The real reason Abraham Christie targeted Christchurch School

Well, that didn’t take long.

The latest version of Hampstead Research is only a few days old, and already Charlotte Ward has started posting her usual libellous bilge, targetting various innocent individuals in and around Hampstead. Once again, she’s dredged up the drawing that purports to show the various tattoos and birthmarks on one of the people Abraham Christie named as a “cult member”.

(And no, I’m not linking the post here, as I don’t want to contribute to Charlotte’s vile agenda.)

The drawing, if you recall, looks suspiciously as if it were drawn by an adult (8 and 9-year-olds don’t generally draw accurate representations of women’s curvy hips), and has been waved about by various Hoaxteaders as “proof” that the tattoos and birthmarks etc. were “real”.

I’ve wondered about Abe and Ella’s obsession with this particular person—why, in particular, have they focused so single-mindedly on her? It seems as though she’s second only to Ricky Dearman on their Hate List.

In a recent conversation with one of our regular reliable sources, I discovered the reason.

You might recall that Abe’s relationship with the school was rocky, to say the least. On one occasion, he flew into a rage when he discovered that P and Q had been eating “off-limits” food (they were known in the school for constantly being hungry, and for taking food from other children and from garbage bins on occasion). Abe accused the school of “poisoning” the children, which unsurprisingly did not endear him to the staff there.

My source told me, “The children were already very much on the radar as being at risk. They openly discussed their fear of Abe. They also were constantly hungry and took other people’s food. All their classmates knew they hated Abe.” Apparently the school notified social services that the children were hungry and fearful of their mother’s boyfriend. “That’s why the headmistress and deputy were targeted so personally after they reported him.”

Ah, it all falls into place now. This isn’t about a cult at all, unless you count the Cult of Abraham Christie’s Ego.

Moral: don’t get on Abe’s bad side, or next thing you know he’ll be drawing pictures of your privates and claiming you’re a paedophilic rapist/murderer/cannibal.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.Christie, Abraham



41 thoughts on “The real reason Abraham Christie targeted Christchurch School

  1. Does this vile dangerous ratbag think that by posting just initials etc that she is exempt from legal repercussions?.
    Not only has she seriously defamed numerous people but she has certainly committed criminal offenses by harassing via the net.
    A jail cell awaits her.

    I had never seen these so-called children’s drawings before but they are so obviously drawn by an adult. No child draws like that. It is preposterous. That’s the problem when you craft a conspiracy of lies & deceit it is almost impossible not to make mistakes.

    Both Charlotte Ward and Abraham Crisitie are despicable people but Abe Cristie is clearly a seriously dangerous person. How any mother could allow this creep to eb around her children is a mystery.

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    • I have no idea why people seem to be “charmed” by him. He is one of the least charming people I’ve seen.

      As for Charlotte, she appears to believe she’s beyond the law. She’s wrong.

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  2. Ward also accuses the interviewing police officer of being part of the cult.
    I hope her new website has been forwarded to Barnet as that should go down really well.
    She also liberally quotes the satanic nutter ‘Dr’ Linda Stalley who when she isn’t hunting out satanists and mind controlled children, attacks homosexuals (but says little about lesbians)

    This somewhat gives credence to claims that the fevered current satanic witch hunt has overtaken gay baiting & attacks now that homophobia isn’t tolerated in the mainstream media.

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  3. Those poor children having to put up with evil Abe. It is heartbreaking to know the children were so hungry that they had to take food from bins. They must be relieved to be out of Abe’s clutches now but confused about how they should feel about their mother.

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    • I would be surprised if they’re not confused about their mum. Sources have told us that she’s not warm or caring towards her children, even in the absence of Abe, so I suspect that at some point the kids will have to come to terms with that. It’s a damn shame.

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  4. And, it would be necessary for the school to be in the “cult” to allow RD to abuse the children, how and when elsE would he have access to them.

    Anyone else not falling into their way of thinking or crossing them must obviously be in this Jewish/Freemason/Satanic cult.

    All you need then is a month of being stoned in North Africa to fill in the details. You can almost imagine them piecing it together.

    I believe the children were forced to come up with parts of the story using their own imagination, rather just repeating what they were told.

    Look at how the story has grown and been embellished since the original details/allegations came out.

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    • I suspect the imagery of slaughtering babies and consuming the meat (in McDonald’s!) has to do with Ella’s vegetarianism.

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        • Well heres some useless trivia ..Adolf Hitler was a lifelong commited vegitarian!!!And that is a fact,I was totally shoched to learn this too!


      • The very first time I saw Ella’s emotionless videotaped ‘witness statement’ months ago, one of the (many) things that made my jaw drop was hearing her say – without the slightest pause, just
        after claiming that her own children had guzzled the blood of dead infants they’d helped kill – that ‘ They are vegans, by the way.’

        My scam/ nutter alert bells deafened me at that point, and still do.

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    • Very true. For example, in the original videos, no mention is made of the “cult” being “Satanic” in nature. That came afterward, and is now fully accepted by the true believers.

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  5. Apparently this blog is another Ricky fan club site 😦

    Oh my goodness, all the signs of satanic love-fest defense,


    • I admit that I don’t know Ricky Dearman, so I can’t be certain what sort of person he is. However I am quite certain it is impossible, for a number of reasons, for the abuse alleged to have taken place.

      Quite frankly this is much bigger than a custody battle for two children; this is about outrageous libel against dozens of innocent people which has put their lives, and those of their children, at risk.

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      • FYI , there ARE “satanists” residing in Camden ,I ‘ve been in their homes ,didn’t have any baby and chips offered to me.I have known some of these people for 25 years.HOWEVER ,none of them are on the “list” .None of them know Ricky Dearman ,at least one of these persons DOES know Abraham Christie ,and quite well too . I find it odd that Belinda and Sabine ,or Ella ,don’t mention any ACTUAL satanists .I myself met Christie many years ago and at best I would classify him as a corner boy,a cheap con artist. and career petty criminal..I don’t think he knows jack about satanists or Quan Yin (aka Trippy Taka) because he attempted to “question” me about the latter in a most haughty fashion.In short he’s a gobby little shite who would almost certainly benefit from a good hard kick up the hole!!!!

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    • Terrance, you may have forgotten but around 70 people have been named as baby killers and rapists. This isn’t just about Ricky Dearman. In any case, I certainly don’t think he is some sort of saint.

      I do have some things I would be interested in your opinion or thoughts on.

      Why does Ella never mention her eldest son, child number three who according to her is also in the clutches of the cult?

      Why were the children’s drawings never handed to the police?

      Why do you think no witnesses have gone public despite national and local media coverage?

      Do you think it is plausible that a school is able to devote some of the teaching day to killing babies with no one noticing? The same for the church, has a nursery, used by the Japanese community, services, the local community, but no one has noticed a thing.

      Do you think it is plausible that Ella has a child who says that they were made to bleed but she never noticed?

      Why have Abraham’s preexisting interests been woven in to this story? For example, the cannabis for blood thing.

      Why were the children not taken straight to a doctor rather than the adults looking up alternative media people?

      Why, if the initial medical reports are to be treated as gospel, is the evidence of injuries attributed to Abraham ignored? And why did Ella try to blame Ricky Dearman for these?

      What do you think about the concerns about Ella’s neglect of the children? Them being hungry and eating food from the bin?

      What do you think of evidence of cannabis consumption being found in their hair, but NO evidence of cocaine?

      Do you think it’s appropriate to hit child rape victims, or throw water at them, which according to the CRIS report Abraham admits? The children allege more of course, and right from the start.

      What do you think of Abraham’s convictions for assaults on his own children (CRIS report) and his recent caution for assault on his adolescent son?

      Why did Ella and/or Abraham send the home recordings to Brian Gerrish, but not the police? And why get annoyed if they were forwarded?

      Do you think it was a good thing for Ella and Abraham to do a drive round to identify addresses prior to the police doing this, despite being asked not to?

      I say the home recordings and drawings are good evidence of coaching, what do you think?

      Why do people not believe the children when they say Abraham made them say the initial allegations, despite the physical evidence of his violent treatment backing them up?

      Why don’t Ella and Abraham come back to clear their name? Double standards much?

      What is all this nonsense about a sedation kit when the police came to the house? Do they not know police have first aid stuff on their belt kit as a matter of course? Did whoever it who claims to have seen this see a big bag with ABE AND ELLA’S SEDATION KIT written on it, or perhaps they had X-ray vision?

      What do you think of their paranoia and accusations towards former allies? I think it shows how they take anything and use it to call people derogatory stuff, how about you?

      Is a cannabis smoothie a suitable meal for a child?

      Despite international freight and air passengers being subject to heightened scrutiny, do you think it is possible to smuggle 8000 plus babies in to the UK without being discovered? And them being alive on arrival? Even getting special boxes kitted out to carry a baby would be a task and a half. Evidence of something found somewhere else isn’t evidence that 8000 babies were shipped to the UK now is it.

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    • The only signs you’ll find on this blog, are signs of evidence and signs of good common sense, which is sadly lacking on any of the hoax blogs.

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    • Terrace, generally there are two main types of people.

      A) Those that believe the investigation carried out by the police and social services with the findings presented to a judge who published them to dispel any nonsense.


      B) Those that believe the words of a person who has done a runner and has convictions for drugs, deception, has abused his own son and admits to abusing the two children.

      There is no need to complicate it any further than that, are you sure you want to be one of those in “B”?

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  6. Pretty much anyone standing in the way of Papa Hemp.

    The ex husband who could tell us what Ella is really like.
    The ex boyfriends family.
    The neighbour who reported them.
    The nanny who according to the children knew what was really going on.
    Plus all the authorities that have dealt with Abraham and Ella in the past.
    Now Belinda…etc.

    I can’t understand how their supporters don’t see through their utter drivel.

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  7. Nothing surprises me about Abraham Christie, he ironically, despite all the witchfinder campaigning and noise, will result in Ella Draper never having access to the children.

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