UPDATE: Jake Clarke pleads not guilty

Jake Clarke appeared at Willesden Magistrates’ Court this morning and entered pleas of not guilty to two charges of harassment. His trial will begin on 5 July in Crown Court, location to be confirmed.

Jake told the magistrates that he hadn’t meant to cause distress, but said that since the IPCC had upheld Ella Gareeva Draper’s complaint in late 2016, his goal was to force police to open a new investigation of the Hampstead SRA hoax.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), formerly known as the IPCC, does not have a mandate to require the police to re-open closed investigations. In any event, only certain “heads of complaint” were upheld in Ella’s complaint. She has not chosen to release the results of the final investigation into those heads of complaint.

In any event, the results of the 2014 police investigation were upheld in the High Court ruling by Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley on 19 March 2015. This ruling was appealed, and the appeal was overruled in August 2015.

Willesden Magistrates

94 thoughts on “UPDATE: Jake Clarke pleads not guilty

  1. He actually said in Court his goal was to “force police to open a new investigation of the Hampstead SRA hoax” ??

    Wow… just wow. SMH

    Thanks for the update, EC.

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  2. “She has not chosen to release the results of the final investigation into those heads of complaint.”

    Aha, so that’s what the fruitloops must mean when they talk about the “Hampstead cover-up” 🙂

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    • Yes, it’s interesting. She made a huge to-do when the IPCC upheld certain “heads of complaint” on her initial complaint, but has said nothing whatsoever about the result of her second appeal. One would think that if it had been successful, she’d have been all over the internet with it.

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    • I’d like to read the results of Ella’s second appeal but I would really love to see Ella’s police interview.

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  3. Funny that Jake’s handler JournoAngie hasn’t reported on this.

    Mind you, she has other, more pressing bandwagons to attend to:

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    • Hey Angie, I can think of another word beginning with ‘w’ to describe Jon Wedger, if you’d like to complete the hat-trick.

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    • Yep, whoever shares that video will be on the list……. May I tell you all that some very important policy makers and decision makers, regarding the issues that this hoax has effected, the types of crimes it has generated and the types of people involved, as well as; the types under attack or at risk of harm, endangerment, abuse, grooming, harrassment: The innocents, falsely accused, the victims of any trauma, or harsh circumstance are mere punters for these people…….. I’m aware that this blog is being discussed in the right places, and am also real glad to announce the new blog ‘The Real Fresh Start Foundation’. has been published. This one does already what it says on the tin. 🙂

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      • Well if this case doesn’t demonstrate how the internet and social media can be used to cause immense grief for innocent people I’m not sure what will !.
        As seen with the pizzagate drama were someone was inspired to shoot a gun in a restaurant where families with children were dining, we have no idea if a really unbalanced person decides to take physical action against a North London resident, priest etc.

        Seeing someone has already been convicted of loitering with a knife near a school and seems to be now saying they were incarcerated for something else, it’s a worry.
        Take this Arthur character for instance, he threatens to physically attack a Royal palace and is so hyper aggressive I’m not sure the residents of Sydney are safe from him. I think the local police need to be informed because Australia is always on the itinery for Royal visits and Prince Charles was attacked with a starting pistol when he was here once (ironically his attacker is now barrister).
        And he keeps getting revved up and encouraged by the usual suspects.

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    • Maloney’s aggressive manner is very off-putting. Finally seeing Wedger talk makes me think he is exaggerating any career he may have had in the force.

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  4. The Olsen twins “have been FUCKED up by MK-Ultra & Project Monarch Mind Control Programming”. Apparently.

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    • I’m confused. What’s he talking about?. Placing a bet on the horses?, Is he saying Satan runs the betting shops?.
      How does he know Satan doesn’t like it sideways? Has he been listening to a friend of mine who used to sing in the clubs and did a great version of My Way but replaced the words :
      I’ve lived a life that’s full
      I’ve traveled each and every highway
      But more, much more than this
      I did it side ways.

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    • Yes, Arthur sounds totally normal and of sound mind. Hopefully if he carries on the way he is then it won’t be long until he is back in the hospital.

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  5. Sooo, Neelu’s advocating stabbing police officers now, then. She must have got bored with hanging them.

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    • She does know he’s a banker whose company TBO was fined £2m for losing almost all of one of his client’s monies in dodgy investments, accused Goldman Sachs (a publicly quoted company) of being a Jewish International Bank, thinks foreign aid is sent to “Bongo Bongo Land”, doesn’t like immigrants and the children of immigrants, that the unemployed shouldn’t be allowed to vote and who hates sluts, er, women doesn’t she?

      Actually, on balance I think she probably does,

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  6. Arfur’s playing with his dick and wishing people weren’t scared of him?
    Well, I for one am terrified of him after reading that 😮


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