Angela blabs about Baby H case, endangers mother’s case

Well, Angela Power-Disney has done it again.

A few weeks ago we reported that she’d been creating havoc in a family court case regarding the removal of an infant from his parents. At that time, she was warned by the court to shut her gob or risk endangering the parents’ case. The case, which we have been deliberately avoiding discussing in detail, involves a couple who fled Northern Ireland for the Republic immediately prior to their baby’s birth. The baby was removed from their care and has been in foster care since that time. A few weeks ago, the father committed suicide.

Angela, who describes herself with false humility as a “blurter” [Oh, is that what it’s called—Ed.], made a live-streamed video on Facebook yesterday evening, complaining loudly and bitterly that the court had ruled against the mother’s attempt to have the jurisdiction moved to the south. This, said Angela, despite the “bombshell” evidence they’d intended to drop yesterday: the mother had been evaluated by a psychiatrist, and according to Angela, had been declared “not mentally ill”. She claimed that this contradicted an earlier psychological assessment, but for whatever reason it was not accepted by the court as relevant to the case.

Angela mouthed off in her usual manner, making bizarre claims such as, “A mother’s connection to her baby is something that the powers that should not be have been trying to break”. Really, Angie?

She also undercut the mother’s legal team, stating that she was furious with them for not presenting certain pieces of evidence, and recommending that they be sacked.

In addition, despite the malicious public attacks Angela, Tracey Morris, and the mother instigated, involving publishing personal details, pictures, and lies against social workers involved in the case, Angela affects to be shocked—shocked, we tell you!—that family and social services declined to send the baby to his father’s funeral with a social worker, citing concerns for the social worker’s personal safety.

We don’t even need to ask how Angela would feel if the situation were reversed. We can guarantee she’d be squawking about harassment and being in fear of her life if anyone had done such a thing to her. However, Angela dismisses her victim’s concerns: “If the social workers are scared, they might want to get a different job”.

Tracey Morris: Voice of reason?

You know things are looking grim when Tracey Morris, the Mouth that Roared, is the only person in the conversation who actually makes any sense. However, credit where due: Tracey seems to be taking a strategic view, and realises that Angela’s public temper tantrum will do the case no earthly good.

Before Angela had even finished her live-stream, Tracey was demanding that she remove it from Facebook, as it would endanger the mother’s case:

Tracey says, “This isn’t our own personal fight to speak out like this right now. Baby H isn’t our baby to take that risk at this vital stage. She was warned in front of me that anything like this kind of exposure is putting Baby H at serious risk of never being returned to her care….It’s about protecting mother and baby and allowing the good legal teams on both sides of border to do their jobs…Yes the judges are corrupt to the core…. But right now they are holding all the power… And only one thing mum was warned and that was to keep all the glory (sic) details off FB for now….He is not my or your property to expose. This has to stop”.

Bravo, Tracey!

Angela, of course, knows better: She snaps back that she’ll say what she pleases, and Tracey asks a very pertinent question: “Did [the mother] give you the permission to do this live exposure about today’s outcome?”Tracey says that the mother was warned that “any talk of today’s case would come back on her… Not you, not me, and certainly not the viewers….If this falls back on her after being warned by legal teams up here on Thursday and today down south, then you can answer to the public and state all the opinions you please. Not your right to speak about or decision to make without the agreement of the victim and I am adamant without asking her, that she didn’t give you the permission to speak about it”.

Right again, Tracey.

[Edited to add] This just in…Angela and Tracey are getting down and dirty now, looks like Tracey has finally worked out what the rest of us have known all along: Angela is a backstabber who cares only for her own ego.


Angela has no business spewing her opinions about this case, and she’s doing it in the full knowledge that her actions will affect the mother and baby she purports to care about so much. We believe it was Rupert who called Angela “dangerous”; we’d suggest that anyone entrusting her with confidential information might wish to take that to heart.

67 thoughts on “Angela blabs about Baby H case, endangers mother’s case

  1. Not to offend Millwall football club, but I think Angie should use the old motto they use. “Nobody likes us, and we don’t care”

    She is running out of allies and has backstabbed so, so many people and networks, it’s only a matter of time people will stop following her for good. The courts and media need to give her a big boot up the backside. This is her show, she doesn’t care about anything but her own performance in all of her missionary work or whatever she wants to call it.

    If she was kicking a football outside by house, I’d close the curtains.

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    • Perhaps a whip round for a West Ham shirt(xxl) is the order of the day.That way Angie can exorcise her compulsion to stick her foot(xxl)in her gob(xxl) by turning up at Millwalls “Den” on match day and chanting “Going down,going down,going down” with a megaphone (xxl).

      I feel sure the emergency services would appreciate the overtime what with Xmas just around the corner.

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    • I’m not a Troll, boo hoo!

      I find it quite fascinating the way that what I consider Stupid Minds like Angela’s work.

      She MUST know that she has f..ked things up for the Mother, though it was probably a no win for the Mum from the off.

      It is very sad but the Dad killing himself hasn’t helped any one.

      ANGELA is sooo manipulating it is truly UNBELIEVABLE.

      Why didn’t she vent about something else because she was so frustrated or do something else??

      I don’t buy that. It’s because she was losing control of this case and she had to scupper it.

      On the plus side with a bit of luck people that did still back Angela will now do a runner, though I see she has a new loopy Laura whoever she is backing her.

      If it wasn’t for the Internet I would never have known how many deranged people there are.

      Why do people have to latch on to these Wolves in Sheep’s clothing?

      Weak or desperate people, with no minds of their own and need some kind of Leader?

      Angela sure as hell is not a Leader, unless you want your situation to go from bad to worse…

      SHOCKING BEHAVIOUR Angela, just SHOCKING and downright EVIL.

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  2. Before we send too many plaudits Tracey Morris’s way, may I point out, in the interest of balance, firstly that in her last comment there, she appears to be issuing a threat of extreme violence to Angela, albeit somewhat (and most likely deliberately) ambiguously:

    Secondly, lest we forget that at the height of this case, Tracey was already admitting that Angela was doing harm to it and was none too complimentary about Tracianne and Paul John either. As a result, she was expressing her intention to distance herself from the whole thing:

    However, she then did a monumental U-turn and continued for several weeks to encourage Angela in her inappropriate conduct and did so with relish, even at one point issuing a veiled threat of violence to one of the social workers:

    She’s as much to blame as Angela, imo, though she is absolutely right about the inappropriateness of this live broadcast.

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    • Wanting to be the TOP DOG or is it BITCH more like?

      Had to break the news before her younger rival got in there 1st.

      I hope this means Angela No Power has given up with Hampstead etc.

      I doubt it.

      Good of Tracey to confirm that Angela sits on her arse all day though.

      I already knew that but a 3rd source stating this confirms what my intuition had already told me.

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  3. To be honest, I think these two are only just warming up. This could run and run. Do we have enough popcorn and Jelly Babies?

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    • I’m off shopping soon, I’ll stock up for everyone!

      It’s so true that you think Angela can’t stoop any lower and she does so again and again, time after time.

      I wonder where she is staying, as Tracey is hinting it’s not at any of her usual abodes?

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  4. There is always more to these cases than the general public are aware of and rightly so. Once the details are on the internet, they are there forever. Both of them should think of that. Their posts are certainly not in the interest of the child.

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      • I hate to say it but the Baby is almost 100% gone from it’s Mother now, if it already wasn’t.

        What a mistake to have allowed Angela anywhere near this case.

        I can understand the Mother and deceased Father were desperate at the time.

        Such a shame the Mum didn’t check out Angela before.

        Angela really does like to make enemies, mind you I thought she’d fell out with Tracey at least once before and then they kind of made up.

        I reckon it’s a case of keeping your enemies close with those 2 vying for top spot.

        I can’t listen to Tracey for long, her voice just does my head in!

        Out of these 2, I’m with Tracey…

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  5. Angela is now sticking her oar in again, this time it’s about FOSTERING.

    Another hypocrite, how long did she do her FOSTERING of children again??

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  6. Has someone managed to get the relevant video taken down?

    Not sure if it’s my computer but the AWFUL video keeps cutting out?

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  7. Looks like this one is hotting up so us Trolls are getting quite excited.
    I’m not sure why they think social services would be any different in the North & the republic. Both have responsibilities as to the welfare of children which this is all about as they are not parent’s “property” as this mob seem to think.

    “Blurter”? I’ll keep that in mind and stop calling Angie a fucking cunt because that’s so rude. A Bloody Burter..hmmm..doesn’t quite convey the same feeling.

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    • I’m not totally sure how a psychopath is diagnosed but Angela sure has behaved in the same evil way numerous times.

      I was shocked to hear her say she was with the deceased Dad 24/7. I think I heard that correctly and if I did that is sinister.

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  8. Hi everyone
    I have been following the case of Baby H from the start and I started very quickly to get very concerned about APD and the amount of information she was sharing. Something felt very wrong. I am not connected to any of the parties involved yet was able to find out and piece together pretty much the entire case from her alone. I started doing some research about her which is how I came across this site and whilst I’m shocked im not really surprised. She seems to have taken advantage of a desperate young Mum to satisfy her own needs (though if the information going about is true about the Mum and Dad they aren’t as innocent as once they seemed!) and it’s very disturbing. As for her own website, I’ve never seen so much fiction that someone seems to genuinely believe is true! I think if anyone needs a psychiatric assessment it’s her! When I saw it kicking of last night my first reaction was to screenshot it too just in case.

    Do you think any of them have remembered there is an innocent vulnerable baby mixed up in all this?

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    • Angie’s only thoughts are about how much drama she can entertain herself with. As you said pretty much her whole life is fiction so its not surprising that bad things happen around her as she seems to treat everybody as characters in the Angie show.

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    • APD’s activities as detailed here range from cruelty, mental and physical, to fraud – with a lot of lying in between. Association with her has resulted in two men being sectioned and another one being sent to jail. She needs to be brought to the attention of the authorities and stopped. Failing that, all vulnerable people need to be warned to keep well away from her.

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  9. Note that the posts by Tracey Morris and others not agreeing with Angela have been removed, also Angela’s replies to TM are gone. Is she covering her backside to pretend she knew nothing about being told not to talk about it on social media?

    @Newbie, they obviously don’t care about the baby, they both have their own agenda.

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    • Yes, I noticed that. I reported most of their comments all last night (a plague on both houses, lol) but I haven’t had any notifications of them being taken down and Angela clearly hasn’t been suspended (she’s still posting her usual bollocks), so it doesn’t look like anyone else has successfully reported them either. So I can only assume that she’s taken them all down of her own accord, probably in order to avoid another suspension.

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    • Anyone handing the reins of anything over to Angie can expect mayhem shortly afterwards as those still alive including her own family can duly testify.

      I am surprised an APD survivor support group has not been established although to be fair many of its prospective membership are probably heavily sedated after their trauma.

      This appalling woman is an unmitigated attention seeking disaster although the positive news is that at least her horse made good its escape long ago.

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  10. JournoAngie shares another link to a video she’s never watched and helps to libel someone she knows nothing about. Worth every penny, I’d say…

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      • Is it just me or does Richie Allen come across like a mental midget? Nothing against such folk but should they have radio shows (with an audience of 20) ?

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    • Incidentally, my understanding of the “claws” thing is that when it became clear from many photos of Heath that his fingernails were a normal length, those who were accusing him changed their stories to include “artificial nails” which could be removed at will! LOL Yet another example of SRA hoaxers changing the story to fit.


    • Like a true psychopath Power-Disney latches onto every gormless theme going. One trait of psychopaths is that they have little discrimination and an inability to pick apart a new meme and investigate whether parts or all of what is being presented is true or false because they don’t really care.
      They just pick up the whole package and run with it because they see it as useful means of impressing people.

      The “truther” movement is riddled numerous sociopath / psychopaths as there are easy pickings among 1000s of empty headed dills looking for some sort of meaning in an empty life and they are naturally drawn to psychopaths like David Icke who presents a fantastical scenario that is far more interesting and entertaining than their hum drum life and gives them reasons why their existence is so empty.

      I’ve been fascinated by all matters esoteric since I was a kid and have consumed untold numbers of books on so many subjects long before the internet was even thought of and among them are virtually every matter Icke claims to be his own. Hence he is a plagiarist as he has never ever acknowledged the originators of these ideas. Someone one must, if they can be bothered, do a website detailing all Icke’s rip-offs.

      The other thing Icke trades on which impresses goats and Blurters (apparently a polite word for “fucking cunt”) like Angie is the phony belief that Icke somehow exposed all manner of things like Savile, Heath, Satanist Rothschilds etc) before anyone else. This is repeated endlessly until it becomes fact among the deluded.

      What they really mean is : they read about something first on Icke’s website because they are a cult-like fan. The fact gossip, true or false, about Savile , Heath and endless people has been around for decades especially on Fleet Street is ignored.
      The downside of the Internet is that it has not only given false meaning to life to millions of people, it’s actually dumbing them down and robbing them of what little critical ability they may have had.
      Pizzagate is probably the most recent example of a complete nonsensical nothingness created out of thin air that has taken on a life of it’s own with 100,000s of gormless promoters. The fact a rather clever character (among so many) like Julian Assange actively promoted it demonstrates just how sinister these falsehoods can be.

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    • Quite apart from Veale saying no inference of guilt should be drawn from his report I wonder how he feels that his support comes from the raving loony brigade while the established media and legal fraternity thinks he’s a fool.
      Even Piers Morgan called him a half-wit.

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  11. ‘Expose Zionism Grenfell Tower fire was a burnt offering by the Jewish leadership of the UK 911’

    I’m not making that up. That’s an actual title of a video uploaded a few days ago.



  12. I truly think i’ve finally lost the plot. Everywhere i look there is some apparent agenda these people see, Satanic child killings, apparent gay activists pushing boy love agendas, the Satanic Jewish gay agenda of the hip-hop movement, whatever next.

    Gay agenda. Right. If this so called gay agenda is what i think these dumb ass people are saying is done to make more people gay, well, its not working. My old man wore Flairs and dodgy platform shoes, never mind the days of the victorians with dodgy wigs and white make up. My dad manage to have three kids despite wearing such clothing, as i believe many other men did.

    As for the gay people i know, surely with these types of phone apps that people use know, people would probably have one stage on another have had talked about such things as boy love from some sick person, if thats part of there so called agenda. Weirdly the gay people i know have never had such experiences, but have told me some very weird things people do, but thats another story! I don’t mind hearing about the experiences some of my gay friends have had, as im open to hearing about that way of life. Its not something ill experience and as for stories i hear about dark rooms and what some get up to, its all good fun for them i guess.

    As for Jews, well persecution is nothing really is for all the years they have suffered, being thrown out of many parts of Europe as they were for hundreds of years, and well. In the Hip-hop world, what a crime it is to create is much wealth for young aspiring rap artists to make extreme amount of money, whilst creating extreme wealth for themselves. As for this Satanic agenda that is so ever-present on the youtube and the likes, Crowley admitting to child sacrifices, although i know that it was a joke about masturbating. Its like all the above, so much attacking people for being something they chose to be without harming another or to be born in such a way that doesn’t discriminate on anyone else or there way of life. As a atheist who is open to the idea of all Spirituality, religion as personal freedom, i would never inflict my views on what i perceive on as there faith or dogma, that a personal right. But, it really does get my goat how many ill informed people who use the internet to destroy people such as Satanists who have ever right to be free to believe in what they will, or gays who chose to love how they love. Its so hard sometimes to sit and watch the nonsense and hatred that comes out about certain groups of people online, nothing but hate.

    Personally i do have a issue with the new non-binary child issue that seems to do the rounds on in media. I don’t think i’m that open to that idea of yet. But, i wouldn’t dare question someone personally on the motives for why they would chose to do such a thing. Personal freedom to express how they chose.

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