UPDATE: Sabine McNeill trial date set

Sabine McNeill’s plea and trial preparation hearing took place this morning at Southwark Crown Court.

She pleaded not guilty to all charges—four counts of stalking and 15 counts of breaching her restraining order. The restraining order was handed down following the collapse of the case against Neelu Berry and Sabine in July 2016.

Sabine’s case is to be listed for trial on 19 November, and is predicted to last between two and four weeks.

We will continue to update this case as further information becomes available.


22 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sabine McNeill trial date set

  1. Pat on the back of the judge who, in his wisdom, gave Sabine the restraining order. But didn’t she have one already from Pauffley – from the court date she evaded by packing a bag and legging it to her nephews in Berlin?


    • She was named in a court order from the High Court, but for some reason no one chose to enforce that. It seems likely that those responsible at the time believed that this would all blow over. Clearly, whoever made this decision completely underestimated the tenacity of the Hoaxtead mobsters; it was a mistake which has cost many people their peace of mind for three years now.

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        • She’ll have to comply with her bail conditions the whole time or risk being remanded in custody, which will include keeping silent about the whole thing. If I had a GIF of someone bursting, this would be the place for it.

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          • Sabine will need to occupy herself somehow.Perhaps the kind people at Cern will take her back on until November if they are looking for someone utterly useless with computers or perhaps just fancy a laugh for old times sake.


      • Oh Gawd that rolling monkey had me laughing as well. Was it Bellend laughing?. Love how Neelu’s ( one of the finest IPhone camera persons) concern never extended to any following Sundays to record these baby carriages being wheeled in (that never come out)
        Are they stacked up in the garden?
        Has there been some unusual Garage Sales in North London with multiple baby carriages on offer?
        What useless investigators they are.

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        • I want one of those monkeys, but I don’t know whose voice was laughing……Sam.
          All those times that Angela NoPower Disinphoney, mentions being at the church, talking to a reporter, finding blood, but she couldn’t ever get even the toilet bit right….. but how anyone could think that it was true after seeing that….. and all of the main promoters would have, I charge them all of cynically engineering the mass viralisation of what they knew was a hoax. I can’t remember if Angela was even in London, but I don’t think she was, but it is that day that she is pretending, alluding, hinting with vague details because she thinks the punters will just then assume and accept that she was…..and therefore had intel.
          But any of the promoters would have known……. That monkey tho, what a tonic 🙂


      • Was interesting that it was Neelu adding to the baby story, before she said it was there any others talking about baby carriages coming in but not out again?

        (Not to mention what happened to these missing baby carriages- did they eat those too, or was the dumpster out the back of the church full of them? did they melt them down and turn them into religious icons for sale, what???- inquiring minds want to know!)

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        • Well the thing was, it was a nursery, so of course buggys would go in and stay there. Some ones imagination is running over time, and there was no blood on the floor.

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        • Did any of these talk show hosts or whatever they are ask a question like that ? But she is adding her ‘evidence’, so when people say oh there’s lots of testimonies of baby harvesting, stealing etc, well all they say is Neelu, cos she said,,,,,it’s obvious by her figures, none take her seriously, like andy peacher, so when I or someone tries to point out their danger, the police or authorities or others go pfft … just don’t worry, about them, but we have to remember it is a web, so they have these little pockets of linked people that then connect across or up and down it.


  2. An unrelated aside: Mad Moo is a bit slow off the mark and seems to have missed the terrible mud-slides in LA that came right after the fires.
    Perhaps she’s investigating what new diabolical HARP machine caused this.


    • She’s quiet isn’t she. She’s too quiet. P’raps she’d down a Planet Zogg shaking her booty because, after all, SHE FXXXXG WELL DESERVES IT!

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