Was ‘Sam the Blogger’ given access to the Hampstead children?

Sometimes it pays to look at old material with fresh eyes. Yesterday a team member was watching this video by Scam the World Morocco, when they noticed this bit:

Matt Taylor Moaning About UK Column & Sam the Blogger

It’s part of Matt Taylor’s stupendously ridiculous “Who’s the Daddy?” video, which he released in 2015. Matt leans into the webcam, stabs his finger, and tries to sound all gangsta:

I want you all to fucking support those kids, and fucking believe them.

UK Column, apparently you went round with Sam the Blogger, and was…where’s the fuckin’ report then? You’re all fucking on notice, okay? If none of you are going to follow me, if none of you are going to believe those fucking kids, fuck off! 

Hang on a minute, who is Sam the Blogger when he’s at home?

One of our team recalled that our old friend Code/Guidance 2222 had had beef with someone by that name—Samuel William, aka SWilliamism—who 2222 claimed had close links with Brian Gerrish’s newsroom cosplay effort:

SWilliamism & UK Column

According to a commenter on Chris Spivey’s pig’s toilet…er, blog, SWilliamism met Gerrish during the heyday of the Hollie Greig hoax:

Let me put some ‘meat on the bones’ for those of you who are not familiar with SWilliamism, or the ‘blogger known as Sam’. Off the top of my head, he travelled to the Holly Greig court date and got speaking outside to Brian Gerrish. He later appeared on Gerrish’s UK Column as a guest presenter.

We were able to confirm this on SWilliamism’s YouTube channel:

SWilliamism Belinda Gerrish 2018-05-28In the video interview above, made in 2017, SWilliamism says he and Gerrish are no longer on speaking terms. He also states that he has known Lou Collins of UK Column since he shared a flat with her brother, when he was 17 years old.

However, 2222 expresses doubts about SWilliamism’s version of events. As we know, 2222 was one of the few remaining troofers who were willing to maintain contact with Abe and Ella, and it seems that they did share a great deal of information with him. For instance, 2222 was well aware that Gerrish had interviewed Child Q in September 2014, long before the hoax went public.

He appears to believe that SWilliamson and Lou Collins went to “check things out” as well, but not, as they claimed, after the children’s videos had gone viral: SWilliamism & 2222 2018-05-28

SWilliamism & 2222 2018-05-28When 2222 says, “Even though they had all the info in 2014 from The Mother of the Children according to The Hampstead case”, he means that he received this information from “Free the Hampstead 2”, one of Abe and Ella’s many YouTube channels.

Here we find Abe commenting on 2222’s tiff with SWilliamism:

2222 & Abe 2018-05-28 12222 & Abe 2018-05-28 22222 & Abe 2018-05-28 3It’s always difficult to separate the paranoid conspiracy nonsense from the sheer bumbling idiocy, to find any tiny nuggets of information in these conversations. (For example, Abe seems to have been quite put out by the videos made last year by Echo Truths and Katrina McCaffery, and claims that ET is actually Danielle “La Verité” George, despite the fact that they neither look nor sound like one another. Ho hum.)

When 2222 says he “checked the video you mention about SWilliamism”, he’s referring to the second video from ET and Katrina, in which ET says SWilliamism once interviewed an off-duty MI5 employee. Hardly earth-shattering, but it seems to confirm Abe and 2222’s opinion that SWilliamism is not to be trusted.

However, 2222 confirms that SWilliamism was involved in promoting the Hollie Greig hoax, a precursor to the Hampstead SRA hoax, and that he interviewed both Brian Gerrish and Belinda McKenzie.

What’s the bottom line?

Ultimately, all of this adds up to a lot of tantalising hints, but very little solid confirmation.

It does appear from Matt Taylor’s throwaway line about SWilliamism having been round to see RD’s children, combined with 2222’s affirmation that the Hampstead visit by Lou Collins and SWilliamism had taken place not in 2015, but at least five months earlier, that a deal might have been brokered to allow yet another UK conspiracy blogger access to RD’s children, prior to their being taken into protective custody.

If this can be definitively shown to be the case, it will only strengthen the already overwhelming pile of evidence pointing to the Hampstead SRA hoax having been carefully engineered and rolled out, with malice aforethought.

Update, 29 May 2018: Many thanks to reader Midicon, who emailed SWilliamism to ask whether he ever spoke to RD’s children. SWilliamism has stated that he did not speak to them directly. He reiterated what he told G2222—that he accompanied Lou Collins on a walk round the community in 2015. 

SWilliamism & Gerrish 2018-05-28

SWilliamism and Brian Gerrish on UK Column

103 thoughts on “Was ‘Sam the Blogger’ given access to the Hampstead children?

  1. All of the truthers who are thought to have had any access to the children, should be hauled in for questioning. Easier said than done, and I won’t hold my breath.

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      • A very interesting post EC. Just how many people were approached in the lead-up to this hoax. It’s clear to see that a number of different people were introduced to the children to hear Abe’s twisted fantasies before the hoax was made public to the rest of the fruitloops. Surely if your children were being abused by a satanic cult you wouldn’t let truther types come and talk to them before you went and reported the abuse.

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        • And all these people saw and heard them without one of them reporting what they’d said to the police!


  2. I had not previously come across this “gatekeepers” worship-word. Does anyone speak Conspiracist, who can explain?

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  3. On a slightly different note WildCat Scot is claiming she broke you. Currently she has a single lonely video live on youtube and not much to say now

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  4. An excellent, concise summary, EC, and once again these people expose themselves as bickering imbeciles whose egos take precedence over the welfare of the children and any due consideration of what’s right or wrong.

    And the fact that Abe and 2222 are so convinced that ET and DLV are the same person is a beautiful indication of just how monumentally untrustworthy they are.

    If anyone’s interested, here’s the full Samgate folder, with further videos and screenshots:


    Some of the exchanges between Sam and 2222 are a hoot, in particular Sam’s Hoaxgirl-style threat to sue him:

    I think it’s about time 2222 had his own evidence folder, btw. And I’ll be sure to include this video, in which he harasses a random woman in her back garden. And I stress random, as he accuses the mum – in front of her children – of eating babies, without having the remotest idea who she is:

    See also:


    I’ll stop there, as CS’s tiger is making my eyes go funny. LOL

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    • It baffles me how they could possibly think that DLV & ET are the same person. They look totally different and sound totally different also. The only thing they have in common is that they are both females. What a tosser Guidance2222 is, hassling a woman with her toddler in their garden.

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  5. Great post, EC.

    Christ, how many people did Gerrish send to gawp at these kids? It doesn’t beat thinking about! Every time we think we’ve got all the names, another two cral out of the woodwork. Honestly, UK Column are like some mad cult (somewhat ironically). Bleurgh 😦

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    • Yes i was just thinking the same thing Tinribs. No urgency in letting the police know about a whole school of children being abused but Abrella were more than keen to get truthers around in the hope they would spread the story for them.

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  6. Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

    I really think the father should consider launching a case against numerous people for engaging in this conspiracy. I know it’s difficult, I know it costs money (initially) but I have no doubt he would get financial support to do so. Remember these conspirators were working on having the father (and others) falsely jailed for many years for child murder and sexual abuse.

    There is so much evidence not just from the original court case but with some of the conspirators facing courts, one with a jail term., all connected in promoting this hoax.
    Combined with what has been laid out on the internet themselves. All thinking they are so bravely hiding behind their handles and accusing everyone on here of being GCHQ etc. Charlotte Ward for instance- trying to now weasel out of her part in the hoax- directly linked to Belinda McKenzie.

    Those who were mere pawns would be good witnesses. You would be surprised at those who would roll over and tell the truth once it got serious. And remember if a credible case is presented in the first instance the CPS is obliged to take-over the case.

    This could be and should be a landmark case that nabs those who would set out to cruelly spread malicious fabrications via the internet. To meet in many cases, and conspire to promote this hoax and eventually get innocent people locked up, to destroy their lives, to harass members of the clergy, worshipers, teachers, social workers, residents of a London suburb and their children.

    This has been the most unusual case as unlike the H**** G**** case, it was settled in the highest court of law-twice. Summons can be issued to all involved including Abe & Ella which would put their absence and ability to avoid their part in the scam in serious trouble. Those summoned could not talk to each other about the case as it would become a second conspiracy. They would need to hire their own lawyers.

    Unless this matter is finally settled once and for all and the hoaxers are dragged kicking and screaming into court I believe it will follow the real victims for the rest of their lives.

    For example: I know it’s not really similar but look at how the Woody Allen case has flared up again to the detriment of all involved.
    Whatever the truth of that matter I recommend everyone read the full text of Moses Farrow’s account of life under his adopted mother. It makes life with Mia sound like a nightmare and life under the late Joan Crawford sound somewhat tame.
    Considering 3 of Mia’s adopted children are now dead- 2 by suicide, one by AIDs who died alone and penniless – details no writer bothered to offer before-you cannot say this was a normally functioning family.

    Journalist Suzanne Moore writes a belated mea culpa after reading Moses’ account but even then it’s a cop-out as she implies Moses is presenting his “reality” (victim blaming ?) and outrageously ignores the suicide of one Farrow child. Typical of many journalists who fail to properly research but are keen to add to the drama and contrasted with the amazing research Hoaxtead does.
    The pain goes on though for all involved.

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    • Depends what drug you take. Ogilvy shroud read Heaven and Hell by Aldous Huxley or this book:


    • “Satanism is illegal here”
      — HopeGirl’s own professed Born-Again Evangelist status is not exactly encouraged in her chosen country of residence, which forbids evangelism:
      “it is a criminal offence to possess a Christian Bible written in the Arabic language, part of a wider law prohibiting proselytisation of Muslims to any other belief.”

      Yeah, I know, her supposed re-conversion is as fraudulent as every other scam from her and her trash family.

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    • Are scamming, fraud, harassment and death threats illegal in Morocco too, Naima? If so, I suggest you stop committing them.

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      • I have a life long Moroccan friend whose sister married into the Royal Family and thus he has a very good government job. I’m due to catch up with him by email. I must ask him what the views are on the country hosting US scam artists. I doubt they would be pleased.

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      • I was wondering if anyone would spot that, Wilfred. 10/10 for observation, young man.

        You’ll find the reason for the square YT profiles in the filing cabinet (you know the one, I understand you have a key for it too) on the 2nd floor, near Chester’s favourite sleeping spot.

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    • Doazic understands “GCHQ” to have the usual meaning of the acronym, i.e. “the Secret Squirrels in Cheltenham who do what they do under cross-party parliamentary supervision”. He has no idea that for HopeGirl, it is part of Conspiracist code-talk, their equivalent of “Shaka, when the walls fell” – something laden with associations but having no actual definition at all.
      Lucky Doazic, to be spared all that.

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  7. Why on earth are the hoaxers still convinced by Abe and Ella’s versions of events, when all the evidence points to a nasty couple who were hell bent on contacting so many conspiraloons to spread their fabricated story online?

    These are not the actions of a caring parent who would be absolutely devastated to learn about the abuse of her children.

    In all the interviews with Abe and Ella, they never came across as caring or concerned, but used every chance to talk excitedly about hemp, “sodomite death cults”, mind control and anal sex.

    The idiots out there who believe Abe and Ella need to take their own damn advice.. and wake up.

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    • Good work TOT. It’s very handy that we have copies of everything as we never know when videos are going to be taken down or deleted.

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  8. Time to move on to the next back-up channel, Omnibus…

    A minor inconvenience, I’m sure. And meanwhile, Angie & Hoaxgirl remain blissfully unaware that you can’t be stopped. Bwahahahahaha! 🙂

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    • Super qualified pharmacist ? OMG ROTFPMPLMAO
      So when a Super hero gets a cold

      They see a Super Qualified Pharmacist to dispense Super Meds ?
      sounds like a load of . . . .


  9. A new low for Malcolm Ogilvy. I won’t link it here but he’s dragged his frail, sick, elderly mother in front of the camera to support his latest rant about the “demons” who took his daughter away from him.


  10. He has replied Arthur, he is a nice guy and I’m not sure if I should post has reply here. He hasn’t met the children though and hasn’t been involved with Hampstead. ‘Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole’!

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    • The amount of time Naima’s spending on this pointless crap makes me think she’s trying to find excuses to spend time away from Tivon. Trouble in paradise, perchance?

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      • She’s hopegirl afterall, just hoping that it’s not too late and not many people know that she is a lying scammer, and that hardly anyone is reporting her videos so that old ladies savings are safe from her greedy grubby, grabbing hands….. I dunno how christians view that sort of thing …… or their God, but I bet she’s not on the good girl list.
        Out of respect to Tim too, his legacy and brilliant hashtag for her #QEGScam will be a neverending thorn in her side.

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      • Admitting you’re a grass who flags videos toll rises more like, That repellent barrel of lard is quite the most egregiously emetic cretin I’ve never met, and wouldn’t wish to. She’s a con artist.

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        • Only child abusers and their supporters have a problem with Hoaxtead, and only parasites support child torturers Abe and Ella. No excuse no matter how mentally ill or how drugged up these fools are.

          Bunch of paedophile protectors and scammers.

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      • Does she not realise that if Hoaxtead had a channel, any channel, it would be proudly borne and pushed from here in it’s own right……. silly little lying scammer…. did Mel Ve train her or was it the other way round ? Is it true that she is now Angela Power Disneys legal representative and agent ?….. hmm could be a bit of a rocky road that, lol

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    • Unless I’m very much mistake Tivron is perousing dating sites behind her back, literally


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