Is Abraham Christie a sexual predator?

For some time now, we’ve heard rumblings about Abe’s propensity for violence towards women and children.

We already know that he violently abused Ella’s two children—and we know from Ninorc’s 25 February post on the Icke forum that Abe’s ex-wife and children suffered from his violence:

Ninorc-DI Forum-Abe violence Ninorc-DI Forum-Abe violence-2But no one seemed to want to speak out against Abe, seemingly through fear that he would retaliate. No one, that is, until this woman, who was in contact with one of our team. In a Facebook chat, she shared that Abe Christie had attempted to rape her when she was younger and living in Tottenham.

Abe assault allegationWe asked the victims for her permission to share this info’, and she confirmed exactly where it had happened, 20 years ago:

Abe-assault victim statement-2015-10-27The Sandlings look like this today:

The Sandlings-2015-site of attempted assaultAbe outside RCJ 1We’ve noticed a couple of queries on the matter in the comments section of Abe’s blog. As usual, Abe deflects and refuses to answer. If he’s innocent, surely he would speak up and clear his own name?



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  1. Fag Ash is going to be on Sky News, lol, i shall be prepared for an evening dress. This should be interesting, i can hardly believe it.

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  2. Yes i heard months’ ago about Abraham’s encounter with the 17 year old.

    The way he behaved outside the RCJ back in February i think it was is enough for me to believe that of him.

    Sleaze, sleaze, sleaze.

    I find it hard to believe anyone would find him attractive in any way.

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  3. That’s a new one from Fag Ash, is she making it up as she goes along, seems so, if it’s only come to light now. Does anyone take her serious? I switched off, with her ramblings about God, plus she’s a snob. Not my type of woman.

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    • She’s an odd duck, that’s for sure. When her sister died, it was only a few days before Angie started screaming that her father had ‘murdered’ her. Of course, the poor man was dead so couldn’t defend himself.

      Angie is one of those who revels in victimhood. If she isn’t actually being victimised, well, no problem! She just makes it up.


    • Yeah, she was a MK Ultra victim of the illuminated ones and was also abducted by aliens.. just your average loony conspiracy believer really. I don’t think she’s accused her Father of ever being a Freemason yet, but I could be wrong. I guess accusing him of sexually molesting and murdering her Sister was enough.

      She and Neelu badly need mental health check ups.

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  4. Abraham Cristie has posted a video on his website with numerous images of ‘sexualised’ child behaviour in adverts & films. Typical behaviour of a ‘closet pedo’. He sees it everywhere because he wants to. I think he is dangerous predator/

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    • And if anyone is still in doubt about whether it’s sensible to allow Abe & Ella access to children should check out their latest post. It’s titled ‘Tickle Time’ and I’d prefer not to paste it here. These two psychos are seriously disturbed.

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  5. I looked on Abe’s blog last night and there was an article or video on there called ‘Decades of abuse featuring A and G’. To me it sounded like the title of some sick child porn video

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  7. Whatever he may be, or may not be, the man is a terrifying evil bully. I can only imagine how scared those two children must have been!! I think he is more like a violent sexual predator …gets his kicks out of dominating and being brutal, that probably arouses him more than anything. Must have thought all his christmases had come at once having TWO children to bully and dominate! and impose all of his depraved sexual fantasies upon.

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