Abraham Christie’s Mystical Theory of Bum-f*ck Magick

You can always tell when Abraham Christie has been stung by a comment, as he starts reeling off pseudo-mystical twaddle by the arm-load. On Tuesday, he was in a right old frenzy, jamming the comment boxes under Ella’s 9 March video with his usual bunkum—which made us wonder: do Abe’s cult-like followers ever actually read what their tiny greasy guru spews out? And if they did read any of it, would they still think he was the innocent, hard-done-by scapegoat in the Hampstead SRA hoax?

Here’s just a fraction of what he wrote Tuesday (don’t worry, we’ll spare you his long diatribe about Sigmund Freud—suffice to say Abe doesn’t know his arse from his elbow when attempting to parse early psychoanalytic theory):

RITUAL SEXUAL ABUSE MEETS TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL (broken into paragraphs by your friendly editors at HR, because otherwise you’ll want to gouge your own eyes out, possibly with a spoon)

The secret symbiotic relationship between Ritual, Satanic, Sexual Abuse (RSA) and State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) has been exposed. [Redacted] and [Redacted] of the Hampstead cover up eloquently revealed graphic details of these activities, unaware that they were describing the mechanics of state sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs, which have become part of the educational curriculum in many of the world’s schools and pre-schools, in order to create an army of Trauma Based Mind Controlled,(TBMC) slaves for the formation and maintenance of the N.W.O.

With the Monarch (or whichever name they use for an individual project) program the idea is extended to the production of an ARMY of children in whom the soul is crushed who would spy, prostitute themselves, murder or even commit suicide. (Venus Lucifer ) See McMartin pre-school scandal, Jakarta International school, C.I.A. connection, The Franklin Cover Up, Finders, Presidio Military Base, The Detroux scandal in Belgium, the Amidlisa case in France … etc.


When Ella and Abe realised that the whole “Satanic Ritual Abuse” shtick was going nowhere fast, they decided to switch horses in mid-stream, and re-brand their product as “State-sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control”. That’s a bit of a mouthful, so they kindly abbreviated it to “TBMC”.

Why TBMC? Well, you see, it turned out that while Abe and Ella managed to get the kids to regurgitate all sorts of salacious details about dildoes, chopping heads off babies, and anal rape, they’d completely forgotten (or hadn’t had time before the cops showed up) to teach them any plausible “cult rituals”. You know, all that “hail Satan” mumbly-chanty stuff you see in Hammer Horror shows? Yeah, that.

So they had to opt for a change in direction: it was no longer “Satanic ritual abuse”, they claimed, but TBMC that was cleverly made to look like SRA. Got it?


The “Rite of Sodomy” popularised by Alistair Crowley, is central to the TBMC programs. The Satanic, Luciferian, occult, sexual abuse, hypnotism, etc. aspects of the TBMC programs help to obscure the significance of the central tenet of TBMC which is the SATantric Sex Magick,” Rite of Sodomy,” whereby nerve endings at the base of the victim’s spine are stimulated in order to activate the pineal gland/ third eye, giving the child glimpses of Cosmic Consciousness/ Divinity,(Illuminating the Third Eye) thereby“Binding and Controlling” the victims.http://www.whale.to/b/knox1.html

Abe liked the sound of that so much, he said it a second time:

“The Rite of Sodomy” the central tenet of TBMC, promoted by Alistair Crowley, whereby the children/ trainee slaves are sodomised with dildos or other implements in order to manually manipulate nerve endings at the base of the spine, which stimulate the pineal gland, the master gland and the CENTRE OF PSYCHIC AWARENESS IN THE HUMAN MIND, our third eye, giving the subject flashes of cosmic consciousness, allowing the Master/Handler to “bind and control” their “slave”.)

If you’d like to hear him enjoy that just a bit more, here’s the video version. Warning: watch this one hour before or two hours after eating. Management is not responsible.

Right, where were we?

Oh, yes. The pineal gland. Here’s Abe’s take on it:


Whilst certain abusers may derive some deviant sexual gratification from these acts due to themselves being victims of TBMC or other forms of sexual abuse, the goal is to create TBMC slaves addicted to the manual activation of the third eye. The earlier the “Rite of Sodomy” is performed upon the child, the more effective the programming.

Say what? It seems Abe has been doing a bit of online research, and has stumbled across Henry Makow’s interview with fully fledged American Loon, Marion Knox. Mr Knox (he is indeed a he) claims with a straight face, “The Illuminati is Lucifer’s Church, the mystical body of Satan…Sodomy is like being born again”. Speak for yourself, Mr Knox.

(If you can stand to know more about Mr Knox and his wackadoo theories, you’ll find him on the Encyclopedia of American Loons.)

Now for some big words

Abe has a habit of flipping through a thesaurus before he attempts to write anything, and tossing in random Big Words which are meant to impress us with his Superior Intelligence and Deep Understanding of Things. (Going a bit heavy on the caps, aren’t you? We geddit, already—Ed.)

Unfortunately, he has a concurrent habit of misspelling or misusing those big words, often to great comic effect. (Hoaxtead aficionados might recall the Great Lubricious Caper, or Abe’s persistent and hilarious mashup of “pubes” and “pudenda” into the non-word “pubenda”.)

All right, class, are you ready? It’s Big Word Time. Prepare to be bowled over:

Chronic exogenous stimulation of the pineal gland via the Rite of Sodomy causes the recipient to become dependent upon exogenous stimulation and thereby “Bound and Controlled”. These occult practices; Satanic, Luciferian, Magick, hypnotism, illusion & virtual reality, the use of drugs/potions etc. which also serve to confuse and create non-credible disclosure, are common features in Trauma Based Mind Control cases.

There. He didn’t get that “honorary PhD” for nothing, we tell you!

Abe likes ’em young

He finishes this extraordinary treatise by reiterating his fascination with sodomising very young children:

The Rite of Sodomy is begun before three years of age in order to securely “bind and control” victims, which is one reason why nurseries/pre-schools and maternity hospitals are increasingly targeted. Universities, military bases, schools, churches & private homes are also venues for TBMC programming …and regrettably the local education board Camden HAVE to be aware of these programs. Head Teacher [Redacted] (whom [redacted] and [redacted] testified is one of the main abusers & leading member of the TBMC programs, who has a large port wine stain birth mark covering her thighs and pudenda & a baphomet tattoo covering her vagina), regularly attends Camden Education Board meetings which are also attended by Tavistock representatives.

Having just emphasised the importance of anally raping very young children in order to bend them to his will or bind them or whatever, he contradicts himself by describing e a number of institutions which serve much older children and young adults…but that’s Abe for you. Never one to worry about looking like a moron, until it’s too late.

And finally, the obligatory mention of Tavistock

No troofer essay would really be complete without a nod in the direction of the dreaded Tavistock Institute, where Ella was referred several times in an attempt to teach her to be a more effective, less neglectful parent. (It didn’t take, obviously, as by 2014 she was willing to allow a relative stranger to beat the living daylights out of her children so she could enact her sick vengeance upon their father.) In any case, heeeeeeeere’s Abe!

Tavistock Institute has been the primary TBMC programming centre for England. The Royal Free Hospital at the University of London works with Tavistock Clinic, as well as the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) of Sussex University. A large number of Britain’s psychologists, social workers and police are trained at Tavistock. Tavistock has set themselves up as the authority on Ritual Sexual Abuse and Multi Personality Disorder, M.P.D. a.k.a. Disassosiative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.). In other words, the primary programming site, is pretending to be the leading institution working to solve the problem!

We don’t know where Abe got the idea that the Tavistock Clinic (real name: Tavistock Relationships) has “set themselves up as the authority” on the extremely debatable “dissociative identity disorder”, let alone the non-issue of “Ritual Sexual Abuse” (invented ca. 1980, Pazder & Proby). The fact that Tavistock Relationships does not specialise in those issues renders this argument rather pointless.

Actually, his entire treatise is pretty pointless, unless it’s taken as a sort of Mein Kampf moment: Abraham’s personal child abuse manifesto.

We do think it’s important that the police give serious consideration to Abraham Christie’s evident fascination with anally raping very young children.

To date, his known record includes beating, kicking, suffocating, threatening, sleep depriving, and psychologically abusing children and women, but his constant, loving reiteration of his fantasy of anal rape, and his insistence that it must be performed on the very young in order to be “effective”, is very worrisome indeed.

113 thoughts on “Abraham Christie’s Mystical Theory of Bum-f*ck Magick

  1. “…state sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs, which have become part of the educational curriculum in many of the world’s schools and pre-schools…”

    What the fuck? When did this happen? No one tells me anything!

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      • I’ll have to check with Ofstead which schools in my area are part of this Trauma Based Mind Control program. Is it a good qualification to have on ones CV i wonder?


  2. Great work EC as always Thank you friend 🙂
    It is abundantly clear the only person involved on a personal level with the hoax and obsessed with SRA, CSA, Conspiracy theories, Sodomy, and mind control is Abraham.
    I have never seen or heard a single word from RD or any of the others accused that indicates that they have even the slightest interest in this sort of nonsense.

    To any normal person, it reeks of the invention from a drug addled mind of a child abuser obsessed with sex and satan. I believe that is why the conspirasheep, fruitcakes, whatever you want to call them have lapped it up, hook line and sinker.

    Abraham is the only one talking about this nonsense.

    Abraham’s list of benefits of Sodomy checklist (scientifically reseached, of course)

    1. Something, something, Pineal Gland sodomy
    2. Chakra, something, maybe, sodomy
    3. Ella’s face, sodomy, best option
    4. Face of Ella, not like looking at
    5. Illuminati bloodline, generational cults, spoons, enema’s, sharks, sodomy.
    6. Cannabis mind control cure, sodomy, something Pineal gland
    7. Mind control, tattoo’s, cult leader, sodomy Ella’s face, me no like, best avoid.

    Not necessarily a definative list but something to work with of course.

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  3. I seem to remember that when they started to reinvent the hoax from Satanic to TBMC, they also started posting messages that RD had been taught Mind Control techniques while in California.
    Their hoax started to grow arms and legs at one point..with “Tickle Time” being introduced into the mix too.

    The idiots who can’t see through their hoax must be missing brain cells to swallow all Abe and Ella’s stories, which twist, turn and change all the time.

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  4. Dear Mr. Christie

    Please be aware that the following organisations intend to launch a class action against you for copyright infringement:

    Please also consider this letter to be a cease and desist order. You are hereby forthwith notificated that you must not under any circumstances use the abbreviative expression “TBMC” in any context, including blog posts, videos, interviews, YouTube comments, poems, novels, folk songs, spoofs, skits, vignettes or performing art pieces (including interpretive dance).

    Failure to abide by this noticium will resultify in your assets being frozen and your pineal gland being severed (Or is it the other way round? I can never remember.)

    Yours wincingly

    Messrs Titmus, Bassingthwaighte, Motley & Cox
    Attorneys at law

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  5. Hey! I’d forgotten about Marion Knox – the Oregon FARMER who “deprograms” mind-controlled MPDs.

    Yup, Oregon farmers – that’s who I go to when I need information about; the Christian faith, spirits, demons, possession, mind-control processes & techniques, human physiology, biology and psychology, the origin and treatment of psychiatric disorders, (especially multiple personality), achieving Enlightenment, ceremonial-ritual magic, the development of magical and psychic powers, and of course sodomy.
    Is there no limit to this uneducated man’s areas of expertise?

    Actually, I can imagine a farmer possessing expertise about sodomy, considering the long-standing urban legend that farmers habitually practise it on their barnyard stock – and from a very early age.
    Q: how did the farmer make his sheep jump off the edge of a cliff?
    A: by rattling his zipper

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      • You have to love Knox’s statement, that his prodigious knowledge about so many subjects was “based on what you might call research,” – but what you should really call: MAKIN’ SHIT UP 🙂

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        • According to Knox just about everything is a Satanic symbol including crosses and cats. Also sodomy gives you bags under the eyes – therefore anybody with bags under their eyes has been sodomised. Mad!

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          • Yes, I remember Kristie Sue claiming that because RD’s grandmother—a woman I’d estimate to be in her late 80s at least—had bags under her eyes, this was definitive proof that she was a Satanic baby-eater. Don’t let KSC claim that she pays little heed to Abraham, but is only dedicated to Ella. She’s spouted his particularly vile brand of filthy bilge since the beginning.

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  6. Let me get this straight. He’s saying that this particular kind of sexual abuse on a child can cause a glimpse of Cosmic Consciousness i.e. they’d get some pleasure out of it? Is he effing kidding???
    I don’t know how survivors of CSA feel about this but I’m shuddering at the idea. Someone tell me I’ve got this wrong….please.

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      • Vile, just like Abraham.
        Why would sodomy affect the pineal Gland in the brain?
        It doesn’t, and only Abraham and his conspirasheep followers find it exciting to think it would.
        Very disgusting to be brutally honest.
        Please for the sake of women and children, Even Ella’s safety, lock this coward up for a very long time.

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      • >>>>>I’m afraid you’re reading it right, Mrs O. Abe is a very, very sick individual who thinks young kids get pleasure out of anal rape. Yep. <<<<<

        A common enough 'belief' among child rapists is it not?

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        • I do believe you are correct in your thinking there Sir Henry. I have read that paedophiles say that children get pleasure from being used sexually but in reality that is just the excuse that paedophiles use to justify their own actions to themselves. No child or adult gets any pleasure from being sexually abused.

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        • Yes, and Abe’s version is even worse: in his sick twisted mind, not only do young children get pleasure out of anal rape, but they can’t get enough of it, becoming addicted to it and the “enlightenment” it supposedly gives them. These are the fantasies of someone who needs locking up.

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    • Worse. He claims they become “addicted” to this experience, i.e., they “have to have it” regularly or else they will suffer intense “cravings” for it. About as sick as it gets.

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    • Yes,Abe is peddling that sodomizing children(younger the better)acts as a key to unshackle their consciousness and gift them opportunities of developing into free,enlightened, spiritualized super conscious beings.

      Only time before Abe starts offering his services to expectant mothers (for a reasonable donation of course).

      Christie is an increasingly dangerous pedophilic timebomb left unchecked.The authorities could have some serious questions to answer if it transpires he has or proceeds to practice his credo or encourage others to enact such depravity against minors.

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      • I absolutely agree. He needs to be stopped. The police have a duty to ensure that this happens.

        I think the people of Hampstead have been more than patient; but Abe and Ella are definitely starting up their campaign again, and if the police don’t shut it down this time, it’s only a matter of time before one of Abe’s insane and/or stupid followers decides to start acting out his grotesque fantasies.

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  7. Hilarious that clowns like Abe and the Lifting The Skirt stalker are now doing with the phrase “trauma based mind control”, exactly what conspiranoid idjits were doing with the phrase “ritual abuse” in the ’90s – using it as: “a group of words that I don’t really understand the definition of individually, never mind collectively, that means…whatever I want or need it to mean at any particular point in time”. Making up their own, personal, theories about “trauma” and “mind control” and then trying to make that phrase somehow accomodate their private fantasies.

    Barchon is right in saying, there’s no connection between the pineal gland and sodomy. The pineal gland produces melatonin, that’s it’s function, so even if it could be “activated” by nerve endings at the base of the spine through sodomy, that would only make the person sleepy. In reality, it is stimulated by the level of light detected through the retina.
    There are no “chakras” and no “cosmic consciousness”, these are only philosophical-spiritual concepts and superstitions. But even if they did exist, the pineal gland is part of the sympathetic system – a subset of the autonomic nervous system, regulating subconscious bodily functions – it is not involved in consciousness or conscious functions.

    Loved it when Lifting Up the Skirt stalker was rambling in free association mode: “its about fearlessness, its about fearlessly obeying your controller’s commands. NO, dummy, its about MINDlessness. Its about acting out “programmed” commands MINDLESSLY – without any thoughts, without conscious awareness, without any sense of self or self-agency. True, you wouldn’t experience fear…but then, you wouldn’t experience ANYTHING AT ALL, consciously. And that’s just a fantasy.

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    • I’m not sure about no ‘cosmic consciousness’ as there are heightened or different states of awareness that make you see yourself and the world differently. Whether these are simply due to brain chemistry changing and/or there is something else at work is still a question for me and one I’ll probably never be able to answer, unless of course I find out in the ‘after-life’. 🙂

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      • “There are no “chakras” and no “cosmic consciousness”, these are only philosophical-spiritual concepts and superstitions.”

        My take on this is that concepts like chakras and cosmic consciousness exist, but they are not physical, measurable entities which are attached to any particular body part or bodily function. Certainly, people can achieve “different” mind-states, whether via meditation or mind-altering drugs. Those mind-states have been labelled “cosmic consciousness” or other things (including “bad trips”) by those who’ve experienced them, but that’s a subjective belief, not a measurable physiological state.

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    • Er…what exactly is this dumb bint wanting to blow up? Does she think the kids are still at the police station? LOL!

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    • “…don’t listen to anyone but yourself…”

      BRILLIANT advice – not! but it does sum up the underlying basis of the truther-conspiranoid movement quite nicely. Your own intuitive impressions, about anything, are always correct and the truth of the matter – so shut your mind against any information which contradicts your intuition.
      If it strikes you as odd, that a huge skyscraper could collapse just because a jumbo jet crashed into it, then – YOU’RE RIGHT! 9/11 never happened! The twin towers must still be there, and that video of them collapsing must be “disinformation”. All the family members of those who supposedly died that die must be “crisis actors”. Don’t listen to the reports about Bin Laden bragging in Al Qaeda propaganda, that “we did it!” – must be more disinformation.
      If a Holocaust survivor’s testimony seems a bit fishy to you, then – YOU’RE RIGHT! It never happened. The Nazis never murdered any Jews or anyone else. Don’t listen to those American serviceman who claim to have liberated so-called “death camps” and seen the piles of dead, naked bodies. “Trust your gut”, that can always tell who is lying and what the truth is – right?

      “They were so full of details and obviously telling the truth…”
      It must be nice to be so naive and uninformed about the way genuinely abused children do, and do not, disclose what happened to them. They DO NOT spontaneously offer more details than what they perceive the interviewer to already know about. She could try educating herself about this, by reading the accounts of professionals who interviewed dozens of children whose abuse was documented in the terrible videos of it made by their abusers, in “Why Didn’t They Tell Us”. But she probably shouldn’t, because – hey! don’t listen to anyone but yourself…

      “This is the most horrific thing I’ve ever endured watching and knowing…”
      Again, must be nice to have lived such a sheltered life then, I guess. The reality of child sexual abuse, torture and murder can be much grimmer than these cartoonish fantasies.

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  8. “Spiny Norman May 18, 2017 at 6:34 am
    From the Ella video”

    “I hope some nut case goes in there and blows the place up, kidnaps the dad and tortures him to death.”

    Seriously, thats a new low (yes I know we all keep saying they cant possibly go any lower and then go on to prove us wrong) and also puts paid the the often trotted out `only the satanists do death threats’ idea that Elle and APD like to trot out

    I hope that someone has alerted the appropriate people/ authorities as unfortunately after reading her LIES it is far too likely some unstable person will do as she suggested


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  9. Abraham Christie is a Closet Sodomite.
    He isn’t always like this though. During his many spells in HM Prison Belmarsh among the company of healthy chaps he leaps out of the closet and apparently is hugely popular as a Good Time that can be had by all for as little as a packet of fags (no pun intended).
    We’ve even located a snap of Christie which he hangs out side his cell along with a price list.
    It’s why he is so knowledgeable about the subject of anal sex. I believe he has a Honorary Doctorate in Buggery from some tart up north who issued it when she was under the influence of marijuana.

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    • Like a lonely shepherd or Oregon farmer, Abe learnt a few tricks of the trade whilst in prison to cope with those long and bleak nights. This is where his journey into the benefits of sodomy began, as Abe had his third eye opened up and pineal gland stimulated on a regular basis.

      It was only after meeting Ella that this obsession with sodomy and its benefits intensified.
      Say what you want about the short arsed, Greasy, vile, child abusing criminal sex offender, Abraham Jemal Christie, but the guy still has standards and nobody wants to stare into the dull lifeless and soul less eyes of a horse faced emotionally inept ghoul, when it’s time to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.

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  10. I have always found it interesting that when Abraham makes these comment his supporters rarely engage with them. Now and again someone will offer a comment of support but it’s rare to see anyone ask him other questions about the case. A chance to communicate with a man that many of them have called a ‘hero’ and yet they pass up that opportunity.
    Surely Abraham’s obsession with anal rape is worrying even for his supporters. I would actually be surprised to find out that Abraham has not sexually abused a child at some point in his life.

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    • Abe is a stupid person’s idea of a smart person.

      I suspect that to his supporters, Abe’s disgusting gibberish is complicated and exotic enough that they don’t fully understand what he’s saying, so they just let him blather on while they smile and nod and think about torturing witches. Those who do believe what he spouts (Kristie Sue Costa, I’m looking at you) don’t ask questions; they just repeat his monstrous lies as gospel.

      And yes, I think Abe’s fear that the police had “planted child porn” on his phone was very telling. Why would he be so concerned about that, if his phone didn’t already contain child sex abuse images? His inept attempt at misdirection actually ensures that everyone can see the thing he’s trying to hide.

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  11. Inspired by Suzan Hogan, I’m working on a theme song for Troofers and Hampstead Hoaxers. The tune would be loosely based on “Blame Canada!” song, for now. Tell me what you think, and add more stanzas if you wish.

    STAY IGNORANT! (title?)

    Don’t listen to anything,
    but your own thoughts,

    If the teacher asks you:
    “What’s two plus two”?
    and it seems to you the answer’s “five”,
    don’t listen to her, or anyone else,
    if they tell you that’s wrong
    just keep on believing 2+2 =5, for the rest of your liiiife!

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  12. lmao, these people get dumber by the hour.
    “cia is running undergound programs creating hybrid human pigs. I also would not be surprised if they perform satanic ritual abuse on them.”
    “American scientists are creating human/pig creatures, they admit to doing it”.

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  13. No wonder fake news stories take off so easily when so many are such ready recepticles just gagging to swallow any old shit hook,line and sinker.I guess they havesuch big holes to fill simply anything will do 😉

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