Sabine McNeill attended her bail return appointment yesterday, and was charged with four counts of stalking causing fear of violence or serious alarm or distress, as well as six counts of breaching her restraining order.

The stalking charges fall under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

The restraining order in question is the lifetime order which was issued to Sabine and her co-defendant Neelu Berry on 19 July 2016. That order states that she is

  1. …prohibited from contacting directly or indirectly by herself or by any person acting as her agent, or by any means whatsoever:


3. Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order;

A) Anything relating to any persons set out in Paragraph 1 above;
B) Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School.

These charges most likely came as a surprise to Sabine, who stated last month on her blog that she believed the police would be unable to charge her at this month’s bail return: We understand that Sabine will be in court on 8 December, at which time she will enter a plea. We will continue to cover this case as it unfolds.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind readers that once charges have been laid against a suspect, it is against the law to speculate as to the outcome of the case. Thanks for your co-operation!


  1. “I didn’t have to go. They adjourned for another month. They have not had ‘prospect of success’ with any charges for nearly a year!”

    Yeah? How did that work out for you, Sabby? 🙂

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    • Maybe the police were waiting to lay the charges after the conclusion of Rupert’s trial?

      If that is the case, Angela Power-Disney must be next…

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    • On Behalf of the newly formed Jewish and Proud Organisation we would like to thank JAP for all his hard work and dedication on the front line. His anti-semitic rants on Facebook and other social media platforms, has really helped keep the donations rolling in, as our supporters see that the threat from racists, is still as big a problem as ever. So thank you John.

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  2. To think she survived Dresden to end up like this. Foolish old woman she should learn to chill out & stop talking shite all the time.

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  3. Its hardly a surprise that she has been charged. The wheels of justice have been turning slowly but surely.

    In the meantime I see that Sabine has been helping her friend Maurice Kirk (who is due for sentencing in less than a week (17/11/17)- for breaching a restraining order)….

    On his website the following letter from Sabine was published on 9th November (2017).

    The letter of Sabines seems to have done little to help him – at face value it perhaps further breaches Kirk’s restraining order.

    The content is quoted below:

    Sabine K McNeill
    21a Goldhurst Terrace London NW6 3HB
    T: 0044 20 7328 3701 M: 07968 039 141

    Confirmation of removal of information from website
    so that Mr Maurice Kirk is complying with the terms of the Restraining Order


    My name is Sabine McNeill. I know Mr Maurice Kirk BVSc from organising meetings at the Houses of Parliament and publishing websites for people who suffer injustice at the hands of public sector institutions that are unaccountable when officials abuse their power and position.

    1. Upon Mr Kirk’s request, I have now removed all references to the name of a forensic psychiatrist (Dr TW) who apparently claims he feels harassed by publications that Mr Kirk has put on his blog. Obviously I need to say on behalf of Mr Kirk that as explained below in mitigation Mr Kirk posted on his website as a last resort in the face of extreme and exceptional injustice where there is clear and certain evidence that Dr TW has abused his position and been deceitful to the courts but Mr Kirk has no where to complain.
    2. Editing Mr Kirk’s site includes
    a. 363 blog posts and 43 blog pages;
    b. 967 comments, tags, categories and an uncountable number of hyperlinks, unless special software is used.
    3. Hyperlinks, as well as the names of documents and images that are ‘uploaded’ to the site, are created by WordPress, the publishing platform, entirely beyond the control of the publishers. Although it may be possible to change the name of a link or file, such changes create ‘broken links’. Often enough it is not possible to edit such names, for example when links were published because posts were ‘reblogged’.

    Important Information in Mitigation
    The Court may wish to know how the evidence suggests that Mr Kirk has suffered substantial injustice by Dr TW writing reports that are so unusually incorrect, to raise whether the error was intended to harm Mr Kirk. Dr TW claimed many things but what was obviously untrue was Dr TW claimed that Mr Kirk has significant irreversible brain damage, to imply he is an increased risk by that condition . Dr TW even allows some at South Wales Police to still circulate reports they must know to be false, to the police near Mr Kirk’s home in France.
    Also there is evidence that the NHS avoid a resolution that could admit liability. However Dr TW is now not working for the NHS and under the Data Protection Act has an obligation to both review and correct the medical records. But instead of correcting records Dr TW prefers to try to put Mr Kirk in prison for protesting about the injustice.

    Mr Kirk has nowhere to complain and has no option but to use his website. Yet the evidence that records are false is clear. By way of example:
    a. The official NHS Radiological investigation “all clear result” occurred on 28.08.2009, before Dr TW came to his conclusions in October 2009, claiming there was significant irreversible brain damage;
    b. This 5-page report with “no convincing evidence of abnormality” was written on 01.12.2009;
    c. This brain scan taken on 28.11.2013 says “intracranial appearances are within normal limits.”
    At all times, Mr Kirk has complained to Police, including Alan Fry, Chief Executive of South Wales Police in 2007. But instead of finding legal remedies, Police have used means and ways to ruin Mr Kirk’s family, business and reputation: by exaggerating what kind of risk Mr Kirk may be, they frequently pretend there is a need for prosecutions and imprisonment.
    The effect this has had on Mr Kirk is inestimable. It is difficult for me to give details about his current life threatening health condition due to Confidentiality.
    I could say much more regards the obvious exaggerations of risk by some at South Wales Police and the abuse of MAPPA measures which should have been communicated to Mr Kirk, but I aim to help the Court by keeping my statement brief and to limit my observations to the medical aspect, given his age.

    The Court is asked to note that a main injustice also occurs in this case because the General Medical Council (GMC) is in law, a Regulator of the medical profession and not a complaints body for the public. That means a lay person such as Mr Kirk, has no standing to complain and progress a clear grievance at the GMC no matter how strong the evidence is.

    Although there are some exceptions, (such as an allegation of sexual abuse) the only way for a complaint to the GMC to follow through into an investigation is for people who have a legal status by the various Medical/NHS Acts to make the referral to refer a doctor to the GMC. Such as the NHS Medical Director (called by the GMC a Responsible Officer) relevant healthcare managers, or a Judge in a UK Court of Law.

    In conclusion I ask the Court to seek resolution as in the case of Dr Waney Squier who was reported to the General Medical Council by four Judges who felt she gave her honest opinion that was beyond her expertise or not adequately supported by the evidence.
    In this case neither psychiatrist Dr TW nor psychologist Prof Wood are even medically qualified to determine the presence or absence of brain damage from brain scans and to report their opinions as expert witnesses to the Crown Court.
    Neither did they instruct anyone who was medically qualified. As we can see, eight years later, there is still no evidence of significant irreversible brain damage to support what they said to the Court, when applying for Mr Kirk to be Sectioned for assessment or to draw their final conclusions.
    In fact we see all of the Radiological investigation medical evidence was always a normal, all clear result. I am told it is a correct process of law under the various Medical Acts for any Judge hearing a case involving Dr TW and these issues, to seek to prevent further problems by referring Dr TW to the General Medical Council.

    Sabine K McNeill
    McKenzie Friend November 2017

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  4. She says, “Editing Mr. Kirk’s site includes……..”, was it his site that she posted links on or was it links that he posted I wonder. Looking at all the writings of Sabine last night had me in utter confusion & I ended up having a fantastic conversation with my dog. 😑

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  5. Ahhh, shit Louis! (CK) You never heard of webcams, or Skype? Every 13 year old nerd-boy netizen could find discrete and consenting venues to express *that* impulse – but not you? Even hiring high-class, discrete, escorts to watch you strokin’ it would have been less exploitative (and self-destructive).
    Remembering the good days, before you were revealed to be just another pree-vert…

    WARNING! very crude, child abuse black humor in this video:

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    “(SATIRE!) I wish I COULD take credit for the Tight Ass Froth parody Twatter account because, lemme tell ya! That person is funny. But it was Nice of Jeff to try (and fail) to say my name on his stream and I’m loving watching these perpetual victims battle. Perhaps if we’re lucky they’ll kill each others’ channels. Nobody intervene!”

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    • Such great detectives these people, lol. I love how Nathan tried to push Titus into thinking it’s us to further his own agenda, and Jeff C things it’s The Allseeing Ewey because she liked a post on that parody account.
      Maybe Dean should look a little closer to home and look at some of his ex troofer buddies lmao.

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  7. You are not gonna believe this. I got him again, lol:

    Is that 5 or 6 now? I’m losing count.

    Oh and just to reiterate why he’s still been able to post despite all these strikes:
    firstly, his initial two sanctions were relatively minor – a temporary tagging ban, followed by a 24-hour posting ban. Secondly, he’s successfully appealed some of the strikes (see below). I reckon he’s fighting a losing battle, though 🙂

    (He’s posted three of these in recent days but whether they pertain to the same strike or to different ones is anybody’s guess.)

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  8. This is amazing, brings tears to my eyes thinking these are the chaps responsible for the Stolpman polo shirt and phone incident 😂😂😂😂

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    • So she lurks around Central Park? She lives so far away from New York I doubt she’s ever even been to the big smoke let alone the park. What a strange woman looking for men in trench coats. This is a police artist sketch of someone Kristy Poo says was there when she opened here front door but she can’t understand why he hasn’t been caught.

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    • Seems he got out of the wrong side of the bed too.

      Still, at least the sad drunken old twat is still obsessing over this fine blog whilst sobbing into his whiskey. I for one appreciate the time and effort he puts into jealously watching every move we make.

      And the poor tragic bastard has no family now that his partner and daughter have seen sense and got away from him, so I guess we’re all he has now.


  9. The woman is mistaking process servers for “flashers”. People will wear rain coats when it’s raining KSC, now open up, we’d hate to have to NAIL IT TO THE DOOR!


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