Abe Christie, common or garden thug

Abraham Christie’s frequent conflicts with the law have been a subject of much discussion recently.

Yesterday we revealed that he’d attempted to rape at least one woman, who gave us permission to disclose this info’ here. A commenter asked us to verify the much-bandied-about rumour that Abe has been convicted of 37 crimes, so we put out a few feelers to find out more.

While we haven’t yet been able to confirm that exact number of charges, the people we’ve spoken with so far have all confirmed that Abe has had a very long history of run-ins with the law, dating back to his teenage years, and including fraud, theft, domestic violence, drugs, and weapons charges.

We’ve been able to find three convictions for counterfeiting and forgery; the trial took place at Snaresbrook Crown Court, and resulted in a three months’ sentence.

We’ll keep hunting, but meanwhile one of his former friends listed a few of Abe’s various aliases:

  1. Christie, Jemal
  2. Christie, Abraham Jeram
  3. Christie, Aby
  4. Christou, Abdhulla Abraham
  5. Douglas, Gary Anthony
  6. Douglas, Abraham
  7. Douglas, Abraham Jemal

(We understand that the surname ‘Douglas’ might have come from his mother’s husband.)

One person told us that one of Abe’s favourite ‘punchlines’ is “I’ve never been to prison, and I’m not going back”. Har har har.

We’re still collecting info’, but for further information on Abe’s dodgy history, check out these posts:

  1. The real reason Abraham targeted Christ Church School
  2. Abraham Christie’s problem with child pornography
  3. An insight into Abe’s personality, from a former friend
  4. Is Abraham Christie a psychopath?


48 thoughts on “Abe Christie, common or garden thug

  1. perhaps that’s one reason why he fled. He may have thought there was a chance of being deported. And he took his meal ticket with him.

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  2. Abe is a lifelong petty criminal whose speciality is deception. This is his forte. He is, essentially, a liar and a con man. Something most people would be deeply ashamed of.

    It is very probable that Abe would have picked up the skill of forging different styles of writing by his repeated practice, over years, of practicing. copying and forging other people’s signatures. In the old days before plastic and digital money, this is what thieves used to do when they were not burgling, shoplifting or picking your pockets. It was called ‘kiting’. That is what the ‘counterfeiting and forgery’ charges relate to – kiting cheques, that is what they are called in legal parlance.

    Abraham Christie is a professional counterfeiter and forger with a long history of deception and theft right down to petty shoplifting. He would probably pick your pocket if you stood next to him if he needed money.

    How embarrassing for Abe. Only yesterday he goaded an imaginary RD on his blog: ‘See how you wriggle out of this one’ after publishing what is essentially a piece of child porn in text form in his creation called ‘the tickle diaries. Sick fucker. That text was forged by him. It is apparent if you magnify the writing. It would be extremely provable with forensic analysis.

    So how are you going to wriggle out of this one, Abraham Jemal Christie? You fool.

    To Abraham Jemal Christie and Ella Draper/Gareeva: Provide the so called originals of those notebooks for forensic analysis. Also provide proof anything like notebooks or diaries were submitted to the police or court.

    Big fat low down petty liar and cheat Abraham Christie is yet again showing his true colours with this stint.

    What an IDIOT.

    No wonder he has 64 charges and 37 convictions to his name. How many times a year on average has he been picked up by the police? How many crimes does an average criminal commit before getting charged? Talk about a ‘habitual criminal’! He just can’t help himself.

    He thinks he is not going back to prison? I have to laugh. Sooner than he thinks.

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    • Interesting post.
      These writings are evidence of nothing, but Abraham appears to think they are a game changer. A month or so ago he was on YT hinting at new evidence including drawings of RD with a genital hat on. It was pointed out to him then that we have already seen drawings and already believe he coached the children, so other drawings wouldn’t change anything. I can’t remember him mentioning diaries but if I can find the threads I will check.

      These would only have been interesting if they were actual filled diaries dating back to before Abraham came along. Not only has he failed to convince anybody that the children actually wrote them (would need lots of other writing for comparison), but there is no evidence they pre date Abraham and his coercion.

      Abraham would probably steal the spare change from a beggar.

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    • “How embarrassing for Abe. Only yesterday he goaded an imaginary RD on his blog”

      Yes, I wonder whether all that cannabis has made Abe paranoid. He seems to think that everyone who questions him on the web is Ricky Dearman!

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  3. Fraudsters, depend only on being able to fool enough of the people for enough of the time. – Their need is simply to contain the thinking of those still within the silo; and really such containers always have a few tasty dregs at the bottom. – You can observe this in other scams pushed by the ‘McKenzie set’. Anything to keep the last few drops fizzing, but god-forbid they should act if anything REAL comes up!

    Consider for instance a very recent case where quite genuinely an ex military intelligence operator has been given ten years for child rape. It emerged his wife is an MBE and in court it was stated she’d withheld evidence for at least a decade, protecting him. It looks too as if the local Police sat on reports about this guy for close to 20 years.

    The story has it all – Ex Military Intelligence, high level connection, police inaction at least or possible cover-up. And the MSM handling the matter with kid gloves. It’s even said the guy has Masonic connections and he IS pictured wearing what could very well be a “standard” Masonic ring.
    Now, this is a REAL story that could have REAL implications and possibly lead to the unearthing of other REAL cases of child abuse. A blue touchpaper fizzing furiously away surely?

    BUT – Icke, Gerrish, McKenzie and their kind are NOWHERE to be seen on it! – Why? No scope for fraud! No money to be made. And, actually, if you start unearthing REAL cases of “low level”, “non-celebrity” child abuse maybe there is a good chance that the lights will start illuminating the likes of Christie! Another ACTUAL child abuser. – Same thing happened in the Holie Grig case! Very similar in fact to Hampstead!

    They ARE all just crooks. No more no less no question at all about it. Just really stupid criminals.

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    • A real case might actually be resolved. With a hoax you can try to make it rumble on for ever by claiming there is a cover up, whilst milking gullible supporters.

      Usually when a real paedophile comes along Belinda is on their side.

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      • Yes, exactly, FS. It does feel a bit quixotic to keep working towards a resolution of this thing, knowing that the Hoaxtead pushers will just claim that any arrests, etc. are ‘part of the coverup’. And yet we keep on….

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          • Hello – ding dong the bitch is dead – “Jacqui” is giving up!

            “HR is moving on to pastures new. We are handing over to Ella and Abraham. Please now visit their site for Hampstead news.

            The blog will stop on 31 October.

            Thank you, everybody for all your support. It’s been a wonderful journey. All I can say is that I hope HR has contributed in some way to keeping the children out of the hands of the cult and their abusive father for 6 months. I was talking to someone this morning who reckons that they will never be given back to him; let’s hope that’s true.

            Please give all your support to Ella and Abraham.



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  4. Common thread here? Surely to god there’s a law against authoring written child porn and/or filling a kid’s head with it?

    “How embarrassing for Abe. Only yesterday he goaded an imaginary RD on his blog: ‘See how you wriggle out of this one’ after publishing what is essentially a piece of child porn in text form in his creation called ‘the tickle diaries. Sick fucker. That text was forged by him. It is apparent if you magnify the writing. It would be extremely provable with forensic analysis. ”


    ” A filthy perverted ghoul who – rather like Mitch Mitchell – created a fantasy about child abuse in his own head. – Where Mitchell wrote his ‘fantasy’ down; Ogilvy tried to fill his own daughter’s head with this filth… The dirty ghoulish pervert was caught out by his own stupidity when he handed the phone – on which he had recorded his chilling pre-echo of the Hampstead hoax – to the Police…

    Oh the Police were able to recover the recording he wanted them to have perfectly well…

    They were also able to recover his ‘bad’ takes… Where he’d rehearsed his own child to repeat the tale of abuse he had made up. ”


    “Even more curious is Mitchell’s authorship of a book entitled ‘”Holiday”. – The depraved story of how a young child had been taught how to ‘make love’ by a character named “Mitch” during a holiday to Scotland. This filth was written in the person of the young girl herself, and describes in graphic detail how she was raped in a swimming pool changing cubicle at the Bubbles Leisure Pool in Livingston and of abuse in Almondell Country Park – the very same place he had wandered off from his work years earlier to leer at young girls playing in the river”

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    • I was commenting on a Hollie Greig video at the start of the year and Ogilvy started commenting. Ogilvy told me his daughter was being abused by his ex partners son (to different father). He was open enough to admit the police had come to the conclusion that he coached his daughter. At one point (and is on his facebook), he was trying to claim multiple abusers, including a grandparent, who was supposedly encouraged to abuse children by a policeman he met in the pub. Bizarre.

      Anyway, it was he who first linked me to these Hampstead videos, wondering my opinion on them. Then he disappeared and does appear to have sorted himself out some what.

      A common thread is these people have an unhealthy obsession with paedophilia.

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      • As far as I’m aware he’s still around trying to promote the Hollie Greig hoax. He “writes”, well cuts and pastes mostly, a mad demented blog on “Hollie” that seems to be mostly about attacking the Scottish Government with a pack of particularly stupid lies.

        As for the thing about his daughter, yes he admits the police accused him of coaching her because he was faced-down with it, it was all over the Kincorth Loirston and particularly Nigg Kirk in Aberdeen. The story about being “framed” by the “polis” might have fooled some of his neighbours, it’s a well-dodgy area of town. But even there he’s considered a weird weird character that most people shy away from. His link to the Hollie case is that it was the same Sheriff involved in the order to protect his daughter from him that was involved in Anne Greig’s divorce case, she said the abuse had taken place at the Sheriff’s Sister’s house. Except the guy had no sister, sister in law etc.

        The other common link is that the guy is a well-known local stoner!

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      • We’ve never been able to understand that crew’s obsession with child sex abuse, Dave. If they were actually fighting real cases, that’d be one thing. But creating fake cases with all sorts of lurid details, then spreading those details across the internet…well, there’s just something very sick about that.


        • People such as these and Chris Everard, use these stories to hide behind. They hide behind their facebook posts, google search words and meta tags on their websites. Then when they get found out, they scream that they are the ones exposing this. When in reality it is they who are into this filth! These truth movement types are masters of many types of cons and this is a big one. And it’s the most vile. They are perverts hiding in the truth movement using the truth movement as a cover for their criminal activities.

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  5. Just as the Hollie Greig case was a fabrication, so is the Hampstead case. When you see the likes of Belinda’ Mckenzie’s finger print plastered all over it, you can guarantee it is a hoax. She took the Hollie Greig case, pushing the idiot Robert Green all the way, both of them knowing that not one single piece of that story was true. Abe Christie is like minded, his cognitive behaviour is much the same, push push and push even more, spread lies, he is probably hoping that if he repeats the lie enough times it will be believed, just like the Hollie Greig case. There are some I have been informed, still believing the lies of Green, McKenzie, Maloney and all their sad little followers.

    Abe Christie is a coward, no more, no less. A bully, and an abuser. And what the hell Ella is still hanging around with him for, after all he has done, we will never know.

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  6. Penny just dropped: I bet the money that disappeared out of Ella’s account was courtesy of Abraham Christie. It figures: Con man fraudster, counterfeiter, forger enters the scene, has access to purse, computer etc, money disappears. Conveniently victim has a ready made scapegoat, we all know who. And those darling children, well, they are multipurpose tools, really.

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  7. Charlotte Ward is finally bowing out. Wonder if she suddenly got a visit telling her her visa won’t be renewed/she is wanted on various charges in UK. Maybe she will let everyone know what the sudden U turn from sending out 20 000 offensive emails one day to ‘moving on’ the next was caused by. What changed her mind?


  8. So have we got this weekend’s Halloween costumes sorted out yet? My suggestions are:

    Belinda, Charlotte & Sabine – Three Witches. All have the power to disappear suddenly. Sabine comes with an optional walking stick.

    Deborah Mahmoudieh – Screaming Banshee.

    Arya Soma – Vampire.

    Neelu Berry – Clown (looks especially ridiculous when next to Belinda).

    Bronwyn Llwellyn – New Zealand Orc.

    Brian Gerrish – Gollum.

    Christine Ann Sands – Slutty Sheriff.

    Ella Draper – Evil Mummy (possibly unfair).

    Abraham Christie – Freddy Kruger (knives on glove mysteriously replaced with spoons).

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  10. Christopher Everard and his followers had my YouTube channel taken down last night. I now know he had my ENTIRE channel removed from YouTube last night because he was doing an interview with Sean Stone (Oliver Stone’s son) last night and he didn’t want MY videos showing up on the sidebar of YouTube as “suggested videos” for people to click on next. Chris Everard also mentions Hampstead at 41:23 in this video. And right before that, Everard lies about Arizona. Everard has NEVER been to Arizona. In fact, Everard has never been to America and he told me he would be arrested at the airport if he ever tried to come to America. Everard has child pornography on his computers and he outed himself recently with a post he made online. Please watch the video and please comments considering Everard is perpetuating he Hampstead Hoax to a famous film director’s son. This is beyond belief. Stay safe out there


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