‘No child could know that much’: A circular argument

Yesterday we compared the videos of RD’s children with real disclosures from children who’d actually been sexually abused. We noted that RD’s children not only showed no emotions that might be expected to accompany such disclosures—no shame, no guilt, no anger, no sadness—but also provided far more embellishment and detail than children who’ve really been sexually abused would voluntarily provide.

But that’s not the only reason to believe that the children had been coached, prompted, beaten, and psychologically abused into making false allegations against their father, their schoolmates and families, their teachers, their neighbours…in fact, anyone in Hampstead who’d ever offended Abe and Ella.

What the troofers claim

Believers in the Hampstead SRA hoax state, “No child of that age could possibly know so much about sex/cult activities/cannibalism/what have you…ergo, they must be 110% the genuine article”. As long-time reader Justin Sanity points out, though, the argument that the children appear to know so much about so many child-inappropriate things is in fact another Achilles’ heel for Abe and Ella.

…and why it’s wrong

Jean-Clement Yaohirou’s audio recording of his discussions with Abe, Ella and the children, at his home in 2014, documents very clearly that Abe and Ella were the source of any ‘age inappropriate’ knowledge or understanding the children might appear to possess about anal sexual practices, orgiastic group sex, adult sexual abuse of children, child prostitution, CSA image and ‘snuff’ video distribution, paedophile rings, body art, satanism/ “satanic ritual abuse” /cults and cult practices, child murder/ sacrifice, or cannibalism.

Abe and Ella are both recorded therein, blatantly discussing such subjects in the frankest manner WITH the children, and also between each other and/or Jean-Clement, IN FRONT OF the children during the same conversations!

And these discussions are not confined to merely soliciting statements from the children about their alleged experiences relating to these subjects, or discussion of the children’s responses – they also include both Abe and Ella expounding on their own personal knowledge about these subjects, going far beyond simply clarifying or “fleshing out” a child’s statement and demonstrating that both of them, (Abe especially), believe they possessed a generic expertise in all of these subjects long before the children’s alleged ‘disclosures’. It is very obvious that the children’s disclosures didn’t teach Abe & Ella everything they know about these subjects that isn’t specific to their allegations about Christ Church, and that both of them had been discussing their own understanding about such things, with each other in front of the children AND directly with the children, for some time.

Perhaps just as important, everything these kids might appear to know about all of these topics is WRONG. They don’t appear to possess any knowledge, (or experience), of child prostitution, CSA image and ‘snuff’ video distribution, paedophile rings, body art, satanism/ “satanic ritual abuse” /cults and cult practices, child murder/ sacrifice, or cannibalism that would be corroborated by the valid & documented reality of these things, in Western Nation societies. Everything the kids “know” is clearly derived from the urban legends and conspiracy theorist mythologies about these subjects, accumulated over the last 40 years. In fact, their understanding of these things perfectly reflects obsessive conspiranoid Abe’s own understanding of them.

And of course, many of the persons who are exposed to the Hampstead Hoax videos or propaganda will have been exposed to the same urban legends and conspiracy theorist mythologies about these subjects, because the internet is saturated with re-tellings of them in a variety of guises. So they recognize something RD’s kids are alleged to have said, corresponding to their own ‘mature’ & ‘informed’ knowledge about it and are amazed – how these little kids possibly KNOW about these things, without having experiences them? They don’t understand that the real sources of what the children appear to know are Abe & Ella, and that Abe has been obsessed with all the same conspiranoid info that their own misinformed understanding of these subjects came from.

So basically, the children are parroting the skewed and incorrect ideas that Abe and Ella have taught them. And these ideas resonate with what conspiracy theorists already believe—because they all come from the same source.

It’s a closed loop, in which Abe and Ella have absorbed material from what’s available on the internet about the subjects of child prostitution, CSA image and ‘snuff’ video distribution, paedophile rings, body art, satanism/ “satanic ritual abuse” /cults and cult practices, child murder/ sacrifice, or cannibalism. They discuss this with, and in front of, the children—and they teach the children, via coaching, physical and psychological punishment, threats, and sleep deprivation, to repeat this false material on command.

Conspirasheep “get it” right away, as this is material they’ve all read and discussed amongst themselves…but to those of us who live in the real world, the claims the children have been forced to make sound fantastical and bizarre, because they are.

What do troofers believe?

The other day, we mentioned Marion Knox as one source of Abraham Christie’s bizarre, sexualised view of “satanism”. We should have known that Justin would know Mr Knox’s story:

I’ve satirically mocked Marion Knox as an uneducated farm boy, but this is also literally true of him. Knox grew up in a farmer family, and became a grass-seed farmer, a construction worker and a gospel singer. That’s really the extent of his claims to fame, education and qualification for presuming to ‘counsel’ people on subjects like satanic cult beliefs & practices, child sexual abuse, mind control programming or multiple personality disorder.

Just how ignorant, ill-informed and misinformed Knox was, is illustrated in this interview:

K: “…this is my impression: the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy”.

“What is it about sodomy that does that”?

K: “It attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person’s mind in a way that nothing else will, as near as I can tell. In other words, I would state it this way: for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four”.
“…This goes back to Nimrod. This is the Egyptian initiation of the child to open the third eye”.
I don’t believe anybody can become fully illuminated unless they have been sodomized at around three years of age. If they wait to touch that person until they’re ten, twelve, fifteen years old, they will never be fully illuminated because you can’t open the third eye after about five or six years of age”.

Well. Wouldn’t the hundreds of millions of Hindu & Taoist practitioners, over the last 3,000 years, be disappointed to know that they were all wasting their time, or that their “attainment” was simply a delusion, if they weren’t anally raped as a toddler? Someone should have told them!

And anyone diagnosed as MPD or DID over the last 50 years, who wasn’t anally raped as a toddler – they were all duped as well it seems. And this makes every CIA mind-control sex slave victim claimant, who stated that their abuse-based ‘programming’ started after 4 yrs of age, a lying fraud I guess. Good to know.

“Sodomy puts them into a trance where you can program in directly to the subconscious memory file without any interference of the conscious mind. Sodomy is what puts the person into that state where you can do it.
You take a three-year-old child, untouched. Somebody sodomizes the child, the guy’s name is Joe. Now, all of a sudden the child has a sodomy demon called Joseph riding with him. That thing was conceived or reproduced from the Joseph demon that the man had who sodomized that child. Where’d it come from? It was birthed in the child’s mind by the act. It didn’t have to come from anywhere; it just was birthed, reproduced right there. The child was given a copy. Joe is like a copy machine that can reproduce another copy. I don’t feel all demons are that way, but that kind are. They don’t live in the bloodstream, they don’t live in the genes; they live in the mind”.

Oh yea! Sodomizing someone, not just a child, “injects” a demon copy of YOU into their mind and soul. Multiple personality “alters” aren’t a result of traumatic dissociation, they are sodomy demons, and an Illuminated sodomite can customize them so that they ‘program’ you to do whatever they want. This is some of the most ignorant, made-up bullshit I’ve ever heard. There is NO documentation, that any known occult practitioners or pedophile ring perverts ever believed this or attempted to practice it.

So, Abe is obsessed with sodomy. He therefore coaches RD’s kids to describe an anal-sex-obsessed satanic abuse cult in their allegations. Abe then takes his sodomy obsessed mind-control cult theory from Knox – because he only has conspiracy theorist ‘knowledge’ of the subject and doesn’t understand that Knox is a poser and a fantasist.

Conspiranoids watch Abe’s videos and think the kids’ allegations validate Abe’s cult theory, or they read Abe’s sodomy mind-control cult theory and think that validates the kid’s allegations. In either case, a fantasist’s misinformation generates a self-reinforcing circularity of belief.

For a great expose on Marion Knox, and the havoc his false pretensions to knowledge and spiritual insight caused in other people’s lives, go here:

And around and around it goes, with gullible, misinformed/ill-informed conspirasheep gasping at the “amazing” ability of two children who’ve been forced to repeat the sick fantasies of their mother’s boyfriend…which just so happen to mesh almost perfectly with their own beliefs. No wonder the conspiranoids can’t be persuaded that it’s all just a cheap, cynical hoax: they bought the hoax long before Abe and Ella came along. The Hampstead SRA hoax merely confirms what they think they know.


120 thoughts on “‘No child could know that much’: A circular argument

  1. Many children grow up still dealing with the shame, even on a subconscious level they may repress a lot of the feelings because the experience was so disturbing for them. Adults find it very easy to manipulate children and the child can still feel like they are doing something wrong in talking about their abuse, even when they are adults they may still feel like that.

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    • Very much so, Bob. The argument that RD’s children “had no shame” because they’d been in the cult from birth doesn’t work, as even children who’ve been abused since before they could speak come to understand from exposure to outside sources that this isn’t something that happens to most kids, and that it’s somehow wrong and shameful.

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  2. A very good analysis and I have always thought the more hysterical of the mob of hoax promoters are so influenced by both Hollywood movies and skewered reports in the media.

    As an example: they are now convinced there is large scale kidnapping of children (including by Social Services) of children for the purposes of providing this alleged “VIP pedo Ring.”

    They confuse a common term used by nearly all US enforcement agencies : “child slavery” but are too ignorant to examine what these reports refer to 99.9% of the time : the transporting of a legally underage teen across state lines by a perp or the gradual seducing of teen women in desperate circumstances into prostitution by professional pimps. Often the term also refers to the use of children as indentured labour.

    It again confirms our suspicions that these hoaxers are more interested in the sensational sexual aspects about children and couldn’t give a stuff about real live children.
    There are provably dozens of items these ratbags use in their daily lives (it’s almost impossible to avoid) that are made in slave like conditions often by children working in factories in Pakistan, India etc.

    An example is their ability to wield an IPhone which is constructed in almost slave like conditions by Chinese workers (who all have children to support). They sicken me as they believe they are waging a war via internet forums (Deb is one who thinks if she insults enough people on Youtube she can change the world) when they could organise and become politically active to try and bring change.

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    • Yes, absolutely. And one of the commodities that the troofers seem to rely on is their cannabis. If they’re not growing it themselves, chances are that it’s being grown in abandoned buildings, tended by trafficked adolescents who’ve been brought in by criminals to work in utter isolation, in terrible conditions. This is real slavery—and anyone who buys from a dealer is supporting organised criminals to keep enslaving children.

      Oh, but that’s not about sex and Satan and other exciting things that get the troofers’ juices flowing, is it?

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      • Well said EC. Cannabis seems to be at the centre of so much of this sort of thing. Personally, everyone I’ve ever known who touches the stuff has eventually lost their marbles through it and it just seems to cause so much trouble. And if there is evidence of anything at all in relation to a trade in human misery, slavery, prostitution extreme pornography,and child abuse you can be sure there is a direct line to drug dealers and their users. I think this is why they put so much effort into trying to draw attention away from themselves. Seriously – name me a hoaxer or hoax promoter who isn’t actually a dirty bloody druggie or a dealer or both?

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  3. Yes, there are some problems with Abe’s narrative. I notice errors, too. But that has nothing to do with the kids. They were taken to Tavistock due to tantrums and you say no anger? Two different problems. I’ write yet another article in regards to real TBMC and why it is so much more than mere programming that TV or schools might do, save the anal rapes alleged. And then there is the Hemp making them talk. That will have to be discussed, too. Credibility it important. But if Abe is a Good man, I am sure he can accept some adjustments in understanding. And if it turns out not to be the case. I will have done my best and with intentions.


    • What makes you think they were taken to Tavistock for tantrums? Is it because Ella said so? If so, I hate to disabuse you, but Ella has told numerous porkies, not only about the children but about her own history with the social services, the courts, and alleged “assaults” at the hands of RD.

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      • Yes, for example, did Ella ever leave her children with strangers when she was flitting off on holidays without them. Answer that one, Ella. Were they vetted, did you check they, or indeed, your lover Aby is on the sex offenders register?

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    • Abe has 37 convictions and is a lifelong criminal and had a caution from the police shortly before the hoax for abusing his own son. Abe has 4 children, and a 5th that sadly died of a drugs overdose which he blamed on his ex wife, and beat the hell out of her even though it wasn’t her fault, she was his step-mother, anyway.
      Abe is a lone time Cannabis user and it has addled his brain over the years. He is a conspiracy theorist and all his believes about Satanic Ritual and mind control are based on fiction.
      He has a long history of violence and scamming behaviour, he even lost the house and made his ex wife and 3 children homeless in a Gold buying venture that failed.

      He had a place in Morocco in a notoriously bad area for sex tourism and pedophilia.
      He took the children to another part of Morocco only months after meeting them and their neglectant mother Ella Draper. He knew he could apply his bizarre ideas about TBMC on the children there over a four week period due to Morocco’s leniant laws on disciplining children.
      He didn’t want his crimes and torture of the children to involve the risk him going back to prision as it would on UK soil, so Morocco was his choice.

      Ella and Ricky were involved in a long custody battle and RD had only recently gained a once a fornight contact rights to see his children. Ella had been struggling to look after the children for a long time and had been reported for child neglect before and admitted she needed help in parenting.

      Troof1 you are ruining the lives of the two children who should be left alone to get on with their lives without creeps like you publishing their pictures and names on the internet. It was a sick and perverted hoax by two mentally unstable and drugged up criminals who didn’t have time to finalise all,the details due to Abe’s own brother in law reporting the incident.
      There was never meant to be any police involvement, the plan was to take the children back to Morocco and blackmail the father into giving up his rights to see his own kids.

      Abe shit his pants when he realised the same officer dealing with the case was the one who had recently interviewed him about Abe’s abuse of his own son. It is beyond stupid that Ella somehow managed to be married to two alleged cult members and never knew, never stated they had tattoo’s and left the country with her other son still in the care of her ex husband, a so called cult member.

      Apparently according to abrahams child abuse ritual fantasies the victim gains something from the abuse, as does the abuser, and somehow children that are repeatedly abused anally by hundreds of people on a regular basis with plastic willies are never traumatised or hospitalised by this violent and disgusting abuse.

      This is typical pedophile excuses from Abe by stating the children see a flash of divinity and stimulation of the pineal gland through anal rape, and that they do not suffer serious physical or mental trauma from this abuse. Abe’s aim was to normalise child abuse, get back at all the police, social services, teachers who reported him for being abusive to children at the school gates, the father who wanted rights, and to push his Hemp business as some deluded cure for fictional mind control victims.

      Abraham has and always will be a violent, criminal, and drug addled child abusing little man.
      Ask him about the rape allegation in Tottenham, the underage illegal images on his phone, all his, previous convictions, his hempology degree, the beating of his ex wife, his business and scamming failures, ask him about his obsession with sodomy that started from his early days in prison and youth detention centres, ask him about his views on disciplining children and the caution for hitting his own son. Ask him about how he tried this exact same tactic on his step daughter and her family back in the 1990’s, the spoon hits he gave them,mhis ex wife, and the two children.

      Ask him why he owns/owned a place in the centre of Morocco’s sex tourism industry, ask him why he has been identified by Heather Brown as a wannabe pimp and woman beater with a little man complex, ask him why he lead the entire secret recording by Jean Clement, ask him why he is so controlling and aggressive towards the children, ask him why he introduced sexual themes to them, and made them talk about sexual abuse at the airport, on the plane and in public.
      Ask him why the recordings were so short and why the children seem so eager to relay in tandem from the same script as quickly as possible without any emotion, so they stayed on Abes good side and get hit with a metal spoon, called swear words or have him threaten to leave them in a hole in the ground then fill,it with water.

      Food for thought.

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      • Barchon said:
        “Apparently according to abrahams child abuse ritual fantasies the victim gains something from the abuse, as does the abuser, and somehow children that are repeatedly abused anally by hundreds of people on a regular basis with plastic willies are never traumatised or hospitalised by this violent and disgusting abuse”.

        In that Jean-Clement recording, Abe repeatedly states that the children are abused by “200 men a night, 200!” 24 hours in a day, subtract morning, afternoon and evening…let’s be generous and just call “night” a period of 8 hours. That’s 480 minutes. 200 men sodomize each child over 480 minutes. That gives each perv an average of 2.4 minutes to “complete”, including entry and withdrawal. Seems unlikely that even the most obsessive pedophile would find that a satisfying experience. Why would they keep coming back?

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      • Phew, that’s telling ’em Barchon. But spot on.

        Ella claims her previous partner was in “the cult” and her son by that man was abused by the cult yet she left that son to live with his father and accepted a weekly payment from him.
        Very ethical.

        The Tavistock rubbish is another late invention. Abe probably read it somewhere on the net. And yes the fact she never mentioned tattoos on all these people until the last minute but maybe she ‘does it’ in the dark which is highly likely if Abe is pounding away on you (while thinking about Big Joe in Cell 14 down the hallway)

        This is a scheme gone belly up which is fine by Abe as he is a career criminal and probably was intending to take everyone back to Morocco where he has a house seeing he had burnt all his bridges in the UK and couldn’t make a living. He probably thought he could scare off RD and live on Ella’s ex-hubby’s monthly cheque while, like HopeLess Girl and so many other scammers, dream up some new cons.

        But the drug addled nitwit has now ensured he can’t ever return to the UK and sad old Ella is stuck with him and no longer gets her monthly stipend from the previous ex-hubby so is reduced to begging on the net. What a mess she has got herself in.

        If UnTruthful One, Sabine et al are so concerned why don’t they send Ella money every week to survive. That’ll be the day.

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      • Great write up, Barchon. The taking the children back to Morocco would fit with what Abe said to Jean Clement about taking them back there next day, and the blackmail idea would fit perfectly with what was going on at the time with RD regaining contact with his children, and Ella wanting to punish him. She never considered RD could make up for all her failures as a mother and could have embraced his help to enrich her children’s lives. She knew she was a crappy mother, yet she denied her children a relationship with their loving father.

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        • I think Ella was filled with narcissistic rage at RD for having left her, and she’d do or say anything she could to get back at him. She’d already accused him of various crimes as an excuse for not letting the children see him, and this was to have been the final, nuclear option: accuse him of something so utterly heinous and disgusting that the family court would have no other choice but to cut RD out of the children’s lives.

          Interestingly, she seems not to have felt the same degree of rage at her ex-husband…but then she was the one who left him, after squeezing out of him all the money she could.

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      • Food for thought indeed, Barchon. Quite aside from the very basic problems we’ve identified with the children’s video “testimony”, the issues you note here should cause any normally intelligent person to wonder exactly what Abe and Ella were playing at, and why.

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      • I forgot a very important point in all of this and the other reason for Abe wanted to relocate to Morocco.
        All the massive debts that he and Ella had accumulated and his failed hemp business.
        I imagine in Morocco he would be free to farm hemp and get away with any child abuse if he so wished.
        I imagine he would have trotted the children out under his scripted control for promotional videos, just like he and Ella still use their images for selling merchandise, Abe would have had real living and breahing walking advertisements for his TBMC Hemp Cure.

        Hemp, money and sodomy is all Abe needs in life to be happy it appears.
        It is a very good think that this plan was nipped in the bud as the quality of life and health of the already drugged, starved, physically and mentally abused children would only decline even more.

        Although Abe and Ella fled abroad, at least the children are safe. The law will catch up with them in the end or their livestyle choices, financial problems and dodgy criminal dealings will.
        Ella does have a chance of returning back to the UK, Abraham probably doesn’t.

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      • Is there any place in the world any more where you can avoid the sex touring industry? Mars and the moon don’t count!


        • Well, they wouldn’t count, would they, Goofy? Being that they’re not in the World and all. Duh.


        • Nice try, Abe owns a place in Marrakech, if it was Dearman or John Podesta, you fruitcakes would already be mapping out the hot spots and dot joining bullshit.

          “Child Sex Tourism in Morocco
          The estimated number of child sex tourism victims annually is about 300 million all over the world. In Morocco, sex tourism involving young children in popular tourist destinations does really exist, but it remains always difficult to uncover due to cultural taboos against the open discussion of sex. According to the National Monitoring Center for Child Rights (NMCC) in Rabat, 43 percent of children making distress calls have reported sexual abuse by foreigners (usually tourists) since the center began its monitoring from 1999 to 2003. These abused children are victims of sex tourists, especially those from the Gulf States and European countries.

          Marrakech is well known of its widespread abuse of children within the prostitution industry and attracts many child sex tourists each year according to the report made by the M6 French channel. In addition, girls and boys working as domestic servants and street vendors are increasingly vulnerable to child sex tourism, particularly in the cities of Marrakech and Casablanca. In general, most child sex tourism’s victims are children exposed to poverty, family breakdown, homelessness, child labour, trafficking, and adoption.”


      • Sorry pal, but that is not me. I’m Truth1. Others like to imitate. I’l such a celebrity, ya know. But seriously, look for the number one. And for some time since Youtube has logged me out of truth1 I have used Diligence Integrity on youtube.. Nice try Frisco. I expect nothing less from the cult!


    • Truth1’s comment is about as waffly and meaningless as it gets but I think the gist of it is:

      “Er…er…yeah, Abe keeps changing his story and…er…making shit up…and…er….contradicting himself and…er…saying things which can’t be true but…er…erm…what the hey, it’s only a legally binding statement upon which the freedoms and reputations of dozens of people hinge, so it’s not as if it’s important or anything…er…er…All hail God/Jah/Allah/Jehovah/Jeshua Jesus/Justin Bieber, coz it’s their fault if it all goes tits up, not mine. They told me what to do, so fuck you dirty paedo bastards who aren’t paedos now I come to think of it. In the name of the mighty Sabine, Queen of Everything. Amen.”

      Google Translate? I shit it.

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      • Indeed the self inflated vessel that is Truth1 doesnt half utter ill formed gobshoite.

        The omni shambolic,ragbag assortment of drug infused buffoons,wiseacring gossip mongers and downright common thieves that feed off Abe and Ellas detritus would be well advised to appoint a spokesperson with at least some basic communication skills.Klunk would seem a fair fit by all accounts.

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        • They should put their indifferences aside and vote for that spokes person.
          Chances are they’d probably elect Neelu.

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      • “waffly and meaningless” so I had to respond right away, says C. Porpoise. And yes, Jehovah/Yahuwah is the almighty to whom I am dedicated. I was nice to see some of those names here.


    • Ella hasn’t a clue how to bring up children.

      Her eldest boy, given to Dad to bring up.

      She’s one of quite a few “Mother’s” I’ve met in my time that have Children and then expect everyone else to bring them up, whether it’s daycare though to Nan.

      Child cried, Ella didn’t want to bother with that.

      I reckon they were a meal ticket for her.

      As for Abraham, anyone that commits Domestic Violence to a woman and the Mother of their Children is a VILE PIECE OF SHIT and the SCUM of the earth.

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      • Has anyone considered why Ella had two children by RD in such quick succession, much later than her first son? How many years after she got a divorce, I don’t know..she must have been very much in love with RD at that time. There is a fine line between love and hate, and big love and big hate.

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    • The main problem with Abe’s narrative is that it is just exactly that, Abe’s dirty little fantasy narrative, it’s all just the product of his warped mind. Quite apart from the disassembly here yesterday the original interviews fall down on the very simple and basic fact that he is quite obviously prompting them – as somebody once pointed out – it was like listening to kids trying to remember Rabbie Burns poems they didn’t understand while their parents sat at the edge of the stage prompting them. Then there is the fact that the Hampstead hoax is just a “copycat” of another attempted hoax that was tried by another associate of Belinda McKenzie. That one, carried out by an Aberdeen drug addict called Ogilvy was an attempt to frame his kid’s grand dad for rape. It didn’t work because when the police took the phone they found the “wiped” recordings where the kid hadn’t got the claims “right”. Ogilvy was only let off the hook so as not to put the kid (who he was banned from contact with) through the trauma of a trial. Notice Abe, no doubt alerted to why that hoax collapsed, didn’t hand the phone he recorded his crap on straight to the police! Instead he went right ahead and started posting his filth…… And there’s the other thing, those recordings in their own right are a form of pornography! It’s well established that perverts are known to author stories they sell to other perverts as a form of “entertainment”, it is strikingly obvious that those videos were just a trailer for worse to come it’s just all about the money money money with that dirty little weasle.

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  4. I was in the bathroom for quite a while, just now, squeezing out another sodomy demon (sorry to be graphic).
    I think it was a Billy Bob demon, or it might have been a Clem demon. In any case, I’ve suddenly lost the incessant urge to play banjo while standing in a pig sty. Strange…

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  5. Been having a rummage around in Pandora’s – sorry, Angela’s – box again.
    These are from 7 years ago 😀

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    • Now if John Podesta had said the same thing Angie said there about her grandson the fruitoops would be all over it and condemning him as some sort of demon.

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    • What a shame Angie’s 2 & half hour Hollywood balletic epic didn’t get off the ground.
      I guess Jesus was looking the other way when she tried to get an appointment with the William Morris Agency.
      We found a snap from the auditions and one of the many hopefuls who was hot favourite to play the young Angie.

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  6. Excellent post but oh…I find this subject incredibly revolting. What totally revolting minds those people must have, to think a child would get something out of being abused.

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  7. It’s remarkable, isn’t it?

    Anal rape at the age of 3 yrs, that’s the one & only pathway to Illumination-Enlightenment according to Marion Knox. Of course, “attaining” to such a state wouldn’t really be a GOOD thing from his perspective, since the concept of Illumination-Enlightenment doesn’t originate from fundamentalist evangelical teachings and is therefore “of the Devil” :

    The more widespread idea, that subjecting children to some kind of sexual, physical & mental torture regimen would cause them to develop superhuman abilities and/or psychic powers, is the one that I find most revolting and disturbing. And how they reconcile promoting such beliefs with their self-appointment as an “advocate for abused children”, truly puzzles me.

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    • I found CW Chanter, made a pertinent, poignant point….It helped me Whilst listening to him, discussing people, like Simon Parkes……CW was wondering whether, these super tales were a very embellished description of a trauma in childhood, a real one. It made sense to me, as I looked around at Miles Johnstons & Belinda McKenzie, etcs connections, promotions, conference speakers, helped by CWs narratives, greatly….Child Abuse, kept being woven in…..
      A great many CSA Survivors are in a kind of denial, often it can be ‘well, it didn’t/doesn’t effect me…’
      The puppeteers, players, organisors are offering on a plate, narratives to explain away any behaviours, and the chance to become a hero, instead of someone, the likes of Mel will call pathetic, etc etc……for dropping the stigma, shame, undeserved…and just telling it like it was/is……..
      There are common dynamics going on…… Grooming survivors to become puppets, clickbait, even in death….Enabling real Child Abusers to be protected, by calling their convictions, fake….Encouraging trolling, stalking of outspoken real survivors/victims….or ignoring those they cannot involve, or mirroring their campaign nicking genuine testimonies, claiming and embellishing them to suit their narrative….
      I’ll try and make this clearer, as I get used to this newfangled thing….lol.
      Oh I nearly forgot, the other themes/dynamics are prowling pervs at the conferences as well as scammers seeking targets, but also the de facto child pornography. Listening to some of the MKUltras is sickening, as they are encouraged to give lurid details.
      Many of the clickbaiters openly say that they know nothing of real abuse, can’t bear to look at the subject….so they are going into this dark subject on their followers behalf……. like LTV creep

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    • “The more widespread idea, that subjecting children to some kind of sexual, physical & mental torture regimen would cause them to develop superhuman abilities and/or psychic powers”…

      Have you been reading ahead, Justin? We get into that on the next post….


  8. There’s another Hope Girl business in this isn’t there…


    Don’t Let Those Pesky Demons Get You Down!
    Say ‘NO’ to Satan.
    Safe and Sanitised.
    Reliable and Registered (in Uzbekistan)
    Get yours now!
    Only $99.99!
    (If demons persist we are available for consultations. $300 an hour.)

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  9. I’m off topic but it’s weekend….

    The man who tried to prove the earth was flat by taking a spirit level on a plane…

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    • Dear God, it’s difficult to point out the idiocy this dummy presents. Yes buddy the scientific community doesn’t spend time these days trying to ‘prove’ the earth is not flat because:
      1. It’s round
      2. It’s been shown to be round via 1000s of experiments and events and..
      3. they are not going spend another second indulging brain dead morons.
      Even a ten year old would understand the flaws in his spirit level experiment. The real mystery is why these flat earthers even bother. I think it’s people with such perverted egos they will not accept that someone who spends a few years studying for a science degree is so much more clever than a nitwit who watches a YouTube video.

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    • I DISLIKE Debs Videos……..So intensely I can’t bear to even listen tho, only so to be fair, I heard enough…..How DARE Debbie and Co call anyone disagreeing with their LIES….. a CHILD ABUSER. Or whatever will encourage us to be targeted for hatred, scorn, mockery……. Open season was declared on me by Belinda McKenzie and the HollieHoaxHatingTrolls, only ignoring me until, I became more insistent in my OPPOSITION to their HOAXES.
      If Debs really believes them, it’s probably because she was groomed by Belinda McKenzie & co…… encouraged to think and speak on script….. Those manipulating this for the worst of reasons, will know full well, that Debs will avert people so they can keep bleating that no one cares about children….. whilst interfering and sabotaging those that really do, and are actively doing real work to change it.

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  10. Did anyone see my video, the one made in my studio with all the sofas, where I talk about the effect sodomy has on spinal nerves and, you know, all the same stuff Abe comes out with. But posh. We are so similar, really.

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    • I’ve reported her as a suicide risk on Farcebook, by the way, though I’m not buying into the whole emotional blackmail thing here.

      I also can’t help thinking of all the people who are probably suicidal due to things she and her hoaxer mates said about them.

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      • Yes,”For the children” is a classic from the Moo stable,well unstable truth be told.

        Debs patronizing storytime tale reassures little ones that the universe is unhappy because not enough people are miserable pointless bastards like herself and in all honesty they may just as well give up on living happily ever after on this God forsaken shithole.

        The saving grace is it is highly unlikely any child will remain conscious much beyond the 30 second mark.

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  11. Terrible Canadian article on UK child witch-hunting:

    “Child Abuse Linked To Witchcraft A Hidden Problem”
    Wrong! Child abuse FALSELY linked to witchcraft, but truthfully linked to Pentacostal witch-hunters and their belief in Holy Spirit Discernment Magic.

    “Retired Det. Supt. Terry Sharpe of the London Metropolitan Police flips through a series of photographs showing household objects covered in blood.
    “You can’t bring Kristy back,” he says, showing the pliers, hammer and other items used to torture the teenager before he died from his injuries.
    “But you may be able to save somebody else if you had that little bit of understanding, [that] knowledge, about what causes this form of abuse.”

    I can tell him what causes it, and it doesn’t take a genius or a PhD in Sociology of Religions to figure it out. But if the investigators working Project Violet, investigating “faith-based abuse”, allow themselves to be sidetracked into scapegoating the EXCUSE for attempting violent – sometimes fatal – exorcism of innocent children, as the CAUSE of this abuse, they will never resolve it.

    “In the U.K., certain African communities have embraced Christianity after centuries of colonization and have woven traditional, pre-colony beliefs within it.
    One of those beliefs is Kindoki, a pre-colonial, traditional cultural belief in witchcraft and spirits. Kindoki has been woven within Pentecostal Christianity in Africa and spread to the U.K. with the many immigrants who choose to make London their home.
    In a 2013 BBC documentary “Branded a Witch,” that branch of Christianity is shown to be thriving in the U.K. and in Africa”.

    It may be true that some communities have retained “traditional cultural belief in witchcraft and spirit possession”, which they call “Kindoki”. But the children are not being tortured because THEY believe in or practice “witchcraft”, nor are their abusers trying to use witchcraft to cure them of possession by an evil (or “unclean”) spirit. Articles like this one deliberately encourage such a mistaken understanding. They sidetrack the reader by focusing on the EXCUSE for the witch-hunting, (i.e., we must engage in witch-hunting, because there is Kindoki in the community), rather than the witch-hunting itself.

    “They believe they are doing the right thing,” Awosokonre says. “In order to save the child, to get the evil out of them, or to stop them from being witches, the parents or the church will exorcise them. To them, they are not starving or beating the child, but the spirit that is inside them.”

    Surely, ancient pagan superstitions must be to blame for this child torture & murder, eh? What else could be the cause of such cruel, sadistic, violent attempts to exorcise evil spirits out of innocent children?
    Well, the idea that people can be possessed by spirits – called “unclean spirits”, “impure spirits”, “evil spirits” etc. – is a fundamental CHRISTIAN belief, as is the idea that such spirits can be exorcised or “cast out” from the possessed person, who will then be cured from all manner of physical illness, mental illness, or even spiritual ‘illness’ – such as, having “turned away from” or “hardened their heart against” the teachings of God, His son Jesus, or His spirit-filled followers. Perhaps by “being a witch”?
    Jesus himself performs this “wonder” of exorcism repeatedly, it is one of the hallmarks of His ‘ministry’ and is specifically credited with causing large numbers of people to “become believers”. The Apostles also, in “Acts”, cast out unclean spirits all over the place with a similar result.
    The New Testament is also rife with other references to magical powers that Apostles possessed, and that they could confer on new Christian believers through Baptism in the [Holy] Spirit; exorcism of unclean spirits, speaking in tongues, the power of prophecy, and the power of discernment. These are not called “magical powers”, because they result from God – in the form of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit – working through them. So long as Christian believers attribute the power performing these signs, wonders to God, and don’t claim to be that power themselves, they are miracles and not “magic”.

    Christian witch-hunters frequently claim the Power of Discernment, conferred on them through Baptism in the Holy Spirit, enables them to “see” the evil spirits in other people, who may be unaware that they are possessed by one. It is this belief in the power to supernaturally perceive who is secretly possessed by a spirit, who is secretly “a witch”, who is secretly “a servant of satan”, which is dangerous.

    “A pastor will stand at the front of the church, and be in the middle of the sermon, will stop and point at a child in the crowd and denounce them as a witch or say that they are possessed,” says Sharpe. It is after that announcement that a parent or family member will agree that “deliverance” or exorcisms must be undertaken.”.

    A much better article on the same subject, in the UK Guardian:

    This article at least makes some connection between delusional belief in the power to “see” evil in others, and specific horrific atrocities, although it also repeats the mistake of relating this to “belief in witchcraft”, rather belief in Holy Spirit Baptism magic.
    “Witchcraft had preoccupied Bikubi from an early age. Speaking to a forensic psychiatrist, Dr Tim Rogers, in Pentonville prison, he explained as a child in the DRC he saw rats and other “abnormal visions” and was isolated as a result. Bikubi – who moved to London when he was seven – believed he was “the chosen one”, with a special ability to sense other people’s spirits”.

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    • Yes, I saw this one too. This is one of the factors behind the torture of the Musa children, the case in which Sabine McNeill and Maurice Kirk supported (guess who?) the parents, saying the children had been “snatched” by the evil state.

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  12. DS is begging for cash daily now, a month ago it was $200 a week but its gone right up in the last few days. His followers are eager to send him money for some reason. I think its obvious what he is spending it on.

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  13. Sigh ! (from APD’s FB Page)

    “Anthony shares more about his experiences as a marine, MMA Fighter, milab super soldier, sleeper agent for Monarch and Kruger, and his meeting with President Trump on a spaceship.”
    “According to John Stormm , 2nd Generation MK-Ultra Duncan O’Finioan was allegedly shot by monarch sleeper agent “William Two Feathers” Thurs. evening, May 18, at the Paranormal Healing Center in Houston, where he was working, between 7:30 and 8:00 PM CST.”


    • Angie should have a fight with the first super soldier!

      (He was actually in the marines, did competitive wrestling and MMA it appears)

      Test out her super soldier skills!

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    • All this nonsence about “super” soldiers is a tad disrespectful towards “run of the mill” soldiers many of whom laid down their lives so that the likes of Angie have freedom to spout any old crap in a vain effort to embellish her shallow existence and actually get away with it pretty much unscathed.

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    • We are creating millions and bilions of jobs,many,many tremendously,tremendous jobs,bigly.

      Unfortunately the White House staff is already up to its ears in terminally confused idiots at the current time but I will pass your video application to Kim Jong-il who is getting a bit lshort on missile test pilots.

      Kindest regards

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  15. This video talks about the avoidance children have when speaking about abuse and the kinds of strategies that are thought about by professionals in the field to hold the child emotionally whilst enabling them to process – and report – abuse. This is for you, Aby, did you think you were somehow qualified to speak to children about such material? You are a pervert, pure and simple. Ella is as bad as this was a joint enterprise.

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    • One of the videos that came up alongside the TF-CBT one on YouTube was this:

      Well worth a look, as a realistic look at what happens to the brain during trauma, and how actual victims behave. Hint: it has nothing to do with pineal gland stimulation, MK Ultra training, or other troofer woo.


    • In stark contrast to the excited talk and details of Ella’s children, who only wanted to please Abe by reciting his lies to perfection, to save being beaten and kicked by him again.

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