Abe and Ella provide proof: There was never a ‘cover-up’

Since the beginning of the Hampstead SRA hoax, those who believe the lies of Ella Draper and Abraham Christie have also fallen for the story that the reason they “had to release” the children’s videos is that they had been the victim of a cover-up by Barnet police. Here’s how we know that’s a lie: while the case was still under active investigation by the CAIT at Barnet, Ella and Abe attempted to reach out to high-profile troofer broadcaster Brian Gerrish and film-maker Bill Maloney, in an attempt to monetise the story they’d concocted.

According to Abe (commenting as Ella on a YouTube video over a year ago), one of his greatest frustrations was that Gerrish had dropped the ball:

On or around the 16th of September 2014 Steve Martin received an email that had “found it’s (sic) way to S.O.E.C.A. (Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse) via D.P.S. (Directorate of Professional Standards)” The sender explains that having read the contents of said email it appeared “IDENTICAL to a current investigation of yours 2419891/14 concerning allegations of sexual and ritual abuse at Christchurch Primary School.”
“The email appears to be one in (sic) the same sent by the MOTHER TO THE INFORMANT and the contents appear on your CRIS.”
BRIAN GERRISH of UK Column was the ONLY person to have received that email/file from the mother on the 11th of September 2014 .
But ,but Brian couldn’t be the informant , he sent the email to Bill Maloney on 15-09-14 who sent it to Nathan ‘NumNuts’ Wedger who sent it to P.C. Paul Armstrong, who in turn sent it to Anna Bewley at D.P.S. H.Q. saying that he’d received a disturbing email which includes serious allegations of wrongdoing by MPS officers … Then via two internal D.P.S. emails from Anne and PC Craig Langley the email “found it’s (sic) way” to DC Victoria BARNES SC&036 -SOECA LIT
29th Floor (East Block), Empress State Building, and thence back to Steve Martin , who had the original email from the original INFORMANT, which as Vicky noted was already in Steve’s CRIS report.

Q. Name original informant, AAND (sic) subsequent informants used to distract from original informant.
For a bonus prize explain why Brian never said a word about the case till MSM’s attempted hatchet job on the Whistleblowers, ella & abe and WHY BILL MALONEY HAS SAID F-CK ALL.  nemesis )+( nerd

At first glance,this read to us like Abe’s usual gibberish.

However, we now think it’s an important indicator of what was happening behind the scenes, early on in the hoax.

Apparently no one could work up the enthusiasm to answer Abe’s “quiz”, so in the comments section of another video he supplied the name of the “original informant” himself:

Bill Maloney in an interview with Lou Collins .(connected to Danielle la Verite)speaks out about the tattoo on Leon Brittan’s pubenda (sic!) that a victim (Andrew) of Leon Brittan described and drew during an interview with a newspaer (sic) almost 2 years ago , so when Maloney and Gerrish received Ella’s email describing the Tattoos and distinguishing marks on the cult members (sic) pubenda (even more sic) they were well aware of this corroborating the testimony of Leon Brittan’s victim. Why then have neither of them said anything apart from the few times that Gerrish mentions the case on UK Column when the MSM had attempted a hatchet job on Abe and Ella, and he had to say something ? Now it’s clear why the info re Tattoos was buried buy (sic) Maloney, Gerrish AND the police and exposes Maloney and Gerrish as Shills ! Quite apart from the fact that Maloney passed the email onto a Nathan “NUMNUTS”Wedger a known police informant ; and the email eventually “found it’s (sic) way” to investigating/cover up Freemason, DS Steve Martin. mmmmmm…

Stripped of all subtlety, this tells us that when they were concocting the hoax, Abe and Ella were aware that the alleged victim in a high-profile case had claimed to have seen “identifying tattoos” on the genital area of his purported abuser.

Knowing this, Abe and Ella felt that their hoax would be more convincing to the troofers they were trying to court if they could show that the alleged cult members had similar tattoos. This is why they had the children draw the monster/demon tattoos, and why they have continued to focus on the supposed tattoos as “proof” that their case was real.

Where does Finnbarr fit in?

We know that Finnbarr Hagan was sent by Brian Gerrish to scope out the situation and decide whether it was worth pursuing. He visited Abe, Ella, and the children in Hampstead on 8 September, 2014, interviewing the children seemingly without Abe and Ella’s knowledge; when he heard the adults approaching he shoved his phone, still recording, into his pocket. This is how we know about the conversation he, Ella, and Abe had in which Abe admitted that he was worried because DC Martin was in charge of the case.

We also know that on 11 September, Ella and Abe emailed Brian Gerrish with a “laundry list” version of the story they were pushing. As Abe says in the first comment above, “BRIAN GERRISH of UK Column was the ONLY person to have received that email/file from the mother on the 11th of September 2014”.

It seems that perhaps Gerrish was less impressed with Finnbarr’s report and Ella’s email than Abe and Ella expected him to be; he decided to take a pass on the story.

How did Abe and Ella know where the email went?

Abe and Ella are very specific about the path the email took after it left Gerrish’s hands. According to them, it went something like this:

Brian Gerrish –> Bill Maloney –> Nathan Wedger –> PC Paul Armstrong –> Anna Bewley (DPS)/PC Craig Langley –> DC Victoria Barnes (SOECA) –> DC Steve Martin

We suspect that the reason Abe and Ella are able to be so unusually precise about the email path is that it was included in the court bundle that Ella’s solicitors gave her after she’d sacked them. We cannot prove this, but it seems to be the most logical explanation for the time being.

It also makes sense that Gerrish and Maloney would be cautious about accepting a case like this, which appeared to involve multiple very serious crimes. Whatever their other failings, they aren’t stupid: they would know that broadcasting this material while it was still effectively sub judice would land them in serious legal hot water. They did the only sensible thing, which was to turn the email over to the police.

How does this prove there was no cover-up?

According to the accepted doctrine of the Hampstead hoax, the videos were released as a last resort, when it seemed that the only way Ella would get her children back was via the “court of public opinion”, as Sabine is wont to say. We know that when Sabine released them in early 2015, it was with the express intention of putting pressure on the courts. She has said as much, several times.

However, the fact that Abe and Ella were attempting to hawk the children’s story round to Gerrish and Maloney (who coincidentally are both friends with Belinda) while the case was in progress looks much more like a pre-planned, carefully executed hoax.

At the point when Finnbarr came to call, the children had been through one ABE police interview, during which they’d performed their parts well. They would have another interview on 11 September, following which they would be taken into protective custody due to the allegations they made concerning Abe hurting them. And on 17 September the whole thing would go completely pear-shaped, with the children retracting their statements…but Abe and Ella had no inkling that any of this was about to happen.

For some time now, we’ve been working on the assumption that Belinda, Sabine, Abe, and Ella planned the hoax from the outset**. The timing of Finnbarr’s visit and the fateful email—and Abe’s utter rage at being rejected and ultimately betrayed by both Gerrish and Maloney—bears out this theory. It might also go toward explaining why Abe and Ella ultimately felt betrayed by Belinda, who had failed to deliver on her promise to ensure that the story got a positive reception from her troofer contacts.

**During Sabine McNeill’s 2018 trial, it was revealed that we were mistaken. Our assumption that Belinda and Sabine had been involved from the outset was incorrect; it seems that they only became involved in November 2014.

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    • Yeah, but at 2:13:39 he’s still hell bent on finding out where the children are and raising money to help find them, which is ridiculous.

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      • He thinks David Shurter is a good source. Obviously Nathan Knows about Davids recent court appearance for threatening a baby so why would he use him? As usual Abe and Ella have terrible judgement on who they confide in and Nathan knows he screwed up by getting close to them. They all deserve each other.

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      • Ridiculous, creepy, disgusting, illegal, dangerous too….. who do these nuts think they are, ? Abe, Ella, Angela Power Disney etc are encouraging people to search for children who need, deserve protection…. from their perverted ideas. Sickening.

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        • They’re just trying to keep the pot boiling Sheva. If some looney does make a move to go after the kids they’ll be banged up quicker than a pushbike at a demolition derby. That in turn will be another “scandal” for them to rant about for hours on end.

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  1. Glad to see someone willing to look at other perspectives, and I respect him for saying he does not care whether Ella will be upset or not, taking the blinkers off. Are we taking bets on whether Ella will participate in this interview? Shall we forward questions to Stolperman?

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  2. I never got to the appeal looking for the children or some such other nonsense he is suddenly promoting. Nathan S should look up ‘Rupert Quaintance’ and contemplate the US/UK extradition laws which exist. Incitement, encouragement to essentially kidnap vulnerable children is something he needs to rethink, and fast. Nathan should do one of those downward arrow things for ‘look for children’ arrow ‘ start discussing, planning arrow arrest arrow jail. Thank god he says he wants the images of the children taken down, now that is something he could ask Ella about in the interview she will now avoid.

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    • if Nathan wants the pictures of the children taken down he should start with his own videos. A quick look at his channel shows them all over it. He’s a hypocrite who only cares about how he can milk something.

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      • Like Power-Disney and numerous others Nathan is attention-whoring around looking for punters to support his little start-up cottage industry.The market is over saturated with wannabe alternative media stars so the need to lure an audience knows few bounds as the likes of Nathan seeks the “killer” scoop.

        The recent pulling out of support from big advertisers and subsequent huge drop in monetary rewards for youtubers may prove to be the best thing thats happened.Perhaps the likes of Nathan/APD et al will need to get a proper job stacking shelves or something and have less time to spend desperately construing bollox for their shekel.Then again pigs may fly.

        In the meantime Nathan could at least give his cat something decent to listen to.

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      • Aren’t they all though? They’re all clowns! The bulk of those that involved themselves in this particular hoax are also-rans among the hoaxing/conning community…… Really desperate/stupid/unsuccessful criminals that have been at it for years and years with the odd (usually very odd) mentally-ill stoolie in tow looking for a bit of attention/validation. Gerrish has his eyes on a slice of Icke/Jones territory. And at least has enough of an IQ to have recognised this as an untouchable pile of shite. Besides which, it looks as though it was McKenzie’s ‘baby’ really anyway. Maloney? What actual real films has he made? Somebody was having a larf when they told me to put aside an hour to watch some of his stuff on YouTube! There he was wandering around some seaside place arguing with some bloke’s garden ornaments! There is a story going around that he turned up at one of the Edinburgh Film Festival things a summer or two back trying to big it up and was laughed out of the place. He was last seen doing a John Cleese arguing with one of them tiny wee Smart Cars in the street and he hasn’t been seen since! Now, I’d pay a fiver to see the video of that! 🙂

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        • Bill Maloney falsely claimed he won a prestige New York Film Festival award for one of his tiresome ranting home videos.
          But it was actually an “award” from a now defunct NY Film & Video Festival vanity competition where everyone pays a huge sum to enter and then everyone wins a prize.

          These phony film festivals crop up all the time in the US and are the bane of credible festivals and the film industry and basically defraud would be film-makers or encourage phones like Bill McPhony.

          Baloney has gone very quiet since he and the ghastly Christoper Fay were hauled in by Operation Midland to be questioned over a possible conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in the infamous “Nick” matter who is expected to face serious charges of fraud.

          Maloney was one of the more creepy self-appointed “child protection advocates” who seem to think his thuggish aggressive attacks on politicians who foolishly chose to give press conferences in parks outside Westminster was some sort of major achievement. He also aggressively appeared outside court cases like that of Max Clifford berating him until police pulled him aside and threatened him with arrest.

          Like all pint sized aggressive bullies, when confronted with reality Maloney shows he is just a coward who retreats in fear of another visit to a jail cell.

          For Gerrish to even consider having this little slug on his team reflects on his own credibility but I doubt Gerrish would have a bar of the Phony Baloney Maloney these days.

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          • Funnily enough Sam I was over at the office of the very same bloke who told me to go and watch Bill Maloney’s rubbish when I noticed that HE had a couple of big medals from one of the New York film festivals in his cabinet, along with some BAFTA stuff (not the big head things, but minor trophies) and other varuious other bits of memorabilia. When I asked him why he didn’t advertise the fact (good for business surely?) he told me he’d be “too fucking embarrassed” to admit to his perfectly legit awards thanks to this sort of crap. Apparently the “award” Maloney claims is named to sound confusingly like two legitimate festivals that ran in NY. I’m told there is a similar “group” in Glasgow that run award scams too! You basically pay to attend an awards ceremony and if you buy enough seats/tables you get a prize. They publish shitty trade magazines too and apparently they’re not averse to handing out “gongs” to their own titles! I got some crap through from them the other day asking if I wanted to attend (i.e. buy a £1500 table at) some sort of motor trade dinner and enter for their award! I think I’d get better mileage treating the lads to a couple of crates of Tennants and a fish supper each! Maybe we could mount some old brake discs on a wooden stand and polish them up a bit? 😉

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      • Thing is Mik, you need literally hundreds-of-thousands of subscribers and to be putting out two or three videos a week that are guaranteed 20,000+ views to make even minimum wage; I know of an electrician bloke who has just such a channel as a hobby – he just sits there dismantling stuff and talking about it! 250K subs and it makes him about a grand or so a month. I had a look at that CCN thing the other day (as an example) its got about 12500 subscribers and the videos rarely get into three figures. The far more successful (and better made) UK column is at about 15K subs and maybe averages 3-4000 views per video. It’s just another delusion of theirs thinking they’re going to make any real money out of this sort of thing.

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          • Nawww She’d be better off dressing up as Deirdre Barlow and offering ghost tours of old Weatherfield. 😉

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        • The so-called alternative media industry is over-saturated by folk who think a youtube channel, a microphone, their opinionated voice means something. Only a few such as Alex Jones makes it to the big league, the rest of them chase after the crumbs. There is no imagination, creativity or skill in this industry, and the market is now immune to shock and the lack of novelty. The industry has had its day.

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          • I love Youtube for the practical help videos- how to plug in an electric plug or remove your car wheel (yes I need help on everything).
            It’s a great source and inspiration for so many things and I applaud people who take the time to put together self-help practical videos (Make Your Own Padded Bedhead !).

            I was pleased to read in a comment above that these channels can actually make a small living out of their help videos so that’s a very positive thing.

            Hunting alleged baby eating Satanists? Not so much. It’s a packed market and the fact is that most who inhabit it are absolutely barking.

            Then there are numerous others who think they can make a living off it by conning people they are child protection advocates or have the secret to free energy and although I would never be so rude as to mention the names of these scrounging frauds the words Angela, Power, Disney and HopeGirl come to mind.

            Seems HopeGirl has been booted off YouTube and is looking for a new venue but the problem still remains- more and more courts are decreeing that web hosts could be liable for frauds perpetuated on websites hosted by them. And that’s a good thing.

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        • Sharing a particular real world knowledge/labour of love such as dismantling and talking about stuff is a wonderful use of platforms such as youtube.If some monetary benefit as a result is derived then happy days,its win/win/win and all is good under the hood etc

          When an individual utilizes such a platform to cast aspersions,create and promote ill informed judgements based on snippets of gossip,inuendo and tittle tattle(largely gleaned from others doing the same) then we are looking at unbridled profiteering off the back of often entirely innocent individuals and lives being potentially destroyed.

          Fortunately the business model of such blood sucking,chancers,creeps and wastrels is fundementally flawed based on the simple fact that the vast majority of human beings soon enough smell and see through the outer membrane of such bubbles exposing the poverty of coherant substantive inner content.

          It would be fascinating to peruse the likes of CCN`s annual accounts to see how that stuff works itself out.I cannot help being a nosey bugger lol

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          • Let’s put it this way Mik….. A few months ago they were begging for a couple of grand to “upgrade equipment” and keep the lights on. CCN, complete with its rip-off name and plagiarised logo claim to be “international broadcasters” – And they’re grubbing about for three grand? I queried this with someone who is the real deal…. They laughed! Broadcasters have to meet certain “legal” quality standards or their stuff cannot be shown….. This is one reason why you don’t get shite like “Rich Planet” on any of the normal broadcast channels. Rich Hall likes to pretend it’s because his stuff is ‘too edgy’, in fact it’s because (quote) it’s “cluelessly incompetent shite, not even up to the standard expected of a first year student in the first three months of their course”. This means, quite apart from knowing what they’re fucking doing, the kit real broadcasters use has to be “top notch” and as it’s very specialised it sells in small numbers it costs an absolute fucking fortune! Three grand, I’m reliably informed, might buy you a set of decent batteries and a charger OR a good tripod! When these guys go out to shoot something they’re generally toting £20K+ worth of kit with other huge numbers sitting back at base to edit and process the material they bring back. To hire one of these guys for a 1/2 day to film someone talking and have them edit a bit of sense into it will cost you about a grand! – and there’s Mel trying to kid the world on, wearing toy headphones like my grandson has, gibbering into a webcam and apparently unable to afford a new bulb for her table lamp! FFS! That’s not a business! To throw this into perspective – a hole-in-the wall garage with say two mechanics needs to turn over at least £5-6K/week just to keep the fucking lights on! Your local hairdresser or newsagent will be in a similar boat. International broadcasters my arse! Maybe Dell Boy could flog her a three-wheeler van as an outside broadcast unit?

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          • Well that puts paid to my dream of taking on the Murdoch empire on a shoestring budget then,drat and double drat.I will have to stick to mending wobbly fences a little while longer.

            Oh BTW Alfred you have won todays random “For the sheer hell of it” upturned carblock award.Only £1999.99 + postage and packing(wine not included).

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          • LOL Mik…… I’ve been waiting for ages for somebody to scrap an old Range Rover engine to get the block off it and do almost just exactly that with it! Ain’t paying two bags for it though 😉

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  3. Nathan Stolpman is a disgusting, vile, pathetic little man, he does not deserve any sympathy. He says one think one minute then the opposite, minutes later. He apologies one day, slanders the next. I hope RD can take some sort of action against him and others.
    This is what he had to say about Ricky Dearman two days ago.
    I am glad David Seaman order crowd striking on his account, he can no longer live stream from his main channel and hopefully all the disgusting videos and illegal images will be gone along with him very soon.


          • No iff we were adherants of another “certain school of thought” we would be plotting to identify his whereabouts,bundle him into the back of a van,bind him to his office desk wth gaffer tape and whack him around with kitchen utensils with gay abandon until he says lots of funny things.

            Then make the obligatory video of the whole sordid affair,set up a Patreon account and argue with each other a lot when viewing figures barely scrape into double figures.

            Gawd bless the Spiny one whatever path he may shuffle.Top man.

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  4. Just for gits and shiggles………….


    I was passed this link a a little earlier by a friend who is looking into many of these cons and the con artists behind them….. Fourth post down, another satisfied CCN customer tells us:


    [Screenshot from Mel’s latest assault on “transparency.]

    FACTS: They are simply using the LiveStream software to stream to YouTube. A functionality that many software packages, including free/open source can do as well.

    After they failed to raise the needed $10K in late 2015 for the “white label” branding on Livestream, CCN lost the professional capabilities to use Livestream services, which they had marketed to their hosts–most notably, the ability to embed Livestream from their own web pages.

    This effectively “broke” the Livestream experience for both viewers and hosts like myself, who had embedded the Livestream feed onto our own websites (we WERE, after all, PAYING them for “production and streaming services”).

    A fact, they openly HID from their mostly non-techy host “clients”.

    The difference is that when they made that little change, they were no longer streaming ON Livestream, which cost a fair bit of change; but went to YouTube which costs NOTHING to stream from as a platform. (I know, I have the capability to live stream to YouTube myself).

    This basically “orphaned” the Livestream feed, which they covered their asses on by replacing the stream embed on their (horrible, ugly, slow) website—-and putting that feed behind a mandatory email sign-in screen (to harvest viewers for mailing list). It was NEVER timely explained to the hosts that this switcheroo occurred—we continued to pay despite their reduction in overhead costs.

    How is that not bait and switch?

    When I called him out on this, Biggi, in typical double-speak, used this same lame-assed explanation offered in the post by Mel, to infer this WAS Livestream. But, go to the CCN Livestream page, and the live feed was/is dead.

    Because most people are technically unsophisticated, they can be forgiven for not knowing the difference. The difference is NOT just a chat room. Hell, anyone (except maybe Biggi) can put up a Chatango chat on any website.

    This was a fundamental CHANGE in network infrastructure, and audience share/user experience. The paying hosts of CCN deserved a FULL, CLEAR understanding of the dynamics. Instead they got more Biggi-speak.

    As a note here: One does not “install” Livestream software to YouTube. Streaming is done by using any one of MANY software packages (some of which are FREE, open source packages, which support the YouTube streaming protocols. THAT is just more gibberish techno-speak.


    “RESPONSIBILITY, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY are the key factors to ensuring a happy and functional working relationship with the CCN Producers.”- from the CONSCIOUS CONSUMER NETWORK (CCN) Consentual Operating Format 2016 (CON-TRACT)

    Ask yourselves: WHAT part of “TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY” excludes the full disclosure of changes in the basic network platform? When the Livestream feed “broke”, how many viewers were left thinking the network was “down”? How “transparent” are Mel V. and Biggi when they obfuscate, deceive, and use techno-speak to HIDE a fundamental change in their operations from their PAYING producers?

    The account of the changes in CCN infrastructure were laughable when I first heard them six months ago. CCN was asked to provide TRANSPARENCY on this matter, and yet today, they STILL maintain this ludicrous explanation of HOW they switched out a PREMIUM broadcast platform for an open source, FREE platform.

    In her post (screenshot below), Mel Ve names myself, Lisa Harrison, andDani Arnold-McKenny as sources of this “mis-information”.

    I, Randy Maugans, am the source of this above information, and I stand by my statements. This was the moment when I first realized that Mel and Biggi had a twisted sense of ACCOUNTABILITY. If anyone wishes to challenge these statements, do so in writing to me.

    I DO NOT “work” with Lisa Harrison and Dani Arnold-McKenny. We are independent media producers who have a friendly relationship. No collusion, con-spiracy, or other vague terms like “gangstalking”, “gas lighting” apply. I take responsibility for my statements in all matters

    If you buy into the credo of CCN that they wish to make the world a better place—maybe they should start by TELLING THE TRUTH to their own producers. If they lied to us, can you trust them with your media?

    The screenshot says :

    Hello friends….there is a lot of confusion raining down (no surprises there) and it is making its way into online allegations regarding the CCN network and the setup. Randy, Dani and Lisa have now commented on Face book that we are no longer using LIVESTREAM and we are now only a YouTube Channel. I just want to inform you all that this is categorically incorrect.

    The YoutubeLIVE function works by installing the LIVE STREAM application into one’s own YOU TUBE channel. We still use LIVESTREAM STUDIO SOFTWARE and pay a LIVESTREAM for this usage. The decision to use the YOU TUBE template for our LIVE broadcast screen, is due to the excellent features
    of the YOUTUBE chat function. The YOUTUBE LIVE function is like a shop windown, that is being powered from behind by LIVESTRAM software. For those who do not know the technical set up pf our network, they will alwlays only get what they can see, without knowing how our infrastructure works from our side…Sad to see people once again using false information in an attempt to smear people in order to deflect blame and guilt.”

    Seems to me that the tangerine dreamer is totally full of it!

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    • Another small fact that these amateurs are ignorant about: people have a limited attention span and even probably the greatest crowd pleasing events in the UK , football matches are limited by time so the fans don’t eventually get completely bored and batter each other to death.

      Yet these Youtuber conspiracy whack jobs can ramble on for hours. Again no names although Mad Moo comes to mind.

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  5. On the subject of the hoax being planned in advance, I think you’re right that it was planned but I think Abe mucked things up by going straight to Jean Clement……..looks to me like it was JC that threw the spanner in the works and everything after that point was playing catchup. I’d be willing to bet Belinda was furious with them for trying to freelance it w/ JC…if they’d gone back to Morocco as planned they would still be there churning out videos of the kids making more and more crazy allegations. Actually I think their coming back to London wasn’t part of the original plan……….they were probably meant to stay in Morocco but Abe got the idea of enlisting JC as a credible witness. Just a thought.

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      • Just an hypothesis mind you. 🙂 The only way we’ll find out the real story is if the police can be persuaded to pull their finger out and get cracking on some arrests.

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    • Good points, ORW. I think you’re right that Belinda wouldn’t have been too pleased at Abe and Ella’s breach of protocol. There was really no reason for them to come back, unless it was this: they might have wanted to meet with Finnbarr, as their entrée to Gerrish’s UK Column. They did take a trip to Glastonbury the day after they returned, and we know that Finnbarr has connections there; was he living or staying there at the time? Whatever, it seemed important enough to Abe and Ella that they were willing to load the kids into a car and make the drive there and back right after their return from Morocco.

      I find it interesting that they didn’t go straight to the “big time” conspiraloon broadcaster David Icke (though there was that massive Hampstead SRA hoax thread on the Icke discussion forums), but then Belinda doesn’t know him, does she? 😉

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      • I wouldn’t doubt for a second that McKenzie basically wrote the script and cast Ella and her two shiny blonde Aryan children as stars on the anti semetic stage where they couldn’t fail to pull the strings she had in mind for pulling! Abe for his part fancies himself as a great intellectual, and they do say the thief thinks everybody steals, so he probably didn’t reckon on JC having an IQ north of 80 and not being taken in for a moment, nor would it occur to him that this Special Constable was an honest man who followed protocol as best he could. Maybe Abe was hoping to go back to Belinda with the coup of having a serving copper on board?

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        • “Maybe Abe was hoping to go back to Belinda with the coup of having a serving copper on board?”

          That’s entirely possible, and sounds like something he’d do. I note that those on the other side seem to have no idea what a “Special” really is, and claim that Abe and Ella took the kids to the police as soon as they got home. Talk about failing to grasp the concept, LOL!

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          • I’m told (by an ex-Special) that they have exactly the same authority as any other Constable, they’re just voluntary and part-time. I also hear that this bloke works with immigration or the home office or something? So being a warrant holder is useful to his full time job? – Did they actually imagine he was something like a traffic warden? But would still “tick the box” of having “gone to the police”?

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          • @Alfred. Me and my friend got into a fight once with 2 others in the afternoon, it spilled out into the road and a bus stopped and the driver got out and showed his special constable warrant card. We all ignored him and carried on fighting and he didn’t know what to do, we were only teenagers but this special constable didn’t know how to react. In the end he got back in the bus and drove off.


          • KN9 ……No idea why that would be. Does a warrant card (even a real one) render the holder invincible? Do buses not have radios he could have called the incident in on? Or timetables to follow I dunno! All I’ve been told is they’re police officers same as any other, though I cant imagine being part time/voluntary they would have the same experience. I can’t imagine even full time coppers wade into every minor incident they see when off duty. I thought they were supposed to act proportionately.


      • David Icke would have taken it over and over-shadowed them. You can’t let him have the power and the glory can you!

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        • Well, according to Danielle La Verite when she spoke to…was it Richie Allen? Gerrish wanted to play by certain rules–blanking the kids’ faces, disguising their voices, etc. You can bet that Abe wouldn’t have gone for this. As far as he and Ella were concerned, her kids were the perfect little spokespeople for the value of hemp as a treatment to overcome “State-based trauma based mind control” or whatever they call it. They wouldn’t want their sweet little faces and voices disguised, as it would defeat the entire purpose of the thing.

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          • ‘Gerrish wanted to play by certain rules–blanking the kids’ faces, disguising their voices, etc.’

            Well now. I wonder if Finnbarr conveyed Gerrish’s terms to Abe and Ella, and they told him no way they would go along with that? Add to that Abe’s obvious discomfort with having DC Steve on the case and the whole thing starts to look well dodgy, even to a bottom feeder like Gerrish.

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          • “Gerrish wanted to play by certain rules–blanking the kids’ faces, disguising their voices, etc. ” i.e. Gerrish was wanting to walk a line just within the law, he has too much to lose and there were lessons to be learned from the HG hoax.

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      • David Icke, Alf Webre, Kevin Annett and many more are responsible for this madness, they are the ones who have been pushing this child sacrifice bullshit for years. How have so many people come to believe this bullshit? when was the last times humans were sacrificed by any western civilisation? its beyond ridiculous to believe that big organised groups are doing this. Icke and co were obviously the inspiration for this hoax and should be exposed as such.

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      • I don’t know that Belinda went, but I do know that a party of those who decided that Icke, Baloney, Green, Gerrish would speak at our 2010 rally, went to see Icke in Brixton beforehand. Penny Pullen stated when she appeared on CCN with Angela, Sabine, RQ, Neelu, n that other gormless guy, that she adored Annett & Icke. I think Baloney went & interviewed him backstage, too.


  6. “For some time now, we’ve been working on the assumption that Belinda, Sabine, Abe, and Ella planned the hoax from the outset. The timing of Finnbarr’s visit and the fateful email—and Abe’s utter rage at being rejected and ultimately betrayed by both Gerrish and Maloney—bears out this theory.”

    Wonderful post!

    The more information that’s collected the more it seems there was planning. Shocks me actually that this was probably so contrived. I’m not sure though who was in on the planning and who was suckered in, if you get my meaning. It took me a long time before I realised that amongst even the main players there are serious mental health issues, including personality disorders. This doesn’t excuse anything of course…and the law must take it’s course, albeit slowly. I’ve not lost hope yet where this is concerned. Karma (of a sort) WILL catch up with certain people.

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    • Thanks Fnord, and I agree, it’s hard to know who was suckered in. If I had to guess, I’d say Belinda and Abe cooked it up between them, with Ella nodding along in the background. I think Sabine and Charlotte were probably brought in a bit later, to act as a communications team and make sure the message got out and was picked up by the “right” people.

      Ella’s eagerness to pimp out her own children to the troofer community still shocks me though. I suspect that in her mind, it was perfectly fine to use the kids to exact vengeance on RD, who had had the temerity to leave her, and to continue challenging her in court for access to their children. To a narcissist, all of that would constitute a grave injury, and would elicit a rage that’s difficult for normal people to comprehend.

      But I think Abe and Ella’s own words make it very clear: this was not a case of “the police covered something up and we had to put the videos and allegations out there to prevent a grave miscarriage of justice”. It was a case of “we have a great product that we will sell to the highest bidder, let’s talk terms and conditions”.

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      • Wouldn’t be the first time children have been used as pawns in a relationship break-up would it, although this is rather extreme and yes, I’d agree that money came into it.

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        • What happened to the people of Christchurch school could have happened to any of us, if Abe had met a woman from a different school they would’ve been the ones branded baby killing cannibals. Anybody who has any decency should stand up for these people because it could be anyone the next time, how many crazies are at this moment plotting something similar?

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  7. Abe has described his hoax, first as a Satanic Cult, then it was all to do with Trauma Based Mind Control, then it morphed into a Sodomite Death Cult. Now he has resorted to mentioning sodomy in every long rambling comment he makes all over YT.

    Ella said her ex husband was involved, then this year changed her mind and said he wasn’t.

    Why do people still believe them and their ludicrous ever-changing little fairy stories which have ruined countless lives?

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    • Jake, probably most people only hear small chunks and don’t even realise how many lies/changes are being told. Angela either forgets what she’s said or prays others have, or will only listen to her latest lies, it’s a habit of these troofers.
      I think Icke was probably waiting, to see how it took, before taking the plunge, it looked to me, as if with Zen Gardner, Max S, Kevin A or G & others booked to appear at the Prague event, that by then, had you all not done such a good job, they may have all congregated there and all mentioned the case during their talks, much like, they all used to mention Hollie.
      Given the falling outs over the previous holliehoax, they seemed to be trying to box clever. Mel promoting some players,
      There were Youtubers ready and waiting to push it, use the children to illicit funds……..people on AFR, Had that Prague event panned out for them, there would have been most of the UK charlatans/troofers including Miles collaborating with their golden ticket,…… the children if they had been taken back to Morocco………. I still suspect that there were others there, therapists of the worst kind, to work with them and sell couses, books, retreats, hey and maybe the odd QEG scam or two…… ..and of course make endless videos…..

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  8. All of these pre-planned false molestation claim parental kidnappings are fairly transparent. As least they were to me when asked to provide one of my properties for a false address for Rhoda Pembroke…..


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