Abe’s brilliant academic career

Some might recall Abraham Christie claiming that he has an ‘honourary PhD’ in nutrition (presumably with a speciality in hemp).

Back in May, a commenter on the late and very much unlamented Hamster Research asked him about this:

W says: May 20, 2015 at 3:08 pm
Abraham, I would be most interested to hear more about your research into hemp. Can you tell me which university awarded you your honorary doctorate and who supervised your research? Thank you.

Abe responded:

Hempstars says: May 20, 2015 at 3:42 pm
W, thank you for your interest, as a rule we don’t generally reply to individual posts, however Dr.Anneke Westra from Glastonbury awarded my honorary doctorate in 2013.
We begun full time Nutritional research in 1996 at the House Of Hemp in Redchurch St. London, where we were invited to head the House of Hemp, Hempseed research dept. We were supported in our research by David Wolfe, an Internationally recognised authority on Raw food nutrition, a young scientist from Southampton and others . We can’t say that we were supervised by anyone other than ourselves . We trust that this is useful.
As previously mentioned, we feel that it is our work with fresh raw Cannabis juice as an ideal “plant based” blood transfusion liquid for humans, ( that precludes the consumption of human blood for blood transfusion purposes ) which causes us to be the natural nemesis of this murderous human blood drinking/flesh eating cult.
For more information see http://www.cannabisinternational.org/

“(F)ull time Nutritional research in 1996 at the House Of Hemp”…because that’s a fully recognised academic degree-granting institution, yep. “We can’t say that we were supervised by anyone other than ourselves”…oh, stop!

When we’d picked ourselves up from the floor after laughing ourselves silly, we wondered: who is Dr Anneke Westra of Glastonbury, and by what mysterious power was she able to grant Abe an honourary doctorate?  An Anneke Westra does indeed appear to live in Glastonbury (and on Facebook we noted that she’s friends with Araya Soma). A quick Google search indicates that a person introducing themselves as Dr. Anneke Westra Ph.D Biotech., BSc. Biochem. spoke on behalf of a mental health survivors’ group at the Conservative Party Conference in 2004:

Dr Anneke Westra-Abe-degree

Dr Westra sounds like a very dedicated person, and we wouldn’t wish to cast aspersions on her character, but we’d suggest that any ‘degree’ granted by her, honourary or otherwise, should not be taken terribly seriously.

It’s not personal—it’s just that individuals are not empowered to grant any sort of academic degree. Accredited educational institutions may, at their discretion, award honourary degrees to certain people who have not completed the usual requirements, including matriculation, residence, study, and the passing of examinations. Honourary degrees, when given, are not considered academic qualifications, nor listed on one’s resumé as such. So even if Abe had received an honourary degree (and not just some random person saying, “Oh, Abe, you’re so smart, you should have a PhD!”) he would have been requested to not to use the title ‘Dr’ anywhere other than at the degree-granting institution.

So. No honourary degree, then. We’re sure you’re as shocked as we are.

Well, what about David Wolfe, then? Apparently he’s a Big Thing in the raw foods community, though to be honest we’d never heard of him. Apparently we’ve been missing out.

On Mr Wolfe’s blog, he endorses juicing cannabis rather than smoking it, for amazing health benefits. Interestingly, he states that “Cannabis Leaf Juice Will Not Make You High (Or At Least Not As High as Smoking)” (emphasis ours). Given his affiliation with Mr Wolfe, we’d expect Abe to understand that ‘not as high as smoking’ should mean that Ricky Dearman’s children shouldn’t have been given juiced cannabis. Perhaps he wasn’t really paying strict attention while he was at the feet of the master.

Then again, when we saw this comment on Facebook, we wondered whether Abe might have absorbed more of Mr Wolfe’s oeuvre than we at first suspected:

Abe-David Wolfe

Just another one of those things that make us go “Hmm”.





56 thoughts on “Abe’s brilliant academic career

  1. Honorary degrees are dished out to celebrities, not child-abusing fugitives with extensive criminal records, so there’s no way Abe would have one.

    Moreover, when they’re awarded, there is no prerequisite for the recipient to have any subject knowledge whatsoever. As for an honorary doctorate…not a snowball’s chance in Hell!

    Abe is bluffing, as usual. Take it from someone who has a degree and 3 post-grads, all attained through hard graft. Someone who, straight off the bat, can see Papa Hemp for the charlatan he is. The highly educated HR regulars, including that nice Mr. Coyote, will get what I’m talking about here, I’m sure 🙂

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  2. There’s something very iffy going on there. Abe’s claiming he got an honorary doctorate for conducting thorough research into his chosen field? Surely, that would have led to a real PhD, not an honorary one, which is merely a token ceremonial gesture given to actors, musicians etc.

    This is rather reminiscent of Charlotte Ward’s rants about the Mayor of London, based on something she’d read about the Lord Mayor of London. These twunts need to learn the difference between real and ceremonial status.

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    • Haha, that’s a very good point, which I’d missed completely, MDetc.

      And yes, I remember Charlotte’s insane ranting about the ‘Mayor of London’…you’d think, having lived in that city, she might know the difference.


  3. More on Anneke Westra who has a history of manic depression – I feel sorry for her for that – but should she be advocating cannabis use to anyone?. Very irresponsible. As for Abe, the drug fiend fed those kids dangerous hemp smoothies. What a compete swine he is. Honorary degree my arse. Either he is lying or if Westra did ”áward” it to him she is almost as bad.


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  4. re : Araya Soma, I must send her a thank you.

    I have a friend who is a top astronomer and has just returned from working at NASA on a project. Like a lot of scientists who have unbelievable scientific knowledge they can be very naive about day to day life as they tend to exist within their own world. I commented on the phone that there were people who now believe the Earth is flat and there is a whole movement. He simply couldn’t believe.

    He took me out to a very nice dinner to discuss it. He said : “you are always coming up with these totally bonkers people”.

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  5. What’ll Abe do next?

    Next thing you know he’ll be up for a Nobel Peace Prize. Oh wait…..Kevin Annett already did that. If you’re reading this Abe – all you do is get your friends to fill in the forms. Go for it mate!

    Meanwhile your degree isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Someone’s been having you one.

    The internet is awash with people who get ‘degrees’ from diploma mills or from individuals who are deluded enough to think they can hand them out like sweets. It’ll impress the gullible or under-educated but anyone who’s been to an actual university will just laugh their arse off at you. Just sayin’.

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  6. David Wolfe’s opening line in that video: “Chocolate lines up planetarily with the Sun.”…

    EH??? I almost spat my coffee over my keyboard!

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  7. Practically everything Abe has been putting out there about hemp is lifted from this David Wolfe page:


    EXCEPT for this little detail:


    Abe describes David Wolfe as a ‘friend and pioneering raw food researcher here:https://youtu.be/F7FVMOK6Y1s?t=38m20s

    Now, Abe has, in the past, suggested juicing the WHOLE hemp plant.

    And indeed, we see Ella proudly posing in front of the camera here, you-know-who is behind the camera, obviously.

    Yet Abraham likes to suggest that cannabis eaten raw as opposed to in its dried or aged state does not have psychoactive properties.

    So much for Abe’s ‘research’, or knowledge of the chemistry of cannabis. Or perhaps he has carefully adapted his script for the ‘Hampstead Show’. Many people have anecdotally reported getting high on raw cannabis. Abe knows this, really. He is an expert, after all. He knows full well he was possibly feeding the children drugs, and probably, at the time, it helped him create compliance in the children, and the creation of the details of the emerging fantasy story, in Morocco.

    Abe likes to portray himself as intelligent and educated, but there is nothing behind his babbling, it is like a tissue of lies resting on soggy paper, which disintegrates when you try and examine it: Once questioned on his blog on the precise chemistry of cannabis he was unable to show and real knowledge of it beyond parroting what he had read on his mate’s blog. He attempted to put up an irrelevant link and ran away, (read: did not respond),his general M.O.in life – which even extends into the virtual arena.

    Ask Abraham or Ella any difficult question and they will not answer it. They put up selective information according to a well rehearsed script and try not to ‘deviate’ from it. They interject, finish each other’s sentences. It’s safer that way, and allows the gullible, those that do not research or understand for themselves a way to continue believing ‘the story that Abrella put out’. Abrella hand-pick interviewers who themselves have commented that they like to ‘go through and check everything with a fine tooth-comb’ afterwards, before the ‘show’ is uploaded. They have a lot to hide, after all.

    If any legitimate or important research was done on cannabis at the ‘House of Hemp’ in Redchurch St, then it certainly is not showing up online.

    I did however find an indication of what went on at that place, from another of Abe’s old buddies, they all sound very similar, it’s like a club: http://freecannabis.net/contact-free/the-chronicles-of-cannabis/

    ‘At the time I only really new of one use of Cannabis Hemp, to smoke it and get high. All this information was mind blowing to me and I felt inspired to get more involved with those seeking to end its prohibition. To this end I joined the Legalize Cannabis Campaign and in January 1995, I went to what was to be one of their first meetings in a very long time at the newly opened House of Hemp On Redchurch St, East London.

    At the time the LCC was a rather a disorganized, and as it turned out, bankrupt campaign group which seemed to be most focused on the right to smoke Cannabis, rather than extolling the many, many virtues of this incredible plant….

    So who is David Wolfe, really?

    David “Avocado” Wolfe is the rock star of the super foods and longevity universe….longevity is another of Abe’s things, isn’t it?

    Wolfe certainly markets himself. And he is pretty good at commanding the attention and engagement of others:

    He can certainly work a crowd of vegan fruitloops. Watch something that looks very much like a ‘ritual’ https://youtu.be/CttZltLq01g?t=27m27s

    It does make you wonder whether Abe was/is also mesmerised with this man, and even seeks to emulate him. He has not been successful. How many followers does Abe have?

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  8. Dr Anneke Westra Phd
    Whom Abraham Christie received his research into hemp for blood transfusions award

    from http://www.fashiondone.com/hi-to-the-icke-forum-mi5-psychopathic-liars-dr-abaraham-christie-director-hemp-organics-ltd-awarded-for-hemp-research-by-dr-anneke-westra-phd.html

    Maybe Anneke Westra ‘awarded’ Abe his honorary doctorate for research into hemp for blood transfusions award with a tossed beer coaster during a piss up in the pub?

    I am sure Anneka is a very nice person who is trying to campaign seriously for flaws in mental health provision. She is putting her scientific background to good use. She has suggested that idiosyncratic, genetic factors in patients affect their responses to various pharmaceuticals offered to them for their difficulties. She highlights the need to assess these before various pharmaceuticals are offered to individuals as they could otherwise be useless. For someone suffering from severe mental health issues this could be life-changing.

    Perhaps Anneka could shed some light on the ‘award’ she gave to Abe.

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  9. Anneke Rosemary Westra,122 Wells Rd, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, BA6 9AG

    Her address was freely available on Google..just in case anyone wants to ask her about Abe’s Honorary Doctorate.

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    • If anyone feels they could be gentle, warm and definitely non-threatening, Anneka publishes her telephone no online:

      she says:
      People at risk in the future will be able to be gene tested to determine
      which presciption drugs are safe to take and which could possibly be lethal.

      Just to let you know too that the Roche diagnostic test is actually a
      biosensor and I know how it works because of the Ph.D.! It is a small world
      sometimes 🙂

      Kind regards


      Anneke Westra
      Tel. No. 0207 093 4203
      Mobile No. 077 250 42443
      Email Address: anneke.westra4@…



  10. David Wolfe’s given us such a good laugh today. Think I’ll make him famous and play his video down the pub later. Great comedy.

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      • I’ve been inspired by David Wolfe today.. think I’ll take some mushrooms and ride on the cosmic wind..and join some levitating spores in the stratosphere.

        Nah, on second thoughts, I’ll just go make my dinner…now where’s that blender?..

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  11. Sadly I sometimes see people I know on FB ‘like’ some of David Wolfe’s click bait. David posts memes with lovely sounding phrases, preaching love and kindness..etc. The type many people ‘like’ on FB. Then I notice the name at the bottom, David Avacado Wolfe. Clearly an attempt to get people to wonder more about him, then buy into his bullshit.

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