Abraham Christie’s criminal record

Last week EC did an interview with William Ramsey, in which they discussed the Hampstead SRA hoax. Ramsey was an excellent host, well-informed and reasoned in his approach. It’s safe to say, though, that this interview was not universally popular amongst Ramsey’s usual followers, some of whom grew quite heated in defending Abe and Ella against the children’s allegations of abuse.

In the aftermath of the interview, we were asked to provide evidence of the allegation that Abraham Christie had a long criminal record prior to his involvement with Ella and the children. It was a very reasonable request, and we were happy to comply, but it occurred to us that despite making references to Christie’s record over the years, we’d never really collated the evidence in one place.

Time to fix that.

1. The CRIS report

One of the many documents which Ella’s lawyers gave her when they returned her court bundles to her in December 2014 was the Crime Reporting Information System (CRIS) report which the police had compiled during their investigation of the allegations. As we now know, Ella passed a copy of this report to Sabine McNeill, who published it online.

In this snippet of the CRIS report, DI Cannon is discussing whether to lay charges against Abraham in respect of the abuse of the children. Referring to Abraham, he states,

He has convictions for offences against his own children and I would suggest [this may cause] future safeguarding issues with these victims if they returned home.

2. The Finnbarr recording

When Finn Hagan visited Abraham and Ella to interview the children, possibly on behalf of Brian Gerrish, he was surprised by an approaching adult while he was interviewing the little boy. He hastily stuffed his phone into his pocked without turning it off, and so captured a conversation in which Abraham sounded extremely jittery at the idea that DC Martin was involved in this investigation:

Abe sounds nervous as he says, “They want to talk to me. I wonder why they want to talk to me”, and then “It’s him. It’s him, who we suspected, S.T….” The child exclaims, “Steve!” and Abe confirms, muttering, “It’s him, it’s him, it’s him.”
Ella interjects, “They were really pressurising me today”.
But Abe is on his own track: “It’s him. We know it’s him.” The child says, “I think I know what, it’s both of them. Fat lady and Steve…” but Abe goes on: “He likes, he doesn’t like babies. He likes boys. Steve, Steve likes boys. He came for F******” (referring to Abe’s teenage son).
Finnbanrr says, “Who’s that, the cop?”
Abe replies, “Yeah, he came for F*****”. And he didn’t get him because of me, right, he didn’t get him because of me…and now, he sees I’m here again, another child case. Well, I keep turning up. He keeps turning up”.
“Strange”, says Finnbarr.

Keep in mind that Abraham and Ella had not reported the children’s allegations to police; Jean-Clement Yaohirou did that, and when they arrived the police had a hard time convincing Abe and Ella to allow them into the house to see the children.

Now that the police were involved, Abe’s worst nightmare had come to pass: the officer who already knew him as a child abuser was in charge of interviewing the children. The last thing Abe wanted was the police finding out that he’d been involved in abusing still more children.

3. The ‘step-father from hell’

In the early days of the hoax, a commenter on one of Sabine’s blogs pointed out that she had had personal experience of Abraham as a child abuser. She would later comment on Hoaxtead Research, making similar allegations.

From VictimsUnite.net
From Hoaxtead Research

4. The Pauffley judgment

In her public judgment following a comprehensive fact-finding hearing, Mrs Justice Pauffley stated in part,

163. The history of the key protagonists may also play a part in untangling the intrigue so as to get at the truth. Mr Christie has a background of criminality for drugs offences, violence and dishonesty. More recently, [in May 2014] he received a police caution for assaulting his adolescent son.

5. The IPPC report

In spring 2016, Abraham and Ella published the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) response to their complaints about the way the police investigation had been handled. The report revealed a number of important issues, which we covered in a series of posts at the time.

In one section, the report described how the police said they were going to take the children on a drive-round to identify locations where alleged abuse had taken place. Knowing the children were going to be asked questions they might not be able to answer, Abraham and Ella took them on a drive-round by taxi the night before the police one was scheduled.

…information which was received from concerned members of the public who called police. The members of the public describe seeing a female child and Mr Christie (on one occasion confirmed by CCTV). It was described that Mr Christie was encouraging the girl to talk about ‘baby murder’. It was also described that Mr Christie was saying that he had just been released from prison and was discussing decapitation. The girl appeared distressed.

So as of September 2014, Abraham had no compunction about disclosing that he had just come out of prison, presumably immediately before he met Ella in May 2014 and moved in with her.

So there you have it: four separate pieces of evidence which, taken together, paint a picture of a serial child abuser who has been convicted and imprisoned for his offences. There can be no further question that this is the case; the next question is, when will he be back behind bars?

Abraham Christie

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  1. Thanks for bringing this stuff to light, EC. The sooner this dangerous man is behind bars, the better. I fear for the women and children of Morocco, as long as he’s roaming free.

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    • Yes, I think it’s important for anybody who supports this hoax to realise that one of its architects is a very nasty individual who does not hesitate to hurt those who oppose him.

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  2. Scary stuff, EC. And even scarier that this known child abuser is so vehemently supported by fruitloops from Oldastle to Inverness to Seaford to Kincorth.

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  3. Nice work as always, EC.

    Oh and well done to whoever just got Devine a 30-day ban on the FB account he’s only just got back. He’s very upset about it. Though as he says, “I wasn’t being animosity.”

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  4. Kicks arse? Did Cat listen to the same interview as us…?

    The one I heard had Angie expressing her butt-hurt over the fact that this hoax hasn’t gone the way she wanted it to, telling absolute whoppers about the kids, the medical report, the interviews and a protected witness, breaching several court orders in her bid for incarceration and then confirming that she’s going into hiding for the next few months. Still, at least it got her 80 minutes of attention, a free ego stroke and a modicum of adoration from the mentally ill fraternity, so at least she got what she wanted.

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    • Going by the range of illegal videos that Cat Splat’s been sharing on her BitChute channel, I take it she’s on a quest to keep Angie company in jail. Still, it’s good of her to put down the cider and stop whacking her kids for five minutes to support her child-abusing heroes Angie, Tom and Abe.

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      • This could be why Angie has released the name she is apparently well known by: Gangster Granny.

        If she ends up in the clink Angie would be angling to become the Queen Bee and ordering her underlings about as they scrabble to find fags for the Boss. I reckon she’s hoping her reputation will precede her.
        (I’ve seen that excellent documentary series Cell Block H and I can’t think of anyone else who would perfectly fit the role of The Freak.)

        # I wonder if the same thing will happen to Gangster Granny as my lady friend who spent 8 months on remand at Holloway in the late 70s. She fell in love with a screw even though she had been straight up until then.

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    • Tom Dunn is running a business. He makes movies which he sells, along with t shirts and mugs etc at the many conferences he goes to throughout the year. This is the way ‘business’ is done in conspiracy land. In the past these purveyors of religion worked from revivalist tents but now they have the internet. He may well believe in all the evangelical Christian stuff but he is basically running a business off the back of it and won’t consider that he might be fecking up innocent people’s lives in the process. If he reads this I’d like to remind him that in the Hampstead case he’s slandering other Christians. I’m sure God will want a chat with him about that when the time is right.

      The only reason anyone would entertain Angela is to further their business or support their own uninformed version of events. In Tom’s recent video she misleads people and makes stuff up as usual. She has no shame about it. Of course Tom doesn’t know enough about the case to see the flaws and he’s so sure he’s right that he can’t tell truth from lies. There is no commitment to the truth in his videos. They play to the gullible and naive.

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    • Enough straws being clutched to build a bloody hay stack.The dickheadery knows no bounds with this pair! Sometimes they even make the Pavement Taster seem normal.

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    • I didn’t listen to the stream, Monkey, but looking at the comments underneath it I couldn’t help think there wasn’t an awful lot of wattage up top with some of AD’s followers*. I’ll give them a pass on the spelling because the mistakes could be down to autocorrect gone mad – I know I’ve had that happen to me though not on AD’s streams because I have never commented there.

      *They’ve been warned about the scam so if they lose money now they have to bear some responsibility for their own actions.

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  5. Ved/neelu’s disgraceful share of the nutjob saying he ordered the Christchurch massacre is back down again, it was reported (by several people) was taken down, was reinstated (as it apparently wasn’t against farcebooks much vaulted ‘community standards’, was rereported and has gone again for now…
    (wonder if that counts as a second strike lol)
    Youtube is only marginally better, they have put a ‘may contain distressing material’ warning up on his video, but haven’t taken it down

    I wonder how long they can continue to flaunt themselves in front of legislators,
    the general public and relatives of victims of things like Christchurch (and Hampstead) before they literally get legislated and fined out of business

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  6. Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Judgement also says

    163. The history of the key protagonists may also play a part in untangling the intrigue so
    as to get at the truth. Mr Christie has a background of criminality for drugs offences,
    violence and dishonesty. More recently, he received a police caution for assaulting his
    adolescent son.

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  7. Excellent & informative EC! Thank you.

    Poor Scamedy having his post taken down. For I concur. One of Cat Scot’s was taken down also a few days ago. Slowly slowly catchee monkey.


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  8. There was also a letter in which Ella made clear that she was aware of the past convictions of Abraham. I cannot find the full letter but this is the quote –
    “The police were personally biased against me because ther decisions were based upon flawed personal perceptions about my then partner Abraham Christie and me, his previous convictions influenced their thought processes”

    Also within that letter is when Ella mentions Dr Sara Kundi and that Dr Kundi had commented that Ella appears to be suffering from mental illness.

    If memory serves me correctly it was during the Ed Opperman interview that Abe admits to having been in youth offenders institutions and also adult prison.

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    • “One day I need someone to show me how to do screenshots, because all these people that have been saying nasty things about me will have to be held accountable” 🙄

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    • He’s planning to blag an amplifier from somewhere and pump out Wanoa’s takeover speech outside Parliament tomorrow 😂

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        • I find him very odd.
          I mean King John is simply barking but Andy’s complete belief in what at times is the King’s nonsensical rambling waffle is just strange as Andy says yet again : “very wise words there John” as Wanoa speaks for 10 minutes not making one credible or even definable point.

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          • @Ghost of Sam: “I find him very Odd”.

            Another nail on the head:

            Cluster A (Odd, bizarre, eccentric)

            = Paranoid PD
            = Schizoid PD
            = Schizotypal PD

            For anyone truly interested in the deeper psychology of someone like Andy, I urge you to just type “Schizotypal personality disorder” in to google. All will be revealed.

            Only a professional (or two) can make a proper diagnosis from a clinical setting, but I think it’s fair to say a few lightbulb moments will be had if you search for what I said.

            There’s no law against studying psychology, and certainly no law against ‘diagnosing’ certain people that are being disruptive in society (or your family). As long as you don’t try to pass yourself off as a professional and always defer to those with greater experience (which I do).

            But in the absence of other facts, these things can be good pointers and insights in to what someone’s ‘problem’ is.

            This is why I have serious ire for the truly malicious, but a certain amount of sympathy and empathy for the truly ‘simple’ and ‘odd’. Brian Harvey is another who is more deserving of pity than fury imho. Having said that, he’s certainly going the right way about alienating the few credible people that are sticking up for him. Soon he will only have sicophants and enablers in his box, and that is when the fun will really start!

            All these people are on a highway to hell of their own making. It is hard to have sympathy and empathy, until you gain deeper understanding of what makes them tick.

            That Sabine one got what she deserved. She was a truly malicious actor, as is that slippery Belinda. But Belinda will get her day as well I’m pretty sure. Or a few years if there is any justice. But Sabine was a good start.

            I work in the computing field myself and I can tell you that Sabine is an extremely intelligent and clever woman. Highly so. Although a little too clever for her own good. Even high IQ people can suffer from Dunning-Krueger. The way she tried to manipulate did not go down well and I think if she had genuinely been contrite instead of only manipulatively so, she would have go a far lesser sentence. Her hubris added a year or two on to that sentence. No doubt.

            She took the people trying her for mugs. She played the same games that worked oh so well in the past. But alas, she really did overplay her hand.

            I look forward to seing APD in the dock and the shenanigans that will ensue from that one. If she’s reading this blog (Hi ang!) she can always try to evade responsibilty by claiming she has a personality disorder, because she does.

            But personality disorders are not get out of jail free cards, just as being autistic or having ADHD does. We all have to take responsibility for our actions. And society has the justice system set up the way it is to protect other members who do not transgress.

            I’m a bit on the spectrum myself and don’t know when to shut up. Forgive me.

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        • Simple, stupid n snarky with it………….. Vile to women, no matter what people think about Theresa May, she didn’t deserve his sleazy remark the other day………… sleazy, smarmy so many sssssss, which is the noise he’ll hear when he appears tomorrow !

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        • I’m not a professional so take what I say as entertainment. Just another idiot on the internet.

          There’s a lot of talk of narcissitic personality disorder, and I think that is right. This is a cluster B disorder. It can be very destructive. This is the cluster most closely associated with sociopaths and psychopaths. In fact, Antisocial Personality Disorder is a very real thing with a shockingly high representation in people who have been imprisoned. It’s also cluster B.

          APD is definitely on the spectrum with NPD and it seems to be comorbid with APD (Antisocial Personality disorder). These things rarely exist in absolutes, and they rarely exist alone. So people who really do genuinely have a PD almost always have it comorbid with another one, sometimes even from a different cluster type. It’s the sheer malice from APD that lends me to believe that that is her secondary ‘illness’. It’s not an illness. It’s a disorder. Illnesses can be treated, PDs can only be mitigated somewhat. But yes, NPD is deffo her main problem.

          To get to your point about Andy Devine EC, you are right, he is a bit simple. He is not outright batshit crazy, he is somewhat functioning, but there are some major ‘tells’ for his particular personality disorder. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

          Incorrect interpretation of events, such as a feeling that something which is actually harmless or inoffensive has a direct personal meaning

          Peculiar, eccentric or unusual thinking, beliefs or mannerisms

          Dressing in peculiar ways, such as appearing unkempt or wearing oddly matched clothes

          Peculiar style of speech, such as vague or unusual patterns of speaking, or rambling oddly during conversations

          Suspicious or paranoid thoughts and constant doubts about the loyalty of others

          Flat emotions or limited or inappropriate emotional responses

          I cribbed that from the mayoclinic. Not sure if I can post links here or if I can use html.

          So, in my very unprofessional opinion, I diagnose Andy with Schizotypal personality disorder. He’s probably got a bit OCD thrown in too, but I haven’t got that far with him yet. This is just a rough sketch. I’m pretty sure he ticks most of the boxes for an actual diagnosis.

          Schizotypal personality disorder is a cluster A personality disorder, along with Paranoid PD and Schizoid PD. It is not the same as Schizophrenia (which is a serious mental illness not a PD) but it tends to present more in people who go on to develop or have episodes of very real Schizophrenia.

          The reason why psychologists put these traits in to clusters is that they have certain things in familiar, but also important distinguishing features. I would say that Andy presents with a fair bit of Paranoia as well. He doesn’t really trust anybody. He has black and white thinking (splitting) and sees people only as friend or foe. The concept that someone might not be his best buddy but still has the humanity to warn him off or try to reel him back in to sanity can not occur to him. You are either on his side, or you are to be fought.

          Also apart from the disjointed and mixed up speech patterns and unkempt clothing, I notice that he has almost a callous disregard for his friends and family. He openly admits to shitting on his friends’ good will and you can see he is detached – not really there, not wanting to be there – when in social settings. This is more Schizoid than anything, but it’s also quite in keeping with Schizotypal behaviour as well.

          It’s a spectrum and concomitant with other disorders, but I think it’s fair to say, (and I think you were putting it nicely), that yes, Andy is a bit ‘simple’.

          I see him more as a victim than a truly malicious actor (APD with her APD). Now that does not mean that he doesn’t need professional help – he does. But people with true ingrained PDs never seek help, unless they are imprisoned or forced to by a court for whatever reason. That may yet happen for old Simple Andy.

          The reason they are called Personality Disorders is because they are egosyntonic to the individual for the most part. It is ingrained at the deepest level of psych and ego, so the person with one does not see it as a problem. Very few have self-insight, though a true Psychopath (the Greater Narcissist) with NPD and APD is able to tell he is different to other people, and he is also very good at ‘reading’ other people. Where it gets complicated is that there is an inherent contradiction here: Psycopaths are also great ‘Empaths’ according to one definition of the word ’empathy’.

          So APD with her NPD and APD (ironic I know) feeds off the supply of suffering. She has insight to herself and others – this is what makes her malicious.

          But Andy, as you so eloquently put it, is just ‘Simple’ really when it comes down to it. He can not see himself or how others see him and he can not see the suffering he inflicts in others. He has no empathy. But he is not a Psychopath.

          So, EC, you hit the nail on the head more than you probably realised with your flippant and glib diagnosis. All in one word. When I’ve gone and almost written a book. Brevity is not my strong point.

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          • LOL I agree with your provisional diagnosis, keeping in mind that it inherently difficult to do a full work-up based upon people’s observed behaviour online. Believe it or not, I wasn’t actually being flippant about Devine; “simple” just seemed a good word with which to capture his apparent lack of insight combined with his black/white thinking.


    • In the same video he asks a guy whether he’s “Chinese or Japanese” and a black guy if he’s Jamaican and confronts various anti-Brexit campaigners and accuses them of being paid to protest. He even accuses one of them of being treasonous after she politely points out that EU membership has afforded him the privilege of living in Greece 😆

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  9. In his last rant Andy says “It’s a good job I’m not afraid of big crowds “. I don’t think he needs to worry about large crowds around him later today.
    As I write this, it is @ 1.20AM in the UK. I reckon Andy is dreaming of tanks rolling down the Mall to arrest HRH, “D “Squadron SAS rallying to protect him and his cohorts and later, his front and center role at the Coronation of King John and the Pavement Tasters appointment as Chief Executioner……sweet dreams Andy, sweet dreams, for that is all they are and all they ever will be you slimy little shit.

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    • Does anyone remember when Ben Fellows was with Bill Maloney and I think Mumsaaay was there with Bens Girlfriend and they were going to sack Parliament by putting a tent up? I still like to watch that video some times, very funny indeed

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