When did Hoaxtead really begin? New evidence changes the timeline

If you had asked us a few months ago, “How long has this case been going on?” we might have replied, “Since about January 2015, when Sabine leaked the first reports to Veterans Today and then TheTapBlog”.

But new evidence keeps emerging that pushes that timeline back to at least November 2014, if not much earlier than that.

This has grave implications, as it seems to point to a degree of planning and intent on the part of the Hoaxtead originators: Abraham Christie, Ella Draper, Belinda McKenzie, and Sabine McNeill.

Please note: in contrast to our usual habit, we will not be putting up hyperlinks to several of the following references, as they lead to illegally leaked information that should not have been made public in the first place.

In June 2015, Sabine posted a synopsis of the Hampstead case as she saw it (complete with inaccuracies, misleading information, and outright lies, but that goes without saying). That synopsis contained a link to an 11-page document prepared by Ella, outlining her bizarre allegations.

Sabine-blog excerpt-dropbox link 2016-03-05

She claims that Ella approached her in November 2014. Indeed, the link leads to a Dropbox file, which shows a post date of 14 November, 2014:

Sabine-dropbox file-1 2016-03-05

The 11-page document contains names, addresses, occupations, children’s names, and other confidential material that has no business being posted on the internet, so we are not linking to it. However, it resembles the file that Sabine leaked to TheTapBlog in late January 2015.

And lest there be any doubt as to who owns the Dropbox, this handy notification of authorship can be found in the bottom right-hand corner:

Sabine-authorship 2016-03-05

We know that Ella ‘hired’ Sabine and Belinda as her McKenzie friends in late 2014, after she’d fired her legal team, rehired them, and then fired them again. We assume that they were not giving her the answers she wanted, whereas Sabine and Belinda would have been only too happy to oblige.

But is it possible that Ella and Sabine and/or Belinda had met even earlier than November? We have absolutely no proof of this, and it feels dicey to speculate, but we do have this tantalising titbit, sent to us by Sheva Burton last fall:

Belinda-was Hoaxtead plannedHas anyone seen any sign of some other ‘Special Operation’ that Belinda’s been running? We haven’t.

As far as we can tell, her dance card was filled with Hoaxtead for the majority of 2015. We do find it interesting that she wanted to recruit volunteers via postal address, rather than email; this seems to imply a more hands-on approach, with Belinda exercising more control over her army of minions.

But wait! There’s more!

But this isn’t the only thing that makes us wonder how long this hoax was in the making: many of you who’ve been around for a while will recall ‘Jacqui Farmer’, late of the Hamster Research blog.

First, a bit of relevant history.

If you’ve been with us from the early days of this blog, you might even remember that we unmasked ‘Jacqui’, revealing her identity as Charlotte Alton Ward, a British woman living in Suriname with a man named Jacco De Boer (whom she calls ‘Video Man’).

In early May, one of our team members discovered the first known video pertaining to the Hampstead case. While it was produced by “Hampstead Research”, the video was hosted on Sabine’s blog on 24 February, 2015:

Sabine-24 Feb 2015 2016-03-05

This video was remarkable, in that it was less ‘scrambled’ than some of Charlotte and VM’s later efforts. The fact that it was scrambled, though, told us that its narrator was probably already known within the Truther community, and was making an effort to remain anonymous.

Once we’d had one of our volunteers unscramble it, we set about comparing it to known voices. It didn’t take long for another team member to discover three YouTube channels, all run by Charlotte Alton Ward. We were interested to note that the channels contained multiple videos by Belinda, as well as by Maggie Tuttle. Sabine was listed as a subscriber.

In fact, along our travels we discovered numerous links between Charlotte Alton Ward and both Belinda and Sabine. This includes the fact that Charlotte was at one time a tenant in Belinda’s house in Highgate. She claims to have witnessed (and wished to help with) the eviction of Declan and Lola Heavey in March 2013. Lola has detailed their experiences with Belinda elsewhere.

We won’t bore you with the details of unravelling Jacqui’s identity, other than to mention three things that might be important here:

  1. Charlotte Ward previously ran a blog called ‘Conspirituality’, based upon a word she and a university professor, Dr David Voas, invented. Roughly translated, it conflates conspiracy theories and spirituality. They wrote a paper about it in 2011, of which Charlotte was quite inordinately proud. We’ll expand upon this, perhaps, in a later post; but the main point here is that Charlotte unceremoniously removed her Conspirituality blog from the internet in November 2014, for no obvious reason. It was paid up until November 2015, according to DNS records.
  2. In November 2014, as well, Charlotte Ward changed her name to ‘Jacqui Farmer’ (based on translation of Jacco De Boer’s name into English).
  3. And also in November 2014 (which is getting to look like a very busy month indeed!), ‘Jacqui Farmer’ self-published her (really badly written) e-book, Illuminati Party.

Charlotte Alton Ward-book 2016-03-05

In fact, November 2014 is beginning to look very much like ‘launch time’ for Belinda’s ‘Special Operation’, which (if we are guessing correctly) could have been planned much earlier. Once Sabine had leaked the documents to TheTapBlog, ‘Jacqui Farmer’ began to record videos, then set up Hamster Research, which for a number of months served as a centering point for those who believed in the hoax.

We do realise that we’re running the risk of stepping straight into the rabbit-hole here. Please keep in mind that we’re not stating anything definitive, and we don’t want to fall into the trap of confirmation bias, where everything starts to look like it supports a preconceived plot.

We’re interested to know, though: what do you think?

conspiracy theories are-coming


50 thoughts on “When did Hoaxtead really begin? New evidence changes the timeline

      • Because one of them is a highly capable psycopath (BM) and they have an amazing ability to inspire a group and keep a movemnet going leaving a trail of devasation behind them and quite often that includes their supporters. Fit’s BM to a tee yes with the Hollie Hoax- others go to jail but they just keep on trucking.

        Some psychopaths often have no plan or eventual goal,just momentum.

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  1. Great work El Coyote. It does look like too many coincidences at once for this not to have been planned earlier than first realised.

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  2. Despite Sabine’s unconvincing denials, here are some more posts that reveal compelling evidence of her and Ella’s pre-meditated complicity in those video/document leaks:


    I’ve included this post on the list for sharing purposes. Incidentally, I tried to post the list on Sabine’s Whistleblower blog in response to Truth1Now’s specific challenge to us to do so. Predictably, Sabine didn’t approve it, which in itself is suspicious behaviour – clearly, she’s determined to bury the truth.

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    • I think it a coincidence that both Ella and Sabine are big fans of Bikram Yoga (Ella is a teacher of this particular version of yoga). Sabine writes:

      If ever you might have wondered why I spent three months helping the mother of the two ‘whistleblower kids’, here is her higher mission, with her partner Abraham. Ella introduced me to hemp juice and served me ‘tea and oranges’ [if you remember Suzanne by Leonard Cohen]. I was impressed by her history as a vegetarian who became a raw food and vegan practitioner. She is also a practitioner of Bikram Yoga, the 26 postures in a 38 degree hot room that I have been practising since 2006 to help my chronic pain condition since a serious car accident in 1973….

      It is even more of a coincidence that Ella happens to fit into Sabine and Belinda’s pre-existing interest in Satanic panic stories, or rather, the creation of these.

      Even more interesting is Sabines declared hope/intention to find a ‘breakthrough case’ for her special interests:

      Regarding my social life with meaning, I can only hope that this case will become the breakthrough we’ve been working towards:

      Barnet County Court

      It took me quite a while to get my head, heart and strategic thinking in line with the necessities to respond to calls for court proceedings in the case of a Russian mum whose two children were taken by Barnet Police on 11 September 2015.

      On 05 September they had been recorded by the police when they reported the crimes they have experienced as victims and witnesses. Too terrible to read about. But when you watch and listen to the children, you cannot but believe them. They are 8 and 9 years old and very articulate indeed. The brother confirms what the sister says independently. They are consistent all along – ever since they first started to talk while on holidays and then at the Police.

      On 17 September, they were recorded to have retracted their allegations…

      I ‘assisted’ as McKenzie Friend with the preparation of 2 of the 3 court hearings at Barnet County Court:

      Judge Vera Mayer who had also decided over the fate of Melissa Laird (deported so that her son could be kept for adoption) first decided to reserve the case for herself.
      She also only allowed one McKenzie Friend to accompany the mother.
      She didn’t allow others or the public into the gallery. As if Sir James Munby never announced that the secrecy of family courts should be lifted!…
      On 23 December she passed the case on to Mrs Justice Pauffley as if it was habitual for judges to do so…


      so when did these 2 of 3 hearings that Sabine says she took part in take place then?

      She gives us some copy pasted details of hearings at Barnet here:

      The Return of the Children: Discharging the ICO
      Past Hearings:
      09.14: Para 15. “In the interim Axxxx Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (DOB redacted) and Gxxxxx Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (DOB redacted) are placed in the care of London Borough of Barnet until the finalisation of the proceedings or further order.”
      10.14: Para 15: “The children are placed in the care of LB Barnet until the conclusion of the proceedings or further order.”
      12.14: Para 15: “The children are placed in the care of LB Barnet until the conclusion of the proceedings or further order.”

      Sabine provides some more details about these 3 hearings here http://whistleblowerkids.uk/about/position-statement/#_edn1

      before Mrs ANNE JUSTICE PAUFFLEY on 26.01.15 at 2pm

      This is to put on record that the mother continues to dispute the following:

      The grounds on which LB Barnet is keeping her children in care – since 11.09.14 – via an Interim Care Order issued on 24.09.14 “until the conclusion of the proceedings or further order” – after they made allegations of exceptional gravity against their father and their school, implying both failed in their duty of care;
      The refusal of her applications to discharge the Interim Care Order[i];
      The cancellation of her Residence Order[ii] as part of these proceedings;

      …Endnotes explain the [i]


      [i] Case Management Order of 10.12.14 (one of the times Sabine was present, ie one of the 3 times)

      NB the interim care order was made (Barnet) on 24.09.2014 (Emergencypolice protection order in force from 11th Sept 2014). In other words, Sabine uses the dd/mm/yy method.

      The other time Sabine would have been present was (probably) as she states here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byzy22cCtwpdaFBaWFZIUDRyNms/view

      a. On 21.10.14 Duncan Lewis Solicitors made an application on behalf of the mother

      with the father and LB Harrow as Respondents. However, the mother has to fight

      LB Barnet, the father and the Guardian and sees the traumatisation of her

      children being ignored….

      In other words, Sabine was ‘representing’ Ella as Mckenzie friend on 21st Nov 2014…

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      • Much to ponder here, SW–for instance, the Bikram yoga angle is intriguing, but would rely on us finding some evidence that they met that way. They certainly did have complementary needs (Ella: get rid of ex; Sabine: prove there are Satanist cults eating babies).

        And yes, I do recall Sabine’s mentioning that 2015 would be their ‘breakthrough case’ as well.


  3. There was an earlier judicial review attempt of the police’s decisions regarding the case. If you remember Sabine and Belinda were involved with that. When was the ex police officer involved in the report of the case? I think they were planning long before stuff was posted to the Internet, even if all their plans were above board. Maybe they expected to win the cases?

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      • Ray ‘Dowsing Rods’ Savage claimed to have interviewed Ella for several hours early on in the ‘case’ and said he was 100% convinced she was telling the truth about the ritual abuse. I always found this odd, as it was the children who’d made the claims, not her.


        • Tracey, are you thinking of Kylie Wilson? Ex-cop, wrote a critique that was kind of milquetoast but was claimed by Sabine et al. to be a reason for the cops to re-do the investigation?


          • there’s a reason many people are ex-cops. Quiet invitation to resign rather than be booted. People seem to think it gives them more credibility than a non-cop.

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  4. On 2nd January 2015, Mary Rooney, a director of one of Belinda’s companies, was handing out leaflets at Southwark Crown Court (Ben Fellows hearing) mentioning this Hampstead case and the hearing to be held at the RCJ on 20 something of January, 2015.

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          • The whole leaflet wasn’t just about the Hampstead case, but i can’t remember much of what else it mentioned.

            Possibly about Empowerment Monday’s at the RCJ, Mary is to be found there.

            I think there were at most 2 paragraphs on the Hampstead case.

            It did say there was a hearing in January 2015, Russian mother, children in care, Barnet Council and CSA.

            I can’t remember if it mentioned SATANIC, RITUAL or anything like that. I think if it had i would have been shocked and remembered.


  5. A timeline according to the Mrs Justice Pauffley Judgement:

    May 2014 – RD gains access to children P and Q for first time since October 2013 (28)
    May 2014 – Ella Draper and Abraham Christie meet. (28)
    4 June 2014 – Abraham Christie clashes with Christchurch School over nutrition of P and Q. (29)
    Middle June 2014 – Abraham Christie spending 2 or 3 nights in home of Ella Draper (29)
    August 2014 – Abraham Christie makes first allegations of SRA to Jean-Clement Yaohirou by phone. (30)
    NOTE – of interest in Aug 2014 Christie alleges Haringey Police Station is involved in SRA – why? (30)
    Aug and Sept 2014 – videos are made involving P and Q whilst on holiday detailing SRA allegations (32)
    4 Sept 2014 – Jean-Clement Yaohirou records his meeting with P, Q, Ella Draper and Abraham Christie (35)
    5 Sept 2014 – the police become involved. (36)
    5 Sept 2014 – the police interview P and Q on video. (109)
    10 Sept 2014 – interview with Ella Draper and her lack of emotion, lack of authenticity is strange (41)
    11 Sept 2014 – P and Q are subject of Police Protection Order. (42)
    11 Sept 2014 – the police interview P and Q second time on video. (109)
    12 Sept 2014 – first medical examination of children P and Q. (43)
    14 Sept 2014 – second medical examination of children P and Q. (44)
    17 Sept 2014 – further police interviews of P and Q where they withdraw SRA allegations. (45 and 140)
    10 Dec 2014 – Ella Draper fires her legal team. (46)
    26 Jan 2015 – Ella Draper was represented until this date by Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill (47)
    26 Jan 2015 – Ella Draper via McNeill threatens to disclose on internet unless P and Q returned. (57)
    10 Feb 2015 – The court makes injunctions against Ella Draper (47) and probably Sabine McNeill (20)
    10 Feb 2015 – Police contact Ella Draper by phone about material released on the internet re P and Q. (52)
    12 Feb 2015 – Police attempt to arrest Ella Draper for harrassment but she flees abroad. (53-55)
    17 Feb 2015 – Court rejects Draper request that Belinda McKenzie represent her in her absence (48)
    17 Feb 2015 – Abraham Christie was spotted outside of court but Ella Draper is missing (50)

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  6. The Hampstead hoax emerging ties in with the final revenues from the Hollie Greig case drying up. And as I previously pointed out, it seems to have drawn part inspiration (the germ of the idea) from the antics of one of the leading lights in the Hollie scam. – There appears to be a whole group of these con artists that work together. Andrea Davidson, Bill ‘let’s scream at garden furniture’ Baloney and Ben Fellowes being just a few of the more obvious examples. But there are dozens of bit-players and character actors to be rolled in and out. McKenzie seems to work almost as a film distributor does. When she catches on to a likely ‘script’ she coordinates the its development and production. She also works to ring fence the project so that one of her stooges takes the drop in the same way a project manager might set up a shell company to take the hit if a film or media project failed. – As sick as the concept is, she’s in the ‘entertainment industry’. – Look at her other (failed) projects such as Starchild or Charles Seven!

    Where some such as David Icke and Alex Jones make a good living in the open trading in relatively lightweight ‘top shelf fear porn’, McKenzie produces the underground, line-crossing hardcore ‘snuff movies’ of the conspiritainment industry. And I use that phrase “snuff” because she has no concerns about ruining the lives of innocent victims and vulnerable people as well as ultimately leaving the ‘stars’ of her shows destitute and with criminal records. McKenzie being the seasoned professional con artist she is will probably have her new season 2017 scams at an advanced stage of planning. – It IS a business she is running after all!

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    • I find this analysis fascinating: the idea that Belinda runs a sort of ‘conspiritainment’ business makes a great deal of sense. We’ve heard rumours in the past that she’s some sort of co-intel agent, but it makes much more sense to me that she’s just a sleazy lone operator, producing, directing, and acting in her own form of conspiracy porn.


      • My belief and opinion is that McKenzie has been a con artist all her working life.

        Co-Intel? Possibly after the fact. There is little doubt of sleeze in high places. I think that’s particularly evident in a post-Savile world. And it might well be that certain crooks get away with certain things because they have a certain hold on certain people. It might also be the case that the conspiritainment industry is as readily manipulated as the mainstream media is. For example – the current trend to try and establish a dialogue wherein all attempts to investigate historic child abuse (particularly within the media) is beginning to be painted as a whitchunt; I find that quite disturbing and wrong-headed. But then again so IS an actual witchunt! If it’s the truth you’re after then it’s the truth you must accept at all costs, even if it disturbs your preconceptions.

        But I believe notions of MI5 and those of that ilk creating and running the McKenzies of this world are more likely to be of the latter-type’s manufacture in order to build up and glamourise the ‘plot’ that they all seem to play a role in. The truth may well lead us to ‘high places’. But the reality of it is likely to be dirty, sordid, criminal and disturbingly prosaic. These people are at the end of the day just crooks.

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  7. The Hollie Greig case is trying to be revived via Brenda Mumsy McNamara, who has Hollie’s photo as her latest facebook profile.

    I think she probably has no other avenue to pursue and has gone back to the Hollie case to put herself in the “limelight” again.

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    • Many won’t let it lie, mainly because it brings them self-validation; it was their one shot at recognition in life; it makes them ‘legends in their own minds’. For instance Malcolm ‘Con-Rod’ Ogilvy has been running his “Hollie” site continuously for some years. His quest seems to be self-serving attention seeking and progressing some warped political agenda. Invariably these sites are incoherent and fathomable only by an audience of fellow head-cases. Most simply regurgitate old newspaper reports and cut/paste from long-forgotten web pages. – Brenda McNamara? Has she anything new or different to say? No? I haven’t the time or inclination to explore whatever tosh she is regurgitating, but is she perhaps attempting to use Hollie’s case as a hook to hang some other agenda on? – Really, who listens to these people? Except an infantile rabble of failures, criminals, drug-addicts and wasters.

      Show me one solitary case where one of these nutjubs has been, to the slightest degree, in any way shape or form involved in the legitimate bringing-to-book of a predator. – It’s all about them justifying their own pointless lives. – Why give them the oxygen of publicity?

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      • I agree, when you look at sites like the one Ogilvy runs you can see right away that he’s off his stick. And yes, I’d love to be shown an example where one of these people actually helps anyone. They’re very good at one thing: running in circles barking loudly.


        • One of the things I find interesting about Ogilvy’s site is his selectivity. The site has virtually no original content, yet it spews forth many times per day. He seems to spend every waking hour devouring stories of child abuse often decades old; they seem to enthrall and fascinate him. He then cuts and pastes these into his collection. – What exactly is this doing to track down paedophiles? Nothing! And what normal person has the time? From where I’m sitting his site looks more like a paedophile’s scrap book. – The work of an obsessive.

          Notably (and for various reasons, including not influencing current investigations, I’d rather not go into detail) he’s quite good at missing certain ‘certain’ cases. Mainly relatively local ones. And he does seem to have a true hatred of those who actually HAVE played a role in bringing sex offenders to book. – The BBC’s Mark Daly for instance. For a man who let’s recall was deemed such a danger to his own flesh-and-blood that he was barred from seeing them Ogilvy is surprisingly free at projecting the title ‘Nonce’ onto others. And often without a single grain of evidence. Methinks he doth protest WAY too much! This seems to be the way with a lot of these sites though. At best they are about damaged people trying to find validation and work out their own internal demons. Very often though they do seem to be about highly dubious individuals trying to deflect ‘something’ from themselves.

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    • Early on in this case Brenda Mumsy McNamara claimed that she had advised Ella to get some undercover surveillance evidence of the allegations as a way to prove them but Ella declined this possibility. Maybe Mumsy could fill us in on the details in the spirit of truth.

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  8. i have been keeping tabs on a few of these people, It seems to start with kevin annett who if you look at his past and present associates neelu, araya, belinda, mel ve, tory smith etc shows that these people are all intertwined with each other. Their giant egos mean that their associations dont last long but they are all linked with some nasty people. They do not care if they break up a family or falsely accuse someone so long as they get their fix. They are very internet savvy and have youtube saturated with propaganda. i wish you people well in your fight, but you need to look at the big picture. hampstead is just one part.


    • I believe you are correct Karnevil. There are many scams being run in many places. And I suspect you might agree with me that the entire ‘scene’ has all the features of an industry about it. – From the relatively harmless scams such as Yvette Fileding (Most Haunted) and Ray Santilli (Alien Autopsy) throught the mainsteam-sinister ‘fear porn’ promoted by the likes of Icke and Alex Jones through to the downright sleazy, cheap, ‘conning’ of McKenzie and her kind. It’s an industry, with all the features of market segmentation and stratificatrion about it. And when you get to the bottom of the barrel the sludge there cares nothing for human life.

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    • Karnevil nine (awesome tag btw) – I found this site because I started with taking an interest in Kevin Annett…. which led to Araya, which led to…. all the others. I don’t think there’s any conspiracy there. These people join up and bust up with each other like guests on the Jeremy Kyle show. The Araya/Annett bust up is highly entertaining. The reason they drift towards each other is always the same – they’re sharks who scent blood in the water and congregate to feed off the gullible. Annett (for example) has never done a day’s work in his entire life, he lives in his dad’s trailer, and relies on ever more lurid “revelations” to extract money out of people. Some of them may appear to be friends, but they’re just gnawing the same carcass, and when supplies run low they turn on each other..

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    • I agree that it’s only one part, but it’s like the old adage about ‘how do you eat an elephant?’ Answer: one bite at a time.

      Our core team started off as a bunch of individuals fighting Hoaxtead trolls on YouTube, gradually came together as a loosely affiliated group, and this happens to be the case we’ve landed on. As we’ve worked together, we’ve drawn in more like-minded people, and I think we’re all in agreement that while Hoaxtead is only one scam in a sea of many, it’s what we can focus on for now. Most of us have full-time jobs and families, and can only spend so much time at this, so we try to make it count.


      • Totally agree with you re: focus your efforts on the Hampstead Hoax. One of the things I find most enervating about the whole satanic conspiracy crap is that it’s so bloody amorphous. Squash one bit and it pops up elsewhere, if one conspiracy nut gets taken down, there’s still a million other idiots out there with keyboards…… What I enjoy and admire most about this blog is the forensic dissection of the plot, personnel and tactics employed by SRA cultists, they don’t like it up ’em.
        (or maybe they do, if their obsession with sodomy is some kind of indicator).

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        • Thanks, PA–as you say, trying to address the spectrum of conspiraloon-ism would be a mammoth task, and would require far more than we’re able to do.


  9. If Ella’s solicitor was not telling her what she wanted to hear, Ella may have sought other avenues and found McKenzie Friends; without having sacked her solicitor yet. It is therefore possible that Sabine knew of Ella’s case in November, before Ella sacked her solicitor. Sabine may have even advised Ella to sack her solicitor.

    This is more speculation of course, but I wouldn’t put anything past Sabine et al.

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    • I agree. I think firing solicitors was not an unknown habit of Ella’s, right up there with ‘ignoring court orders’, but the more I look into this, the more I’m convinced that collusion took place far in advance of the release of the ‘cult members’ list or any of the videos.


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