Belinda’s child-abuse theory meshes with Abe’s

Over the past few days we’ve been talking about the videos that Abraham Christie and Ella Draper made of RD’s two children while they were en route to London from Morocco. We’ve discussed how the two children literally provided “too much information”, in contrast to children who are proven sexual abuse survivors, who almost never volunteer more information than the interviewer already knows. And yesterday we talked about how the actual content of the original interviews betrays the fact that all the children’s information came from Abe and Ella. We know this because, in contrast to documented information about child trafficking, group paedophile abuse, “satanic” or ritual abuse, child pornography, and the like, the children’s testimony reflects only the stories told amongst conspiracy theorists. These stories are demonstrably false, but they are immediately recognisable to conspiranoids, who see them as “proof” that the children really were abused by a “cult”.

One of our readers pointed out that another prominent Hampstead SRA hoax promoter had described something very similar to Abraham Christie’s sick and disgusting theory that children who are anally raped at a very young age attain a “glimpse of cosmic consciousness” via stimulation of nerves at the base of the spine, which in turn stimulate the pineal gland in the brain. According to Abe, this causes the children to “crave” anal rape, and it “binds” the victim to his or her abuser as a kind of sex slave.

Interestingly, we found this video of Miles Johnston interviewing Belinda McKenzie, released on 10 November 2014:

At about 40:50, following a longish discussion about how children are snatched from their loving families and used and abused by the evil state, they have this curious exchange:

Belinda: Why are we suddenly not accepting child sacrifice in its modern form, where children are basically raped by senior people? [Senior people? Not sure if this means “senior people in the cult”?]

Miles: They’re wrecking the psyche of the child.

B: When a small child is raped, this sets off some kind of reaction in the brain; trauma travels up the spine through the nervous system to some part of the brain and either opens up or closes down certain faculties, and creates a huge trauma which then causes the brain to go into sort of seizure mode and create a division within itself between the experience as it’s been experienced, and then having to go on live normally after the experience. so a sort of seal barrier is brought up in the brain to seal off that unpleasant, that acutely traumatic experience.

M: Which can lead to alternate personalities and control mechanisms.

B: so you get basically a possibility that a person who’s suffered that trauma basically develops what’s called a split personality, and these are just sort of common terms and common parlance, but something else may be happening behind the barrier where the trauma resides—behind that barrier, which is sort of what you might call unsupervised territory within the brain, could be planted, however that happens, shall we say concepts, or trigger words, or trigger commands, however one…

M: We’re now in MK Ultra and Project Monarch territory.

B: Yes, I don’t have the vocabulary to describe it, and I’m not an in-depth student of it…

M: It would seem that the logic of it is that any species…most species doesn’t usually go into that amount of abuse of its own young.

B: No, it’s unheard of in the animal world.

Does any of this sound strangely familiar?

The concept of “trauma travelling up the spine” to a certain part of the brain, opening or closing certain faculties (such as glimpses of cosmic consciousness, perhaps?), and creating a splitting off so that the child can function normally most of the time. But within the “sealed off” part of the brain, “unsupervised territory”, the experience of anal rape has somehow implanted “concepts, or trigger words, or trigger commands”.

Instead of looking at her like she’s grown an extra head, Miles seems to immediately understand what Belinda is talking about: “We’re now in MK Ultra and Project Monarch territory”, he says.

While this nonsensical view of anal rape of children is utterly foreign to most people, it appears to make perfect sense to Miles and Belinda. They don’t specify that the pineal gland is involved, but the idea that children who’ve been anally raped will develop “special” attributes, while at the same time being emotionally protected from the horror of the experience is almost exactly what Abe and Ella have been trying to push.

A question of timing

We mentioned that this video was uploaded on 10 November 2014—at around the time that Ella turned to Belinda and Sabine for help in having her children returned to her. You might also recall that a few days later, on 14 November, Sabine  created a Dropbox file in which she posted a “witness statement” which Ella had made, in which she named the children, parents, teachers, clergy, and businesses in Hampstead that she and Abe wished to target.

Sabine identified 14 November as the day she was “(c)ontacted by Russian mother of two, then 8 and 9-year-old children, taken into care [custody] by Barnet Police on September 11, 2014 allowing contact with father whom they accused of being the leader of a ‘strange culture’ at a church and school in Hampstead, London”.

On the same day, Charlotte Ward published her autobiographical e-book called Illuminati Party! under the pseudonym “Jacqui Farmer”. She also took down her relatively successful blog, Conspirituality, at around this time.

We don’t know for certain that Belinda made this video with Miles as a kind of aperitif to the main course of the Hampstead SRA hoax, but we do find it curious that she chose that time to speak to Miles about “child-snatching” by the state, her belief that children in care were most likely to be sexually molested by those who looked after them, and her strange beliefs about how anal rape could be used as part of MK Ultra “super-soldier” training.

That’s purely speculative on our part, we freely admit.

What we do know, however, is that Abraham Christie and Ella Draper were far from alone in their peculiar beliefs about the effects of anal rape on children. Is it any wonder, then, that when the two children were forced to make the videos describing the alleged “cult” and its activities, it immediately resonated with its intended audience, who were bowled over that two young children could recite such things in such detail?

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  1. Great write-up, EC.

    I’m starting to get really creeped out by Abe et al’s implications that children enjoy being anally raped and am starting to think there may be as yet unrevealed crimes for which he needs to answer.

    Nice picture of Roger and family at the bottom, by the way.

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    • Yes, the implications of what these people seem to believe are truly horrifying. I would not be at all surprised if Abe had more crimes that haven’t been discovered yet.

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      • Likewise, Abe after all is a career criminal so i bet he was always up to something or other.


  2. Great post, by the way, Your Howlness. Depressing truths about Abe etc. but I’m glad you’re putting them out there.

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      • The sound settings and recording levels are not the issue on this occasion.

        Chain smoking discarded fag butts,being currently holed up in a damp wash room facilty and random uncontrolled interferance by her “Davros” alter ego combine to give that unique waking up in a disused cesspit with a horrendous hangover effect.

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    • Thanks, Frisco. This is disturbing stuff, but I feel it’s important as it gets to the heart of the hoax, and why it’s been latched onto so firmly by the troofer community.

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  3. Well done for finding that Belinda video, EC. As you know, people were asking about it on the previous post and I rose to the challenge and searched high and low for it. But alas, to no avail.

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  4. These creepy conspiracy theories all seem to repeat these ideas, as if they’re undisputed facts, probably because they read the same junk that clowns like Icke peddle. I know it goes back as JS has pointed out, way before Icke, but he is the most accessable and popular guy promoting this and similiar fantasies on YouTube.
    I just hope none of them have have done experiments to prove their beliefs are real, I wonder if that’s where Abe was heading in a Kinsey like direction.

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    • Yes, they seem to believe this kind of thing is a given, and they all seem to more or less agree on it. I find it disturbing and worrisome, as it does make me wonder how safe children are around any of these people.

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      • Especially when they are mentally ill and delusional to the point that they believe their own, or others children are being abused or spiritually attacked by a fictional cult, as in the case of Gigi Jordan.

        I watched a video against David Seaman earlier, the guy was annoyed that only Titus Frost used the platform at that Pizzagate Rally to bring up the Zionists, Franklin, McMartin etc as they are the real threat. Doesn’t matter whether cases are debunked, they trot them back out again for decades.
        Insanity and a peddler of Bullsh*t

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  5. Great post! It all sounds too well timed to be coincidence to me.

    Again don’t miss the Illuminati owl right next to her ‘ed. Hiding in plain sight. Join the dots people!

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  6. Belinda in principle, seemed to be suggesting that anal causes trauma, describing a walled off area where that trauma is stored. This theory of trauma has long been published about by Dr. Janov which treatment he calls Primal therapy. While I am a critic of some of his statements, I gasree with his theories in general. He became famous when John Lennon took an interest in his theories and practice., along with Yoko. Janov published the Primal Scream in 1970 and its done quite well over the years and he continues publish, often adding new studies done by academia and research. A number of those who treat Mind control programming use the same basic understandings that Janov presents.

    Belinda does bring up those ideas into her own words. But I agree that she does seem to allude to Kundalini energy being stimulated by anal rape, allegedly, and perhaps opening the so called 3rd eye. Its a shame she has to go near that. Rape cause or can cause, trauma. That is fact. Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk and Dr/ Peter Levine have also written on trauma as well, with theories much in common with Janov though with some differences, too. As far I am concerned, all that East Indian Hindu BS is crap. Same for its exports like yoga, mantras, meditation, etc. Yes, I am not tolerant individual with pagan crap that leads back to your dear Lucifer. Marion or someone putting words in his mouth is a liar. Hard to tell what the case is. I rip meditation and Yoga This one has stuff from Van Der Kolk and Levine And you guys thought all I knew was the Bible. Oh! as if! I’m only the best theorizer of psychology in the world. Would I lie to you all? Been hard at it since 1983. And you didn’t even need to use a search engine. You can thank me later. And for the record, thank you does not begin with an f. I know its just a typo when you guys and galls do it. And the kids say your all always doing it, whatever that is.


    • “Would I lie to you all?”

      Yes. Yes of course you would, blatantly and with the full force of your delusions behind you.

      “I’m only the best theorizer of psychology in the world.”

      No, that’s not true. You’re an uneducated deluded and dishonest individual trying to pretend you’re something you’re not. Just another pseudo intellectual -Rhetorically, what is it the Bible says about bearing false witness?

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    • Primal scream therapy was discredited years ago. The concept of recovered memories espoused by Van Der Kolk is junk science. Your spectacular ignorance combined with wholly unwarranted arrogance shines through, as always. Now put an egg in your shoe and beat it.

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    • You really are a worthless piece of shit and if you think anyone’s gonna go to your website you’re crazier than you sound. Went there once, never again. Its like the mind of David Shurter and Abe Christie in a blender.

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  7. What on earth has Angela been up to?

    In her latest video, posted about 50 minutes ago starring the delightful Naima and side kick, she looks like she’s over done the Tanning Shop.

    Not a good look.

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  8. What I can’t get my head round is that Belinda is an educated woman, and yet comes out with this crap. We all know that CSA will traumatize the victim and it makes sense that this will ‘change’ the brain. There are quite a few academic papers that show this, but to talk about messages travelling up the base of the spine to various areas of the brain etc eh? what? I did a quick google and couldn’t find any academic papers about this. If there is some real information out there then please let us know!

    Perhaps we can ask Belinda to back up these claims? Where did she get the idea that this has some validity?

    Likewise when she talks about the Bible and the bits in Genesis about the Sons of God etc she believes this to be indication of alien involvement and we are ‘hybrids’. There’s loads to read about when it comes to these early chapters in the Bible and theories abound about what is most likely a creation myth, rather than a realistic account of our evolution. She’s educated for pity’s sake – doesn’t she read anything?

    Is she ‘playing’ to a certain audience who she knows are gullible?

    Or is she just ‘confused’?

    We’re back to that old question again.

    Mad or bad? I have no idea.

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    • If Belinda believes everything she is saying she is mad. More likely she is endorsing bizarre views because she wants to be Queen of the Truthers and the “alternative” community and is cynically promoting ideas she thinks will appeal to them.
      What she and others like her are really achieving is the sidelining of any real alternative thought by associating it anti-rational, psuedo scientific, pseudo scientific bull shit. She really strengthens the position of the “establishment” through her actions. She also creates a smoke screen for some of her associates who do seem to be directly involved in the abuse of children.

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      • Thank you for liking even though I managed to repeat a phrase twice. Sloppy proofreading on my part – lazy!


    • “What I can’t get my head round is that Belinda is an educated woman, and yet comes out with this crap.” – that’s because she’s a crook who preys on stupid people. Being clever and educated does not mean you are also honest.

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  9. Sharter is having a Cow over Nothing Again! ffs No good deeds go unpunished E.C.!! lol Scamming cash for a “farraday cage” canopy for over his bed? DERP!

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  10. Perhaps we are being a tad harsh on Mad-Moo.She deserves at least some credit for not sending herself to sleep whilst churning out hours of crap per day for a hand full of views the vast majority of which result in negative appraisal.

    Meanwhile others less bonkers receive upwards of 8 million views for less than a minutes effort and the subject material is nigh on identical.

    Whilst Madame Moo has precious little going for her quality wise she deserves some recognition for her passionate contribution towards opening up hitherto unexplored realms of utter drivel.

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