Was Ella really “prevented” from attending court?

One of the many complaints Ella has made in the numerous video interviews she’s given lately is that she was “prevented” from attending court when Mrs Pauffley was making her fact-finding judgement in February and March 2015. Her gullible dupes interviewers generally nod knowingly, clearly believing it’s standard practise for the powers-that-be to prevent poor innocent mothers from attending court. While we’d be the last people to argue that the system is always fair and equitable, there’s considerable evidence in this case to demonstrate that, far from being excluded or prevented from attending court, Ella decided not to attend…and then whined when her interests weren’t represented to her own satisfaction.

While Mrs Justice Pauffley’s fact-finding judgement makes reference to Ella’s absence, noting that she was as certain as she could be that Ella and Abe’s absence was deliberate, another document explores Ella’s claims in more detail. Ella’s appeal of Pauffley J’s March 2015 judgement, heard by Lord Justice Ryder and Lord Justice Bean in late July through early August 2015, makes for fascinating reading.

Incidentally, Ella did not appear at the appeal hearing either, but instead sent Mr Aseem Taj, who our readers will no doubt remember from last summer’s witness intimidation trial of Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry, where he made quite an impression.

The appeal judgement lays out Ella’s grounds for appeal, summarised as follows:

Grounds 1 and 2 are repetitive and stripped of some meaningless phraseology, they represent a submission that the police investigation (note, not the court proceedings) were procedurally irregular because there was (A) a lack of prompt investigation, (B) a lack of effective investigation and (C) a breach of Police and Criminal Evidence Act codes which separately or together represented a breach of the children’s Article 3 ECHR rights.

It is to be noted that the independent legal team representing the children do not support the mother’s position in this regard.

If the submission is to have any effect, it has to be read as asserting that the judge was wrong in law to place reliance on any of the materials that originated from the police investigation, including the ABE interviews of the children, and/or that the judge’s factual conclusions were plainly wrong because of the flawed material upon which the same were based, i.e. no weight should have been placed on those materials.

Ground 3 is a submission that the mother was “prevented from participating” in the fact finding hearing in breach of her Article 6 ECHR right to a fair trial.

Ground 4 is that the judge’s consideration of the expert evidence of a consultant community paediatrician, Dr Hodes, was wrong, i.e. the judge should have placed much greater weight on that evidence.

Pointing out the “high hurdle that an Appellant must surmount to satisfy an appeal court that a finding of fact is perverse”, Ryder J noted that Ella had failed to satisfy that test, based on the material she had provided to the court.

The appeal judgement states that Ella didn’t appear in court on the first day of the hearing, 17 February 2015; nor did she send a legal representative in her stead. She did email Mrs Justice Pauffley’s clerk, not to explain her absence but only to ask whether Belinda McKenzie could represent her interests (and curiously, her parents’ interests, though they were not parties to the proceedings).

The judge investigated why the mother was absent given that she had known of the hearing date for over a month. Ms McKenzie, who had been involved since the mother had dispensed with the services of her first legal team, told the court that the mother was at an unknown location somewhere overseas and that she had gone there fearing that she might be arrested.

Ms McKenzie said that the mother felt harassed by a third party. The third party was not named in court, but Ms McKenzie described the mother’s flight overseas to be the consequence of the actions of the police relating to the removal of what Ms McKenzie described as “offending material from the internet”.

One can safely deduce from this that the mother feared that someone would take steps to arrest her and she had decided to leave the country to avoid that event. Although Mr Taj does not know of her whereabouts and, for example, whether that is overseas or not, in submissions he confirmed the mother’s rationale for not being present in court at the fact finding hearing.

Of course, we know that on 12 February, the police visited Ella with a view to discussing possible offences committed under Section 4 of the Harassment Act 1997. The police spoke through the letter slot to a person who identified himself as Ella’s lawyer, who managed to put them off while Ella and Abe made their escape through a first-floor window, ran along the roof line of three or four houses, and climbed down onto some nearby garages, where they disappeared from sight. Abe and Ella have since made much of the myth that the police involved were carrying “medical kits” with which to sedate Ella, but no evidence has ever been provided to show this.

However, it’s clear that Ella believed she would be arrested, and also believed there was a strong likelihood the charges of Harassment 4 would stick, which is why she bolted for Spain, where she and Abe have been since that time.

As for Ella’s claim that she was prevented from attending the fact-finding hearing,

In support of the permission to appeal application there is no material which suggests that the mother was prevented from participating in the fact finding hearing. … There is no witness statement from the mother and no application to adduce additional evidence from her relating to her participation. That is a remarkable omission given the strength with which the mother’s present lawyers assert that her Article 6 right to a fair trial has been violated.

But wait, there’s more!

It should be recollected that the mother had previously chosen to divest herself of her lawyers for reasons which she is entitled to keep to herself. The judge invited her to participate and she chose not to do so.
The mother could have attended the court as a litigant in person with or without her McKenzie friend, and insofar as it was proper, she would have been assisted by the court to put her case. She could have requested a telephone or video link. She could have requested an adjournment.

She did none of these things because she chose not to participate. There is a finding of fact from the judge to that effect. In my judgment, the judge had ample material upon which to base her conclusion. Accordingly, it is wrong to say that the mother was “prevented from participating” in the hearing.

In other words, the court would have accommodated Ella’s participation in whatever way she wished—as a litigant in person, by telephone or video link, or even by an adjournment until such time as she was able to attend. She availed herself of none of these, but instead now goes about whining that she was “prevented” from attending.

It’s just another of Abe and Ella’s many, many distortions of reality, which sadly, her followers appear to believe. More fool them.

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  1. Nicely explained, EC.

    Ella has no excuse for not turning up for the August hearing when she’d been given the very generous offer of a video link (despite being a fugitive on the run abroad).

    As for the February hearing, Ella did sorta turn up once or twice, in the sense that she was outside protesting (and taking photos of Sabine and Belinda). Why she couldn’t be arsed to pop inside to rescue her kids from that pesky baby-eating satanic cult is anybody’s guess!

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  2. Sitting on a dunghill complaining about the stench never served anyone well.

    Excellent piece EC as ever,thankyou.

    ECHR rights sound quite interesting 🙂

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  3. That tool who recently interviewed her just kept nodding to every little thing she said. He didn’t have a clue about the background or the basics of the case.
    Luckily, EC’s here to put him right.

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      • Yes unfortunately they are quite happy to live in their little fantasy worlds where everyone who has achieved a higher status in life than themselves must be a paedo.

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        • I think you’ve hit a nail on the head there, AP. Much of this does seem related to envy and jealousy of other people’s status, attractiveness, or achievements. You never hear the nutters accusing poor or underprivileged people of these horrible crimes. It’s always “elites” or “celebrities”, isn’t it?

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          • Very true EC. I wish some of the people they accuse would turn around and sue them for the lies they spread about them online. If a few celebs or ‘elites’ did that then it may just make the conspiraloons think twice before making up some malicious lies to spread online.

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  4. Some thoughts:
    1. Overlooked by all those who continue to promote this hoax is that Ella & Abe took the children to Morocco where they leisurely laid about in the sun on holiday and recorded the children’s claims while, as the children testified as seen in the medical report, Abe abused and threatened them and coached them along with these outlandish claims as can be clearly heard on the videos.

    # no sane parent having heard such horrific claims would waste a minute. They would have returned immediately to the UK and have gone straight to police.

    2. It was Abe’s brother-in-law who upon hearing the tapes, who immediately took ALL of them to police for the obvious reasons he had a statutory obligation in his official role to report an alleged crime.

    # The pair have continually mis-led everyone as have their close supporters like Belinda & Sabine (and this pertinent fact is ignored by the amateur “journalists”) who give the false impression that Ella reported the matter to police.

    One can surmise that the pair of rogues intended to spend more time trying to flesh out the videos, edit them down by omitting Abe’s & Ella’s voices (and his visible hand guiding the children as they draw) and possibly get more factual details like the correct addresses etc . The police evidence show the children didn’t even know where their father lived.

    Abe as a convicted career criminal obviously did not bank on his bro-in-law’s intelligence in perceiving that upon hearing the tapes his duty was to immediately report them no matter what he believed.

    #. My theory which I cannot prove: Abe concocted this horrific tale and intended to spend a lot more time finessing it and the intention of both Draper & Christie was to blackmail the father into giving up all claims to custody and shared custody of the children but the scheme went belly-up because the police came into the case far to early.

    Abraham Christie has numerous criminal convictions including one for child abuse. He has a history of failed criminal enterprises and I believe this was one more and he had no intention of actual police involvement.

    # Not one of the hoax promoters – not ONE SINGLE ONE – will ever address these facts as laid out by Hoaxtead & others on many forums. They studiously ignore such pesky details and cherry pick the parts to suit their own beliefs, just as they will ignore Hoaxtead clearly laying out the real scenario above.

    ## I’m sure most people on this forum will knowledge that their mothers, no matter what their personality, will fight like a tiger to defend their children even if that involved a stint in jail, by returning to the UK.
    ### It’s been pointed out several times on here that Ella seems entirely emotionless and extremely matter-of-fact when discussing this case in videos.
    The arrogance of the promoters who accuse the father of faking his tears in a TV interview when they ignore the fact that Ella has not shed one single tear in her videos.
    Is she suffering from Stockholm Syndrome having now lived for years with a child abusing manipulating criminal or is she just a cold fish?

    # what sane mother would bring into the lives of her children an abusive career criminal with numerous convictions when the children testified that he physically abused them and allowed Christie free rein to do whatever he wanted to with her children?

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    • Interesting idea about the hoax having been concocted for blackmail purposes, Sam. I’m not sure about that, but I definitely agree that Abe and Ella hadn’t had time to put the finishing touches on it—get the tapes properly edited, make a complete collection of drawings, take the children round to various locations which they’d be able to properly “identify” when questioned later, etc. The thing blew up in their faces, and rather than the result they wanted, which was that RD would never see his children again, they found themselves stripped of custody, wanted by police, and exiled from the UK. They’ve spent the past two years desperately scrambling to regain their foothold, but all they’ve achieved is to convince a bunch of already mentally ill or terminally dim people that they’re in the right. That and two pounds fifty will get you a cup of coffee.

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      • And even some of those mentally ill or terminally dim people have turned against them – Guidance 2222, Angela Powerless, Tracey Morris, Slain Crater etc…

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        • Well, when you’re mentally ill and/or terminally dim, AND a bit paranoid, chances are your friends and allies won’t stick around for long. Essentially, we’re dealing with a lot of very unpleasant people who have a great deal of trouble maintaining positive relationships. Too bad, so sad.

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          • I think they get bored because the case never moves forward so they seek out a new sensation. @Pizzacrap was like a gift from the Gods with all the appropriate elements: politicians, powerful ‘elite’ etc and the thing they seem to salivate over the most:sex & children.

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      • Abe and Ella are finished. Pizzagate is dead and only the bottom of the barrel of youtube flat earthers and those with extreme personality disorders want anything to do with them. Their little comeback attempt has failed miserably.

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  5. I should change my screen name to “Chronically off-topic” 🙂
    Article about Steven George was interesting, thank you!

    Googled Steven George-Alizon Pink, out of curiosity. Found a lot of very questionable allegations and self-promotion efforts by that person, including supposedly autobiographical self-published books.
    At one point I landed on the blog of a person I once had some respect for. This female blogger used to publish quite valuable & important court documents and other records about historic CSA cases. Regretably, their blog has degenerated into primarily a promotional platform for all the worst sort of conspiranoid liars, scammers, con-artists and hoaxers. Very disappointing!

    Scanning through some recent postings there, I noticed that a particular false concept continues to be very popular in paranoid conspiracy theories about CSA and or child trafficking “rings”/”networks”/what have you.
    I’m referring to the mythological child sex blackmailing “honey pot” scheme.
    The basic idea is – persons of wealth, power, influence or celebrity get lured, (by some version of the intelligence agency-bankster-masonic-satanic run ‘secret government’ conspiracy), into a setting where they are made to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe from anyone’s “prying eyes”, and then a parade of naked minors are brought out and offered to the VIPs as sex slaves. Overwhelmed by lust, and the apparent opportunity to violate children in a consequence-free setting, all of the attendees then engage in debauched sexual orgies involving the children, because they are all apparently too stupid to foresee that in fact their exploits will be filmed by the conspirators. The child sex trafficker conspiracy subsequently blackmails the VIPS, who naturally respond to this by doing whatever the conspirators demand of them, for the rest of their lives. In this way, all social institutions, corporations and governments are brought under the power of the nefarious “secret government”.

    Apparently, this scenario seems plausible to many people – and some people believe that similar scenarios were a documented Cold War espionage/black-ops tactic. Such beliefs may be based on mistaken, or intentional, misunderstanding about covert operations run by George Hunter White:
    “Operation Midnight Climax was an operation initially established by Sidney Gottlieb and placed under the direction of Narcotics Bureau officer George Hunter White under the alias of Morgan Hall for the CIA as a sub-project of Project MKULTRA, the CIA mind-control research program that began in the 1950s.[1]”
    “The project consisted of a web of CIA-run safehouses in San Francisco, Marin, and New York City. It was established in order to study the effects of LSD on unconsenting individuals. Prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to lure clients back to the safehouses, where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances, including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass. Several significant operational techniques were developed in this theater, including extensive research into sexual blackmail, surveillance technology, and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations.[2]” – Wikipedia, “Operation Midnight Climax” article.

    This: “extensive research into sexual blackmail”, is not based on or supported by any declassified documents, neither is it an accurate description of this “project’s” purpose & work – as documented by honest researcher’s interviews with persons involved in directing it or running it day-to-day. Revealingly, the source article for [2] doesn’t discuss “sexual blackmail” at all, (but someone wants you to assume that sexual blackmail operations are documented in it, and are therefore a proven fact).

    OMC had two goals; collecting raw data about the effects of LSD administered to unsuspecting “subjects”, and investigating LSD’s potential for inciting spontaneous disclosure of a subject’s personal ‘secrets’. The safehouses were set up as high-class brothels, and their ‘operatives’ were prostitutes, to facilitate the second goal. Several real-life scandals, wherein a person possessing ‘classified’ knowledge of some kind routinely discussed such information with a lover, (who was suspected to be an agent of some other nation), during the afterglow of sexual relations, suggested that even well trained & habitually tight-lipped persons might become overly trusting & vulnerable in such a setting. But first you had to lure them into a relationship with your ‘agent’, and time would have to be spent on developing that relationship. Perhaps a drug like LSD could speed the process up, making them vulnerable to discreet ‘interrogation’ even in a one-off sexual encounter with a prostitute? George White had some successes with this approach – getting international narcotics gangsters to reveal very useful and incriminating ‘secrets’. None of this had anything to do with blackmailing “targets” about their choice of sexual partners or their kinkier sexual interests.

    Like many other conspiranoid concepts, the child sex blackmailing “honey pot” scenario cannot stand up to even a little bit of rational scrutiny. For example;

    Why would the victims of such a plot meekly accept the idea that they have no choice other than life-long servitude to their blackmailers? They would have to know who lured them and set them up in the trap. The victims are supposed to be persons of power and influence, why would they not band together and arrange for the blackmailers to be eliminated?

    The victims of such a plot are supposed to be so paralyzed by the prospect of being publicly exposed as a child sex pervert that they would obey any command from the blackmailers. But, in order to publicly expose the victims, the blackmailers would have to simultaneously expose themselves as kidnapping, child sex slave traffiking, blackmailing perverts. Why wouldn’t the blackmailers be equally fearful of that prospect?

    The child sex blackmailing “honey pot” scenario reveals an implicit assumption – either that being a person of wealth, power, influence or celebrity automatically turns you into a pedophile, or that anyone/everyone would jump at the opportunity to commit child rape if they believed they would never be caught or prosecuted, and would therefore accept the lure and gleefully participate. Some people who could actually believe that everyone secretly wants to rape minors, might be “projecting”. If I found myelf in such a setting, I’d try to slip out and call the police, so I’m inclined to “project” that by believing most people would do the same. Could people believe that everyone secretly wants to rape minors, because they know that’s true of themselves?


    • Justin Sanity,
      It is a very interesting subject but really off topic here. (smiley)
      Personally, I think the notion that CSA being used as a form of blackmail by powerful unscrupulous people working behind the scenes highly likely.
      Unfortunately, due to the fact that there are many organisations (criminal or not) who all work in a covert fashion it is really impossible to know what is real, what is misinformation and what is disinformation. Even when there are documents declassified, there is a huge void of information and context to be able to assess anything with any degree of certitude.

      It is unfair to say that a belief like the “mythological child sex blackmailing “honey pot” scheme” exists and describe that that belief “cannot stand up to rational scrutiny” and then draw the conclusions or ‘implicit assumptions’ that you have.
      This to me is grossly simplistic.
      Everything is much more murky and nuanced. There are most likely things of this nature going on but it is not necessarily systemic or as systematic as you describe it or as you describe the way other people see it.
      Of course it does not happen all the time and not all powerful people are blackmailed or corrupt. But this does not mean that corruption and blackmail are not common in powerful circles.
      Like many crimes, finding direct and credible evidence of particular examples of blackmail etc. is extremely difficult. Rape or domestic abuse for example are very difficult to prove but we all know that these are widespread crimes.
      I don’t really want to get into a big discussion about this subject as it is not really the place. I just felt the need to respond to your post.



      • Well…I did use qualifiers as in: “SOME people…might be “projecting”.
        Speculation, of course, but might help to explain why certain persons who famously promoted belief in child sex blackmailing scenarios were eventually themselves convicted of child sex crimes – Michael Shrimpton being a case in point.
        In the past, I’ve challenged people who like to claim that political representatives are secretly controlled by child sex blackmailers, to provide real-life examples of government policies or legislation that could only have come into being if key supporters of that policy or legislation were controlled by child sex blackmailers. To date, no one has obliged me 🙂


    • It’s possible but on such a huge organized scale as these nutters claim- unlikely and improbable.

      As an example I mentioned on here before : in the 1970s a judge in Sydney was arrested importuning a 15 year old boy at a train station. The police did not charge him rather they handed him over to the notorious Special Branch (apparently the NSW Police were known as the one of the most corrupt in the Western world). the Special Branch kept the judge on tap and it’s not really known whether they used him to pervert any court cases.
      When a demented female MP blurted out the judge’s name in Parliament in the 1980s the judge committed suicide the next day.

      Ironically the same female MP who was on roll with Satanic abuse claims reckoned there was an organised Pedo Ring of powerful people, judges etc who ‘groomed’ boys as victims and eventually the boys, when they became men and part of the Ring, did likewise.

      Except she was describing the exact plot of an Aussie movie The Everlasting Secret Family which had been authored by the dead judge’s brother and which had been fed to the MP by a convicted pedophile as he admitted he wanted to cause havoc.

      All this led to a Royal Commission into police corruption and much was revealed- one element being 3 police accepted bribes from 2 very wealthy pedophiles to alert them when they were being investigated and who helped ditch those investigations. Both men eventually were charged and convicted with lengthy jail sentences and died in prison of natural causes.

      But the ghastly Fiona Barnett and a certain Mr S. of Omaha along with an Irish harridan (initials APD) and others have leapt on this bandwagon and exaggerated the entire matter claiming the Commission exposed 100s of cases when it did not.
      It did expose dozens of bent cops who were being bribed by career criminals, drug importers etc. and the only Pedo stuff was as above.

      # apparently one amusing matter discussed in the Commission was the matter of “cottaging” were hysterics claimed it meant old men prowled toilet blocks picking up young school boys but various gays were brought into to explain it just meant men picking each other up. This occupied them for 2 days !

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      • Thank you GOS.
        Certainly, there have been examples of individuals being successfully blackmailed, when documentation of their embarrassing and/or illegal sexual proclivities fell into the hands of some unscrupulous party. There were organized crime gangs in America that specialized in setting up and blackmailing gay men, who were identified and lured through the same “cottaging” activity you talked about, when consenting homosexual acts were still a criminal offense.
        But a key component of the conspiranoid child sex blackmailing mythology, is the idea that ANY person the “secret government” needs to have control over could be lured into and entrapped by the offer of consequence-free sex with minors, or that EVERY member of an organization such as “Skull & Bones” would happily engage in sex acts with children in the company of other members, and thereby be subject to blackmail at any time in their future when the conspirators might wish to exercise control over them.

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      • Thanks. except there were here UK dangers for young boys in toilet blocks, also known as cottaging….
        I would think there were real opportunities for blackmail, when homosexuality was considered a dirty secret…Hypocrisy & Homophobic Hatred reigned, and is still evident. The UK is lagging behind in being able to discuss CSA, or hold public investigations……. It’s good to hear some feedback re the Royal Commission…. I think the changes in attitudes are reducing the dangers, of lurking perverts, of whatever sex, sexuality, wherever they prey….that’s the hope, anyway…..

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    • “The child sex blackmailing “honey pot” scenario reveals an implicit assumption – either that being a person of wealth, power, influence or celebrity automatically turns you into a pedophile, or that anyone/everyone would jump at the opportunity to commit child rape if they believed they would never be caught or prosecuted, and would therefore accept the lure and gleefully participate.”

      YES. This is the part I find so strange about the stories told by the paedophile-obsessed. I am very far from convinced that everyone secretly wants to be a paedophile, or that everyone would jump at the chance to rape a child. The entire idea is repugnant to me, as think it is to the vast majority of people. The idea that somehow everyone presented with this “honey-pot” would go along with it is ridiculous—unless they were there at gunpoint (or under some other form of extreme duress). And even then, as you say, I think most would attempt to call the police on such an operation. I know I would.

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      • I’ve always thought it strange how the fruitloops can believe that people like MP’s & others in position of power are all paedophiles. The thought of paedophila turns most folks stomachs so why would someone in power suddenly find themselves attracted to children? It just doesn’t make any sense.

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  6. Not so far down the road the vagabond fugitives will break ranks.There is no genuine loyalty amongst thieves and the artificial bubble they have constructed can only be sustained and patched up for so long with the help of a few useful idiots who have had a discernment bypass.

    Christies THC soaked cunning plan to manipulate and orchestrate the entire fabric of reality may have seemed like a thoroughly good idea once upon a time but in the cold light of day the stickytape masterplan rapidly fell apart.

    Spoon bending party tricks only hold an audience for so long and the gathered throng of onlookers have mostly moved along leaving only each other to blame and hate for the gathering storm on the horizon and that gaping hole in the roof that both had promised to fix.

    I suspect Abe and Ella are already quietly plotting their individual escape strategies in which both are of course entirely innocent victims of the others shameless connivances and how chunky a sum can be gleaned by the one who first jumps ship to “break” the er “truth”.

    Only time,only time.

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      • It is great to see that there are people out there who do actually investigate these conspiracies and then make a video pointing out how ludicrous these stories are. Much like Hoaxtead Research does with its posts each day and the good folk who make videos mocking the conspirasheep and their lies.

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  7. LOL! Katy Perry is one smart cookie, she knew her latest video would get all the conspiraturds talking and they would give her lots of free publicity online. 😀


    • Lol, Debs has over 30 browser tabs open. Just another relation between mental illness and browsing tabs, Echo Truths is the same. Her and Debs are the same.

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    • Debs had a mental breakdown, it all seemed normal to her so when she experienced these things and had her awakening she wondered why everyone around her thought she had gone mad.
      Happened to a lady I worked with after her divorce, she started wearing only white, her hair wither went grey or she dyed it, even her shoes were white and her car.
      She still had a professional and important job, put if you got trapped she would rant endlessly about religion, global warning and Osama Bin Laden.
      When she retired she tried to get me to distrubute via email her “book” she had compiled, Osama was a warrior of Peace, we were all going to be under water from the melting of the polar ice caps, and every God is the same god no matter under what name and she was saving herself for his return.
      A well researched read, I must say.

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  8. Good Work E.C. and Co.! Excellent timeline on Ella’s “prevention from participation” in hearing. The pic of her snapping shots of those other two dumb criminals is Priceless! There should be a copy of it in the Court File! hahaha All of this re-tread SRA fantasy and Weed connection is “borrowed” from that Nutbag O’Brien and her “Traceformation” book of Bullsh%t!!

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    • Along with “Michelle Remembers” and “Sybil”, right down to the Abe’s spoons and Ella’s enema’s.
      Abraham’s very childish and weed infused take on practicing Trauma Based Mind Control on the Children in Morocco to get their compliance.
      Prison for Abraham “Jemal Fix It” Christie and Ella “Enema” Draper/Gareeva.

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  9. Reported several times with arhived links to cut down space on the text and slightly edited version of this page, as the text characters is very limited.

    “These videos have already been removed by YouTube, due to a court order.
    The videos feature two young children describing intimate details of horrific sexual abuse.
    An older man can be heard in the videos, prompting the children to reveal more details about their alleged abuse.
    The children in the video are being forced to make de facto child pornography.
    This material appeals to paedophiles.”

    Court Documents: http://archive.is/HWeJg
    Newspaper Article: http://archive.is/OzGVm

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    • No, the reason the cops asked if he’d done anything while they were in London is that he could have arrested Abe if he’d committed crimes while in the UK. As it was, it seemed that all the abuse had taken place in Morocco, which put Abe out of jurisdiction.


        • Yes, that’s true too. I was just thinking about why the police would have asked the kids whether abuse took place in the UK, but this is another good point.

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          • If you mean this, Spiny use any parts you like and change parts that maybe incorrect 🙂
            Lol you do some research.
            It is a hoax.
            Abe and Ella didnt even go to the police, they were reported by Abe’s brother in law a special constable.
            They never intended to involve the police as Abe wanted a quick blackmail. Abe had only know the children in his own words for a few months, he also admits to beating his own son and recieving a police caution and having CP on his phone.
            The plan was to take the children off to Morocco straight away. The father hadn’t seen the children for 3 months, again in Abraham’s own words.
            Abe also admitted to hitting the children with a metal spoon, ella admits to the enema’s and Abraham is the only one with a sodomy and satanic ritual abuse obsession.
            Ella turned up outside the court but never attended, and never attended the appeal even though she was offered skype video link from spain.

            It was all a hoax to get back at the father embroilled in a 6 year custody battle, social services for making Ella attend child support and parenting classes, the police as Abraham has 37 previous convictions and over 60 arrests. The school because the children were starving and eating out of bins because they were fed on a raw diet including cannabis THC was found in their system, and not just from Hemp Smoothies.
            Abraham got aggressive with children at the school and the teachers when he came to pick the kids up and he was shirtless and volatile.

            Anything else you want to know, go back to the drawing board and stop spreading vile lies against innocent people and putting their families and children at risk from lunatic vigilantees who believe this total and utter nonsense from a convicted and self confessed life time criminal.

            I bet you didn’t know Abraham beat the hell out of his ex-wife as he blamed he for the death of his son from a drugs overdose. I bet you didn’t know Abraham lost the family house by gambling the mortage in buying Gold and lost a fortune leaving his 4 children without a roof over their head.

            Abe also has a rape accusation in Tottenham he will not talk about. He will not answer why his hand is shown drawing the tattoo’s in the video, which are not even satanic tattoo’s but a childish and stupid persons idea of what satanist would use. Abe also states that 400 people all dance around with 20 baby skulls each round their necks which makes 8,000 baby skulls just for dancing lol.

            Each part is stupid and beyond ridiculous, and only believed by pedophiles projecting their own fantasies, the mentally ill, delusional and drug addicts.

            The more you know, eh?

            He could get away with torturing them in Morocco, without facing charges that would put him back inside if he was caught on UK soil.

            I believe Abe mentioned Tangier as their holiday destination, no wonder he likes to go there and apparently owns a place riyadh (House/apartment?) in Marrakech the sex capital of Morocco.

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          • By the way, I just did a bit of rudimentary maths:

            At age 6.5 months, going by the 50th percentile, a male baby’s skull is 44.04 cm circumference, while a female baby’s skull is 42.7 circumference. This puts the average baby’s skull at 43.37 cm.

            Using ancient skills I thought I’d long ago misplaced (involving things like the value of pi and suchlike), I worked out that this would mean the average diameter of a 6.5-month-old baby’s skull would be 13.8 cm (5.4 inches). (Am I brilliant, or what?)

            Next, I went looking for “vestment drawers” of the type described by the children in the original videos. Curiously, all the chests of drawers that I was able to find online were about 87 cm high, and had six drawers, plus space between the drawers. I estimated (by putting my ruler against the screen of my computer) that each drawer in such a chest would measure approximately 10 cm high x 110 cm wide x 89 cm deep.

            Now, recall that when the police searched Christ Church in Hampstead, they concluded that there were no drawers sufficiently deep to contain baby skulls as described by the children. Indeed, it would be impossible to fit a 13.8 cm diameter skull into a drawer that is only 10 cm high.

            Multiply the skulls as specified by Abe: 20 skulls per person, 400 people in the cult. While he erroneously claimed that this meant there were 800 skulls in total, in fact it would require 8,000 of them. At this point, the feasibility of fitting all those skulls into a space that small starts to sound utterly ludicrous.

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          • Lol EC Great Minds think a like, not that I am comparing myself to your incredible talents.
            I did similar, although not as detailed as it’s beyond my intelligence and pay grade.

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          • Excellent work, EC! That would make a worthwhile post in its own right. And the likes of Debs, Powerless and Spivey could all do with some Maths lessons from your good self in light of their various numerical faux pas.

            One thing, though: I don’t blame the skull-hunters – they were just trying to get a head.

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        • I think Christie could be charged with child abuse under the law that covers Brit citizens who travel abroad to abuse.
          There is also evidence to charge both Draper & Christie with child neglect over a period of time in the UK with their marijuana concoctions administered to the kids and the fact they went hungry much of the time.

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    • Naima Dawn Feagin goes to an enormous lot of effort to construct a fantasy world around the fact she is just another con-artist attempting to deprive innocent people of their hard earned cash by investing in her scam of a “free energy” machine which she still cannot produce a working model of.
      She puts those Nigerian generals who have $$millions for you to share in to shame with her boldness.
      But just another cheap crook in the end.

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