VIDEO: Ella Draper Face Yoga to the Rescue!

Sometimes words just don’t tell the story as well as images…and when you add music and shake, the results are explosive.

We’re proud to bring you another brilliant Hoaxtead video from our good friend MK Ultra 666:

A special Halloween treat from us to you!


11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ella Draper Face Yoga to the Rescue!

  1. Yep MKUltra666 I think you have summed up the whole sad sorry ridiculous scam that is the Hampstead Hoax!!!

    Sabine Belinda and their Minions….all played out nicely by the cat on the piano.

    You have been kind to Abe, that is honourable of you, you did your best no to make him look a weeny teeny idiotic dancing smurf aka spoon man.

    I am jealous, so I have added a few more numbers to my user ID….

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  2. Fantastic job Mk Ultra, so many funny things to laugh at, love the Mini me Abe and Dr Evil Ella. Great stuff indeed


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