Farewell to an old friend: Costa del Troll

It’s never easy to say farewell to an old friend, but sometimes it’s inevitable. And so it is with heavy hearts that we bid a fond adieu to one of our stalwart commentators here at Hoaxtead Research: Costa del Troll, we hardly knew ye!

The problem, you see, is that Mr or Ms del Troll (we never really knew our friend’s gender, as all information was discreetly slipped through our mail slot each morning in a sealed brown envelope, accompanied by a neatly penned invoice) has lost his or her bailiwick.

He or she went to report on Kristie Sue Costa’s usual abysmal collection of lies, half-truths, and imbecilic brain farts at her “Beneath the Chickens” Facebook page yesterday afternoon, only to discover that it had been rendered invisible!

Instead, this appeared in its place:

Flustered, CDT tried the mobile version. No joy there either: And so, reluctantly but in his or her usual stalwart fashion, CDT tendered his or her resignation.

The usual farewell bash was held—chocolate digestives, a nice aspic, coffee or tea, half a bottle of cooking sherry, and a partially chewed chicken which EC donated at the last moment. No one had the heart to explain that one usually removes the feathers and cooks the bird before attempting to eat it, but after the party, Spiny Norman discreetly disposed of it in the wheelie-bin belonging to the next office.

Spiny also took it upon himself to inform Kristie Sue that those of us on this side of the pond will henceforth no longer be exposed to her daily drivel: Now, of course, everyone here at Hoaxtead HQ is glancing nervously at one another. The one unspoken question which is nevertheless on everyone’s minds: who’s next? Slain Crater? Moosnight? The Shampoo Liberation Front? The tension is palpable, as we all wait to see whose beat will be eliminated next.

Meanwhile, EC seems to have found that bloody chicken again and is trying to offer it round, and Miss Camden Town Baths 1947 is fending him off vigorously with one of her high-heeled shoes. Justin Sanity has somehow laid hands on a karaoke machine and is leading a somewhat libatious version of “Stop! In the Name of Love”, while Arthur Pint has adopted a lampshade as a hat and has ordered out for vindaloo.

No one has seen CdT for hours, and someone just ate the digestive we’d set aside for him. Send help.

97 thoughts on “Farewell to an old friend: Costa del Troll

  1. Poor old CdT. He has two wives and eleven kids to support and a massive outstanding bill with the Hounslow branch of Ann Summers. Losing his job couldn’t have come at a worse time!

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  2. CdT came round to mine to keep me company as I’m suffering from a nasty cold and feeling down and they felt sorry for me as I’d missed the party.

    Great news about Kris’ page. Everything’s heading in the right direction in Hoaxland so far in 2018! 😀

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    • I’ve come to the conclusion that the hoaxers have literacy and problems with communication – understanding what is being written/ being able to communicate their own thoughts in an understandable, readable manner – look at that last sentence above by Kris Costa…half the time you are left wondering what it is they are really trying to say. Maybe it’s just a diversionary, defensive tactic.

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  3. So pleased for all of you! The savouring of vindication is surely the most marvellous palate tinglingly
    sweetest sensation and flavour ever (who needs half chewed morsels of unplucked chicken)….well done, well done!

    Here in Ireland, her rotten page lives on….bummer!

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  4. Fabulous news!

    It may be early in the year but it’s started right hasn’t it!

    I can’t wait to see what happens next. 😉

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  5. Why do these people talk about sock accounts when they all believe in, and promote multiple Personality disorder?
    Surely there are no sock accounts, just MK Ultra victims switching between personalities that are unaware of each other. Or do they only believe in that bullshit when it suits them?
    I think we know the answer to what these Exceptional individuals really believe, and it’s no the children, but the perverted ramblings of child abusers Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva.

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    • It’s called Virtual Multiple Personality Disorder – VMPD. Of course, if it developed over time…you know, and you went from radio, to TV, to the internet – then it’s Complex Virtual Multiple Personality Disorder.

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    • Yes I read that earlier.

      Archi hadn’t posted his weight update since 49 kg supposedly on 6th Jan.

      Which son though, by all accounts he has 4 children, the other 3 allegedly don’t want to know him?

      There was no evidence he actually did any hunger strike so I think that’s 18 now he’s failed at..

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    • I don’t think Praterson claims to be a friend of Neelu though, so he doesn’t have to do f all to help her Angela.

      Angela claims she is a friend of Neelu so in this instance I actually agree with Praterson.

      What is Angela/Jake doing to help Neelu?

      Or is Jake too busy with Sabine?

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      • I’d also reiterate, though, that the kind of “help” these people mean – i.e. encouraging her to wind up bailiffs and coppers – will do Neelu more harm than good. As someone pointed out on here yesterday, those aren’t true friends.

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    • But you aren’t going to put her up are you Ange?
      And you have encouraged her in her delusions that now place her in the most dire financial situation from which there will be no recovery. For Neelu it’s a few years of couch surfing from now on (but I bet not on Bellend’s or Angie’s or that moron Jake’s sofa)

      ## is ‘Bob Dyowl” John Patterson?

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      • Didnt Angie claim to have a London property as part of her extensive international portfolio?Surely allowing Neelu to utilize that abode would be the least she could do for such a good friend.With all her high powered contacts it would be very easy for Angie to resolve her friends plight.

        In fact what better than to provide refuge and solice to both Sabine and Neelu by shipping them out to work in a certain African orphanage,albeit the children would need safe alternative accommodation to ensure their wellbeing and emotional stability.

        And dont forget Angie Jesus is watching your every move(and laughing his holy socks off).

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  6. I can’t seem to find it from an Australian ISP either.
    But her ‘Believe the ***” etc” still exists but surely this needs the same treatment.

    # If I were RD I would have an American lawyer (they are so easy to get without cash up front) write to Costa and all the others threatening them with dire lawsuits after their persistent and organised conspiracy to wreck not only his life but his children’s.
    Especially as he is at times based in the USA.

    While the First Amendment protects ‘free speech’ it does not protect the consequences of your free speech or defamation.
    And damages in the USA as exampled: while those claiming compensation ( Angela Power-Disney?) from the BBC Savile controversy got up to £9000 each the complainants in the Sandusky / Penn State abuse case (the abuse was similar to that claimed in the Savile case) got $5M each. The evidence presented was very similar- ie not much except claims.

    I’m a huge fan of the USA system of law where you can actually get adequate damages- and far easier than in UK courts. I’ve sued in both countries and the USA was not only easier but the defendants settled far quicker to save costs.

    I would be utterly ruthless where those like Costa are concerned. I would have no trouble making them homeless.

    # As to the pathetic troofers like Nathan Stolpman this is fact and true: he broadcasts from his father’s home. His father is legally liable for Stolpman’s defamation’s as he facilitates them and knows it is happening. Stolpman’s father needs to be served with a lawsuit as well. This goes for all the so-called troofers who broadcast from someone elses house.
    This can be likened to when a newspaper is sued for libel (same same USA)- where everyone involved in the libel can be sued from the publisher / writer / printer / advertiser / delivery truck driver / newsagent. Except most newspapers indemnify all the others- ie accept the blame and costs.

    I would be naming every defamer in a class lawsuit whether they are in the USA or the UK or elsewhere. When defendants in a lawsuit- who often can’t stand each other – are linked it’s causes absolute havoc. They would also never EVER get legal advice without paying for it up front as lawyers are too smart. (publicity wise it would be scooped up by the media)

    ## This is why Alex Jones backpedaled so quickly about the #pizzagate controversy when they were served papers by the Podestas. I’m told they settled on agreement that Jones would reject the claims in the way he did so he could avoid a financially destroying lawsuit.

    #### RD: it’s up to you but if it were me, I would now become very pro-active as I sense the timing is right. Remember you do not know what consequences your children may suffer from in 5 years from these ruthless and vicious attacks. A $$ Million Dollars in their bank accounts is not only warranted but may help their lives in the future and by God , they deserve it.

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    • An example of this cracked brain idiot Costa: she is salivating over the recent Weinstein ‘face slap’ which amply demonstrates how out of touch this mob are with reality.

      I know all about it because my agent was approached with the video which was a set-up by two fuckwits who spotted Weinstein in the restaurant and thought they could make a killing. They didn’t slap him (it would be criminal assault) but one did a sort of face slide while the other filmed.

      They offered the video to my agent for $100,000. They said “no thanks” (but in reality said “go fuck yourselves idiots”).
      The 2 eventually got £140 from the Mail which has on sold it for about £1K in all.

      These troofer morons don’t even know when they are being played.

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    • I hope RD does. I wonder though how much he is aware of..
      I doubt he has time or the mental/emotional capacity to keep reading or watching the vile bile spewed about him…but it must be painful to see your children paraded like they have been by such vile hypocrits, too.

      Perhaps alert him of the immense collection of evidence available to him, thanks to everyone who has helped this blog to keep eyes and ears on the disgusting decievers like Disney…..

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      • Yes, Sheva. I wish RD all the best, it can’t be easy logging on and seeing your children all over YT stating the hatred and lies which had been instilled in them by Abe and Ella.

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    • The Tracey & Morticia video was taken down, so so fast, last week.
      I both reported and commented on the thread, of course… Tracy and any of the other shepherds would just say, ignore Sheva she’s just …… RD, Satanic bla bla, and like others, they ensure that there will be posts and videos to show to their newcomers and get them to ignore me and also if deemed necessary to attack me.
      I was so disgusted a few nights ago to find some new people retweeting with the same old lies and the same old socks adding the same old lying comments….. I did alot of reporting to Twitter.
      I guess I’m being effective somehow and I am not going to be stopped by bullies….in fact they will now be highlighted so mjuch by what they have done to me, that they will not be able to keep grooming or abusing newcomers which are sometimes very vulnerable people. Survivors of abuse are often in need of support and they know this……..I’ve now found not just advocates but victims that have now seen the light, rejected the bs and then been turned on so viciously even if they know someone is suicidal, especially if they think someone is……
      I am really upset at the abuse you and your children suffered at the hands of those who hijacked events, run by people in the past, who would never have sanctioned this. They claimed out platform and got undeserved and self proclaimed status and credibility……Brian Gerrish was one of them and recently even he is openly encouraging these false accusers………… why ? He has also encouraged the attacking of an inquiry survivor panel member, much as they all have behaved towards me and many other groups and advocates……..
      Most who have recieved the treatment, the survivors/advocates and groups, have just blocked them all, warned everyone then moved on….of course they keep changing their names, and taking over groups,
      Many are very well organised and strong….. I was really glad to see how strong another friend is doing, but then, like me she’s in amongst some of the strongest people it has been my honour to meet.
      It;s hard for me to express how this effects me, in terms of the perversion of what most of us that have been abused fight for, ……they have turned it upside down. Is it so that survivors are tarred as being like they are ? Yes there are some amongst them, but encouraged to spew hate, told nightmarish stories about what happens to children in care, well stuff does happen., it ‘s the why that they determinedly get wrong….placing blame and labelling those guilty ………..in the outlandish ways they choose takes away from the survivors, who right now are having to go to the Inquiry.
      Then there,s Brian Gerrish colluding with Fresh Start Foundation, Freedom Talk Radio, Screaming to be Heard conference organisor Andy Peacher all colluding to keep Kevin Annett, this Hoax, re energise the Hollie Hoax anything but the truth……….and via Opdeatheaters, some very dodgy pedohunters groups, and other hactivists this is their relentless ruthless plot.
      Some of those know that this was all lies and engineered from the start.
      Others are just being led by their anger, fear or need for attention, money…….allsorts.
      These people are parasites and I am happy to help.

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  7. Excellent news! I don’t drink during the day, but I am going down to the George in a hour or so and will raise a glass in celebration!!!

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      • This is from their channel, JS:

        The Van Vuuren Bros are the writing and directing team behind TV series ‘Soul Mates’ and have been involved with a range of online hits including – ‘The Fully Sick Rapper’, ‘Bondi Hipsters’, ‘Kid in Cockpit’ and ‘Activewear’ which have collectively received over 40 million hits worldwide.
        The Van Vuuren Bros have created work for a range of Australian TV Networks. Including the one hour TV special ‘SICK!’ which aired on MTV in 2012 and two seasons of the half hour comedy series ‘Soul Mates’ for the ABC in Aus, and SeeSo in the USA.

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    • Ahh…I was thinking the question could be “what is the common denominator between all items shown?” The answer being a gun-toting trigger happy coke-addled backstabbing ‘hide as thick as an elephant’ Crusty Poo who is not crystal clear in both senses of that term.

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  8. Hi all, I reported that video called ‘Wooing Wednesdays’ this morning and the report was actioned very quickly but unbelievably I was told the video didn’t go against FB’s community standards i.e. “We’ve reviewed the video, and although it doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards, […]”.

    Yet in their list of things which go against their community standards they have this:

    “Sexual Violence and Exploitation: How we fight sexual violence and exploitation on Facebook.

    We remove content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation. This includes the sexual exploitation of minors and sexual assault. To protect victims and survivors, we also remove photographs or videos depicting incidents of sexual violence and images shared in revenge or without permission from the people in the images.

    Our definition of sexual exploitation includes solicitation of sexual material, any sexual content involving minors, threats to share intimate images and offers of sexual services. Where appropriate, we refer this content to law enforcement. Offers of sexual services include prostitution, escort services, sexual massages and filmed sexual activity.”

    They ask you to rate how satisfied you are with their response so I clicked on the really sad unhappy emoticon and explained my deep dissatisfaction.

    But I’m quite confused as to how this wasn’t immediately obvious to them re the video?

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  9. I made a mistake, really sorry, the other night but luckily it has worked, with I hope maybe a way to help turn the tide…. I tweeted and CEOP replied with please share your concerns here: https://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/
    It would probably really help them if a list can be collated and sent although, if not already, they may need to keep an eye on the usual hashtags. Anyway the video went down fast.
    I did too copy in Youtube, just next time, I’ll break the link. Yeah, Share the channels that way with a broken link……….. tweeted to YouTube And a demand to take down & why, I added the court order.

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