Abe Christie oozes back onto Twitter

We’ve noticed over the past few weeks that Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper had begun re-sharing some of the videos of RD’s children on YouTube again, so we weren’t particularly surprised to note on Friday that Abe has created a new Twitter account, under the moniker @papahemp2. (Apparently @papahemp and @papahemp1 were already taken, and @SlimeballInChief might project the wrong image.)

Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 'PapaHemp'

Portrait of a Poser

From his Moroccan head-wrap over a Muslim prayer cap (since when is Abe Muslim?) to the ostentatiously displayed “Biochemistry” textbook, Abe is the very picture of poseur-ism.

Speaking of that book, it’s the third edition, issued in 1999, of an elementary university text which got very mixed reviews when it came out.

Funny that Abe would choose an out-of-date first-year undergraduate book on biochemistry to demonstrate his alleged “PhD level” knowledge. Though perhaps that’s all he and Ella could afford by way of a prop…and we’re sure it will convince his few remaining followers of his astonishing scientific prowess.

In case you’d been missing Abe’s wheezy, half-baked delusions, we can assure you that he’s still regurgitating them:

Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 rite of sodomy

Yep. He still thinks that anally raping children will cause them to have some sort of mystical “God experience” which causes them to become “addicted” to being sexually abused by adults. (This theory is shared by Abe’s drooling  devoted fans, Cat Scot and Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, by the way.)

He hasn’t got over his bitterness at Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, and Jonathan Wedger for outing the Hampstead SRA hoax to the police back in 2014:Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 Wedger McKenzie Gerrish Maloney.pngAbraham Christie 2018-09-15 Wedger Gerrish Maloney

And it looks like he’s still smarting over the fact that we thoroughly and unequivocally debunked his laughable “tattoo” claims:Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 tattoos

Yes, the old Abe is back, complete with his well-honed debating style: “When you can’t think of anything to counter their reasoned arguments, call them stupid poo-poo heads and run away”.

Just like the old days, only this time Abe is clearly courting a new group of potential supporters: Brian Harvey and his fans. Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 Guidance2222Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 Brian Harvey 2

This cunning plan has only two flaws:

  1. Brian Harvey has already stated unequivocally that he sees through the Hampstead SRA hoax, and knows that Abe’s addition of tattoos to the story was merely a sop to Bill Maloney; and
  2. Harvey has devoted at least one Periscope and several YouTube videos to explaining in great and glorious detail what a wanker he thinks Guidance2222 is.


Sadly for Abe, Harvey has rejected the conspiranoids and FOTLers who attempted to sabotage his court case earlier this month by refusing to stand for the judge, and has seen through Maloney’s attempts to use and manipulate Andrew Ash.

We are confident that Harvey will understand Abe for what he is too: just another nasty little cling-on, attempting to use Harvey’s fame (and his dedicated fan base) as a stepping stone back into the conspiritainment biz.

Good old Abe. Some things just never change, do they?

Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 Twitter header

38 thoughts on “Abe Christie oozes back onto Twitter

  1. I can’t stand that slimy toad of a man. biochemistry ? he should study open system quantum mechanics instead, give dopegirl a hand with her magic free energy generator. At least he’s out of the uk and no longer contaminating it.

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  2. He’s using the word pedosodomite as often as he can and is insisting clement freud is linked to pizzagate and madeline macann. i said hello on twitter and i expect he’ll block me rather than reply.

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  3. So that slimy child abuser is still banging on about anal sex and fictional tattoos?

    Change the record, Abe! Anything you mention has been debunked here loads of times.

    Abe and Ella should be doing time, not arranging interviews with the likes of that nutter Terri Stewart and on FB leaving comments about sodomy. The pair of them make me sick.

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    • His bizarre obsession with anal sex is a mystery. I really thought Abe was Moroccan- he looks it- probably because he has a house there. Glad to know he’s not. I like Morroco and the people.

      Still posting the videos of the children?. I just cannot imagine a mother doing that. This must be a unique case where a mother goes out of her way to expose her own kids to every sick f*ck on the planet to get off on them talking about sex. She’s either intensely dumb or sick in the head.
      So Abe’s now becoming an intellectual?. This is a good book for you Abe to fill in your spare time.

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    • Couldn’t agree more Jake

      Abe and Ella are simply typical abusers who tread the time honoured path walked by so many bullies and abusers; that of accusing others of crimes that they are guilty of themselves.

      Abe with his various torture implements and Ella with her enemas – absolutely disgusting the pair of them.

      The day they are jailed for their crimes will be a very happy day indeed.

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      • “The time honoured path walked by so many bullies and abusers; that of accusing others of crimes that they are guilty of themselves”

        By the way, I’m not linking that (rather excellent) quote with the above screenshot in any way. I’ve merely placed them in the same box to save space 🙄

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          • @ Jake Blake
            Well he would say that wouldn’t he?

            It’s all “out there” with Abe. He sees nothing wrong when he looks in the mirror it is “others” who are the problem, never him.

            Abe’s condition is almost like the opposite of, say, Internal Family Systems – where the importance of inter-personal relationships is denied and massive attention is paid to imaginary, intra-personal relationships between discrete “parts” or “alters”.

            With Abe the slathering, knuckle dragging, child raping perverts he perceives all around are merely projections of his own internal world and own depraved fantasies.

            Each time he posts another vile accusation he is effectively hammering another nail into the coffin containing whatever shreds of integrity he might, just possibly, once have possessed.

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          • SH, I agree with your assessment of Abe 100% but just to clarify, the above quotes aren’t from him, they’re from a sad little HG hoax troll called Malcolm Ogilvy, who runs some crappy blog that no one reads. He also threatens women, uses his mother’s name and photo to troll people on Facebook and has been known to flirt with Cat Scot, his own cousin. Nuff said?

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        • @ UK Callum

          Thanks for the clarification. 🙂

          I remember reading some of the bizarre rants of this Ogilvy, understandably sometimes referred to as “PaedOgilvy”

          A lot of hoaxers seem to have *cough* issues with sadistic sexual fantasies that they feel compelled to share, projection of the contents of their unconscious minds onto others and manic denial of their own impulses and proclivities.

          It’s a shame that the therapy world is so bursting with quacks and charlatans as this lot are definitely in need of help. Or jail. Or something.

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          • Yeah, that’s him. Paedogilvy or Ogilfail 😀

            He’s an ex-junkie who has a track record for harassing, threatening and slandering innocent people. Basically he’s a bully.

            He’s also known for having his daughter taken off him after he tried to use her in an SRA scam to get back at his ex-partner but he left the video evidence of himself coaching her on his mobile and got found out!

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          • Is there some evil, God-forsaken university that trains people like Abe, Ogilvy and Robert Green in how to abuse dependent, vulnerable children in long cons?

            Some awful Mommy Dearest drags her profoundly disabled child to new age events and interprets her daughter’s telepathic communications to the audience. She calls her daughter “grandma Chandra” and claims that she possesses supernatural powers and can channel messages of wisdom from light beings or star seeds or something.

            (complete with fake Native American chanting)

            This is just child abuse and exploitation. There is so much of this kind of abuse happening and more needs to be done to challenge it. The complicity of the audience is one of the most shocking things

            I feel so bad for any child with parents or step parents like these. It is never the child’s fault. To be exploited for money, as part of a scam, without respect for the child’s own needs or safety is just vile.

            I suppose there is a school for this kind of thing. It’s called the internet. 😦


  4. They won’t dare step foot on uk soil again. shame really, as i’d love them to have to answer for their sick and evil crimes.

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  5. Auction day tomorrow, folks (or “today”, as JournoAngie calls it). Any last minute bids? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

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    • Ok, so I am sure that Solicitors have to keep client’s funds in a separate client account away from any personal or business accounts. Bankruptcy should not effect client funds at all. All Solicitors should be insured. There is also a general fund to pay back clients who have been stiffed if a solicitor spends their money, insured or not. There are real genuine situations where dodgy Solicitors have used money that isn’t theirs, they get their money back. I expect Neelu can provide the tribunal judgment where the solicitor was struck off. It is called the catchy title of Solicitor’s Disciplinary Tribunal and they have a searchable database of cases going back many, many years. You can browse if you feel like reading every case in date order.


      I’m calling this Neelu-bollocks.

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    • It never occurs to the self-certified journalist to check facts. A missing £65,000 on a mortgage transaction isn’t a complaint to the SRA, it’s straight to the police.

      Neelu’s version of events also does not pass the smell test. If you are not moving you do not need a solicitor. You ask for the redemption statement and pay off a mortgage direct to the lender. However, even though you don’t have to you can do this via a solicitor, but in this case monies are paid into the solicitor’s client account. This money is not legally theirs, and should they go bankrupt it is protected and if they steal it, it is completely covered by the SRA. That she went to the SRA and was told to get lost is a strong indication that she provided no proof of any payment for this purpose. Bank statements would prove beyond a doubt whether any such payment had been made. Additionally that amount would have triggered money laundering checks, so unless she or her parents turned up with suitcases of used fivers, it ain’t true.

      The only reasonable conclusion for any investigative journalist is that Neelu is a big fat hairy liar. (I use those terms figuratively. I have no idea if she is big, fat or hairy. I do know however that she is a liar.)

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      • Yes. She even named the firm which I won’t publish here because I don’t see why they should have to defend her lies. From her July “Press Release”:

        “Her late parents wished to assist her with her hardships in 2009, and made a Nationwide bank transfer payment of £67,000 to a law firm, ****** ****** & **** to pay off the Mortgage loan, but the money disappeared and the firm ceased trading.

        “When Neelu contacted the Law Society to make a claim to recover the stolen money to enable her to repay the mortgage, it refused to process the claim on frivolous grounds.”

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        • Should have added the next sentence, since you’ll all be wondering what those “frivolous grounds” were:

          “(She was to produce evidence that her late parents made the payment to the law firm – which is unreasonable given that the law firm could be audited by the Law Society even after closure).”

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          • No matter what happens to Neelu, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

            Actually, that’s a bit of a recurring theme, isn’t it?


    • Did I hear him say in one of his videos say he’s “sold his bar” and dropped out of the “Matrix”? (I’ll never forgive The Wachowskis for launching that bloody word upon a credulous public).
      What a fun Mine Host he must have been (NOT!)

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    • Where oh where do they keep coming from?. “News Break 8”. There’s an endless supply of nutters reporting from their bedrooms. I though Neelu was of “no fixed address”?. New digs look quite nice.

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