Abe & Ella: A match made in hell

In our continuing series on the genesis of the Hampstead ritual abuse hoax, we’ve looked at who started the hoax, when they started it, and how it was promoted.

Ultimately, though, while players like Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry, Charlotte Alton Ward, and Angela Power-Disney have all been integral to setting up and publicising the hoax, the thing could never have proceeded without Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper.

As one of our commenters asked, “Would any of this have happened if Abe and Ella hadn’t met?”

Abrella - Watcher 2016-03-28

Like The Watcher, we’ve considered the possibility that a third party introduced Abe and Ella: one hypothesis is that Sabine might have known Ella via their shared interest in Bikram yoga. Another is that they were introduced by Araya Soma, who was friends with Abe’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa Cereni.

We do know that both Abe and Ella attended raw food events in May 2014, where the introduction might have been facilitated.

In this picture, Abe poses with his juicer at one of the raw food events. He seems to have been there to promote his Raw HempStars business:

Abe + juicer 2-Rawfest….and in this one, Abe and Ella pose with ‘Wild Grass Messiah’ Piter Caizer (who is also Facebook friends with both Araya Soma and Lisa Cereni):

Abe + Ella + Piter Caizer May 2014 2016-03-28

In fact, Abe posted this one on his Raw HempStars Google+ page on May 19, which bears out Mrs Justice Pauffley’s statement that the two met in May 2014.

We cannot verify exactly who introduced Abe and Ella, but it does seem oddly coincidental that they got together in May 2014, at the same time when RD had been granted increased access to his children.

Whether or not she was actively looking for someone to help her subvert this new state of affairs, Abe does seem to have happened onto the scene at a very fortuitous moment.

As he said to Jean-Clement, “She came to me because she knew I didn’t, I wasn’t a weird guy, she knew there was something, I was clean. And she knew in her heart that I could help her, in her heart”.

Where does Araya fit in?

Araya Soma seems to have been recruited early on, as an intermediary between Abrella and the ‘alt media’ types they’d need to reach if their hoax was to reach massive proportions online.

As we’ve mentioned before, Abrella tried to contact Brian Gerrish directly, as soon as they’d returned to England with the videos of RD’s children.

At the same time, Araya was tasked with contacting Bill Maloney, a self-styled filmmaker with a special interest in publicising child sex abuse cases. We’ve written before about the possibility that Abe and Maloney had met previously. If this was the case, Abe might have felt certain that Maloney would respond positively to his call for help; when Maloney turned him down, did Abe call in Araya to pinch hit for him?

Whatever the case, Araya met with resistance from Maloney and his gatekeepers:

Araya-re Maloney 2016-03-27

Aside from her loose grasp of the facts (she gets the kids’ ages wrong, and mangles details of the story), Araya lets slip a couple of interesting details:

  1. She admits that Abe was violent toward the children;
  2. She admits that Gerrish wouldn’t touch the hoax either;
  3. She suggests that a ‘helper’ had already been recruited—could this have been Charlotte Alton Ward/Jacqui Farmer?

Araya re Maloney 2-2016-03-27

Here, it looks as though Maloney or his people suggested that Abrella approach the police—a surprisingly sensible suggestion.

Araya-re Maloney 3 2016-03-27

Araya confirms she is in receipt of copies of the videos—which raises the question: exactly how many people did Ella give copies to? She seems to have been handing them round like party favours.

There’s been some speculation that Araya has a connection to Belinda McKenzie, as Belinda once owned a New Age-type shop in Glastonbury, where Araya lives; however, we’ve been unable to confirm any link there.

However, we do know that Araya has a link to Abe, via his ex-girlfriend Lisa; indeed, in her early references to Hoaxtead she mentions “what a friend of mine’s new girlfriend and him have been thru (sic)”.

We believe that Araya was recruited by Abe, with a view to bringing Maloney on board very early on. Her failure to do so might have contributed to their eventual alienation.




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  1. Bill Maloney head for the hills ages ago basically after Ben Fellows was charged (and found Not Guilty) with Perverting the Course of Justice, the ‘Darren’ & ‘Nick’ fantasies began to crumble and Christopher Fay was exposed.

    Journalists were beginning to question his involvement & his so-called film career & his ‘Pie & Mash’ website that presented professional looking titles which were just Youtube amateurish clips. While he basked in his brief ‘truther’ fame after his infamous appearance in the audience of a current affairs TV show and was booted out of the studio and his bullying interference in a political media press conference all it did was make some hacks ask just who he was. My old mate who still actually has a job on a newspaper says initial checks into his past didn’t stack up – no arrest over his own claimed abuse and he told many lies about his sister’s death.

    These angles are well worth pursuing as there are elements of a conspiracy to attempt to pervert the course of justice although that is a very difficult charge to prove but I reckon the legal fraternity has finally awoken to how the internet can create & mold a tale. I know little about the recent Jian Ghomeshi case in Canada except that the dismissal finding was based on the internet chat between the claimants. Watch closely with the upcoming new trial of a celebrity in the UK and the appeal of a convicted sportsman where defence counsel’s will be using internet liaisons to try & prove innocence.

    This was bound to happen & there are still professional journalists interested in how the Hampstead case was hatched and unfolded as one of the most infamous cases in the world of an internet creation that reached the courts. I reckon Hoaxtead would be like a prime research base for them.

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    • You raise a couple of interesting points Sam.

      Maloney has been fantasising about being a film-maker since the late 90s at least. It’s believed he inhabited various online forums, trying to ‘glean’ technique from those who knew their craft, and was known/associated with the likes of Dawn Cante-Ha etc. – Such amateurs were common flies buzzing around at the time. A few were sincere. Some gravitated (on advice) towards their nearest technical college and began to ‘walk the walk’. Others preferred not to jeopardise their Giros, but liked the pose… Maloney has adopted the style of ‘guerrilla film maker’ for nigh-on two decades now. – indulging in various ‘scheemie’ wheezes and scams to keep his head above water, as people are apt to do in such circumstances. – Let me ‘speculate’ about a tenuous web of tax credits, housing and disability benefits and the odd bit of horse-trading and fund-raising which amounts to something marginally better than flipping burgers for a living. All the time there is a ‘Film Maker’ sign on the council-flat door.

      So there you have one piece of flotsam in the great soup pot of ‘alternative culture’ – One of those bits that isn’t-ever going to be a part of the swirling mass that people normally dip into. Rather something that’s rather stuck to the bottom and is only ever set free when someone scrapes the pot! And there is a whole world of these ‘types’. – When opportunity knocks for them, in the form of someone prepared to scrape the sludge add a little water and salt, and stick it back on the stove, well they jump at it. – In true ‘Dell Boy Style’ it’s a case of this time next year we’ll be millionaires as they move from one scam to another. – And the very hungry and desperate might be well-sated with these scrapings.

      In Maloney’s case it’s difficult to work out if he is entirely a crook or mentally ill in so far as he might be deluded into imagining he actually is a Film Maker. – What is certain is that the man has absolutely NO understanding of film narrative and structure, let alone technical skills. – But then that IS the YouTube phenomena for you. Monkey-see Monkey-do, though not very well. Grandiose titles and pumping music almost invariably precede the audio-visual equivalent of a two-year-old scribbling on an old cardboard box in crayon. – Maloney has simply taken that sort of incompetence to the next level, building a whole website that rather childishly apes the tackiest things that ‘Hollywood’ has to offer.

      The wider world that these characters move in is, I do not doubt, a branch and a form of organised crime. – At the end of the day, people like Abe Christie are just common-or-garden drug dealers. Oh, he’s dressed it up a bit, but there is really little difference between him and the pish-stinking shell-suited wasters that congregate in the ‘no go areas’ of Britain’s Housing Schemes and sink estates. Something similar can be said of the McKenzies and McNeil’s of this world. – The latter has lived her life in a similar way to Maloney. Whilst the former deals entirely in a form of ‘pornography’ that feeds off the fears and delusions of those that have been unable to survive to any degree in the real world.

      “Perverting the course of justice” say you? – As do many others. There are good indications that one recent major hoax (which I’d rather not name at the moment; the fat lady hasn’t-quite sung her last aria yet!) had the effect of taking the heat off a ring that was manufacturing and trading in extreme pornography. – One member of which was recently convicted of raping a number of young girls. The link that would have brought the whole house of cards down HAS been broken though. – Mainly because hoax caused the very tiny grain of truth at its centre to be washed away in a tidal wave of nonsense. – And that, to me, seems really to be what is at the centre of almost-all these scams and hoaxes.

      We see this being neatly revealed now. – How much harder the life of the independent investigator has been made. How much easier it is for the corrupt public servant to claim they are merely the victim of internet fabrication – the work of mad people. What marvellous hiding places have been created for the dishonest, the perverted and the downright dangerous. How well and how hard the McKenzies and the Maloneys of this world have worked to ensure that the last thing you are likely to find in the custody of the ‘truth movement’ ( if that is a coherent thing at all) is the truth.

      At which point one starts to wonder how they get away with it – especially since much of what they do is very very illegal – and realises that it’s necessary to tread carefully, lest one puts one’s foot in a rabbit hole!

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  2. “Araya confirms she is in receipt of copies of the videos—which raises the question: exactly how many people did Ella give copies to? She seems to have been handing them round like party favours.”

    Yet she still vehemently denies leaking them!

    By the way, have I understood correctly that Abrella approached Maloney and Gerrish with the videos first, before even the Police? They supposedly had these two extremely vulnerable children in their care claiming to have been repeatedly abused and to have been witnesses to mass murder…but they didn’t think it urgent to report it to the Police?! They had to be told by Bill Baloney of all people that the sensible thing to do in cases of disclosures of child abuse and murder is to…er…go to the Police?! Or have I misread the situation (for the sake of my faith in humanity, I hope to god I have!)?

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    • It looks like his first act was to take the kids round for their command performance at J-C’s house. Then he contacted Maloney and Gerrish. J-C contacted the police, and Abe and Ella were none too pleased.

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      • Oh yes, that’s right. All coming back to me now. Either way, it’s extremely telling that they didn’t deem supposed disclosures about serial child rape, murder and cannibalism worthy of reporting to the Police with the utmost urgency.

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        • Extremely telling, yes. If I had kids who’d disclosed they’d been raped, forced to participate in murders, and forced into cannibalism, my first thought would not be, “Hmm. How can I turn this into a circus act for the conspiranoid circuit?” My first step would be to contact the police, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Funny that this didn’t occur to Abrella.

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  3. I have it on good authority (from one of her “inner circle”) that it was indeed Sabine Mcneill who was the catalyst that started all of this – she was responsible for the distribution of the videos AFTER she had convinced Ella that the best way to keep her children was to let HER help Ella.

    Sabine appears to quest a cause that will give her stardom, something to push her name into the headlines, something that will elevate her status in life. Indeed something that will mean she is remembered. I have no doubt that she would have hope that such fame would have also helped her gain funding.

    Sadly Sabine is a person who has a “world owes a living to me” attitude and ethos to life and never quite grasped that such a living would only come from hard honest work (or at the very least a living that meant she could sleep at night, free of the worry of who might knock her door – or worse still kick it in, be that the Police or someone else she may have upset).

    Sabine unleashed a pattern of ever escalating events when she started to “promote” the story line Abe and Ella were putting forward. Sabine did it in her own way, that is with no respect for confidentiality, decency or common sense.

    Sabines failure has been her lack of attention to detail, her refusal (in her haste to promote her own name) to consider and balance fact from fiction – instead of stepping back and carefully considering what was before her, she published things blindly. Often with devastating effect on innocent parties.She has demonstrated no empathy to the people she damaged, no remorse and certainly no demonstrated conscience.

    Sabines failures in life are summed up very well in her own company 3dMetrics and its failure, she claimed to have found a method of visualization of data through a mathematical algorithm. She tried to promote the idea far and wide. With Sabine promoting it, it failed to move forward. Its a matter of record that she tried to get corporate interest, yet no one would touch her with a barge pole.

    IBM have pushed their own version, designed by some very clever people (NOT Sabine) She missed the boat with her attempt to “con with out substance” approach. Indeed it could be said that Sabines boat sank…

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  4. I wish Abe would hurry up and hook up with Araya, just so I can make a fatuous remark about “Soma loving”.

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    • I dislike the way people become so easily offended by just about anything nowadays; but I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling queasy about the cultural appropriation of the mix and match “spirituality” going on on that web page.

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    • If you follow the “News and Events” link you come to a nearly blank page for a blogger called Chris who seems to have been inactive since 2007.

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  5. That was interesting reading Araya’s early comments. I had no idea she was doing all that and getting blocked etc.

    I’m pretty sure Abe reveals on an interview on YT (although I can no longer remember which one) just how he and Ella met. I think it WAS at a raw food event, where he said he “felt attracted to the children.”


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  6. I imagine if Abe and Ella hadn’t met that Ella would still have tried to push RD out the picture, as she successfully managed to do over the years. The difficult part is working out the intentions of Abe. That is, was he was part of a plan to help Ella get rid of RD, which went disastrously wrong?
    Is Abe attracted to children and befriended Ella to get close to them?…. or attracted to both the children and Ella, and used them all?

    I think it’s pretty clear that Abe knew the type of people to contact and would appear to be well versed in the crap they spout about ritual abuse and mind control…etc. What I would like to know is whether hanging around with those types caused Abe to see childhood behaviour through the filter of ritual abuse stories, and actually believed their father had abused them, or if he consciously knew that every little bit of it was nonsense, and possibly abused them himself.

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    • Sadly, if Ella hadn’t met Abe the chances are she could have concocted some mild story about RD, that would have been plausible. There would have been a case in the Family Courts, RD would loose all access to his kids, and none of us would know anything about any of these people.

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    • One thing we can all be certain of is that the satanic abuse allegations sure moved quickly shortly after Abe’s arrival. Why Ella went along with it is beyond me!

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    • I believe it was an unhappy meeting of interests: Ella wanting to get rid of RD once and for all (she’d ignored and violated every court order up to that point, but at some point she must have known she’d have to face the music); Abe wanting to be a Big Man on the Internet with his combination hemp/ritual abuse scam; and Belinda seeing this as her big chance to prove that she’d been right about the whole ‘Satanic Illuminati’ thing.

      I agree that it’s hard to tell whether Abe actually believed in all this crap, or just mouthed the words…or a combination of the two. It might be a case of ‘repeat the lie often enough and you come to believe it’. My main question would be whether the hoax was premeditated, or just a case of seeing their chance and taking it.

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      • I doubt he believed any of it, my belief is he fabricated it all and he gave himself away by constantly bringing new angles to his hoax, sometimes months later.
        For instance, the time he declared the children were under mind control as RD had learned how to do it when in LA..lol..and the tattoos were no doubt because he was already aware of the Leon Brittan allegations and he thought it would add more weight to his hoax.

        Tickle Time was also added much later in the game. He just kept adding and adding and didn’t know when to stop, ultimately turning a lot of the early “believers” of his hoax against him and putting doubts in their heads. I’m glad the majority of people now see sense!

        What both Ella and Abe have put the children through is unforgivable. It seems their faces and names are now on the internet for evermore thanks to that evil and disgusting pair.

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      • This is an awful thought, but i’m a bit jaded, and know the depths of depravity, that is beyond most peoples comprehension, imagination, just cos…….so what if ?
        What if….. it was premeditated?, what if? they worked out a way to blackmail two children…… and actually thought that they could inflame the web totally with it, scoop up rewards of all kinds and get away with it, i can see it as a real possibility, The filming and stuff with the younger child and dog….. what if Abe got them doing it, and how do we get him to be charged ? with at least the provable abuse, torture etc …No matter how shifty people think RD might look, he was not seeing the children to be able to have been part of any abuse. Any newbies buying Angies horses shit need to check every fact she states, cos none stack up……NONE.

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        • You’re right, I wouldn’t trust Angie if she told me the sky was blue.

          Mrs Justice Pauffley intimated that if the evidence gathered by Jean-Clement had been properly looked at by Barnet police, things could have gone very differently for Abe. I’ll write more on this in tomorrow’s post, which I’m just putting together now.

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    • Not that I know of, no. As far as I’m award, she’s only peripherally involved, in the sense of being a mutual friend of several of the players.


  7. And speaking of matches made in Hell…


    Some of Rupert’s plans if he hits his target ($2600, which is a fraction of what he’d actually need to do all the things on his list as well as afford his air fare):

    “Perform live music in London venues to raise awareness
    Perform live comedy in London clubs to raise awareness
    Public speaking and demonstrations”

    Yeah, good luck with that, Rupert – it’s sooo easy for an unknown foreigner to get bookings in London venues, LOL. And of course, if you do, none of us will come and heckle you, I promise 😉

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    • I think this is fabulous. America is coming to rescue us again. I can’t wait. Will he bring nylons and Hershey bars?

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    • You know, if he’s coming here as a visitor, he won’t be allowed to do anything that brings in an income. If he’s planning to work while he’s here, it might not be a bad plan to give the authorities a quick heads-up.


      • Indeed so. I feel sure the Home Office will be interested to know how his (commercial) activities dovetale with breaches of the Sexual Offences Act and the consequential endangerment of British Citizens – P & Q.

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          • Also I doubt he has a work permit : he would be arriving on a tourist visa so Immigration will definitely be interested and the evidence is there on the net. My Aussie friend arrived in London 5 years ago with her old portfolio from her singing days to show relatives and was grilled mercilessly as to whether she intended to work. She was 72 then,


      • They will definitely put a mark against his name for Immigration at all entry points as the evidence that he intends to work is on the net.


    • Oh what a sleazy scam artist. This looks like one for the Ham & High who exposed McKenzie’s phony charity. This is very The Sun & MailOnline : everyone should email all newspapers to alert them to this goose.


  8. Angie gets donated $100 yesterday, then donates $20 to someone today that doesn’t make much sense to me.

    And where is Sabine getting $20 from? Another one that i thought was skint, had her benefits stopped?

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  9. I refuse to donate to someone who’s had an expensive education and still can’t spell ‘pursuant’ or ‘environment’.

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    • The only reason there are still some simpleton satanic panic freaks jumping on the hoax so late in the day is that the damn videos are still all over YT – I wish YT would pay attention to reported videos! Grrr..

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      • Agreed. It’s unbearably frustrating. Not a SINGLE video I’ve repeatedly flagged has been taken down over here. But it was heartening to see that a particularly pernicious one bit the dust over the weekend – in the UK, at least, which was no small victory considering the number of views it currently has. And now we’re faced with a fundraising effort – enthusiastically supported/promoted by APD and Sabine – aimed at sending an unstable, drug -fuelled American over to England to ‘save the day’…we’ll see how *that* goes!

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        • And lo and behold downunder has one too, for a USA tour……. it’s on the Hampstead Group kindly sent by one of their ex supporters….. Anna, who has told me tonight that their page went down, and other nasty stuff, because they left the ranks…… i’m not sure if to put the link here but of course there are at least one same donater….more conspiracy proof ?


  10. YT is about as disreputable as any commercial organisation can be. In many respects it’s as bad as the hoaxers. – Their privacy and protection policies are a sham. And they only really respond to anything when they have a legal gun to their heads. They certainly have no grain of concern for the safety and security of the children. – It’s ‘cowboy’ operations like YouTube and Facebook that will eventually lead to the web being ‘locked down’ with regulation. – That in turn will lead to the so-called ‘dark web’ driving itself even deeper underground and becoming more ‘acceptable’ to those seeking refuge from constraints on genuine freedom of speech.

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    • I agree–none of the social media giants give two hoots about their responsibility to the people who might be damaged by their actions, or lack thereof.


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  12. I’ve been doing a bit of research and would like to share some excerpts from an old (1993) research paper. Remind you of anyone?

    “There are many instances of children having been ‘brain-washed’ by their mothers to be allergic to a wide variety of substances, to consider themselves to be unable to walk, or to adopt specific illnesses or disabilities. Similarly mothers may teach their child a story of sex abuse that can then be disclosed to the assessor.”
    “With repeated telling, the story becomes even more embellished and the child genuinely believes it. In the course of subsequent assessments the repeated telling and questioning causes the child difficulty in distinguishing reality from unreality… Both the mother and the assessors are driving the child deeper into a fantasy world.”
    “It was only in the course of prolonged investigations that it became apparent that these stories lacked authenticity and detail, and contained inappropriate language; and that the children did not express, or indeed have, the associated feelings which would have accompanied the alleged abuse.”
    “The mothers themselves were most active in repeating the story of abuse and insisting on further assessment. They did not show the empathy and concern that parents usually feel when their child has been abused.”

    from p446 of ‘False allegations of abuse and Munchausen syndrome by proxy’ by R Meadow http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1029260/pdf/archdisch00548-0008.pdf

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