Jake Clarke up to his old tricks

Long-time readers of this blog might recall that in September 2016 we took the decision to make posts about Jake Clarke “private”—that is, they were hidden from public view. At that time, Jake had been involuntarily hospitalised for treatment of a psychiatric disorder, and we felt that removing posts about him would be the kind thing to do.

However, almost as soon as Jake was released from hospital in March 2017, he resumed posting about the Hampstead SRA hoax. Whatever mental health issues might have been addressed during his stay in hospital, apparently “belief in a logistically and physically impossible set of malicious allegations” was not among them.

Over the past couple of months, Jake has begun ramping up his activity on the Hoaxtead front, and a couple of weeks ago we noted that he seems to be attempting a one-man re-launch of the hoax:

A post I’ve been sending out on mass (sic). . . Hi I just had the thought I should make sure all the abuse stopping groups know about a terrible big cover up case known as ‘Hampstead cover up’ (London) and/or ‘2 Hampstead whistleblower children’. ‘Believe the children’ on Facebook.

I am for obvious reasons I feel. (sic) Let me know if more details wanted or questions regard anything. (sic)

Our most recent development with the case in my and other determined activists views is a newly formed APPG (all party parliamentary group) on Miscarriages of Justice. Their first meeting was on Wednesday 29/11 at the Palace of Westminster. It was oversubscribed though I as I am just 60ish miles from London I decided to take my chances and fortunately I was able to stand up in the meeting there. I have learnt that the way to put cases to this group is through your constituency MP (and try to get them to back the project even if you don’t have a specific case at hand and/or you don’t feel the confidence to bring up Hampstead for any reason, I realise it is time consuming to verify the truths of these allegations, and you are busy doing great work already). Then if your MP is corrupt or negligent of whatever you can take another route to action maybe through my MP if I get a good response, or one of the MPs already in the group.

Sorry so long. I can give so much info at request. Thanks so much. Loving healing etc. We got this. Thanks for what you are all doing. MASSIVE LOVE

Real child abuse activists react

Sure enough, shortly after Jake posted this, we began to hear from various child sex abuse activists who had received variants of this post via Facebook Messenger. The overwhelming reaction from these activists—all of whom suffered real sexual abuse as children, and all of whom have dedicated enormous amounts of time and energy to assisting others and trying to prevent abuse in the first place—was one gigantic “What the fuck???”

Jake’s attempt to co-opt real activists into supporting the Hampstead SRA hoax echoes a similar attempt which was made in early 2015. At that time, Belinda and her minions made the rounds of various abuse support groups on Facebook and elsewhere, attempting to “sell” the hoax. The idea, it seemed was to create a groundswell of support by making use of people who’d suffered abuse themselves, who could lend an aura of credibility to the hoax.

To the utter credit of many of those groups, they saw through Belinda’s plan and rejected it outright. Similarly, those who’ve been on the receiving end of Jake’s recent attempts are keenly aware that he is attempting to make use of them to push an obvious hoax—a move which could seriously damage the credibility of the excellent work they’ve been doing.

Those who’ve contacted us so far have all stated that they have no intention of lending the hoax their support.

However, the fact that Jake feels entitled to co-opt legitimate child sexual abuse campaigners, along with the newly formed Miscarriages of Justice parliamentary group, is alarming. We have no doubt that Jake’s attempts will fail, but we are concerned that he will launch another ill-conceived “help the children” project, similar to the one which got him sectioned in the first place.

In this context, we find the above post from Jake on the Bereave the Chickens Facebook page quite alarming:

I am pursuing authorities, police and social (services?) to bring a real investigation. And Ideally reunite (the children) with Mother and/or prove to public they are safe and this cult(ure) is ended….Contact Barnet or other London authorities if you feel compelled, to encourage an investigation into the cover up….I can help with contact details if wants.

This sounds to us very much as if Jake is planning to call, or has already called, “Barnet or other London authorities” in an attempt to unearth information about RD’s children. The location of the children is not the concern of any public citizen; and attempting to locate them is a violation of their legally mandated right to privacy.

We should emphasise that we don’t know for certain that this is what he’s planning, or doing.

However, if this is the case, we hope that Jake is prepared to face the legal consequences, as this could very well be construed by police as stalking under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. That’s a serious charge. And a stint in prison will make a stay in a mental health unit feel like a picnic.

167 thoughts on “Jake Clarke up to his old tricks

  1. He reminds me a bit of Ben Fellows, but at least Fellows knew when to give and go away. It doesn’t help though when being encouraged by the, it’s all about me fruit loops. The only way Jake is going to get the message is when he gets him self in trouble again. The internet is his only friend.

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    • I think the most worrying part about Jake is he thinks those children should be returned too their Mum- has he blacked out the abuse she watched those kids go through with abe? A guy she barely knew that was more upset about missng his own birthday than anything else. Bar the fact that ella regularly shoved tubes up her kids butts but failed to notice they were supposadly getting anally raped ? What planet is that acceptable on ?

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      • Ella is never going to be able to get to see her daughter and youngest son until they turn 18 and only then if they want to see her.

        I don’t get the impression she wants them back either and they certainly don’t want to go back to her, at least they never 3 years ago.

        Jake obviously hasn’t met a “man” like Abraham Christie before, unfortunately I have. He is a psychopath.

        Jake really has a lot to learn, but his growth is stunted imo whilst he clings on to the believe that this Hoax is real and everything he believes actually happened. Does he have no logic?

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        • I’ve had a few psychopathic encounters too and there’s nothing like experience when it comes to this is there. Once you’ve had the experience and then you read up on the subject, it all becomes clear doesn’t it and you can see how this hoax was brought about and gathered speed.

          Jake doesn’t understand that once two people with personality disorders get together they’ll probably create chaos. In my opinion that’s what happened here.

          I daresay Jake is going to see the above post and start complaining about being bullied and feeling anxious. Perhaps he needs to realise that he’s bringing this on himself.

          If you’re reading this Jake – I am NOT a Satanist and I’ve been fighting such things as child abuse and poverty since before you were born. You don’t know what you’re doing and you’re out of your depth old son. And you’re being conned and acting as narcissistic supply (google it) for some of the people around you, who are VERY dysfunctional.

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          • I agree, Fnord. Once you’ve met a real psychopath and know the signs, they’re impossible to miss.

            And yes, like you I’ve been on the front lines fighting child abuse since Jake was a twinkle in his parents’ eyes. That’s one reason I chose to get involved with battling this hoax—from the outset it was clear to me that it had the potential to damage real abuse survivors.

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    • Gawd she’s now trying to claim the Atlanta Airport chaos was caused by George Soros “trying to leave” the US.
      I can re-assure Power Disney that Mr Soros was in his office yesterday at the MI5 Hampstead & Satanic Zombie Cover-Up Unit as he once again ripped into me for not having his favourite Digestive biscuits when I served tea. Wouldn’t mind he if damned well paid me but my real job is cleaning out the toilets & Head Tea Lady is just an honorary title.
      Could have been a clone though.

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      • Yeah, sorry about that. I got a bit peckish yesterday and ate all the chocolate-coated digestives. On the plus side, my digestion has been top-notch since then.

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          • I haven’t bumped into you in the corridors of HQ for a while, but I’ve been meaning to say, thanks for all you do P.C. Fichser. 😀

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    • FG, where are you seeing this new Angie video? It doesn’t appear to be on her YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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  2. I’ve been thinking about this, Jake Clarke is like the little boy, no body loved, an ocupational victim if you like, that’s why all these over powering women who are full of shit, keep encouraging him, and he falls for it every time. Love and light every one, love love love 💩💩💩

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    • I think you’re right: I suspect he might feel unable to form appropriate relationships with his own peers, and so the Hoaxtead mob seems like an attractive alternative. They give him everything he craves: acceptance, praise, encouragement. But ultimately, he’s not a young boy any more—he’s an adult, and must take responsibility for his actions.

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      • I think he’s probably unable to do that, he must be well known by the mental health team at Bedforshire mental health trust, but even they are limited in what they can do, they tend to discharge people without warning. There are people with mental health issues, who have hacked into security systems round the world. Jake is just a cling on, on the arse of the nation.

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    • “I’ve been thinking about this, Jake Clarke is like the little boy, no body loved,”

      Like him but not necessarily having had the same experience as him, in that we don’t know his parents don’t care about him or never loved him. His dad was indeed driving him to some of the RCJ events but I wonder whether he was fully apprised of the situation; and his mother, by all accounts, cares deeply for him and is very worried about him. From what I hear, I think she’s been severely affected by his antics.

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      • I was under the impression his Mother was at the end of her tether with his beliefs and didn’t know what to do. I thought he was rather horrible towards her when Angela was speaking to him on one of her telephone calls.

        His father I know zilch about.

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        • I used to feel a bit sorry for Jake and looked upon him as a teenager but he isn’t a young lad anymore. He’s not so incompetent or dense to do the things he wants to do, so he should receive the same treatment as any other fruitloop that harasses people. If he is willing to break the law then he should expect to pay the consequences for his actions.

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  3. Needs to be prosecuted under Harassment Laws as he is attempting to form a conspiracy to breach this law and suppression orders. Quite apart from the fact he illegally published the images of child abuse victims.

    The one thing I did learn from sharing a house decades ago with a young psychiatrist who managed one of the larger Mental Health units is that he constantly reminded me that many patients were often harmless and powerless people were life has become too much for them, but there were also extremely nasty people who would be vicious and relentless in their attacks on other people and even if they were sane they would be just the same.

    Clarke needs a stint somewhere whether it’s being sectioned or charged by police so others are safe. He deliberately conspires to make life miserable for innocent people and I’m not convinced by his hippy dippy claptrap. Seems more like passive aggression to me.

    ## let’s not forget when Rupert & APD attempted to visit Clarke in hospital they chose to demean and publish personal details of the hapless nurse who tried to explain legalities to them. Their on-line minions joined in the chorus of attacks.

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    • Yes GoS.

      I’m not convinced by the “hippy dippy claptrap” either, he is taking the proverbial P.

      It just spills off his keyboard without a second thought in the World, a kind of reflex action.

      I wonder if Jake speaks like that? I doubt it.

      It’s just like Angela, Nina etc. with their Christian/Religious “get out clause” so to speak.

      A flaming excuse to break the law.

      As EC has said Jake is an adult, even if (I’m saying) he may be classed as a Vulnerable Adult.

      He is like Rupert, still stuck in his early teens.

      Jake has siblings and parents, I know it’s not their responsibility but who else has Jake really got to help him, certainly not his fb “friends” goading him on to get their sick pleasure? I wish they’d do something, maybe they are?

      Will A P Disney keep out of it this time? If she’s got any sense she will.

      I’m getting the feeling Jake is hooking up with Sabine and she is using him as her AGENT breaking that lifelong Restraining Order she has.

      Jake has admitted he stayed overnight at her home, it’s a logical conclusion.

      He’s been told to stop posting the videos of the Children but refuses in his Arrogant way to stop.

      It’s up to him, but he’s going to have to face the consequences as he’s obviously not learnt from his 2 previous stints at the Mental Health Unit. Sigh…

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      • “I’m getting the feeling Jake is hooking up with Sabine and she is using him as her AGENT breaking that lifelong Restraining Order she has.”

        That’s a pretty serious allegation, Babs. Can I urge caution unless you have strong evidence? No offence – just being cautious, especially as we’re the first to criticise the fruitloops when they base allegations on ‘gut feeling’.


  4. I know they didnt do anything for reform, and in many cases they became places of horror, but sometimes I long for the old insane asylums….

    you went in and you stayed in until you proved your sanity had returned- or you died
    None of this 2 weeks in revolving door nonsense
    Have something similar to the yank 3 strikes rule- get sectioned 3 times and you dont come out- period,,,

    Of course if Justice was seen to be done, promptly and efficiently, it might be a different story, but really, Jakes been in and out, with no improvement to show for it, Sabine is currently back out and her crowd are crowing about that…. apd is visibly deteriorating as well, mad moo is getting viler with each `broadcast’ and hasnt had a figurative finger laid on her yet

    Problem of course (imho) is that the various attackers, being spread out over the world, know that they are unlikely to get any meaningful attempts to stop them as it would require an international effort to track them down and prosecute them, and Hampstead isnt (unfortunately) that important in the eyes of the international justice system. Complaints to their `local’ police rarely result in any meaningful action, because its seen as `its just the internet’
    Its only when their insanity spills over into their meat life that actions result, and that really has nothing to do with punishing them for their involvement in the hoax, its just they are as big an asshole IRL as they are online (arfur for example)

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    • Re-reading books I haven’t read for decades. On the years following WW2 in Germany and the trial of Adolf Eichmann who admitted all the dreadful things they did to Jews was true, just that as it was law he had no choice but to go along with it.

      One thing he gave in evidence in his trial was that as soon as WW2 broke out Hitler gave a decree that the (German) mentally ill could be euthanized en masse and 10,000s were asap.

      A few of these anti-Semitic creeps like Jake Clarke and Mad Moo would have been in the first queue as useless incurable dolts taking up space and resources.

      (another bizarre aspect given in evidence by Eichmann: many Germans thought that as the war was being lost Hitler would have a program of “humanely” euthanizing Germans who thought they may be the butt of retaliations. But Eichmann and many Germans them moaned: “all that expensive gas was wasted on Jews”)

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    • I don’t agree re asylums and you can’t possibly have a three strikes and you’re out when it comes to mental illness.
      I think the problem is due to cut backs and lack of community care. Ideally people like Jake should be seen regularly and kept busy so he develops some different interests. He needs a job somewhere, where there’s mental health support. If he can travel up and down to London campaigning he can work and make a living, given the right support.
      The lack of support for people with mental health issues is frightening these days.

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      • Sorry, I didnt mean to sound like I actually wanted to return to those days, but boy it is tempting to wish there still was something like that around at times, it just pisses me off that the current system is so badly borked that it is practically useless…

        Just when it seemed that sanity was getting the upper hand, we see a massive resurgence in this crap- true it is only a few people causing it, but really, when you have people openly advocating killing people, and supporting known killers in jail- you do get a bit despondent that the authorities are actually capable of doing anything at all significant…..

        In an ideal world these people would be cut off from their conspiracy support networks, and given the help they so desperately need, until they were fit to reintegrate into society…

        Instead they get a couple of weeks of a nice holiday at the taxpayers expense, until their bed is needed for another case, then they get booted back out- regardless of whether they should be back in society or not!

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      • “The lack of support for people with mental health issues is frightening these days.” Yes Fnord that’s unfortunately the result of the so called ‘care in the community’ scheme.

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        • It’s the unfortunate result of not funding the ‘care in the community’ scheme properly. I worked for a mental health charity at the time the big mental hospitals were shut down (Halleulujah!) and for the first few years everything went well – lots of group homes and lots of support workers running about. Then it began to go downhill and has never recovered and it’s taken more hits under the present Government, to where we are now. It’s a darn shame. Don’t get me started!

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      • The lack of support was frightening in the early 90s, and I don’t think it has improved since then. I remember coming across various people, with obvious mental health problems, living rough in public parks in Edinburgh.I do wonder what became of some of them and if their families knew where they were.

        Asylums would be a good idea IF they were well funded and run in a way that was transparent enough to avoid abuses taking place inside them. Such systems have been misused for political reasons in other countries, and possibly this one too, and this hasn’t helped their reputation. On the other hand care in the community clearly doesn’t work in all cases, especially when the care is scant or nonexistent.

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        • We need all levels of ‘care’. In the middle of all this we need supported accommodation like you get for older people. For example, you might have your own flat but there’d be staff there to advise and assist if you weren’t well. We need group homes with support workers in place. And we do need longer-term hospitals for those who will never cope, but those places need to be run with compassion and understanding. That was sadly lacking in the old days. Those sorts of places also need independent inspectors popping in to review cases to make sure people who live there should be there and not on the outside. I remember when the old asylums closed down, how many old ladies were had been there all of their lives because they’d had babies out of wedlock….they should never have been there in the first place. It was heart breaking.

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          • Yes, I remember a certain asylum close to where I lived at the time shutting down.

            It was an old building, large and draughty, and a few months after “de-institutionalisation” had been completed, the building began to gain a reputation as “haunted”. Flickering lights were seen behind the remaining curtains, noises were heard…all very spooky.

            It turns out that many of the former patients had found themselves unable to cope in the community, either because supports were missing or because they had lived most of their lives in the asylum and couldn’t adapt to life on the outside. So they had simply broken back into the building, and were living there as squatters. They had no electricity or plumbing, but they made do with candles and chamber pots.

            While I agree with the principle of care in the community, it needs to be backed up with real funding, careful planning, and resources such as you describe: emergency and second-stage housing geared to the needs of different groups, long-term units for those who can’t cope in the community, etc.

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    • I understand your frustration and I share your anger with the system which seems unable to cope with these people. I’m assuming you’re speaking in hyperbole here, and I completely get the frustration.

      But I do think that ultimately the various countries are going to have to come to terms with the weaponisation of the internet, whether via reciprocal policing arrangements or agreements with the various internet giants. The latter has begun to happen in some situations, like Facebook realising it played a role in “fixing” the U.S. elections, and becoming a bit more proactive. There’s a long way to go in taming the Wild West online, and I think cases like this, while minor in the grand scheme of things, have the potential to demonstrate the urgency of making the internet safer.

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      • Sorry, E.C got it tho…

        I know of one family that actually sent their daughter over here from the states because `we had socalised medicare’ and they simply couldnt afford the cost of looking after their daughter (who had some severe psychiatric issues), they had literally been sent bankrupt paying for care

        Although I can sympathise with their plight, it angered me in the sense that here is the worlds `biggest and richest country’, with so little ability to look after their own citizens, he described our health care system as `superb’!!!


        How seriously dysfunctional is the us health care system when ours (which is imho borked beyond repair) is thought of as being `superb’???????

        And he simply didnt get that we didnt get `free’ healthcare, but it was paid for by the taxpayers…. ie I was now paying for his daughters healthcare, along with every other taxpayer here, and what we didnt need was people who didnt contribute to our economy in any way actually taking advantage of our system and reducing the small funding that is available even further

        And he was against Obamacare to boot, while taking advantage of socalised medicine here…

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  5. And this is from Costa’s page. In particular check out the sickening exchange between her and Arthur (towards the end of the thread)…


    • These people are prepared to destroy and innocent man’s life and reputation on the basis of an astrology reading? For the love of God and for the sake of my sanity, someone please tell me I’ve got that wrong 😮

      As for Kris and Arthur’s harassment of Mr. H. and your creepy obsession with his genitals, shame on you both, you utterly disgusting pair of psychotic freaks >:D

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      • Mr. Dearman is going to have to take this lot to Court and others to make them financially liable and get them put where they should be, wherever that might be in each case.

        That should help.

        It’ll take time but it’s going to be the only way to stop them imo as look at how 3 years later Jake is re-hashing this all again with a new spurt of energy and “Newbies” are turning up believing all his nonsense.

        This will run and run even more if something is not done.

        I get the feeling that some more people are going to be in the Dock before very long, though perhaps we will have to wait until Sabine has been dealt with to see what is unearthed from her computers.

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    • There is no facility for making a YT channel private Kristie Sue.

      Sometimes, you make it way too easy to catch you out on your lies. At least give us a bloody challenge! I’ll pay for you to go on a How to Bullshit Convincingly course if you like. I’ll leave you to book it – I assume you have Tim Veater’s number.

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      • By the way, I should carify that I’m not referring to the general privacy settings but I mean making the whole channel private so that people can’t see it unless you let them. Like with Facebook and in fact like YouTube in the pre-Google Plus days. I believe that’s what Krusty meant too.

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    • As I said before- it must be a Full Moon again. Ask the coppers and they will tell the Ratbag Brigade play up on a full moon.

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      • Jan 2nd `18 the next full moon so guess the perturbances extending from Saturn entering the goat must be tipping the fragile ship of fools into their collective swamp of mindless sludge.

        There is mirth to be had observing the oh-so-fluffy Mr J̶E̶R̶K̶ Jake Clarke rising through the Hoaxmob ranks and it really cant be long until he is gifteds his very own turd shaped hat and afford him a place in the inner arsehole sanctum.

        Shameless putred cretins the bloody lot of em.

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    • What a charming bunch of people that KSC has around her, two of which have had to be sectioned. You can tell a lot about a person by the company they choose to keep.

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  6. Hypo-Moo talking bollocks about Hampstead again:, for anyone fortunate enough to have missed it on the tail end of the last post, I’m reposting it so that you can join those of us who did catch it in our suffering 🙂

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    • Barbara Edwards, another born again Christian nutter, who is on more Christian than fly in the air, they seem to want to call them selves Christian because they can be as offensive as they like and they think they can get away with it

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    • So there is clear evidence of a conspiracy to kidnap. The elements of conspiracy are 2 or more people formulating a plan to break the law. It does not matter how incompetent they are or even whether they actually carry through with their plans.
      When they meet to discuss a criminal act it is a conspiracy. This is evidence that the court should receive.

      I don’t believe Savage was ever a cop.

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      • Did I miss something? I thought the idea was to get the ‘good police’ to kidnap the children back from the ‘bad police’, thereby doing it all legally. They use the word ‘kidnap’ to mean apprehend or take away all the time. I suppose if you live in the world where it’s good and bad and black and white it makes some kind of sense.

        I think there was some evidence that Savage was in the police force….parish council records or something.


        • It’s no different to saying we’ll get the “good” soldiers to rebel and invade Parliament in a coup.

          Claiming they will get the “good cops” is even more evidence they are conspiring to kidnap. They are deliberately- and Sabine has fully agreed with Neelu- saying they should seek out “good” cops (ie: ones who are prepared to disobey High Court orders and an injunction) to break the law and to aid in their plan.

          This is proof that they are conspiring to break the law. It’s no longer speculation, this video is proof of their intent and state of mind.

          It needs to be forwarded to the CPS for the prosecution. It demonstrates a mindset that believes a shocking act like kidnap is perfectly reasonable to this person.

          Do not forget #pizzagate: each one of these lunatics promoting that matter share blame for the man who entered the pizza restaurant while families & children were there with a loaded gun and discharged it.

          We have seen evidence on Facebook of the (deceased) woman wishing to plot and also arrange to kidnap these children. She was influenced by the main characters, who we all know, persistently pushing this hoax.
          When people advocate breaking the law we cannot know where it will end.

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      • If that’s the case isn’t it a serious offence to impersonate Police? Not sure about saying you are a Retired Sergeant of 20 years though?


        • Who knows what sort of copper he was and for how long. His idiocy is demonstrated in that video: he believes the hoax is real because he listened to Ella and she convinced him when she isn’t even a witness to anything.
          If he was a copper thank God he no longer is.

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    • “Can we save it from a set of nutters and their FAKE ‘revelations’?”

      Is that irony, hypocrisy or self-projection? Or all three?

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    • What Really is Mad Mooism?
      Mooism is really a physical manifestation of quantum entanglement. In laymen’s terms this means the patient has gone barking mad, possibly magnetised/energised via a microwave energy machine as used on the great Las Angeles fires recently and the coming typhoon in Ireland which will cause a tidal wave and Tsunami and wipe out most of Satanic Britain….
      ..cont on Page 69

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    • IDIOTS LIKE DEBS: Convince fellow idiots and non idiots alike that you have finally gone right off your trolley by joining up words you dont understand into random sentences and then plaster them all over the fucking internet.

      And whilst at it,utilize the reactive manifestation of plasma field resonance transfer modulation functionality interwoven on a molecular level with a higher order harmonic series to elicit astral holographic projection and tune yourself internally to the higher frequencies, so you can activate cyclic harmonic repitition bonding on a quantum level with isotropic transfer calling forth oneness with the Godhead(who will definately be losing losing patience with all this utter bollox by now).

      That way the intrinsic,hyper-warp antimatter quark cannon can initiate the primal lattice healing frequencies and gain a clarity of defractalized soul ratios enabling crystaline connectivity to Akashic Records which are unfortunately entirely unintelligible.

      Finally,dont forget to remember not to forget about de-leopardizing the sub ethereal unifier in your rear antelope tank before in explodes.

      Oh yes,pull the chain,open a window and turn the lights out when you’ve quite finished.Kin nutjobs.

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      • I was with you until quark cannon. Why would anybody have a quark cannon?

        I suppose it could be useful if declaring war on dairy allergy people, as far as I know they can be difficult to spot.


  7. We need a comprehensive list of convicted pedophiles and child abusers this mob is friendly with and who they aid.
    Here is Angela Power-Disney promoting the pedophile Michael Shrimpton who was convicted of possessing child abuse images.

    This cannot be ignored: each one them of gives aid and support to convicted child abusers while claiming to be “child protection” advocates.

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  8. What the actual fuck?

    Oh wait – it’s a two-and-a-half-year-old TotthlessGetRuthless video which Debs is presenting as credible. Nuff said.

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  9. #Nutcases Are Us.
    This dame claims (via APD) that 11,444,000 children have been removed from their families.
    As that’s about the population of UK citizens under age 18, if you have noticed there isn’t a single child left in the country, now you know why.
    Possibly kidnapped to another Universe.

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  10. Scientists have confirmed that Deborah Mahmoudieh is the most annoying person in human history.

    Move over, Angie.

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      • Seriously just how gullible is she???
        IF Justin Bieber had really said anything of the kind- it would be a world wide media circus, his fandom would be talking about nothing else- yet….

        the sound of silence….


        (One thing about making up stories like this Debs, is that people in the media spotlight tend to be very protective of their reputations, and it would be a shame if somebody brought it to his attention, he most likely would not only have the interest in going after someone making claims like this, but has the money and the legal contacts to take them to the cleaners….)

        Something to think about…

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        • All of these tales – Mel Gibson, Bieber, Keanu Reeves, Macauley Culkin etc & the ridiculous claims – have emanated from one Fake News clickbait website.
          There are no recorded interviews.

          It’s just absurd but so dangerous the way these idiots just believe anything they read on the internet. It’s become the modern Poison Pen Letter outlet. What it does show is that this vileness is already there inside their own sick minds and it takes very little to activate their poisonous desire to spread their evil.

          We are seeing with the claims the Russians ( I believe if all the US Intelligence Agencies have confirmed it) have utilized the internet to try and influence elections in the USA, France etc.

          This has to be fought on every level if truth means anything and I would start with hauling Moo and this idiot Jake Clarke into a court for their persistent harassment, stalking and libels.
          If there was ever a time for a law of Criminal Defamation now is the time.

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  11. Chris Spivey’s website is down. That can only mean one thing.

    Someone has hacked it (most likely MI5) and he still needs donations.

    Please help if you care about the truth.

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  12. Such a shame that Jake isn’t putting his energy towards something good – his photo shows some heart. If you are reading this, Jake, I’m sure there are charities in your local area that could really do with the support of a passionate young man like you. Put your good vibes to great use!

    And, apologies if this was mentioned elsewhere, but this popped up in the news again this week:


    People who are falsely accused of sexually abusing children do get murdered…the death threats that childish adults are posting on social media are tantamount to incitement.

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    • Yes that is a very good idea, Jake would be much better off doing something productive and to help actual people or unwanted animals.

      Jake could volunteer his services at a Homeless shelter, an Animal Rescue Centre for example.

      I’m sure these charities would welcome the help.

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      • There has been something of an upturn in childrens party entertainment in recent times.Jakes track record of spouting airy fairy,unintelligible nonsense and surrounding himself with shouty older women gives him a head start in going self employed with a mobile Jake and Shill show.He could corner the market.

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  13. !Hampstead Mind Control”

    But Debs is NOT an idiot, mkay.

    That’s another Toothless video she’s pushing there, by the way. But she is NOT an idiot.

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  14. Amy Catherine Hamilton is still re posting Kane Slater’s videos of the children. She’s in the UK so can be dealt with by the police. In the meantime would people please report to Facebook. Ta v much.

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  15. The presenter of this year”s Christmas Lectures has just been announced. Over to you, Professor Moo…

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  16. Science…history…and now geography! She’s goo too – I didn’t know that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had ceased to exist until Professor Moo told me:

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    • The other children were not interviewed by the police. However, as we reported here at least a year and a half ago, they were investigated by social services. This was felt to be a much more humane and less traumatising experience for the children, and would have led to police investigation had anything at all suspicious turned up.

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  17. Keep cranking out those 3-year-old videos by not-at-all discredited sources like Toothless and Guidance, Debs. Could be a game-changer 😂

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    • That one at the top there is an ancient Charlotte Ward video, complete with creepy Vogon voice, from Allmoderncons’ channel. You couldn’t get more out-of-date and irrelevant than that. And I wonder what Debbie’s handler Kristie Sue thinks about her promoting her arch-nemesis Charlotte’s videos.

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  18. TG schooling a hoaxer in the art of common sense 🙂

    By the way, Catherine O’Connell’s name has come up before, hasn’t it?

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      • Damn, I nearly got away with that. Trust you to go and ruin it with facts and logic, Fnord.

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        • More facts, if not logic: Abe and Ella made a habit of dragging the children out of their beds for middle-of-the-night interrogations while they were in Morocco.

          And anyone care to guess what time it was when they finally wrapped things up at Jean-Clement’s house, after a full day of travelling with the children from Morocco to London? Do I hear 1 a.m.?

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