Hoaxtead mobsters continue war of words: Angela v Yolande

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s nothing quite so fascinating and deeply satisfying as watching the Hampstead SRA hoax pushers tear one another to shreds, metaphorically speaking of course. And during the past week we’ve been spoilt for choice.

Round 1: Charlotte v Belinda

It started with Charlotte Alton Ward’s shot across Belinda’s bow.

Among other improbabilities, she claimed that:

  • The entire hoax was an “MK Ultra psy op”;
  • Belinda was at best a dupe of “the guilty parties”, including but not limited to Sabine McNeill and Kristie Sue Costa (who Charlotte accused of being Sabine’s “handler”);
  • This blog’s longevity has been due to “large amounts of money” being paid out from MK Ultra’s “endless black budgets”;
  • Belinda did a deal with the police to avoid prosecution;
  • Charlotte’s Hamster Research blog supported abused children;
  • Her blog, her emails, and her MacBook laptop computer had been hacked by persons associated with MK Ultra, Belinda, or some combination thereof, and the number 69 had something to do with it.

Needless to say, Belinda was less than impressed with this analysis, and wrote back in her typical thin-lipped style. She berated Charlotte for repaying her hospitality with such unkind allegations. In turn, she claimed that

  • Charlotte was probably only annoyed at Sabine and Kristie Sue because the latter had called Charlotte a Luciferian;
  • Belinda had been “dead set” against Rupert Quaintance coming to the UK; but…
  • Contrary to Rupert’s defence arguments at his trial, he had actually come to the UK because of “very unpleasant people in a certain area…he came to face them up”;
  • She had also been “dead set” against the demonstrations outside Christ Church Hampstead;
  • She hadn’t done a deal with the police;
  • Sabine didn’t “beg” to take on the Hampstead case, and had not been the first person to release the videos;
  • She expects that Sabine will end up in prison in 2018.

All in all, most satisfactory.

Round 2: Charlotte rallies

On 20 November, Charlotte struck back. She claimed that the Hampstead hoax, which she had supported unequivocally until late 2015 when Kristie Sue and the late Maria MacMahon turfed her out of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, was nothing more than a psy op (by whom and for what purpose we really cannot tell).

She then launched into an attack on Angela Power-Disney. She claimed that Angie had “lured” both Jake Clarke and Rupert Quaintance into supporting the hoax (and we really cannot argue with her on that point).

Then Charlotte asked the $600,000 question: “So if it’s all that serious, all these innocent alleged offenders, why haven’t YOU BOTH gone down? It could be down to the inequalities of the ‘legal system’. But if so, WHY do you keep supporting it and luring parents into it?”

Oh, and for good measure she tossed in a suggestion that Sabine might have hired someone to break her own window, presumably to make herself look like she was being victimised. Interesting if true.

She also accused Sabine and her mate Kristie Sue of “information gathering”—using Charlotte’s alleged research without her permission.

One interesting titbit: Charlotte stated, “I am a pisshead, as you are…”, implying that she and Belinda are both alcoholics. We have absolutely no evidence that this is the case, although some of our commenters say they have seen Belinda drinking the dregs from strangers’ wine glasses in pubs. Still, that could be an excess of frugality, not an addiction to alcohol. Hard to say really.

Round 3: Angela v Charlotte

Surprisingly, it took Angela until 24 November to cobble together a response to Charlotte’s allegations that she had lured both Rupert and Jake into the hoax. We reported on it here; here’s a brief summary:

Angie: I did not engage in luring with those men. In fact, you lured me into supporting the hoax.

[False: Angela started posting about the hoax in early February. Unless she can show that this was as a result of “luring” by Charlotte, we will continue to reject this excuse.]

Angie: If Rupert doesn’t watch his step when he gets out of prison, I will destroy him.

[Probably true. That’s how Angie rolls. “Vindictive” is her middle name, we are told.]

And that brings us to…

Round 4: Yolande v Angela

Shortly after Angela’s email on 24 November, Yolande (somewhat confusingly) shot back:

On Nov 24, 2017 16:02, Yolande Lindridge <YolandeLindridge@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Angela Power-Disney, please can you explain to myself and Sussex Police how you have got hold of a confidential email to Sussex Police? Charlotte Ward aka Jacqui Farmer emailed me this morning that she had been emailing Sussex Police but when I questioned her about her email she did not reply? Eugene Lubjanenko
went to prison for 8 months today and I have a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on 5.12.2017 about a re-run of the referendum. Leave me alone.

I sent a group email reply 4 days ago to Jacqui aka Charlotte’s email 2 days earlier ie that she had emailed last Saturday, please stop trying to involve me in your 2 Russian/LibDem hoaxes (Hampstead’s Ella  & Lubjanenko) involving the Association of McKenzie Friends’ LibDem sponsor, John Hemming MP to distract
from real child sex abuse scandals.

What does all this mean?

What have the Sussex Police got to do with the price of eggs in Egypt? How does the imprisonment of Eugene Lubjanenko relate to anything? Why is Yolande obsessed with John Hemming?

Your guess, dear reader, is as good as ours.

However, that was just the opening salvo. It was followed by another attack from Angela, who really seems to be hitting her stride, pagga-wise:

From: angela power <angelapowerba@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 24 November 2017 20:17
To: Yolande Lindridge
Subject: Re: More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op

Yolande Kenward Lindridge Gordon
It is discombobulating and ironic to receive an e mail from YOU saying LEAVE ME ALONE as I am ongoingly confounded by the e mail lists to which you circulate!!!
I simply press REPLY ALL so you must go back to source ie YOUR SELF to find out how and why who replied to whom.

Yes I know Eugene got months today and Yes I know Hampstead was to a great degree an inside Russian mafia job.

By the way I will ‘RE ITERATE Sabine, love her or otherwise did NOT leak the damning children’s testimony videos in the 1st 2nd or possibly 3rd instances…they were FIRST released to Russian media online around November 2014….they were ALSO released on the dark web and picked up by an activist who then released them on the normal web and testified to same in order to clear Sabine of the charges of release …..she is 72 or 73 and likely to go to prison for this bloody misinformation!!

Your stance sometimes Yolande smacks of racism even to me …I am FAR from a social justice warrior and mourn the loss of national identity in England but 
ABSOLUTELY recognise that the children of foreign nationals are targeted by the UK government child trafficking network .

I Still implore you to quit consulting psychics and research your beloved Duke of Kent with regard to international elite paedophilia and blackmail

Kind regards

Wait, what? Now Angela thinks that “Hampstead was to a great degree an inside Russian mafia job”?

That’s a new one on us. Granted, it does seem likely these days that Pizzagate was to some extent manipulated by the Russians in an effort to interfere with the U.S. election which was happening then; but to say that Angie’s latest hypothesis is ludicrous would be a serious understatement. (See also her utterly false claims that the hoax was started by Ella, and that Ella was involved in creating child sex abuse videos.)

And to reiterate, although we have seen no evidence to confirm the story that “someone else released the videos first”, it matters not whether Sabine was first to put them online or one hundred and first. She did it, and she knew full well that she was in violation of the law when she did it. And that’s as far as we are willing to go, given that Sabine is currently facing criminal charges about her activities.

A day after receiving Angela’s email, Yolande responded:

From: Yolande Lindridge <YolandeLindridge@xxxxxxxx>
To: angela power <angelapowerba@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat,25 Nov 2017 16:4837 +0000

Angela Power-Disney

I repeat. LEAVE ME ALONE. I am a witness and you, in my opinion, are deliberately trying to interfere with criminal investigations. I have a hearing about my Brexit challenge on 5.12.2017 in the Royal Courts of Justice, whilst those you side with are that day holding a demonstration outside the Justice Ministry.

What has happened to Clare Douglas and myself yesterday is disgraceful and requires police investigation. Kent Police gave me incident reference 23/1210. [Sorry, no idea—Ed.]

I have been advised that you and Tracey Morris aka cronies of the Association of McKenzie Friends, are trying to support Eugene Lukjaneko legally and otherwise, we are on opposing sides as I am a witness and a victim. There is another court hearing listed next month. Moreover whilst Eugene Lukjanenko was appearing in the Canterbury Combined Courts yesterday morning, Bridgend BC were in the Cardiff Combined Courts getting a hearing there next Friday morning for the same charges that Eugene faced with his main follower re roof-top protests. Again I am a victim of this woman and a potential court witness.

All my communications have been hacked for years. Facebook still does nothing to deal with serious hate crime and threats, which was stooping in Kent to its normal very low levels last night with a comment ‘Dead hahahaha’ above a hacked private photo of 3 young children in Clare Douglas’ immediate family. Hackers will therefore have copies of emails re the German Sabine McNeill, including her telling me that she copied in a blogger to one of her emails who then put videos of the 2 Hampstead kids on the internet. I am NOT responsible for the decisions that the Association of McKenzie Friends and their sponsors make.

For 3 years, the Association of McKenzie Friends/their cronies have been trying to get me associated with the Russian Hampstead hoax. Via the Association of McKenzie Friends I got duped re Eugene Lukjanenko, RT et al.

Every single one of the Association of McKenzie Friends/their cronies hada bad attitude to me over my Brexit challenge and its intended outcome of reforming UK child protection laws and protecting the NHS from collapse by Maidstone’s Tories & LibDems – indeed Belinda McKenzie was actively working in tandem with Maidstone Tory & LibDem politicians to get me silenced/stopped/sectioned/socially isolated and not because I am mentally ill, but as a way of controlling and bringing an end to my Brexit challenge.

I have nothing but respect for the Duke of Kent, that is why I have been helping to bring down those who undermine him via their competing international network of masons run from Maidstone in Kent.

I have NEVER been part of the Association of McKenzie Friends, Sabine McNeill sub-contracted her children’s cases to me as no one in the Association of McKenzie Friends had the skills to do this work.



Yolande Kenward

Lay Legal Adviser to Clare Douglas. Kent Businesswoman of the Year 1996

Witness to serious crimes involving powerful people


And there you have it, folks.

Will Angela ignore Yolande’s demand to leave her alone?

Will we hear more from Belinda and Charlotte?

What has the Duke of Kent to do with any of this?

We’ll be keeping a close watch on the situation, and will be reporting updates as they come in. So stay tuned for the next episode of…Trooferdale.

201 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mobsters continue war of words: Angela v Yolande

  1. I’m sure I have heard APD mention a “Russian Mafia” connection before. These hoaxers change their minds so much, it’s difficult to keep up. A bit like Abe and Ella too!

    It was in one of her videos where she was talking with someone, unfortunately I can’t remember who, or which video it was on now.

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    • Yes i recall Angie mentioning something about the Russian mafia before. I also remember when she thought that the homemade drug Krokodil was a country, lmao.

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    • “an inside Russian mafia job”..what a hoot. Unless they intended buying up the entire Hampstead suburb for a pittance and re-selling it for $$Billions in order to buy one of those super luxury yachts, they have far better interests.
      This mob is really arguing about air as there is no substance to any of their claims on whatever side they reside. Sad that a whole lot of innocent North Londoners had to be put through the mill over their shenanigans.

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      • Not for public……. says Ange and posts it publically. Plausable deniability ? cos you knew this was wrong Angela, didn’t you ?…………… Using Jake like that, wicked, evil, low………. he’s gullible, taken in and you will bleed him dry ……….. Unlike Angela, before I decided what to say or do, when her video came to my attention telling me to be ashamed of myself for calling the hoax on both Hampstead & Hollie Grieg…… which was also low, disgusting…. I spent quite alot of time, reading your notes, I was in your secret group, and watched the play there too. I was appalled at your deviousness and treatment around your family, money, their benefits, illnesses, and got your measure before I wrote anything at all…………. Had I found a genuine person with an ounce of credibility I would not have been as firm and even then, I have not sunk to the low depths that you have enlisting so many others to attack or undermine me…….
        You’re have no right to call yourself an advocate for children or child abuse survivors, NONE !

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      • I always find these God Botherers think they can do what they like because they think God is real and all that, they make up every excuse so the can get away with sucking people in and ruining other people’s lives, because God will let them off the hook, well fuck you people, why can’t you ever stop being so bloody selfish admit you are wrong, admit the damage you’ve done to people and crawl back under your stone

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    • It’s certainly becoming one of the best shows in town and outdoing my favourite US soap Bold & The Beautiful. Seeing the entire cast of that show visited Oz earlier this year to film some episodes I wonder if we can get the Hoaxstead Mob to do what they did, now popping up on our screens : record some episodes of Family Feud.
      I perceive one problem: their feuds are so fast paced by the time the show would be aired the “family” would be at each other’s throats.

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        • Airdrop the entire Hoaxmob into the jungle(parachutes optional) and sit back and watch the carnage as they fail to form any cohesive survival strategy whatsoever shortly prior to cannabalizing each other.

          Jake is nailed on to be the last one standing owing to getting seriously lost and somehow ending up in Manchester.

          Car crash telly at its finest.

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        • The Underbelly series are particularly good seeing they are based on real events. I once asked a local pal why there were so many gangsters and crooks in Oz and he said it’s certain cities- Sydney being once regarded as the Chicago of the South Seas (from Convict days) and Melbourne because it’s rapid growth was built on gold wealth during the Gold Rush attracting crooks from all over the world while Adelaide as a free colony with no convicts became the city of churches.Where I am, Perth it’s just plain old fashioned corrupt politicians.

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          • I love the Eric Bana film “Chopper” what a character that guy was in real life. I can’t recall which city in Australia he was based in but he had quite the fearsome reputation as a ‘standover man’ and would rob drug dealers etc


          • Chopper put Eric Bana’s career on the map. I once met an ex-cop in a Sydney pub- Roger Rogerson who I had seen in a brilliant series Blue Murder with Richard Roxburgh playing Rogerson. It had been banned in NSW but was shown in other states,
            He turned out to be a murderer and one of the most bent cops going. Now doing life for murder in a drug deal. Superb 2 part series as everyone says it’s the most accurate. I was surprised at how small he was- for a murderer.


  2. Excellent collation and analysis there, Your Howlness.

    It’s starting to sound like the hoaxers have a mole. If so, thank you, whoever you are.

    By the bye, I see Yolande changed her surname again for those emails. Must have been a Friday.

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  3. Mad Moo’s first video since 24th October and it sounds like she’s been toking on an extra-strong one to get her through it:

    Great post, by the way, EC.

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    • I guess she’s never heard of Jews For Jesus then.
      I can hardly hear her in that video. She sounds like she took far too many Valiums. Does she fire up a bit later?

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  4. “I simply press REPLY ALL so you must go back to source ie YOUR SELF to find out how and why who replied to whom.”

    BAM! Our “accidentally on purpose” theory is thus confirmed 🙂

    Thank you for your very illuminating and entertaining post, El C.

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  5. “I know Hampstead was to a great degree an inside Russian mafia job.”

    Hahaha! And this is on top of her admissions that at least 20% of the children’s original testimony was made up and that they were probably coerced using drugs!

    By the way, didn’t she also blame the Russian Mafia for providing her with that not-at-all made-up evidence about Ella sexually abusing her son (which she STILL hasn’t produced)?

    Sooo, she has links with both the Russian Mafia and Filipino gangs but we’re the dodgy ones? LOL

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  6. “Your stance sometimes Yolande smacks of racism even to me …I am FAR from a social justice warrior and mourn the loss of national identity in England.”

    Hmmm. Angela there, admitting that you’d have to go some to outdo her on the racism front! And I wonder what loss of English “national” identity (yeah, Angie – fuck the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish, right?) she’s referring to. Usually when people (e.g. the EDL, BNP or Britain First) say that, it means “Oh fuck, look at all the mosques, turbans and Pakis infesting the streets of London”. Perhaps Angie (who once claimed that all black men are bad fathers and on another occasion bemoaned the decline of the gollywog could clarify her stance for us and what specifically she’s referring to.

    Perhaps she could also be more specific about what she sees as our “national identity”. I ask because I reckon the vast majority of our traditions originate from other countries and cultures, not to mention the fact that they have constantly changed and adapted over the years/decades/centuries. Multi-culturalism is – and always has been – one of the fascinating and wonderful things about this country, its customs, its people and its language. We’ve been heavily influenced by everyone from the Germans/Anglo-Saxons, the French/Normans, the Romans, the Vikings, the Indians, the Greeks, the Italians, the Americans, the North Africans, the Spanish etc. etc. Deal with it, Angela. The only 100% English tradition that springs to mind is Morris dancing and even that’s rumoured to have started with the Moors!

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    • Exactly. I think everyone who thinks they’re ‘English’ should have their DNA analysed. They’d get a shock! Had mine done recently and I’m one percent Jedi apparently. I’m wondering if me mam ran into Lord Ashtray one dark sultry night in Wigan during the war. You never know do you!

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    • I always wondered who was responsible for Morris Dancing. So it was a Moors’ plot all along.
      Angie’s “national identity” has more to do with the fine US tradition of “grifting” although my ex-policeman pal tells me the Aussies are better at it but even they can be always outdone by a good New Zealand scam artist.
      Poor Ange is only at the lowest level in the scamster stakes but she certainly tries hard.

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    • I agree with everything you say. I just wonder why Angela mourns the loss of national identity in England, one minute she is Irish, the next she is Anglo & now she is purporting to be English by that statement! 😂😂😂

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  7. “All my communications have been hacked for years. Facebook still does nothing to deal with serious hate crime”

    Such as your barrage of antisemitic posts and comments you mean, Yolande? *Facepalm*

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    • Why is she so keen on the Duke of Kent when he’s the Grand Master Freemason (Wikipedia)?. Also president of the Scout Association, Institute for Advanced Motorists and (my favourite) the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.
      Plenty there for the Conspiraloons to play about with but he looks like a nice old chap.

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    • The thing that saddens me the most is that with this lot plastering kids who have been `abused’ (true or false) details and photos across the net, that they may be scared to come forward in case the same happens to them, and that true predators may actually get off scot-free, because they can just use these ignoramuses to play up the `I’m innocent’ card and bury the truth under a pile of `me too’ false claims

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      • And considering the number that have close association with known and convicted abusers, is this a deliberate tactic?

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        • I really do think that for some it is deliberate, that plus the added bonus for an excuse to have all sorts of convos about children being abused, in solacious detail, pretending to be heroes, another factor, that some gullible victims go to them for support……………… but look at what happens to anyone who has gone near Belinda McKenzie & pals…….. and she’s got all those healers at the ready ?…… Ready though, not to support people in becoming self empowered, evolving and learning to self govern, self nurture, etc, but the opposite…………..to drain them of any resources, get them believing that demons or other aliens were really the culprits, while they are encouraging abusers to be amongst vulnerable people, speak at and for them… it is really sickening.

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  8. No, Costa, you terminal fruitloop. It was discredited by independent medical experts and her own peers, as you well know and as we have explained on countless occasions and as was outlined in Justice Pauffley’s report two and a half years ago. Desperate much?

    Full post here if you can bear it.

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    • The comments by Scarlet and James that she’s presented as evidence that the report was DISCREDITED actually seem pretty convincing that it WAS discredited.

      (Underlinings by KSC)

      Nice work, Costa – you are your own prosecutor! LOL

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      • Kris needs to stop trolling, her sickening lies and obsession is out of control. Talk about confirmation bias, selecting parts out of context and then discrediting anything that goes against her opinion as part of a cover up to do with satanists.

        Only a child abuser would want to children returned to the mother for more abuse, only a child abuser thinks children can be abised by hundreds of people every week for years, never be hospitalised, and without suffering severe physical and mental trauma.

        Costa thinks children abused on that level can just talk about horrific events on camera, in public places, without any emotional investment, repeat in tandem from the exact same script whilst creepy Abe and Ella get excited, and have them repeat lines they like to hear.

        Kris you sick person, stop trolling these children, you know absolutely nothing about the lasting effects of child abuse, and quite frankly your opinions on the subject are that of an abuser.

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        • And they rarely if ever mention the fact that Ella administered enemas….. too many, too often even for adults to endure……. My thoughts on that are that they would have provided the children with body memories, believable descriptive capacity, perhaps and I hate to have to think this through, but maybe Abe did film …… we know they intended to go straight back to Morocco, so no professional would have had the chance to question them. So for their purposes ie to probably make even more interviews……..
          Thank everything, that they were rescued from the clutches of Abe & Ella and whatever therapists were awaiting in Morocco, via Mel Ve & Hope Girls contacts.
          Did they somehow choose Dr Hodes, or did Belinda steer things that way ? I can’t remember if that was the case…. but Belinda has certainly attended meetings at the Tavistock, met with valerie sinason …………..
          They do indeed all act and sound like pervs, pedos and creeps. They abuse so many people, barge into good safe groups, if allowed, trash decent advocates, not me especially, many have had the treatment…. many sound admins just see them off, to then find their groups mirrored……
          But out of their reach, out of bounds to them are very determined, trusted and strong people that will not let these vile viralisers of lies destroy what has been achieved, by those who have kept it real.

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      • “Men vs children being raped is not comparable”…?

        All right, let’s get down to brass tacks here. Does Kristie Sue understand that a child’s anus is proportionally smaller than an adult’s? Does she understand that violently inserting an adult-sized penile object into an adult anus caused the above-mentioned damage? And that therefore violently inserting an adult-sized penile object into a child’s anus would cause far greater damage?

        I’m going to spell this out, Kristie Sue: larger anus + large object = severe damage. Smaller anus + large object = FAR GREATER DAMAGE.

        So no, it’s not directly comparable. If the children had been anally raped the damage would have been much, much worse than described above.

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    • Sounds to me like the long arm of the law has finally reached Harris and his partner, who’ve been violating a court order that prevents them from identifying a minor.

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    • ” #Jesus ” <<< That's JournoAngie's conclusion from watching this video put up by an anonymous internet loon, is it? Awesome. Worth every penny, I reckon. Keep those GoFundMe donations coming, folks!

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    • Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. Mat. 24:5-6.

      Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Angela:

      Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Romans 12:17-19

      This does not mean the Lord will smite Angela’s enemies. It means He will smite whosoever has disobeyed His laws, and He will do so in His own good time.

      So get off the pot, Angie.

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  9. Mickey & Mallory are whingeing – and lying – again:

    Kristie Sue – try to tell the truth for once, luv.

    Which part of “We welcome comments! Please note: this is a Shurter-free zone. Offending posts will be deleted” don’t you get?

    And do please provide a link to this mythical DS channel that none of us have ever heard of. It’s particularly interesting when one considers the fact that there is not and never has been a Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel. D’oh!

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    • And so it came to pass that the two demented troofers continued chasing their own tails round and round in ever-diminishing circles, until they disappeared up their own…er, anal cavities. Amen.

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  10. …And now she’s rehashing her PROVEN, UNSUBSTANTIATED LIE about us hacking her email account or whatever. Shameless, desperate old mare:

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        • I think this storm the conspiracy theorists keep banging on about, is related to Trump supposedly outing the Globablist forces of darkness and corrupt Luciferian’s within the U.S. corrupt political system. Y’know, those people who control the world and believe they are descendants of the Giants from the book of Enoch, or some such shit.

          Not that they are obsessed with the “Storm” or anything.

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    • Did we not explain just a couple of weeks ago how Kristie Sue’s story of the phantom Instagram account is a load of bollox? I was fairly certain we did, with examples of how real accounts work and everything.

      Oh right, here it is: https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/kristie-sue-and-the-worlds-worst-gang-stalker/

      Pro tip: before blaming others for setting up false accounts, consider whether an account can be set up in your name, accessible by your email, without its having sent you an email confirmation check in the first place. Yes, that’s a bit complicated, but I’m sure if she thinks very, very hard, Kristie Sue might be able to wrap her tiny brain around it.

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  11. LOL, any opportunity to lie through their arses to try to discredit us. Definitely desperate!

    Seriously, what the fuck are they basing any of that on? LOL

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    • “that will wing in the wind like all other ‘Good Goy’ that will be ‘scape goated’ RD & the rest included”, what a nice chap Alanson really is.

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    • He’ll be sorry when Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman turn up to defend Steve. They may look like soft hippy psychedelic musicians… but don’t get on the wrong side of them! (showing my age quite badly here).

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      • I know the musicians but I must admit the link with Alanson’s comment has gone right over my head.


        • Sorry, probably a bit obscure. When I saw Alanson threaten “Steve Howe”, I couldn’t resist a bit of prog rock silliness.


      • Yes,and AA man really wouldnt want Bill”Splinters” Bruford to come out of retirement to make a regaurd defence of his old mucker either.

        Age? Schmage 😉


  12. About two months back i had Epiglottitis, a very scary condition and at one stage at my local A and E was nearly sent home. As swolling was near impossible i ask the nurse to give me intravenous antibiotic. At that stage as she could only see the top of the throat was inflamed, she told me i could swallow and to go home and get on with it. Luckily, the blood test showed the white blood cells were attacking something lower down in the throat. The actress Sarah Silverman had it at the same time and nearly died. When i asked how i would have got it i was told again and again just bad luck and how adults don’t really get the condition. I was in the high dependancy ward for a week, not being able to swallow without the worst kind of pain. This illness mainly effects young children but can be thwarted by the HIB vaccination. During the time i was in the hospital i thought of all those who warn parents not to vaccinate their children, websites such as Natural news that boast of a host of “Doctors’ claiming all kinds of claims about the dangers of vaccinations. To think of how many children could get this ill because of evil advice from so called experts is shambolic to say the least. I still have tremendous anxiety anytime my throat feels tight or a little sore believing the condition is coming back.

    I cant pretend i know the first thing about vaccinations, but with a condition as merciless as Epiglottitis, but from my perspective, the pro’s outweigh the cons.

    Does anyone here take the stance of the vaccinations are wrong and pose serious dangers to children?

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    • No issues with vaccinations myself. And parents usually get a choice, I think. I work in a secondary school, so can only vouch for the HPV vaccination – and some parents do opt out. I remember trying to take this up with Danielle la Verite, who was going around claiming that the HPV was compulsory (and that primary age kids are obliged to have 32 vaccinations before they’re permitted to be enrolled in their first school); but she just ignored me blocked me. It’s the truther way.

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      • Oh Danielle. She blocked me too. I defended a 15 year old boy she tried to cyber bully on twitter! Nasty woman.

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      • Danielle said that if a woman’s ring finger was longer than her index finger this proved she was a man. I asked for her sources for this information several times but got nowhere and ended up ‘counselling’ a female Danielle fan who had a long ring finger and was freaking out about it.
        Danielle claims to have an IQ of 151, which is probably close to Einstein, but I daresay she got that score when she completed a Woman’s Own test. She’s an idiot and a twerp.

        Hoaxtenders – please note that some of us have been challenging conspiracy nutjobs long before Hampstead was known about – hence, we are not RD or associated in any real way with Hampstead. We just don’t like bullshit.

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    • No, I’m completely with you, Rev. A few years back I got a disease that was supposedly wiped out by vaccinations: pertussis, otherwise known as whooping cough. I got it because I missed a booster shot, but as I lay there unable to catch my breath between spasmodic coughs, like you, I thought of what this must be like for young children. It’s a terrifying disease, as you literally feel that you will never be able to catch your breath, and panic sets in.

      Apparently it can be fatal for infants, which means that those irresponsible parents who fail to get their children vaccinated against it are actually not only endangering their own children, but any babies they come into contact with. Frightening stuff, and getting worse because of the poorly educated anti-vaxxers.

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      • I used to live quite near (onl;y 4 houses away at one stage) a rabid antivaxxer in the Byron Bay area (Meryl) who has, since I knew her back in the late 90’s, grown her organization into one that has drawn the attention of the authorities, I heard she lost her tax exempt charity status, but the damage remains with the entire area dangerously undervacined, so the herd immunity has disappeared and infection rates of diseases such as measles and whooping cough are rising alarmingly, I dare say it wont be long until an overseas visitor (common in the backpacker riddled Byron Bay area) brings in something more dangerous that has been long eradicated in Australia

        I see she was forced by the courts to lose the misleading `Australian Vaccination Network’ which mislead many people into thinking that the bull excrement she was shoveling had anything to do with medical facts about vaccinations….

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    • Only some. My children had most. I don’t take up flu vacinnes…… When MMR was first introduced, my eldest had already had them all, the pressure exerted by the GP was great, but then it they are paid or not, by take up numbers.
      There are historic accounts of children in residential schools being used in experimental vaccine trials, also of survivors of abuse in homes, that were also drugged and for some this has led to birth defects in their children. I used to follow and share Natural News until I wised up, because I am interested in natural remedies, where possible, keeping the immune system strong through diet etc, my youngest has never had or needed an antibiotic, yet. I havn’t either for 30 odd years, whereas before therapy, I had a chest infection every year…… as the floodgates of feelings surfaced, I cried fully and alot for the first time, my chest and breathing changed dramatically, I no longer had asthmatic symptoms, but I also changed my diet and learnt to breathe more normally…… I had suppressed so much pain, my breathing was shallow.
      I trained in some holistic practices, but never would advise people to either ignore medical advice and often advised them to check with the GP……. Sadly tho, the kind of cranks that make wild claims, also advise against any medical intervention, or even that their clients should stop meds, perscribed….. unethical, dangerous and beyond the remit of crank therapists.
      Yet another issue where there are valid concerns, but the troofers take it to levels of madness & danger.
      When the first meningitis jab came in, I also refused it, later it turned out to be the right decision, as it was proven ineffective……. I did research 20yrs ago, weighed up the evidence and my youngest had most jabs, based on percentage of risk, versus percentage of adverse effects.

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  13. Angela’s posts on the recent allegations going on in Ireland. 

    Question by a TD: (MP in UK).

     “IF TDs profess confidence in a Minister who professed confidence in a Garda leadership who delivered a malicious strategy against a whistle blower who also suffered false and vile allegations are they complicit?”


    “They are NOT false and vile accusations!!!!!”[sic]

    Question by TD:

    “The way the political & Garda establishment treated Garda Maurice McCabe is a national scandal. The vilest allegations were made against a man who simply wanted the truth. Its clear FG Ministers were aware of the Garda strategy yet pronounced confidence in the capabilities of those same Garda year after year. Are we complicit if we profess confidence in them?”


    “This is not the Truth.  I have sent details of 18 hours testimony regarding brothers Maurice and Declan McCabe and it keeps falling on deaf ears   .one has to start wondering why”[sic]


    “Who has dirt on who and who has the most leverage …..people being blackmailed need to man up and blow the proper truth out in the open instead of continuing this bloody charade”[sic]

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  14. Back on my main now ( as I seem to gauge bans to * ‘perfezione’ ) so no breaks in my exposing of you lost souls to the Man of Lawlessness… Anyway my little Cherubs of the Darkness… & my fav adversaries… Because I do not hate anyone… only Love & prayer….

    Seems the boy Steve Howe has regained his ‘citizenship’ to facebook lol… Now, I post here for those of you whom come from a place of not knowing both sides of Hampstead, and a little unsure… & maybe still have some control over YOUR hearts & Souls…

    I’m gonna post my FB link on this for you to read… If you are not totally lost to the darkness, maybe you’ll see the attacks I receive on a frequent basis from, be it be by proxy or otherwise from your hosts here at Hoaxtead Research… I thank you… I’ll wager that this comment of mine here never sees the blog!


    • Welcome back soldier, welcome back. It’s with tears in my eyes I welcome a long time fan of the blog Mr Alanson back into the fold. You can be yourself here buddy, share your conversations with you new “friend”.

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    • Not only did “this comment of mine see the light of day”, Boyzy, but I posted the entire conversation above. You’re welcome. And since you ask, no it doesn’t in any way vindicate you. In fact, it makes you look like a troll, antisemite, homophobe, psycho and complete arse (as usual). And your antics appear to have got you another suspension (hehe), so clearly Facebook agree with me.

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    • Hey Al. Fancy bumping into you here! Are you all set for the next hiking trip, mate? Don’t forget your camera!


  15. It would seem Ms Morris is back on the Hampstead trail. Apparently they need to find the children and make sure they don’t go back to their father! As a parent, foster parent and grandmother, I can’t get my head around this. Do they really believe it, I’ve seen she’s into numbers, signs and “ones”. How the hell has she still got her kids and allowed to file for residency of her grandchildren. This woman is nothing that I thought she was. She’s very dangerous and very very scary

    Sent from my iPhone


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  16. ” “I’ll wager that this comment of mine here never sees the blog!”

    Hmmm. Wrong again. Apology accepted. ”

    Partly correct Scoopy, but you did not post the comments to my ‘facebook’ link did you? as that was the reason for the comment here… To show folks the attacks/threats I receive on regular basis all on the ‘Hampstead’ case.

    So then, ADMIN here is that link again, have the courage to post it up Yes!

    Costa del Trollop…

    You only posted the snippets that suited you and none of the comments from you secret admirer ‘Captain Chaos’ Steve Howe… So I disagree with your “Boyzy, but I posted the entire conversation above.” *awaits a correction on your part CDT yes…

    And can I ask who gave permission to use my ‘NAME’ as a commenter?… Because I have never used/typed that name here before!

    Breach of Data protection?

    ” What is classed as a breach of data protection?
    A data breach is an incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so. Data breaches may involve personal health information (PHI), *PERSONAL IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII), trade secrets or intellectual property. ”

    * Emphasis added.


    • Isn’t there an old saying about heat and kitchens? Besides, I was certain you were one of those bleating about people being afraid to use their own names online. Wasn’t that you?


  17. Indeed… Why did I expect any other outcome ?

    Like I said ‘MY post’ would not see the light of day on this deceitful page… ‘Truth fears no scrutiny’ Mind?

    For being a thick Geordie… flat cap wearing fool, as you guys see me… you are for sure fearful of what I have to say eh?… Cowards!

    To recap & inform for good folk reading… I posted a rebuttal to the above comments in this blog… Which ADMIN has dropped their bottle to post… I made the post at? 2.30pm this afternoon… Ask yourself… Why would they NOT post my comment? … as a matter of fact, ‘will this post see the light of day’?

    Piss weak Hoaxtead!


    • Geordie my arse, Alan.

      And you might like to know that not all your friends approve of your death threats and ridiculous antics online. Just a thought.


  18. I would like to see those ‘death threats’ that you claim I have made? because I know I have ‘not’ made any…

    So I will expect evidence of your claim to be forth coming Coyote… If not then I’d ask you to apologize for your mistake or lies.. Thank you.

    Seems I must apologize to Admin, looks like the link in my initial post ‘does show’ the comments…

    By clicking the comments it takes you to that post where I receive threats of Violence & torture…

    I beg your pardon.

    Oh & evidence of please ? ” And you might like to know that not all your friends approve “


    • Hi Al

      Hope these help:

      “The more you lot try, the more ammo & intell you give us, until me last breath, I WILL BATTLE YOU…& expose you.. you can not win, not one of you has got the courage to front your real ID’s WHY? coz you are weak Satanic pedo loving worms, who conceal yourselves in fear for when the real Chaos is unleashed.


      Can’t do screenshots, only headshots.”

      “Scarlet poop… I’m angry?… yep, sure I’m… at you dirty fkn pedos & protectors… I’ve seen first hand how you fuckers work… & seen the punishment metered to you dirty little bastards… Squeal like little girls when confronted & beaten. Ain’t no amount of your bullshit can mask who you lot are.”


      Then there’s this one that you were happy to approve and encourage:
      (Warning: contains distressing image.)

      And if you’d like to peruse the full collection (so far) of your trolling antics, check out our Alan Robert Alanson gallery:

      Have a nice day 🙂

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      • Thankyou for creating these Google Drive folders Spiny. It is so handy having all the information sorted out into their own relevant folders.

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      • Oh now, Liza, you know that’s asking an awful lot. They don’t need proof, they have INTUITION and FEELZ on their side.

        Note to troofers: The above is sarcasm. Don’t worry if you don’t get it. You’re not meant to.

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    • 3 questions for you, Alan:

      1. Do you condone the death threats meted out by many of your friends, such as Malcolm Ogilvy, Araya Soma and Arthur Kaoutal?

      2. Do you accept that your friend Kristie Sue Costa has made numerous glaring errors in her “research” into the Hampstead case?

      3. Would you be campaigning for the Hampstead children if they were Jewish?

      I look forward to your answers.

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    • Hello, Alan. I noted that you’d sent us three more comments, which WordPress had bounced to the “Trash” folder. I still don’t know why it does this, as I’d removed your name from the “banned” list, but there you are. Contrary to what some people believe, I only check the blog a few times per day, as I have a job and family to look after, so I generally don’t look in the Trash folder as often as I might.

      In any case, I un-binned your comments, expecting that they would, as usual, appear in the “to be approved” folder, at which point I could click “approve” and they’d appear here. However, this didn’t happen. The comments simply disappeared, and I’m afraid I have no explanation for this.

      I regret this, as I felt you’d raised some interesting points that were worth some discussion. I did want to let you know that the comments weren’t binned intentionally. As I’ve said before, so long as comments remain respectful, I’m happy to entertain all points of view here.

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  19. Coyote, just as well I saved this comment then eh? But the other two are gone…

    Posted Thursday 22:45

    This comment will definitely be posted up, unlike my last 2… wink. ( not holding my breath )

    Common Porpoise.

    1, No… I do not condone any violence against anyone, no matter what they have done…

    2, Everyone makes mistakes, including myself, others & without doubt ‘Hoaxtead Research’

    3, All children are innocent… whatever race, colour, creed, beliefs they have. So YES I would defend & help to expose the abusers of Jewish children also…

    In fact I’m gonna be quite open & frank here (no jokes please ) In my younger days I would of been inclined to condone violence, and might of been involved in such, however now, at this time in life I believe judgment & therefore punishment comes when we transcend this realm into the next.. I have stated in posts, where folk say this n that re violence…. ” I would wish no harm or pain on anyone, those guilty of Rituals of a Religious nature involving non-adults included. Only that they be locked up for the rest of their lives till they stand before the Man”

    Now you can believe me, or not… makes no difference… I KNOW myself & what I have said…

    This next part will probably NOT make it passed Admin approval…

    To all ‘Residents of that area’ who read these blogs & who are not, have no incline to what some are accused I ask you…

    I’m I wrong for trying to help expose something I & many other folk believe to be true? If the System is implicated, then sure it will/needed to be covered up…

    I see no proof that this ( need to choose my words carefully now as some here will take great pleasure in saying/reporting me to the Met… ‘Alanson has breached his bail’… Again! ) the case in question did not happen… I only see damage limitation & a great deal of time & effort and it could be said, a lot of money in saying this is a Hoax…
    Exactly the same tactics as the alleged Scottish event with the ‘Down Syndrome’ girl, in fact if you were to ask, a few of those involved with that event are here posting on this blog.

    If you ask the Admin & others here the reason for this as they say “a hugh elaborate hoax” all they can offer is for custody! So using logic, does this make any sense at all? Bearing in mind the custody circumstances at that time.

    Again I ask the ‘Residents’, those whom have no involvement in what has been alleged…

    ‘ Do you folk believe that Rituals of a Religious nature involving non-adults happen in the world today ‘ ?
    Or do you rely on what is printed/presented to you to ? ( If anyone would like to contact me, my facebook would be the easiest) https://www.facebook.com/alan.alanson.967, This invitation is for genuine folk only… please no trolls of the defender type.

    I ask in all sincerity, in the hope of an honest answer…

    Sorry for the long post, but I’m in a relaxed mood & sometimes I just love to type my thoughts out loud.

    So then… To the Admin, Defenders of said CULT… Those that voyeur my facebook and make those mistakes again & again you speak of . You deny history, albeit history that is hidden, or classed as without citation?

    3 Questions for you, and I hope I get the same honesty as I have shown you tonight.

    1, Do you believe what you are told by our ruling class about world events, do you absolutely trust Governments? And are all allegations laid against government re non adult sex abuse false ?

    2, Do you believe that there is absolutely ‘no agenda’ for a ‘totalitarian rule’ of a New World Order, Jewish, Luciferain, Jesuit or otherwise?

    3, Do you think that all us folk whom oppose this ‘Non Investigation’ event are mindless fools ? Or as is said Fruit loops? Are we…. allowed an opinion? or will you continue to ridicule & in some cases be real nasty to folk for a differing opinion and our God given right of Freedom of Speech?

    4, Do you think Chris Coleman will stop Sunderland from dropping down another division ? hahaha…


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