Kristie Sue’s valiant defense of the Hampstead SRA hoax

It’s been pretty amusing watching Abraham Christie (in his “Free the Hampstead 2” guise) and Kristie Sue Costa flitting about YouTube for the past several days, trying desperately to discredit anyone who dares to state the obvious: the Hampstead SRA case is a hoax, and Abe and Ella are child abusers. Problem is, they’re not fighting with us now—they’re scrambling to maintain their support within the troofer community, where until last week, belief in Hoaxtead had been a given.

Like the fabled little Dutch boy who saw the leaking dyke and, realising that the small trickle could quickly turn into a catastrophic flood, Kristie Sue has been bravely sticking her finger in…and then rushing off to stanch another leak. The problem, of course, is that the single leak has multiplied, doubts are springing up faster than she can control them, and Hoaxtead looks very much as if it’s in danger of being inundated with a flood of rational thought and actual evidence.

So she’s begun rushing around, asking questions like this (we’ve kindly provided the answers for her, as we know she reads this blog regularly to find out what’s really going on):

However, surprisingly few people are buying what she’s selling.

We were surprised, though, that Kristie Sue hadn’t seen fit to inform her massive cadre of fellow nutbars of the terrible crisis of faith taking place—for several days, we kept expecting shrieks of “Apostasy! Heretics! Burn them all!” from her Facebook page or blog. But not a peep.

Perhaps she was having a hard time typing, what with so many fingers in so many dykes. (First joke about “sensible shoes” wins a prize here, btw.)

Finally, though, she saw fit to publish something on her Facebook page yesterday:

Yep, that’s it. This is her grand acknowledgement that the hoax is falling apart before her very eyes, amongst the people she least expected. Does it make even the slightest jot of sense to you?

Nope, not here, either. Perhaps all that frenzied dyke-fingering has frazzled the few remaining functional neurons in her poor head.

34 thoughts on “Kristie Sue’s valiant defense of the Hampstead SRA hoax

  1. “Who give a shit about their two children” eh? WTF? Ella has three, and none of them are Abraham’s. I don’t think going on holiday with two children entitles you to call them yours, as in step-father or whatever the actual hell she’s on about.

    Ella and Abraham have set up go-fund-me and patreon accounts.

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  2. Somebody Looks Desperate and has lost her Marbles. Too Bad for the Newest Crazy Additions to her Clown Car Circus of Insanity. Like seeks like. HAHAHA! We will have those Accounts ripped down in No Time E.C. With Hoax derailment w/i conspiraloon Comm. they won’t be giving to the Obvious Criminals anyway, just arguing and reducing to lowest common denominator….ROFLOL! Winning!

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  3. Agree that it should be a straight forward enough affair getting Patreon/GoFundMe to remove Abe and Ellas child abuser fugitive support kitty re-zapped.Surprised (up to a point) such a repeat campaigns are not flagged up by the platforms and aborted on application.Taking the pee or what?

    Quite frankly in the light of recent developments it would seem unlikely any folk will be falling over themselves to fund such proven callous and souless child abusing criminals.A small part of me almost wants to let the scummers see that no one is interested by not rushing to remove the appeal but priority clearly lies with curtailing the intent to use the children/families as a rolling cash crop.

    The very fact that Abe and Ella are trying their luck again wreaks of abject desperation and serious chickens must be coming home to seriously roost. Oh very dear 😉

    As for KSC she seems intent on going down with the sinking ship having bound herself the the mast.Hardly the greatest sacrifice and legacy known to humankind as the whole nefarious shebang disapears beneath the waves.

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  4. I went on to the Believe the Children Facebook page and read the above post you shared here EC and KSC is hardly receiving any support at all from people. No matter how much she types the people just aren’t listening.

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  5. KSC acted so concerned about Spiny Norman’s Pink Skin answer being “racist” yet her “new sources” are allegedly linked to the “white lives matter” KNOB Aaron Holtz!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Epic Fail. Are her “new sources” avowed racists and false accusing CSA Kidnappers and Tall Tale Tellers? Can’t wait for the interview!

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  6. Looks like your doing just fine,the pub sign looks great at least.You do need to be a tad careful not to overdo the 3D rendering though or the subject could end up leaving fag burns on your living room carpet or far worse as a certain American gentleman discovered much to his chagrin.

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  7. Being friends with Heifer is like having a pet rhinoceros. She might seem all right at first, when she’s slagging off your enemies, but eventually she’s going to turn around and start trampling you. It’s just a matter of where and when.

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  8. My dear old mum once told me that if your friend gossips about people with you, sooner or later it’s going to be your turn. I should think it’d be the same for a friend who randomly attacks people just for the helluvit. Sooner or later you’ll be in the firing line.

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  9. My Gorgeous and Talented Mum always said, “Don’t Jump on the Band Wagon if One Does Not Know Where It’s Going or Who is Driving it, it Might just Roll Over the Clueless or they Will Be Crushed Under the Wheels”. Has Crusted Sue Woo ever provided any “Proof of Claims” by her latest “SOOPER SECRIT” SOURsez….From what I can see and researched, Our Buddy Philbert, has been Defamed and Slandered,ect…..Check out his LSC House Cong. Comm. testimony. There must be a pic of him in The Library of Congress somewhere too! LOL Ahh, the Defective Detective must be in some kind of a Panic for Some Reason? KSC should have vetted them better like Trump’s Cabinet!! LOL Did she give her harness bells a shake to ask if there is some mistake? The only Other Sounds the Weep of EZ tramps and Dandruff Flakes. But She has Piles to Go Before She Leaps…..without lookin. KSC better Call Saul.

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  10. BWAHAHAHA! Good Job! The criminals and Supporters are chasing their tails/tales/fails E.C! Diddums. Anybody who would USE young CHILDREN like this to PUSH False Allegations against their FATHER in order to Block Access, Deserve the Long Arm of the Law to Bitch Slap them. Look at that James Casbolt creep trying to extort American Grocery Titan by posting pics of his Daughter online, ect. He hung with this scum and he got nine years. Let’s hope Abrella and Supporters get Longer! Jolly Good M8’s Look! Hey Fool! on the Hill! YaY! Brills

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  11. It did make me smile though when Heather made the comment about pawing at someones arse. Lmao, dirty old girl Angela.

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  12. Well done would be if YT had removed the damn video. It was reported.
    He put to music, a child reciting “Kick my privates. kick my privates, kick my privates” over and over.

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  13. I so love those (like the author of the article and someone they quote) who pontificate whether this is an attack on “free speech” while wringing their hands and moaning whether these laws should be used to ‘silence’ someone.

    My simple remedy for such thinkers : give us some of your personal details, children and relative’s names, home suburbs and so an and let us create a few blogs about you personally and invade Facebook and Youtube with a series of hateful claims and see how you feel after 3 years of vitriol directed at you.

    Maybe then such critics may understand how the parents of Sandy Hook feel and have suffered – that’s if they remain sane.

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  14. The First Amendment does not protect Speech that constitutes libel, slander or defamation. One can’t “Defame the Dead”, as the damages go to Reputation. However, there are Mass/ or other Tort Routes/Restraing Orders, ect. available to the (estate/deceased family members and children. Unfortunately Hate Speech has linked itself to certain extreme political speech and We now have a POTUS supported by same under Personal Investigation and being sued by 200 Legislators. The rabble has been emboldened and encouraged causing great detriment to the Commonweal. “Liberty” my patoot. Don’t complain about Alex Jones and Hoaxers. Sue them. Ask why your Govt, has Allowed it to persist.

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  15. The judge summed it up well:
    “You have the absolute right to think and believe as you so desire,” the judge said. “You do not have the right to transmit threats to another.”


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