Jake’s friends share details of latest police interview

Jake Clarke and his friends seem all too eager to share details of Jake and Sabine’s interviews with the police over the weekend.

Angela Power-Disney, writing to her latest guru, Rev Anthony G. Pike, Certifiable Cave Dweller, had this to say: Leaving aside the gibberish about RD and his children, Angela seems fairly convinced that allegations about Sabine and Jake’s activities at the Church of England General Synod on 10 February are backed up with CCTV evidence. Where she would have got such information is anybody’s guess; ours is that she pulled it out of her amply padded derrière, where most of her “intel” seems to live.

She’s quite correct about one thing, though: Jake has been “amazingly active recently”.

We wrote about that in December , when Jake posted his latest cunning plan on Facebook: He also hinted at that time that he was attempting to locate RD’s children via Barnet local authority, and kidnap them in order to deliver them into the hands of their abusive mother and boyfriend: So to be honest, his most recent encounters with the police did not exactly surprise us. His antics at the General Synod appear to have been just another part of his one-boy campaign.

Another county heard from

Another of Jake’s “friends”, the irrepressible Arthur Kaoutal, offered further details, this time from Jake himself:

I feel I should make this public why should i hide it?? Me and Sabine have been asked to attend Holborn police station for seperate meeting with DC STEVE FARTIN’ today.

My meet at 2:30pm. My dads coming with me as a responsible adult because I still have Mental Health Service involvement. So that’s good as they listen to those whom are senior professionals in society over young hippy hoodies like myself.

I care not if hoaxtwats see this. I don’t know what else to say at this moment though if you have any questions cooly.. if not i’ll get back to you later, If I’m contactable.”

Ooh, “DC Steve Fartin'”—with that kind of witty repartée, how could Jake’s police interview fail to be a smashing success? Never mind, we’re sure that DC Martin’s time on the CAIT team has prepared him to deal with sulky 12-year-olds.

Wither Jake?

Despite all his friends’ sharing of his situation vis à vis the police, we’ve yet to hear directly from Jake what happened at his appointment on Saturday. We’ll keep eyes and ears open, and will bring you updates as they occur.

Ella rises again?

We note as an aside that Arfur is welcoming Ella to his exclusive club of lady friends—no doubt he has mistaken her for one of his “maternal women”. We wonder how Ella will take to being ordered to “start being more active on fcbk”?

But even more interesting is this email: it looks as though Jake has been attempting to act as peacemaker between Ella, Angela, and Sabine:Seems Ella’s not interested in rapprochement with “disinfo agent Angela Disney or with agent provocateur Sabine McNeill and the rest of the gang”. Some people just seem unable to let bygones be bygones, don’t they?

And there’s little Jake, bless his cotton socks, saying that Ella is just being “uber cautious”. Frankly, we think she could have been a bit more careful in choosing her friends in the first place, but perhaps that’s just us.

Funny that Ella wants to avoid having her time “wasted on receiving, reading and deleting some irrelevant information, rumours, etc.” Given that she and Abe are lounging about in Spain, raising weed and chickens and staring meaningfully into one another’s eyes, we’re not sure what extremely important business she’s had to attend to.

Come on home, Ella, we miss you and your deranged greasy midget! We can reminisce about old times, it’ll be brilliant! We’ve even reserved a spot for you at the local Iron Bar Hotel. All expenses paid. And look, we’ve even brought in a dancing monkey for your entertainment….

53 thoughts on “Jake’s friends share details of latest police interview

  1. I have valid actions that could help.

    Leave Abraham Jemal Christie, really dump him, and return to the U.K.

    Get in touch with social services. Get a solicitor. Get therapy. Eat humble pie. Beg for forgiveness. Grovel. Go for letterbox contact. Try again. And again. Listen. Suck it up. Prostrate yourself. Throw yourself at the court’s mercy. Be a pleading, sobbing wreck asking for one more chance. Make promises and keep them. Take what little contact you may get, or whatever hope there is and cling onto it as if your life depends on it. Don’t forget, don’t become bitter. Try harder every day.

    Beg you eldest’s forgiveness and kiss his feet. Never let him down again.

    Become a wretch wracked in guilt. Get over that. Be better.

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    • Even one or two of these things would be a start, if she’s serious and dumps Abraham.

      But, for whatever reason, I think Ella Draper doesn’t really have it in her.

      Also, Ella Draper lol. She’s still using the name of a man, her ex, she wants people to believe hurt her children. That makes no sense, unless, ………. IT WAS ALL UNTRUE. Haahahah

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      • I fully agree, Tracey. If she wanted any contact at all with her younger children she’d have to do all you suggest, and more.

        However, I’ve come to the conclusion that for Ella, it’s never been about her love for her children. It’s about winning. Bottom line: she wants to destroy RD. It’s what she’s wanted all along.

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        • Having been at the mercy of a wrathful man, there are such people. The hatred in them never dies, they are as a scorpion waiting to pounce, watching for an opportunity…….. a bit like those looking to cause fractures in peoples confidence in alot of us whatever our ID/s, whether fake or real. Most of us being called RD anyway. Ella hasn’t the ability to be honest and admit her responisiblity and part in it all, I think she’s gone too far, but you never know…………..

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  2. Oh, so Ella is still around and replying to emails! Interesting post, indeed. I’m sure Angela will be delighted at what Ella thinks of her. LOL!

    Thanks for this update, your last paragraph on this post was priceless. 😀

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  3. Remember folks, always insult the policeman who’s going to interview you. You really need to get him on your side. LMAO!

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      • The solicitor wouldn’t record the interview. The police do and would give them a certified copy. I can’t believe how dim these people are.

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      • Seriously tape recorders in a briefcase??? I got a pen (that also functions as a pen) that takes up to 8hrs of HD video and sound (handy when you have a boss (well exboss) that constantly lies both to you and other people.
        Although I wouldnt be stupid enough to a. end up on the wrong side of the interview table with police and b. then talk about it on social media- which Mr Martin is hopefully keeping a weather eye on

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    • LOL yolande really should grab a copy of how to make friends and influence people. Didnt take roopee long to get back into it either did it??? I thought part of his conviction included not talking about it on social media?


    • What video are they talking about?

      I wish Rupert would get to grips with the fact that most of the people involved in this are mentally ill or unstable.

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      • He strikes me like so many US young people I’ve met who are from mid-America. Never experienced life outside the self-assured bubble of middle-class life where there has been little struggle and a fairly easy life (no problem with that) and a sort of notion that they are exempt from many self-imposed restraints that stop most of us doing things that could get us in trouble with the law.

        I think it’s why he was easily lured in by far more manipulative folk ( APD !) while he thought he was on some great adventure. After all he’s not the most fascinating or experienced person (apart from his exaggerated belief he gained some ‘fame’ from a conspiracy internet radio show which these days are a dime a dozen).

        So he finally had a reason to visit the UK – a mission so he wasn’t just another backpacking Yank wandering around Trafalgar Square. His subsequent actions and Youtube videos about British coppers etc that landed him in hot water wreaked of a sad arrogance that he was above normal behaviour. I mean even in the USA only a complete fool (or lunatic) would hang around school gates with a knife.

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  4. Brain of The Century Jake : “I’m convinced of Angie’s goodness” written to the woman Angela Power-Disney has accused of sexually assaulting her son, participating in ‘Snuff Movies’ and being part of a Russian Mafia child porn and drug syndicate.

    Hope his Dad is the full quid because his son is a Class One Fuckwit.

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    • Well, his father is a senior professional who according to Jake the police will have to take seriously. How convenient for Jake to be able to abdicate responsibility for his bonkers behaviour and get his da to deal with the repercussions instead.

      If Jake was my son, there’d be no internet in my house and Jake would only be allowed out of the house if accompanied by a minder with strict instructions to stay away from anywhere which offers free wifi.

      Hanging out online with maniacs and trying to be the peacekeeper amongst that rabble must be seriously bad for his mental health.

      And how on earth does Manuela Costa imagine it’s any of her business what occurred during Jake and Sabine’s interviews with DC (is that his title?) Martin? It’s enough to know they were obviously warned to behave or else…although I imagine Sabine’s chat with Steve Martin was probably exhausting for him.

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        • The police must be well practised in dealing with all sorts and in particular those with mental health issues and personality disorders. I bet Jake was under strict orders from his father to be as contrite as possible but Sabine is evidently a very tricky sort of person going off the videos you’ve shared and her writings and behaviour.

          I sort of can imagine how an interview where you were cautioning her on her behaviour might go….there’d be tears, fainting fits, demands for smelling salts, cups of tea, glasses of water, loo breaks, complaints about how her bum is numb, her back is seizing up, that she’s in crippling pain etc. All to deflect from the reality of the situation and so she can complain later that the police tortured her. The ‘interview’ would have gone on for at least four hours.

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      • Some of these people give away what brainless dills they really are. There would be no country that allows anyone to simply access recorded video interviews with suspects or those being interviewed for so many obvious legal reasons (privacy being one). After all an interview is evidence.

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  5. Facebook really has to lift its game- or it will be forced to by legislation (there is a push on for posts that defame people like kane does to be covered by federal legislation here- talk of $25 grand PER POST fines!!! and possible isp blocking for the entire country if not acted upon. That might get facebooks attention!


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    • We should tell Facebook that he has posted a photograph of a lady’s nipple – they pay attention to that sort of thing. Murder and mutilation are fine, but the merest hint of a bum, boob or willy and it is removed in seconds.

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  6. Amazing timing:
    The one thing not piling up in Professor Jay’s VIP paedophile inquiry is evidence

    “The QC suggested that the inquiry would also look at the claim by the journalist Don Hale that his office was raided in 1984 by Special Branch and a dossier prepared by the late Barbara Castle “containing names of MPs said to be sympathetic to the Paedophile Information Exchange” was seized.

    Again The Sunday Times revealed three years ago that there is no evidence that a “Castle dossier” existed. The Bodleian Library in Oxford holds her archive but no such document has been found.

    The reason Hale had never mentioned the incident before 2014 was, he claimed, because he had been served with a D-notice — an official request to newspapers not to publish a story in the interests of national security. A spokesman for the D-notice system said no such warning had been issued.”

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    • Good idea ! Round up all those who have sabotaged it, lied and encouraged false allegations. Listening to Dicke Van Reptiles talking, I think he bears to answer for his actions, words, their consequences, same goes for others who created the mess.

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      • Sheva, that video you put up of Baloney interviewing Dicke was fascinating and not just because the way Dicke was filmed made him appear amphibian-like but as you said his repeating the invitation to victims to come to him as he will believe them and never consider them nuts seems to have been his way to encourage all and sundry to tell him any and all allegations particularly those of a certain flavour i.e. SRA and (as someone else wrote) V.I.Poo.

        Did the allegations about Ted Heath originate with Dicke? Apparently, he published a book making claims about Heath in the latter half of the nineties.

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          • Nothing original has emanated from Icke who is one of the world’s great plagiarists. As a youth a long (looong) time ago I had a great interest in anything esoteric and devoured dozens of books on so many subjects that are now mainstream because of the Internet.

            Icke has plagiarized everything he presents as his own but does so in a professional manner as the good TV trained salesman he is. He gets away with so much because his dedicated fans simply believes anything he says so when he claims he reported about Jimmy Savile first (total bollox) his cult-like followers repeat the claim for him (without checking) and it becomes a “fact”.

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            • True GOS. I’m sure there’s been alot of venom sent CWs way for making the case so well, when he undid the puff piece by Angie on CCN for Zen Gardner….. He has exposed quite alot of dirty goings on in the UK Alt media & truth movement. They have caused him problems. He’s taking down stuff and changing tack. But you’re right about the dumbclicks going on, but they are being herded and encouraged. I think we must remember alot of them are skilled in NLP. I really think though the revulsion at them all using children and victims of CSA will be their undoing.


            • How many are culpable in this ? Here we have people helped by the False Accusation Charity, which just shows there really are people on all sides giving bad advice….. Tho the fear of the police and psychics of the worst kind are in the mix….. with UK Column, Brian Gerrish has used this case as proof that the ‘whistleblower’ was set up, bla bla…. II too read alot and also attended alot of workshops and did train in holistic massage) …. I’m not against alternatives or complementary, done the right way. This is a very upsetting story. No one is a voice for the two child victims, except Badda Bing, well and me now too. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1338985/Martin-Smith-convicted-child-sex-offences-Lianne-Smith-stands-him.html


          • I’m very new to all of this…how I relate to all of you who are far more experienced and knowledgeable than me is through recognising common threads and themes when you all describe, in your way, what is typically expected when it comes to being subjected to a particular kind of emotional abuse and coercion ….pure manipulation….I feel affronted and angry by the outrageous nonsense proliferated by thick ignorant gobshites. Ultimately I am all about keeping informed enough to rescue my children from falling for bollix perpetuated on the net.

            I wish I could be of good use for you all but I’m very ordinary and ignorant….the only thing I have going for me is that I’m somewhat intelligent but otherwise how far can you take an ability to empathise.

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        • So dangerous from a legal angle.
          Any genuine victim should go to police first after maybe talking to their own lawyer. Fanatical amateurs like Baloney risk interfering with a prosecution and could mean a real perpetrator could get off if Baloney and that vile Fay contaminated evidence.
          (you won’t be hearing from Baloney again- interviewed twice by The Met over encouraging fantasists and has now gone to ground. Like the little bully he is, just another coward).

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    • You are doing better than me then…
      One thing I hate about their complaints system is they give you a very limited selection of choices to click from, often none of which have anything to do with your complaint, and no ‘other’ option where you could put it in your own words…
      From memory the options I got were nudity, racism, promotes suicide and one other I cant remember at the moment, none of which really had anything to do with it- I chose nudity as being the closest, but really- any choice I made wouldnt be an accurate description

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      • Thanks, mate.

        And I’m pleased to report that the hate speech one that was taken down was against Australians:

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  7. As far as I know, the Heath story first started, with an observation by an American woman who was on holiday. Heath was on his boat and had some boys on it, she miscounted, how many boys came back on it and seemed to think there was one less, apparently that’s when the rumours started. I will say something about C.W. though, he is a bully and a coward and will never change. He still has rubbish on his site about Elms Guest House.

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