Introducing Alan Alanson


This charming individual approached one of our team members – Agent J – on Facebook, with the following demands:

Alan Alanson threat

But oh bugger, it seems that Agent J – and the rest of us – have completely ignored Alan’s demands for us all to shut the fuck up, and we all appear to still be here and still shouting from the rooftops that Hampstead was a hoax. D’oh!

Anyhoo, I thought I’d take a peek at Al’s Facebook page to get a handle on the kind of “person” we’re dealing with. The borderline anti-Semitic page banner and posts should have put me off…


Note: Begin never actually said the above and it is often used by anti-Semites to discredit the Jewish people. Incidentally, we are not condoning either the Israeli military oppression of Palestine or Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, we’re just pointing out Alanson’s possibly anti-Semitic motives.

…But nonetheless, I sallied forth and ventured in anyway. And lo and behold, we get the usual creepy demands to examine everyone’s naughty bits:


This, of course, is followed by the customary headless chicken act, where yet another Hoaxtead fruitcake runs around getting rather confused over everyone’s identities:


By the way, Al’s claim about people admitting to various identities is a blatant lie. Surprise surprise.

And speaking of lies, do my eyes deceive me or is Al also trying to take credit for Charlotte and Jacco’s Defenders of the Cult videos and “research”?! They’ll be so pleased XD

Anyhoo, we asked Agent J to give us the low-down on this fruitloop. This is what he had to say:

He’s a flat-earther. Pretty much believes everything is a conspiracy. He is a conspiritard to the extreme, for real. Any website with no credible evidence that says that some major event is a conspiracy theory is what he will read and accept as gospel. Speaking of which, he is also a hardcore Christian. He seems to think that Satan is connected to every conspiracy on earth. And as such, he uses that as a get-out-of-reason card when any form of evidence and/or watertight counter-argument is presented. But what makes him believe in God? Faith. And there you have it. He and his Christian cronies demonise, slander and terrorise people based on faith.

Thanks for that very succinct description, Agent J. By the way, we’re loving the phrase “get-out-of-reason card”. Hope you don’t mind us nicking that some time. 

Oh and if anyone is still in any doubt as to Alan’s fruitcake credentials, please note that he’s an avid supporter of Chis Spivey (who’s just been found guilty of harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby); and that he’s also close friends with raving psycho Arthur Kaoutal, who’s rabidly supporting the Hampstead hoax now that he’s been released from prison, having been incarcerated for trying to attack a woman and her child in their own home (see video here).


110 thoughts on “Introducing Alan Alanson

  1. And yet again despite all the people I’ve been accused of being on youtube, they still will not say that I may be a Dicky Rearman sock puppet. I feel left out.
    Two things strike me here 1. there needs to be a Criminal Defamation Law (like in France where you can’t even falsely accuse the dead) and 2 : they might be dying to look at some hapless priest’s privates but there is no way in Hell want to look at a Hampstead Satanic promoter’s privates. And that includes Neelu Berry.

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  2. Sam, I’m 100%….no, 110% convinced that you are Dearman. You look like him, you write like him, you think like him, you ARE him. Completely. It’s so obvious.

    Then again, so am I. At least, I think I am.

    But wait. If I’m him, I’m also you…and I don’t remember being you, though I’m sure it would be very nice….Oh, dear. It’s all so confusing!


  3. Don’t worry, JB…they’re all just one person, posing as many. You can tell by the fact that they all believe exactly the same tired bullshit.


  4. also see in his timeline he illegally posts yet another video of one of the children with the false claim that the kid is saying his father gives him cocaine but conveniently cuts it as the child says it was Abraham. What goes on in the mind of a person like this that he can just blatantly lie about a fact that he & his cohorts have plastered the net with & the truth can easily be found?

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  5. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    You lot really do make me laugh, is the above statement meant to be some sort defaming claim, & have me reeling? My facebook is public for reason Agents… I have nothing to hide & fear nothing, everything you have tried to use against me is true.

    Except the Exaggerations of your man in Havana, I mean Oz… Agent J, “still can’t stop laughing at that mind”, Fuck I even called that from from youtube didn’t I Jimmy? “Are you A J ? “.. Amanda Todd… Gimp? “Did you score a Win” ?

    Yarl need to get outta bed early in the morning to catch me kids…

    I have been calling you lot from day one..

    John “Ex Met Copper” Kramer, (FACEBOOK) “ADMITTED” to me on facebook, being Constance Waring & Sogorn (YOUTUBE)

    James Mason, “ADMITTED” to me in (FACEBOOK) PM being thejoker5112, & by this post here, he now links to this site…. own goal dickheads..

    SO…… NO lies…

    Of cause the above ID’s is speculation, because the smokescreen & confusion is laid by yourselves… it matters not, only we know Your Master, Ricky Dearman lurks within…. WE all know who & what you lot are.. PEDO’s & or Protectors… With Satanic connotations… Ain’t that right Kramer, Mason ?..

    ” In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi, Ave Voluptatis Carnis ”

    The more you lot try, the more ammo & intell you give us, until me last breath, I WILL BATTLE YOU…& expose you.. you can not win, not one of you has got the courage to front your real ID’s WHY? coz you are weak Satanic pedo loving worms, who conceal yourselves in fear for when the real Chaos is unleashed.


    You would push with us to get those alleged abusers examined, to either clear their names or prove beyond doubt those INNOCENT CHILDREN are telling the truth Yes…. YES!

    I wonder… Do, Keelan Balderson, Thomas Sheridan, Jimmy “the outlaw/Shillby shill” Jones,
    Jon Stevenson, Mark M’cMark, Dave “Jay Summers” Smith, the real DLV, RD, James Moran & Simon Spears, LURK WITHIN YOUR RANKS ?

    So, little people…. Nice try, but no cigar…


  6. And yet, when you ask the likes of Araya Somatoform where one should present for this examination, you get nothing in reply.

    They would be the first to complain about the erosion of our rights if the police were aloud to return to pre PACE days.

    They watch a couple of TV programs and think the police can break in and strip people at will.

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  7. Exactly. Too much telly, not enough brains.

    Plus, if people did start acquiescing to having their privates examined, the troofers would scream blue murder and claim one or all of the following: “they had the tattoo/wart/mole removed!!”; “the police are in on it, they’re protecting the paedos!!!”; “they exerted their special paedo Satanic magick and clouded the minds and cameras of the examiners, which proves they’re all guilty!!!!”.

    Because really, anything is easier than the obvious: the marks are one of Abe’s perverted fantasies.


  8. How is displaying an actual quote from an actual Israeli PM anti-Semitic? Logical fallacy is the jelly like backbone of your entire school boy like hit piece.


  9. There is no requirement in the UK for people to prove their innocence. That’s witchhunt reasoning there.

    I take it you are pushing for Ella and Abe return to the UK to be questioned by police? I haven’t seen that from anyone to be honest.

    Have you ever wondered why, despite local and national media coverage, not one single person has come forward with concerns as far as we can see? No one. Silence.

    Why, if people love the initial medical reports so much, do they ignore the evidence of very recent physical abuse?

    I think I’m not going to be able to have a rational discussion though.

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  10. Ella and Abraham are alleged abusers too. Did you forget that.

    If the police have enough evidence or grounds for an arrest or obtaining a warrant, I’d be surprised, but that is the nature of a police investigation.

    The fact that the two children have named every single adult they came in to contact with as part of their normal day to day life, but not named any other actual real people, should tell you it’s made up.

    The cafe, but not the pub. The fairy party place, but not the office supplies shop. The local Waitrose but not the Tesco somewhere else. All the parents they know, not anyone they don’t already know. All their friends, no children they could only know about through something sinister.

    Did you know Ella didn’t pass the children’s drawings to the police? Such important evidence she couldn’t be bothered to give it to the police.

    Mind you, it’s the same thing with the home recordings. And they are calling people who did give information to the police informants, as in they are grasses or snitches. Strange hey?

    That she has another son, and she also put his father on her list of cult members. She can’t be bothered to campaign about him. Poor boy, mummy forgot about him.

    Funnily enough, Sabine and Belinda campaign on behalf of Brian Pead. Look him up. Search Brian Pead, sex offence, grooming, sentenced.

    Finally, the reason everyone is now being called MI5 and part of the cult is because someone does that sort of thing, essentially accuse previous allies of being part of this supposed cult, because they are very, very, very, very, paranoid and they need no evidence whatsoever to make wild accusations.

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  11. 1. Because you’re too stupid to understand what ‘borderline’ means.

    2. Because you’re too stupid to understand what ‘and posts’ means.

    3. Because you’re too stupid to understand why he is plastering his page with posts designed to discredit the Jewish people. Here, check out your team’s bigot collection if you still think you’re not a bunch of anti-Semitic wankers:

    And if we ever need a lecture on logical fallacies from someone who avidly believes satanic panic hoaxes, we’ll let you know. But don’t hold your breath, Paul Price from Carmarthenshire.

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  12. Ooh, it sounds like we touched a nerve! Someone’s really angry, haha!

    So anyway, I assume you have links and/or screenshots to prove that all these people admitted to being Constance Waring? I look forward to seeing them. Oh and pssst: I know who Constance really is. D’oh!

    Now calm down and go have a good old cry.

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  13. Yes Al, presumably there’s a reason why you don’t want Abraham, the one person that the children have actually accused of abusing them, questioned. We’d love to hear it. Seriously, what is it you’re trying to cover up?

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  14. That’s from Keelan on Facebook, where I shared your meltdown with him. Why? What’s your point? Keelan is a friend of ours and we’re interested in what he has to say. If you don’t like that, just go and have a cry and drink some baby blood and calm down. Simples.

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  15. Thanks 🙂 I’ve now added a clarification into the post. The banner is indeed a misquote and his motive for using it (even if it had been an accurate quote) was clearly anti-Semitic.

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  16. Think it says it all that Alan has the guts to have a open facebook page but you bunch of pedophile protecting wankers are still hiding behind fake profiles here and on facebook, not one of you sad gutless losers has the guts to admit who you are or show your face, cowards aswell as scum! And as for Keenlan 😂😂 I mean please what a cock sucking little weasel, he blocks anyone that calls his lies out on facebook and he removes comments from his own page, nothing more than a slave boy to his masters, he should stop going out for his own safety that one


  17. So what’s your real name then, Miran? And Drifloud’s? And Unionof666666’s? And Code 2222’s?

    Oh I see, this isn’t a mutual arrangement, then?

    By the way, who’s Keenlan?

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  18. I know Miran and her real identity. She lives just round the corner from me in Sheffield. She’s always harassing people online. Well, when she’s not watching Jeremy Kyle, anyway.


  19. I was going to make a similar point when Al was banging on about Constance Warring. I much prefer her mate Constance Waring.

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  20. You really expect me to use my real name? I’m sorry but I’m not going to give out my identity so people can ring me up with death threats, scream abuse at my young child. Contact my employer, post private information about me, go round my house shout abuse at me on my doorstep and then put it on YT, shout disgusting abuse when I go about my daily business.

    And if you think a bit of bad language on Facebook or YT is the end of the world, and if you can’t cope with the possibility of a few sock accounts among the genuine ones, grow up. Even gentle discussion sets off a foul mouthed tirade. So don’t use that excuse.

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  21. @Alan Alanson

    I answered your points by the way. What about mine?

    Pictures not given to police.

    Home recordings not given to police.

    Physical abuse by Abraham leading to injuries.

    Missing third son.

    Alleged abusers all in the circle of people the children know through normal day to day life. No outsiders.

    No corroboration.

    No other witnesses who have come forward.

    Ella and Abraham running away from the police, thereby not coming forward to be examined about the allegations of abuse.

    Ella and Abraham’s utterly demented paranoiac accusations against anyone and everyone.

    Their upset at their amazing wonderful evidence such as their home recordings finding their way to the police. They should be grateful to the person who passed the info on.

    Abraham’s longstanding interest in cannabis as a substitute for blood. Seriously.

    Finding evidence of cannabis consumption in the children’s hair, but NOT cocaine. Both children were tested. The girl’s hair is longer of course.

    That people are screaming about the investigation needing to be reopened, but acting as if the results of a reopened investigation are a foregone conclusion.

    Ella’s coldness about her children. She can talk the hind legs off a donkey about Talmudic Babylonian death cults. However, she has never said anything genuinely affecting about her children, such as “I miss the sound of them playing together” of course she wouldn’t actually say that, because she didn’t let them play together.

    That the children were reported by their school to be hungry and eating out of the bin. Yep, eating out of the bin. In case the excuse that the school is full of cult members is used, neighbours called social services too.

    There were restraining orders against Ricky Dearman and also a caution I think, but Abraham’s convictions are glossed over.

    Abraham has a little obsession about physical punishment of children.

    They’ve absorbed just about every conspiracy theory going and added it to this story.

    That the pair of them are obviously complete loons. I wouldn’t want them near my family.

    I mean that. Strangely, Ella mentions that parents of other children weren’t too comfortable around her. I don’t blame them.

    The sheer logistical nightmare of sourcing and transporting 8000 plus babies from several countries and having them arrive at their destination alive and undetected.

    I could mention more, but there’s a few anomalies that I’m curious about.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    And just in case you missed iT.

    Ella has three children. Each of them are supposed to have cult member fathers. The only ones that get mentioned are the two Abraham got his grubby mits on.

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  22. I don’t understand what you mean. Protocols damage limitation? Can you elaborate?

    I’ve also responded lower down.

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  23. And even if he did say it Begin does not speak for the millions of Jews in the world or Israel. The inference is that all Jews think as one which is simply racist. We do not blame all Germans (or Austrians) for what Hitler said. all Iraqis for Saddam and so on.

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  24. All fucking Noise.. hfhgfghfhgfghfghfTracy…

    Examine alleged abusers for tats & marks… simples, don’t waffle on with hearsay shit…

    Scarlet poop… I’m angry?… yep, sure I’m… at you dirty fkn pedos & protectors… I’ve seen first hand how you fuckers work… & seen the punishment metered to you dirty little bastards… Squeal like little girls when confronted & beaten…

    Ain’t no amount of your bullshit can mask who you lot are…

    No fucking logical persons go to your extremes to call this a hoax.. NO ONE!


  25. Ask them to deny it…can’t do screenshots, only headshots….

    Ya see your give away is the Constant cliqueing everywhere… Were you responsible for the death of Amanda Todd also?

    & have you scored wins from underage girls on youtube eh?


  26. Alan, our members are merely asking polite questions and expressing their views. Be polite or be blocked. All you’re doing by attacking them is proving your mate Renee right 😉


  27. Ok, you were warned but you clearly don’t know how to discuss the issue like a grown up, so you’re blocked. And as your mate Renee said, by attacking us, you’re proving us right, so thanks.


  28. You’re just rambling now, Al. And you clearly have nothing intelligent or worthwhile to say. And you have no idea how to be polite and respectful. So click. Block. Byeeee x


  29. ‘who else has the time to devote to that sort of thing?’ Perhaps he has a sock (er I mean sick) note and is not required to work, pending his next sectioning under the Mental Health Act. Just sayin’.

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  30. “ring me up with death threats, scream abuse at my young child. Contact my employer, post private information about me, go round my house shout abuse at me on my doorstep and then put it on YT, shout disgusting abuse when I go about my daily business.”

    You forgot ‘send me parcels of poo in the post. Yes, that’s happened.’.

    I wouldn’t give my real name to any of these people. A lot of them are unstable and in need of psychiatric help.

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  31. @Miran
    So what is your real name, actually bung us your address, and we can then post all over the internet claiming that you are a baby muching, skull twerking MacDonald’s employee…..see how brave you are matey…..cough up Real name, address.

    We don’t need any proof, don’t worry about that, we will just make it ALL up…..

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  32. Some of you pedophiles got shit posted through your door and you got death threats 😂😂😂😂😂 brilliant 😃 thanks for sharing, that’s made my night, long may it continue…………..


  33. What what what !!! A Hollie Greig Veteranis our man Alan Alanson…..Tally ho… boot, look at the friends list.

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  34. @Bustapedo
    Miran, you do realise that even when you change your user name, we can still see it’s you due to your IP address, right?

    Now, what was that you were saying about only cowards using fake names? Oops!

    Oh and thanks for the comment. You’ve very kindly proved us right on what we’ve always said about you sad tragic twats, despite the frequent denials
    from Belinda, Sabine, Charlotte et al. So cheers, dickhead.

    PS: it’s spelt ‘paedophile’ in Britain. And last I checked, your home town of Sheffield was still in Britain. No problem with you declaring independence but do let me know first so I can call my stockbroker.

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  35. Well, well! The man himself graced us with his presence here I see..what a polite, eloquent gentleman he is NOT!

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  36. What, you accuse random people of being paedophiles? Based on nothing.

    Funnily enough, Sabine and Belinda have a friend called Brian Pead. Look him up. Search for Brian Pead – sex offence – grooming – sentenced. He’s changed his name now, to something with “Freeman” in.

    The people posting shit through doors don’t care whether the person is guilty or not. Wanting the police investigation reopened is just a smokescreen.

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  37. “If they were on here ill kick the shit outta them Al.”

    ^ Tough words from Arthur. And yet he’s too much of a pussy to come and kick the shit out of us here? Interesting.


  38. You are a pussy boy……all mouth, no trousers, what you need is a good stint in the Army…..sort the likes of you out chappy. Weeds the wooses out from the pussies.

    Ask your Mummy if you are allowed to, if she says yes then pop along and let’s see how tough you are then boy.!!!

    Leave your teddy at home though,

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  39. Odd people.

    A notable lack of discussion of the points I put forward.

    Ella really does have a third child. Her eldest. A boy. See the CRIS report. Age 17 at time of allegations. Lives with his father. Not part of the household on the CRIS report. Ella names his father as part of the cult on her list, which was forwarded to the police by a third party. See the CRIS report. She never mentions him. Maybe she’s not bothered by him living with a man she has said is part of a baby killing cult.

    She didn’t even bother giving the drawings the children did to the police.

    The first medical reports document the physical injuries the children received from Abraham. The little boy still had blood in his ear, and it would not actually be possible for Ricky Dearman to have caused those injuries.

    I honestly don’t understand it. It’s like some sort of wilful blindness to the already present inconsistencies. These are above and beyond the ones in the judges determination in many cases.

    Every “interview” Ella and Abraham do they drop themselves further in it.

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  40. Exactly. The boy said that Abraham had hit him hard across the side of the head hurting his ear. Just how hard do you have to hit a boy to cause such damage in his ear?
    What kind of man would hit such a young boy in that manner? Abraham makes me sick to the stomach.

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  41. I read his Facebook posts (until I felt queasy) and it’s Aussie centric. Maybe he’s a Geordie who emigrated. They sent us Rupert Murdoch as punishment.

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  42. No doubt unlike Alan Alanson and probably most ‘Truthers’ I do know a family directly affected by 9/11 when they lost their father. I also have a dear friend who slept in on that fateful day and missed an appointment at the World Trade Centre and his life was saved.
    I don’t these troofers give a moment’s thought to those survivors and how their unproved claims cause so much distress for them.

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  43. I’ve always wondered why the eldest lives with his Father and not with Ella. Makes me think she lost residency via the courts long before the situation with the youngest two. Courts do not change residency lightly.

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  44. I’m going to say something that doesn’t paint Ella in a bad light now. There were allegations of domestic violence against Ella and Ricky Dearman has got a caution. It could be that he didn’t get on with Ricky and/or wanted out of the situation. He is older and his view has more sway. When Ricky left maybe he just preferred his dad rather than living with his mum? She has had social services involvement due to neglect in the past too of course.

    Her daughter is very, very small for her age. That could be natural and nothing untoward, or that she was hungry to such an extent her growth was stunted. The school said they were taking food from the bin. Ella’s son is smaller than average too, which could be normal also, but he’s not small to the same extent as his sister.

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  45. I think the “Truthers” see it as a game, and don’t relate to their victims as real people. In the case of the Hampstead hoax there is a bit of class war going on in some cases as Hampstead is seen as “posh”, even though many of people named aren’t.

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  46. This “healthy vegan diet” obviously wasn’t thought through. I think doctors call it “Musli-belt Malnutrition”.

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  47. Ellawatch.

    You forget that I can read the same things as you.

    Ella complained about the setting. She asked him to stop. He did. She reported it to the police. She is recorded as not being harmed or distressed, no further action taken. It isn’t wrong that she reported it to the police in a way, it could have turned out to be the beginning of a “course of conduct”. But it didn’t. Inappropriate on his part, possibly or even probably, illegal, no. No caution received.

    If my memory is faulty, please let me know.


  48. Mate, I wasn’t arguing with you. I was merely asking a question for clarification. No need for the hostility 🙂


  49. Spivey doesn’t exist. He is a fictional character created as a psy-op by MI5. I’ve seen that photograph of him punching the PM and it was clearly altered with photoshop.

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  50. Wasn’t meaning to be rude. Just read the Ricky has a conviction line too many times, plus I thought you were from Ella’s camp trying to drop an amazing bombshell of devastating insight that actually isn’t.

    AFAIK he has one caution. The sexting thing was something Ella reported to the police but it didn’t get taken any further. I think she just wanted it recorded, my impression.

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  51. Spivey makes me pee myself with laughter when he is constantly trying to prove that two different people are one and the same by using his dodgy photoshop skills comparing shapes of ears etc wehn any sane person can easily see that they really are 2 different people. He could do with taking tips from Miss Scarlet & El Coyote in how to keep his posts concise and still informative rather than rambling on about rubbish over pages and pages that prove nothing apart from what a fruitloop he is

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  53. Long time no see. Arty has officially lost it:

    It gets really funny at the 16:08 mark. He also gives a brief mention regarding Hampstead at the end. And watch the end of the video too, he makes a real pathetic attempt at trying to sign off but he obviously it still a technological vegetable.

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  54. OMG! Thanks, James. Great to hear from you. Hope you’re well.

    Sheva’s gonna love this video, LOL.

    By the way, I sent you an urgent PM on your YT channel some weeks ago. Did you get it?

    Best wishes and thanks again 🙂

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  55. I am doing great. Still wreaking havoc on these pseudo-intellectuals when I can. I received your message and have responded. Stupid YouTube and Google Minus aren’t the best with notifying me about messages and stuff like that. They’ve ruined what was once good. As it has been stated, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But I digress.
    I’ve been keeping a close eye on Arthur both on Facebook and YouTube. And it’s surprised me that he’s actually going to a public protest. However from what I gather, this demonstration is about Aboriginal children being taken from their parents. I’m thinking that Arty has his own little agenda going on that he wants to push at this demonstration and this may bring him more opponent than it will supporters. It seems to me that every time he gains support, he winds up being enemies with them. So don’t be too surprised if he bitches and whinges about his actions at said protest backfires (link to the even is below).


  56. Thanks, James.

    And nice work keeping tabs on Arty Cat-Tail. It seems that he hasn’t learnt much from his latest spell inside and that it’s only a matter of time before he ends up back in there. Surely, there must be parole conditions in place, preventing him from harassing Mr. Joffe or anyone else online.

    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work, buddy.



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