The Hampstead SRA hoax v Hoaxtead Research: Who’s winning?

One of our readers emailed us the other day with an interesting question: “How do we know whether Hoaxtead Research is really having an impact on the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse hoax? Is there any way to assess that?”

Very good question. And while we cannot answer it conclusively, we can throw out some facts, statistics, and analysis which may help to throw some light on the matter.

We decided to use Google Trends as a very rough measure of the strength of the hoax versus the term “Hoaxtead”, which most people associate with this blog.

According to Wikipedia, Google Trends is “a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages”. In other words, it measures public interest in certain search terms, and compares them with all the other billions of search terms people enter on Google each day.

To determine the effectiveness of those of us who counter the Hampstead SRA hoax, we decided to look first at interest in the hoax itself over the past year. We tried search terms such as “Hampstead cult”, “Hampstead coverup”, and “Hampstead satanic”, and found that the term which yielded the highest numbers was “Hampstead satanic”. As you can see, “Hampstead satanic” seemed to yield the strongest results, so to be as fair as possible we chose that as our first comparator.

We were interested to note that despite various attempts on the part of the Hoaxtead mobsters to broaden the geographic scope of the hoax, none of these search terms seemed to have made their way out of the UK. We used Google Trends’ “Interest by region” data, which Google defines as follows:

Sorry, Kristie Sue, Kane, Tina, and Nathan: people on your side of the pond just don’t seem interested.

And to put the above search stats into perspective, let’s compare them with Pizzagate, which created much more of a worldwide ripple on the internet:

As you can see, interest in Pizzagate peaked almost exactly one year ago, dropped off following the invasion of Comet Ping Pong by an armed gunman, and has evened out at just above zero since last spring.

The search term “Hampstead satanic”, by comparison, has remained flat, never bumping above zero. In other words, by contrast with Pizzagate, which has pretty much died out now except as an historical anomaly, the Hampstead hoax might just as well not exist.

Now, let’s turn back to the comparison between the search terms “Hampstead satanic” and “Hoaxtead” for the past year: At a glance, the two comparators don’t look terribly far apart, though it’s clear that the search term “Hampstead satanic” has bottomed out several times over the past year, once for a full week in mid-September.

Meanwhile, “Hoaxtead” has remained fairly steady, with a couple of brief drops—one in early February and one in late June. However, looking at the raw averages, it seems people have searched for the term “Hoaxtead” more often than “Hampstead satanic”. We can confirm that “Hoaxtead” is in fact the most popular search term which brings people to our blog.

Looking at the longer-range statistics reveals something even more interesting: You can see that in the two years prior to February 2015, “Hampstead satanic” did not exist. However, in early February of that year, Sabine released the videos of RD’s children, and as she predicted in her email to Henry Curteis at The Tap Blog, interest in the “Hampstead satanic” search term spiked very quickly. (Incidentally, contrary to claims by Angela Power-Disney, Tracey Morris, et al, who have claimed that the videos were released during the autumn of 2014, there was virtually no interest in the topic until Sabine released them.)

This blog began publication in early May 2015, and while early stats for “Hoaxtead” could not keep up with “Hampstead satanic”, over the next two and a half years, the blue “Hoaxtead” line has slowly but surely overtaken the red “Hampstead satanic” one.

A very British hoax

Jumping back to the “interest by region” box for “Hoaxtead” versus “Hampstead satanic” for just a moment, we see that the Hampstead hoax has remained local to the UK.

Here’s the five-year data, showing “Hoaxtead” neck and neck with “Hampstead satanic”. This reflects an averaging out of the 5-year data:And here’s the one-year data for those terms, showing that over the past year interest in “Hampstead satanic” has dropped off sharply relative to “Hoaxtead”:

Remember, unlike the graph charts which show interest over time, the “interest by region” data shows the search term with the most hits as “100”, and ranks other search terms by comparison.

So overall, it seems that public interest in the search term “Hoaxtead” has been slowly but steadily outflanking interest in “Hampstead satanic”. We’ve said before that we don’t expect that the Hampstead hoax will ever completely vanish, but it does look as though the forces of reason and rational thought have begun to prevail over those of hysteria and fantasy in this case.

Post script

Just for fun, we decided to have a look at “Hoaxtead” versus another search term: “Dearmandoeshampstead”, Kristie Sue’s harassing, defamatory blog which she claims is in the “top 50 in the world”. Here’s what we found: Oh dear.

107 thoughts on “The Hampstead SRA hoax v Hoaxtead Research: Who’s winning?

  1. Fascinating stuff, EC. And it blows a few hoaxer-troofer myths out of the water, such as the well worn “This is worldwide now” and “Millions of people are calling for justice”.

    By the way, do you remember Charlotte making that god-awful Conspirasomethingorother video, using similar criteria to try to show that more and more people were searching for the word ‘Illuminati’. “Ooh! What an increase!” LOL

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  2. EC, where the blue line starts coming up, is that when the blog started (May 2015, as you rightly say)? The word itself had begun life in February and I’m just wondering whether it attracted much interest between then and when the blog began.

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    • Yes, the blue line first popped up when the blog started. In my experience the way these things work is that a word or phrase may exist, but once there’s a place in which that word actually has currency—where it’s used and consistently accepted—you’ll start to see it coming up in Google searches.


      • A great post as always EC. It’s very interesting to see the true facts laid out in graphs and blows KSC’s claim of her blog being in the top 50 out of the water. Not that any of us believed her claim anyway.

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  3. The Dearman Does Hampstead graph is hilarious, especially in light of Kristie Sue’s claim that it’s the 55th most popular website in the World 😂 😂 😂

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    • Kristie Sue really needs to hope the folk that make those annoying “Go compare” ads dont get inspired by her epic failures.

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    • Not that Steve Howe is a fan of ours, by the way. He hates everyone, it seems. But hey, at least we’re the lesser of two evils. LOL

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    • Actually, Saskia, El Coyote and others here have spent countless hours poring through the facts. Perhaps you’d care to do the same some time?

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    • “Two children’s lives have been absolutely trashed.”

      Correct, Saskia – it’s about time you admitted that. Now what are you and your creepy mates gonna do to repair the damage you’ve done?

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      • Feels somewhat like Saskia and a number of others have reluctantly clocked that the hoax has been well and truly holed below the waterline but simply have neither the dignity,or strength of character to individually own their ill founded rushes to judgement and the subsequent damage they inflicted on many innocent souls in the process.

        The saying goes that it takes a big person to admit when they are wrong.I suspect these little creatures do not possess the DNA to make apologies or reparations but I will happiliy tip an entire bowl of retributional cold egg custard on my head as justified penance if proven wrong 😉

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    • “Hoaxstead give no one with a different perspective a fair right to reply.”

      Yeah? What are you basing that on, Saskia? You’ve never once attempted to post a comment on here.

      Alan Alanson has, though. and he’s been afforded his right to reply on numerous occasions. Ditto Mel Ve, Echo Truths, Heather Brown, Margaret Sneddon…

      And don’t even get me started on how you lot thrive on ignoring/blocking/misquoting us when we try to have our fair right to reply on your blogs, videos, tweets and FB pages.

      Oh and let’s not forget that you’re the ones who made all those disgusting, vile accusations in the first place. The Hampstead community are the defendants here, not you. So suck it up, Goofy.

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    • 6 million? Really? And all of those were massacres of innocent people, were they? Do enlighten us, Saskia – what’s your source?

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        • This is what I don’t get. If you’re half way decent, you just don’t tolerate people like this do you? You give them the boot off your friends lists and out of your life.
          Why does she put up with him?

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    • One day very soon those two kids are going to be teenagers and possibly want retribution – financially- from these utter creeps. I hope they do so. I can imagine lawyers would line up to drag this mob into court seeing there have now been several court cases proving this was conspiracy and a hoax with people jailed.
      # these defamers like Saskia Whitfield and Bellender McKenzie etc need to remember if they plan to put assets into someone else’s name to avoid paying damages it has to be at least 5 years before a court case or those assets can still be seized.
      A&G should go for it. The least they deserve is a financial settlement to set them up for life.

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      • I really hope that is what they will do. If they want to remain anonymous, fair enough, but if they go to court it could put the whole SRA fantasy to bed.

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  4. Yes, very interesting data! Thank you 🙂

    I remember attempting to create and launch interest in various types of “memes” (techno experts correct me if that’s not the right terminology), in the very early days – 1995-1997. Trying to make them “go viral”. Lots of people were doing this, but I can’t remember if the early search engines had such stat functions. I thought I had a sure winner with this universal slur song lyric:
    “The tiny weenie
    in (male person’s) pants
    makes him a meanie
    and causes his rants!”

    Alas, it went nowhere.
    Unlike this (anonymous?) oldie yet stinky;

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  5. These statistics will surely alarm Angela Power Disney as according to her the whole Hampstead thingy is about to blown wide apart. That’s along with Hilary Clinton being arrested (even though she also died) and anyone who ever went for a pizza at Comet Ping Pong being hauled in by the DC cops along with the Podestas etc etc not to mention Ted Heath’s body is about to be dug up and hung at the Tower of London.
    Mind you that could all be bullshit but do send her a fiver so she continue her investigations.

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    • “#2 the answer to your prayers are manifesting for you.”
      My prayers are that Bronny, Angie, Sabine , Bellender et all are out into an old quarry and left there for years with only stale bread to eat. Thanks Bronny.

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  6. It appears to have been abandoned, where she is (along with several others well known here) actively posting on victims united (last post was 3 days ago)

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    • If I had to guess, I’d say she stopped posting on the WBK site for, er, legal reasons. At one point she said she’d been advised to take it down, and it disappeared briefly, but has been back up for more than 18 months now I’d say.


  7. Hahahahahaha! Seems that not everyone agrees with Google Trends 😂 😂 😂

    Awww, has someone got some ice for Kris’s burn? 😀

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  8. What Nathan describes as his most dangerous show yet, lol. Looks like he’s finally coming round to the Fact that Troofers are frauds. Or promoting his brand of Troof as more Troofy than other Troofers.

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    • ASTONISHING! The fake news stories that Fulford et al have been peddling are so blatantly phony & stupid, even Kevin Asshat’s phony tribunal BS was more believable. Can thousands of people really be buying it?

      I’m reminded of the ultimate paranoid – CIA counter-intelligence chief James Angelton. If you convince yourself that every “mainstream” source of information is secretly someone’s false propaganda plot, you lose the ability to distinguish between fantasy & reality at all I guess. That’s what Angelton did to himself.

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    • Alan Alanson “…But I feel we are quick learners…”

      Believe me AA, what you feel and what is reality, are two ENTIRELY different things…

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  9. Sabine McNeil has thrown her full support for a class action petition started by “tireless lawyer Anal Sheikh”(no giggling) which has now been taken down. I think i read she was barred from courts across the country?

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  10. Oh dear it gets worse for those that supported Breitbart’s old tweets about Podesta, which were based on the ACORN saga, and not Pizzagate.

    “The conservative provocateur James O’Keefe’s latest stunt is possibly his biggest backfire: He attempted to sting The Washington Post with a fake Roy Moore accuser, but found himself stung, as the Post exposed the scheme in a detailed report on Monday night.

    It’s been eight years since O’Keefe’s debut on the national scene. The videos in which he and Hannah Giles posed as a pimp and prostitute to record ACORN employees appearing to advise them on how to break the law made the kind of impact mainstream news organizations dream of. They lead to ACORN shutting down, and made O’Keefe a key figure in the conservative media of the time. While others in the blogosphere or on cable news complained about the left, O’Keefe was out there doing something about it, infiltrating liberal institutions and exposing their corruption.”…….

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