Jake Clarke in over his head at EDL punch-up

Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park erupted into violence yesterday, as EDL members thronged behind their ex-leader Tommy Robinson, who was scheduled to deliver a speech by recently detained far-right spokes-thingy Martin Sellner.

The mob surrounded and assaulted veteran speaker Heiko Khoo, a confrontation with a Muslim group followed, and the scene devolved into a massive punch-up as police intervened to separate battling factions. As far as we can gather, the EDL were fighting with a group of anti-fascists who turned up (kudos to Weaselwatch for predicting this one!), and later began fighting amongst themselves.

And right in the middle of it all was Jake Clarke, who can be seen at 6:25 in this video asking Mr Khoo, “Have you heard about the Hampstead cover-up?”

Jake Clarke EDL fight 2018-03-18

Shortly after this, all hell broke loose.

In this video at 2:38, Jake can be heard above the crowd, shouting, “Hampstead cover-up!”

Too close for comfort

In the above video, beginning at about 00:59, we see Jake, who’d clearly come to the event in order to distribute leaflets and encourage people to attend Sabine McNeill’s bail hearing this morning, getting up close and personal with the EDL thugs:Jake Clarke EDL 2018-03-18 melee


Here we can see Jake clutching his Hampstead leaflets. As things begin to get rough he looks slightly concerned…

…and then as the situation careens out of control he starts desperately shouting, “Stop! Stop!”

At 1:02, he grimaces and doubles over as though he’s been hurt—possibly punched or trod on:

What was he thinking?

Why was Jake at Speakers’ Corner in the first place, knowing that the EDL would be out in force? It’s disturbing to think that he could easily have been distributing leaflets to EDL members along with anti-fascists, in hopes that they would turn out in force on Sabine’s behalf.

Is he really so deluded as to believe that inviting a group of thugs to court will somehow help Sabine’s case?

Judging by the video footage, it would seem that whatever his intention, Jake was in well over his head at yesterday’s melee. We can only hope that none of those who received his leaflets will attend today’s court hearing—for everyone’s sake.

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  1. Ooh, how intriguing, EC! Thanks for this write-up and kudos on your amazing noticing skills.

    I hope Jake’s ok. Any news on that score?

    I wonder what his bestie Wesley will think about Jake possibly trying to get the EDL to come to the ‘Free Sabine’ protest, having spent the last week sweating over the possibility of the Pendragons making an appearance!

    By the way, do we know if he was there just for the leafleting and word-spreading or does he have any leanings towards the EDL and their ilk, I wonder? I know he claims to be all about peace and love, which would suggest he’s anti-EDL, but he’s also part of a group who are notoriously bigoted and intolerant. So who knows?

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    • “I hope Jake’s ok. Any news on that score?”

      Yeah, the first video above (Heiko Khoo one) was filmed after the melee, so it appears he survived intact 🙂

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    • Honestly..I shouldn’t snigger seeing such violence but hearing that voice amidst the melee vainly shouting ‘Hampstead cover-up”.
      Poor coppers really have their work cut out for themselves sometimes. It’s easy from those videos to see how passions can quickly get out of hand. The boy/man is a fanatic. Finally he has a cause in life. I know it ages me but I yearn for the time of full employment when people actually had something useful to do that occupied their day.

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      • My exact words were “the EDL and their ilk“.
        My spelling and grammar were none too shabby either.
        So remind me who’s looking silly?


  2. Selected highlights from tonight’s pagga action

    Tonight’s match saw Tracey (with help from her army of red-eyed bullies) getting in the mood for tomorrow’s ‘Free Sabine’ protest by pouncing on some poor woman who’d dared to ask her for advice…on a Sunday! You see, Tracey doesn’t have time for damsels in distress on Sundays, though she does apparently have plenty of time to moan about them…

    See the full unedited version here (thanks, Scarlet):


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    • Seriously, can anyone see tracey being of any help to anyone at anytime-Sunday or any other day?
      Having her involved in anything is a surefire way to lose everything imho
      (I liked Nikki’s comment about it’s not like her to be so pissed off- seriously, has anyone seen her NOT slagging off at everyone in sight- she’s famous for it!)

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    • Thanks for this, Blabberwatch! I had to laugh at your comment that the Gob of the North spent more time on Facebook (and presumably away from her family) explaining and justifying herself than she would have had she just answered poor Caroline.

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  3. The photo of Jake above makes it look like he’s with the EDL and shouting in the direction of the Muslims and Antifa. When you listen to the video though he’s shouting ‘Hampstead Cover Up….Not’ and something else I couldn’t quite catch. He’s so obsessed he’ll put himself at risk like this to try and get his point across, even when he can hardly be heard and nobody’s interested because they’re there for other reasons.

    The question remains – who was he giving leaflets to? Wesley’s nightmare might come true and Sabine might find herself supported by EDL members, and all because of Jake’s enthusiastic leaflet distribution. You couldn’t make it up.

    p.s. Despite all I hope he wasn’t injured.

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  4. I tried listening through headphones, but the only thing I can hear from him is “do you know about the Hampstead coverup”, the comment immediately after, which is very unclear, doesnt appear to be from him, it sounds like a different person
    (headphones can often be useful in hearing things more clearly compared to speakers, dont know why, but it definitely works)

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      • Still not hearing it sorry, he definitely says “do you know about the Hampstead coverup”, then there is another person audible (who had been talking throughout the entire bit of Jakes question, not sure exactly what he was saying- sounds a bit like “do you know about the seatbelt wrench sir” which makes no sense at all, but the accent is hard to understand, then the guy he was talking to says “No I dont know that, bit of a new one”, more indistinct yelling from various people then the same that Jake was talking to yells “One, one fool at a time” (fool???) more yelling then “you’re first Micheal, let him speak”

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        • Seriously, watch the video I gave you the link for – you can actually see him saying it. Yes, other people talk over him but he definitely says something after “coverup”. You can see his lips move and hear him say something.

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          • I did, thats what I gave the transcript for, but seriously, his lips may have been moving, but on the headphones I cant hear anything that sounds like his voice saying anything after coverup, immediately after he finishes the word coverup, the voice heard is the man saying “do you know about the seatbelt wrench”??? which is heard immediately after “coverup” with no break, there is no gap
            (I am rather practiced at this, I do transcriptions for a bit of extra $$ on the side occasionally) thats why I recommend using headphones, it ‘pulls’ the voices out better than speakers

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          • Yes, I agree; I couldn’t hear anything over the background noise after “cover-up”, though I could see his lips move. Probably not all that critical—the main thing is that he was there, broadcasting about the hoax and handing out leaflets.


          • Yes, he definitely says something. it’s very audible. Can’t quite make out what it is he says, though.

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          • I’m pretty sure now that he said “Do you know about the Hampstead cover-up proof?”.


    • In the ‘Speakers Corner’ video at 2:38 he’s shouting ‘Hampstead Cover Up – Child Rape’. He says ‘choild’ – it’s him and his accent.

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      • I ‘think’ I heard one more “pedophile” before, but wasnt sure, he definitely starts at 2.37 with “pedophile…Hampstead coverup” then a message tone , he repeats “Hampstead coverup…child rape” three times clearly (possibly a fourth time as well, muffled by police order to move back) he can be clearly heard again at 3.13 up to 3.30 repeating it less and less clearly due to crowd noise, he is again clear still repeating it at 3.50

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  5. Am I awful for LMAO! There’s this left-wing guy on his soapbox or up a ladder or something surrounded by raging right-wing thugs and the atmosphere is TENSE and then Jake appears and wants to talk about the (totally irrelevant at the time) Hampstead hoax. It’s like going to a wedding anniversary and giving a speech about murder, harassment and child-abuse. Oh wait…….

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    • His wide-eyed excitement didn’t last, though – it seems someone’s hurt his feelings. Awww 😦


  6. This court hearing could either be a a right shit fest or an absolute fizzer. Either way the outcome will be the same. Sabine is staying in the slammer! Am watching from afar!

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        • There’s a jury downstream at her trial and reporting restrictions apply from when the case was first sent – only court, judge, defendant’s name, address, adjourned date and place, bail status, legal representative and whether legally aided. See section 37 Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/25/section/37 (definition of “preparatory hearing” is in section 28 but it effectively includes everything before the trial).

          I would also counsel against getting hopeful of the outcome (either way). I wouldn’t like to call the decision.

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  7. Do people really give a rats arse about Jake Clarke, if he wants to get in situations like that, let him.


  8. Off subject but relates to the nutcase Mad Moo Deborah Mahmoudieh who was recently claiming the California fires were caused by some Sooper Secrit Death Ray Gun…horrible bush fires that have consumed at least 100 homes in a small southern NSW town over the weekend.
    I watched one of these bush fires from afar a few years ago..the most frightening thing I have ever seen. The noise is terrifying and the speed at which they race is alarming as sadly these residents of Tahtra discovered. Just the height of the flames that reach into the sky would terrify anyone.
    But all the TV vision and interviews with residents show the same thing : perhaps 5 houses in a row reduced to piles of ash while the fire advances so fast in may leave the next 4 houses intact (and the cars , garbage bins etc) and then consume the next half dozen.

    Why those manning the Death Ray Gun would chose a small working class town to decimate is anyone’s guess when sadly with the pace of news, it will be forgotten by the public within a month.
    But it’s one small example of the fractured thinking of the Hoax Mob.


  9. I was listening to a recording of a radio broadcast that featured one of the Felstead brothers, yesterday. That’s the “Justice for Carol” case. So I’ve been obsessing over that tragic outrage since then.

    Remember when we were discussing the Orkney kids case, and how Sarah Nelson apparently refuses to believe those persons when – as adults – they clearly state that the alleged ritual abuse never happened to them? My observation was, that the RAINS associated and influenced professionals DON’T “believe the children” in such cases – in fact, their dogma tells them the abused child will always lie-deny – so they only believe what they have intuitively deduced about the child from “their behaviours, drawings and play”?
    Which really means that they fantasize life event scenarios about the child, and then presume that their own imagined “story” about the child’s life is the “real truth” about them from that point on. Outrageous, right?

    This is the thing to understand about the infamous “ritual abuse symptom” checklists, like the ones concocted by Catherine Gould, which were always preposterously universal and silly – like, “bedwetting” or “fearful of blood”. The specific “symptoms” aren’t important, they are just a pretext for fantasizing ritual abuse scenarios involving the child anyway. The importance of the checklist is, it serves as an “official” sanction for “diagnosing” a child’s involvement in ritual abuse by intuitive deduction. After that, they would claim “the child told me…” without specifying the the child “told” them these things through their behaviour, not verbally.

    Anyway, no surprise that Sinason describes herself as an “analytic” therapist who doesn’t need to solicit your memories from you, because shes Sherlock Holmes on steroids and can deduce a lifetime of satanic cult inflicted torment by the way you “limp”. !!! I’m very suspicious, because of all this, that the purported “life history” attributed to Carol Felstead’s “false memories” was really Sinason re-writing her history to make her conform to Sinason’s beliefs about SRA. I believe Carl was probably Schizophrenic and may have made random paranoid accusations about people around her, perhaps even family members, but I don’t believe those rantings could comprise a more or less coherent – albeit distorted – life history.


    • So much then for the endless claim “children never lie” but they do constantly- usually unwittingly. When a child says “Santa is coming on Christmas Day” it’s a fib but the child is repeating what adults have told them and to the child- it’s a truth. There are endless examples of why children will tell fibs because it’s the only ‘reality’ they know.
      Which means adults (Abraham Christie ) are wicked beyond belief when they use children and get them to lie for their agenda.

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    • Mmm. That message would seem to imply that a well placed constable or two in Hampstead could hoover up a gaggle of gobbies today. Hope they are on the ball.

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      • @ anowlcalledsage Here’s hoping!

        I feel a little sorry for Sabine though if indeed her legal team has stepped aside because of her solicitor being well thought of by others has been by her side for so many years now. I imagine that must be upsetting for her.

        So Tracey’s quality time with her family involved taking her young children on another long-distance car journey two weekends in a row? Sounds like cruelty to me! Unless the children enjoy being taken from their warm cosy home to catch ferries and sit in a car for hours on end in freezing weather…perhaps they’re missing a day of school too.


  10. How Anyone could allow Tracey the Loudmouth Gerbil to be around Any Children is a Huge Joke. She is one to project HER OWN past on her “Sunday PM’r”. SHE was a shitty Mother and twice as shitty Grand Mother. WHO is allowing this paranoid conspiratard access to ANY Child? This goes for Krusted Poo Turd on a stick also…I hope somebody has reported this BS to their respective CPS authority…?


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