FAQ Update: How did Ella Draper get involved in the Hampstead hoax?

Last week, as part of our FAQ update, we looked into the question of why Abraham Christie got involved in the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse hoax. We’re following up with a more in-depth look at Ella Gareeva Draper, who has always seemed curiously two-dimensional to us. Please feel free to critique, add information we might have forgotten, or ask questions we haven’t answered. Our goal is to make this blog’s FAQ the gold standard for credible, well-referenced information about the hoax, so have at it!

Who is Ella Gareeva Draper?

Ella Gareeva was born on 13 December 1972, in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, which was listed last year as “the most dangerous city in Europe” due to its skyrocketing crime rate.

(We mention this only because Ella would later allege to interviewers that as a Russian she had very little knowledge or understanding of sexual crimes against children, which she claimed were a uniquely British phenomenon. We find this strange, since Ella’s home town was known in the 1970s and 1980s as home to Andrei Chikatilo, known as the Rostov Ripper, who spent 12 years luring a total of 55 young male and female victims from bus and train stations around the city. He would sexually assault, mutilate, murder them; then he would chop out their tongues, burst their eardrums, and gouge out their eyes, which he feared had logged his image. After all this, he would eat their genitals. Frankly, we find it hard to believe that anyone living in that city at the time could have failed to be aware of this person’s activities.)

Ella attended the Moscow State University and graduated with a master’s degree in Art History in the mid-1990s.

Ella and her then-partner Mr Draper had a son in 1997; in 1999, Ella and Mr Draper married in London. However, within a few years Ella left her husband.

By 2003, she was in a relationship with Ricky Dearman, and in 2005 they had a daughter (“Child P”); a year later, they had a son (“Child Q”). Ella and RD’s relationship had deteriorated by 2006, and he moved out of the family home to an adjacent street.

In 2008, a core assessment was prepared by the London Borough of Camden, and the children were placed on a CIN (Children in Need) plan. This appears to have been implemented because the children had been seen to steal food from other children and from the school bins. In 2013, the children were referred to social services again, because of “concerns over the children being left on their own as being heard crying”.

Ella and the children received several referrals to the Tavistock Institute and CAMHS, which she failed to attend. Concerns were expressed about Child P’s relationship with her mother, but Ella failed to take advantage of the professional help offered.

According to the fact-finding judgment handed down in High Court by Mrs Justice Pauffley, “there was never a time when the children’s contact with their father proceeded smoothly”. Ella made numerous allegations against RD, including assault against herself, assault against her son, assault against her mother, attempted murder of her mother, assault of the two younger children, and sexual abuse of the two younger children. None of these allegations stood up in court, and RD continued to be granted access to the children, but Ella blocked this at every turn.

At one point in 2010 she was able to obtain a “non-molestation order” against her ex-partner. To clarify, this sort of order does not imply guilt, but is simply a way to ensure that one person is unable to contact another.

RD obtained numerous court orders to enable him to have contact with the children in the five-year period prior to the 2014 hoax; Ella was able to thwart them all. In November 2013, Ella and RD met at the McDonald’s restaurant in Hampstead. She presented him with papers to sign, which would enable her to take the two children out of the country. However, instead of signing, RD presented Ella with his own court papers: he had initiated proceedings to gain full custody of their children. It now seems entirely possible that this was the final straw, and the factor which precipitated the hoax

Ella had an interest in Bikram yoga—yoga performed in rooms kept at a high temperature—and was teaching this as well as “face yoga” by 2013. She had an interest in health and fitness, and insisted that her children follow her strictly vegan diet.

In May 2014, Ella met Abraham Christie, who shared her passion for raw veganism, with an added twist of his own: raw, juiced hemp. Within a few weeks, Ella said, Abe was staying overnight at her house two to three nights per week.

Abraham had a confrontation at Christ Church Primary School when he arrived at the end of the day to pick up Ella’s children. According to Mrs Justice Pauffley, “He was loud and aggressive, accusing the teachers of poisoning the children by giving them the food supplied at the school”.

Ella’s role in the Hampstead hoax

In some ways, Ella’s character remains enigmatic. In all her interviews, she comes across as wooden, characterless, a bit of a cipher.

We have little knowledge of Ella’s response to the schoolyard confrontation. Nor do we know what role she played in the decision to take the children to Morocco for the month of August.

We do know, however, that while Abraham was subjecting her children to beatings, hitting them with spoons, kicking them, burning them, pouring water over their heads while they knelt in their underwear before him, and threatening to bury them alive in the desert, Ella made no attempt to stop him. Nor did she intervene when Abraham would wake the children up at night for “brainstorming” sessions. According to Child P, Ella seemed to approve of Abraham’s torture of her children.

We do know that the police were surprised at her response to what the children said while they were at Jean-Clement Yaohirou’s house the night they returned from Morocco. A notation on the CRIS report says that while the children described the most brutal and horrific sexual abuse, Ella did not “seem overly concerned”, and that she could be heard on that recording “laughing and joking about it”.

Following the children being taken into protective custody on 11 September 2014, Abraham made a hasty exit, in an attempt to convince the courts that he was out of the picture and that the children could be returned to Ella. It didn’t work, and Ella spent the rest of 2014 battling the courts to regain custody. On 10 December, having already sacked one set of solicitors who refused to do her bidding, she sacked a second set—twice—and they very unwisely handed her the court bundle, which included the CRIS report, videos of the police ABE interviews with the children, the medical reports, and other confidential material which, in the normal course of things, she would only have viewed under supervision. Later, she and Abraham would release this material in dribs and drabs, as a way of feeding the public hunger for salacious details of the case.

During what would be their last supervised visit, Ella brought pencils and paper and attempted to cajole her children into writing to the judge that they wished to return home to her. At that meeting, the supervisor reported that Ella had threatened the children that something could happen to their dog if they refused to co-operate; nevertheless, they refused, and she stormed out angrily.

Ella refused to attend the fact-finding hearing which began in late January 2015, a fact which Mrs Justice Pauffley noted in her judgment.

In this video from February 2015 (which we will not show as its thumbnail contains images of the two children), Ella and Abraham can be heard making their escape from the police who’d come to speak with her about the illegal release of her children’s videos. They flee the scene through a back window of her house, leaving her lawyer to communicate with the police through the letter-slot in the door. According to police, Ella and Abraham fled along the roof-line of the house, and made their way out of the country. At present they are presumed by most people to be in either Spain or Morocco.

In a video of Ella, released three days after the Pauffley judgment was handed down, Ella, clad in a light-blue track suit, makes a “witness statement”. In a robotic monotone, she reads from a script, stating she is acting under the Criminal Law Act “to expose serious crimes of ritual Satanic abuse, including rape, sodomy, murder, and cannibalism committed against infants and children in churches and primary schools in the UK”.  She goes on for nearly 18 minutes, her voice and facial expression never changing, as she talks about her children allegedly having been subjected to grotesque torture since the time they were infants.

If Ella’s response to her children’s “revelations” during the Jean-Clement video was odd, this video is downright bizarre. Certainly, not every parent would break down in tears at the thought of harm coming to their children, but Ella’s performance is downright wooden. Never once does her voice shake, her gaze waver. She doesn’t blink away tears, or pause to collect herself. The viewer would be forgiven for thinking that Ella didn’t believe a word she was saying.

Following this video, Ella and Abraham would participate in a number of interviews with various UK and US conspiracy theorists, in an effort to promote the hoax and bring in new supporters. During the first year of the hoax, Ella tended to say little, other than the odd nervous laugh, and let Abraham do most of the talking.

However, by mid-2016 it had become apparent that Abraham was “box-office poison” on the troofer interview circuit. In 2017, Ella was put forward as the couple’s spokesperson in a series of interviews with US troofers like Nathan Stolpman and Sean of SGT Reports. These videos represented an attempt to raise their flagging fortunes, as they attempted to open several crowd-funding campaigns to raise money. Clearly, they are now out of cash and desperate; in one interview, the allegedly vegan Ella could be heard speaking over several clucking chickens.

Ella admits to lying

According to interviewer Nathan Stolpman, who interviewed Ella several times and was very supportive of the hoax, Ella confided to him that she had been “mistaken” in claiming that Mr Draper and their eldest son had been involved in the “cult”—her ex-husband as the “cult financier” and her son as a sexual abuser of her two younger children.

However, this directly contradicts the stories of Child P and Child Q, who stated on the videos made en route from Morocco that both things were true. In admitting that she had made up at least part of the story, Ella inadvertently destroyed the hoax: “true believers” had been insisting that they believed every word the children said, but now Ella was saying that at least some of what they had said had been concocted by her and/or Abraham.

Why she admitted to this is not yet clear. However, we expect that when she and Abraham are eventually apprehended and brought back to face their crimes, the truth will come out.

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    • I had to laugh- she accidentally attended a council meeting, then ‘dissolved’ the council and they said meeting adjourned, then they threw her out, then carried on without her….


      How do you ‘accidentally’ attend a council meeting?
      “I’m just of down the shop for a pack o fags…”
      “Righto, see you soon”
      wanders into random building- “can I have a pint of milk and a pack of fags ta”
      “um no- you can pay your council tax here tho”

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  1. “she sacked a second set—twice—and they very unwisely handed her the court bundle, which included the CRIS report, videos of the police ABE interviews with the children, the medical reports, and other confidential material which, in the normal course of things, she would only have viewed under supervision.”

    I wonder if that solicitor mentioned above got in to any trouble for handing her the bundle, surely there is recourse is for having committed such an act?

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    • I’ve never heard of there being any repercussions, but I agree 100%. I’m quite sure that handing the bundle off like that violates professional standards, and it caused a great deal of harm.

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      • I can’t in general see any option but to give litigants in person the court bundle – it’s their case. There are restrictions in criminal proceedings on sexual material being saved, but that’s dealt with by not putting it in bundles anyway, sols have to go to the prosecutor’s office or a police station to view it. But a defendant’s bundle is a defendant’s bundle, the lawyer only gets it as they are in the place of their client. Take the lawyer out and it goes back to the client.

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        • Was Ella bearing the costs of the solicitors herself or would she have qualified for legal aid I wonder.

          If she was paying herself, she has a right to the bundle, but if she was getting legal aid she had no right to get them.


          • If there is no current way around a litigant in person getting a bundle containing material such as was made available to Ella, then perhaps now is the time to reconsider – due to the internet.


          • Impecunious mothers whose children the state is applying to remove are entitled to legal aid.
            But the way a solicitor is paid has no bearing on the requirement for a fair hearing. A defendant is entitled to know the case against them whether they are represented or not, or whether the solicitor is paid privately, by insurance or by legal aid. The bundle wasn’t for the solicitor, it was for Abe and Ella, the solicitor only had custody of it on their behalf.
            What they did was almost certainly contempt of court and other people who have disclosed to the internet via Sabine have gone to prison for it. What prevented that happening here was the couple taking off for the mediterranean.
            This couple have done enough damage, without meaning that tens of thousands of defendants in criminal and care proceedings should have to defend themselves without knowing the case against them

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            • The applicant is is indeed entitled to the bundle as they are responsible for preparing it and both men and women are entitled to a fair hearing.

              However, any expert reports are owned by the State, these can cost upwards of £250 per hour, hours spent on the reports by an expert depends on the case naturally. In a complex medical case I myself had, there was 3 expert reports required, one report by a Doctor at a leading hospital in London took three months to do at £300 per hour. My legal aid certificate was due to go for another hearing by the Legal Aid Board as a result of the last expert not agreeing with the first two, at that stage I asked for all my files to try to take the case forward with another law firm but was refused the expert reports and SC’s opinions unless I paid for them. The cost was over £50,000 at that stage. But my case may have been different, I have though come across some parents who have had their children taken into care, looking for help on Facebook to pay for a solicitor, I believe their Legal Aid was recinded after so many hearings.


          • I genuinely don’t know much about this not having seen any court action. I get that people should see what they are accused of, by whom and understand the case against them. Then there’s reporting restrictions, orders and so on, so I suppose that puts some protection in place – well assuming they are enforced.

            But I can’t get my head round a situation where attributable children’s testimonies/police interviews are not carefully protected and wind up being viewed by millions of people on line. There’s gotta be a problem with handing those over in a bundle, if indeed that was what happened?


            • Agree totally, the fact that these have been distributed on the internet and will always be floating around is very disturbing.


      • I’m with you on that, Justin. I vehemently disagree with smacking children.

        Also, I’m struggling to get my head round Ogilvy’s rationale (so what’s new?) – he appears to be saying that the only possible reason for that kid’s misbehaviour is that the parents have never beaten the shit out of him. (Or at least that’s what the maker of the video he’s shared seems to think – Ogilvy tends not to have any original thoughts of his own.)

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        • My parents never laid a finger on me but were disciplinarians. Years later when I was telling my Mum how the English master was a nightmare with the cane she was so shocked as she had never been physically disciplined herself either.
          I decided to do a family survey and was able to go back 4 generations to find not one person or parent ever indulged in smacking or hitting their kids and this progressed to my brothers and their children and their grandchildren.

          So I think physical punishment it’s a ‘learned’ generational activity that serves no useful purpose than for adults to use kids as punching bags for their own frustration when there are so many other non abusive ways to achieve results.

          Personally I cannot abide the notion of ever, ever physically harming a child. They have rights.

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        • Do we take it that Ogilvy wasn’t beaten enough as a child? (by his logic).

          I don’t know about his family circumstances, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been beaten and learnt all the wrong lessons from it.

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    • I’ve reported it and will report the others, I left this message under the video.
      Sheva Burton What kind of parent ignores their childs distress and trauma, but compounds it by humiliating them on social media, even laughing at their distress ? disgusted and reporting this because it is emotional abuse, child abuse and I hope their local CPS get alerted, to these parents who think this is a cool thing to do, for clicks and personal gain or to feed an agenda, ever heard of putting children first…. which doesn’t mean giving in or giving them what they want, but this is a disgusting way to try and support the idea that children need to be hit in order to control them.
      · Reply · 1m

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    • Just checking out the comments below that video (sorry, Sheva, I’m not seeing yours – maybe he took them down). Apparently this is what Malcolm the “anti-child abuse campaigner” thinks of children (including his own). His mates aren’t great fans of them either. Seriously, would you let any of these people near your kids…?

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    • Hitting your kids show that you’re lacking skills in being a parent. And I’ve never got my head round how you teach your kids to be reasonable, decent human beings by hitting them.

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      • I agree, Mrs O. And I’d like to think a child learns to do the right thing because s/he knows it’s the right thing to do, not because s/he thinks she’ll get a wallop if s/he doesn’t.

        I also agree with you from an ethical point of view. Hitting kids is just wrong.

        I wonder if this is one of the reasons Ogilvy’s not allowed access to his daughter. From what he’s saying, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was violent towards her (probably telling her it was for her own good because she was evil and it was his duty to beat the Devil out of her). Very worrying.

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      • ‘The calm before the storm.’ It sounds like she’s planning something. Yawn. Possible something’s happened to upset her?

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        • I think the “calm before the storm” thing is linked to the latest hoax to grip the imaginations of the reason-challenged. It’s called “QAnon”, and is basically some random person spewing out fake pronouncements on 8Chan to convince followers that “the storm” is coming—by which they mean that US President Trump is going to arrest all the “paedophile rings” out there…and a bunch of other stuff. Strange that Deborah would be using this phrase though, as I thought she was no fan of Trump. Very curious.

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  2. Back in November(?) I read a YT comment claiming that Ella and her child abusing boyfriend Abraham Christie had split up and more information would follow on this blog.

    It’s probably unsubstantiated nonsense, but Abe the child abuser has been quiet for a while.

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    • He’s been quiet all right. No blog, no Twitter, no putting Ella up on videos to beg for cash. My personal belief is that they’ve run out of money and can’t pay the internet connection bills. And it’s too far to hike to the nearest town to use the cyber-cafe…or they kicked him out after the last time he picked a fight with another customer.

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  3. Sign of The Times # 45:
    No child under 12 should be on social media, bullying expert says
    ‘DO WHAT DOLLY DID’ Evil trolls target tragic Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett’s heartbroken pal just days after model, 14, killed herself over cyberbullying

    #2018 is the year I become very pro-active and spend my remaining time seeking justice for all those who are bullied on social media. No matter how little, I invite all other to become activists-every little bit helps.

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        • Yes. Lucien is very knowledgeable, well educated, well-spoken and entertaining – as a speaker and as a writer. I have not seen these videos, I’m a bit behind I guess. Have to check ’em out.

          I was very pleased to be introduced to him on a certain website, maybe 2010 or so? As a young man who had written a very lucid and informative essay on some topic of mutual interest (can’t recall). Although, I very soon developed a sneakin’ suspicion that we had actually “met” & worked together on issues of common interest years before that, even, but under different guises 🙂
          I was very grateful for his friendship and the opportunity to discuss such issues with someone else harboring equal passion for these issues, a rare opportunity at that time.

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    • That old Roger Cook report The Devil’s Work. Repeated on Australia’s 60 minutes with a change of name for the “victim” and still no evidence. That girl was abused alright, but not by baby munching Satanists.

      Was there ever any follow up on what really happened to this poor girl?

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    • Aw, Corey 😦
      Is this what your 10 million dollar movie was going to be about? An evangelical testimonial about how you were supposedly abused by a satanic abuse cult pedo ring in Hollywood? Because, if that was your plan you are already fucked dude!
      Too many people know the truth, the real truth, about imaginary SRA cults AND about historic pedophile/pederast conspiracies in California – and you are very obviously ignorant of the facts.
      What a shame, if you are just another liar-for-God, Corey. I wanted to believe in you, at least as a victim.

      Try going to Roseanne…tell her Q-anon sent you, that Hillary is the Anti-Christ, and that Cathy O’Brien is the Second Coming. She’ll give you a wheelbarrow of cash!!

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    • For the record: this teen, when she grew up she confessed that it was all a hoax that got out of hand and the trashy TV producers kept urging her on so she went along with it.
      So that’s the extent of Corey Feldman’s Claptrap is it? What a goose.


      • Is that available somewhere on the web? I have searched and come across the usual suspects like Tim Tate and Joan Coleman pushing it but nothing about the girl confessing.



  4. Yay! We’ve upset Malcolm the self-confessed child-abuser. We must be doing something right 🙂

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  5. You lot can spout all you want! Your illegal and defamatory comments about Chris Spivey have all been screengrabbed and reported! We have friends in high places who can get websites removed in a heartbeat. Do not forget that!
    Already one of our pack Miss JM who got a rockstar peadophile jailed is onto you lot. And if you think Horatio (Yes!! He knows Danielle very well!!) has forgotten what illgeal libelous comments you have made about her then you are WRONG!!
    Take this site down within 24 hours or you will be arrested!!
    You have been warned.


  6. The Cranberries singer death is a HOAX. She was a crisis actor. Wait till Chris Spivey exposes it!! (I just talked to him and he’s already on it!!)


    • That means the bald fat layabout is currently surfing the net (and ripping off the ridiculous Welaware website that created this loony tune meme) to find a familiar face that looks similar to the late singer and trying to pass them off as the “crisis actor”.

      On fact I just did it myself and found the Crisis Actor who is in fact “Chris Spivey” who doesn’t actually exist and can be found in his regular job as Mr Potato Head in your local supermarket. You have to admit this incontrovertible proof that Spivey is the invention of a bored King Edward spud.

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      • I actually have a friend who looks a lot like Dolores…..but she’s just about to give birth so she’s not guilty of being a crisis actor then, too busy nesting!

        A radio DJ and TV presenter of decades-long standing in Ireland called Dave Fanning (I was one of his frequent listeners since age twelve, channelling him through my single earphone off my minute transistor radio …he introduced me to The Virgin Prunes and Tom Waites) had lovely things to say about her….apparently she was really shy and used to perform with her back to the audience, she adored her family and was immensely proud of her parents and children…it’s very sad to hear this news.

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  7. Enjoying this, too. Not got to the end yet…it would be good to see a list of who released what, when in a table format…in a way what makes this case one of a kind is the amount of material everyone was privvy to, ‘unprecedented’, even more, unbelievable evidence, the really detrimental stuff, found its way out online (the Jean Claude tape released by Charlotte Ward, wasn’t it? later to be re-released by Abraham himself, fool that he is?) to illustrate to all how the mad duo behaved ‘at home’. Imagine being a young child, faaar away from everything familiar, in alien surroundings, with a mother who has gone bonkers, colluding with a mad man whose favourite pasttime is terrorising you to come up with ridiculous concoctions of guided fantasy….LOL the comment recently about the ‘dancing with 20 baby skulls dangling’, the logistical analysis of placing that amount of stuff around your neck….what a story, seriously.

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    • I’m not sure if we’re allowed to discuss some of the material that was released, as it’s evidence in a trial which is currently pending, but yes, that’s a great idea for the long term.

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  8. As for the photo of Ella with the sunflowers, she could’nt have released a more perfect picture to accompany this post. Punctuated with a full stop.

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  9. Costa hasn’t posted anything in 4 days. Maybe she’s given up (or just sulking about Befriend the Cheeses being banned in the UK).

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  10. I need to try and fix that near the end I’ve shown the screenshot of the video I posted on Twitter….. but I’ve never known one be taken down so fast…. So with broken links I’m going to do it again, not with CEOP tagged, but with YouTube because maybe it will work again.
    Anyway these screenshots were kindly sent to me and I think they show very clearly the links between and the behaviour of those still determined to promote the hoax and try and discredit any that oppose or expose them.


    • I’ve tried the same method, without adding CEOP, but I don’t know if it was that that caused the quick takedown & with broken links….. I’m hoping to maybe prompt YouTube to take stronger action, by spelling out that it is psuedo child porn and to shame those pretending they share the videos because they care about children.

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