Kristie Sue can’t stop tormenting RD’s children

Since the Hoaxtead mobsters discovered that RD had put his head above the parapet in a  video with his two children to celebrate their win in an eBay for Business contest, a few familiar old faces have begun to reappear. Not that we’ve missed them.

Yesterday we discussed Wesley Hall’s large tracts of internet real estate [Only real estate that plonker will ever own—Ed.] and his ability to be sick all over the internet in a strangely coordinated fashion.

But who would have expected Kristie Sue Costa to take time out from her busy schedule of sniffing Donald Trump’s ample posterior and posting Amazing Clues from “Q”, to slag RD’s children and their business, which their dad helps them run?

(Okay, we sort of expected it. But we dared to hope that with her nose nestled firmly in Dear Leader’s nether regions, she might not notice that the children over whose fate she claims to have wept were in fact doing just fine without her, thanks anyway.)

In any case.

You can’t always get what you want, and apparently what Kristie Sue wanted was not two smiling kids and a proud dad, laughing and happy together. And it has been difficult for her to hide her bitterness.

Yesterday she tweeted what for her counts as the height of clever repartée to her friend Alan “Conscious Living Wanker” Wrightson, aka Drifloud.

We’ve blanked out the children’s faces, so you’re going to have to take our word for it, but in this still from the eBay video, RD’s daughter is giving her dad a bit of the old teen-aged side-eye, while her brother beams with excited pride.

Kristie Sue has given the picture the ever-so-witty caption, “That face you make when you want to…”Kris Costa Twitter 2018-06-28 1We know. It’s hard to see Kristie Sue’s amazingly hilarious joke, but if you use a magnifier you can just make it out.

Given what this family has been through in the past nearly four years, we think the most likely interpretation of the girl’s look is something like, “Hey, Dad, we’ve been living in terror that someone will recognise us and hurt you or try to kidnap us…are you sure it’s okay for us to be doing this?”

Because when people routinely threaten to track you down and murder members of your family before kidnapping you to save you from a non-existent cult, those are the sort of thoughts that go through your head.

Interesting, isn’t it, that Kristie Sue is now ignoring the undeniably huge, triumphant grin on the boy’s face? That just doesn’t suit the narrative, does it? So much for Kristie Sue’s “believe the children” mantra, then.

A lone troofer who gets it?

So far, only one of all the troofers who’ve claimed to be so dedicated to the welfare of these children has expressed anything resembling an appropriate reaction to discovering that they alive and well: Kris Costa Twitter 2018-06-28 3Kris Costa Twitter 2018-06-28 4Indeed, “Zoompad”. That’s what’s important, isn’t it?

And shame on Kristie Sue for her obvious bitterness that this family is thriving, and for her determination to make foul insinuations about the children. Haven’t they suffered enough?

We expect that over the days ahead RD will receive the usual threats and ugly outpourings from those who just cannot let their fantasies die. There will be far fewer than there were in 2015, but they’ll be the last hangers-on, the stragglers who just can’t leave the party.

But we dare to hope that those who continue to harass this family will be subject to the full penalty of law, and that the family will go on to live a normal life, free of evil-minded, fanatical nutcases like Kristie Sue.

If it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now: people like Kristie Sue, Angela, Wesley, and their ilk are the true child abusers here. It’s time for them to grow up and accept that they were wrong.Kris Costa how dare you be happy

118 thoughts on “Kristie Sue can’t stop tormenting RD’s children

  1. Its never been about the children’s welfare, they were just used to reinforce these idiots deluded worldview. Matt Taylor showed that when he made that video slagging off Spivey (who had the good judgement for once to stay out of it). Many of them will turn on the children now and especially as they get older. They are sick fucks.

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    • Yes, that’s right. The children seem to have built a business for themselves, with dad’s help, and now the nutters want to destroy it. Why? Because their dream of “proof that SRA is real” is being demolished. They are truly sick.

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  2. Not one of those nasty hoaxers will ever admit they made incorrect assumptions all along.
    What a nasty, vicious woman KSC is.

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  3. All of their reactions show that they really couldn’t give a damn about the children all along, they simply wanted to make themselves look important & scam money from people by their ‘research’. Shame on all of them.

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    • Absolutely right. It’s all about making themselves look and feel important. Not about the needs of the children…such as the need to be left alone to get on with their lives, free of these insane conspiranoids.

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    • Spot on. That video of RD and happy looking kids has destroyed their entire raison d’être and they are lashing out at all & sundry. I applaud RD for going public in such a quiet manner.

      APD is flummoxed and has to make insinuations about children being used to make money rather than the reality: they have a chance to finacially secure their futures as they look like becoming entrepreneurs.
      This goes to show they don’t give a stuff about children as the normal human reaction would be to Thank God they are happy and healthy.
      What they want is children to be abused or even murdered. Not happy unless that’s the case. Of course the sad truth is thousands of kids die every day in Third World countries from neglect, disease and poverty. Never a mention of those little vicitms of man’s cruelty. No sex involved. Not interested.

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      • Yes, this hoax is what they were clinging to I believe. Were they all trying to become Alex Jones clones or something, seeing as he has/had become very wealthy from spouting his evil.

        Well too late for the hoaxers, that ship has sailed & they are all looking pretty pathetic!

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        • It’s interesting. Since the news erupted earlier in the week, we’ve heard the usual bollox from the usual suspects, but many seem to have just skulked away grumbling.

          Sorry, guys, the children are fine. You were wrong. Party’s over.

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  4. I have just seen that Spivey has been ripped off for the supposed royalties for his supposed book. Oh! The irony!

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      • I know EC! Me too. He is also threatening to use all of the tools of the legal system he so despises to get what he wants! As he is so fond of saying, “You couldn’t ,make this shit up ! ” No doubt the irony is lost on him and his acolytes.

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    • What all 2/6p ?. What rogue has done this?
      # Perhaps it’s Karma. David Icke, the antisemitic creep also lost all the royalties from his books when they actually sold well after a dispute with his publisher.

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  5. Haha, great post, EC. I’ve been wondering how KSC would react and was ready with my comment but it was almost word for word what you said in the third paragraph (re. Trump and Q Anon), lol. Grated minds think alike 🙂

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  6. “It’s time for them to grow up and accept that they were wrong.”

    Indeed, EC. So many fruitloops screamed an yelled about how these children were either dead or about to be killed by their “evil dad” when this thing first went viral in 2015. I wonder whether any will have the courage to admit they were wrong and, like Zoompad, celebrate the fact that the children are safe and well. I won’t hold my breath.

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    • We’ve often said that the hoaxer fruitloops seem to want the sordid tales of abuse of A & G to be true. Their apparent pain and disappointment over the discovery that they’re alive and well and seemingly happy has merely served to prove us right. I must admit, though – I wish we’d been wrong 😦

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      • Yes, it would be nice to be able to believe that the hoax promoters were merely misguided but well-meaning. I think it’s been shown that those at the forefront, at least, are anything but.

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  7. See attached. Sadly it’s all too easy to grow complacent and forget the plight of those poor unfortunate souls over the Hoaxtead fence, so I hope you can all find it in your hearts to make a donation.

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    • Thumb of monsters ? Self made men ? What absolute drivel. I should like to know how Deborah and co actually earn a living do they work ? Have they worked ? Ever ? I suspect not. Biting the state hand that feeds them with unfounded allegations against the authorities, who they oddly threaten to phone in fits of having us arrested and jailed. Debs is the maddest of the bunch and borderline educationally special needs. She can barely make two sentences in a row without a moronickal error. I’d think she was a character from a comedy genius if she wasn’t so rabid with the holocaust denial.

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  8. The Hampstead Hoax is a sickness which needs a jolly good ebay RD pill. Open wide Kris Costa, this pill is good healthy medicine against your Satan Hunter sado-perverted fantasies. Yes, it will make you sick for a while. You will get over it. Now go back to planting your face in Trumps arse.

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  9. Update on Becki Percy…

    Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV started posting in the Becki Percy case, developing situation.

    Ajax made contact with the following in the last week:
    Hull police “Record C732 22-06-18” spoke to Catherine.
    Hull Social Services (Child Protection) – email and telephone.
    Dallas FBI – e-mail.
    Pottsboro Police – e-mail
    ICE / Homeland Security Dallas – 2 e-mail referrals

    Work is beginning on processing the content that Becki Percy posted to the internet to get it into some order for the police to use.

    I have been contacting Becki’s Facebook friends.

    My personal opinion is that the SRA claims are false, I have yet to have a firm opinion if all the abuse claims by Becki Percy are false.

    It is 99% certain Becki Percy is going to be deported.

    Becki Percy has been constantly asked by many people on Twitter to make a full statement to the UK police, but refuses. It seems odd someone who makes these horrific claims of thousands of children murdered and raped by named individuals in Hull is more interested in promoting their candle business than making the effort to safeguard children by going to the police. Percy is living a huge fantasy, perhaps originally built on a real childhood experience, trapped in a bubble that will eventually burst on her.

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    • Fantastic work SV, I am impressed. Becki should be more than happy to help in an investigation to find her supposed abusers as any arrests made would help her to prove her story is true and therefore increase her chances of being able to stay in the USA.

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      • A hand is offered to Becki Percy to assist in bringing about a police investigation into her allegations on behalf of her and the alleged victims she claims were raped and murdered. Yet, she slams the door in my face, she has no passion to contact the British police to bring about justice, she prefers to sell candles and tweet about Trump.

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        • Many have tried to straighten Becki Percy out with reason on the Twitter platform:, she blocks; makes up excuses; hides behind religion.

          Life will teach Becki the hard way. When Becki is separated from the Christian fundies, deported to the UK, she will either grow up quickly, or face jail and/or homelessness.


        • Not on an inquisition rack, In case you’re worried. She needs to face up to the allegations she’s made on social media but not formally reported to the police. She needs to understand the damage she’s done, the upset she’s caused and the potential harm she could have caused if a mob had descended on anyone she’s accused. She needs to face up to reality, stop exploiting people with her lies and attempt to live an honest life. I don’t hold out much hope for her. Shorn of her adoptive US family and sent home to face the music she’ll find out how fibbers who cry wolf get treated. Her vacation from reality I ending soon and I sincerely hope someone’s at the airport to welcome her back.

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      • Many have tried to straighten Becki Percy out with reason on the Twitter, she blocks, makes up excuses and hides behind religion. Life will have to teach Becki the hard way. When Becki is separated from the Christian fundies, deported to the UK, she will have to grow up quickly or face jail and/or homelessness.

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        • I think there’s a room free in Highgate, but it’ll take a while for her esa to come through. Sra ptsd syndrome isn’t recognised by the dwp as a condition. So stacking shelves or jsa are her real options. Silly little fraggle she is.

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          • Now that Becki Percy is an adult (aged 22) with no support structure, and the care system has no obligations towards her, it will be interesting how she copes when back in UK.

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  10. Power-Disney is promoting the notion that the Asylum seekers from South America are bringing children who aren’t their own, probably “crisis actors” and so on. She promotes some goose who claims he was an ICE agent & all the refugees he encountered were something or other ie: not genuine. Angie just accepts this bloke who basically says he found one Mexican who was a drug runner so naturally they all are- they’re brown after all . Little does she know her so-called source (these creeps just find a YT video that confirms their prejudices and accepts any claptrap claimed without evidence or proof) is a convicted criminal.

    No doubt Kristie Sue buys into the idea these people should have their children removed from them. We’ve already heard evidence a 3 year old blind girl was taken from her mother and a Trump creep on Fox News mocked a Down’s Syndrome girl who was removed.
    This mob are beyond evil. They are despicable and if there is a Devil, they are his hand maidens.
    Note how they all, including the batshit crazy nutter Neelu who rabbits on about kidnapped children, completely ignore what is happening in the US where children are really being kidnapped. Here is another account of what is happening.
    From an afidavit:

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    • Vile woman. A sad, pathetic, overgrown school bully, imo.

      Also, Steve’s already done the “bravado” bit and “shown his face” in a video response to her, as she well knows, so I don’t think a one-to-one heavily edited in her favour is necessary.

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    • What’s she banging on about now?

      Also, it’s good to see Angie once again confirming that Heather is Pru Halliwell, something Heather has repeatedly denied. #Loyalty 🙂

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      • Also, when the hell did Steve claim that Heather doesn’t exist. Steve’s only too aware of that old cow. Nice try, Angela. That the best you’ve got, is it?

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  11. I see Angie the Christian is still struggling with the ‘Turn the other cheek’ and ‘thous shalt not kill’ bits of her Bible:

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  12. I’d prefer not to link it but the disgusting Cat ‘Scot’ Selvester of the Fresh Start Foundation has posted a RAINS list containing the names – and in many cases addresses and telephone numbers – of hundreds of people they believe to be SRA paedophiles. Naturally, it’s been sexed up with the names of several celebrities who are too,er, dead to sue, including Ted Heath and David Frost. And the twist is that she can still sleep at night.

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  14. Neelu (who never/ definitely does NOT use a fake name)/Ved has just put up a video taken at the common law court they set up (also known as a tent in a paddock)

    I must admit I did have a quiet giggle (well more of a side splitting LOL) when I saw their HUUUGGGGEEE results from their ‘trials’

    “Hello all, just to let you know that the latest Common Law Court for Great Britain was convened on 24th June 2018 in Scotland.
    The Court dealt with three cases which involved nine individuals, they were summoned to appear in their personal and private capacity, but they failed to appear as they were facing criminal charges.
    The jury of twelve men and women found all the Defendants guilty as charged, these charges included Fraud, Theft, Kidnapping, Child Endangerment, THE FAILURE TO ACCEPT THE AUTHORITY OF THE PEOPLE, THE FAILURE TO RECOGNISE THE AUTHORITY OF THE COMMON LAW COURT and the refusal to accept official court issued deeds. ”

    Because when REAL courts have people facing criminal charges, they actually go after them- and get them- and then they have to appear- in a real court (in a proper buildin’ an’ all, guv!!!)

    This bit was worth a few too

    “When social service employees were informed that this was a criminal offence. they refused to hand the son back while also confirming that THEY DID NOT ACCEPT THE AUTHORITY OF THE PEOPLE or THAT OF THE COMMON LAW COURT. ”

    I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall with that conversation…
    ‘No sir, we do not accept the authority of your made up law or your pretend playcourt’

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