Promoting Hoaxtead for fun and profit

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing our views on who started the Hampstead cult hoax, when the hoax began, and who stood to gain from it.

Today, we’ll take a look at who helped publicise the case, and why.

We’ve already mentioned Belinda’s call to arms in June 2014. Because she asked people to contact her by post rather than email, there’s unlikely to be an electronic trail, but judging by who showed up to the Hampstead Hoax party when it kicked off the following November, we can make a few educated guesses.

Charlotte Alton Ward

We know that Charlotte, later to become ‘Jacqui Farmer’ of the infamous Hamster Research blog, lived with Belinda for a year or so at her home in Highgate.

Charlotte had attained a certain modest level of fame in the conspiritainment field by co-writing an academic paper on the topic of ‘conspirituality’ (anyone else getting tired of all the ‘con-‘ words yet?), and attending a Real Grown-up Academic Conference with her co-author. On this basis, she launched a blog called (surprise!) Conspirituality, in which she purported to use Google keyword analytics to illustrate that conspiracy theories were becoming the new religion around the world.

But when Charlotte heard Belinda’s clarion call, she turned it all over—dumped the blog, changed her name, disguised her voice, and became ‘Jacqui’. Oh, and to cement the identity shift, she wrote a book under her new name: Illuminati Party is a cautionary tale describing her journey from ‘nice middle class girl’ to ‘benefits scrounger and small-time fraud artist’, in the name of evading the Evil Illuminati Overlords. Or something.

Safely ensconced in Parimaribo, Suriname, Charlotte would parlay her very minor writing ability and confabulatory research skills into her new role as the blog-mistress of record for the Hampstead hoax.

Angela Power-Disney

The minute news of the hoax hit the internet, Angela Power-Disney was ready, aye, ready!

As one of our readers mentioned yesterday, Angie was perfectly cast in the role of ‘wrinkled trusted retainer’: her fading good looks and her folksy, chain-smoking, conversational on-screen persona would make her an excellent ‘face’ for Charlotte’s Hamster Research blog.

With her links to the UK UFO community (in which Belinda was a leading light), as well as her devout if idiosyncratic evangelical Christian faith (she’s constantly ‘praying over’ decisions), and her utter conviction that anyone wealthier than she is must be ‘up to something’, Angie quickly became a recognisable face in a long string of ‘fireside chat’-style videos, where she’d back up the allegations made on Charlotte’s blog…along with a few inventions of her own.

Hoaxtenders 11

Unlike Charlotte, who has faded into relative obscurity following the demise of Hamster Research as well as the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™ she helped found, Angie has just kept on plugging, good little foot-soldier that she is.

In fact, she’s one of the very few remaining Hoaxtead pushers, the rest having moved on to more profitable endeavours. We must assume that Belinda’s cheques haven’t started bouncing yet.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Basset-jowled Alfred is a U.S.-born, Canada-based UFO believer, 9/11 truther, and conspiracy crank. Although he was formerly besties with Kevin Annett (who has links with Belinda, Araya, Neelu, and Penny ‘Dowser’ Pullen, just for starters), the two split up at around the time Hoaxtead was officially launched in January 2015, and Alfred won first dibs at coveted online interviews with Sabine, and then with Ella.

In fact, it seems that Alfred scooped Brian Gerrish, who’d originally turned his nose up at Abe and Ella’s story, before rushing to embrace it once he saw which way the wind was blowing in February 2015.

Alfred Webre & Sabine 2016-03-19

Alfred Webre-notes 2016-03-19

Most recently, Alfred gave Hoaxtead one last college try, allowing Abe to participate in one of his panel discussions. It did not go well, and we wonder whether Alfred is now regretting having let Belinda drag him into this thing.

Profit motive?

Back in the heady days of Hoaxtead demonstrations outside the Royal Courts of Justice and Christ Church, rumours flew thick about which of the protesters were being paid by Belinda.

Certain regulars were referred to as ‘hamburger’ people, as it was known that Belinda would reward them for showing up to pump up her numbers, by taking them to the nearest McDonald’s (we assume not the baby-frying ones) for a hamburger once the festivities had concluded.

Other members of Team Belinda, though, have confided to members of our group that they were at various times in receipt of a retainer, paid out in acknowledgement of services rendered. Was this the case with the Hoaxtead propaganda crew?

As with Belinda’s original call to action, unless or until we find evidence in the form of cancelled cheques, we cannot make any direct accusations. We can only observe that certain of Belinda’s people seem to have gone far above and beyond the call of duty, pumping out hate mail, harassing and defamatory blog posts, video interviews, and the like…almost as though this were a full-time job.

43 thoughts on “Promoting Hoaxtead for fun and profit

  1. If you can find a paper trail of Belinda McKenzie funding anyone to attack the people of Hampstead I believe that will be enough of a smoking gun to hammer her in both criminal and civil legal actions.

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  2. I remember the day, way back then, when I sat and read Charlotte’s Illuminati book online. Oh the laughs..

    Fast forward and I think it’s safe to say, thank goodness, that the majority of people can now see the so-called ‘Hampstead Case’ was a hoax. Abe himself has helped people see that, with his ludicrous comments and interviews online, constantly changing his story and pushing his true agenda for all to see.

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  3. Angela issued a an apology to Charlotte a few days ago and implied that they’d had a big fallout. I’m starting to think that Angela has a touch of the Abes about her – she seems to alienate everyone who tries to work with her.

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  4. So where is the profit?

    I’m not sure it could be from donations alone.

    Share of a compensation claim of some sort?

    I seem to remember a theory regarding property.

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    • I think the original plan would have involved releasing the children’s videos one or two at a time over an extended period, while conspicuously rattling the begging bowl on various sites. It fell apart, though, when Abe got overexcited and dragged the kids over to Jean-Clement’s house for a command performance. This led to the police investigation, which led to the children being taken into care, and fouled the entire operation. Had this not happened, I reckon we would still be seeing the kids being hauled out like Abrella’s trained seals, to provide fresh material to the fear porn consumers, to encourage them to keep donating to end this scourge.

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    • For about 6 hours in April 2015 on the Sabine Picnic Meetup Site there was a midweek meeting invitation to Belinda’s lovely home to discuss how to demolish Christ Church and the neighbouring school to profit from the site. I recall a contributor writing that flats were a far better use than a school. As of now the School has builders increasing the number of classrooms and the Church has a major refurbishment underway with cleaned stonework, new roof and I understand new internal decoration. The Meetup meeting disappeared quickly… But somewhere there will be a trace of it.


    • Maybe the motive wasn’t profit?
      Maybe the donation buttons are merely a disguise?
      SRA hoaxes play into the hands of some people. That must be considered as another possible motive.
      Maybe money was the motive but it was coming from another source?

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    • Um. Speaking as someone who does have a Master’s degree, I can tell you quite definitively that undergrads who are “3% shy of a first” do not get pegged as professor material…at least, not at that stage in their academic careers. In fact, depending on the university, they might not even be considered as Master’s candidates at all.

      Also, why is Angie’s material proof (such as her receipts for her various fundraising efforts, and her degree) always in “a different house”? Rather reminds me of the freeloading boyfriend who takes his girlfriend out for dinner at a fine establishment, only to discover that he’s somehow “left his wallet at home”.

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      • Yes, that was my first thought – she’s shot herself in the foot by claiming that a Master’s would have earned her a professorship.

        And yes, I did wonder whether her degree certificate is squirrelled away with the charity receipts she keeps promising to show us all, lol.

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  5. Of Course we CARE – Please let APD know she does not have to go to all the trouble of finding her degree certificate – its easy enough for someone to check it via a quick email – It just needs APD to sign to say that they can disclose it to a “friend” – Carol Perhaps?

    “pretty much offered me a job” umm, I pretty much one the lottery this week – I had one number

    Is this another scam

    At least it shows Angie as being from the Loughcrew View Estate

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  6. Well, the Loughcrew View Estate is certainly a picturesque idyllic estate in Ireland, I can understand why it was more attractive than staying in England


    • If you burrow a little further JW you will discover much bout her dysfunctional crew. – She has a son who, quite frankly, comes across as a deviant psycho. – Bit of a wife-beater apparently! And another wannabe Thespian. Accuses her father of all sorts – He’s Nicholas Power, born 12th of July 1926 apparently… If that helps your research.

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      • Thanks – Have been asking a few contacts in the South – will put the answers that they have and report it on here. So far its not looking that positive for APD

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        • Oh it just gets better and better!

          I did a Google search for – “Loughcrew View” Estate

          I got 35 results.

          Now – I for one am NOT prepared to click on these links. And I’ve altered them so as hopefully they don’t become clickable when I post. But results no. 27 & 28 were:

          Doggers and dogging in Meath – Swing4Ireland
          0 comments; 8276 views. Loughcrew View estate blink lights of ur car beside the sheelin shamrock flower boat any fri, sat, sun nite between 1pm and 3pm …

          Doggers and dogging in Meath – Swing4Ireland
          Loughcrew View estate Oldcastle. By Anonymous on 22 Jun 2012 14:26. 0 comments; 2327 views. A grt place to meet for horny fun …

          I’m a little curious as to why Angie isn’t kicking up merry hell about this sort of thing taking place right on her doorstep; what with her being the great moral crusader and saviour of us all! – She seems to know ‘all about’ everyone else’s neighbourhood after all!

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  7. That’s quite amusing. This isn’t America where over-aggrandised titles are bandied about!

    ~Angie, as you very clearly DO read this I know, for your further grifting information…

    Most COLLEGE (not university but college) lecturers will be qualified to Masters level or the credit equivalent. That sort of standard would be pretty-much an essential to lecture at a university. Although a talented Honours graduate might-just be taken on in exceptional circumstances, it seems highly unlikely that a poor graduate would have much to offer academia – perhaps after ten or fifteen years treading the boards they might be able to find a way in via the F.E. system – IF they had done something exceptional in their career.

    As any fule knowe, (at least, any fool who has ever actually attended or even worked in a university would know) the title ‘Professor’ represents a person holding the highest academic rank. Unlike the United States – where silly aggrandisement is the norm – the title ‘Professor’ actually means something and has to be earned. – Which is why those who hold that rank are often quite touchy about it being properly recognised and used. Outside a few specialised music conservatoires (where ordinary lecturers may be known as professors) academics are generally known as ‘lecturers’, ‘senior lecturers’ and ‘readers’. As, Angie, you lay no claim to have studied music the error you have made really rather highlights that the only part of a university you have ever seem is perhaps the inside of the Student’s Union Bar and possibly the ceiling of the halls!

    And I’m afraid a scan of the ‘Diploma’ might not be entirely satisfactory ‘proof’. I seem to recall your old friend Andrea did a VERY nice line in these back in the day. And I have a friend who seems to become more and more convinced by the hour that you were indeed part of THAT circle back in the early 80s

    – To the rest of our cohort. If someone can find the time and energy, it might be a useful exercise to map out the various players on the conspiritainment circuit and map out how each connects to the other. They are legion mind you! And they go back decades! Where’s the profit? – Where’s the profit in selling a newspaper or a packet of crisps? When you have a corner shop that carries a wide variety of goods THEN you might start to see a profit. When you have a chain of them more so. – It’s a commercial ‘business’ like any other.

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    • I always say you must look at the very basic life of those who become involved in lunacies like Hampstead. The Welfare State has thrown up a bunch of people with too much time on their hands (idle hands-Devil’s work etc).

      Many of those who were outside Christ Church are the same scroungers who attend evictions with their Common Law rubbish. While any eviction is a terrible event ( as I know from personal experience). I say scroungers because they are rabble-rousers who attend any event to put some drama in their lives and scroungers because they screech & moan about coppers being ‘slaves’ & their ‘servants’ and likewise about anyone working for the government, but are quite happy to accept the dole (their right) from the over-worked public employees they like to insult.

      Which brings me to another hard-core of truthers who exhibit all the well known attributes of sociopaths to varying degrees. Bellender is the glue here as she is wealthy (certainly compared to all the others) with a comfortable house in central London. It makes sense that many who jump on the bandwagon like Angela Power-Disney see Bellender with a convenient crash pad for visits to London. All you have to do is go along with McKenzie’s schemes. (# there is a video of Bellender at an early ‘child abuse’ rally somewhere in London which I’m trying to track down where her benign mask slips badly as she lashes out viciously at a questioning passer-by)

      Certainly Power-Disney exhibits real sociopath qualities: we throw a lot of shit at her here (but for good reason) but it’s like water of a duck’s back. That is a classic indication of a sociopath’s lack of empathy : unlike normal (?) people who do become upset at the brickbats thrown at them, to varying degrees, a sociopath sees this as a battle of the wits. No matter how you unmask them and expose them as liars, they simply re-write the script. They don’t even understand what it’s like to be upset hence no matter how many times we say those innocent Hampstead residents are going through hell, the 2 children (and all the other innocent kids) may well have their lives ruined by the continuing publishing of their identities etc & we plead to at least cease that aspect of this ‘Satanic Witch Hunt’- they simply do not understand what we are on about- they are fighting a battle to win by all means fair & foul. Casualties are not even considered.

      Also the Happy Meal freeloader rabble rousers eventually drop off as we are now seeing. They seek new conspiracy excitements . We are now left with the real hard core who are tenacious.

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      • Yes, I agree. I’m a strong supporter of the welfare state, as I was once reliant on it for my survival, but I understand what you mean about people who find ways to scrounge and scam the system (Charlotte Alton Ward, I’m looking at you). It’s infuriating, as it casts everyone else in a bad light.

        And I think you’re quite correct that the few who are left are the ones for whom this feels like a battle to the death.


      • I’m really not so sure about judging a book by its cover too much. – I could point you to one charity scam artist in these parts who is currently residing in great comfort in a nice part of Uddingston, driving a brand new car and has just taken over occupancy of a £1M+ warehouse from which to operate.

        Equally well, I know another chap who lives in a modest flat, runs a collection of what to me are ‘old bangers’ (he’s a ‘petrol head, and they seem to actually be coveted by such people) and shows little obvious signs of wealth. – But I happen to know that he has interests in about a half-dozen businesses of various types, owns another five or six flats dottted all over the place (I think he actually owns ‘half’ the building he lives in) and has another ‘hideaway’ up past Perth that he’s restoring and plans to retire to once his daughter finished uni in a few years! – It’s all kept well buried, rarely spoken about (I’ve known the man 20+ years and it’s taken me that long to piece it together) And to be clear – he’s very-much on the right side of things.

        You do of course have a fair point about those who can be bought for the price of a burger. But D’Isigny has some money, possibly courtesy of her ex. As I understand it she does have two homes. One in Ireland and another in England, and she certainly has the money to travel. Her psycho kids also went to a private school. – I can think of a few others too who ‘work the ropes’ and aren’t ‘short’. – Neelu isn’t skint either! And, actually, I’d be fairly confident that McNeill has ‘hidden assets’! Everywhere I turn with these things I smell money, and the more you follow that smell the closer you get to the root of this evil.

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    • It’s true that higher ed. in America has become a joke in many ways – e.g. the relatively recent metastasis of quick, for-profit, unaccredited quack factories (‘Trump University’, anyone? Ha ha!). Having said that, there are still many excellent (albeit criminally overpriced) liberal arts colleges and universities (for anyone who may not know: the difference between colleges and unis in America is that only the latter confer doctorates – and they’re much larger). A number of my friends and family are in academia…the only ones who are “professors” have doctorates that they slaved away towards over a period of many, many years. Also, assistant/ associate professorships precede full ones; they’re typically reserved only for those with doctorates toi, and are mere stepping stones on the way to much-coveted “full” professorships. The full professorship is the ultimate academic prize; its primary benefits are higher pay and, more significantly, tenureship – with tenure, a US professor becomes “immune” to dismissal and is guaranteed his or her position indefinitely. To illustrate via one example: my ex bro-in-law is tenured at Middlebury College (one of the very best US liberal arts colleges) in Vermont, and pretty much has it made/ calls all hïs own shots). Gets to organize and lead years abroad for his students, serves as adjunct/ visiting prof. at international unis of his choice, etc…and he’ll never have to worry about being sacked. But getting to that point swallowed up the better part of fifteen years (maybe more?) during the prime of his life. REAL professorships at prestigious, accredited institutions here basically require giving up the bulk of one’s twenties and thirties, being completely flexible in terms of geographic mobility during the “climb”, etc. Sorry so long-winded! And I confess I don’t know how different this process is in the UK (btw., I wanted to stay across the pond for uni after spending several years at, and graduating from, a French collège / then lycée near Antibes. My parents, sadly, insisted I come back and attend an American uni instead, in my case Duke in NC, where I earned 3 undergrad degrees. ) I’d be fascinated to truly understand the nuts and bolts of how things work there vs. here. But where on EARTH does an incomplète master’s degree secure a professorship? LOL! ) And speaking of nuts: that’s clearly what we’re dealing with here!

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      • Lol, it doesn’t. The only person I ever met who was picked out as something special as an undergraduate got a 1st like it was nothing, won national essay competitions, could pick up a language like that, a really remarkable young woman. Not someone from a privileged background either! Importantly I suppose, she loved research, like really loved it.

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  8. I was amazed to hear Angie state recently that her father was once a horse whisperer. I’m guessing that this is the same abusive,murderous father that she has mentioned in the past.

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    • it seems she might be on the committee of a housing association which owns her property but she’s parlayed that into more than what it is. As everyone knows, the only committees sensible people want to be on are ones where there is only one committee member- them. AP-D is the reason why.

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  9. What I find interesting is Charlottes ‘research’ into conspiracy theories. I remember seeing a video and in that video she comes across as someone interested in the statistics, but not so much buying into the conspiracies. Then, the name changes and she goes into full conspiracy mode. It stinks of someone who didn’t really believe the rubbish she used to blog, but was in it for some other reason.

    I quite like the new look by the way.

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    • Thanks! And yes, there’s more to tell about how we tracked down Charlotte and put a damper on her activities. Perhaps in a future post….


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