FAQ Update: Why did Abraham get involved in the hoax?

One of our readers suggested yesterday that we answer a rather important question: what were Abe’s motives for getting involved in the hoax? When complete, we’ll add this section to the FAQ page titled “The mother and her boyfriend“. As we said in yesterday’s FAQ update, please feel free to ask about anything we might not have addressed, or suggest further lines of discussion.

Who is Abraham Christie?

By his own admission, Abraham Christie has been in trouble with the law since he was in his teens. He is a small-time criminal who has approximately 36 convictions to his name, primarily for assault, forgery, and fraud. According to the police CRIS report on the Hampstead hoax investigation, he also has convictions for having abused his own children. His step-daughter informed Sabine McNeill via the comments section of her blog that Abraham was the “step-father from hell” and that he had abused and manipulated her and her siblings.

Prior to his involvement in the Hampstead hoax, Abraham started several businesses which ultimately failed. According to his former friend “Ninorc”, who commented several times on the David Icke Forum thread on the Hampstead hoax, “A[braham] believed he could make a killing as a gold trader and sold [his family’s] house in North London to finance his new business, but he bought his gold at the top of the market and it lost a third of its value over the following year!” He then started a “cash for silver” trading business, which also failed. His most recent business venture involved raw hemp as a “perfect food” and a cure-all.

Abraham’s character: Angel or devil?

A person calling themselves BOMBA777 made the following comment on another blog which debunked the Hampstead SRA hoax:

I mean you no disrespect (despite you disrespecting an innocent man) but “the sad fact here,” is you are making claims based on complete ignorance. Having been close friends with Abraham Christie for more than a decade I can 100% guarantee that he was completely taken in by the mothers lies. First time she looked at me I knew she was trouble and when he relayed the story, he believed he was telling the truth.

There was no evidence that [the children] had been given cannabis because they weren’t, just that they had been in it’s proximity when used (smoked by mother.) Abraham used cannabis for medicinal purposes, he didn’t smoke anything ever, he’s a complete health nut: never known anyone his size that was stronger or fitter, no matter what their age.

He’s a simple man screwed over by a clever, manipulative bitch. I would stake anything on that because it is a fact.

It’s difficult to tell whether BOMBA777’s opinion that Abraham is a “simple man screwed over by a clever, manipulative bitch” is correct, though it is not impossible that Abe and Ella each manipulated one another in various ways. There was, however, evidence that the children had ingested cannabis in some form, as traces of its active component were found in their hair samples. In addition, they complained that “Papa Hemp”, as they were made to call Abraham, fed them hemp soup, which gave them stomach-aches.

Ninorc, who claims to have known Abraham for two decades, shared a rather different opinion of him:

Suffice it to say, he is *quite* insane. A is a heavy cannabis user who doesn’t smoke since he got TB in a Spanish jail, years ago, but ingests it orally. He was an early and passionate advocate of hemp nutrition and a raw foodie, interested in urology. A insisted that the cannabinoids in one’s urine after ingesting cannabis were intensified, so if one drank one’s wee… This is nonsense, but a pretext for A to whip out his big cock, piss in a pint glass and drink it warm. That was his outrageous party piece!

I’m not saying cannabis made A mad; perish the thought. Indeed, for years I thought A was brilliant; he had some profound insights and amazing ideas. However, there was another AC, a hardened criminal, expert in intimidation. “I’ve never been to prison and I’m not going back,” was one of his catch phrases. I never saw nasty A until I went round to see him one day in 2008, after he’d watched the Guy Ritchie film, Rock’n’Rolla, which is apparently about violent, epigrammatic gangsters. Anyway, it seemed to strike a chord with A because he was confrontational and insulting (we were supposed to be celebrating our shared birthdays, since we’re within days of each other). I refused to tolerate his abuse, left, and haven’t spoken to him since.

A was a voracious reader and theoriser. His favourite book is, ‘Dune,’ which he sees as an allegory. In the video interview with Kid A, you can hear him reminding her that, “fear is the mind killer,” (a quotation from that book). In fact, fear will shut down a kids thinking and terror is an essential tool in compartmentalising kid’s minds. A knows that because he has read all the same stuff and has seen all the same videos as you lot have. That’s why, in order to start an internet meme about Satanic Ritual Abuse, he knew just what to make the kids say.

A had some very far out ideas about 2012 and what might happen. But in dull reality, he was a hustler with a violent past that was not integrated into his personality. … I think that’s key to A’s fractured personality and his cannabis use. At one level, he’s self-medicating the trauma of his past and, on another, he inhabits a self-created world in which he is a spiritual savant. A guru, that is, who is also extremely avaricious and will readily resort to violence. Two things tilted him over the edge: first, his oldest son died of addiction; then he lost the family home in an ill-judged business venture. …

AC beat the living shit out of his wife and put her in the hospital. There were remonstrations and crocodile tears, but eventually he moved out and took up with a pole dancer, to the chagrin of his ex. …

AC is highly manipulative and he plays his children expertly, so that their mum has to be very careful not to say anything that might alienate them, or oblige them to take sides. His abuse of his own kids and wife is emotional and enforced with violence, or threats. He used to hit his wife with the back of a spoon (reduces bruising) and has evidently done the same to the girl in the videos (as she mentions). I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s clipped little Kid G round the ear and damaged his hearing. I don’t know when he took up with the Russian woman, but clearly she is totally under his thumb and has signally failed to protect her kids from him.

Abraham as food guru

Ninorc pointed out in the above that Abraham was a “foodie” with an interest in hemp nutrition and raw food.

He claimed to have been awarded an “Honorary Doctorate” in 2013. Further investigation into this showed that the “Honorary Doctorate” had not been awarded by any accredited educational institution, but had come to him via a woman in Glastonbury. He also claimed to have worked with, and been inspired by, David “Avocado” Wolfe, the controversial American “food guru”. Abraham and Ella claim that they met at an event for raw food enthusiasts, where Abe says he felt an “immediate attract” to Ella’s children.

On his now-defunct blog, Abraham made some very strange claims about the properties of hemp, stating that it was the “elixir of life” and that it could be used as a direct substitute for blood transfusions.

Before he met Ella and the children, Abe had begun drawing some strange conclusions about hemp and its powers. His belief that hemp could be used as a blood substitute melded with his belief that hemp could be used to “cure”’ those who practise “satanic ritual abuse”. He later amended this to “hemp cures the effects of state-sponsored trauma-based mind control”.

Abraham and Ella met in May 2014, and within a few weeks he had begun regularly staying overnight at her house. As luck would have it, Ella just happened to have two children who Abraham would soon decide had been victims (and early practitioners) of the Satanic ritual abuse, for which he just so happened to have the perfect remedy. It seems probable that Abraham decided at some point to use Ella’s children as small spokes-people for the magical properties of hemp.

In one of the videos, he has the little boy say, “When I eat babies I feel weak, but when I drink hemp I feel strong”. This is a strange thing to say, unless it was to have been a calculated part of an “advertising campaign” for hemp as cure-all for “Satanic ritual abuse”.

Abraham as Ella’s knight in armour?

When Abraham met Ella, he quickly realised that she wanted to remove her ex from her life once and for all.

RD had taken her to court many times in the past to get access, and each time she’d thwarted him by claiming various things: she said he abused her, he abused her son, he hit her mother, he tried to kill her mother, he sexually abused the two kids…but these claims were always struck down when the case came to court, due to lack of evidence.

Now Ella was getting desperate because RD had applied to the court to gain full custody of the children, and Richie, the social worker involved, had given him a favourable reference. Ella’s fury with her ex-partner was evident.

Abe wanted to make an impression on his new girlfriend, so he decided to help her ensure that RD would leave her life and never return. Since all the standard ploys had already been exhausted, Abraham helped Ella concoct the worst possible abuse he could think of: Satanic ritual abuse, in a cult led by the children’s father.

As they “brainstormed” in Morocco, they added more and more people to the alleged cult (including the hapless Richie, who had dared give RD a favourable assessment of his parenting skills). They also included parents from Christ Church Primary School. Ella had experienced the parents as cliquish and stand-offish, and Abraham had had several clashes with parents and staff at the children’s school:

Abe’s relationship with the school was rocky, to say the least. On one occasion, he flew into a rage when he discovered that P and Q had been eating “off-limits” food (they were known in the school for constantly being hungry, and for taking food from other children and from garbage bins on occasion). Abe accused the school of “poisoning” the children, which unsurprisingly did not endear him to the staff there.

My source told me, “The children were already very much on the radar as being at risk. They openly discussed their fear of Abe. They also were constantly hungry and took other people’s food. All their classmates knew they hated Abe.” Apparently the school notified social services that the children were hungry and fearful of their mother’s boyfriend. “That’s why the headmistress and deputy were targeted so personally after they reported him.”

The kids said in that Abe and Ella would “brainstorm” constantly in Morocco, and this is where they concocted the stories of SRA, and then got the children to say things that would fit that narrative. They didn’t come up with the full story right away, but developed it over the month they were there. They would continue to add details to the story even after the children had been taken into protective custody by police.

Abe as occultist

Abraham liked to think of himself as a guru of sorts, as Ninorc pointed out above. He also believed himself something of an expert in Satanic lore, as Angela Power-Disney noted in a video she made about Ella and Abe:

When I was interviewing him to get the inside track on what is Satanic ritual abuse, I was being fed questions by Abraham which were far too knowledgeable. They were like inside info, like, “Ask if it’s the nine angles group of Satanists or ask if it’s the Frankists”

We now know that Abraham’s knowledge of “Satanic cults” was laughably childish, but he thought he was expert in the subject.

So it should come as no surprise that when Abe and Ella were “brainstorming” and hauling the children out of bed at night to subject them to hours of questioning and physical abuse, Abraham would steer them in the direction of Satanic ritual abuse.

Some of the truly ludicrous allegations—rubber willies manufactured in a garden shed, and colour-coded by rank; people wearing literally hundreds of baby-skulls while they danced in a church; intimate tattoos of symbols which Abraham imagined “real Satanists” might use, but which were actually a foolish caricature of Satanic symbolism—betray the sheer silliness of Abraham’s alleged expertise as an occultist. The children’s videos are full of references to bits of pseudo-mystical twaddle which appear to have come directly from Abraham.

Similarly, Abraham believed in some very odd, dangerous, and physically impossible things. For example, he has posted multiple times about the “rite of sodomy”:

“The Rite of Sodomy” the central tenet of TBMC, promoted by Alistair Crowley, whereby the children/ trainee slaves are sodomised with dildos or other implements in order to manually manipulate nerve endings at the base of the spine, which stimulate the pineal gland, the master gland and the CENTRE OF PSYCHIC AWARENESS IN THE HUMAN MIND, our third eye, giving the subject flashes of cosmic consciousness, allowing the Master/Handler to “bind and control” their “slave”.) …


Whilst certain abusers may derive some deviant sexual gratification from these acts due to themselves being victims of TBMC or other forms of sexual abuse, the goal is to create TBMC slaves addicted to the manual activation of the third eye. The earlier the “Rite of Sodomy” is performed upon the child, the more effective the programming.

He seems to be implying here that very young children, when sodomised, become “bound” to their abusers and addicted to the experience—in other words, very young children actually crave the experience of being raped. We should not have to state that this is not only incorrect, but disgusting and very dangerous. It does, however, indicate the level of Abraham’s “mystical knowledge”.

However, it seems very probable that his cunning plan to use Ella’s children to hawk his hemp products merged with Abraham’s belief that he was knowledgeable in all things occult, to create the foundations of the Hampstead hoax.

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  1. Yep and given that Ray Savage is now into an MLM canna business. Given that Sabine was setting up, I believe to have multiple people trained to maximise business opportunities through their caring so deeply for the children, more than any one else ever has with the one and only case that can change everything, case……..They have all those leads…… Now with what Heather has said, then I think there is also some very scared people about who had to escape so called safe houses, I have heard tales and seen signs of abuse, but the parents having left were threatened with being hunted down, labelled now as pedophiles……The abusers took over the survivors movement. We have to take it off their filthy hands…. No one is safe amongst that lot, and none of us are if they are able to do more of the same.

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  2. An aside #34: I met Uri Geller at a big charity bash at a Sydney mansion owned by Lady Mary Fairfax. Very personable and he bent 3 of her very best spoons (fetched by her butler) in front of me.
    Could have been an amazing trick but afterwards several people found keys in their pockets bent and the lady I was with had her Mum’s old sentimental watch she always carried which began ticking after many years.
    Could have been the work of The Devil though and in another era I suppose he would have been burnt at the stake.
    (Watch only ticked for 2 days and no babies were on the menu).

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    • Your lucky Sam, was he as intense as he seemed, his eyes ? It makes it believable when you say itway, but then you could be lying ….:) I can remember realy believing, but am sure i’ve heard debunked too….. I suppose I could just google…. Does that take some of the fun out of life ? It should equalise people more, because we all have equal access to info, easily…. I’m not too bothered that facebook knows it all, when I was firsgt on, there were these apps you could stick your friends in and get a colourful wheel, mine was huge and beautiful, I was very active making contacts and spreading the word about the rally……
      So I don’t really care…….. but I think if I were up to no good and via networks etc etc etc….. I think I might be bothered, does the cloud mean that people can do what they want to destroy hard drives but it’ll all be in the cloud anyway ? So I guess there could be alot of work to do, or it could be so fking easy.
      Anyway I met the 2 Ronnies once….working in Wales going into the hotel for dinner with my Freemason boss, as I walked towards the desk, the both turned round and I was then in between them, [Is she with you?’ said Barker ‘No, said Corbett’/ and they carried it on for a few minutes with alot of winks and grimaces, anyway off into dinner and Diana Dors was there, they were filming that awful series ‘The worm that turned’


    • “In fact I’ve been advised not to say anything further publicly about Sabine and the trial…”

      So what is the first thing she does??

      Post about it on the internet…

      She really doesnt get it does she?

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      • 30 years… thats 1988- actually thats not unlikely- I have been ‘online’ since about 84…
        300 baud acoustic coupler modem on a vic 20, calling into my local BBS, by 88 I was using a 2400 baud direct connect, either on a microbee16k or might have even been an ibm 386…- cant remember the year I bought it- 256kb of ram, 20 mb hdd, hercules monochrome monitor and twin 5 1/4 floppies…. was an 386sx16- thats 16mhz…


        • 3 1/2 KB of ram, mine had the superexpander- gave it a huge 6kb of ram…

          then the big jump to the microbee- 16kb of ram, and it had both 300 baud AND 1200 baud Kansas city cassette loading- IF you had a high end cassette deck for the 1200 baud…

          Sighs, oh the good old days….

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          • What could you actually do online back then? It looks painful to me, spoilt with what we have now.


          • top is commodore vic20, below is an Australian built computer, the Microbee16k, didnt post a pic of a 386 as they were just a generic flat tower


    • Anyone like Bronny, Kris, page admins on those few left, any sites like Fresh Start Foundation, Freedom or Revolution Radio, Truthers like Nathan, Miles, Alt news like UK Column, it cannot be at all possible that any of the FMOTL gang who were there on the 22nd March 2015 a week before, that one…….so that I sat here on my birthday watching, gobsmacked at Christine who they stupidly thougjht would bring hordes of Anons to aid their plan, those like crumbs, brain freeze, but this video, right at the end features them, I found other events where it was they running and handling the meeting for abuse survivors and was disgusted.
      They turned Hampstead into what they thought would be the core case that like Savile would just become part of the mantra, so that types like Alex Jones, Ed Opperman, Miles Johnston, Richie Allen therefore by default David Icke, could plug there wares and lies to the masses always assuring that some new snippet of info from their contacts like Belinda McKenzie or any that could speak for long enough and stay on script enough, sober enough…enough to convince their audience that no matter what …..they were the champions that were leading the way to save all the children from the satanists, illuminati reptiles, and anyone not a christian, seems the favourite religion….. thats there market…………..but they’ve enough alt and other types of religious creed so there’s always those other markets to mine too.
      Every news fcough platform that has been involved ever any site or blog owners….. I charge them all with knowingly spreading this with not a jot of care for the two children or the people hurt in this at any level.
      I’m pretty sure it was Matt Taylor who when pressed to explain to me why he could carry on given he knew that it wasn’t true and he said :It has to be a hoax’ and laughed, I was shocked and sickened and sat here for ages shaking my head………
      The first release of the videos came to me very quickly and I went to the Tap Blog and from there to get the whole ever so exclusive lot I had to go to Angifaan and download them……..I was really scared but did it anyway, sure that now I would probably have all sorts of viruses on my computer and by downloading them I was breaking the law……. but I watched them over 2 days and nights, with naps and snacks in between, a few people already asking me what it was about and waiting for my verdict….. which has never changed.
      I didn’t copy or keep them……… But I rang…….Hampstead police station, which was still there, they told me Scotland Yard, so I rang them and they told me to call my local…..I explained in as much detail as I could that I had broken the law, but only because I knew what would happen given the Hollie Grieg Sales Drive…
      I really did think that action would have been taken. I mean Theresa May knew about it.
      So how come it was allowed for the law to be broken en masse and that no pressure has come to bear onto the platforms or site owners that knowingly premeditated and conspired to cause this ?
      As for Abe……and EC and Scarlet……………This blog honestly should get an award….. The evidence is here, this is a serious investigative site with amazing researchers and other skillls, to many to mention before Spiny starts 🙂
      So I can use my skills to put this message out there, so massively that action will follow…..
      I don’t care how it’s done. Get those childrens privacy back to where it should be……….
      There are some other very worrying things that show that there are some of these people influencing child protection measures that they have no business at all, doing……
      I hope this makes enough sense.
      Two words for Abe and Ella…………ARREST THEM.
      2 words to any troofers etc…………STOP THIS.
      Anyway my mission is to now make them become so reviled they will lose any respect or belief so misplaced by gullible people shephered towards them by 2nd level sites liek Greek George any that have touted this enjoying every minute of doing so and ensuring that I would be stalked and damaged along the way.
      I think this will easily become alot of peoples mission…… There are also alot of influencers who by word of mouth and there own networks can make this something so instantly recognisable as a repugnant red flag of real danger to children online…………..well I think there will be a huge ripple of consequences that those who have kept true on this and all things pizzagate, pedogate or any of their other hot buttons,
      They will now become just known to the Internet Security people I hope, pollice and agencies it really should be pretty easy to round up and purge………….
      We just need to get the word out……and I think I can help, if we can put together our own package an instant badge that can go on sites like a stamp of approval. A badge and shiield that none of the above will ever be able to wear.
      That green hollie badge, the two poster children must surely be easy to recognise and remove from the net, surely, I f not, why not and get it possible needs to be pushed for then.
      That’s my twopennyworth.
      So we just need comprehensive lists of all and sundry no matter where, who or why that has even uttered the words Hampstead, those 2 children, that north london case, or gone further……all of them flushed down the toilet and any that kept it real awarded and then we all spread the word through some channels like a flush…. that CW Chanter, ShamanWatch, Omni Michael News Channel, Saff, Outlaw Jimmy Jones, the famous people already ambassadors for VoicingCSA and Phil Lafferty is at Telford tomorrow with a meeting, promising to really study what I’ve sent and insisted he look at….. to protect the IICSA, the Truth Project, and anyone connected supplying support, legal and security services must all be informed and educated in a way that is simple to understand and easy for them to act upon.’
      What is clear to me is that there was a conspiracy to pervert the couse of child protection.
      By tow words……..Disgusting Perverts.
      That video…… This video and some others is part of the teaching pack.
      Right at the end it finishes on the harrassment of the people by Neelu that has led to the charges laid against Sabine.

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      • Rich dude with Island lots of sex parties some probably did include youngsters and children and there was a black book,,,,,,,, it seems more and more likely that whatever did really go on there, was not enjoyed by all guests so this lot will smear probably the innocent guests whilst sheilding the guilty ones like Weinstein except that now as dots are being joined by some of us very seasoned old timers with connections of varied types and reaches, then we realise their cons…… Google him he’ll have been covered massively by troofers who never revealed weintein until mainstream, like savile, yet it’s all they talk about along with pedogate as if they made it happen and will make the rest come out while they still try to keep the brakes on, mostly with the vile pedo label

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  3. it’s hilarious to me that these people demand so much evidence from us, and yet will blatantly take their own assumptions, treat them as though they may as well be facts and then turn around and spread that to others. Kris Costa, Bombard does take money to do videos, She takes suggestions on who to do a video on and you can pay her if you want her to do a video on this or that person. Her interpretations of body language are, however, her own. She’s been doing videos for years and has a good reputation for her knowledge of body language, she’s not going to ruin her reputation and the career she’s made of this over one video.

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    • I actually quite liked her RD one if I remember right, or it might have been another, but I wasn’t interested in hanging around I’ll try and have a look to see why….. Actually I have a great interest in body language when it’s properly done and sanely delivered…. I’m not bad at it myself 🙂


  4. Truther “facts”

    “They wore hundreds of baby skulls” – have any of you actually seen a baby’s head? a baby’s skull is at Least the size of a decent mug or small soccerball… you wouldnt be able to fit that many, and i imagine things would get a bit heavy and cumbersome after like 4 or 5.. not to mention, where do they store all these skulls, exactly? is it sewn on their clothes, that they walk into the church with? how do those clothes not rip? you gonna wear a necklace made of skulls? to have enough skulls to not make it right up against your neck like a very uncomfortable neck brace, that things gonna have to have a decent amount of skulls, which would be heavy and cumbersome and knocking about everywhere when you moved.

    “But the doctor said there was slight rectal scarring” – yes… slight scarring which could easily and was likely caused by the enemas their mother used on them, though you can also get scarring from taking (forgive my language) too big of shits. On another note, not to get into too much detail, but plenty of grown women (or adults in general) have had to go to the hospital and in some cases have had lifelong pains/consequences or had to have surgery from the simple effects of anal rape. There is a reason lube exists. For a child, with a smaller rectum, to be repeatedly sodomized to the extent that is claimed in this story, with different size “willies” as well as human participants, and not have serious consequences or ever have to get hospitalization, is ridiculous.

    “they do it at the church, they do it during service”
    funny, that. didn’t angie attend a service at the church at one point, leave it not mentioning them doing anything like that, and then like a month later or something made all this shit up that they did that for some reason she hadn’t mentioned before? there is a blog page where angie visited the church and later one where she made claims. EC or Scarlet, im not sure which pages but if you know, could you edit them in? if not if i manage to find it myself later i’ll add it to another comment.

    “they drink babies blood, they put the meat in food” – well, that should be easy enough to disprove. you see, cannibalism, especially long term or repeated cannibalism, causes certain unpleasant..symptoms. eating human flesh = overloading on prions, cells not functioning properly, brain deteriorating, loss of coordination, the shakes, paralysis, and eventually death. are people in hampstead getting real shivery, clumsy, stupid, unable to move, and dying off? no? huh. i wonder why. must be that “cure-all” hemp.
    were it not for that digesting hemp comes with its own complications, and a few simple drug tests could put an end to that theory.
    not to mention, idk, the voice recordings we have of abe abusing these kids and training them to say this shit and all the little details
    or the fact that they were happy to tell the truth once they were promised that they wouldnt have to go back to abe or mother

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    • WOW DOB That is amazing one of the things I think Doc Savage really explained on one of the PVP podcasts and I think what is the term some troofer was spouting it recently and it is within the canna msm lots stuff that Ray Savage, funny coincidences with names ………….there are quite alot of Savages around, not least one of my personal support network 🙂 is it Endochrianal Anderchomes, that shit Abe kept saying they were getting from the blood, I think Araya at that protest in the middle of the road outside parliament talking to a copper at length about heam v hemp, should be enshrined as an example of their infiltration and infection of our events re anti CSA and that term should be on a list of warning signs of danger on the net. DOB there are some videos with Angie repeating those bits, I’m sure they could be isolated to be included in a really good video to burst that bubble myth………..that they parade so quickly as that twat on twitter displayed so well.
      Blimey that is an amazing piece ….thankyou so much for going to the trouble.

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    • I’ve read lots about Cannibalism (not sure why) but you are correct there are very dire health results for humans and this translates to the animal world where animals are not cannibalistic and if so only out of pure need. Otherwise they’d all kill their own species and eat them.

      If this ignorant mob had read anything by any of the great anthropologists who have investigated this among New Guinea tribes and elsewhere in the world they would know that Cannibalism was a ritual undertaken for a variety of reasons (consuming their enemies soul etc) but also only a very rare occupation. Perhaps humans have an inbuilt reasoning that tells them it’s an unhealthy practice.
      Not in Hampstead of course where a baby a day keeps the doctor away although no outbreaks of insanity were spotted around the vicinity of the local McDonalds.

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      • Yes, the McDonald’s that closed years ago where they allegedly cooked the babies that no one but Neelu had seen, and she was so concerned that she failed to get any photographs of them despite otherwise filming every other aspect of her life and uploading it on YouTube. The amount of tears shed over babies that never existed being eaten by a Satanic cult that doesn’t exist in locations that don’t exist is incredible.
        Note that whenever there is an opportunity to prove matters one way or the other the troofers don’t fail to miss it. Christine Anne Sands and Neelu failed to record the atrocities they claimed to have seen. Rupert cried off the interview with the people who had been accused. They never resolve anything so that they never have to leave their fantasy world.

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        • “They never resolve anything so that they never have to leave their fantasy world”.

          So long as the allegations remain unresolved, they remain (in the mind of the troofer) possible, and therefore plausible, and therefore definite. I notice that they never seem to want to answer any of the hard questions we ask. Wonder why?

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  5. 30 years… thats 1988- actually thats not unlikely- I have been ‘online’ since about 84…
    300 baud acoustic coupler modem on a vic 20, calling into my local BBS, by 88 I was using a 2400 baud direct connect, either on a microbee16k or might have even been an ibm 386…- cant remember the year I bought it- 256kb of ram, 20 mb hdd, hercules monochrome monitor and twin 5 1/4 floppies…. was an 386sx16- thats 16mhz…

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    • that was in reply to Ray Vark
      January 12, 2018 at 8:51 am

      I see Belinda has once again stated that Sabine has been online since before the web was invented, which is no mean feat 😀

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        • lol- before the internet was around, we were online… on BBS’s…

          and yes I am sure- or I am a LOT younger than I think I am….

          I remember the sheer excitement I had when I got my first modem- 300 baud, acoustic coupler (you actually stuck the handpiece of a dialup rotary phone into a pair of foam filled boxes)

          WOW- THAT is my first modem- that exact one!!!

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          • to show the difference between my old vic20 and my current dell…
            vic20 had 3 1/5 kb of ram(3500 bytes)
            current dell has 4gb of ram
            4GB = 4096MB = 4194304KB = 4294967296 Bytes

            therefore 1 dell = 1227133.5 vic20’s
            ‘SLIGHT’ difference in memory….

            but they were so much fun!!!

            (I remember computer magazines that published programs- you typed them in yourself and IF you didnt make any mistakes- they might run!!!)

            I had several ‘vinyl records’ that came with some mags, they were literally floppy coloured records made of soft plastic (they only played 3 or 4 times!!!) that were put inside magazines- you hooked up your record player to the cassette drive inputs, and you didnt have to type the programs in, they loaded from the record…

            ‘GASP’ wow technology- what will they think of next????


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          • I started out on an IBM System 6 word processer at work and then got an Amstrad PCW at home. Not online of course but darn useful after years of typewriters. The IBM System 6 had large floppy discs and the printer that went with it took up the space of a desk. It was crap and would eat the paper. I got the chance to learn because all the older administrators were frightened of the machine.

            I remember sending emails at University in the mid 80’s but it wasn’t common and only went form Uni to Uni.


        • There were message boards in the 70’s and 80’s. The World Wide Web took longer. If Sabine worked at Cern back then she would likely have come across that sort of thing.
          I am more dubious about her career as a mathematician and author. All we have is one book with an ambiguous ISBN which no one claims to have read.

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        • 4
          No Artist – Free Programs For ZX81 Spectrum BBC VIC 20 PET

          1 For Sale from A$17.18

          (Apr 1983, ZX81/Spectrum/BBC/VIC20/PET)
          Less than a year after Your Computer’s first vinyl data release, Which Micro? & Software Review released their own set of 5 programs, expanding the reach of vinyl data to the BBC Micro and Commodore PET. This release marks perhaps the earliest use of 2-sided flexidisc program data storage.

          No Artist ‎– Free Programs For ZX81 Spectrum BBC VIC 20 PET
          Which Micro? & Software Review ‎– none
          Flexi-disc, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided
          Apr 1983
          A1 Blockade
          A2 Blodhop
          A3 Robotchase
          B1 Domino
          B2 Supervade

          wow- I owned this one-blodhop havent seen that in YEARS!!!! (frogger lookalike)

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          • And then there were these “cardboard” floppies, which I’d never heard of until an elderly computer boffin of my acquaintance showed me a similar one a few years back:

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          • And then there were these “cardboard” floppies, which I’d never heard of until an elderly computer boffin of my acquaintance showed me a similar one a few years back:

            sighs, the youth of today…
            those are 5 1/4″ floppies
            MD2D were the cheapies, verbotten were the better ones to buy

            Did you know???

            that they were singlesided (180kb) except in a few (very expensive) drives, so you could only use one side….
            if you look closely you can see a notch on the right hand side… to use the second side, you got some scissors, and very carefully cut out another notch on the left hand side….

            turn it over and bingo- another ‘free’ 180kb of storage!!!

            when we had to pay $25 a disk (for 180kb!!!) and I made ten dollars a day…. tricks like that were handy…

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          • I still have a box of several hundred only meters from me atm- havent used them in decades… but cant steel myself to throw them out(some of my first programs are in there)

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  6. there’s also the fact that the babies would have to be brought in somehow and that all the bones would have to go somewhere. the trufers can just blissfully ignore the lack of the symptoms and illnesses that should be resulting from this supposed cannibalism, but humans can’t eat bones. so where do the bones all go? even if there was a secret room, buildings don’t grow, there’s only so much space and the bones of hundreds of babies is gonna take up space. where would they put it all? do they all grab a grocery bag of bones and take them out of the church at the end of every service? what happens to the bones then?

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    • Bosch Duraspeed Glow plugs

      I see on Debs M light workers FB page there is a call to Neelu’s friends to help her.


  7. More from Bullshit Corner, aka Costa’s Bollocks Bonanza.
    (Includes honourable mentions for Spiny and Ray.)

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      • Desperate writhings but I know it’s cruel and I remember being very upset about my friend puring salt onto slugs in her Brixton kitchen but I think it’s gonna be like that, as they go donw it will sting and they will keep winging it, slinging it and singing their mantras till they cant, Spiny blmey, they still shcok me.

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  8. Another day, another cowardly death threat from the creepy bloke who even his own daughter is scared to go near…

    Oh and I’ve archived this one, in case the pussy changes it and denies it like he did last time he threatened to burn Maggs alive:


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    • What utter tripe he speaks. Warning people that if they speak up about child abuse, they will end jup in prison ? really ? So is he trying to put people off from reporting child abuse….. I think so. Reminds me of Belinda warning that no one should either and definitely do not seek help, or you will lose your children… now who would that suit ?

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  9. Dumbest conspiracy theory of all time award? (Forgive me if this has been mentioned here before)

    “Has Stephen Hawking been replaced with a lookalike? Conspiracy theorists claim the REAL professor is DEAD and a ‘puppet’ has taken his place…”

    Wtf? Well, obviously – you know – a REAL world-famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist and acknowledged genius would just keep his mouth shut and certainly never express opinions like, that the world is doomed if we can’t smarten up, or that cosmology works just fine without a GAWD in the equation. Obviously.
    Apparently, the fact that Hawking “talks” at all is beyond their comprehension. But oh yes, HE DOES!
    Keep on talkin’ Professor!

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  11. I personally knew Abraham Christie for over a decade & when he met this woman. She seduced him and fed him the stories & he genuinely believed them…I know for sure that he believed her stories. This woman lied to him & fucked up his life in the process and at the 1st opportunity I will stand up in court & defend this innocent man. PS. He’s a health freak, has been since a serious bronchial infection nearly killed him…raw food diet, lots of exercise, natural medicines, meditation, the whole hog.


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