An unexpected communique

We’ve mentioned before that this blog’s Contact Us/email in-box is a never-ending cornucopia of fascination and delight. Each day it brings us something new: kudos from our readers, tips about goings-on amongst the Hoaxtead mobsters, death threats from annoyed troofers, offers of love and romance in Nigeria and/or Russia, you name it.

But today’s haul has to rank among the most bizarrely entertaining we’ve received so far. It was from one Matthew Taylor (yes, that Matt Taylor), and it began,

Dear Hoaxtead, I need your advice.

In recognition of your analytical and legal minded minds, I humbly come to you with a begging bowl asking for advice.

I can’t think of anyone else to turn to and hope you and your readers can put aside any animosity towards me, and advise me with reference to the legal quagmire I find myself sinking into.

When we regained consciousness, we saw that this was actually the intro to a blog post, to which Mr Taylor had kindly provided the link.

Here’s what it said, with our commentary added:

As you and your readers know; I was told I would have to go to a Crown Court trial to defend myself against allegations of downloading and possession of two indecent pictures. I was warned the trial will happen the week commencing 11 December 2017, and that the trial will definitely go ahead and once booked will not be moved. I was informed of this on Wednesday 21 June 2017.

I’ve been living under the shadow of a Crown Court trial ever since. Six months of knowing that from 11 December 2017 onwards, I would be called to defend myself against the most hideous, horrific and damaging crime any man and father could be accused of committing.

We’ve noted Mr Taylor’s charge of possession of child sex abuse images in the past (mainly because he saw fit to announce it on his own blog): it seems the images in question are hentai, which is to say Japanese manga-style images. Truly a monumentally stupid thing to deliberately seek out or view online, let alone to download.

My predicament was made all the more dire when my solicitor Mr. Andy Horsman of Horsman Solicitors  dumped me as a client, because I wished to call Equality lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis as my defence witness.

It was at this point that we were completely overcome with paroxysms of hilarity. Coffee everywhere. It was not a pretty sight chez Hoaxtead HQ.

Gosh, Matt. Your solicitor dumped you because you insisted on involving “Equality” lawyer Edward Ellis in your case? We cannot imagine why that might be! Really, the fact that he has been banned from courts up to and including the Royal Courts of Justice shouldn’t mean he has a credibility issue, right? (p.s. it’s “equity lawyer”…an equally non-meaningful term in the sense that he uses it, but you might as well spell it right while you’re about it.)

Following my fourth arrest  (of which you were so kind to publicise on your website), I was somewhat reassured when Solicitor Steve Wedd of Bristow Wedd Solicitors, offered his services. Mind you, he didn’t particularly fill me with confidence, warning me that all the ‘no hopers’ are fitted into the last week before the Christmas holidays.

Coffee spit #2. “All the ‘no hopers’ are fitted into the last week before the Christmas holidays”. Sadly, our friends with experience in the court system assure us that this is an accurate assessment.

This is getting expensive—we’ve now lost two keyboards, and the office cat has given his notice.

Sadly Steve Wedd wouldn’t help me prepare for the trial, insisting he’ll want payment before any advice is given; even though he filled out a Legal Aid application on my behalf.

So, to recap at this stage; My trial was set for the week commencing 11 December, the trial was going to happen and I would have to defend myself having lost two solicitors.

Yes, that does sound pretty grim. But it gets worse….

The omens looked bad

So when I received a letter from Lewes Crown Court dated 16 November 2017, I knew that everything I had been dreading for the last six months was about to come true.

The letter stated; “Criminal Warning list for week commencing 11 December 2017.”

The venues were warned for; “Hove, Brighton, Horsham, Chichester and Southgate.”

The letter continued; “Time and venue to be confirmed. You will receive a Certificate of Readiness” and to “follow the instructions as to the time and venue of the trial.”

Okay, seems straightforward enough…

So I was a bit confused when a second letter arrived from Lewes Crown Court dated 30 November 2017 stating everything the first letter said, but this time the date of 11 December changed to the 7th of December.

I didn’t understand the change of dates, but assured myself that in due course a Certificate of Readiness would be issued confirming a time, date and venue.

Perhaps Matt doesn’t own a phone? Because our first impulse, had we found ourselves solicitor-less and facing serious charges in Crown Court and uncertain of when our hearing was set, would have been to call the court for clarification. But that’s just us.

As the Christmas season kicked in and kids across the country started to open their Advent calendars, I was left in doom and gloom of an imminent trial which could brand me a paedophile, put me on the Sex Offender’s List and see me serve a term in prison.

After the letter dated 30 November arrived, telling me the trial had been brought forward four days, I continued to live with a dark cloud of despair hanging over my head. I was expecting the Certificate of Readiness to arrive at any moment and remember returning home on Wednesday 6 December, knowing that a letter from Lewes Crown Court would be waiting for me. Low and behold as I opened the door, there was a letter waiting for me…

…And guess what? It was from Father Christmas, and he said I didn’t have to go to court after all, and I’d been a good boy all year so he was going to bring me extra toys on Christmas!

Oh. Maybe not…

So you can imagine my surprise upon opening it, that the trial date had been changed for a second time to between 15 January and 26 January 2018.

I didn’t know what to feel or what to think ??? As far as I was concerned the trial against me had collapsed and I swiftly released a press released saying the same thing.

Wait, what?

The court rescheduled the trial…which meant the case had collapsed? Is there some logical step we’re missing here? But never mind, tally ho the fox—Matt’s first impulse upon learning that his trial had been moved to January was to write a celebratory post declaring the whole thing done and dusted. As it turns out, though, this might have been a tad premature

At this point in time I was under the understanding that the trial will not now commence week 11 December, but between 15 January and 26 January 2018.

Right. But that’s not the same thing as the trial “collapsing”. Is it?

Would you and your readers concur?

All three correspondences from Lewes Crown Court stated a Certificate of Readiness would be issued confirming the time and venue of the trial. As far as I was concerned, all I had to do was to wait for the Certificate of Readiness and follow the instructions there-in.

In light of this I decided to spend the weekend with my girlfriend in Surrey and not to worry about getting back to Brighton until the 12 December. I felt confident that I was no longer required to be available during the week commencing 11 December, as I had been waiting to be for the last six months.

Again; can I double check with you and your readers that you would have thought the same thing if you were in my position?

Right, so Matt decides, instead of calling the court to check out what’s really happening, that he should hoof it up to Surrey for a weekend with his girlfriend. Court date, shmort date. Who cares about minor details such as “when am I due to stand trial” when there’s a girlfriend in the wings?

Would we have thought the same in Matt’s position? Erm, probably not.

Rather than relying on bureaucratic efficiency, we’d probably have called to check, Matt. This is what grown-ups do when faced with confusing and/or contradictory information about important things. They check. They don’t just sit and wait for something else to fall out of the sky.

So (again), you can imagine my shock and horror when at 10:08 am on Monday 11 December, having just finished breakfast, DC Andy Grimwood rang me up.

“Where are you,” “you are meant to be here at Hove Crown Court,” “get yourself here now,” “if you don’t you’ll be arrested.”

Flabbergasted is not the best word used to describe my shook. I was shaken to the core and frozen with fright. What the fuck is going on?

According to Grimwood the trial was now and I was at least two hours away in Surrey. I explained that I was under the understanding the trial was moved to January 2018 and that it was a “cock-up” on their part and not mine.

Grimwood hung up saying he’ll talk to Counsel and will get back to me. As promised he called back at 10:29 am.

“A Bench Warrant has been issued and you are liable to arrest,” was the stark message. “I must meet you now to get your signature,” he insisted.

Uh-oh. “Bench Warrant”? Not cool.

Gosh, that wasn’t predictable at all, was it? Who could have imagined that Matt might get in trouble for not attending his court date?

I wasn’t in the position to meet Grimwood. At the time of his second call I was in a car being driven to Caterham and it simply wasn’t possible to get the driver to alter the travel route to liaise with Grimwood to sign a piece of paper; no matter how important a piece of bureaucracy it was.

Damn, more coffee to clean up.

We can only imagine the conversation in the car on the way to Caterham: “So, er, yeah, Grimwood wants me to come back and sign something so I don’t go to jail, so could we turn ar-…aw, sod it, LOOK, THERE’S A DOUGHNUT SHOP!! DOUGHNUTS!!!”

Grimwood was insistent and demanded I change my plans to meet him on a motorway lay-by to sign a piece of paper. I replied it wasn’t practicable for me to do so [Because DOUGHNUTS!1!!!-Ed.] We resolved the stalemate by giving him my assurance that I would be at the Hove Crown Court at 9.30am on 12 December 2017.

At this point we would like to say that we think DC Grimwood might possibly be a saint. We’re not sure we would have been nearly so patient.

The Night Before Christmas

I was buzzing as I went to bed knowing that when I woke I’d be facing the biggest challenge of my life. I didn’t get to sleep until well after 3 am. Never before had I been in such trouble. I was facing the most hideous and horrific crime anyone could ever be accused of. Failure was not an option. I knew beyond all doubt that whatever happened at the trial, I must come out of it with a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict. My life depended on it.

It was the biggest challenge of my life and I went to bed with a smile on my face. I went to bed confident I had the truth on my side and that the truth would ultimately prevail.

I went to bed happy and excited that a new chapter in my life was about to be written. I was staring the abyss in it’s face and smiled with the confidence I would pass this challenge with flying colours.

I wrote in my diary that night, “I’ve never felt so alive…”

We confess we’re confused. By our count, Matt went to bed at least three times…once feeling desperate and distraught and unable to sleep; once confident that he had the truth on his side; and once happy and excited. Is this some sort of “choose your own adventure” book? Also, why was he writing in his diary? Wasn’t he meant to be sleeping in preparation for his big day in court? SO MANY QUESTIONS….

Hove Crown Court

The notice board stated:

Court 4: Sitting at 10:00am


10:00 For mention TAYLOR Matthew (Reserved) Re: Bench Warrant

Present with Equality Lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis, we entered Court 4 at 10:00 am and took our positions at the front bench.

Look out world, here comes “Equality Lawyer” Mr Edward Ellis again….

Our first question was for the Court Clerk to explain why I was required to be here, when the letter’s from the Lewes Crown Court stated otherwise.

The clerk, usher and barrister for the prosecution, Sarah Lindal, all shrugged their shoulders with indifference.

Once pressed, the clerk did explain that it was common practice for a ‘reserved’ date to be issued, though the word ‘reserve’ did not appear in the Lewes Crown Court letter.

Sarah Lindal defended her ignorance saying, “I’m here to deal with the Bench Warrant and nothing else.”

Sensible approach, Ms Lindal. Try and stick with the matter at hand. Good luck.

“The Charades are Ending,” shouted the Equality Lawyer

At 10:07 am Judge Henson DC entered the room and looked surprised to see me and confirmed with Sarah Lindal that I had voluntarily attended.

I was expecting a jury of 12 men and women of my peers. I was keen to stress my innocence at not attending Court on Monday 11 December. I dreaded the thought of the jury turning up for my trial, with myself absent. The natural assumption any jury would make under such circumstances, would be that I’m guilty by my absence.

That was when it became apparent that no jury had been assembled for Monday 11 December and nor was my trial ready.

Upon listening to the exchange between Judge Henson and Sarah Lindal, the only reason for the 12 December hearing was to deal with the fact I never attended the Court the day before.

It was the intention of the Judge and Prosecutor to sentence me to prison for not attending a trial in which no Certificate of Readiness had been issued, with no time, date and venue confirmed.

Before Judge Henson left the room, I doubled checked with her whether I was in anyway to blame for not turning up on Monday 11 December. For the purpose of the tape, she confirmed that “no criminal offence had been committed,” and that “the Bench Warrant is cancelled.”

A few things here: when, precisely, did the “Equality Lawyer” shout, “The charades are ending”? Enquiring minds want to know.

Also, in what universe would a full jury have been assembled on 24 hours’ notice to deal with a hearing regarding a bench warrant? And why was Matt surprised that the purpose of this hearing was to deal with his absence on the previous day?

And if the purpose of that day’s hearing was to “sentence Matt to prison for not attending a trial in which no Certificate of Readiness had been issued”, how is it that the judge informed him that he was off the hook, and the bench warrant had been cancelled?

Bit of a dramatic let-down here, we felt.

Its a Set Up

Surely; if DC Grimwood had never called me I wouldn’t have known about the 12 December Bench Warrant hearing. And If I wasn’t there, I would have been found guilty of not attending the trial and a subsequent Bench Warrant would have been issued, and I would have been arrested for the fifth time of the year, later that day.

How is it a set up, when DC Grimwood actually called him to tell him he was wanted in court, and then arranged an alternate hearing for him to clear up the bench warrant?

Arrested for the 5th Time

A van load of Sussex police officers would have banged on my door in the frozen early dawn and would have arrested for failing to turn up to a trial in which no Certificate of Readiness was issued. I would have pleaded my innocence and the police would have shrugged their shoulder’s, telling me to shut up and to explain it to my duty solicitor down at the station.

Beyond all shadow of a doubt, I would have been spending this Christmas in prison.

But none of this happened! Matt was not “arrested for the 5th time”. No police banged on his door, no heart-rending pleas of innocence were required, no indifferent police shoved him into a cold, dank cell to await his fate. Why are we hearing about this, when none of it happened?

Wouldn’t you agree its a ‘Set-Up’?

Equality Lawyer Edward Ellis claims the State and the Law Courts are not fit for service; and doesn’t my experience add weight to his conclusion?

Only yesterday, the headline news was of the massive miscarriage of justice, averted at the 59th minute of the 11th hour.

Met Police to conduct urgent review after rape trial collapse

Am I missing something? Did I misunderstand the instructions? Am I right to conclude I’ve been a victim of a conspiracy by the State and Law Courts to imprison me for a crime I never committed?

No. No, we would not agree it’s a set-up. We don’t care what “Equality Lawyer” Edward Ellis says, because he is arguably a few bricks short of a load.

We don’t care what some completely irrelevant case indicates, and yes, Matt, you are missing something: you are at least nominally a grown-up, and you’ve established that you are in possession of a phone, which you could have used when the confusion started. It would have saved you, and the court system, and DC Grimwood, a great deal of time and trouble if you’d bothered to check in with the court and clear up the timing of your trial.

DC Grimwood Saved my Life

As the text message I sent to DC Grimwood makes plain, “Dear Mr Grimwood. I cannot thank you enough for your call on Monday. If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about the Bench Warrant and if I never attended on the 12th, I would have been arrest and sent to jail. You saved my life and I’m forever in your debt. Merry Christmas, Matt Taylor.”


How do we go from “this was a set-up and they were trying to imprison me unjustly” to “DC Grimwood saved my life”?

We think we need to go and have a lie-down, just as soon as we’ve dried out all the keyboards and placated the cat with a plate of sashimi. It’s his favourite, you know.

130 thoughts on “An unexpected communique

        • I pity DC Grimwood having the unfortunate duty of dealing with both Taylor and Paterson. One of them would be bad enough but he really lucked out by having them both to deal with.

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    • So John wasn’t lying, he does have potentially dangerous mates in Surrey. This behaviour is typical of child abusers….looking for a wayout, he could have just signed the paper for Grimwood….. We don’t know what the letter really said. Probs not worth any further time, on that matter. A slippery try to wriggle the hook that he is on, typical of this lot….. So why would I and we be threatened with DC Grimwood told to ring him etc, has he used us as a blind whilst emailing the kind that would be doing just that ? Perhaps causing harrassment, more wasting time, baiting us to ring and join in, perhaps also making me look like a nutter, phoning them on his behalf, or trying to get the nasty trolls to pass the info along, that I was a legitimate and justified target ? Just like Bronny, Angela & Wesley have signalled, Belinda and others too, but more covertly, in the past…..

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    • Blimey she was involved in St James Picadilly ? For some reason I was placed on their mailing list in 96, I used to read some of their newsletters and see what workshops were going on, so they were all at the same sort of networking back then…….. I’ve found an awful lot of MLM schemes croppping up, recently.

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    • Something seriously wrong with that lady. Her hyperventilated state after the death in her family is very strange.

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    • An oldie but goody:

      “Little do ones know who I really am and what I am really here for :)”

      Ooh, me me me, I know – is it to rid the World of shit grammar?

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      • Somewhat like Matt,Tracey has set also about laying her own trap and unknowingly booked an appointment with a wall of her own unique and particularly gobby design.Some folk just never learn.

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      • Tracey has such a high opinion of herself and believes that she can achieve anything she wants to and lies about the people she has supposedly had taken down. All she is really is a gobby little weasel that couldn’t care properly for her own family nevermind anybody elses family.

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      • Good question. I’d assumed weight but for no other reason than Bellender had said something about Sabine having lost weight in the nick. Now you say it, though, it could just as easily mean cash, particularly knowing what (probably) motivates Tracey!

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  1. I hope this equality lawyer ensures Matt isn’t discriminated against by the legal system on account of his species.

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  2. Thanks for the laugh, EC. I didn’t realise (but I had my suspicions) how monumentally stupid Taylor was.

    Well done, Mr Andy Horsman for dumping your client at the mention of Edward Ellis. LOL!

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  3. Mr Taylor. Here’s what you need to do.

    1. Make sure you see your solicitor well before the Court date and that a barrister has been arranged. Ensure that you’ve done everything you can to get legal aid. Do all this SOON.

    2. Tell Edward Ellis you don’t need him and he should stay away. From what I’ve heard he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and likes to make a big fuss in court, which will make both the Judge and Jury hate him. You want them on your side, not cursing under their breath because of your witness.

    3. See your G.P. and ask for a referral for psychiatric help. You obviously need it and you can explain to the Court that you’re getting assessed and helped. You might get their sympathy.

    4. Take down offending You Tube videos and blog posts where you accuse innocent people of crimes and where you breach a Court Order by showing the images of the Hampstead children. It makes you look like an irresponsible tosser who doesn’t give a stuff about the law.

    That’s my tuppence worth of advice. Take it or leave it.

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    • Matt you need to stop with the attention seeking.

      1. Get yourself a “proper” Solicitor (not one that has been struck off, which the Judge will know all about).
      If all else fails near where you live, you could always ask Pam Almaz’ son Noam, he seems like a
      pleasant guy. Contact Belinda McKenzie if you can’t find him yourself.

      2. Stop with the nonsense of trying to get “fame” in the troofer world like Spivey who you admire.
      Spivey is a “loser” and gone completely off his rocker now.

      3. You are in the “real” world now Matt and the Jury will be in the “real” world, you need to behave like the
      average person not like a troofer, you won’t get anywhere.
      What are the odds that the 12 on the Jury are all going to think like you? Not very good I would say.

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    • The law or children, adults that have been abused, Matt Taylor, may I add. To Fnords’ sound advice.
      I called to explain this to you, or you called me, I can’t remember, I explained exactly why it was wrong and dangerous to continue sharing the videos etc, posting about the hoax as if it were real, you laughed and said ‘I don’t care, I just want to take daaan the system’, but Matt, people and even children are being harmed, yeah well, bla bla, bla some tosh and I don’t care, ……. meant that I would forever be making sure to be warning others and sharing Hoaxteads posts, no matter who called me what ! or threatened me with what !

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      • I hadn’t realised you’d tried to talk him out of posting the videos, Sheva. You were doing him a huge favour, and it’s a shame he didn’t listen to you.

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        • Very early times, in The Hampstead Group Facebook, he was posting, I messaged him and asked to speak same with Lee who ran a facebook group uniting groups or something, but they still carried on posting Brian Gerrish & Maloney, Brenda McNamara used to demand I was kicked out of any group I engaged with, I usually left after a quick look if I saw them posting the players stuff….. The worst thing Facebook did was let people add others to groups, there is no setting to prevent it, so they add people to make others think the group is credible, many like Matty McVarish probs has no clue, would have and would be too busy to have realised or noticed, and they would have been inundating him probs to make it harder for him to register warnings from me or others. That is one of their methods, They did that Walk for Justice and sucked in Brian E17 in tandem with matty’s walk…. He really did talk to the kind of people, Sabine would never get anywhere near.

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          • Ugh Brenda McNamara has a lot to answer for…

            Making that page up about me for starters with he other old cronies.

            Still supporting Baloney as far as I know when it’s all coming out about him now.

            The second I heard the name UK “Column” I thought “What the hell sort of name is that and what does it stand for?”

            I don’t buy the pan faced Gerrish in the slightest, unlike others I know.

            How did Brian Harvey get recruited by Baloney?

            I see he has had problems recently with Ian Puddick calling the Police on him and them arresting Brian.

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        • Well done for trying to talk some sense into Taylor Sheva and as EC said it’s a shame he didn’t listen to you. How he thought that by sharing the videos he was somehow going to take down the system is beyond me, i don’t get that at all.

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    DONT.Simply point frenetically at the judge from the dock and make sure he is fully cognizant that you are in fact the daddy.The result will be pretty much identical only it will save court ushers the hassle of taking you both down to the cells for contempt.

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  5. I doubt he would get a jail sentence for 2 Hentai cartoons as no real child is involved.
    Taylor should be seeking psychiatric help (by God he needs it) and especially a forensic psychiatrist who could testify that he is not (if that’s what he concludes) a pedophile.

    This is a classic example of how these troofers basically fuck up their own lives and especially by using someone as cracked as this Ellis chap who is a danger to people.
    You got yourself into this Matt and it’s up to you to get yourself out of it and that means hiring an expert criminal lawyer, sticking with them and taking their advice whether you like it or not.

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    • I’d also advise you to kindly ask Neelu (the one from another Universe) to kindly stay away so she doesn’t leap up in court and accuse M’Lud of treason and demand he be taken to Tyburn ( Marble Arch) for immediate execution.

      Remember : judges are only human too and you don’t want to deliberately upset one who got out of the bed the wrong side that day.
      # Same applies to “Sir” Praterson as Your Honour may recognise him as the steward he caught rifling though his good ladies suitcase on their Saga Tour.

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      • Oh yes, good points GOS.

        Matt, please don’t have Paterson supporting you, unless, Big IF he can keep his trap shut and doesn’t encourage you to act stupid.

        I can’t see Neelu attending seeing as she couldn’t be bothered to meet her co-accused of last year on Sabby’s release from Prison.

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        • Blimey, not that long ago, they’d have taken a group photo at the very least ! They talk brave, but they really are not…….WE ARE ! In the face of the disgusting shite they”ve flung and encouraged others to copy them, we have carried on, collating info and evidence, unravelling networks of really bad people, doing really bad things, preteding to be white knights of the net. Bleurgh….. Not one dared show and they still try to co create the same illusions time and again.

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    • I’m not sure what these Hentai cartoons are and I don’t really want to know.

      I was thinking however that 2 of them does seem to be someone wondering what the hell they are…

      Usually the ones that get imprisoned have thousands of images.

      Not sure about the imprisoning though because some of these people that engage with “decoys” on the Predator stings do get prison sentencing.

      Like all court cases, no 2 are identical, different Judge, different Jury, different Accused so it’s difficult to predict the outcome.

      Good I think that Matt has a girlfriend, at least he’s not totally alone.

      Please Matt stop trying to emulate Spivey.

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      • Ah, I hadn’t thought of that aspect, but if Matt was doing predator stings, and some of the stingers are doing dodgy stuff, too, then I guess that would come out in court, if so, the need for police and groups’ if that’s what is decided can team up, it needs to start happening, moreso asap..
        Following codes of practice needs to be adhered to, but that is also why NCA are retraining ex trolls and internet criminals, where possible….. to be able to do what’s needed on the net, more effectively, they needed to learn about the darknet and the tricks and tactics, now they want people who want out, or to make amends, to increase their numbers, given the prolific amount of internet crime…… I still find alot of the people involved in stings, thugs and abusive, not above bullying innocent people who critique them.

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      • “We’ve noted Mr Taylor’s charge of possession of child sex abuse images in the past (mainly because he saw fit to announce it on his own blog): it seems the images in question are hentai, which is to say Japanese manga-style images. Truly a monumentally stupid thing to deliberately seek out or view online, let alone to download.”

        Actually this is a very broad oversimplification, I am an avid manga viewer, and manga is often not even pornographic in nature at all although some is (I love some of the scifi series, my ex preferred historical manga set in the middle ages) hentai is a subset of manga yes, but only in that a particular model of a particular car manufacturer is a car… an Excel is not the same as a Rolls Royce, even if they are both `just cars’…
        Even in hentai there are many sub-genres, as an example there is a large furry following (I saw one furry convention was being held a couple of months ago in Sydney while I was there) which has a large hentai following (nekomimi) which altho unusual, is in no way illegal, I suspect that the images concerned are what is often called lolicon which in western eyes often appears to be about children, but actually began as a way to get around Japanese obscenity laws which weirdly banned the depiction of pubic hair on females (hence the obiquious “black bar’ or blurring on many images/videos), but allowed shaven/bare images to be shown unblurred/ obscured (???) and along with the Japanese womens often smaller than many western womans chest measurements shall we say, gives a childish appearance to western viewers.
        If you look at tradition japanese costumes, feet were not the only thing they bound, tiny dainty feet and small/flat chested woman were the `cultural ideal’ of japanese culture, same as `big booty and triple D’s’ seems to be a cultural ideal of many americans

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          • I had a japanese descendant partner many years ago, it was her brother that actually got me interested in manga (which is basically ‘cartoon book’ rather than anime which is `video’, although there is considerable blurring of the lines between them all) and that is a very broad simplification of the entire subject

            An interesting aside is that Wonderwoman was actually banned in Japan for many years (or at least just not sold in comic book form- I’m not entirely sure which) as she was considered far too dominant (an unfortunate side-effect of japanese culture in western eyes, that culture is still very much male dominated even today) plus her `um- physical attributes’ as displayed in her usual costume were considered quite unattractive. My ex’s elder brother who was born in Japan knew of many of the male superheroes, but had never seen any of the female ones as the idea of a female having superiority over a male- even a `bad guy’ just wasnt considered in good taste…at least in `polite society’, there were some `perverts’ who were into that kind of thing but it was considered quite a perverse thing to be into…

            It is quite an eye opener to be let into the way different cultures look at things

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          • I took screenshots of the live chat on the NCA video last evening. There were some familiar faces,
            including a representative of Fresh Start Foundation, trolling and hijacking the thread, with alot of hunters discrediting, mocking, making claims, making it clear that they have no respect for anyone else who is tackling CSA nor for facts. Even though our system needs to improve and so do the platforms, these hunters have been found blackmailing and/or bullying good advocates and services, as well as other people who have debunked those amongst them who are proven liars and scammers..
            A few sensible voices asked them to desist, but they kept harrassing the two young women who were keen to pass on tips to parents to help them stay aware of what their children could be exposed to online.
            I’ll share soon.


        • Sorry, Steve, I was trying to convey that the images were a particular style, and that they were cartoons, not images of live children, not that manga is bad. Poor wording on my part. Thanks for the clarification.


    • “I doubt he would get a jail sentence for 2 Hentai cartoons”

      If this isn’t a daft question, shouldn’t we be avoiding speculating on the outcome of Taylor’s trial?

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      • Going on other sentences that would seem likely are right. Speculating on any trial ignores the fact we have no idea of the truth and what the charges are especially when someone is so silly they would try and bring a banned “lawyer” into court who like the McKenzie Friends we speak of, has never won a case yet.

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  6. Dear El Coyote et al,

    I have been following your site for a couple of years now but I don’t think I have commented before. As I live and work in SE Asia ( currently in Cambodia, previously Indonesia ) my daily amusement is checking out the loony blogs of Spivey, Taylor, Jones etc etc. Much like people who turn to the comics first in the newspapers, I like to start the day with a chuckle. The rantings of those who promote and prolong this Hoaxstead bollocks cause me to shake my head and wonder at the sheer stupidity and blatant idiocy they continue to display. I commend you and others who post regularly for exposing these dangerous dickheads for what they are and look forward to much more mirth when they are exposed by you.
    No doubt some of them will accuse me of all sorts of nefarious activity because of where I live. They will read something in to anything. Prats the lot of them. Keep up the good work

    Fireman Sam

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  7. Folk like Matt might be muppets, but they are cunning, watch for underlying motives. Avoid commenting on the outcome of a trial etc etc.

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    • Yes, I had wondered whether there was trickery going on. He also might be harvesting IP addresses on his website although who cares.

      Matt has a choice. He can get conventional legal representation and conduct himself like a gentleman in Court or he can go down the loon route and get nowhere. It’s up to him.

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    • Yes I did wonder if he’s hoping that by our comments he can get the case thrown out.

      We don’t however know what the charges are or all the evidence.

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    • Good advice.

      A couple of people have given MT some very useful advice, but we should be careful about discussing his trial in too much detail at this stage. Is this a real cry for help or an attempt to trap us into making remarks sub judice?

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  8. Is it just me or is Costa and co’s harassment of RD getting more and more childish by the day?

    Seriously, it’s like watching a bunch of elementary school bullies shouting “You smell, you smell, ner-ner-n-ner-nerrrr” and then running away giggling like a bunch of baby chimps. Someone the other day asked what the female equivalent of a man-child is. Does anyone know? It would suit Kristie Sue down to the ground.

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    • She has nothing else but what she gleans from the internet which is all old hat now. So she regurgitates her nonsense even though it’s a mean and nasty attack on an innocent man and others.
      Can you imagine how hated she must be in her home town? Her vileness wouldn’t have just begun with Hoaxtead. I bet she’s created so many local enemies and that’s why she now lives via the Internet.
      No wonder she got excited having one of London’s Top Ratbags come on board- Moo!

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      • It must be hell for her kids at school. Their peers must have seen Kristie Sue’s online antics and I’ve heard that she has a bit of a reputation in Wellfleet.

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  9. Debbie luv – when even Angela starts calling you out on your bullshit, it’s time to stop listening to the voices in your head and listen to the alarm bells instead, mkay?

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    • Even when APD tells her the website she gets all her info from is Fake News (all those Hollywood stars who tell of baby murdering orgies in interviews which don’t exist) Moo still goes on to say how terrible this imaginary murder is.
      This really is madness : she gets herself in such a state that even when an event is shown to be false she still hyperventilates over the details.

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      • It is evidence of the paucity of objective data available within their narrative that the society for terminal delusionists resort to subjective fantasy to fill the gaping void.

        Nature abhors a vacuum,so when a head lacks a brain,nature fills it with conceit and just about any old mill of nonsense and detritus it can get its hands on.

        Desperate times for desperate folks.

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      • What is scary for me is that we all know that several of the `troofers’ have psychiatric issues, some with pasts that involved violence, yet these idiots keep winding them up- whether its for personal gain or because they have their own mental issues doesnt matter.

        What matters is that sooner or later one of them is likely to go off the deep end completely, and go after someone accused of being `involved’ in the hoax- armed with their `righteous anger’- and either kill or seriously injure someone.

        Personally I think its wise of RD to keep his head down, if they knew of his location then I have no doubt that these idiots probably would go after him, confident in their belief of his `guilt’

        I worry that others at the church and school may be targeted one day by one of these clowns- which is basically what happened with rupert, except he wasnt as far gone as some of the others- he was very lucky not to have gone down for a lot longer

        Personally I think the police should be having a look at this no longer as a series of separate incidents, but as a conspiracy- BY the troofers- which it actually is- a very public conspiracy to attack innocent people led by a small group of very vocal leaders that until recently have had little more than a slap on the wrist

        Its LONG past time the entire group (in all countries) should be held to account for perpetrating a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and smearing the reputation of innocent parties in public.
        Not one at a time- but all together- all of them, as a group, and unless they can actually stump up their `proof’ (lol) then they stop or go to jail or get sectioned- and all of them RIGOROUSLY monitored for even a hint of starting it up again if and(or) they ever get out….

        (takes deep breath)

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        • The creepy twats commenting on the article that Ogilvy plagiarised seem keen to prove you right too, Steve:


          • Scary- do these people not realise that they are advocating mob justice?
            maybe they are longing for the `good old days’ where being elderly and female was grounds for a good burning….

            We obviously gave uglyhillbilly (waves hi, still here!!!) his nickname `Paedogilvy’ as a injoke about his fascination with CSA- he’d better be careful or his own mobs might mistake that as meaning he is one, surely he would demand his day in court or just trust his mob mates `wouldnt go after an innocent person’ because mob justice is just so keen on presenting facts, investigating to find out the truth, separating rumour and distortions from the real truth….

            Oh wait thats what the real police and courts do, his mates `hear something’ and run with it from there…


  10. Wow, What a creepy guy. Never seen this before.

    “A former Florida puppeteer who openly fantasized online about murdering, cooking and eating children will serve 20 years in a federal prison on child porn charges.

    Ronald William Brown, 58, was arrested last year on charges of possessing child pornography and conspiring to kidnap a child, The Tampa Bay Times reported last July.

    Brown, who was sentenced Monday, had been an active member of his church’s youth ministry. He often drove children to the church and performed puppet shows for his congregation. He was also featured on a local Christian Television Network show, Joy Junction.

    But in a 29-page criminal complaint filed July 20, 2012, the sinister side of Brown was made evident. While he worked with his church’s youth during the day, Brown harbored the desire to rape, carve and cook the body parts of a young parishioner for Easter. As the Tampa Bay Times reported:”

    Makes this all the creepier. Makes me wonder about these creepy So called religious, hoax promoters obsessions with CSA, SRA, and Cannibalism.

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