Did Sabine and Neelu plot to kidnap the Hampstead children?

Yesterday MKD on YouTube drew our attention to a video which we must have overlooked back in April 2015—at least none of us remembered having seen it.

At that time, the Hampstead hoax was in its heyday, with YouTube awash in videos of RD’s children, along with interviews with Abraham Christie and Ella Draper. Weekly demonstrations were still taking place at Christ Church Hampstead, though the number of protestors had already begun to dwindle.

Sabine was in Germany at the time, having high-tailed it abroad when she was warned that the police were coming to see her about having released the videos online. She was giving Skype interviews to anyone who’d have her: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Tony Gosling, Richie Allen, you name it.

In the midst of all this, on or around 16 April, Sabine and Neelu had a Skype conversation in which they strategised about next steps. At one point, the conversation turned to the topic of how best to “rescue” the Hampstead children:

Neelu: If we accept that the police have actually been accused of raping the children at the primary schools, the social services have as well as Cafcass, as well as the head teacher and the teachers, and the priests. So we have a system, and the Hampstead parents, they’re very hostile, they’re not wanting to get to the bottom, to stop anything, they want to carry on, they want to carry on with the satanic rituals, the cannibalism of babies from all over the world. So what I would suggest is that we don’t need to rely, once we know that the whole system is part of the crimes against humanity, and babies and children being representative of humanity, that we can take away their authority to deal with anything, deny them the authority. And so if we were to seek our own remedies, I mean that was the first thing I would say, that children in foster care are in a state of emergency, because the whole structure of public service has collapsed in Hampstead, and therefore we can assume, collapsed all over the UK. So it’s a state of declaring a state of emergency in public service, and then taking the remedies, i.e. basically removing from public office all dishonourable, dishonouring public servants, and public services, and rescuing the children who have been kidnapped by the satanic forces via the social services or police services, the councils, and the schools and churches and Ofsted.

Sabine: That’s completely correct. I think…it is definitely worth trying, I think it’s definitely worth considering to gather support for such an initiative. Given the fact that we had 16,000 supporters within about a month for the petition at the time to just ask Barnet to return the children, and 300 signatures to get the petition back, maybe a new petition is the avenue to garner support, but we need to target the request, we have to formulate the request and we have to formulate the target. And we know that there is…well. Every organisation has always good guys, and ever since I started looking into this case, I got somebody involved who came up with this thought, we need “police against child abuse”. And I’ve in fact asked Ray Savage if he would look into that. And so of the police I think we should talk to him again, and ask him where he’s gotten to, and whether he can find good guys in the police who would be willing to go over and kidnap in quotes, back again out of the hands of the bad guys. See the police angle, that’s definitely a possibility, I can see that.

In other words, Neelu is saying that there are “dishonourable public servants” in the police force, and that the Hampstead children have been “kidnapped by the satanic forces”—the social services, police, councils, and so forth. In this instance, she is referring to the children having being taken into protective police custody and placed in foster care as “kidnapping”.

Sabine responds that they seem to have public support on their side at the moment, as their petition to have the children returned to their mother garnered 16,000 signatures. That petition was taken down, but the petition to have it replaced also seemed to attract some public attention. Then Sabine drops a bombshell: she has asked Ray Savage, a supporter who advertises himself as a retired police officer, to look into the possibility of finding “good guys in the police who would be willing to go over and kidnap (the children) back again out of the hands of the bad guys”.

By “bad guys”, Sabine is referring to the foster carers and Barnet social services, who took over care of the children after they’d been removed from Ella and Abe’s care. And while one interpretation is that she’s contemplating having the children returned in some sort of quasi-legal manner—by enlisting the help of a supposed retired police officer—a great many questions arise.

Was Ray Savage ever a cop?

For starters, Ray Savage may or may not have been a police officer at all.

He seems to offer different versions of his police career, depending upon who he’s speaking to: he told the protestors at Christ Church Hampstead that he was a retired police sergeant, but he told interviewer Sean Maguire that he was a “village bobby”. When speaking on the topic of “9/11 truth”, he morphed into a “former UK Counter Terrorism Officer”, while he also claims to have run the Heavy Mob anti-riot squad “breaking up fights between mods and rockers in 1960s Brighton. I saw the squad run by my supervisors and mentors first and I vowed to run it slightly differently, with compassion and tolerance, without any form of brutishness because there was no need for it”.

If the latter is the case, Mr Savage must have been a truly gifted young officer: the Brighton riots took place in 1964, but according to Mr Savage’s listing on Companies House, he was born in September 1947. Imagine being in charge of the Heavy Mob at age 17! Astonishing, really. And his career trajectory seems to have been both mercurial and inconsistent: one minute applying his compassion and tolerance on the rioters in Brighton, the next walking the beat for many years as a bobby in a Sussex town; then rocketing into the fields of intelligence and counter-terrorism! We’re surprised no one’s made a documentary of his extraordinary life.

And that doesn’t even begin to address his involvement in hawking MMS, aka bleach, as a miracle cure; on this occasion he seems to have somehow acquired an “Honourable” before his name.

All of which is to say that when Sabine suggests that Mr Savage get involved in “kidnapping” the children, she’s using the correct term. Even if it were possible to somehow trade the children between police services, suggesting that this be facilitated by someone who is at best a retired bobby and at worst a complete fantasist is simply ludicrous.

Do Sabine and Neelu know it’s illegal?

It’s clear from what Neelu says that she understands that what she’s suggesting is illegal: she talks about “taking away their authority” and seeking their own remedies on the basis that “the whole structure of public service has collapsed in Hampstead, and therefore we can assume, collapsed all over the UK”. In other words: it’s anarchy now, and we can do what we like.

Sabine agrees, and calculates how much public support they could expect for such a move; it’s clear that she’s been considering this for some time, as she says she has been considering it since she began looking into the case.

As commenter Ghost of Sam pointed out yesterday,

It’s no different to saying we’ll get the “good” soldiers to rebel and invade Parliament in a coup.

Claiming they will get the “good cops” is even more evidence they are conspiring to kidnap. They are deliberately- and Sabine has fully agreed with Neelu- saying they should seek out “good” cops (ie: ones who are prepared to disobey High Court orders and an injunction) to break the law and to aid in their plan.

This is proof that they are conspiring to break the law. It’s no longer speculation, this video is proof of their intent and state of mind.

It needs to be forwarded to the CPS for the prosecution. It demonstrates a mindset that believes a shocking act like kidnap is perfectly reasonable to this person.

Do not forget #pizzagate: each one of these lunatics promoting that matter share blame for the man who entered the pizza restaurant while families & children were there with a loaded gun and discharged it.

We have seen evidence on Facebook of the (deceased) woman wishing to plot and also arrange to kidnap these children. She was influenced by the main characters, who we all know, persistently pushing this hoax. When people advocate breaking the law we cannot know where it will end.

Don’t worry, GoS: we’ve already turned the material over to the correct authorities. We think it’s important evidence, and we hope they’ll find it useful.

100 thoughts on “Did Sabine and Neelu plot to kidnap the Hampstead children?

  1. I’ve learnt more about Ray Savage in this post than I’ve ever known before.
    I’m glad this information on Sabine and Neelu’s conversation has been passed to the relevant authorities.

    I don’t recall ever seeing that video until today either.

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    • Yes same here JB. Very interesting to read about his supposed different roles in the police force especially supposedly being in charge of the “heavy mob” at the grand age of 17.

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  2. Well done to all you guys who have exposes this and handed over Sabine and Neelu’s crazy plan to kidnap and harm RD’s precious children, (which thank God they didn’t succeed in doing), to the appropriate authorities. For God sake when is this madness going to end regarding Hoaxtead?

    Also it’s just so hurtful and exhausting reading their crap, don’t they get tired harrasing and upsetting innocent people and their children?

    Also I think Neelu and Sabine were discussing this when Belinda revealed RD’s children where moved from Barnet to Kent. Remember? I don’t know if that info Belinda stated was true however I reported it to Barnet and Camden police because Neelu said on Facebook that “they” were going to storm the foster parents home and take the satanically abused children to their grandparents in Russia. I know I emailed Scarlet Scoop about it. Belinda wrote it all on her blog too but then took it down the next day. I don’t know if they moved RD’s children again as location was revealed by Bellend. Like I said I still can’t believe this is an on-going crazy drama that won’t stop!

    Anyway Neelu needs sectioning I think it might be coming real soon when she tries God knows what when the bailiffs try to evict her and her equally unstable freeman on the land son! Unless the prosperity payments have come in from SwissSwindle I mean SwissIndo Anyone know?

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  3. Thanks for this lovely little gem, MKD. And thanks for the write-up, EC.

    By the way, I’m loving those thumbnails of Sabine and Neelu.

    Scary or what? And they certainly put these fruitloops’ somewhat hypocritical recent comments about RD into perspective:

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    • Did you know that Sabine was a baby in Dresden when it was being bombed? It’s not something that she likes to talk about much. 🙂

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    • It’s funny watching children trying to play grownups…..
      Less funny when its a grownup trying to play grownups….
      Dumb Debs is firmly of the opinion apparently that all iron everywhere was only ever made in one star…
      Hence all the B/S about the one star that unites us all

      Actually iron (and many other elements) are made in anything from medium red giants upwards, but most elements heavier than carbon in our solar system (and all others) came from supernovas earlier on in the universes history that made the heavier elements as they exploded, sending the newly formed materials across the universe to recondense into our sun and its planets

      So yes debs, we are star stuff, but as usual she got it completely wrong in all the details….

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  4. To whom it may concern

    I enclose the minutes of the Anti-Semitism Society (Gateshead Division)’s recent propaganda strategy meeting and coffee morning. And remember – the ASS is always open for new members and entry is free. Just ask that nice Mr. Alanson for details.

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    • Sometimes I like Stacey Dooley’s docos and at other times I feel like throwing a drink at the TV.
      She wouldn’t touch this hoax with a barge pole but it shows how ridiculous the thinking of the Nutcase Brigade is.

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      • Yes i have seen Stacey Dooley cover some interesting topics. The one she did about child abuse in Thailand i think it was- was very disturbing to see what goes on with paedophiles and the locals that are willing to sell them sex with local children.

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  5. Angela’s just become the latest paedophile to post the illegal video of Child G sitting on a bed in his underpants talking about sex:

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    • A well known panel member of the IICSA has flagged the same video and image. Others seem to think its normal to share an image of a child in underwear.

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      • Images like this can be considered child abuse images depending on the context in which they are used.
        For example a clothing catalogue can feature kids advertising underwear but will be very strict in the way they are depicted.
        But this is different: this is a child talking about sex (one who has been beaten and forced to) and it’s use means basically APD is publishing a child abuse image.
        I cannot fathom why anyone would share this photo given what has gone on no matter what they believe. Don’t they have a scintilla of sympathy for the boy? Why use his image to promote their cause?

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        • It’s Child Abuse for sure.

          Didn’t Judge Pauffley say so in her Judgement?

          I am so angry and I’m a total outsider.

          It’s not really a surprise though is it what with Angela beating her own children with the garden rake and getting her daughter to write that letter to someone the daughter supposedly said had sexually abused her. Grrr…

          What is Power Disney’s problem/s?

          Not getting enough attention, Jake taking over??

          I don’t know but she has no empathy at all for the boy, I saw no more than that so don’t know if the girl was also on the video.

          I was beginning to think she was learning her lesson and being careful, but I got that totally wrong.

          Mr. Dearman needs to report her probably for the 100th time to the Police, enough is just enough.

          I’m hoping something is in the pipeline.

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    • Yes I was just going to post and mention this video having had a look on her timeline.

      What the f is she playing at?


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    • I reported the same video that was on Amy Catherine Hamiltons Facebook page and already Facebook have told me it doesn’t break their community guidelines and gave me the choice of blocking her account instead. Bloody useless. I hope someone has better luck than i did.

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      • I had the same reply with both complaints against Amy and Angie.
        Never mind, it can be a police issue. They ARE breaking the law.

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      • She is nasty. She claimed a while back on Kane’s group that she remembers her cousin talking about teachers eating babies at her school and it only clicked in her brain once she see the videos (duh) and how two teachers from Christchurch Hampstead years before also worked at Christchurch school in Somerset on Avon (how dumb is that) Kane, being the world class journalist took what she said at gospel truth.


    • There were plenty of matriarchal societies- some Aboriginal ones still exist. In ancient Egypt women had equal rights to men.
      Poor Deb: research fail again.

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    • Pretty ignorant on UK firearms law there, Debs. Let me guess – you’re quoting a Yank, aren’t you.


      • There were a lot of people who, for years before the massacre, were saying that Thomas Hamilton shouldn’t be allowed near guns or children. I’ve heard this twisted (actually by an American relative of mine) into a story where Thomas Hamilton was somehow forced into doing what he did by persecution from the women of Dunblane. Makes me rather sick.

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    • They’ve been pushing this horrible Dunblane “hoax” for years and they are as bad as the creeps who claim Sandy Hook was a hoax.
      Yet again it shows the limits of their “investigations” which just involve surfing the net and scooping up claptrap they like.
      But I remember in about 1998 when The Sun newspaper sent a photographer up with a journalist to do a follow up story.
      I won’t name the snapper but he was one of Princess Diana’s favourite (or one of the ones she courted) who unfortunately is the spitting image of the mass murderer.

      When he arrived at the school there were parents and children – children & teachers who had survived the massacre. Many of them began crying uncontrollably and shaking, some kids ran away.
      The really thought the killer had come back. It was a shocking gaffe by The Sun as so many journalists had already commented on the resemblance. Private Eye did a story on it but this was pre-internet so for these goons who label everything a “false flag” with their crisis actors, life only began with Google. Morons.

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  6. Idea! Would those of you with Twitter accounts tweet Facebook Twitter and You Tube Twitter about the videos of the Hampstead children? They might take some notice that way? Or has it been tried?


    • Sounds like a good idea. I don’t have a personal Twitter account so I can’t do it.


    • Oh, don’t get me started. We got Drifloud’s Twitter account taken down. he then wrote a stroppy letter to Twitter and they gave in to him and put it back up. Still pisses me off.


      • Yes CP i find Twitter equally annoying as yourself. I recently reported a couple of Twitter accounts and i received a notification from Twitter letting me know they had received my report and then nothing. They gave me no feedback on what actions they took if any. Facebook are useless but at least they do let you know what they have done about any reports made to them.


        • Funnily enough, that happened to me recently too. I reported that anti-HR page and got the same confirmation as you did and then never heard from them again.


          • They seem to know a lot about rights, freedom of speech for example, but nothing about responsibilities that go with those rights.

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  7. Christ, this woman’s gonna make herself ill if she carries on like this. Her blood pressure must be through the bloody roof!


    • “They need removing from society and housed in gated-communities and let them police each other from within because if ever just ONE child is smuggled into there – every single one of them will be SHOT”

      WTF? 😮

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    • EU Directives again!

      She still hasn’t learnt how they work with a member state’s existing laws.

      These are the same EU directives that state that a child’s identity should be protected from being made public. Yet she and her friends are happy to ignore this when it suits them!


    • No matter how much slanderous crapola and fake news bullcrap you force on your friends and everyone else, attempting to poison everyone’s faith in governments and other social institutions, the rational majority will never allow you “citizen-whistleblower” LOSERS to replace them in our society. So, go f*ck yourselves, Super-Neos.

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  8. Sabine McNeill also in a video suggested the hire of a private detective to locate the 20 “special” children.

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  9. Could be a genuine Hollywood pervert here:

    Without benefit of a trial and conviction, one can’t really be certain of the truth. However, the existence of multiple victim claimants who also claim to have witnessed each other being abused certainly strengthens the case.
    With respect to Beiber…I’ve told this story before – his first youtube channel was really run by his mother. She posted a series of typical “proud of my kid” videos of him as a Pretty Boy 12 year old; playing soccer, singing at a school concert, singing to himself in the bathroom wrapped in a towel, etc. She might not have been aware that, in amongst the hordes of young girls posting their drooling approval of the boy, there were also the infamous youtube pederast pirrahnas who falsely portrayed themselves as being “cyber independents” running talent agencies, modelling agencies or simply as agents or scouts for the same. Other people were aware of this and may have tipped her to be wary, but whatever the case she wisely held out for a genuine music industry professional to represent her budding star.

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    • Story has been around for at least 20 years and comes from the National Enquirer, noted for it’s accuracy (not).
      Deb’s investigation fail yet again.

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  10. This scumbag who has all his pedophile hamstead videos online is Live.


  11. So …..
    As usual someone has yet again hacked and tried to take down chrisspivey.org.
    Wonder why?
    I will tell you.
    Its cos he is too close to the truth!!!!

    Please send your donations because it costs him £300 per month to host the site.
    Its Xmas and he has dogs to feed.
    If you do not donate. The dogs go on the table Xmas Day with Microchips and ASDA smartprice peas.

    Is this the dinner you want such an ICON of the movement to have on Xmas day?

    You decide….

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    • Two tips Robert TUNE YOUR BLOODY GUITAR PROPERLY and try to progress past the primary 7 dum-ching, dum-ching, dum-ching stage with your right hand 😀 Oh! and buy a metronome!

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        • ” It is unfortunate that the point has to be laboured… But, contrary to the childish, and really rather desperate lies of Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy and others, I must make it clear, yet again, that I do not post on the Hoaxtead Research blog under any name – let alone half-a-dozen aliases!

          It’s interesting to note that this is one Fregoli delusion that seems to be shared by Mad Malky and certain of the Hoaxteaders (that is to say those behind or involved with the Hoaxtead Research blog) alike! Stupidity, it appears, is infectious!

          But the simple fact is that I am certainly none of the characters Ogilvy fantasises about having ‘outed’.

          Ogilvy, in particular, tries to argue that because people have read and understood the points I make here, and chose re-post them elsewhere in their own words, they must actually be me! Bizarre! Truly bizarre! Malcolm illustrates well the long term harm cannabis causes to the brain! Not that he had much by way of intelligence to start with.

          But I have a message for all conspiretards of all shades and sides; I’m not here to entertain the likes of you, and I’m not part of your sad little world!

          I did consider going into considerable detail as to why I hold Hoaxtead Research in the contempt I do. But I quickly realised that would simply make me a party to what it perpetuates. Oh, it may be ‘on the other side’ of the barney, but then a ‘stairheed rammie’ does require at least two parties.

          Suffice to say that I do not consider Hoaxtead Research to be a gathering of sane, rational people working towards legitimate ends. Rather, it seems to be a gathering of infantilised, irresponsible and often cruel individuals; who ‘meet’ there for the purposes of mutual admiration, entertainment and self-aggrandisement.

          It’s a part of the problem in other words… One side of a particularly unhealthy coin. ”

          ……ROFLMAO. Fair point, well made and proven right on cue!


        • The point is made that one group involved in this nonsense is as bad as the other. I see you are each most determined to prove it!


          • I think that’s an unfair assessment, as I’ve already had to delete at least one post from you in which you identify by name a person who has clearly stated they would prefer that neither they nor their family be identified.

            Now, would you like to leave the room and return with a more pleasant attitude?

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          • Elsewhere on the internet there is a conversation taking place El Coyote, numerous posts from various people that haven’t got through your censorship are being relayed, And there is a denial, on the part of the person who posted that last remark, the one you replied to, that they previously posted anything at all!

            I do think the “person who has clearly stated they would prefer that neither they nor their family be identified” is correct though, when they point out that “this is one Fregoli delusion that seems to be shared by Mad Malky and certain of the Hoaxteaders (that is to say those behind or involved with the Hoaxtead Research blog) alike! ” And I can understand well why they want nothing to do with this farce, especially as it appears their family is being physically harassed and terrorised.

            Unfair you whine? Not a bit of it! Not by a country mile! I think that person’s (publicly posted) assessment of you lot is mild, but surgically accurate!

            You must lead very sad, empty lives, if this is the only way you can find to entertain yourselves of an evening. I can tell you than many of us who were directly affected by the whole Hampstead thing are growing very tired of it being perpetuated by this childish ego-tripping of yours. You’re making the problems worse by perpetuating them! And it’s NOT helping!


            • You call it “censorship”, I call it “attempting to protect a person who specifically asked me not to allow posts about him to be posted here”.

              Yes, I realise that more than one of your ilk has been and gone from here, but oddly, all seem to be of one mind about certain things, which probably leads to some confusion about your various identities.

              If you think this is a farce, you have a choice: go elsewhere. If you think you’d like to contribute anything of use to the discussion, other than stamping your feet and complaining that no one will allow your temper tantrums to be published, then you will be most welcome. So far, I’ve seen much of the latter and little of the former.

              And frankly, if you hold this blog and its commenters in such contempt, I’m very surprised that you continue to attempt to post here. What are you achieving, precisely, other than some sort of delusion of moral superiority?

              You know nothing whatsoever about the lives of those who do post here, and if you think this is a mere “entertainment”, you just haven’t been paying attention. As for whether what we do is helping or not, I think we will leave that judgement up to the victims of the Hampstead hoax. That is their decision to make, not yours.

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          • “I can tell you that many of us who were directly affected by the whole Hampstead thing are growing very tired of it being perpetuated by this childish ego-tripping of yours.”

            If you were indeed directly affected by it, you would know that you would correctly aim that at Power Disney, Costa, McNeill, Clarke, etc. and not at this blog who work at STOPPING people perpetuating the hoax started by Abe and Ella.

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    • And this is the same guy who bleats about proof when we point out the abuse he meted out to his own daughter? No hypocrisy there, then 🙂

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    • So hearing my voice and accent on a live radio show didn’t sway him, then. Well, that was easy – I didn’t even have to do perfect a northern coalminer’s twang to convince him I’m RD. LOL

      As for me being Sam Spade, too funny! Seriously, don’t get me started on that guy.

      Mind you, I’m glad he clarified that MQ is Australian (again). Go Detective Malky 😂 😂 😂

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    • Like most of Ogilvy’s posts, that Sam Spade one is plagiarised from someone else (and naturally, as always, he hasn’t bothered to substantiate its veracity first). Sad twat.

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    • The Swedish word for child is ‘barn’. ‘Barnet’ means baby. And if anyone has the remotest idea as to what this has to do with anything anyway, do let me know. Actually, don’t bother.

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    • LOL- Well I dont live in Melbourne (too bloody cold for me down there) and I dont even know where Kirkn (???) is…

      If thats the accuracy of his `facts’ well it puts the rest of his drivel in doubt too

      (I of course would rather not give out my actual address for obvious reasons, who would want wankers like these knowing where you live???) but its nowhere near Melbourne….

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      • Actually, that ‘smallprint’ hadn’t registered with me, lol. If it had, I’d have obscured the name of the town. Thankfully, you don’t live there anyway as it turns out 🙂


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