Tracey Morris and son defiant after receiving non-molestation orders

Because we haven’t been writing enough about Tracey “The Gob” Morris lately (ahem!), we thought we’d bring you an update on her latest: apparently she and her 22-year-old son Aaron have now received non-molestation orders…except maybe they haven’t, because Tracey says she refused to take hers even though that’s illegal and you don’t really get a choice in the matter, but maybe they have, because she’s talking about a court date next month, except maybe it’s not a court date, but only an appointment, who knows?

Yes, she’s been live-streaming on Facebook again, and making about as much sense as usual.

Oh, and person or persons unknown may or may not have kicked her door in. Was it the police? An angry neighbour? Tracey’s imagination? Again, hard to say.

Many thanks to commenter Daisy, who very kindly put together a summary of proceedings:

There is nothing more embarrassing than watching someone pretend to know the words of a song & only getting it right during the chorus, I know this, because that is me! I make up my own words, always wrong, but good for a laugh! But I don’t livestream my embarrassing moments. 😊

Regarding her door being put in, if true, that is totally wrong & I hope whoever did it gets apprehended. There are children in her house who have never done anything wrong, their lives have been disrupted enough, they do not need to be scared witless.

Tracey’s children running around at night time hiding behind hedges from a social worker, what! Seriously, I am lost for words! Those poor kids, how did this come about, someone must have told them to run & hide, who would even do that & why, did the social worker want to take the kids into care for such an over the top response to a knock at the door? She then threatens the social worker, not by name, but says, “little do you know what’s coming for you, you haven’t a clue what I have in store for you”. I do hope the social worker sees the livestream.

As for non-molestation orders for Tracey & her son & Tracey refusing to accept them, it is a criminal offence to ignore them. I hope her son looks that up and does not listen to his mother’s rambling gibberish about refusing to accept them.

A meeting on 13th of November, is it a court date or a meeting, it’s hard to tell, she calls it a meeting one minute, court the next, then rambles on about taking it to the highest court in the land, the European courts, but what case is she talking about because she starts on about the last 17 years and she couldn’t see this day coming. I thought it was all about her daughter & is she rich!

Evidence, evidence, yada, yada yada.

She’s getting boring now, I’m not paying full attention & someone here is talking about lithium batteries & nicad batteries.

Tuning back in, someone was a bigger junkie than her, really?

Tomorrow she is going to give us an insight into her, oh happy days!

Case conference files, evidence unreal, file in police evidence that was never ever used, it’s going to be used now, she calls it her ace card, repeat, it has been pulled?

She’s going to squeal like a birdie in court. Someone’s cushy lifestyles are over.

Again she talks about the social worker having her kids hiding in bushes, then goes on about a Police Officer who is now going to be investigated.

She says she hasn’t broken the ‘non-mol'[sic] orders in her livestream, maybe not Tracey but you have certainly threatened a social worker, not by name but by inference to whatever case they have on you, I am sure someone is joining the dots.

Interesting point about said “non-mol” orders: Tracey and Aaron seem to believe that acceptance of such orders is somehow optional—she claims that they refused to accept them, and that therefore the orders are meaningless.

Compare and contrast with the non-molestation order which Ella Draper took out against her ex-partner RD several years ago: the Hoaxtead mobsters (including Tracey) used this as “evidence” that RD was a Very Bad Person Indeed. If only he’d known that all he had to do was say, “No thanks, I’d rather not accept that today”, and the entire problem would have disappeared!

Of course, RD doesn’t live in Tracey Morris Land. That could explain the discrepancy, we suppose.

Will the real Tracey Morris please stand up?

Tracey claims to believe that those who oppose her ought to be quaking in their boots, presumably due to her fearsome knowledge of the law and her unfettered aggressiveness:

Despite all this tough talk from Tracey, we’ve received several private emails from people who are familiar with her, who don’t hold her in the high esteem she believes she deserves.

One person stated,

She’s a fake, pure and simple. Her complaints and allegations are mostly made up, and she hasn’t done half of what she says she did. She makes out she’s so hard, but she just makes a lot of noise. No one takes any notice of her really.

Another agreed:

Look, the amount of lies and incidents she’s been involved in could take a year to document.

But for starters she certainly did not bring down the biggest paedophile ring in the West Midlands [as she has previously claimed]. In fact the first she knew about the solicitor being a sex offender was when police and social workers knocked on her door because she’d been farming her kids out to him and someone else had made a complaint. She had gave her children to a complete stranger to take on holiday and that isn’t even that shocking, she was never used as a witness in the case because she was considered mentally unstable and her daughter was hospitalised shortly afterwards which would indicate the abuse took place in England and not two years previously as she is now claiming. Better still she got compensation for her children being abused after the solicitor was convicted, so why she’s now pretending to be mother earth is a mystery.

A reader notes that while some of Tracey’s Facebook friends may believe her version of reality, they are being taken in:

Word is her younger children have now been removed from her care but she doesn’t want her fan club to know this because it would ruin the pretence that she’s the woman who holds social services to account.

She’s known by every social worker and family court judge in the land as an appalling mother and a pest who tries to prey on vulnerable mothers for money.  She’s never taken anyone’s career, she’s a Walter Mitty, her own family have disowned her, she’s no friends other than the gullible people she picks up on Facebook, tragic really. 

 And Daisy points out that while Tracey claims to have been the cause of a Northern Ireland social services strike, she was unable to find any reference to her in connection to any strikes at all:

Was she responsible for this strike I wonder: in 1974
The Ulster Workers’ Council (UWC) strike was a general strike that took place in Northern Ireland between 15 May and 28 May 1974, during “the Troubles”. The strike was called by unionists who were against the Sunningdale Agreement, which had been signed in December 1973. Specifically, the strikers opposed the sharing of political power with Irish nationalists, and the proposed role for the Republic of Ireland’s government in running Northern Ireland.

or this one HEALTH AND SOCIAL care workers in Northern Ireland are staging strikes today to protest over the loss of funding for front-line services.

Funny, I can’t see her mentioned in either of the articles. I think the strike she is boasting about is simply in her head.

But never mind. We’re sure that Tracey will be in fine fighting form when she attends court…erm, that meeting, in the middle of next month. Don’t forget your mouth guard, Tracey!

Errata: Edited to correct the age-group of Aaron Morris. He is not a teen, but is in his early 20s.

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  1. Deftly written updates, EC and Daisy. Thank you.

    One question I’ve been trying to get my head round – and the person quoted as saying “Her own family have disowned her” puts it somewhat into perspective – is why is Aaron so keen to defend Tracey? I wonder what his motives are or whether he’s been blinded by the trauma of losing his sister. Or is it just blind loyalty?

    By the way, I meant what I said the other day when I said Aaron has real potential as a public speaker. It’s just a shame it’s being wasted on harassing social workers and vociferously defending Mad Mum of the Year.

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    • I can think of a few reasons why Aaron would be blindly loyal to his mum. For one thing, kids who have sub-par parents will often cling to them harder than kids with decent ones. If you’re afraid you might lose someone, you hold on for dear life, right?

      Also, it seems that at least for the time being, Tracey is giving Aaron something that any teen-ager craves: the sense that she’s seeing him as an adult—an equal, fighting alongside her. That would be enough to ensure his undying loyalty, I should think.

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    • Thank you Liza & others on your kind words. Thank you EC for using my ramblings as part of your post. 😳
      I am always amazed when I read posts from the hoaxers & liars how quickly they turn on anyone wishing to point out facts, how they are immediately called, ‘pedos’, as Angela Power Disney did to one of the most respected contributers here, I & I am sure everyone here was totally disgusted at that. She who allegedly sits out in her garden on the grass cross-legged naked hallucinating/meditating, as a ‘source’, informed me, each to their own but not in an estate with kids running in & out of each other’s homes & gardens. However, I digress, reading & answering posts here are a pleasure, nothing is too silly, posts are respectful, everyone is listened to. Much respect to everyone here.

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  2. From the ‘tail end of the last post’, for anyone who missed it:

    Don’t worry, JournoAngie – we know it wasn’t you. The English was too good.

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  3. Interesting to see that all HR’s TM posts are showing in the “Most Viewed” list tonight.
    Wait… the Tiny Magical Creatures post too? Strange, hmm…

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    • Yes, there’s been an almost unprecedented surge in views of posts about Tracey. A bit like when we wrote about Weaselly Hall—that caused a bit of a stir in Manchester, while our coverage of Tracey’s shenanigans has apparently created similar interest in Belfast. Can you imagine either of them living in your neighbourhood?

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      • Dear Hoaxtead research,

        As an donkey’s years follower av yisser lethal blog,i wud loike ter tanks yoos fer al’ yisser endeavours in ‘oldin’ dees feckin eejits ter account.

        Regardin’ dat alleged garden incident,i wish ter formally dissociate meself from al’ such scurrilous accusashuns an` any such shinnanigans,sure oi do.

        Oi ‘ad merely mislaid me glassies an’ wus attemptin’ ter knuk a gnome for me collecshun whaen Ms Morris wriggled from me feckin grip screamin’ bleedin Mary,mother of bejasus.

        Its a gran’ foine mess it is to be sure so’tiz.Oi raise a glass ter yoos.Hic.


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    • This reminds me of something I was thinking the other day: this blog and its commenters/contributors have actually taken on the highest-ranking people in the conspiracy community in the UK. Belinda, Gerrish, Paterson, Cullinane et al – they are (or were) basically the UK answer to Alex Jones. No wonder we’ve had such a ferocious response from them, LOL! They just aren’t used to being scrutinised and critiqued on a daily basis, are they?

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      • Oh God yeah, it’s taken on the real big fish! Kudos to that nice Mr. Coyote and to all the commenters and contributors. I think one of the keys to the blog’s success has been it’s unswerving calling to account of Trooferland’s big players. You’ve crystallised it nicely with the way you worded it, CZ

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      • Indeed, yes, I think most of them have mentioned HR now. You may recall that for ages people like Neelu and Belinda never once referred to us and we were starting to wonder whether they’d even noticed us but they’ve since been caught on more than one occasion whingeing/ranting/self-projecting about us (delete as applicable).

        Mind you, Belinda did make some allusions to us in the early days but without actually naming us. I don’t know if you remember but it was when she was ranting about MK’s videos and mentioned that she found some of our memes “playful”, lol.

        Plus as we know, even Gerrish has stropped about us on Twitter!

        One person who’s never publicly mentioned us (as far as I can tell) is Spivey but I bet he’s seen the posts and comments about him. Ego prevents him from saying anything though, I’m guessing 😀

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        • Judas Conaghan told me that Belinda was not happy about the video where Belinda is portrayed as Wonder Woman.

          Of course the wanker (he is a self-confessed wanker) thought it was rather “sexy”.

          He’s not very discerning btw if I haven’t mentioned before…

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          • No doubt. I’ve caught Chris bullying a nice lady via Twitter once. I say bully, well wrote a very nasty piece about how because she asked a question about a just giving campaign he had set up for a friend. This considering how frequently he claims cancer patients are indeed faking it for money. Our Chris is very misogynistic.

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          • Spivey is no fan of me either Sheva or so it would appear. When i tried to look at his website recently i was redirected to this message first. I must admit it did make me laugh.

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      • Angie can only dream of being as successful as the ghastly Alex Jones. Just imagine the advertising revenue- she could buy not just Rothman’s fags (Rothmans- Jewish Masons?) and Mulligans as well.Pulling her own pints.

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      • I know that I only post comments to this fine blog but i do feel a sense of pride whenever I hear a troofer mention Hoaxtead Research.

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      • Absolutely how I feel too, Charlie! This site has such an important role. I got caught up in the conspirasphere for a short time from 2011. I honestly feel that the posts and comments here have helped me to see what is true. And terrifyingly, what the products of tortured imaginations can produce, and induce in others.

        Welcome back EC, and thank you to Ms Scoop for her support while you were away. Thank you both, for so much.

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    • Mother of The Year : she made toast for her kids for breakfast. Other mamas could only dream of coming near that for sainthood. The fact those kids may end up on charges or in care is neither here nor there.

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  4. Is this girl really talking about a woman who stated she was a bigger junkie than someone else, while having 6 kids under her care, perhaps 4 at that time, well on & off it seems as some were put into care until their mother got them out a back door, (literally or figuratively), a woman whose kids run around at night hiding behind hedges on a social worker who is then verbally threatened by the same mother? Judging by the emails that EC has posted I think that girl has a selective memory.

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  5. I think here son is suffering from a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, it seems that way to me after looking.

    As for Tracey, she is very very clever (well she thinks that she is) she researches dates of big events like the walk out then claims responsibility for them,, what she does forget though is that in todays computer generation if she had been responsible for the said incidents then it would be well know, without her needing to say or do ANYTHING…very shrewd!

    And for the stuff re Gerry Adams,, only the idiotic fools in society would believe that given everyone knows his history, and a fight in a garden with a woman would be all over Ulster TV! Some people *no names mentioned..coughs…Tracey Morris* are just so thick that they think everything that comes out their gigantic gobs!

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      • Why are people still lying nearly a year later about the code words coming from the FBI? Some have gone as far as to photoshop an FBI Logo and a pic of Podesta on the codes which came from a troll on 4Chan and are laughable when used to make sense of the emails.
        The FBI released the pro-Pedo Advocacy groups symbols which are easily verifiable from the links given on the FBI Declassified document on Wikileaks.
        The Actual FBI Release regarding Symbols

        Click to access FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf

        The code is bullshit and a lie which all of the shills promoting Pizzagate keep spouting to justify their polictical witch-hunt, which was in reality a smear campaign on the Democrats during the U.S. Election by Trump shills starting on 4Chan and the Donald reddit.
        This takes less than 10 seconds to google, there is no excuse for the repeated disinformation.

        The Codes from 4Chan, not the FBI

        Turned into another Fake Code shared by Trump and Jesus Satanic Hoaxer.

        A victim of a self appointed SRA Therapist?

        Thankfully these political and religious scammers promoting hoaxes that make a mockery of child abuse victims and protect real pedophiles, are easily debunked.


        • ….and of course the Moloch link comes from a very hilarious email from Hillary Clinton in which she said she was about to sacrifice a chicken to Moloch!

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    • Possibly a good example of how fruitcakes like Mad “Lawful Evidence” Moo slightly twist the narrative and the truth ends up being buried.
      Yes the verdict was “unlawful killing” but the jury also blamed said Henri Paul and the Paparazzi who were following.
      Nor did Diana “repeatedly” write about this, rather she wrote one letter at a time she was possibly verging on a breakdown.
      Mad Moo is the only Heathen in this situation.

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  6. “One can only presume”

    Yeah, Angie, that’s how journalism works.

    She really is worth every penny of those JournoAngie GofundMe donations, isn’t she.

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    • You wonder why these Fake News websites survive but then there are a lot of nutcases like Angie out there. This particular one is obsessed with pedophilia which gives an indication that it’s readers are as well. As a grifter late to the scene poor Ange hasn’t yet realised that “journalist” these days is regarded as a profession at the lowest rung of society. Even real estate agents are more respected!.

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  7. Another facepalm moment from Camp Sabine.
    Angiewatch, can I borrow that ‘Bang head here’ sign, please?

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    • “Elly Hanson…a specialist in Dissociative Identity Disorder, a controversial condition which (if it exists at all) is often said to be particularly associated with ritual or Satanic sexual abuse. She spoke at the opening of something called the Wall of Silence Exhibition in Bristol in January 2016. The exhibition was closely associated with, indeed was partly the idea of, a ‘survivor’ of sexual abuse who had himself made an allegation against Sir Edward. Earlier this year she also attracted controversy when it was revealed that she had accepted payment of just over £2,000 for advising the Wiltshire Police about two of the Heath complainants in the Conifer inquiry, although she has dismissed the suggestion that this created any conflict of interest.”

      Matthew Scott, Daily Telegraph, 05.10.17

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      • ‘The Wall of Silence” promoted by “Carl”, “Stephen” and when he was finally exposed as the lying creep and false accuser he is- “Nick”. And of course Nick was encouraged by the rotten fraudster Christopher Fay who it never should be forgotten helped rip-off harmless pensioners of their life savings destroying lives and who has never apologised and the cheap thug Bill Maloney.
        How could these so-called professionals be completely ignorant to the idea they were being taken in false accusers and con-artists.
        As for Mike Veale- well Wiltshire is a relatively crime free patch given it’s fairly middle-class population but I wouldm’t trust him to investigated my stolen garbage bin in case he bungled the case..

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      • Mathew Scott was the barrister who defended the brothel madam from whence original false claims about Ted Heath emanated.
        No matter how many times he repeats that Heath’s name was never mentioned either by the madam or police the myth persists.
        Scary times.

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  8. Please explain the term: “non-molestation order”, as it applies in the jurisdiction where T&son live, and as it applies to whatever “case” she is involved in, or that is active against her.
    Thank you (in advance).


    • Does this help, Justin?

      Family Homes and Domestic Violence (Northern Ireland) Order 1998

      Non-molestation orders

      20.—(1) In this Order a “non-molestation order” means an order containing either or both of the following provisions—

      (a) provision prohibiting a person ( “the respondent”) from molesting another person who is associated with the respondent;
      (b) provision prohibiting the respondent from molesting a relevant child.

      (2) The court may make a non-molestation order—

      (a) if an application for the order has been made (whether in other family proceedings or without any other family proceedings being instituted) by a person who is associated with the respondent; or
      (b) if in any family proceedings to which the respondent is a party the court considers that the order should be made for the benefit of any other party to the proceedings or any relevant child even though no such application has been made.
      (3) In paragraph (2) “family proceedings” includes proceedings in which the court has made an emergency protection order under Article 63 of the [1995 NI 2.] Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 which includes an exclusion requirement (as defined in Article 63A(3) of that Order).

      (4) Where an agreement to marry is terminated, no application under paragraph (2)(a) may be made by virtue of Article 3(3)(e) by reference to that agreement after the end of the period of three years beginning with the day on which it is terminated.

      [F1(4ZA) If a civil partnership agreement (within the meaning of the Civil Partnership Act 2004) is terminated, no application under this Article may be made by virtue of Article 3(3)(eza) by reference to that agreement after the end of the period of three years beginning with the day on which it is terminated.]

      (5) In deciding whether to exercise its powers under this Article and, if so, in what manner, the court shall have regard to all the circumstances including the need to secure the health, safety and well-being—

      (a) of the applicant or, in a case falling within paragraph (2)(b), the person for whose benefit the order would be made; and
      (b) of any relevant child.
      (6) A non-molestation order may be expressed so as to refer to molestation in general, to particular acts of molestation, or to both.

      [F2(6A) A non-molestation order may exclude the respondent from a defined area in which a dwelling-house is included, any other defined area and any premises specified in the order.]

      (7) A non-molestation order may be made for a specified period or until further order.

      (8) A non-molestation order which is made in other family proceedings ceases to have effect if those proceedings are withdrawn or dismissed.

      On a separate note, are you familiar with Dr. Elly Hanson (see Private Eye article above)?

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      • Definitions of ‘molest’ (it doesn’t necessarily pertain to sexual assault):

        1. To annoy, disturb, or persecute especially with hostile intent or injurious effect’. ‘The zookeeper warned the visitors not to molest the animals.’
        2. To make annoying sexual advances to; especially to force physical and usually sexual contact on. ‘He was sent to prison for molesting children.’

        1. Assault or abuse (a person, especially a woman or child) sexually.
        ‘He was charged with molesting and taking obscene photographs of a ten-year-old boy.’
        2. (dated) Pester or harass (someone) in an aggressive or persistent manner.
        ‘The crowd were shouting abuse and molesting the two police officers.’

        1. To disturb or annoy by malevolent interference
        2. To accost or attack, esp with the intention of assaulting sexually

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        • What sort of country are we living in if we’ve got coppers being molested in the street and animals being molested in our zoos? We’re going to Damnation in a decanter >:D

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          • Now you know why Cindy Kay Cuntwaffle carries a bottle of Bear Spray. Those Zoo animals are also known molesters.

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      • @Spiny – fantastic info, thank you. Exactly what I needed.
        Unfortunately, I don’t know anything more about Dr. (hahahaha!!!) Elly Hanson than what has been discussed and linked here already.
        Lucien Greaves and the folks in “The Grey Faction” of his organization, are the experts on Dissociation doctors/therapists and Recovered Memory doctors/therapists. My knowledge on those subjects is more general, and decades old now.

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  9. For “Wound in the Force”, “Torkgirl”, and other interested parties:

    The Paul Bonacci “Switch-Code” Bombshell –

    I’m not going to include a summary about Paul Bonacci and why he is still considered to be of great importance as a source of information on several conspiracy topics, by various conspiranoid True Believers. I’m going to assume a high level of background knowledge on your part, and just proceed under that assumption. (So, if anyone reading this doesn’t understand what’s being referred to at any point, ask me specific questions in reply to this and I’ll do my best to fill in blanks).

    I had a “eureka!” moment, awhile back – watching this video of Paul Bonacci wherein he goes to great lengths to turn a supposed deposition hearing into a “demonstration” of his claims to having been a horrifically tormented CIA mind control/ induced multiple personality victim:

    For me, it is self-evident that this entire charade on tape is completely bogus – that Bonacci is very consciously faking ALL of the alleged MPD alter “switching” supposedly taking place therein.
    But I’m particularly interested in this segment, from 21:30 to 24:30. In that segment, a supposed Bonacci alter named “West Lee” that has previously stated it contains all of the relevant information necessary for Paul Bonacci’s deposition, is sworn in and asked some preliminary questions. West Lee is asked to describe how he-it allegedly came into being “in 1974”, but refuses to answer the question (23:20) stating: “I cannot answer that question under direct orders”. The exasperated questioner appeals to John DeCamp (Bonacci’s lawyer from 1990 – ?) to direct whomever the fuck his client might be now, to ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTIONS! (Not in those words). And DeCamp says: “Yes, you’re supposed to answer these questions…is this about Monarch?” (Bonacci nods) at 23:40, and then: “If I use the code, would that help? which I just obtained in the last hour (23:50)” and then DeCAmp reads out:
    “D6413782ProgramXPYEagleAlexHope, please go ahead and answer all questions.”

    The fraudulence of this little play acting episode should be immediately apparent. If Bonacci couldn’t talk about the (imaginary) Monarch program without having heard or read that supposed “trigger” code somehow, and DeCamp only came into possession of it “in the last hour”, how could Bonacci have previously discussed his Monarch experiences with DeCamp? In fact, how could DeCamp know anything at all about Monarch, prior to having received some mysterious “Monarch code” from some unnamed person an hour ago, since he has claimed that Bonacci taught him everything he knows about this fantasy CIA program?
    And where DID this code come from? Certainly not, from the CIA Monarch child rape & torture MPD programmers themselves! Could it have come up, during Bonacci’s therapy sessions with the prison psychiatrist? But that person’s report of April 1990, while noting that Bonacci “has multiple personalities”, doesn’t contain one word about secret CIA mind control programming. And even if it WAS revealed through something like hypnotherapy, that would mean Bonacci (or some alters of his) must have “recalled” it – which would mean Bonacci himself was in fact the source of this “code” and the information about what it meant and how it should be used. This “code” and how it is apparently perceived by both DeCamp and Bonacci, will be important again a bit later in this story.

    Equally important, however, is this statement by Bonacci/West Lee at 1:05:00 – where he states that his programmers only knew him as Paul Bonacci – or as West Lee during programming around other kids. AROUND OTHER KIDS in the Monarch program, the CIA programmers only called him “West Lee”.

    Now…once upon a time, “Franklin Scandal” author Nick Bryant penned an article on Paul Bonacci & Johnny Gosch, which he routinely touted as containing “the proof” that all of Bonacci’s tales must be true, including his claims to having taken part in the abduction of Johnny Gosch in 1982. The original of that article and the photo scans of some letters that went with it, appear to have vanished along with everything else that Bryant had stored in his “archive” section of the Franklin Scandal website. (Hmmm – suspicious). So we will have to make do with this copy-over without the photos, hosted on the Top Secret website.

    “Johnny Gosch: A Proof of Life” (originally, :Proof of a Life?) by NIck Bryant.
    “Shortly after Franklin Committee investigator Gary Caradori found Paul Bonacci in May of 1990 at Nebraska’s Lincoln Correctional Center, where Bonacci was incarcerated, the latter confessed to participating in the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch….
    In 1992, FOX’s America’s Most Wanted eventually picked up on the story, and aired five segments on Johnny Gosch’s abduction. America’s Most Wanted interviewed and even polygraphed Bonacci, and his interview was integral to the show’s coverage. America’s Most Wanted showed Bonacci’s first meeting with Noreen Gosch at the Lincoln Correctional Center–he broke down crying and apologized profusely. Here’s a link to America’s Most Wanted summary of Johnny’s Gosch abduction: (Please note that America’s Most Wanted timeline is incorrect regarding 1989 as the year when Bonacci “went public” about Johnny Gosch’s abduction.) ”

    That’s the set-up. Here’s what Nick Bryant felt was so significant:

    “But when Bonacci was incarcerated at the Lincoln Correction Center after the fall of the Franklin Credit Union, he received various letters from around the country. The letters were from Kansas City, Missouri, Sacramento, California, and Brockton, Massachusetts, and they written by kids who Bonacci said were enmeshed in the vast underground pedophile network that abducted Johnny Gosch and is linked to “Franklin.”
    I’ve acquired some of the letters and they discuss Emilio and “Johnny” or “JG.” One letter states: “The Col is gone to Mexico and took JG with him. JG is back to blond and had face surgery.” So either Bonacci and these kids writing the letters were actually enmeshed in the network, “broke away,” and are aware of Emilio and Johnny or JG, or Bonacci had these letters sent to him from kids around the country to provide bogus validation for his participation in Johnny Gosch’s abduction. The latter supposition is preposterous, because surely Bonacci wouldn’t conscript kids around the county to implicate him in additional crimes. (I’ve attached PDFs of three of those letters, and the redaction is mine.)
    A second equally preposterous supposition put forward by naysayers is that John DeCamp somehow influenced Paul Bonacci to concoct the Johnny Gosch abduction story. Note that one of the letters, discussing “JG” and “the colonel” is postmarked June of 1990 from Sacramento. As I’ve previously mentioned, Bonacci initially met Caradori in May of 1990, a month before the Sacramento letter, and he hadn’t even met John DeCamp prior to that letter”.

    What an adorably naïve & trusting soul, this Nick Bryant is – eh? Or, it would be ‘adorable’ if he were a toddler rather than a middle-aged self-professed “investigative journalist”. My memory is, the photo scans only showed pages of these letters – NOT the envelopes with their postmarks – so that could be a lie, or the postmarks could be faked. But most likely, Bonacci took letters that HE WROTE TO HIMSELF and inserted them into envelopes he might have received from – anyone, really – to sucker fools like Nick Bryant into believing those letters were mailed to him from those places on those postmarked dates.

    Transcripts of three of these alleged letters follow, in the article. These letters are supposed to have been sent to Bonacci, in prison, by other “kids” that he had been in Monarch program with and whom were subsequently involved-enslaved along with him (and Johnny Gosch) in a satanic child trafficking ring run by “The Colonel”. The first one begins:
    “Dear Dopey-Paul,
    You know they never gave me your real name. Our buddy Mike Cross – AKA Shane? – He gave it to me while I was with him in April, told me to write you. He writes lots and gave me your address.
    I hope you remember me. I was the boy you called Bubbles. Mike said to write this cause it will trigger Jamy (Juliet 791 Romeo666 Leopard)”.

    What’s this? Mike said to write this, apparent “SWITCH-ACTIVATION CODE”, “cause it will trigger Jamy” – Jamy being the name of a Bonacci alter – and then a hilariously preposterous ‘code’ sequence, looking very much like something an under-educated and seriously immature child-molester sitting in prison might invent:
    Juliet 791 Romeo666 Leopard. It’s a must, to get that 666 in there – right – because this alleged trafficking gang was a satanic cult you see, so naturally a personality switch-code programmed into Bonacci by the CIA would have anticipated his subsequent enslavement by Satanists and snuck a little ‘tribute’ to them in there.
    None of these supposed correspondents of Bonacci’s ever subsequently surfaced, by the way. Not one of them, not ever. No one other than Bonacci has ever seen them or knows anything about them and their (imaginary) lives.
    Now look at letter #3:
    “Our friends M.C. and M.T. both are well. They travel lots and so it’s tough to spot them. Your nemesis REM6, ask Jamy about him, is dying in some foreign hospital of AIDS. M.T. wants Jamy to get you his letter from a few years ago.
    I know you as Paul, Pablo, Jamy and Mikey. Or Poppy the Jungle Boy – ask Mikey about Poppy”.

    Ok. “Paul” is supposed to “ask” his alter personality Jamy, about stuff. Paul doesn’t automatically know the things that Jamy knows. In the previous letters, “Jamy” is triggered right off the bat to read them, but the letter writer’s still call the recipient Paul and discuss the content of their letters as though they were still talking TO PAUL. Almost as if the person who concocted these letters had a rather confused idea about how all this mind control/MPD/trigger code business is supposed to work – reminiscent of the Monarch info release code problem, above.
    And how, pray tell, did these other “kids” come to possess a switch-trigger code for their buddy in the first place? Not from their programmers, surely. Not from “Jamy”, because that alter would never hear it – being activated only SUBSEQUENT to the code being read by Paul’s eyes. From Paul himself, then? And where would Paul have gotten it from?
    This whole charade is, of course, undermined by what Bonacci stated in the deposition hearing video – that the programmers only called him “West Lee” around the other kids in the Monarch program. These other Monarch kids supposedly writing to him in prison, they aren’t supposed to know ANY of his other alter personality identities. So how could one of them have known him as “Paul, Pablo, Jamy and Mikey. Or Poppy the Jungle Boy”.

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    • Informative as always JS. The Justin Sanity Collection of posts are higly sought after and feared by the troofers who don’t want to know the Truth.

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      • Here’s a bizarre and somewhat heart-breaking side note. While hunting for a particular historic news article about the Johnny Gosch case, I stumbled upon UPI-Chicago Tribune articles from 1985 that I’d never seen before – about a very early con-artist who bilked Mr & Mrs out of $10,000 apparently. I’ve never heard of this fraud-perp before, but there are elements of his story and the story about him & the Gosches, that seem to have been transplanted (with revisions) into several later stories/rumors about the case – including Paul Bonacci’s bogus story.

        “August 14, 1985|By United Press International
        DES MOINES — The FBI said Tuesday the parents of Johnny Gosch, a newspaper carrier abducted nearly three years ago, were bilked out of $10,000 by a man who pledged to rescue the boy from a group of Hells Angels in Mexico City.
        Agent Charles Wiley in Omaha said John and Noreen Gosch paid Robert Herman Meier II, 19, of Saginaw, Mich., $10,000 last month in St. Louis and agreed to wire another $100,000 to a Bahamian bank account upon the safe return of their son.
        He said the $10,000 was paid from the Help Find Johnny Gosch Inc. fund. Gosch was 12 years old when he disappeared on his Des Moines Register route on Sept. 5, 1982.
        Wiley said the U.S. attorney`s office in Des Moines issued a wire fraud warrant against Meier on Monday.
        Wiley noted the Gosches of West Des Moines made contact with Meier, also known as Samuel Forbes Dakota, and met him before notifying the FBI July 26”.

        “August 16, 1985|By United Press International.
        BUFFALO — A man wanted for allegedly defrauding the parents of a missing Iowa paperboy out of $11,000 surrendered Thursday, saying he wanted to bring the ordeal to a close, the FBI said.
        Robert Herman Meier II, 19, of Saginaw, Mich., was arrested by FBI agents while crossing the Rainbow International Bridge accompanied by his mother and brother, FBI agent Michael Kogut said.
        He was being held in the Erie County Holding Center on charges of fraud by wire.
        Meier, who also calls himself Samuel Forbes Dakota, is scheduled to appear Friday before U.S. Magistrate Edmond Maxwell in Buffalo.
        Kogut said the FBI believes there is no validity to Meier`s claims that he knows the whereabouts of Johnny Gosch, a paperboy for the Des Moines Register who has been missing since he set out to make his deliveries almost three years ago.
        The U.S. attorney`s office in Des Moines issued a wire-fraud warrant against Meier on Monday.
        Kogut said Meier called the Buffalo FBI offices from an unknown location in Canada about 3 p.m. Kogut said he had talked to Meier for 10 minutes three different times before persuading him to surrender.
        In a telephone interview Wednesday with the Des Moines Register from a motel room in Windsor, Canada, Meier said he had last seen Johnny Gosch two months ago in Mexico.
        Meier is wanted for allegedly swindling the boy`s parents, John and Noreen Gosch, out of $11,000. The Gosches agreed to wire an additional $100,000 to a Bahamian bank account upon the safe return of their son.
        John Gosch said Thursday night he and his wife still believe Meier`s story is valid and he knows where their son is being held.
        “As far as Dakota, he knows more about this whole situation than these people realize,“ Gosch said. “The last thing he said tonight before being detained by the FBI is, `I`m okay as long as they don`t make me testify.`
        “We believe Dakota knows more, and we hope someone can get it out of him. My problem right now is if Johnny is still alive in Mexico, after the release of the story, the individuals may kill him so he can`t tell what happened.“
        On Thursday, Noreen Gosch released copies of a letter dated July 23 allegedly written by Meier under the name Dakota in which he said he was a member of the Hell`s Angels motorcycle club.
        The letter`s author said he had stood guard over up to 200 children from April, 1979, through July of this year and that one of the children was “known“ as Johnny Gosch. The letter also named several individuals allegedly involved in the boy`s abduction”.


  10. Nice blog! Tracey’s been publicly naming and accusing people for so long now and it’s great to see that she’s being called to account for it.

    Love from the USA ❤ 🙂

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  11. Titus and Nathan mention Hoaxtead lol. Apparently there is a twitter parody of Titus as well as Nathan.
    Titus: He constantly is, like saying Twoof (Jeff C), you know how he does that with TWOOF
    Nathan: Yeah, but the Hoaxtead Trolls do that
    Titus: Do They, it could be them

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    • LOL, thanks for sharing, ParaTroofer (awesome user name, btw). I’ve left this comment on there to put them right:

      Hoaxtead Research associates usually say ‘troofers’, not ‘twoofers’. And I should know – I’m a “famous Hoaxtead troll”. Ask Nathan.

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      • Just in case the timecode doesn’t work for everyone it’s at 13m50s.
        Amusing that Titus is moaning that some info about Podesta being arrested came from 4Chan and shouldn’t be taken seriously, as the supposed food codes came from 4chan as well.
        22 mins in the third guest comes on and doesn’t know who Nathan is, lmao.
        I gave up after that.

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          • I set it to start at 13m53s, so I guess that’s the start of the video if you hit play?
            Nathan is 7 hours into his own livestream and doesn’t turn up until around 9 minutes in, then mentions he’s coming round to the idea that the earth my be round and he’s now telling everyone it’s definately not flat, it just looks like it, lmao. You couldn’t make this shit up.

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          • Yeah, he was saying that about the Earth “looking flat” the other night too. I hope this guy never does an Angie and claim to be an invetigative journalist.

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          • Nathan has a caller on now saying it’s all so obvious, Vegas, this latest event, and it’s the Zionists.
            He’s linking words like Saville and road names, Top of the Pops and a church, then the Bolsheveik revolution and Manchester? WTF.

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  12. I’ve been following your coverage of Tracey Morris with interest. Many people in Belfast are aware of this woman, who makes all sorts of false claims about herself to hide the ugly truth.

    She is hands down the worst mother I’ve ever encountered, being both physically and emotionally abusive. She’s notorious, obsessed by money, a benefits expert. She only came looking her children out of care when it was discovered she had still been claiming benefits for them fraudulently despite not having custody and that money was then stopped. She wanted the money back not the children, who were happy where they were and would have had better lives had she left them with the people who were fostering them.

    There is much more I could say but I’ll leave it at that for now.

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    • Interesting, TW, thanks for sharing. We’ve been swamped with information from people who’ve encountered Tracey over the years, who seem to share your views.

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  13. Someone i see often at my place of work on the weekends is David Akinsanya, producer of several Cook reports, writer for the Guardian and does the occasional work for BBC mainly now. Dave’s a great guy and its always a pleasure to talk to him about current affairs and the like. He was on Victoria Derbyshire this week talking about how much social workers had supported him, being a rebellious teen, being a petty criminal and later on in his life. I have mentioned about the Hampstead hoax and this website and the good work it does. Today i was speaking about the so called Social workers getting paid to remove children from families, those who post videos on social media about how bent social workers are and how their children have been taken away and never really give full explanations for why the social services intervened and took these children and those that blindly support these parents. One couple i have seen of late are even looking to host a karaoke completion via facebook live, yes, whilst there children are apparently stolen from them. The Russian, who i wont name who thinks sitting on his MP’s roof will get his kids back and most tragically, those who post videos and social services aided by police taking children away.

    Dave is very passionate about children in the care system and has great ideas on how the care sector could be improved. I hope i have planted the seed with him and opened his eyes to the reality of how these people are operating on social media. I have no social media now, not just because of seeing how these people are using these events to a emotive audience, but also just to stay away from the unhealthy ambition of people on these networks to prove how important they are all day, every day. I groan most days on youtube when suggested videos come up like Becky Percy, Pizzagate, Lift the veil ect.

    Here is one of David’s article about children in care.

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    • Thank you Reverend.

      I know there are lots of people doing very good work for children, and for parents who are struggling to care well for their children. There is some good important reporting about these issues too.

      Also, if you haven’t already, check out Lemn Sissay. The Christmas dinner project for care leavers. Transparency stuff in the family courts. Pause project. Campaigns to give children a voice in care, and to listen to care leavers. All built on the work of very good people who went before.

      There may be some for who this whole evil social workers stealing children stuff is just insulting. Like good old me!! I wanted to be stolen by a social worker from about age eight haha. They eventually did and I am grateful, but was angered that it took so many years,

      I think some of it, the child stealing myths, stems from parents unable to face their own failings.

      Not that I forget that social workers can and do get it wrong.

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    • Ahh, I forgot. There was the recent “child forced to live with Muslim social workers” debacle in the Times. Well, at first, people were rightly angry at the spin, but taking a wait and see what the facts are approach. Then the facts came out and it really does seem that the mother a support worker at a contact centre fed the reporter with stuff. Without openness the reporter wouldn’t have been shown up.

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  14. A lot of people in west Belfast would be aware of who TM is, she has a reputation for being a looper with a screw loose,always attention seeking for something or the other ( mostly making allegations against people) she has been run out of more areas than I can remember for the anti social activitys that seem to centre around her homes,her habit of splitting up marriages everywhere she goes etc…her current “campaign” centres on her daughter Corinnas death and her attempt to blame staff of the hostel for it…this campaign is nothing but an attempt to banish her guilty conscience for the way she treated her daughter in the years leading up to her death,TM won’t tell people that she was not even wanted at corrinas funeral or that corrina did not want TM to have anything to do with her grand kids, TM is what is known in Belfast as a “Sleekid” bastard and she should be ashamed of herself.

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    • That’s shocking Spacer that she wasn’t wanted at her daughter’s funeral.

      I did have the feeling that she was talking a lot of bull about herself & her daughter listening to music together & dancing around to it. She talks constantly about documents & files in her possession but I find that hard to believe also. I think that she is quite dangerous with the things she says & cannot believe that her children are safe with her. I sincerely hope the social worker did get into her house to check on the children, although someone already said that they think the children are already in care. For their safety, I hope so.

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  15. A “sleekid” Gerbil! So much for the “compassion slack” for TM. She should have STOPPED LYING after that tragedy she is now exploiting. Despicable. It’s a Freak show! I hope her “neighbours” get some vids of their local pillory!


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