Angie accuses Abe & Ella of being in ‘the cult’

It’s been asked before, and we’re sure it’ll be asked again: is there anything that Angela Fag-Ash Disney will not do for attention?

Aside from her ludicrously inept video interviews with QBert the Self-Styled Comedian, she’s been churning out videos that combine readings of passages from the Bible (overlaid with her own learned commentary, of course) and rants against anyone who’s ever crossed her.

In her most recent production, she takes aim at Abe and Ella, following up on the video interviews she released against Abe’s vehemently expressed wishes a couple of weeks ago.

For those who’ve had about all they can take of Angie’s nicotine-stained ramblings, we’ve excerpted some of the best bits. If you’re curious, they start at about 22:30:

….And with regard to Abraham and Ella, the reason I finally…released what I had to do is that I had a lot of concerns.

For one: when we do this research, and I’m not a detailed researcher….

Really? We hadn’t noticed.

…but there’s too much common ground between Abe and Ella and the cult….it’s very suspect…there’s too much common ground.

There are other things as well. Ella was very backwards in coming forward about that RD was her second cult partner…and I can understand, as a mum, that you want to protect your children, but you know what? There were people risking their lives, there were people arrested multiple times, there were people deported who were fighting for her children, and I think they deserve to know things that you [Ella] strategically seem to be holding back.

There’s some of that world-class Angie journalistic research again: who, precisely, was ‘risking their lives’? And while Christine Ann Sands was deported, we think Angie forgot that Abe, Ella, and Sabine all fled from the law…not quite the same thing, is it?

The other concern I have: when I was interviewing Robert E. Fraize, he calls himself Pope Fraize, says he’s the head of the International Satanic Church…

Hold on, let’s just have a look at that: as we understand it, Pope Robert Fraize was in fact a character invented as a piece of performance art, intended as satire. And he didn’t claim to represent the ‘International Satanic Church’, but rather the ‘Traditional Church of Satan’. All right, now that we’ve cleared that up, back to Angie:

…he said not all Satanists are paedophiles. When I was interviewing him to get the inside track on what is Satanic ritual abuse, i was being fed questions by Abraham which were far too knowledgeable. They were like inside info, like, “Ask if it’s the nine angels group of Satanists or ask if it’s the frankists”…and then the other thing, the Jean-Clement recordings, now to my knowledge, they were given to the police, they were put in storage, hidden, and not shown to judge, but very early on…RD was asking, “Ask to see the Jean-Clement recordings, ask to see where he said blah blah blah”.

You can really tell Angie’s done her homework here, can’t you?

Perhaps someone ought to remind her of the fact that Mrs Justice Pauffley made extensive use of the Jean-Clement recording, quoting it at some length in her final judgement and referring to it as a ‘key component of the material relevant to this inquiry’:

78. The 4 September audio recording made by Jean Clement Yaohirou on his mobile ‘phone is a key component of the material relevant to this inquiry. It provides an invaluable record of the interaction between Mr Christie and the children, the various prompts and instructions given by him to the children and, later, an insight into the mother’s attitude towards the children’s relationship with their father.

Back to Angie again:

So it seemed to be the case that the corrupt police in Barnet or wherever told RD about the Jean-Clement recordings, or…Abe’s in on it. Ella’s in on it. There is a credible theory that Abraham and Ella were in the cult, and making nice money from it, you know….but there’s something doesn’t smell right, there’s something not right….There’s too much that Abe and Ella aren’t saying….I have enough red flags that I’ve sat on since last February that I can say, I don’t owe you anything.

There’s more (much, much more), but unless you’ve got a strong stomach we really can’t recommend it. However, we’re curious to know how Abrella will react to this fascinating theory.

And you know, considering that the so-called ‘cult’ sprang straight from their fevered imaginations, perhaps it’s not altogether incorrect to lump them in with it.


Many thanks to the reader who kindly edited the beginning of Angie’s latest video to remove the pictures of RD’s children, thus enabling us to use the video in this blog. We appreciate your efforts!

Angela PD-Abrella in cult


93 thoughts on “Angie accuses Abe & Ella of being in ‘the cult’

  1. The only Cult is this lot- Angie, Abrella, Neelu, Bellender, Sabine et all. And they are barking mad.
    Angie’s request for a million quid via GoFundMe has now lapsed. I guess those being asked to donate were not too impressed with her investigative skills.

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    • What a self obsessed bitch, that video is all about her, she knows those two are a pair of liars but she has invested so much of herself into it that rather than admit the whole thing was fake she says that christie and draper are part of the cult. Mind you, I do like seeing them turn on each other, it gives me a nice warm glow.

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  2. The thing about this claimed Satanic cult is that it lacks any details. Simple questions like cult name; the god(s) and /or spirit(s) of cult; the philosophy behind such things as dancing around with baby skulls; the symbols; the rituals and rules. There is lots of detail about gore and abuse, but nothing about the religion/philosophy that the cult is based upon. Angie makes reference to “nine angels” who are a bunch of memetic trolls, who are good at creating an entire religious philosophy behind their various narratives due to their knowledge of philosophy and religion.

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    • The details we have are clearly the product of Abe Christie’s depraved imagination. It seems that hoaxers are very lazy when it comes to inventing occult practices.
      The practices of the Satanic cult described in “Michelle Remembers” had very little to do with European Witchcraft, but had some similarities with the practices of witchdoctors in West Africa. Lawrence Pazder practised medicine in Nigeria for two years.

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  3. Oh yes! Angie “I’m a journalist” Disney-Havaclue. You dirty liar Angie… “Trained as a Journalist”? My arse! Your actions prove you’re not. – If this dried up old Mullet had the slightest whisper of training as a journalist she would have known from the off that identifying the children in ANY way – even identifying their school or giving out any information that can aid what we call ‘jigsaw identification’ is not only highly illegal – but something that no legitimate reporter would ever dream of doing. And the reason for that isnt to ‘cover-up’ anything but to give the children the opportunity of not living the rest of their lives publically ‘scarred’ by either having been the subject of court action or the victims or alleged victims or sexual abuse. – The latter rule being particularly important because it’s known that past-victims are likely to carry emotional scars and consequently be more vulnerable to further abuse; something other abusers target.

    To be clear – this is something so basic and so central to the ethics of reporting they teach kids who are doing multimedia course at technical colleges! It’s as fundamental as knowing you’ll need a pen to take written notes!

    Angela Power-Disney is thoroughly evil self-centred attention-seeking fraud. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet another of these morons that think drooling into an iPhone is some sort of legitimate act of reporting. – A fantasist seeking the profit of status within a community of halfwits. – A woman trying to deflect the comeback for failing to meet her own responsibilities to her own kith and kin.

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    • She claims to be a ‘trained journalist’–trained by whom, I wonder? Whoever it is, if they exist, they must be hanging their heads in shame.


      • A friend of mine has just pointed out (I paraphrase slightly) – imagine you met someone who claimed to be a ‘trained electrician’, you asked them to fit a plug on a toaster, and you stood watching in horror as they fitted the earth wire to the fused terminal, the neutral to the earth pin and the live to the neutral. – Angela’s ‘training’ sees her rather less competent than that. And slightly more dangerous!

        The woman is a 100% fraud. And a very obvious one. As one who works in the creative industries – I haven’t the words to express how angry people like this make me. And that’s amplified a thousand times when they meddle in matters like this.

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        • I absolutely agree. I started my career many years ago in journalism, and it pains me to refer to people like Angie or Alfred Webre as any sort of news reporters. Frauds and clowns, more like.

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          • They are that! – Completely so! How mysterious are reporting restrictions? – How difficult and expensive is it to pick up a second-hand copy of McNaes and read the thing? This is the sort of thing you learn as the ‘office bairn’ making coffee and photocopying!

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          • This is quite true. Although to be fair, she would not be alone in that. I can think of a few individuals for whom the written word is ‘not their first language’ (or one they are particularly proficient in) but would still qualify as the ‘real deal’. – And in that sense another tell with the wave of pretenders is that they are visually illiterate. How quickly they have adopted the medium of ‘television’ without so much as learning its alphabet! – All these ‘stations’ and ‘channels’ with grandiose titles and pumping music leading into three four and five hour stints of these morons slavering into iphones and laptops showing us all the contents of their noses. Yeesh!

            Angie – why does she take to the screen when she has all the visual presence of a rotting whale corpse and makes no actual use of the medium itself? – That’s a rhetrorical question of course! I just struggle to understand how people can sit through hours and hours of this.

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            • You’re right about the writing thing, of course. I come at it from the ‘ink-stained wretch’ end of the spectrum, though I dabbled in radio for a while; but my friends in broadcast journalism would blanch at the thought of Angie counting herself as one of them. (I’m putting that as politely as I can.)


          • I think they are just a shower of something spelled very similarly to ‘cults’. – And yes indeed. Most have brains that long-since turned to green soup. Stoned is what they are sober!

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          • As would mine. These days I spend my days ‘flying a desk’ – sadly not one with faders on it. I steward IP for various clients for a living. And a significant number of those are broadcast journalists. Some have an interest in the alternative view and I can tell you that these people – who in some cases really HAVE contributed to the tracking down and ACTUAL jailing of Paedophiles – would happily light the straw under Disney, McKenzie, McNeill etc. – The damage these people have actually done to the work of unearthing deviants is quite sickening.

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          • This is what Angie’s videos might look like if she increased her production values:


      • Well, there’s no way she has a degree. With her flagrant disregard of evidence-gathering, she wouldn’t last 5 minutes with the rules of Harvard referencing, which are standard on graduate and post-graduate course nowadays.

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        • Does she claim to have one? – I struggle to listen to her nonsense and may well have missed where she does.

          I agree she seems quite uneducated. But a degree per se would not necessarily been either a prerequisite for or a consequence of professional training 35 or 40 years ago when Angie was a lass (hard to imagine she was I know). Many Journalists and other CI types over the age of about 40 – 45 were simply ‘apprenticed’, the majority of these gaining a clutch of certification which then has to be ‘credit rated’ against the modern frameworks when they apply for a job. – Not that she shows any sign of having travelled that road either.

          To my certain knowledge most colleges and universities back in the day had a group of ‘hangers on’ who were students of life at the unions and bars in and around campus. They were generally in the business of ‘latching on’ to some accountancy, law or medical type who could in the future keep them in a style to which they would like to become accustomed. – A few of these relationships have lasted the pace. I’m sometimes bemused by the ‘when we were at uni’ line leaving lips that I know saw the inside of no classroom; only the walls of the union bar and the ceiling of the halls or residence.

          Can you imagine the 18-year old Angie out Accountant hunting? – Perhaps this explains any fond memories of academia she might have?

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        • She reckons she has one in English from Warwick University i believe.

          I’d like to see the Journalistic qualification/s…

          Don’t think they exist, another of her fantasies.

          This woman totally exaggerates everything.

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          • No. the story doesn’t stack up. – Does she write like someone with an English degree?

            It’s credible that someone from say an engineering or accounting background might have a rather ‘sloppy’ command of the language. You might encounter an MD who writes everything as if it were some clinical report. Or an Astronomer who might be better off with a spreadsheet rather than a word processor. I have several dyslexic colleagues and associates who seem almost to write in code! – And I am no Wordsmith myself! But an English graduate is someone who has made a specialised study of the language. i.e its structure, its history, how it’s used in different contexts etc. Their command of it should be excellent. Objectively; is Angie’s? It has, I think, been observed that it is not.

            To gain entitlement to call oneself a Journalist may or may not involve formal qualifications. But it will always involve studying the subject. Again, an English graduate should know enough to understand tha this is a specialism that requires further learning. – There is no excuse at all for anyone laying claim to that mantle to be unaware of the law and how it impacts on the Reporter.

            In my opinion these are not fantasies she promotes. They are plain and simple lies.

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          • On her Google + page she claims she got a B.A.(Hons) in Theatre and Literature; on Facebook she claims to have been in the class of 1981.


  4. As Mister Tickle said above isn’t it funny how some of them are now starting to say the things we have been pointing out all along.

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    • yes all these nutbags claim they were hunted in forests as children by VIP shape shifting aliens who for some God Damned reason left the looniest ones like Angela Fag Ash alive to bore the world.

      The latest Aussie one doing the rounds claims the same and also that Richard Nixon flew into Canberra for the morning just to assault her. Madness.

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        • I think most of them are – as they say in the west of Scotland – ‘properly mental’! We have one in these parts who, in between playing the fiddle at weddings, will offer to take you a tour around the ‘seekrit’ UFO bases of Gorebridge! I’m assured that the aliens are driving around ‘Embra’ in holographic ‘tran-sit vaaans’ and that they emerge from an underground base (cunningly disguised as a Scottish Water pumping station) near the airport. – I suspect he confused the sheet music for this – – with a newspaper back in the 80s.

          At the other end of the scale there is the vile Chris Spivey. I found myself looking at his site the other night – Princess Margaret is Anne Frank? WTF? This guy’s that guy and everybody is everybody else? – Beam me up now! PLEASE! These people are mainly out of their tiny trees and for their own sake shouldn’t be walking about!

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          • Funny, I just saw the Princess Margaret/Anne Frank thing last night. I fear Chris is having some sort of break with reality (not that his grasp was ever very strong). He’s a very unpleasant man, with a nasty temper, so if I were a friend or family member I’d be taking steps to ensure my own safety.


      • I’ve often had the urge to chase Angie through the woods whilst waving an axe. I don’t know about anyone else.

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    • Think of all the weird things that can happen to anyone and you can bet your life, Angie has done that and got the t-shirt.

      She jumps on any tale going, claiming she has been through it.

      She nuts, i’m just not sure whether more so, or less so than Neelu.

      Ange is worse though being an attention seeker.

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  5. “I am, first and foremost, a speaker of the truth”. 5:37

    Angie states that, and then goes on to tell the lie about RD having porn sites and materials, based on Charlottes nonsense ‘research’ on sameip. Something she knows is a lie because it has been explained in detail, several times, exactly why it is a lie, which she could have tested out for herself.

    Plus tells the lie that the judge did not listen to the JC secret recording. The fact she didn’t know that Pauffley had listened to it, and commented on it, suggests that Angie hasn’t even bothered to read the judgement….some journalist huh.

    I’m surprised that people haven’t already accused Abe and Ella of being in a cult. They are exactly the type of person I think of when I think of cults.

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    • Angie cannot seem to open her mouth without lying. She offers up a toxic combination of homespun ‘wisdom’, pseudo-religious claptrap, complete fabrication, blind acceptance of unproven allegation, and ‘reporting’ that doesn’t even reach the level of amateur. I cannot for the life of me understand why more people don’t see through her.

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    • She also claims to have had death threats from us and hints at it in this video when she talks bout being lucky to still be alive. Yet despite being asked countless times, she has never once been able to provide one link or screenshot to prove it. The point is, not one of us has ever issued one death threat to anyone. We don’t stoop to their level. Angela is a major compulsive liar. If anything’s likely to kill that skank, it’s the 80 fags she smokes every day.

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      • Yes, I’m quite bemused by her claim that people have ‘risked their lives’ to spread malicious rumours about Hoaxtead. If anything, those she accuses have been in far more danger from people taking her bilge seriously and thinking they’re ‘acting in the public good’ by attacking a so-called ‘cult member’.

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  6. She’s very hands on, isn’t she. Hands on chin, hands on hair, hands on face. These people talk about corruption all the time with out really knowing what it means,

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  7. What on earth is that coming out of what looks like a wardrobe on Angie’s RED Flags Video?

    A pool of blood??


  8. Basildon crown court 21st March was the latest I heard. Wonder if Dr nick kollestrom will be attending and Danielle la verite

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  9. I have to admit that I’m pleased to see she’s finally admitting to not trusting Abrella.. but she’s going off in an entirely incorrect direction by saying they are part of a (non-existent) Hampstead Cult.

    Why on earth is she not even thinking (now that she no longer trusts them) that they concocted the entire hoax? Has that thought never crossed her mind???

    She also goes on about a smear campaign against her which affected her children. What about the innocent Hampstead families who have suffered because of the likes of her?

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    • Yes, you’d think that having sussed out the fact that Abe and Ella are completely untrustworthy, she’d go the extra half-inch and decide that they’d made the entire thing up. But no! That would not be the Angie Way.

      Instead, she decides not that they’re deranged small-time criminals, but that they’re CULT MEMBERS. Because of course they are.

      As for the smear campaign–I agree. Smear campaigns are awful things. In fact, stay tuned for more on that very subject….


  10. Posted by Angie yesterday in the video description of a very tearful and emotional video (particularly towards the end) about her late sister:

    “If you would like to help me continue to work as an online independent JOURNALIST and anti child abuse campaigner, you can donate here:

    Would it be cynical of me to suggest that Angie is using emotional blackmail to get people to cough up? Perish the thought and be still my doubting heart.

    And my God, get that description of herself, lol. No arrogance there, then!

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    • Highlights:

      – Rupert moans about Twitter trolls and insists that he and Angie aren’t lovers. The Roopy doth protest too much, methinks 😉

      – Rupert’s new radio show is gonna blow this case wide open and expose it to the World (starting with his 41 Twitter followers, presumably).

      – Angie and Rupert once again accuse Abe and Ella of having connections with the cult.

      – Angie rants about the cult drinking menstrual blood. Oh the irony, eh, Araya?!

      – Rupert’s closing remarks (clearly, he missed his vocation as a lawyer): “What kind of grown man* calls himself Ricky? I never met a Ricky who wasn’t trouble.” Oh well, with such damning proof, watch out everyone. Go Rupert!

      – Angie apologises for upsetting ‘Jacqui Farmer’! (Can anyone shed any light on that?)

      *Speaking of grown men, Rupert is a grown man too. A grown man who’s obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Phwoar! Get in line, ladies! 😀

      Oh and for anyone who missed it yesterday, this is Rupert absolutely stoned out of his mind (bong in shot at 24:04):

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      • “What kind of grown man calls himself Ricky? I never met a Ricky who wasn’t trouble.”

        Hey, none taken, Rupert. But I’ll have you know I was rather talented and considered supercool back in the day. I was never what is generally known as “trouble”.


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      • In fairness, I WAS “trouble” back in the day, having been a member of the National Front and a rabid supporter of Enoch Powell in the late 60s, before doing a massive U-turn and becoming a far left campaigner and doing time for conspiracy to intimidate. But I turned it all around and now I’m a jolly feller and a bloody great actor. And hey, I’ve never been sacked from a radio station for being drunk and high. Eh Rupert? 😉

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    • Maybe Belinda’s ‘Cheque’s in the post’ routine is wearing thin and she’s got a tobbaconist’s bill to pay?

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    • Unless I’m very much mistaken, NOBODY has called the children liars. They were saying only what Abrella forced them to say by means of mental and physical torture. Why the hell can these idiots not even entertain that thought? There’s more evidence of that than of any baby-munching, skull dancing, tattooed satanic cult.

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      • Evidence–what a strange concept! These people don’t want evidence, they want cults and murders and rapes. Evidence just gets in the way of their enjoyment.


        • I agree. Their need to believe that the children were sexually abused and to entertain no other thought about the case has always troubled me.

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