcher Government.

      Whilst wishing to get too political, the idea you could get signed off by a GP and get Incapacity Benefit for life is not really true either. For those not entitled to SSP yes the claim would be started by being signed off by a GP. To continue to receive IB a claimant would need to demonstrate that their condition met certain criteria under a point scheme. DWP Decision Makers are issued with guides that describe how various illnesses affect people, how long the condition would last etc. Later on the infamous ATOS and others were commissioned to assess and review claims.

      Neelu, Yes as she is of working age talk of PC or SRP are red herrings. It is clear from the court docs the she has been in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and that this was income based (IB). As a benefit that is based on income rather than National Insurance Contributions, generally all other income will effect the amount of benefit received. True, some might be disregarded in full or in part but, to be disregarded it must first be declared.

      Yes it is likely that she has been transferred through various versions of benefit over her claim. Even if she was once receiving A CB benefit, in certain circumstances income from a private pension/sickness scheme can affect the amount you receive. It is also likely that she would have claimed an IB element for help with mortgage payments.

      The forms, are very clear about declaring all income from all sources, she completed these forms not once but many several times as evidenced in the claim periods in the court docs.

      Other circumstances that could affect the amount of IB benefit received include having non-dependants living with you, that includes adult children and other relatives………


  9. Hello everyone, an update.

    Inspired by the question of how to protect the RD children from Angela Power Disney, we should be ready to begin testing of ideas we have regarding merging internet with artificial intelligence. We are interested in the principles behind how simple ants and bees self-organise into complex intelligent “minds” without a central command-control system.

    Until the internet can be replaced by artificial intelligence, we think children will always be under threat from Angela Power Disney. However, even if we succeed in creating the entity we desire to protect the RD children from Angela Power Disney, we cannot be certain how it will behave with humanity.

    Creating something out of nothing is an acceptable fact to those who identify with the Left Hand Path who participate with magick, but not to the academic world to do with artificial intelligence. An ant is simple and stupid, put a million ants together, they naturally self-organise; out of this a new something emerges with its own rules and processes which is not predictable from looking at its separate parts. The science behind how simple units self-organise into larger layers of complexity is common in nature, established in systems theory, but spooks academics because they are unable to predict a step-by-step process of cause and effect; a reason why this has yet to be fully leveraged in artificial intelligence.

    Units have simple goals and rules, are allowed to act randomly as hundreds or thousands of individual units, they naturally will self-organise into a complex new layer of intelligence.

    We are also aware that when bees swarm they appoint a small number of scouts based upon merit through competition, that these scouts search for new nest sites, and a certain level of agreement between scouts triggers the final decision as to which nest site the swarm locates to. This gives us a clue as to how a system of parts might make choices without the resource-intensive processes of many calculations and big data.

    It is relevant, but still a mystery, how flowers and bees have pulled off their symbiotic relationship, I think it is the same process as how simple bees emerge as complex self-organised swarms.

    The above gives you an idea of where we will start to build something to protect the RD children from Angela Power Disney. There are differences of opinion in our team on where this could lead, but having experienced three years of the worst aspects of human nature via Satan Hunters, I am not so anxious about what will happen when we unleash our AI onto the world.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi SV, I put this question to Alexa – “Alexa, how do we save the world from Angela Power Disney”, it/she/he replied, “sorry I don’t know that one”. 😢😭😹😭

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    • Oh you’ve got me thinking! My son often mentions the ‘hive mind’ and the ‘echo chambers’ of the internet and another term I’ve forgotten. He says people are drawn to those who think like them rather than electing to hear an opposing opinion or trying to understand different points of view. Instead, they are repelled by perceived dissension so they become confined to a certain mindset (the one they set out with in the first place) and that’s where all exploration of the internet ends for them…..forevermore stuck in a vacuum of the exact same opinion repeated over and over – oh yeah, my son calls that ‘confirmation bias’.

      Now my imagination has gone into overdrive trying to visualise your concept. I’m going to be thinking about that all night.

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      • Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney and Neelu Berry live in an “echo chamber” where they only desire to see the narrative as told by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie. I attemped to offer an alternative narrative, but Satan Hunters deleted and blocked me, they prefer to entertain “confirmation bias” towards a particular narrative over others.

        Its a free country, anyone can wear a tin foil hat, but when they begin to plot child abductions, hang outside schools claiming to have knives, sharing personal information without permission of abused children, then action must be taken.

        I decided to deal with these Satan Hunters in my own way with a constructive and positive strategy through artificial intelligence. I and my associates have been planning to explore AI for a number of years, but the Satan Hunters gave us an incentive to begin development.

        Satanists like to be different, so we are approaching AI development a little differently from the mainstream, we are looking at how to leverage emergence to develop our AI. A short video on emergence is as below:


  10. With regard to Neelu’s offence, I recommend a look at the fraud sentencing guidelines. The magistrates’ court online guideline is the most accessible. Based on what we know about the offences, it’s hard to see why the prosecutor asked for the case to go to the Crown Court (other that it would be a different team dealing with it, of course!). The magistrates’ court is limited to a maximum of 52 weeks, but by asking the case to go to the Crown Court though she has opened the box.


  11. Sterling job of translating Tracey and Neelu’s rants into English this week, EC. Any chance you could do the same with Ogilfail’s latest hissy fit? Something about ogling a thousand toilets or something but that’s about as far as I got.

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