Kristie Sue and the World’s Worst Gang-stalker

Yesterday we were surprised to learn that apparently we’ve been engaging in some sort of “gang-stalking” activity, in which we’ve allegedly been targetting Kristie Sue Costa. We felt sure that if this were the case we’d have remembered, but things have been hectic chez Hoaxtead Research over the past few days, so we thought it best to check into the situation just to be certain.

Here’s what Kristie Sue claims:

In a Facebook post dated 3 November, she stated,

For the last week I’ve been getting email notifications from Instagram but I don’t have an Instagram account, until I opened the email. Apparently someone with my email address set up the account, and it was NOT me.

The profile name was “im_going_to_ruin_your_life” and the tagline was “I’ll bring you down”. I went to sign in and clicked “forgot password”, then changed the password, all email notifications came to my email so it’s all good, I’ve recovered an account that was maliciously created with my email address tho…FFS!

In a follow-up post she reiterated,

With my email address they obtained from a double agent named Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Ward, social media accounts have been set up, here’s one screen shot from Instagram of a profile that I did not create but was receiving email notifications from called “im_going_to_ruin_your_life” and the tagline was “I’ll bring you down”

While this purports to explain where we supposedly got Kristie Sue’s email, we confess we were more puzzled than when we started.

If someone wanted to harass Kristie Sue by creating an Instagram account in her name, would they not have used, well, her name in setting it up? And why would they set it up using Kristie Sue’s email address, knowing that all correspondence and notifications from the account would wind up coming to her computer, rather than to the computer of the person who created the account?

But then we thought: perhaps we were merely looking at a particularly inept gang-stalker.

We decided to see how easy it might be to set up a fake Kristie Sue account on Instagram. The results were very edifying.

Setting up the fake account

We want to emphasise here that we made this account for experimental purposes only, and then disabled it immediately afterward.

Here’s what we saw when we went to the Instagram site.

Most people who use Instagram do so on their mobile phones, as this enables them to snap photos and instantly share them on the app.

However, it’s also possible to sign up using an email address. Since Kristie Sue was claiming she’d been receiving emails from Instagram, we chose that option:

On most apps we’ve used, the app will send a new user a message along the lines of “you’ve almost finished signing up! We’ve just sent you an email with a confirmation code. When you click it, you’ll complete the sign-up process”. We were surprised, then, when this didn’t happen. Instead, as soon as we clicked the “sign up” button, we were informed that we were now a member of Instagram.

We wondered: was it actually possible to sign up for Instagram without a confirmation email?

However, a few minutes later our email in-box dinged.

Sure enough: Next, we tried the sign-in process again, using the more standard mobile number option. This time, we got what we expected: Within seconds, Instagram sent a 6-digit confirmation code to the mobile number we used. Once we’d entered it, we were in.

Why is the confirmation code important?

According to Kristie Sue, she started getting emails out of the blue from Instagram, an app for which she had not signed up.

However, this is simply not possible. To complete the sign-up process, someone with access to her mobile phone or her computer would have had to receive either Instagram’s confirmation security code or their confirmation email. Without that last step in the sign-up process, the app simply will not work.

So if Kristie Sue’s alleged gang-stalker actually used her email to sign up, she would have almost immediately received a notification saying, “Welcome to Instagram….Please confirm your email address”.

What’s in a name?

Another thing: let’s assume you’re a troll and you want to make an Instagram account to discredit Kristie Sue. Do you call it something attention-grabbing, like “Kristie Sue Costa, the Crazy Witch Hunter”?

Noooooo…you call it some emo teen-aged angsty name like “im_going_to_ruin_your_life”.

This has the advantage of being both completely generic and difficult to type quickly on a mobile’s keypad. Really, what’s the downside?

The gang-stalker that couldn’t shoot straight

Furthermore, if Kristie Sue is telling the truth, and she really has been receiving emails from this fake account that’s not even in her own name, and contains no pictures of her, the person who made the account is the most inept gang-stalker in the history of gang-stalkers.

Think about it: you decide to make a fake account for someone you don’t like. And then, instead of having all the notifications from that account come to you (which enables you to retain control of the account), you think, “Nah, I’ll just send them to Kristie Sue’s actual email address and let her deal with them”. It just doesn’t add up.

UNLESS…unless you happen to be using Kristie Sue’s own computer, or her mobile phone, to do your dirty deed.

In that case, you could conceivably be sitting at the computer (or phone) waiting for the notification to come in. You enter the confirmation code, erase the incriminating SMS or email, et voilà! You now have control of the account you created to troll Mum, or your wife, or, erm, whomever.

But this would mean…oh, no, it’s too horrible to contemplate!

Kristie Sue, we traced the call. It’s coming from inside the house!

173 thoughts on “Kristie Sue and the World’s Worst Gang-stalker

  1. Superb investigations, well done on the detective work. I found all that knowledge very informative & I am sure Kristie Sue will too! Busted! 😂

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  2. Oh dear,breakfast seems set to be a right royal frostie affair in the defective detective household.

    Folk like Kristie Sue really should get to grips with the complexities of Pong before progressing to the internet.

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  3. Very kind of you to explain in a way she’ll (hopefully) be able to understand and after all this time she still can’t spell HOAXTEAD!! Grrrrrrrrr…

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  4. “A double agent named Jacqui Farmer / Charlotte Ward”

    Too funny! 😂 😂 😂

    If only KSC had the self-awareness to realise why that’s so hilarious.

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  5. Yep. EC has certainly earnt his detective stripes this week!

    I don’t even think there’s such a thing as detective stripes, so why that sounds so real is anybody’s guess.

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  6. Can’t spell it. Can’t link it in any way whatsoever to the dastardly deed either. It’s yet more blind speculation by Defective Costa which once again has been disproven in minutes; and frankly she owes us an apology (which she can chuck on the pile with all her other apology IOUs). Seriously, she may as well just stick a blindfold on and play ‘pin the tail on the random suspect’ for all the actual investigation she does.

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  7. No, but to be fair she’s very good at clutching one hand to her heart and pointing a quavering finger whilst screeching, “Wiiiitch! WIIIIIIIITCH!! KILL THE WIIIIIIIITCH!!!”

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  8. Hey, Kristie Sue (because I know you’re watching us) – you do realise that your investigative skills are even worse than Angela’s, right? You’re an even worse liar too. Must suck to be you.

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  9. That double agent thing takes me back. Was it Toothless Get Ruthless who was utterly convinced that Scarlet Scoop and Jacqui Farmer were one and the same? LOL

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  10. Oh Dear God…it stands to reason anyone setting up an Instagram account (or any other internet account for that matter) would have to give their email and in return receive an email response from the host containing a confirmation which you then have click to confirm..or telephone number etc. etc.

    Does this woman not know how difficult it is to open a fake account these days without giving some sort of legitimate phone number etc?

    So here is my advice to Kristy Sue : GO TO YOUR LOCAL POLICE STATION AND FILE A COMPLAINT ! ..if someone has been threatening you. It’s the right thing to do and ensures your safety.
    (Ask if they could arrange a psychiatric test as well or for that matter, what about a IQ test?)

    ## Jacqui Farmer? Well how do you now like the fact that having helped create the firestorm that has caused one person to be jailed, several on charges (some pending) and the harassment of untold numbers of people who live in Hampstead & North London (Earth to Kristi-Sue: you are ludicrously ignorant as to how British suburbs can comprise the wealthy and the poor often street by street) you have now become one of the accused?
    Look up the word “karma” in the dictionary.

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  11. Good for Avid. As s/he says, there’s absolutely no evidence that RD so much as glances at this blog, let alone any of the shite Kristie Sue and her mates spout daily. Frankly, if I were him I’d be more concerned with picking up the pieces of my life than with reading utter nonsense from the likes of Kristie Sue, Mad Moo, Alanson, or Melissa Williams.

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  12. And a certain American arsehole is convinced Angela is one of us. The hoaxers’ headless chicken act really is a joy to behold. Can’t we get them onto Trooferland’s Got Talent?

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  13. Yes, this latest attempt of hers reminds me of that time Angie wrote a bunch of poison pen letters, mailed them to herself, and then showed them on a video, complete with stapled-on printouts of this blog’s headers…and Irish stamps and postmarks.

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  14. Most double-agents turn out to be triple-agents or even quadruple-agents. Perhaps Jacqui works for the Russians or the Syrians..who knows?
    I must ask my handler G.Soros as he is (apparently) in charge of completely undermining the entire Western Civilization As We Know It and my role as Head Tea Lady may be something far more sinister- how do I know what’s inside his Digestives which is the only biscuit he will accept from me?

    I wonder if Planet Zog takes refugees..has Princess Neelu’s phone been turned off yet?

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  15. Yes, I was thinking some such thing about karma earlier today, GoS. It seems to be working unusually quickly for some of the Hoaxtead mobsters, doesn’t it?

    As for the police, I believe they’re familiar with her, as she’s mentioned they’ve paid her a few visits over the past year.

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  16. Are we sure Kristie Sue isn’t an agent as well? Who does she work for?. Witch Busters R Us?. She should be fired for being incompetent.

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  17. Angie using a photo of the 2013 Dublin fuel protests to pretend she was at last year’s London child abuse rally was a tear-inducingly funny moment too 😀

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  18. “Was it Toothless Get Ruthless who was utterly convinced that Scarlet Scoop and Jacqui Farmer were one and the same? LOL”

    Ugh, perish the thought! Jacqui/Charlotte is a nasty, simpering, smirking piece of work. I’m glad we saw her off within months of the hoax’s genesis. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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  19. Well, she’s admitted to dabbling in witchcraft, so maybe she’s in with those evil Satanists. Booooo!

    Mind you, she also says she enjoys drinking her own piss, so she could be Araya in disguise. Have they ever been seen in the same room at the same time?

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  20. What I’d like to know is who pays her? She seems to spend every waking moment on this thing, what with her activities in the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, watching troofer vids on YouTube, posting to Twitter and Facebook, “researching” (read “Googling”) all the conspiracies she is convinced are out there…frankly it surprises me that her family haven’t rebelled before now. I feel for them.

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  21. Avid appears to have discovered another genius on Kris’s Bleed the Chickens page:

    EC, can we take Avid on as a talent scout?

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  22. Hmmm. Ooookay…

    A Daily Prayer

    Thank you for the lovely day Sunshine, thank you Moon, thank you Earth, thank you Universe.
    Thank you to all the plants and the creatures and the people.
    Thank you to the Nommos (alien universal intelligent life who have previously visited Earth and taught humanity about universal beneficence – see Dogon Tribe)
    Thank you Jah-Allah for all your creation and the life to celebrate in love:
    Please strengthen the hand of all who strive to establish universal ethics of abundance in compassion, so we can bring an end to tyranny and guide life to live intelligently.
    Please forgive our transgressions as we must walk through the old ways while laying foundations for the new.
    May your perfect love forever be our law, our light and our right.
    Through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and the guidance and wisdom of beloved Prophet Mohammed – peace be upon them and upon us all.

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  23. Left to right: Alan Alanson, Kristie Sue Costa, George Greek Trucker
    Shouty blonde on left: Angela Power-Disney
    Arm-waving bloke, front centre: John Taylor

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  24. Hmmm. Publishing the children’s names YET AGAIN, huh, Crusty Poop? Remember that next time you categorically state that you never do that. I’m actually losing count of how many times you’ve shown them now. Ditto their pics.

    As for the desperate ramblings of Ella and Abe being cited as a reliable source – and even more disturbingly, PROOF – don’t get me started. But seriously – what the fuck?

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  25. “Ella is an intelligent woman, she would never do this.”

    Hahahahaha! Looks like I’m out of a job. Bugger!

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  26. “Riiiiight! Body markings were just ADDED for dramatic effect…”

    Wait, Kris – weren’t you the one who (after weeks of dodging the question) claimed that Ricky and Will deliberately incriminated themselves by rushing out and getting tattoos AFTER they’d been accused and identified by tattoos which you say they didn’t have yet? And all this despite them both, according to you, having been high up in an inter-generational cult since birth? Yes, luv, that all makes perfect sense

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  27. “The children had to go through 2 grueling & humiliating exams, no mother would agree to allow her children go through exams like that if the allegations were false.”

    Oh, they have a choice in the matter when the police are investigating extremely serious abuse allegations, do they, Kris? Hmm, who knew?

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  28. It gets worse, though. Further down the post she cites BRONWYN LLEWELLYN as a reliable source!!!

    Oh and I see she’s quick to post screenshots from Bronny’s blog but they don’t include her death threats to innocent Hampstead residents. Funny that. Here, Kris – you can have these on the house. You’re welcome:

    I have 42 of these, by the way, but you get the idea. Actually, let’s face it – no you don’t.

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  29. June Wiggan is a blatantly fake account, Kristie Sue, AS YOU WELL KNOW. In no universe or dimension did a Hampstead resident write to you or Bronny admitting that there is a LOGISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE baby-eating paedo-cult operating out of the school or the church. Did not happen. Would not happen.

    And shame on you for leaving people’s names and addresses in that screenshot. Something else you have dishonestly claimed never to have done.

    (Redactions by me)

    Now go get your fucking wetwipe box – you’re gonna need them to wipe the blood off your hands if any of those people get attacked. Or maybe you still have some left from when Ricky’s frail, elderly grandmother died as a result of your relentless harassment, you shameless lowlife piece of shit.

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  30. Oh, for f*ck’s sake, lol:

    “The video ‘evidence’ of Abraham ‘coaching’ the children…I think you are referring to a part in the Jean Clement recording where they are talking about who kills the babies. Abraham was PROTECTING the children from being blamed for killing babies, the children were afraid of the cult and it’s revenge perhpas [sic]…and this was his way of making sure they felt secure by removing any responsibility they were feeling.”

    Here, Kris – bit of a memory refresher for you. Happy squirming:

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  31. “Do you deny cannibalism exists? It seems to be heavily portrayed on television and in movies as if the normalization of cannibalism is just around the corner.”

    Kris Costa there, demonstrating her remarkable ability to discern fact from fiction and to not base extremely serious allegations against hundreds of people on something she…er…saw in a movie.

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  32. “They had a blog, the first was mercilessly trolled by Dearman”

    Evidence that that was Dearman please, Fregoli Costa? Or that any of the people you’ve said are him are…er….him? 994th time of asking. No rush.

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  33. I’d really love to hear Crusty Poop’s explanation as to how the following points apply to Ella and not to RD:

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  34. I think I’ll have to show the screenshot of this one too, because if I told you Kristie Sue said this, you would never believe me:

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  35. And claiming she had over 40 screenshots of death threats from us on her FB notes page, when anyone can see that there isn’t one single death threat on there!

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  36. Sorry, I meant 3rd, not 4th! Thanks for changing it for me, SS.

    And for the ‘Angie’s crap lies’ list above, how about her claiming to have newspaper articles proving that I’m a convicted paedophile, even though she’d said it’s been “forensically proven” that I’m Ricky Dearman and that Ricky has no criminal convictions. Work that one out! LOL

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  37. “There were intense signs of stress on her face”

    Er…did Kristie Sue watch the same Ella videos we did? LOL

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  38. Oh bugger the bloody Nommos.
    They hired me as an aide on their last visit after I said I knew Princess Neelu for Planet Zog. Talk about hard task masters and do you think they paid even one of my invoices?
    So they can fuck right off back to where they came from.
    Obviously Moo has never had dealings with them or she wouldn’t be praying to the tight bastards.

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  39. Yeh that’s one of the bastards. Never once bought a round of drinks. Fascinating website. So we are descendants of Nommos and some poor Bonobos Ape they raped. I can believe it. Especially in Mad Moo’s case. Araya Soma as well.

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  40. Yes, Kristie Sue – every single piece of evidence we have about this hoax emanates from one man. He wrote all those press articles, he made all those radio shows, he compiled those court reports, he made all those videos… Yeah, you’ve really thought that through, haven’t you.

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  41. About as well as she thought through her allegations that we obtained her email from Charlotte Ward and then used it to create a false Instagram account which began sending emails to her.

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  42. Didn’t June Wiggan say where she lived at one point (Bradford on Avon/Trowbridge?) and say some of the teachers were working at a local school? Then we noticed that someone called Amy Catherine Hamilton had mysteriously said exactly the same things. Conclusions – 1. Either Amy is June or 2. They’re psychically connected. You choose.

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  43. Did she listen to the same radio interviews where Ella was giggling and she and Abe were more focussed on the signs and wonders of cannabis than they were on the children – and this was within the first year when emotions would have been raw. No? ‘Spect not.

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  44. She also appears to be in with Tina Kachina (of ‘Eaten Lives Matter’, one of the hoaxers’ more grammatically challenged page names).


  45. Amy links to ‘Hampstead Cover-Up’ on Facebook and there are several illegal photos of the children on her page. Complaining to Facebook doesn’t get results and it’s time the police looked into this person. She doesn’t give a stuff about the law or children’s right to privacy.

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  46. She relies completely on there being some people in the world who are more stupid than she is. The one eyed Queen of the blind.

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    (Sorry, felt like a bit of drama!)

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  48. “..I was subtly told if I told anyone about it there would be severe consequences”, so you came on Facebook to tell the entire world.
    Another liar whose kids never went to any school as I doubt she has any, being that cracked.

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  49. “That Ricky tried to cry, bad actor”

    “Ella shows signs of stress on her face” Guess that Yoga stuff isn’t working too well.

    Nothing odd about these two statements.

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  50. We won’t go away Kirstie Sue, not as long as you keep libeling people and posting illegal photos of other peoples children.

    This isn’t your little Wendy house, this is real people’s lives. Either grow up or go and get psychiatric help, either way take down your web pages and stop harassing innocent people.

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  51. She’s lying about none of her mates coming anywhere near our pages and videos too. They haven’t stopped harassing us in nigh on three years, herself included. In fact, the very page she’s crying about exists for the purposes of harassing and defaming innocent people and humiliating two vulnerable children. Ironic, no?

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  52. And lest we forget that her page admins include Deborah Mahmoudieh, who’s made more nasty videos about us than anyone.

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  53. Oh, I’m pleased to see his page is still there. I thought you meant he’d been banned. If he’s just been blocked by the Poopster, he should feel jolly proud of himself and he lives to fight another day.

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  54. I’m getting a bit worried about Kathy, it’s been several hours since I sent her down to the hardware store for a long stand and a left handed paintbrush.


  55. Study Finds People Who Fall For Nonsense Inspirational Quotes Are Less Intelligent
    “The unexplainable is in the midst of boundless chaos.”
    Have you ever found yourself scrolling through a social media feed and all of a sudden stumbling upon a quote like: “By evolving, we exist.”

    And at first you’re like Oh, that’s nice and a second later, you find yourself confused?

    That is because the above quote is complete bullshit. In fact, it was generated by a website called “New Age Bullshit Generator”, a site that randomly creates phony, spiritual, Tumblr-esque aphorisms for geeky amusement.

    A sample from The New Age Bullshit Generator
    “And at first you’re like Oh, that’s nice and a second later, you find yourself confused?

    That is because the above quote is complete bullshit. In fact, it was generated by a website called “New Age Bullshit Generator,” a site that randomly creates phony, spiritual, Tumblr-esque aphorisms for geeky amusement.

    Consciousness consists of bio-electricity of quantum energy. “Quantum” means an unfolding of the joyous.
    The infinite is full of bio-electricity. Inspiration is the driver of freedom.
    We exist as four-dimensional superstructures.
    Soon there will be an awakening of presence the likes of which the totality has never seen. The world is approaching a tipping point. We must learn how to lead enlightened lives in the face of materialism.”

    Sounds like Neelu and Moomin combined.

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  56. She’s already been in, pal. She asked for 4 metres of fallopian tubing and a plastic fireguard.


  57. Yes, the medical exams were definitely not at Ella’s discretion. In addition, she didn’t take the children to the police; the police came to their door the morning after they’d taken the children to see Jean-Clement.

    Abe and Ella and their current mouthpiece Kristie Sue make much of the fact that J-C was a “police officer”, glossing over the fact that he was actually a “special constable” (a volunteer position). I believe they took the children to see J-C so they could claim that they’d “taken the children to the police”, but their plan which they explicitly stated to him was to take the children directly back to Morocco. They didn’t count on him actually reporting them to Scotland Yard, which threw a very large spanner into the works.

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  58. Oh I love it? Gonna seek that out and have a play 😀

    There could be some potential names for YouTube channels there too, lol.


  59. Right, Abe was “protecting” the children.

    That’s why, when he and Ella took the kids on a drive-round by taxi ahead of the police drive-round, he forced the little girl to tell the taxi driver that she killed babies. According to the driver, the girl was sobbing and clearly distraught at the way Abe was treating her, and so he reported the incident to the police. It was also caught on CCTV. Ella, meanwhile, is not reported to have said anything to defend or protect her children whilst Abe bullied and tormented them.

    Yes, that’s how to “protect” children, all right. I hope someone “protects” Kristie Sue that way at some point, so she knows what it feels like.

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  60. Oh God, it’s brilliant! 😀

    We exist as transmissions.
    Potential is a constant.
    Starfire is the birth of will, and of us.

    Great find, mate!


  61. Yes! He thought that I was Scarlet Scoop and Jacqui Farmer when he learned my name was Jacqui, then he made this stupid video.

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  62. Where does KSC get this amazing information about the parents? From her good old ex-friend Charlotte? Oh, no, wait—she says she got it from the children, who are as oracles to her.

    I’d very much like to know how she thinks the children would have known the household incomes of their school-mates’ parents, or what they do for a living. When I was that age I had absolutely no interest in my friends’ parents’ work or income status, and I doubt that most children think about that sort of thing much.

    Here’s exactly what the little girl told Finn Hagan in one of his videos where they discuss how much money the “cult members” might get. (I: = Finn; P: = girl)

    I: Right. How much money do they get?

    P: Oh … errrmmm … a lot.

    I: And do they charge for it as well. Do they charge? They charge for it as well, don’t they? [Whoa boy…talk about leading questions!]

    P: Yes.

    I: How much do they charge?

    P: One thousand pounds. It looks like one thousand pounds a week they get.

    I: Phwoar ….

    P: Maybe it’s a million pounds …

    I: It doesn’t matter … yeah, yeah, yeah …

    P: Fifty pounds every single day. In a whole year, do you know … 365 days …

    I: Comes to a lot of money …


    “One thousand pounds…no, maybe a million…or maybe fifty….” How Kristie Sue can claim that the children’s estimates are accurate, when this child clearly had no clue whatsoever but was obviously making up what she thought the adults around her wanted to hear, is really anybody’s guess.

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  63. Well remembered and well found, TG!

    By the way, for the record I’ve never had a Scarlet Scoop YouTube channel. That was a fake one, almost certainly by Selina Blocksmith, who hounded me for months, creating several clones of me and working really hard to try to ‘dox’ me (mostly through his website ‘Trollstead Research’), but who has since apologised and come over to the non-dark side, so to speak.

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  64. Nicely clarified, EC.

    And as for Finn, I think saying “Phwoar!” to two children tells us all we need to know about him.

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  65. In fact, I recall that at one point I caught Kristie Sue herself subscribing to our blog, calling herself (wait for it) “Jacqui”.

    At the time, she and her alleged “hacker” friend were attempting to take down this blog via a string of hilariously inept hack attempts. When we pointed out that we knew it was her, she denied it and immediately removed her subscription, but it was pretty amusing at the time.

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  66. She’s just like all the other hoaxers, banning/blocking people who question their narrative.
    Avid Mador was polite too… but correct CtD, she “can’t stand the heat” of questions she can’t answer. LOL!

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  67. Shh…she’s working with us to rope in the worst of the Hampstead hoax believers, so we can round them up and haul them in. So far, so good….

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  68. Classic angry rant at YouTube censoring him at 2m 30s. I imagine when the Officers Dickinson and Johnson realise they have been hoaxed, they are not going to be very happy with Dean and his buddies.

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  69. It’s a complaint regarding possible child abuse, they will have to look into it by law, I would imagine.
    What is the chance that Alefantis and his restaurant, only brought into Pizzagate, because Alefantis did a fundraiser for Hillary with Podesta, actually happens to host CP on his business website?
    That was the only reason to even look into him, as he owned a pizza restaurant and supported Hillary, no other reason.
    I would say little to none, especially when Waptek already debunked this whole saga.

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  70. David Seaman has called him out on that many times. He even rambled on about the Talmud at his super serious Pizzagate Rally presentation on stage, as well as mentioning Hampstead and McMartin.

    Yeah, he has issues with “Zionists”.

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  71. Nice work SSFS.I sense a particular satisfaction in delivering that metaphorical bloody nose.He really is a glutton for punishment.Here Paterson is spotted getting the blood flowing with his early morning jog.

    One could almost feel some compassion for the bloke if he wasnt such a nasty,self obsessed wanker.

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  72. Listen to these freaks projecting on CCN about Pizzagate. Titus was so impressed by the Bucks commentary starting at 31 minutes, he used it for one of his videos. His comment is top comment also, then he was on CCN the next episode.
    Video should start at 31m 28s.

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  73. Sofia: “You’ve got that big, erect candle, sitting in two doughnuts. The small doughnut has red icing, that’s an anus of a small child that’s bleeding.” Jeez… is that the way she thinks??
    What a weirdo.

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  74. ” He said “Look at this” and proceeded to bring up images of pornography involving humans and Sesame Street characters. ”
    Always thought these two were a bit suspect..sharing the same flat but were there 2 bedrooms?


  75. The sick woman is projecting her perverse fantasies, “absolutely disgusting”, as Titus Frost would say.
    The symbolism she comes up with for some of those items would be hilarious, if she wasn’t so sick in the head.

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  76. LMAO!

    (By the way, I’m not saying I agree with everything Jeff C says. Although he exposes Titus for his endless tweets about Zionists, Jeff seems a little obsessed with them himself too!)

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  77. She hates Richie Allen but I see she’s promoting his sidekick Chris Everard on her page. No hypocrisy there, then.

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  78. The bit about the number 8? Yeah, I wonder what she’d make of it being at the end of my username.
    There’s something not right about someone who sees things the way she does.

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  79. Her interpretations of meaningless random items are among the sickest I’ve seen to date. What a sewer pit of a mind she has. Must be hell just walking down the street and window shopping and seeing Hell & Satanist Cannibalism everywhere she goes.

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  80. The bit I meant is the folded over pizza at 57mins or so.
    Titus used clips compiled from that video so it was all together when I watched it, so had to check where it was on the original.

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  81. Oh yeah, sorry, that was another bit. Just listened to the bit you meant.

    “The dough is the nice white buttocks of a child, red sauce and ooey-gooey cheese… the red is the blood when you penetrate a child and the melted cheese is the lubricant and semen”.

    If that’s what she sees every time she looks at a folded pizza slice, she seriously needs help with her mental health.

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  82. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have typed her statements out. You can delete them if you want.
    I did that for anyone who doesn’t have the time to listen to her ramble on in that video.

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  84. LOL Also Known as “Sofia Smalltits of the 5th Dimension” to Sandy Hook Hoaxer debunkers. She is a jew-hating/holocaust denier, scamming Bum with ties to Alex Jones and James Fetzer, BOTH disgusting criminal LIARS! She pushed the “26 x-mas trees” (“foreknowledge/staging”) Bullshit at Newtown firehouse. Here’s to you “Sofia” @)+( Blow it out your lying Ass!


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