Angie and ‘Ellagate’: How we know she’s lying

You have to hand it to Angela Power-Disney: despite a complete lack of support from her fellow hoax promoters, she has stuck to her guns about the alleged “Ella child sex abuse video“, which she first began touting in September. She claimed that “professional hackers” had been paid to hack Ella’s computer, and that they had found video footage of Ella masturbating a child. Granted, Angie’s announcement was a transparent and cynical ploy to seize leadership of the hoax from the likes of Kristie Sue Costa—Angie’s premise being that “information is power”, even if it’s “information” pulled directly out of her own nether orifices. But her announcement had an impact, as supporters of the hoax began taking sides: was Ella a child molester herself?

As McKenzies Devils point out in their latest video, though, Angie really should have thought this one through a bit more carefully before she started spouting off:

In Angie’s “Chasing Rainbows” video of 16 January, she stated the following:

So he [Reverend Anthony Pike, whose letter she quotes in the video] says (RD) is allowed to visit (the children). Much more than allowed to visit them, I think he has assumed full care again, although he probably gets to dump them back in cult foster care whenever he wants a break, you know, tiring business this porn and drug distribution et cetera…allegedly.

There’s one more thing I didn’t say and I should say, even though I’m broadcasting soon. The part that was difficult for me, I had to make notes, in the second meeting [with the alleged hackers who showed her the alleged child sexual abuse video] I had to actually say, “I know you guys said no notes, no recording devices, no wifi, nothing, but I have ADHD and I need to make notes of what you’re telling me”.

So I was allowed to do that this time. So the one thing I hadn’t included, which in a funny way might justify some of RD’s rage at the coverage, and there’s a third meeting scheduled, and you know, I’m not letting this go. So, um, the piece of information that I found difficult to digest was that although RD is, you know, known as the head of the Hampstead cult, so similar to Savile I would say in terms of being the main pimp, and you know, whatever—distributor—the information I was given is that he does not and has not abused his own children.

So the information I was given was that Ella has pimped the children from a very young age, which (RD) turned a blind eye to, but that the two bits of coaching allegedly in the disclosures was one, that Papa does it, because according to my sources…now, I started to feel bad, and say, ‘Oh my God, so I owe (RD) an apology’ and they said, ‘Don’t even think that’ because the other video evidence of a disabled boy being raped, sodomised, and then set on fire as a snuff movie has (RD)’s signature all over it.

So that’s just a detail that was troubling, but they were insistent that the hacking and the investigating they’ve done indicates that um…you know, and somebody theorized or hypothesized that in analyzing it after the fact, that possibly when Ella found out that (RD) was also pimping the children at school, and not sharing the money, could have added to her ire, but in my opinion it doesn’t add up the two hundred and…the quarter of a million that she…that was the straw that broke the camel’s back in her financial relationship with (RD) where she decided to throw him under the bus…allegedly.

If even a word of this were true, it would be highly incriminating of both Ella and RD…but there’s an important factor which Angela has overlooked.

Aside from the admissibility of evidence obtained via hacking, there’s the even more obvious issue of how Angie’s imaginary hacker managed to hack a computer that has been sitting in a police storage unit since September 2014.

That’s right: Ella’s computer was seized as evidence during the police investigation of the allegations that she and Abraham Christie forced the children to make. If there had been anything incriminating on that computer, particularly involving Ella’s own participation in the creation of commercial child sexual abuse videos, the police would be in possession of it. It’s highly unlikely that they would have allowed her to escape to Spain; and even if she had, there are very strict extradition laws that would have had her occupying a jail cell within weeks.

Still, we’ll be interested to hear how Angie tries to lie her way out of this one. Never one to let facts stand in her way, our Angie. Angie

95 thoughts on “Angie and ‘Ellagate’: How we know she’s lying

    • A few reasons: she’s angry that Ella & Abe stopped talking to her; and Angie wants to be the head hoaxer, as it makes her feel important. Angie is all about the ego.

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    • Jealousy.

      Angela is old enough to be Ella’s mother.

      Both a pair of bottle blondes.

      Ella is slimmer, has a “ahem” man (though a puny rake), Angela has a thing about rakes, garden rakes and Rupee the Rake.

      Angela wants to foster Ella’s 2 youngest children.

      Angela would like to be Ella.

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  2. What the Hell is she on about in that video? Snuff videos? Is she admitting to having watched or released some Illegal CP videos? sick lady. Never heard of any of this before thank god. I knew she was nuts and a loose cannon just didn’t realise she was some disgusting pervert as well.

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        • But previously she said she had paid the hackers and had viewed the material which if true means she has purchased illicit child abuse material. Now she says she has viewed alleged ‘snuff movies”, another serious criminal act.

          I’m forwarding her name to CEOP – does anyone have the links at hand to previous Angie claims on this matter so this poor old Ghost doesn’t have to go searching?

          Even the slightest hint of involvement in handling child abuse material (real or imagined) needs to be reported just to be on the safe side. People may recall police often warn internet surfers they can breach criminal law very easily by landing on child porn sites and claiming ‘investigation’ will not result in innocence.

          This dame is a sociopath but in my ( finally successful) dealings with a sociopath over the last 6 years I have found they will breach civil & criminal laws numerous times. In his mania to be right even when it’s proved he is wrong my foe is he now on a break & enter charge because of it and a police office has been seriously reprimanded for believing his lies without proof and there is talk of the police charging him with various offenses involving the poor police officer.

          Angie had never heard of Hampstead before it broke in the media and it was well over 18 months when she made her Ella claims and yes, a computer must be connected to the net to be able to hack it so as usual a sociopath is always caught out in their lies eventually as they just keep forgetting what they said the day before. As Mr Trump is quickly discovering.

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    • Oh she’s perverted without a doubt.

      Makes passes at skinny young Americans half her age and that’s the least of it.

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      • I still have the horror image in my mind of Rupes in his y-fronts. I just know he doesn’t wear clean underwear. That’s very mean of me I know but fuck it,.

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        • I hadn’t thought whether his boxers were clean but I think he’s admitted to not owning many pairs and as he’s got little money supposedly then he can’t afford a trip to the laundry.

          Perhaps Belinda has lent him a pair of her very sensible white cotton knickers.

          I’ve been told that is what she wears during the day by a certain unnamed person in the know.

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        • Yes but Rupee says he declined her advances.

          Who knows?

          I hope he had the good sense to.

          I bet she’s got film of him in the shower at the very least.

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          • Then why was he provocatively cavorting around her living room in his stained y-fronts? I reckon they did the dirty deed and he’s now trying Cover Up the fact (who could blame him !).
            Maybe it will be part of his defense- seduced by an older woman as he became besotted and a mere plaything in her nicotine stained hands.

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        • I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

          It’s a hard one to prove unless we see Angela’s video tapes as evidence.

          Did he sleep in the same bed as her?

          Rupee was probably hot and didn’t have any swimming shorts or shorts to wear though tbf I don’t think it’s that hot in Lanzarote.

          I actually feel a bit sorry for him having her come on to him.

          I bet she plied him with drink and illicit substances.

          Please don’t let it be true.


          Though I’m almost 100% sure a wanker I know would help her out though he hasn’t got a passport he says!!

          You know who you are if you’re reading this don’t you?

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  3. So Angie’s sooper seekrit source was Tracey Morris all along? Is she the one pulling Angie’s strings on this thing?

    I should declare that I’ve borrowed that theory from Kristie Sue Costa. For once I suspect she may have got something right!

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    • Maybe Tracey’s source for the hacked material was the Loyalists when she single-highhandedly broke up all their units and disbanded them. Or was it the IRA she disbanded? I’ve lost track. Perhaps it was Hamas she dissolved?. I know she chased Gerry Adam’s bodyguards who were waving guns at her, out of her garden although it was later found out it was really a hapless postman trying to deliver a letter,

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    • Probably was Tracey who got it from Kevin Weaver.

      But there is no way Angela is going to let the younger woman have the lead role in this Hoax.

      Angela will throw Tracey under the bus quite soon I’m sure.

      Cat fight, cat fight…

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    • Tracey is the one coming out with these tales of business deals with shady Russians having gone wrong and anything else she cares to pluck from her imagination.

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  4. Lo, I returneth from Arthurville in the Kingdom of Kaoutal. I thought Arfur the Wise might have the answer and thus sought to sup from the fountain of his unquenchable wisdom. He didn’t disappoint…

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    • What else has she got on her many computers?

      Is this why she ditched them, probably in the sea, on her many dips in it.

      I thought she was quite obsessed with sea swimming, all makes sense now.

      I can’t see Angela as much of a swimmer.

      She wouldn’t want her toupees falling out.

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  5. This is what I don’t get. Angie reckons that she’s passed her information on to MI6. She says she hasn’t seen the video, so in order to be taken seriously she would have had to reveal her sources, who apparently were so secretive that they wouldn’t even let her take notes.

    So she apparently went to MI6 and say ‘I’d like to report something I haven’t seen, and I’m not willing to give you my sources so you can’t check it out’. If she did that I suspect her information ended up in the circular file (the bin). After all, they have more important things to do than go chasing after phantoms.

    As usual what she says doesn’t make sense.

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    • Other than being a complete loon, what made her think that MI6 would be interested anyway?

      Troofers have to throw in some mysterious link to MI6/CIA etc., where most people would have simply phoned the police. I guess popping into the local police station to chat to the desk clerk doesn’t sound as sensational as secretive meetings with James Bond….

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      • You would think the great self appointed “whistle-blower” & “child abuse campaigner” would have heard of CEOP but no, she has to weave in MI6 / MI5 into her fantasies even though she claims all of us on here are paid disinformation agents employed by, errr MI6 and MI5.

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    • She also stated that she had passed the evidence/information/nothing onto other activists.

      Guilty of bullshit or distributing child abuse images?

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  6. She is a LIAR, not at all credible.

    We want evidence Angela of all your claims.

    Do you have a crime reference number or similar on this report to MI6?

    Stick up your degree paperwork whilst you’re at it too.

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    • “Diagnosing ADHD in adults is more difficult because there’s some disagreement about whether the list of symptoms used to diagnose children and teenagers also applies to adults.

      In some cases, an adult may be diagnosed with ADHD if they have five or more symptoms of inattentiveness, or five or more symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness, that are listed in diagnostic criteria for children with ADHD.

      As part of your assessment, the specialist will ask about your present symptoms. However, under current diagnostic guidelines, a diagnosis of ADHD in adults can’t be confirmed unless your symptoms have been present from childhood.

      If you find it difficult to remember whether you had problems as a child, or you weren’t diagnosed with ADHD when you were younger, your specialist may wish to see your old school records or talk to your parents, teachers or anyone else who knew you well when you were a child.

      For an adult to be diagnosed with ADHD, their symptoms should also have a moderate impact on different areas of their life, such as:

      underachieving at work or in education
      driving dangerously
      difficultly making or keeping friends
      difficulty in relationships with partners

      If your problems are recent and didn’t occur regularly in the past, you’re not considered to have ADHD. This is because it’s currently not thought that ADHD can develop for the first time in adults.”

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    • WOW ! Kirsti’s even more of Sooper Secrit Agent than Arfur Earwickle and has uncovered my Biggest Secrit that I am hiding out here in Oz.
      How in the hell does she do it?
      Nothing to do of course to my many mentions on here about how I’ve been in Perth and now in Sydney and, well I think I might have mentioned being in Sydney at least a dozen times but blow me down she 7 Mr Earwinkle just can’t fool them. Dear God I hope they don’t mind among the 5 million residents here.
      Hint : I’m not in West Pennant Hills so no I won;t be calling Arfur for afternoon tea.

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      • I’m so over-excited I’m hardly making sense. Well at least more sense than Arfur.
        Pray do tell Mr Earwinckle..can you give an example of my “death threats”?
        No thought not.
        ## I’m actually quite thin. God I’ve given another clue away.

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        • I hate to dwell on this but you would have thought Dear Arfur would have least twigged to the fact that in my many responses to him I mentioned all many of statistics about Oz but no, the poor thing had to ask someone in the US to track me down even though he responded to those mentions.

          I keep saying, crack cocaine & Ice do your head in but do you think he will listen?

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          • Watch, Sam, or they’ll track you down! LOL (Keeping in mind that many of them still think RD runs this blog and still has time to operate about a hundred sock puppets all over the internet. But who knows? Maybe some day they’ll get something right.)


      • Yes, that was the first thing that occurred to me too – that you’ve frequently mentioned that you’re in Oz. The fact that even a drooling idiot like me knew where you were makes me think that this wasn’t a great bit of detective work on Kristie Sue’s part, lol.

        I think you’ve misread the death threat comment. He wasn’t accusing you of making death threats – rather, I was accusing him of making them against you. Hope you don’t mind me sticking up for you.

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  7. Two new Ellagate crackers from Team MKD, looking at…

    Angie’s secret stash:

    And Angie’s crocodile confusion…

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  8. Her claims are so stupid, it’s like she has woven some shitty filthy tapestry from current hacking stories in the media and other vile things she has been ‘researching’ into a flea ridden blanket with more holes than one of Abe’s socks.

    I will humour her though. Let’s say this is all true and not just a figment of her dark perverted mind plucking the worst things she can conjurer up in her cauldron.

    1. Why would a souper secret hacking group come all the way to meet up with her? A blabber mouth and not use this information for blackmail purposes? It’s not like she’s some well known international investigative journalist is she.
    If these hackers are some political group with good intentions why not choose an anonymous whistleblowing organisation like Wikileaks or just about anyone who has more integrity than APD?
    2. If these people are such great hackers and have computer skills they should have no problem releasing this information themselves.
    3. None of these people involved in this bullshit are the sharpest tools in the box and APD has a history of falling for scams and displaying bad judgement. She is much more likely to respond to some Nigerian Prince or click on a phishing email from scam bots and become compromised.
    4. It reeks of the combination of the worst things a perverted mind can conjure up, snuff movies, disabled person/child and being set on fire.
    5. Say there are hackers who have accessed a server or cloud storage which this network uses to distribute their sick videos why not report it straight to the authorities?
    Say they have come across some Russian crime/snuff/Pedo group with videos of Ella the first thing any normal person would want is to put an end to the organisation as soon as possible not spend months trying to get in touch with a nobody crackpot with zero connections to being able to stop this ring.
    6. Why release this information in a social media video if not only to push your own agenda and to make yourself feel important. She clearly doesn’t care one bit about stopping child abuse or helping the victims. Just a money making and fame seeking scheme. Instead of her own citizen ‘investigations’ why doesn’t she join a legitimate organisation that actually helps victims? That’s because they wouldn’t have anything to do with her.
    7. Why is she obsessed with these two children? Why put so much time and effort making hundreds of videos about absolute drivel and nonsense? What exactly is a non religious radical christian?
    8. Where are the reptilians and aliens? how do they figure into all this and why is god not helping her or the children?

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    • So many excellent points here, MSB. You’re right, no hackers of my acquaintance would touch Angie with a barge-pole; she’s said herself that she’s a “blurter” (which honestly sounds to me like a sexual dysfunction, but let’s not go there). If hackers had found material on Ella’s computer, I’d expect it to be all over the internet by now, not whispered coyly into Angela’s waiting ear.

      And yes, why would Angela release this on one of her fabulously well-produced CNN videos, if not to grab “ratings”? (Sadly for her, it didn’t work anyway.) She reminds me of that American shock-talk host Geraldo, who had no interest whatsoever in shedding light on social issues, but a great deal of interest in promoting himself and his show.

      As for the description of the so-called snuff film, I am surprised she didn’t make the alleged victim an orphan, blind, deaf, and dumb too. Really, why not go all the way, if you’re going to fantasise about perverted film plots.


  9. Probably someone has taken a couple of grainy videos from porn and Bestgore websites and shown them to APD, claiming they were hacked from Ella’s computer. And walked away with all the money.

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  10. One of Angie’s more amusing story’s was the one when she didn’t want to go to school because she had stomach ache, and her mum took her to the Dr’s she ended up having her appendix out. So sorry Angle, that was one of Graham Norton’s jokes he told a few years ago, and not one of yours.

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    • Great news, AF! thanks for sharing 😀
      So there is some justice in the World after all!
      Sounds like the judge took one look at Spivey’s website and went, “Nooooooo!”

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    • Is the twat still claiming his free blog costs £300 a month to run and stamping his feet and crying because not enough people are giving their hard-earned money to him?

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      • Spivey has a record of blatantly lying to get out of bother. Long-time Spivey-watchers will recall the Social Services report he uploaded, which said that he’d assured them he never ever smoked indoors. Partly on the strength of that assurance, he was allowed to keep custody of his grandchild. Trouble is, he’d forgotten that he himself had uploaded several videos of himself…er…smoking indoors. Here’s one of them (this comes with a health warning and I’m not referring to the cigarette)…

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      • He certainly is Liza,true to form. He’s going to need even more donations now he has an extra £2000 fine to pay.

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    • I don’t advocate violence but I wish a few of Rigby’s colleagues could get a hold of this repulsive piece of goods and give him the thrashing he deserves.
      Read about what the scumbag put Lee Rigby’s other through.
      Lee Rigby’s mother ‘threatened with arrest’ over troll hearing

      The mother of Lee Rigby said she was threatened with arrest unless she took part in a court hearing which used a gruesome image of the solider’s murder as evidence.

      Lyn Rigby criticised her “absurd and shocking” treatment by police, saying she was forced to re-live the moment her son’s throat was cut by the terrorist Michael Adebolajo in 2013.

      She was asked to give evidence via videolink to the appeal hearing of a fantasist who harassed the family and claimed that Fusilier Rigby never existed. When she refused police threatened her with prosecution, she said


  11. Yes you are correct there Aaron. The photo contained the names and addresses of teachers, parents etc from the Hampstead school in question.

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    • Arfur poses an interesting question: “Do you think I’m a dumb cunt or something?”
      Any takers…?


      • and he says “do I look that stupid”?.I think we must be honest & accurate in answering these two important questions.
        The answer is a resounding “yes”.
        I base my findings on the Mr Arfur Earwinkle’s statement that “I am not going to let them close this case” mainly because, the case has been closed.

        Arfur : Crack Cocaine & Ice. Just. Don’t.Do.It.

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      • He may be right.
        Prices have skyrocketed so the NSW Housing Commission property Arful Cuntwaffle lives in could well be worth that for land alone.
        He should be careful. Once the Housing Minster realises there is a fortune in West Pennant Hill’s government properties he may do as he just did in the historic Rocks section near the Opera House- turf out the tenants and sell off the houses to multi-millionaires.
        Fortunately the tenants were re-housed but Arfur may not like the 3 hour drive back into Sydney seeing his clapped out ancient Ford has broken tail lights & 2 flat tyres and the highway is riddled with patrolling coppers.
        And as a known Underworld Figure they are sure to have Arfur’s photo propped up on their dashboards.


      • I know the internationally renowned actress Angela Power Disney auditioned for the role of The Freak but she was so convincing they thought viewers would have nightmares.
        Shame really because she didn’t make-up.

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    • There could be a bone of contention about Angie’s claim to be exposing child abuse and corruption as posting 4 year old links to tabloid stories about pedo busts etc is not generally regarded as ‘exposing’.

      You would think a former Young Hackette of the Year, Peabody and Pulitzer Prize winner who also got a Special Mention in the Bessie Head Literature Awards in Botswana would know this.

      I think she might be in with chance though when she submits her acclaimed autobiography Chasing Rainbows said by critics to be a sort of 50 Shades of Grey meets Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire and which the Times Supplement likened to ” a brilliant new take on Diary of A Nobody”, for the Man Booker prize.
      Word is that Ange could be up for a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Academy Awards finally recognising her authorship of the legendary flick Gone With The Wind. Apparently Angie has settled her dispute with the producers who refused to use Angie’s original title ‘I’m Full of Wind”.

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      • Lol brilliant. I heard she auditioned for the role of The Crypt Keeper but the producers didn’t want to traumatize the viewers and ruin the balance of horror and comedy too much.
        They are making a new series soon so maybe she will get another chance at the role.

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    I don’t know what the Australian equivalent of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act is but it needs to be applied to Arfur as a matter of urgency.

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    • “I’m Coming to FUCKIN Get You Real Soon”

      Isreali Defence Forces
      Active personnel 176,500
      Reserve personnel 445,000
      With pistols,rifles,semiauto and automatic weapons,tanks,fighter jets,missiles and bombs up to (suspected) atomic bombs
      One pissed stoner

      I bet they are just quaking in their boots….


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    • How much does it cost to charter deep waters anyway?
      And who do I have to pay?

      Another example of her ‘journalistic brilliance’???

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