Kristie Sue’s epic rant: Response and rebuttal

Yesterday we reported on Kristie Sue Costa’s bizarre allegations that she was being “gang-stalked” by someone who appears to be the most incompetent online stalker in the known universe. Today we’d like to take a look at another epic fail on her “Berate the Chickens” Facebook page.

Having been roundly bested by a commenter named Avid Mador who kept politely but firmly challenging her, Kristie Sue followed standard troofer protocol: she banned the infidel, then rewrote history in her own special way.

While we have neither the inclination nor the time to answer every lie, prevarication, inaccuracy, or ludicrous presumption in her latest opus, we thought we’d examine a few of her more ridiculous statements, in the interest of correcting the record (and at least partially preserving our own sanity).

Who called social services?

Avid raised several key questions here, but Kristie Sue chooses to address only one: Avid’s point that social services had already been called about Ella and Abe’s treatment of the children, as they were found to be eating out of bins at their school.

Kristie Sue goes into a rather long response in which she claims that the children themselves stated in the Jean-Clement audio recording that the report to social services was made by a neighbour who was (surprise!) a member of the imaginary cult.

Sadly, Kristie Sue has the wrong end of the stick here. In fact, while neighbours may very well have reported Abe and Ella to social services, the initial complaint came from the very place where the children had been observed scavenging food from the bins: their school.

We know that Abe had a very rocky relationship with the school: on one occasion, he flew into a rage when he discovered that the school had been giving the children “off-limits” food. Abe accused the school of “poisoning” the children. At school, the children shared their fear and dislike of Abe to their friends and teachers.

Two teachers—the headmistress and deputy head teacher—called social services and let them know that the two children were hungry and fearful of their mother’s boyfriend. This is why Abe targetted the head teacher and deputy so viciously and personally: he was taking his revenge on those who’d reported him.

Not too surprisingly, Abe and Ella made no mention of this to their adoring fans…but it did come up in the fact-finding hearings, which we are quite certain Kristie Sue has never bothered to read.

Why did Ella bother creating the hoax when she already had custody?

Avid states that for over two years Ella had tried to stop RD from getting access to the two children.

Kristie Sue responds, “Except the father had been in Hollywood for those two years and wanted nothing to do with the children as shown in his police interview”.

To clarify this question, we turn once again to the fact-finding hearing of February/March 2015.

There we learn that in 2003 Ella met RD, with whom she had the two children. By 2006 they were living apart. From that time, RD’s access to his children had never proceeded smoothly. He had to keep returning to court to gain access. He obtained multiple court orders in favour of access, which Ella consistently thwarted.

According to Mrs Justice Pauffley, “Between May 2010 and October 2013, therapeutic sessions occurred intermittently at the Tavistock Clinic. There was a period, notably between November 2011 and November 2012, when the children did not have contact with their father. There was intermittent concern about P’s relationship with her mother and also that both children were presenting as and complaining of being hungry at school”.

In May 2014, RD had contact with the children for the first time since October 2013. According to Ella, RD stated his intention at this time to apply for increased access to the children. She has also stated that she was desperate to prevent this from happening.

So despite what Kristie Sue would have us believe, Ella was indeed motivated to remove her ex-partner from her life once and for all.

Why did Ella and Abe make false allegations?

Kristie Sue states,

Filing false allegations is highly illegal. Why would Ella & Abraham put themselves and the children in that position? Ella would have NOTHING to gain and EVERYTHING to lose by fabricating allegations such as these. Ella is an intelligent woman, she would never do this.

Excuse us for a moment while we stifle our laughter.

What Kristie Sue avoids mentioning here is that while filing false allegations is indeed illegal, Ella has clearly stated that they never intended for this case to be seen by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service). In fact, as stated in the Jean-Clement recording, the plan was to take the children straight back to Morocco the following day.

The little girl confirms this in the Finn Hagan recording:

They’re planning for me and Q and my mum, to go to Morrocco, well, to Marrakesh. Fly to Maroc, then Casablanca, to Russia, where my grandparents are.

It was only Jean-Clement’s reporting them to Scotland Yard which scuppered this plan: to Abe and Ella’s surprise, the police turned up at their door the day after their visit to Jean-Clement’s house, and commenced their investigation of the children’s allegations.

So no, Ella didn’t care that making false allegations was illegal, since she and Abe did not plan to be around to face the consequences of their actions.

Abe had form for violence against women and children

Avid points out to Kristie Sue that Abe had “previous on those tactics, where he left his own children to face the police running off. I’m not sure how much you know about Abe’s own background of harming his own children and step children, as well as hospitalising their mother”. Rather than try to mount a coherent argument, Kristie Sue responds:

How do you know so much about Abraham’s back ground? What are your NON-Hoaxtead sources? Police reports? How did you obtain them? I have seen screen shots of a fake profile claiming to be Abraham’s step daughter, I can’t be bothered to look for your screen shot, when you provide one we’ll tackle it.

In fact, we can think of any number of ways in which a person might know about Abe’s prior behaviour. Perhaps they might know someone harmed by Abe; they might have been attacked themselves. Perhaps they were a former neighbour, or knew people who had been. Perhaps they knew Abe’s ex-wife, or one or more of his children or step-children.

They might have seen the information shared with both Sabine McNeill and us by Abe’s step-daughter, who called him “the step-father from hell” and described how he attempted to get her and her siblings to make false allegations of sexual abuse about their own father.

We wonder why Kristie Sue is trying to downplay Abe’s known violent tendencies. Is she unaware of his multiple arrests and convictions for assault, fraud, counterfeiting, and other crimes? Exactly how wilfully blind is it possible for one person to be?

Abe gives the show away himself on 8 September 2014 while talking to Finn Hagan, when he discloses that he had previously met DC Steve Martin when he’d been charged with assaulting his own son.

Abe sounds nervous as he says, “They want to talk to me. I wonder why they want to talk to me”, and then “It’s him. It’s him, who we suspected, S.T….” The child exclaims, “Steve!” and Abe confirms, muttering, “It’s him, it’s him, it’s him.”

Ella interjects, “They were really pressurising me today”.

But Abe is on his own track: “It’s him. We know it’s him.”

The child says, “I think I know what, it’s both of them. Fat lady and Steve…” but Abe goes on: “He likes, he doesn’t like babies. He likes boys. Steve, Steve likes boys. He came for F******” (referring to Abe’s teenage son).

Finnbar says, “Who’s that, the cop?”

Abe replies, “Yeah, he came for F*****”. And he didn’t get him because of me, right, he didn’t get him because of me…and now, he sees I’m here again, another child case. Well, I keep turning up. He keeps turning up”.

“Strange”, says Finnbar.

“So he knows everything?” asks Ella.

“Oh, he knows, yeah”, Abe says.

This isn’t hearsay. This isn’t something that can be written off as a “fake profile” (though why Kristie Sue would think that Abe’s step-daughter’s profile was fake we do not know). This is a matter of record, and anyone who wishes to can listen to the video for themselves.

The fact that Kristie Sue doesn’t wish to do so says a great deal more about her than she might realise.

142 thoughts on “Kristie Sue’s epic rant: Response and rebuttal

  1. “He sees I’m here again.. another child case, I keep turning up”.

    I always thought that video was most revealing.
    These are the types of recordings the hoaxers always ignore. Abe should be behind bars for what he did to those children. He’s a bully, a child abuser and a sick, twisted individual.

    Great post, EC.

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  2. Sooo, the entire backlash against the school emanates from the fact that they did the right thing by referring a child safeguarding issue to the appropriate authorities? Let’s just take a moment to take that in – a nasty 3-year-long, slanderous, abusive, violent hate campaign against every member of staff at the school is the result of one man’s bruised ego over the school trying to protect two vulnerable children from him. And what Kristie Sue, Angela, Mad Moo et al have been avidly supporting for all that time is essentially a revenge attack against the staff for – sorry to repeat it – trying to protect the children. And these spiteful little idiots have the gall to call themselves child protection advocates? Shame on them.

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  3. That’s right, Sally. The inclusion of the teachers seems to have been the direct result of the school calling social services. Similarly, the social workers who were accused were the ones who responded to that call.

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  4. “What Kristie Sue avoids mentioning here is that while filing false allegations is indeed illegal, Ella has clearly stated that they never intended for this case to be seen by the CPS.”

    Also, rather inconveniently for Kristie Sue, Ella has since admitted that some of the allegations were fabricated (and she hasn’t been heard from since).

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  5. “Social workers who were accused were the ones who responded to that call.”

    Wow, what a coincidence eh, Kris! 😮

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  6. “So no, Ella didn’t care that making false allegations was illegal, since she and Abe did not plan to be around to face the consequences of their actions.”

    And then they didn’t bother turning up for the custody hearing in August 2015. Perhaps Kristie Sue can clarify for us why not. Surely warrior mum Ella must have been burning to put down her suntan lotion and spliff and come back to Blighty to save the two children she loves sooo much from an evil satanic baby-eating paedo-cult. Right, Kris?

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  7. “So he knows everything?” asks Ella.
    “Oh, he knows, yeah”, Abe says.
    This is a matter of record, and anyone who wishes to can listen to the video for themselves.

    The recording in question (thank you, Mark Trellis):

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  8. Kris, Sonya and Richard (Who he? Ed) have kindly offered to give us a performance of their headless chicken act:

    Wilson, Keppel & Betty In Regurgitaction

    This time the much loved trio take in demons, Pizzagate and horrid evil Australia (sorry Sam, sorry Steved). But despite the tweaks, it’s essentially the same tired old act which they’ll no doubt continue to perform ad nauseum until the day they die float off into the 23rd Dimension™. Bravo!

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  9. Also from Kristie Sue’s Bleed the Chickens page, I’d like to nominate her mate Daniel Powell for the Genius of the Week award…

    “Saturn has been around since before I can remember.”

    Ding ding!

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  10. I’m not sure what she’s saying. Is she approving of JFK? If so she needs to google ‘Bay of Pigs’ and also have a look at his Vietnam policy. Just saying.
    Some of us are old enough to remember….

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  11. Another facepalm moment for your delectation:

    Seriously, give it up, Sonya. You’re just embarrassing yourself now.

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  12. Wait – we’re the ones who are putting two and two together and coming up with eight? Oookay. Thanks for the update, Sonya.

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  13. It doesn’t matter how many times it’s pointed out that most of the facts have come straight out of Ella & Abraham’s mouths : a plot to accuse RD and then whisk the children off to Morocco and eventually Russia where they could not be returned and RD had no contact.

    But their plan was foiled by their own incompetency, stupidity and the arrogance of the career criminal Christie. It backfired badly and while it looks like Ella seems almost haunted at the terrible position she is in (although she could return to the UK, face the music and probably be treated very leniently and thereby see her children) she would rather stay with Christie who is a psychopath and is totally unfazed by his situation.

    Just wait until these kids grow up. I think they should haul each and everyone of these ghastly people like Kristie Sue. McKenzie etc into court and bankrupt them.

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  14. “America’s last democratically elected president”.
    That can’t then be the same John F. Kennedy whose father, the former rum runner Joe Kennedy who worked with the Mafia and bribed local officials in the Southern states (when the Democrats had power bases as opposed today’s Republicans) and poured $millions into JFK’s campaign via large donations to the Catholic Church so every single one urged their parishioners to Vote JFK etc etc.
    Nice one Moo.

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  15. You do have to wonder why they don’t get a f*cking life.
    I reckon the neighbours and locals must hate her because she’s a loony so she has no other life.

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  16. Supreme Master Ching Hai? I’m sure he’s the chef in my local Chinese take-away. Or is that Hangin Hai? Maybe they are brothers.

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  17. I feel Neelu’s pain. My little old Mini station wagon got towed as well in the late 70s but the parking charges were severe- I think 2 quid a day. The only light relief was when I was collecting it at the pound and paying the fines the Hollywood actor Stewart Granger was also collecting his gorgeous silver Bristol. He sneered at my Mini as it was driven up but gave my female friend an autograph which she treasures to this day.

    ## Note to Local Council : why not just take the car when the kids are in it ! Think of the money saved for ratepayers.

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  18. Yes Sam,many have one hell of a ticking clock hanging over them as and when RD and his children place matters in the hands of a legal firm.Off shore accounts and plastic surgery could see a major upturn in activity as summons paperwork lands on doormats across the planet.

    With Abes business acumen he should consider acquiring a small patch of desert and some cheap shovels to accommodate his community of exiled acolytes at favourable discounted rates,where they can all take turns to talk utter bollox and randomly crap on each other happily ever after.

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  19. I agree with most of that, Sam, but I think – and hope – it’s extremely unlikely that Ella will be allowed access to her children. I doubt very much that the children would want that anyway.

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  20. Yes, she is known in Wellfleet as a bit of a weirdo, I gather. And I’ve heard she’s known to the local police too.

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  21. This is the final evidence required to nail the mathematical theory that exactly one out of three Hoaxmobbers are equally as fucking stupid as the other two.

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  22. Hmm,not convinced Neelu is exactly a net contributor to council coffers but good luck with her brilliant “no contract” wheeze,seems she is fixated with digging holes for herself and her kids.

    Hate to put ideas into Neelus head but why doesnt she simply cut to the chase and encourage the whole neighbourhood to “accidently” trip into the hole and book a world cruise to the Bermuda triangle on projected whiplash claims?

    No brainer surely.

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  23. It is amazing how big you can make a small hole in an already crumbly drive look if you basically dig it out yourself.

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  24. Angie cannot possibly have any real friends as one of them by now would have advised her that it is not actually compulsory to spend ones entire existence shooting ones self in ones own foot.

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  25. Why does Comet have a password protected login page? It’s the site administrator login that every fucking website has so the admin can update the fucking website, these people really are braindead. Waptek covered this in two videos, completely debunking the website bollocks.

    Creepy fuckers, don’t be surprised when these pizzafakers get locked up or put in the asylum.

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  26. Why does costas site have a password protected area, also know as a site login page.
    Why doe she have to login everytime she posts on her site, what is she trying to hide?
    That is the same logic her shitty posts are using about the Comet page, lmao.

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  27. Again complete ill informed nonsense debunked by anyone with a brain and knowledge of computers. Again Waptek totally destroyed this hoax by showing the model of computer from the photograph and showing where the harddrive on that model is located.
    It would be impossible for the bullet to have destroyed the harddrive, not to mention why the fucking hell would they need to go to all that trouble when they could have just got rid of the computer months before when the pizzatards hoax started.

    Instead complete creepy loons think a guy with a gun would have to be employed to come into a busy restraunt with families including children and fire a shot to magically get rid of a computers harddrive, lmao. Sick people who support putting innocent families in danger of being shot to further their perverted little pedo fantasies.

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  28. Great debunking of false claims & accusations, by EC and this blog (all of you), recently! Very good work.

    Some observations about current claims regarding Feldman, Haim, Sheen,
    It has been reported that Feldman has made a report to LA police, regarding his hollywood pedo ring claims. Good for you, Corey! That is the practically & morally correct route to take. Let the professionals put the pieces together, that’s not your responsibility nor your burden to carry.

    Claims by alleged friends of Corey Haim, regarding a sexual encounter between 13 year old Haim and 19 year old Sheen, are confusing and contradictory. Use of the word “rape” seem contradicted by other claims that Haim “allowed himself to be sodomized”, that Haim “believed he was in love” and perceived Sheen to be a romantic partner. Those latter claims describe the more credible and likely scenario, to me.
    Nothing can excuse the predatory, and criminal, exploitation of a 13 year old by a 19 year old – but it would be a rare 19 year old who had the maturity to understand, or care, that a 13 year old CHILD cannot give genuine consent to a 19 year old ADULT.
    Such predatory behaviour by young men has been and continues to be tragically common in the Gay community, unfortunately. (No doubt it is equally common among heterosexuals).
    The Haim-Sheen scenario, if it was true, wouldn’t constitute pedophilia however. The clinical definition for pedophilia requires that the object of the adult’s sexual interest is pre-pubescent and the older person to be at least 10 years older than the child. It could be called “pederastic”, and most active pederasts are indeed young men, but without many more such encounters in his twenties & thirties I don’t think Sheen’s behaviour could fairly be described as anything other than opportunistic predation – i.e., “this boy seems to have a crush on me, he’ll probably let me f*ck him if I tell him that I love him”, and “boy” could just as easily be “girl” or “man” or “woman”.

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  29. Lmao beware of fake news sites like 4chan, y’know, the one where the troll who posted the fake codes, that do not even make sense when paired with the emails.
    Hilarious that Titus spent money on the bollocks arrest site that the information was gathered from, as all it does is search the internet and by the information you provide, claim to have records based on that, then, Surprise, it doesn’t actually have them. To be fair to him, at least he didnt claim the arrests as facts like David Seaman did.

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  30. It`s not all bad news,KSC industries are currently developing a range of new products in a major drive to break Hopegirl corps current grip on the extremely futile utlities market.

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  31. If the young person involved is not old enough to consent, is that not classed as rape, regardless of consent? As it is still taking advantage of someone?
    Forgive me if I am way off on that.

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  32. “she could return to the UK, face the music and probably be treated very leniently and thereby see her children”

    I think the time has come and gone for this, Sam. At this point if Ella were to return, I think she’d be facing some serious charges including child abuse and perverting the course of justice.

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  33. Right now, to be fair I would like to set the record straight on behalf of my client: this is not a smear CAMPAIGN. It is simply a smear. A campaign would imply more than one.

    Seriously, she does not pay me enough to do this job.

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  34. I will have to thank Titus for telling us about that twitter parody account, it’s hilarious.
    I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

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  35. I will of course defer to Justin who knows a great deal more about this than I do, but my understanding is that younger adolescents can be deemed to give consent to sex with persons who are older than they are by a certain number of years, say 5 or 7. I don’t know the precise numbers, and I may be way off-base here, so I’ll shut up now.

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  36. She would be right as all he does is push disinfo. She is referring to his video where he mentions two sites, iirc neon nettle and yournewswire or something like that, sites he says promote fake stories, never stopped him or the like of Angie using bullshit sources before.

    Titus wants his particular brand of bullshit regarding pizzagate to be the real news, so anyone else like Seaman is fake, he wants to be the PG topdog.

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  37. I noticed on one of those comments a Pizzafaker has spammed a load of rubbish such as creepy disgusting images by Kim Noble saying she did the artwork for comet Ping Pong.
    Wrong, a complete lie. Someone made a comparison between a Comet Band poster where a body looked like it was falling or had multiple images of what could be viewed as alters or the soul leaving the body. This image was then put side by side with a piece of Kim Noble vile art as a comparison, and the pizzafakers took that as fact that it was from Comet.

    The Evies Crib images they posted is lots of taken out of context comments from the webpageand also altered and edited by creepy fuckers to make it look sinister.

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  38. A campaign is defined as “a series of operations intended to achieve a goal”. Can said operations not be directed against one person?

    Your honour, m’lud, learnèd counsel for the defence, ladies and gentlemen of the jury…I shall now get me coat.

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  39. “…with our blood, sweat and tears money…”

    Really, Neelu? Takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to walk to the nearest Cashpoint to draw out your benefit payments, does it?

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  40. Exactly what I was thinking, mate. I remember you and others debunking that particular claim about the hard drive at the time.

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  41. “They could have just got rid of the computer months before when the pizzatards hoax started.”

    Exactly! The pizzatwats genuinely believe that with millions of people focused on you and accusing you of the most ghastly crimes involving paedo rings, kiddy murder, child porn and rampant cannibalism, you would keep hold of your computer and not immediately get rid of the bloody thing. The ‘logic’ of a troofer’s mind, eh!

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  42. My point exactly, EC. Angie and Titarse are two of the biggest truth ‘discreditors’ around. Or they would be if they learnt to lie more convincingly.

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  43. “Use of the word ‘rape’ seem contradicted by other claims that Haim ‘allowed himself to be sodomized’…”

    Under US law, is sex with a minor not known as ‘statutory rape’?


  44. Whoop whoop!

    I wonder how long the ban is 😀

    Looking forward to the inevitable rant about how people like her who try to protect children are being unfairly silenced by the Jews who run Facebook while lawful suspects are being left to roam free despite meeting fully satisfied arrest criteria blah blah yadda yadda… Nice 😀

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  45. Hmm, good question. I’ll ponder on that next time I go bathing in the waste isotope tank at my local nuclear power plant. I should be ok as long as I lay off the fags.

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  46. I really hope and pray that one day in the future both Ella and Abe are made to face justice for the things they have done.

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  47. Isn’t it amazing how everyone that Abrella had a grudge against just happened to be cult members. What are the odds of that happening?

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  48. Indeed, Arfur. And she’s gone strangely quiet since this post went up. Don’t worry, though – we know where she is and we’re keeping tabs on her, as this surveillance footage shows:

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  49. Yeeeeessssss. I’m sure little crusted carbuncle has had plenty of LE knocks at her little hovel troll house….It’s haunted by the Order ya know. The Great Aquino himself sez so. He is amused I’m sure….👹👹👹👹👹👹


  50. Seaman did actually go to Comet Ping Pong.
    I wonder if they told him to piss off when he tried to pay in Bitcoins?
    He said it was research, hmmm, okay Dave.

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  51. Poor Neelu,its not that her hat is too big but rather her head is way too small.

    Chewing fat over whether rainbow fleas have rainbow belly buttons unfortunately doesnt go a long way to addressing the headgear issue.

    But hey,at least the prozac is starting to kick in.

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  52. I don’t think so, I’m not sure who it is.
    He said the only woman who he was pictured with on his Facebook was murdered because of his Pizzagate work. Very Sad story, which he seems to have tried to link to himself. Not the lady in the picture btw.
    See video description for a very long and crazy story, short extracts below.

    “We are working with some of our intelligence group contacts to try and arrange 24/7 security for David Seaman as we and many of us feel his life is in danger as he digs deeper and deeper into this. AND IT MUST BE DONE! AND WILL BE DONE! WE MST SUPPORT DAVID AND GET HIM THE FUNDS AND A SECURITY TEAM IN PLACE. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CONTACT HIM PERSONALLY OR I WOULD, AND HOPING HE REACHES OUT TO US.”

    “Our sources from former military intelligence fear the recent brutal murder of one of David’s best friends and her roommate, are no coincidence and fear for David Seaman’s safety. They feel this was indeed no botched robbery, but a clear message to a more high profile David Seaman to stop him from calling out the elite pedophiles. Child / human trafficking is now a 32 billion dollar per year business, just 2nd to illicit drug sales.
    Please contirbute to Davids Patrion, PayPal or BitCoin account so he can afford to get 24 hour security until we see this through.
    We pray for his friend Ashley Jones and her roommate and must not let their deaths be in vain! ”

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  53. And i wonder how all this drug-addled pontificating will help her get that pothole fixed.

    Oh well, at least if Kristie Sue pops round for a visit, she’ll have somewhere to bury her head.

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  54. Speaking of false claims and accusations…

    Justin, do you have an email address or something I could contact you through in regards to questions about the Franklin/Bonacci saga? It’s something that I’ve obsessed over trying to debunk for years by now, and you seem to be just about the only reasonable individual I’ve found online who has seemingly put even more energy into this matter over the years than I have( I have kinda figured out some of the names you have posted under on some forums discussing the Gosch story in the past if I’m not completely off the mark, which I usually am not). The questions I got are pretty specific and likely things you may not be able to answer as you might imagine, so they probably would be really uninteresting for the uninitiated if I may use an occult secret society expression to describe the readership of this blog :).

    My sincerest apologies for taking over the comment section for my own end but I couldn’t figure out a better way to get my message through 🙂


  55. Actually, Tobacco Control Public Health Promotion propagandists – disguised as (pseudo-)scientific “researchers” – have claimed that smoking is the primary cause of human deaths PERIOD, and in prestigious journals like The Lancet to boot.

    But your point remains valid 🙂

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  56. @Paratroofer
    from the quoted text
    “We are working with some of our intelligence group contacts to try and arrange 24/7 security for David Seaman”, “Our sources from former military intelligence”, but then “I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CONTACT HIM PERSONALLY OR I WOULD, AND HOPING HE REACHES OUT TO US.”

    So they have intelligence groups and sources in former military intelligence, yet cannot find David Seaman’s twitter, paypal, Gofundme, YouTube account, Bitcoin, or any other social media account, to get hold of him directly? Lmao, some use they will be to him then.
    He’s not exatly hard to find on the internet FFS. My sides!

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  57. Sorry, I forget to mention, signing up for his Fulcrum newsletter, becoming a monthly donor to his Patreon account, using one of his Cryptocurrency links so he gets commision, are all good ways to get the guys attention.


  58. So she’s only a fan of dot joining when she’s doing it? lol.
    All they do is dot join, you can make any connection you like that way.
    Can she not read a court document?

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  59. Mixing drinks and scoffing food well past its sell by date rarely ends well.Still good the slippery piece of shit has found new lodgings.

    Just opening blogroom window for 5 mins..phew 😉


  60. @wound in the force – did you see my lengthy reply to you, in a comment thread from a few days ago? (Last weekend I believe). It’s very exciting for me, that you’ve “obsessed over trying to debunk [Franklin] for years” 🙂 No doubt you have correctly identified me under various names in various places over the years – I adopted an easily identifiable, unusual & improper “style” for my online post for exactly that reason 🙂

    I think there is a public email for this blog (EC – ?) and that El Coyote reviews those. If you were to use that and give EC an email address to forward to me, I would get it via Facebook messenger.


  61. @nocebo – there are a number of definitions for “rape”; legal ones, ‘moral’ ones and common usage ones.
    You and Raymond are correct in thinking that the criminal code term “statutory rape” is intended to communicate exactly what you’ve said -something like: “our legal system defines certain persons as inherently incapable of consenting to sex, so any sexual interactions with those persons will be prosecuted as an act of rape regardless of any declarations of willing participation by the victim”.
    And certainly, as a question of moral responsibility, exploiting a person who is too young to foresee the potentially disasterous consequences of the sexual encounter could be considered “an act of rape”.

    But there never was a criminal investigation, nor charges in this alleged case…and Haim is deceased and can’t speak for himself. So all we have here is a series of rumors from various secondary sources. It doesn’t make sense to apply legal definitions or even moral ones in this circumstance. So we must assume those secondary sopurces are using the common usage of the term: “against the victim’s will”, implying there was active resistance of some kind that was forcibly overcome. But none of the rumors actually describe such a scenario.


  62. @coyote – you’re talking about Canada’s very progressive Age of Consent legislation 🙂 😉
    which provides for “close in age exemptions” so that minors at similar stages of development won’t be prosecuted for their mutually consenting sexual explorations:

    “Canada’s age of consent
    The age of consent to sexual activity is 16 years. In some cases, the age of consent is higher (for example, when there is a relationship of trust, authority or dependency).
    In other words, a person must be at least 16 years old to be able to legally agree to sexual activity.

    Close in age exceptions
    A 14 or 15 year old can consent to sexual activity as long as the partner is less than five years older and there is no relationship of trust, authority or dependency or any other exploitation of the young person. This means that if the partner is 5 years or older than the 14 or 15 year old, any sexual activity is a criminal offence.
    There is also a “close in age” exception for 12 and 13 year olds. A 12 or 13 year old can consent to sexual activity with a partner as long as the partner is less than two years older and there is no relationship of trust, authority or dependency or any other exploitation of the young person. This means that if the partner is 2 years or older than the 12 or 13 year old, any sexual activity is a criminal offence”.


  63. That is good news my friend, lmao.
    Me thinks, Patty cake Polka boy, had a few too many white wine spritzers tonight 🙂

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