A cult with no name?

Sometimes it’s the little things. In yesterday’s blog post, we noted that RD’s children had stated that the so-called “cult” had somehow escaped being given a name:

Police: Then you said there’s a bit where your Dad put the brown coloured willy, plastic willy …
Child Q: No but my Dad, my Dad doesn’t have a brown one.
Police: No? What one?
Child Q: He’s the, he’s the boss of the whole religion, the whole culture, he’s the like, the boss.
Police: And what’s this religion called?
Child Q: It’s not called nothing.

This struck us as very odd indeed. As regular commenter Justin Sanity pointed out:

The cult HAS NO NAME ! And of course, that is because it is imaginary.

But think about how revealing that was. These are supposed to be the cult leaders kids, no doubt being groomed to succeed him as Dipstick Shyster claims he was being groomed to succeed his father. Yet, the cult has apparently never revealed to these children, what they call themselves. In their whole lives, no cult member has even used their name for the group in front of them! BS!

Excellent point, Justin: the children state several times that their father is the “boss” of this cult, that cult members are inducted because their parents were in the cult before them, and that one day they will be the leaders of the cult…and yet they don’t know its name. Neither do they know what its core beliefs are, what its prayers or incantations are, what songs they sing, what rituals they perform (other than, you know, sex).

Anyone who attended church as a child will likely be able to tell you at least part of that church’s canon of beliefs. In Christianity, that would include Christ’s birth, life, teachings, death, and resurrection, along with some of the recited creeds, the Lord’s Prayer, and so forth. In Judaism, every child of even moderately observant parents will know how to recite the “Shema Yisrael”, as well as the various Hebrew blessings—over bread, over wine, over the Sabbath candles, etc. We don’t consider it extraordinary for a seven- or eight-year-old child to know these things—they simply absorb them via weekly (or even less) attendance at a house of worship.

And yet, despite almost daily exposure to the alleged “cult” in Hampstead, RD’s children don’t know the cult’s name, despite being groomed as eventual leaders. All the children know is that people “do sex” (which the little girl at first defined as “when they are hit with a big plastic stick between their legs”) and wear skulls and shit. They can’t even tell you why this is alleged to happen. All they’ve been taught to recite is the sexual details, the more lurid the better.

After all, boring diatribes on cult beliefs and practices won’t convince the troofer community—they want sex, blood, and gore, and plenty of it.

So what kind of cult has no name?

One of our intrepid researchers recalled a discussion by Abe, Ella, and Guidance 2222. In this video, released in July 2015, the three talk about the cult’s strange lack of a name, and what they think this really signifies:


Abe: It’s a death cult, right? This is why they’re sacrificing children. This cult has been practising this dark, this dark art for at least 26,000 years, looks like.
Guidance 2222: I mean the children were saying that they’ve got no name, this cult. (clears throat) Obviously there is, um, cults with names, is it true they’ve got no name, or only part of it?
Abe: Different people call the cult different names.
Ella: Ah! but you know what, some of this cult has no name. I heard this recently on one of these videos, about, um, they doing extensively in those cults, and they say that the most wicked ones do not have a name.
Abe: Precisely. Because they use, they use, how can I say? They use aspects of mystery, what are known as the mystery religions. And this is what Adam Weishaupt was commissioned by the Rothschilds to do, to collect all of the mystery religions’ knowledge, and bring it together, and this is…they united it under the umbrella of what they call the Illuminata. And this…
Ella: Illuminated.
Abe: Yes, the illuminated one. And we believe that this of course, this refers to the rite of sodomy. [Whoa! Imagine my surprise!!!—Ed.] Illumination. Because that’s an integral part of this cult. The rite of sodomy whereby they stimulate the nerve endings at the base of the spine, when they penetrate the anal passage of the victim with whatever instruments they’re using. Because it’s not necessarily sexual. The…
Ella: Preferences.
Abe: …reason for penetrating the anal passage of the victims, for many, it’s merely the mechanical stimulation…
Ella: Control, control.
Abe: Precisely.
Ella: Control the victims.
Abe: …stimulation of the nerves at the base of the spine, in order to create a kundalini-like sensation where the…
Ella: Rising…
Abe: Yeah, rising kundalini, where it stimulates the third eye in the pineal gland, and causes the victim to have flashes, or see lights, or for the third eye to become illuminated. Some people say that’s where the term “Illuminati” comes from.
Ella: No, the belief that by sodomising children they gonna get access to some other places in the universe where they gonna become…
Abe: It’s a star-gate… [Wot, like that show that McGyver was in?—Ed.]
Ella: It’s gonna become, they gonna become, like the lord of this particular part of the universe. So…
Guidance 2222: So they’re gonna come back as something bigger and better.
Ella: Exactly. I believe that all this, all this ideology behind it, is, um, a mere excuse to…
Abe: Smokescreen. For paedophiles.
Ella: …for what’s really going on. (clears throat) I think, I believe, that people joining this cult for power and money. That’s what’s happening. Because once they join, then they getting promotion, according to their talents, whatever, actors, musicians, artists, you know they getting promoted. And that’s why it’s getting more and more difficult for normal common people to advance in their careers, because all the doors locked, you know? You have to join the cult to grow as a profession.

Hands up, everyone who’s surprised that Abe managed to work his disgusting “rite of sodomy” theory into this. We really think he seems to get a sexual charge out of describing it; he positively croons over the words.

We were interested to note that Ella, who often remains silent or just occasionally giggles in the background on these early videos, seems to have some very definite ideas on what the cult is about: she interrupts Abe several times, prompting him and elaborating on his magic bum-sex woo theories. So apparently he’s not the only one who believes this nonsense.

She also states with some authority that “the most wicked (cults) do not have a name”. Oh! Well that explains it then. Thanks, Ella!

Where did she learn this fascinating tit-bit? Oh, er, “some videos”. As one does.

But anyone who claims that Ella was just taken for a ride by Abe will have that illusion shattered by this video: she is clearly a willing, indeed eager, participant, who is perfectly willing to sacrifice her own children for money and fame.

Well, she got the fame. One out of two ain’t bad.

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  1. Good work, EC. And well done to Justin Sanity, who I think was the person who spotted this anomaly.

    A made-up name for the fictitious cult appears to be one detail that Abrella neglected to drum into the kids, probably because this isn’t something that would have been important to the videos’ initial purpose, which someone (‘Down with the Perverts’) suggested on the previous post was most likely to blackmail Ricky and Will. Of course, this all went tits-up when Jean-Clement took the videos to the police, which was a bit like a well-meaning waiter serving up half-cooked casserole.

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    • Very interesting to read about the brainstorming session between Abe and Ella as they decide which parts of other cult conspiracies they can add to their story.

      Abe: It’s a death cult, right? This is why they’re sacrificing children. This cult has been practising this dark, this dark art for at least 26,000 years, looks like.

      Where on earth did Abe get that little gem from?


  2. The context: KSC has once again raked up that old comment screenshot from her hilarious ‘Who Is Spiny Norman?’ post, where I ask some bloke if he’s going to upload illegal videos of my (hypothetical) children and she concludes that this means I must be RD. Tonight she asked which illegal videos I was referring to, so because I said the ABE videos and the police interviews, that proves that A & G must be my kids, haha. In other words, because I said I wouldn’t want my hypothetical kids to be victims of these fruitloops, I must be the father of their previous victims! XD

    Of course, it’s all a desperate deflection tactic to avoid answering my simple yes/no question: “Kristie Sue, was Will Draper in the cult? Yes or no?” I’ve asked over and over to no avail.

    Oh and that link she posted? It’s to a video by Nathan Stolpman, the one who reported Ella’s U-turn on Will Draper, it’s fun to watch her back herself into a corner, isn’t it. Hehe 😀

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  3. Great post tonight, EC.

    And as Tork Girl pointed out at the tail end of the last post, there appear to be troofhoaxers out there who are in a bit of a spin about Ella’s U-turn. Nice 😀 And thanks for the screenshot, TG.

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    • Please stop talking about us David. You say we don’t bother you at all and yet you spend an incredible amount of time making videos about this blog. Go back to checking the rocks in your garden as i’m sure they are multiplying.

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    • I went and had a look at the follow on angies facebook page, unsurprisingly Sarah (who posted the original link) is an antivaxxer, holocaust denier, every attack recently is immediately decried as a false flag on her page and of course follows david icke…..

      Why was I not at all surprised by this?

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      • Yes she’s the full thing and like all these creeps claims these “False Flag” events are a way to impose martial law on the populace and yet..since the UK has been under attack from terrorists in my lifetime and before (born after WW2 – The Blitz..staged event?) the IRA bombs, Carlos and now ISIL, Manchester etc etc the people and even the leading politicians off all stripes have proclaimed “we will not frightened into giving up our daily life”.

        When have the British ever succumbed to threats of terrorism?. Isn’t going to happen. Yet these slugs of humanity like Power-Disney and her motley crew seem to want it to be true !

        And the same goes for Europe , Australia, the US who have all been victims of terrible murderous terrorism events. We could talk about why these events happen and if our leaders should share the blame because of their international meddling but all these morons do is invent a false reality.


    • There just had to be a group like that didn’t there? Straight off a Jerry Springer show. Actually Ella & Abe would make ideal guests for a Springer show.


    • NICE! 🙂
      Do you know the joke about gawd being a black, jewish, lesbian?
      It is thoroughly anti-racist humor.

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  4. Can people please tell me as a newcomer what is audy and is the Super Bowl Girl really ella?
    Thanks, just this confuse me guys.


  5. SP< Abe obviously reveres the GOLDEN race, blond haired, blue eyed children. As he said in an interview: 'I was immediately attracted to them'


  6. Impossible, for any organization, not to have an INTERNAL name for themselves. Doesn’t matter how ‘secret’ or mysterious they are attempting to be within the society they live in. Even if it’s just “Our Thing”, (Cosa Nostra), there has to be a term that the group uses within its own membership, to signify themselves.

    Abe & Ella’s ignorant speculation is indeed intended to hide the fact that they overlooked the need to provide the kiddies with a made-up name for the cult. There has NEVER been an organized religious body that had no name for themselves. If anyone thinks there was, pray tell, what was it?

    And by the way, the lack of this type of detail is a ‘give-away’ for professionals & academic experts who have had to investigate such allegations over the last 40-50 years. Another one is…what was the cult leader’s title, within the group?

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    • No one would style themselves “cult leader” would they? “Cult” implies a small isolationist group, usually in the thrall of a charismatic personality. If the children had been brought up in a cult they would be unlikely to describe the organisation as such; they wouldn’t call it that unless an outsider gave them the word. If you live in a cult you are likely to think you have the one true way of life while the rest of the world has it wrong.

      The facts are that the cult as described by P & Q is a total fantasy invented by Abraham Christie. Nothing about it bears any serious scrutiny, the only “evidence” for its existence is in the minds of people with mental disorders.

      I don’t know what sort of man RD is in person, I can’t guarantee that no child has ever been abused in a Hampstead church or school. What I do know is that most of the claims made in the videos are impossible due to the laws of physics and human biology. These libels against dozens of innocent people need to be removed from the internet.

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  7. Abe and Ella seem to know an awful lot of details about this ‘cult’ it makes you wonder if it really existed how do they know so much?

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  8. To the tune of “Horse With No Name”:

    I’ve been through
    the bullshit of a
    cult with no name –
    it has to have one,
    just the same…

    You’re a liar –
    “I can’t remember the name”,
    ’cause there weren’t
    no cult for to give you no pain…

    bull-bull-bull-bull-bull yea


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  9. One of my major criticisms of the Ella Draper-Abraham Christie hoax is the lack of cult branding. Every religion, cult or movement has a distinct name, logo, set of beliefs and rituals, yet Draper and Christie has a distinct lack of imagination to create anything. I know people in Satanism who can create an entire religion out of nothing inside a day, and make it look authentic. The details of this so-called cult is vague; when it comes to control and manipulation of followers all leaders know they need simple, focussed imagery, detail and ideas, ask Hitler, he was an expert at it. If a movement is confusing, vague and wishywashy, it loses control of the minds of its followers. Like everything about this hoax the promoters are idiots and follow fairytales which has no basis in the reality of how cults work.

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    • “I know people in Satanism who can create an entire religion out of nothing inside a day, and make it look authentic”.

      Interesting comment. The early Christian heresiologists were very adept at this, also, although I day say they spent years rather than days on their fantasy cult creations. Epiphanius was particularly skilled at inventing plausible sounding fantasy cults, with imaginary founders and even imagery liturgical text titles. A very nasty character, Epiphanius – he was the inventor or Christian witch-hunting (a long story, perhaps some day…) and the co-creator of the first Christian attempts at genocidal elimination of other religious communities.

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      • Given Power-Dishcloth has the reverse midas touch she may as well go the full hog and start marketing Angie lookalike blow up dolls(puncture repair kit included).

        As for SSFS`s swashbuckling efforts,looks like that trophy cabinet will soon require extending with another monthly El Kabong award winging its way through the ether.

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      • LIza R, what was the blowjob pic all about? Why did she post it and did she comment anything on it?


        • No, she didn’t comment on it, just shared it. It was supposedly of Ariana Grande fellating a blowup doll. Not sure whether it was a mock-up but going by the original poster’s comment and the responses beneath, it was all part of the drive to discredit the Manchester attack.

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          • Wait.. so Ariana Grande sucking on a blow up doll (real pic, or not) is meant to prove the Manchester attack was a false flag? LOL! I despair at some people.


      • “Malicious reports”

        Hmm, like the ones you made against McKenzie’s Devils, Angie? Looks like this is a case of “the karma overrunning the dogma”, luv. Sound familiar?

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    • After living in a London ‘Close’ (Mews) for nearly 25 years I know a little about the word. It’s a street name and describes just what it is..entry and exit are the same. It also had a passageway to another street.
      Streatham Fail.


  10. Dear Meritard……… It’s “close” as in “close together” because the houses that are accessed from it are. It doesn’t mean any kind of “cu de sac” (although there are cul de sacs named “XYZ close”) it means the an entry from the street to a common stairway or to a court at the back of a building, literally “close quarters”.

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  11. Roll up! Roll up! Would any of you like to move to soon-to-be-microwave-free Algona and have Dave as a neighbour?

    2:46 – “For those of you who are targeted, you may wanna consider moving to either Algona Washington or Pacific Washington. The police are working in conjunction with each other and as soon as they end up busting this targeting thing, this will be one of the safest places to live, ’cause the police are well aware of what’s going on and there’s lots of places for rent, there’s lots of places for sale, and many of us have been out there with no help from the police and that is not the case here. So you might wanna consider it, you know.”


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