Witchcraft and demonic possession amongst Hoaxtead promoters

A couple of days ago we noted an article in The Telegraph with the headline “Belief in witchcraft and demonic possession linked to 1,500 child abuse cases“. This isn’t the first time the issue of “witchcraft child abuse” has hit the news in recent months. In May 2016, the BBC reported that the practice of subjecting children to serious abuse in an effort to “cure” them of witchcraft, or to “drive the evil spirits out” had risen precipitously.

In their story, the BBC quoted Prof Jean La Fontaine:

Prof Jean La Fontaine, a witchcraft expert from the University of London who has studied more than 30 of the cases reported to the Met, said “terrible things happen” during exorcisms.

She said young people who are at risk “are completely silenced” at present and has called for a helpline to be set up to “empower children”.

(It’s worth noting, if only parenthetically, that Charlotte Alton Ward was mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of Prof La Fontaine’s book on children and demonic possession.)

The Musa case: High-profile witchcraft abuse

Those who follow the antics of Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill’s “Association of McKenzie Friends” (AMF) might recall that the children in the infamous Musa child abuse case reported having been subjected to attempts to exorcise evil spirits. Bishop Gloria Musa and her husband Joseph were both given long prison sentences in 2012 for “shocking mistreatment” of their six children—and were vigorously defended by Belinda, Sabine McNeill, and her friend Maurice Kirk, who claimed that the children had been lying.

A Telegraph article at the time stated,

The Nigerian couple, who claimed their kids were possessed by evil spirits, beat them with brooms, hoovers and wires and even gave their baby a morphine overdose just days after her first birthday….

Sentencing them to seven years behind bars each Judge James Patrick described it as “shocking mistreatment” that they had tried to cover up with a “web of deception”.

In May 2016 we wrote:

According to the Musas’ eldest daughter, who dropped a letter out of her bedroom window in a last-ditch cry for help, “My mum is the worst mum ever because she can’t cope with five of us, her broken hand and being pregnant. She always leaves me out so I always starve and I am forced to work. If I don’t get enough house work done, I am beaten without mercy with the wooden end of a broom. I have scars all over me to prove it. I can’t stay here. I would like a new mum”.

She also stated that her father had dangled her by her feet down the stairwell of the house, tied her hands behind her back and her legs together “to get the devilish spirits out”. She and her siblings showed investigators stick-shaped bruises on their bodies, and spoke of being left alone for hours, sometimes days, without food.

Oddly, considering Belinda and Sabine’s claims that they fight on behalf of abused children, their campaign on behalf of the abusive parents in the Musa case eventually meant that two of the children had to be given new names to keep them safe, and contact had to be cut between two of the children and the other five, since there were fears that the children might be pumped for information and thus reveal the identity and location of the others.

At the time, the Daily Mail reported:

Two children at the centre of a long-running High Court case that has “attracted notoriety” are to be given new identities because of fears that their security is in danger.

The Musa siblings have been placed together with an adoptive family by the London Borough of Haringey.

Both their parents are currently serving jail sentences for child cruelty and not allowed contact.

There has also been a dispute over the contact the children, referred to as “A and B”, should have with five elder siblings who are in foster homes.

The legal proceedings which have involved several judges began in 2010 and have attracted widespread publicity on the internet and the media.

The court heard there have been threats to abduct the children, and campaigners are seeking to locate them, portraying them as victims of injustice.

Family Division judge Mr Justice Newton said: “It seems to me, very sadly, these children require a new identity.

“The evidence is all one way – and strongly one way – that the court has no alternative but to change both their surnames and forenames with immediate effect.”

The judge also ended a 2012 contact order that allowed “reasonable direct contact” between the elder children and A and B.

He substituted it with one allowing only “indirect contact”, which means, it is understood, communication through letters and cards.

The judge said he had absolutely no reason to think all the children did not get on well together, but “lapses and pressures” caused by the case constrained him to make that order “for the time being”.

The judge referred to “the notoriety this case has attracted”.

He said that during this week’s hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London a demonstration was held and “there were somewhat agitated people outside court” and leaflets and fliers were being distributed.

Because the family was from a Nigerian background, a member of the Nigerian High Commission in London had come to court and the case had been discussed in the Nigerian Parliament.

The judge said he was hearing the case in public because of the publicity it had already generated and because “secrecy breeds suspicion and leads to the most extraordinary and ill informed results”.

The judge said the mother of A and B had issued a statement from prison dissociating herself from the “unbridled” campaign aimed at seeking to locate her children.

“Here are children whose very security and future is being put in danger by those who seek to portray their position as an injustice.”

It was ironic, said the judge, that the campaign had led to a situation in which the vulnerable and innocent children and their adopters had no idea “what lies around any corner they turn”.

Exorcism at the Highgate Hub…?

We know of another case linked with the Belinda McKenzie, in which a young person was alleged to have been “possessed” by spirits.

In fact, Charlotte Ward (writing as Jacqui Farmer) describes the situation in her e-book, Illuminati Party:According to Charlotte, this “very kind” activist “believed that her daughter was possessed by a spirit that wanted to thwart her work. She had been told by many experts that this was a family spirit, a negative entity—and her daughter also accepted this”.

Belinda has discussed her mentally ill daughter on videos in the past, and in public has stated that she has schizophrenia.

In private, though, it seems that she has conveyed quite a different message. The fact that Belinda’s daughter “accepted” her mother’s friends’ diagnosis of “demonic possession” is alarming in the extreme. People who suffer from schizophrenia are prone to delusions, and leading them to believe that their symptoms are caused by demonic possession rather than a mental illness can cause immense harm: they may hurt themselves in an effort to “self-exorcise”, or they can be susceptible to other people’s attempts to “drive out the demonic entities”.

We don’t know exactly what may have happened to Belinda’s daughter, though Charlotte claims that “many well-meaning visitors to the house, swept up in the drama of a genuine spirit possession tried to heal her”. What form did this “healing” take?

The fact that Belinda and Sabine saw nothing wrong with the mistreatment the Musa children received in the name of “getting the devilish spirits out”, and indeed campaigned vigorously to have the children returned to their abusers, leads us to wonder what sort of abuse might have taken place in Belinda’s own home.

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  1. I find it most alarming that “many well meaning visitors (to Belinda’s house) swept up in the drama of genuine spirit possession, tried to heal her (Belinda’s daughter)”

    What was Belinda thinking?? What exactly did her daughter, who was suffering from schizophrenia experience at the hands of those loons?

    How awful.

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  2. So Sabine has form for trying to locate and the kidnap children of parents she is ‘representing’? Excellent research, btw.
    As for Belinda, a very sad case, safeguarding issues here regarding her daughter, I think.

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    • Yes, I was struck by the similarities between the Musa and Hampstead cases, especially Sabine’s signature “Exposure, exposure, exposure!” tactics. Both the Musa and Hampstead children had to be moved several times as a result, which no doubt created even more stress that they hardly needed given their situations.

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  3. Another misguided individual who claims to be related to Royalty – https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/hundreds_of_complaints_hundreds

    ” Queen Elizabeth’s Family 12 April 2011


    Dear FOI,

    We are the family of Queen Elizabeth. Please respond to our information request.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr and Mrs Musa”

    Were Belinda, Sabine & Maurice Kirk so entranced by Royalty that they believed her claims about that as well & they would get an audience with the Queen disregarding the terrible abuse the poor children were put through? How can they not fathom child abuse and instead support the abusers, if that did happen with Belinda’s daughter, she & all her cronies should be done for GBH assuming her daughter was over 18 at the time it was alleged to have happened.

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    • Great find, Daisy! I hadn’t seen that before. Imagine the excitement at the Tuesday morning meeting of the Association of McKenzie Friends when they realised that they might have access to Her Maj! LOL

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    • You don’t think the Musas’ meant that if you are a British citizen or possibly even live in the UK or countries aligned to the UK, then you are part of the Queen’s family?


      • Well no I don’t Babs, I think they were control freaks who thought that by saying, “We are the family of Queen Elizabeth”, they would get preferential treatment. They were asked to give their real names a few times but didn’t.

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        • I’ve just been given a website that explains the Queen Elizabeth reference lol!
          ” The next most violent experience was the arrival of nine police officers in Norwich Park hospital after the birth of Queen Elizabeth on 12 June 2010, at night, when there were no lights on the ward. “.

          So if they registered the child under that name, ( would that be allowed?), technically she was not lying but should have stated that she was representing a child under 18, but again, would she have been allowed to do that with charges of child abuse hanging over her.

          Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

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          • Well, I’m sure Haringey realised who they were dealing with, as they had been in a legal battle with the Musas for a while at the time of the FOI request. It doesn’t surprise me that they would be cautious in replying, as they would know that the Musas were economical with the truth and could twist anything they said.

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            • I know I shouldn’t laugh at what anyone calls their children but I did have a giggle at that. I can just imagine running around the park shouting, “Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth”, I think I would be considered a threat to the monarchy lol.

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  4. “Belinda, Sabine McNeill, and her friend Maurice Kirk, who claimed that the children had been lying”

    But…”there’s no way those kids were lying…children don’t make this stuff up…there’s no way they would have known that kind of detail…under EU directives children must be believed…BELIEVE THE CHILDREN!” – Right?

    Fascinating post, EC.

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      • Yes, I find it shocking that in the Musa case, Belinda, Sabine, and Maurice were all very much opposed to what the children were saying, and claimed they had been “brainwashed” into making allegations against their parents. They conveniently forgot that the eldest child sent out a call for help long before the police and social services got involved, by dropping a desperate plea for help from her bedroom window.

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  5. Belinda’s poor daughter 😦

    Not only did Belinda and all these weirdos try to “heal” her of these supposed demons and evil spirits but they also repeatedly TOLD her she was possessed by demons and evil spirits. That’s serious emotional abuse and the impact it must have had on her self-esteem, -image and -confidence is unimaginable. Shame on you, Belinda. And shame on your nasty little gaggle of circus freaks.

    Was this (alleged) abuse ever reported to the authorities, do we know? If not, can it still be reported as historic abuse? Daisy asks – very pertinently – whether the daughter was under 18 at the time. However, if she had mental health issues and had had a nervous breakdown, wouldn’t she class as a vulnerable adult and therefore be entitled to similar kinds of protection under the law as a child?

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    • Angela has claimed that the daughter was a victim of sexual abuse, I’m not sure if as a child or an adult, it is mentioned in one of Angela’s videos and Angela said Belinda had accepted that this was the case.

      What truth is in those claims I do not know.

      Angela also said that the daughter had a dislike for the second Mrs. McKenzie.

      Angela gained this info she said when she stayed at Belinda’s in April 2015 I believe.

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  6. Despite Charlotte’s slightly cynical retrospective description, I’m guessing she was first in line to lay hands on poor “Liz” at the time. Just a hunch.

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    • Yes, I’m keeping in mind that the book was written at a time when Charlotte was still one of Belinda’s willing minions, and was trying to portray her in the best possible light. This passage is followed by a long self-congratulatory bit where she describes her amazing ability to calm and help people with mental illnesses. Rather like Jesus, now that I think of it.

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  7. What is this gift these fake anti-child abuse campaigners seem to have for alienating their own children? Deborah Mahmoudieh, Belinda McKenzie, Ella Draper, Malcolm Ogilvy, Kris Costa, Heather Brown…

    I’m no shrink but could the breakdown in their relationships with their own children be a motivating factor in their desire to campaign for other parents/kids?

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    • Yes good point Liza. They do appear to have messed things up with their own children and don’t appear to be bothered about trying to fix their relationship instead they like to make out that they are some kind of earth mother to other peoples children.

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      • Yes i bet she would as well. I get the impression that Debs is really asking for people to spare a thought for her at Christmas.

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  8. Very interesting and disturbing post, EC. Thank you.

    By the way, baby’s awake. Whose turn is it to change his nappy?

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  9. Thanks for this!
    It’s important to keep talking about these underlying delusional fantasies held by THE ADULTS in the community, and the potentially disastrous consequences for children.
    (Both of which were among our top concerns about the Evangelical fraudster driven satanic panic, way back in the 1980’s & 1990’s. It was tough to get anyone to talk about it publicly, then – including more sympathetic, rationalist journalists)

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    • Everyone was much more interested in talking about, and writing about, the alleged beliefs and practices of imaginary satanic abuse cults! And does Ozzy Ozbourne really bite the heads off of bats in concert? Very frustrating.

      Just as, today, even serious journalists don’t want to discuss Islamic State as a pseudo-Islamist CULT – which is what they are. Much rather talk about an imaginary “islamophobia” in Western culture. People ARE fearful, but they are (rightly) fearful of pseudo-Islamic/Islamist cult members. No one ever expressed fear of, or bigoted hatred of, Sufis or Bahai or Ismailis – in any community I’ve ever been a member of. Only other people who claim to be muslims seem to have an irrational hatred for such folk.


        • I suspect he meant imaginary as in it’s baseless in fact, not that it doesnt exist…
          (this whipped up hatred of Islam started by the US, is in fact one of my pet peeves, I have both friends and family who are Islamic in their faith, and the amount of hatred they receive really gets my goat, especially since it was ramped up by gw bush for his fake war in the middle east)

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        • The bigotry and discriminatory treatment that some persons who happen to be Muslims, living in Western nations, have long experienced was always based on other factors; skin color, place of origin, cultural traditions that were not specifically religious (or at least, not understood to be specifically religious by their persecutors). They may have experienced bigoted attitudes because they were from India or Pakistan, because they were ‘brown’ skinned (my Bangladeshi friends call themselves ‘brown’ people), or because they were Arabs, or because they dressed, talked, or smelled “funny” (curry diet bigotry).

          But very few people even knew, or cared at all, that they were also Muslims. American white supremacist yobs were, and still are, so totally ignorant about Islam that they think Sikhs are Muslims! The predjudice such persons have faced here, generally speaking, has been very different from the specifically religion-based bigotry faced by Jews for example.
          “Fear of Muslims” as a specific basis for bigoted treatment, was largely an invention of Salafist propagandists, a self-fulfilling and prophetic propaganda in the hands of Bin Laden and other fanatic cultists. It was their intention to cause people living in the West to fear, that anyone in their communities who happened to be a Muslim might also be a cultist secretly plotting to kill them & their families. And they’ve been very successful.

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    • So he’s reporting `Hampstead Hoaxers’ to the same police that he was just berating for not arresting those same people….

      And I havent seen any comments that are half as `disturbing’ as the ones he himself posts in every post he makes……

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      • “The Police have no intention of arresting those behind Hoaxtead Research”.

        Yes, John. A blog which contains nothing but EVIDENCE BASED posts, why would they?

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        • It is funny how Paterson just doesn’t seem to realise that nobody listens to him or takes his daft claims seriously. People just see him as the fruitloop he is.

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        • Yes, Defective Costa hasn’t shut up about Pizzagate for the last 5 or 6 weeks, with her usual hilarious attempts at dot-joining. She’s finally jumped on that particular bandwagon about 11 months after it rolled out of town!

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          • She’s been doing her desperate best to try to link the Pizzagate dead horse to the Hampstead even deader one. The few people who pay any attention are too stoned to do much about it, which makes me laugh at her “calm before the storm” tag.

            There’s a storm a-comin’, Kristie Sue, but it ain’t headed in our direction. 😉

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      • “If you are a”…WHAT?

        That’s disgusting. I know she’s never been the brightest bulb on the tree, but I never realised that she’s also racist. How vile.

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        • Looks like I’ve made a typo there, doesn’t it, but that’s 100% copied and pasted.

          To be honest, I can’t quite figure out what CalmBeforeTheStorm is, whether it’s her or some psycho/group she’s prompting (not that that’s any more excusable). She’s being a bit ambiguous as usual.

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  10. A two-year-old Peter Klein video from John ‘After Burner’ Paterson’s channel, shared by three people in two days, liked by…er…one. Is this the “storm” the Hamphoaxers have been promising us? LOL

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    • TNN aka Klein has scrubbed his website, ect.. These are re-uploaders….He is a complete Sandy Hoaxer Schlub! His pals will see more cages.


  11. Lots of butt-hurt whines about the blog in this one, plus a number of death threats . I must admit this guy’s starting to bore me. He needs to work on some new material. Zzzzzzz…

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    • 8:45 – “I would also like to report my MP Maria Caulfield for perverting the course of justice by deleting her email account in order to avoid me.”


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    • He’s complaining to the police that the police have kept and handed over to the Crown prosecutor his laptop…
      I’d be less worried about complaining to the police that they `ave nicked me stoof’ and more about why it is in the crown prosecutors hands….

      `I’ve ad enuff, I expected arrests to be made before now’
      So have we mate, so have we
      And we also have expected an arrest before now, I think we might be thinking of different people deserving to be behind bars though
      (A big hint, Crown prosecutor doesn’t have my laptop- or indeed any other poster here laptops)

      Try thinking logically for a second (I know it something you haven’t tried in a long time, but try it)- People who don’t have their laptops taken aren’t likely to be arrested, people who have had their laptops taken are more likely to be arrested…

      Which group do you think you are in?

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  12. Stop lying, Lucinda. You’re a disgrace to the profession if you think it’s ok to troll YouTube and make false diagnoses and false allegations based on the ramblings of a convicted criminal. Shame on you.

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    • I’m guessing that Lucinda isn’t disgracing any “profession”, unless we count the Professional Compulsive Liars Association which was founded by Ms Angela Power-Disney, PCL.

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        • He’s “clearly part of the Pizzagate Satanic rape, murder crew [sic]”, because he questioned her psychology credentials. There yer go. Can someone please shoot me now?

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          • Anyone who disagrees with the Conspiracy theorist is either a paid shill, or involved in the cover up.

            “3) Confirmation Bias. Conspiracists disregard arguments that refute their thesis, usually by relying on the Genetic Fallacy–the source is in on the conspiracy, and therefore cannot be trusted. There is no truth, only opinion, and only the right opinion is acceptable. The Grand Cabal “got to them”, or their interests are somehow served by the conspiracy. Their motives are therefore impure, and nothing they say can be considered worthy to discredit the conspiracy theory. Since conspiracists consider all arguments to be arguments from authority, the choice is not between correct methodologies, but correct authority.

            4) Selective Bias. Conspiracists emphasize only those snippets of fact that confirm their beliefs, and disregard or dismiss the bulk of evidence which refutes their thesis. A common practice is quote mining, where a single statement (or even a portion of a statement) is quoted out of context as evidence for the theory. When the original source objects to the interpretation of the quote, the conspiracists fall back on the Genetic Fallacy, claiming that the source has been compromised since the original statement. Conspiracy theories are therefore unfalsifiable”

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    • What a sad horrible fantasy world some of these people live in. Thankfully they were saved from Abe and Ella, had they been taken back to Morocco, things would be much bleaker.

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      • “A whopping 106 thousand hits…in only 7 years, 8 months! GO MALKY!!! 😀”

        If he checked his blog 4 times a day (say breakfast,lunch, dinner and before going to bed) thats 3000 of those hits accounted for, if he checked it hourly for 12 hours a day (not an unrealistic figure for a fixated blogger) thats a whopping 34000 of the hits accounted for- 1/3 of his total!

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  14. There are a couple of counselling services here in the UK that I know of that offer what they call “deliverance” to counselling clients (deliverance = exorcism), or at leat they claimed to do so when I phoned them up. Both organisations feature a lot of the same people, they are also keen on attachment theory (Bowlby Centre SRA promoting loons as exposed in Private Eye magazine), “body work” (releasing memories that are trapped within the cellular structure – allegedly), and the usual “trauma and dissociation” / DID stuff. They are Deep Release Counselling http://www.deeprelease.org.uk and Barnabas Counselling at http://www.barnabastraining.com

    scarily they offer CPD credits to professionals studying with them


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