A brief history of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group(s)

In the midst of Friday Nite at the Fights over on Alan Alanson’s Facebook page last week, the Hoaxtead mobsters offered us a fascinating glimpse into the machinations and politicking behind the two Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groups. We’ve referred to the groups frequently here, since He Who Must Not be Named blabbed about them more than a year ago, and we sent a friend over to investigate on our behalf.

But we found it interesting to hear about how they originated, from a couple of Hoaxtead mobsters’ viewpoints:

According to Angela Power-Disney, Kristie Sue Costa “BAMBOOZLED her way into Hampstead Research (the blog) and acted like a self appointed boss”. At some point during the summer of Hamster Research’s mercifully brief heyday, APD says, Kristie Sue and Maria MacMahon “PRESSURISED Jacqui Farmer in to having a facebook (sic) presence”. Then they set up the group H RES for Jacqui…after which they tossed her out of her own group.

While this sounds to any normal, reasonably well-adjusted person like the behaviour of paranoid nutters, according to APD it’s indicative of both Kristie Sue and Maria, not to mention Sonya Van Gelder, being “highly trained government operatives skilled in taking over groups and campaigns and steering the narrative usually resulting in attacks on GENUINE campaigners and survivors”—of which APD is one. Obviously.

(Question: why is everyone who does anything the conspirasheep don’t like, a “highly trained government operative”? Those of us who collaboratively run this blog have been tagged with that label as well, but try as we might, we have no recollection of having been “highly trained” in anything. Well, with the exception of Ruby the 47-year-old office cat, whom we trained to use her litter tray. But that was a very long time ago….)

Right, where were we?

Oh yes, the Ebil Kristie Sue and Maria had lured Jacqui Farmer (aka Charlotte Ward) into using Facebook, where they first created a group for her and then whipped it out from under her, like one of those magicians who can deftly extract a tablecloth from under a fully set table without so much as breaking a wine glass. No one explains why this was done, so we must assume they were just fucking with her. We can sort of understand the temptation, to be honest.

Hands up, everyone who thinks that there is no way in hell that Kristie Sue will allow APD’s version of events to stand unchallenged? Right you are! And hang onto your hats, it’s a long ‘un.

Okay, so in her preamble, Kristie Sue wants us all to know that no one, but no one puts Kristie Sue in the corner. Or feeds her information. (Even though Natey Satan most definitely did, but never mind.)

According to Kristie Sue, she did not “BAMBOOZLE” her way into Hamster Research, she merely posted a few comments. Per hour. And more on Sundays. Most of us remember her most vividly for her gaudy avatar, which she nicked from a “Git Yer Cheep Wigs Heer” internet site, and sometimes it seemed as though she was posting on Hamster Research more often than Charlotte was. But let us not split hairs, nylon or otherwise. Perhaps she doesn’t think of that as “acting like a self-appointed boss”. Who knows?

In any case, according to Kristie Sue, Charlotte was running a “limited hangout” (troofer-speak for “a form of propaganda in which a selected portion of a scandal, criminal act, sensitive or classified information, etc. is revealed or leaked, without telling the whole story”). Ooh, bad, bad Charlotte!

Anyhoo…according to Kristie Sue, in November 2015 Charlotte took over her “In Support of Ella Gareeva and her Children” Facebook group, and then proceeded to discredit Kristie Sue (not difficult, we’re sure). To justify this claim, Kristie Sue quotes a scholarly article by Abraham Christie, who as we all know is in possession of an “honorary PhD” which he received from a neighbour many years ago—apparently she made a habit of bestowing them upon people with her PhD Magic Fairy Wand, and Abe happened to be standing a bit too close that day.

The HRES group was started in late November, we recall; and by late December 2015 it was already coming apart at the seams. Probably the result of trying to crowd too many paranoid and/or narcissistic and/or intellectually challenged people into a single group, we should think.

We hope both these groups had revolving doors, to accommodate the comings and goings of disgruntled troofers.

Funny how they seem to spend all their time slagging one another and discovering shills, agents, and BAMBOOZLERS in their midst, whilst we at Hoaxtead Research have sailed merrily along, more or less conflict-free. Sure, we’ve witnessed minor spats from time to time, but nothing like what the troofers seem to consider part of normal living. No doubt in their eyes that cements our reputation as FBI / MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ / MOSSAD / etc., since only “highly trained agents” could get along as well as this, without having coups every couple of weeks, and Maoist-style purges on a monthly basis.

Either that, or they’re all just mad as several boxes of highly agitated frogs. We’ll let you be the judge.


188 thoughts on “A brief history of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group(s)

  1. Cracking article EC, that really exposes how deluded and deprived of attention these people really are.
    Shame none of them spend this time with their own children, just that they prefer to post pictures and videos of other peoples kids talking about graphic child abuse.
    All jostling like pigs in the mud and filth for their place at the water hole, or fountainhead of the hoax.

    On a seperate note the fall out from the 12 conspiriloons that did bother to turn up for yesterdays protest in Washington DC suburbs, that echoes the morons that did the same in Hampers, is that a fairly decent video report on the event is now being destroyed by these braindead zombies in the name of Pizzagate/Pedogate/clutching at straws “We wish it was fake news”/We have nothing else to do if this hoax fails crowd.

    This guy sounds slow and not all there, just like all the mentally ill and drug addicted fools pushing the Hampers Hoax. Already blaming those brave souls that spoke out about how these loons have tried to destroy a community and labelling them pedophiles or supporters of pedo’s and the good old troll label.

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  2. There has been far too much infighting within the hoax mob over the past couple of years for anyone to take them seriously.

    You’d think with a common interest of (lousy) research and satanic hoax promotion, it would have been enough to keep them all sweet with each other.

    The problem is, they are all Satanic-panic junkies or paranoid conspiraloons, which in turn makes them suspicious of one another and they’re left not knowing who to trust.
    Difficult, when what you are promoting is essentially a hoax and each has their own ideas of fictional evidence which they wish to promote.

    They all want to be seen as ‘top dog’ of the hoax and all they ever achieve is to make themselves look like a laughing stock.

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  3. Great post! Bunch of egos without common sense. Dare I say ‘Game of Thrones’.

    We’ve had our arguments here on HR though. There was the time Norman got his spines caught in me tights…….

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  4. Another tinfoil-clad fruitloop talking bollocks about Pizzagate:

    Pssst – Christopher – those attempts at dramatic pauses really aren’t working, mate.

    As for Trojan horses, I much prefer King Arthur’s Trojan rabbit:

    Sorry, I will stop going off topic and read your fine post now, EC…

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  5. Terrific post, EC.

    Interesting you mention Dave Shouter, as there have been whole threads about him on the same page as the ones screenshot in your article. They are not happy with him, though bizarrely they do love Fiona Barnett!

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  6. Wow, ‘conspirasheep’ is catching on. I am so proud 😀

    Fascinating read, by the way, EC.

    It makes me wonder why these fruitloops bother setting up sooper seekrit groups, given their propensity to merrily bicker away in public anyway. And long may they continue to do so – it’s highly entertaining 😀

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  7. btw I love the Spy vs Spy graphic. I spent many frustrating hours as a child playing that game on the NES at my friends house and still never really sure how the whole thing worked to this day.

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    • Nice of him to repro the whole rant! Someone in his audience could potentially learn something from it – if he had an audience.
      I would never presume to speak for FMSF, they are more than capable of speaking for themselves if they wish to. But I’m fascinated by the SRA-MC victim claimant’s professed outrage that anyone might suggest their memories could be false! But THEY CLAIM to have false memories, and in fact they were the first to suggest that CSA victim claimants might have falsifies recollection of their childhood. Here is Uber SRA victim claimant Kathleen Sullivan discussing her false memories:

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      • And here are some classic, tragic cases of patients whose minds were raped, and their lives sacrificed, by brainwashing SRA therapists:

        Carol Felstead
        Patricia Burgus
        Elizabeth Gale
        Elizabeth Carlson

        Tragically, there are many, many more.

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        • People like David S. and Nathaniel Harris are charlatans and mountebanks who have the detective skills of a brick and the brains of a termite. There are many innocent people getting hurt by these circus freaks, and they waste public funds that could have been spent helping authentic victims of child abuse.

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        • @Justin. can you clarify what you were saying about that Nathan bloke. It is complicated and needs to be broken down. I think the jist is that a child abused by Colin Blatelys cult was 6 years old in 1994, that would make her about 29? Is this Nathan claiming to be in contact with this girl but saying she is only 20 which would make her way to young to be the girl? Nathan and shurter are spinning it to say that you are saying the abuse couldn’t have happened.

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          • @Karnevilnine – sure 🙂

            Simply – in a Mirror article of 2012, one of Batley’s nieces says she left Batley’s “cult” at age 23, after learning that Batley had abused a 6 year old (gender not specified).
            She was 23 in 1999. That means Batley’s 6 year old victim was born in or before 1993 and would be 24 or older today.

            Nathan has baldly stated that he knows who Batley’s 6 year old victim was. He has repeatedly implied, over the last 4 years, that the 6 year old was his own stepson. But Nathan’s stepson will be 20 this year, so they can’t be the same person. That’s all.

            Except that, Nathan has accused certain people of abusing his stepson, and he wants everyone to think his stepson was the 6 year old, so they will believe the people he accused must have been in Batley’s cult.

            Don’t worry about what those idiots say about Justin. He’s just a screen name – they can’t hurt him.

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          • @karnevilnine – they could be talking about “Annabelle Forrest’s” (Marling’s daughter) book.
            I have no reason to question the convictions in the Batley case, but Annabelle’s book was ghostwritten by a literary agent, whose company gets to re-write client’s life stories with any modifications or additions they wish to make. It contains fictional elements.

            This is for the twin geniuses:

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    • I feel his pain.
      The frustration of wanting to report yourself as a 9 year old serial murderer and expose the fact your dad has papered up in his laundry 100s of baby’s bodies, would try anyone’s patience.

      Is this the loon – he mentions Omaha – who took viewers on a foot guided tour of a city block pointing out buildings were Satanist baby murderers were frequently holding murderous orgies?
      I hear his membership for the local Tourism Office was rejected.

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      • LOL I think it was the very self-same loon, Sam. That tour was the dullest thing since the latest Alfred Labrador Webfoot video. Great soporific, worked like a charm.


  8. The naivety of El Coyote is suddenly exposed for the world to see.

    Ruby the 47-year-old office cat is your HANDLER for crying out loud and you never ever twigged did you?
    Ruby is well know within intelligence services as one of the greatest spies having maneuvered the beginning of the Russian Revolution when she moved in with creepy Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin and urged him to travel to St Petersburgh where the fateful 1917 plot was put into play.

    Not many people know this but Rasputin was the great grandfather of another Hoaxteader Hoaxer, the career criminal Abraham Christie (look at the facial resemblance and try and find out if anyone has ever seen Rasputin & Christie in the same room !.)

    Ruby was much sought after as a Sooper Spy but was finally snapped up by MI6 & GCHQ where she went by the name of Miss Whiskas ( or Miss W ) and was even courted by the legendary James Bond. It was Ruby who bugged the phones of US president Donald “I’m Not Sane” Trump on orders from the Kenya Master Sopper Spy Barack ‘Barry’ Obama.

    So clever is Ruby that I guarantee when she meows a few trigger words El Coyote reacts instantly and reaches for a bag of Yummy Yummy Pussy Beads 100% guaranteed real Kangaroo meat.

    Little does EC know but that litter box is how Ruby communicates with HER handlers by inserting secrit messages in her droppings.

    EC, your task if you choose to take it is to nightly & minutely take apart what remains after Ruby’s daily ablutions and find the microdots she inserts in them. Ruby is Jewish (duhh ..the name a giveaway) and a 2nd Degree Freemason and was bred from the Rothschild feline strain of that family.
    Ruby doing Spy Business.

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  9. The playlist ‘Royalcommissionwatch’ on my Sheva Burton YT channel, contains ‘Trauma Theory with Laurence Coghlan’ ~ Pts 1 & 2 + comments + John Brown’s committed activism for decades ~ tipped many off.
    Hence, increased attacks upon me, again. I couldn’t have helped without remaining identifiable. But have been shocked at how far they dare go. Pizzombies adding ham, vamping on real concern, efforts

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      • Sheva. These people have been attacking you for a while now trying to make you look like an “agent” How is this going down in the activist scene and what do they think of people like Shurter, Barnett, Disney etc with their Sci fi child abuse shit? Ordinary people with common sense do not believe these idiots and they are really damaging to the “mundane” victims of abuse. The word survivor for instance has become a joke. What are the views of genuine activists and have these nuts turned the regular activists against you?

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          • If I’m not mistaken, when the Hampstead SRA hoax was started, Belinda and Sabine tried to convince members of the CSA survivors community online to back them. Some did, but many others told them where to get off, as they realised they would be used as pawns in a nasty game.

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          • That’s good because having people like Shurter and Disney as the face of child abuse activism is a bloody joke, this stuff is too serious and their ridiculous conspiracies are pissing me off. Abe and Ella need to be taken to court so everyone can see the facts in the Hampstead debacle. They have succeeded in turning many people against each other and this needs to end. A problem I can see though is a lawyer getting the kids testimonies thrown out because of all the different stories they told, also its 2.5 years since it happened and they might not remember that much. Even if a jury found them guilty the idiots online will still claim a cover up.

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  10. Another day,another fine pearl of a read from EC.Thankyou.

    Whilst folk here in the main bounce productively off each other there is ample evidence of full blown crabs dis-ease wreaking havoc elsewhere.

    Live crabs are sold in an open barrel.There is no need for a lid because as a crab attempts to elevate itself…the others will immediately grab him and pull him back down into the barrel to share the fate of the rest.

    A futile competition which prevents any of them from escaping to freedom,and in the process they are collectively subjected to suffocation and death.
    When bipeds engage in this kind of behavior…it guarantees communal demise.

    Really stupid crabs actually believe fish can fly.

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  11. I can see a Meme here Guys! “IDOL GOSSIP” HAHAHA! Good Work. Very Funny E.C. I thought “Ruby the Cat” was Neelu’s Alter lurking about HQ!! We need better Security! Q is on it! 😀

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    • FFS! Grrr.. what a ridiculous video. Watch Angie ‘like’ it and share it.
      I’ve reported it but I don’t hold out much hope on YT removing it, they never fkn do. Sorry, but I’m just so angry about it.

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      • Understandable frustrations Jake.Just seen the HTC crazed abuser/fugitives have had 4 new Patreons bringing then in a grand total of $52(praps a result of recent video bollocks doing the fruitcake rounds).

        YT,FB,Patreon et al are effectively colluding with serious criminality and their relative inactivity amounts to little more than tokenism.

        Scumsters in part pursue their heinous crap because the consequences of their activities offers an insufficient deterrent.

        I fear it may take a major inquiry following on from deaths before these icy monoliths are put under the cosh and made properly accountable for the results of appalling inertia.

        Grr mutter and fume.


        • That is exactly what I feel like every time a new video about the hoax is uploaded.

          It’s also how I feel about my Google notifications, which are going into overdrive due to recent comments I’ve been leaving. LOL!


  12. Blimey weve got T shirt wars going on here. Maybe we should commission Angie to knit a million #JeSuisSheva Beanie hats whilst were at it. After all she has bugger all better to do with her time and must be getting down to her last 10 sleeves of knockoff tabs by now.

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      • She has been mentioned before on here, which is how I became aware of her. Her channel was called “The Watchmen”, she is not someone to interact with as she is already dangerously paranoid.
        Her stalking of famous/ex famous people is weird, as is her smudging at the Big Brother videos and how Madonna is Hillary clintons sister or somecrap.
        Drinking that Gold crap isn’t helping either.

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        • Ah yes, The Watchmen, rings a bell. I’m just looking through some of her videos.

          “Woman comes into Waiting Room but does not get on a train.”
          “Woman comes in and sits right opposite me but does not get on a train.”
          “Today my bus is escorted by a white car.”
          “Today my bus is escorted by a red car.”

          Why are her family not helping her?
          The videos are ridiculous and she must be a public nuisance in her hometown.


      • let’s just hope she stays away from the Arsenal ground on match day, heaven forbid they are playing Liverpool or Manchester united, she will thing an army of gangstalkers have been sent just to annoy her.

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        • Sounds like a wee bit of aversion therapy wouldnt go amiss.I am almost warming to the notion of bringing back ye olde workhouses for some of these ne’er do well twats 😉


          • I image this is similiar to what it looks like from the perspective of the person being stalked, I mean the ahem ‘perp’.


          • CM, There had been a post recently where we’d been discussing people who think they are ‘targeted individuals’ and how it’s them who are actually targeting people. The comment section often deviates from the matter in hand as the day goes on.


          • Well I suppose because she’s linked to Angela, popped up on my feed and has been posted by others before on here. Maybe because it is a dangerous example of the types of worrying behaviour many of these people display.

            If it bothers you that much then I have asked EC when he has time to delete them to do so.
            Maybe because it is quiet on the hoax front, maybe because I was bored and just found the whole conspiracy gangstalking craze that has been covered on here before fascinating.


          • It’s linked to the topic of gang-stalking, a troofer fascination which we’ve talked about here in the past—the idea people’s mental illness or just plain paranoid tendencies being magnified in the echo chamber of the internet is, I think, part of what drives some of those behind the Hampstead hoax. It’s a bit peripheral, granted, but I think the more we understand about the people who do this sort of thing, the better.


        • What a coincidence, I came across that video recently because she left a comment on a video of my mates band. She thinks that because the band Fields of the Nephilim are from Stevenage that Stevenage will be where the Fallen angels rise from below the earth. Who is she?


          • Sheva know her somewhat, from this lady making a video about her I guess. I know she is connected with Angela P-D as she complained to Angela a while back that a fake profile of Angies was commenting on her own videos. Nothing wrong with her making weird videos, some are even funny but the stalking is wrong and off the charts. She had a video since removed where she read out Belinda Mckenzies address out and asked why Belinda was keeping the tunnels under her house for herself when the meteors and disasters happen and was urging people to go to Belinda’s house and protest.

            Some of her dangerous behaviour is worrying, as well as being a denger to herself and others.
            She does need help.

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          • How funny.

            Just 2 people I know that live in Stevenage.

            Sharon Chesterman (face book) = a trouble maker.

            Bobby Smith, Give Me Back Elmo Party.

            Heidi is the ex of Ben Emlyn JONES I believe, friend of Miles Johnston, would be lover of Angela Power Disney.

            The link is there.

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        • Why should I be ‘so bothered’ as you put it?

          I haven’t asked for anything to be deleted nor would I expect it to be.


          • Okay. I think I have made it clear now why I posted it.
            Maybe it was off topic, maybe as it involves Sheva, Belinda, TI’s, Mental Illness, harassment of innocent people it does relate to Hoaxtead.
            Anyways, have a nice evening good sir.


        • Wow she is quite scary.
          She’s actually stalking a very old friend of mine there, the singer Marilyn who once had a hit record. He’s been through some pretty tough times with drugs but I was very pleased to see him interviewed recently on The View with Boy George looking fantastically healthy and back to his old witty self.

          I presume it is Marilyn as we don’t see his face but this shows how even a not too famous person can become the victim of stalkers and going down that back alley with someone following you could be quite dangerous. Who knows what she is about to do !

          That lady must have a hard time walking down the main road with all those red buses passing by.

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      • Her objectivity extends to blocking anyone who provides evidence making it look they like haven’t responded no matter how polite they are.
        Anyone who viewed abe and Ellas videos of the children and believed 90% there was a satanic cult and that real victims of child abuse, and still think til this day that Hampstead is a confusing rabbit hole is a complete mentally ill loon.
        She doesn’t like the look of the father and she continues to base false claims on that.
        She is all too happy to show images of the children and disrespect their rights to privacy so for that alone she gets a 5/5 rating on the twattage scale in my personal opinion.

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          • I think you will be fine she like you lol.
            I know there is a time for tact and all, and maybe you can make some head way.
            She only wants to view information that supports her already formed views, and is veering more into, the mother is also in on it as well as RD, who she seems to have a fetish for in a bad way.
            Why she thinks she is the one to speak out and actually have a voice on a 2 year old Hoax at this point is beyond me. Her Pizzagate/Pedogate videos speak for themselves about her logic skills and mental state.

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          • I will use “tact” if there is a small possibility that I can spin an individual away from a path that would probably destroy them like so many Satan Hunters that have arrived to promote this demented hoax.


          • James, I also saw that comment that Kristie Sue posted to you, pretty much saying that her reason for continuing to post that you’re Julian Vaynes is to get back at EC for his posts about her. What a nasty bitch!

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          • Did she really? How vile of her! If she doesn’t like being critiqued for her lazy and incompetent “research” habits, not to mention her apparent difficulty with deductive reasoning, she could, you know, just stop. I’d shut right up about her, guaranteed.


          • Yeah, those weren’t her exact words but I was reading through the lines a tad. I seem to recall one responder suggesting that she was saying that in order to effectively blackmail you. Hold on – I’ll see if I can find it…


          • So Kristie Sue, responds to a post about her incorrect shitty research skills by continuing to post her incorrect shitty research on SV?.. and that makes sense in her head? Wow, she’s a bigger bitch than I thought.

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        • She reads this blog Lol.
          It cannot be an alt account previously blocked as my original message wouldn’t have got through.
          Blocked since I pointed her to evidence on this blog and other places.
          Logged in.

          Logged Out.

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          • What?? You are giving her information to help her research into the case and she is choosing to tell you that you are a complete waste of time and energy?? What a whackjob of an investigator. LOL!

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          • I guess it’s because I linked to hear and she has made comments before about how bad this blog site is.
            I guess what she would call trolls who don’t agree with her assessment of the case (anyone who says it’s a hoax), and as I don’t have access to confidential police records, my information must have been bad info.
            Full post of what I said and links, maybe rightly or wrongly.


          • Abe’s criminal history is referred to in the Court Judgement.

            Does that not suffice? Is she really choosing to disregard the mention of it in Court Documents?? Unbelievable.
            She hasn’t researched the case at all it seems.


    • She’s supposed be researching the Hampstead Hoax.. not repeating the lies and the stupid bitch is begging for money to do an Investigative Journalist course. Pfft..

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      • None of these cranks have researched it objectively and even if they did they would lose all their subs and views. Anyone who comes out and says its a hoax is blackballed by the conspiriunity (copyright spiny norman 2017)


    • Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if ET phoned home and checked her facts before posting her shite.

      There are several newspaper articles plus Justice Pauffley’s court hearing report that confirm this, not to mention Abe’s own admissions about having a dodgy past. And not even the conspirasheep dispute this claim. It’s just her.

      (By the way, for the record, it’s 37, not 70, though he’s had 67 arrests.)

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  13. HAHA Shurters pulled out of the DC Pizzagate rally in which he was to speak. Many people were threatening to not attend if he was to have anything to do with it. Even the pizzagate crackpots know Shurter is a wrongun.

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    • TOO frickin’ FUNNY! har-dee-har-har and yuckity-yuk-yuk!

      This demonstrates that Dipstick Shyster and Nathan Satan – both of whom have serious, chronic problems playing nicely with every other child, are perfect for each other and should get on famously.
      They ARE those nasty little boys from your Grade 1-3 class, the ones who systematically alienated every other child, by pretending to befriend them just so they could play some sick & cruel joke on that child. By half-year’s time, everyone hated them and shunned them and they no longer bother trying to pretend that they liked anyone else. Except each other, and from that point they’d be inseparable – always sneaking & skulking around together, pointing at some other child while whispering and laughing together, always planning some infantile plot against one or another of the others. Right?

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    • He still believes people eat babies, just not Alan. He will recover from the acute psychotic breakdown he had but he will see many more mental hospitals. Sonya is lying about Jake, Jakes sectioning was nothing to do with Hampstead and all about him trying to drug a little girl. We know this as his friend Kevin Weaver said. These cranks are all blaming Hxstd for their mental problems.

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      • Yet we’re the ones who have consistently called for the mentally ill ones (Jake, Arfur, Nina…) to be left alone. Not to mention for them to be kept away from Angela. I guess it’s easier to blame us than to turn the mirror on themselves.

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        • What bothers me is when the troofers insist on telling floridly mentally ill people that they are perfectly fine, their beliefs make perfect sense, and they should stop taking their meds. It’s so clearly wrong, damaging advice, and yet because it’s what the mentally ill people want to hear, they listen and end up damaging themselves even further.


      • I think Sonya is aiming that comment at Angela and not this fine blog.
        I might be srong though. Dun J is the EDL supporter I believe.


      • Where does it say JC’s sectioning was anything to do with Hampstead or Hoaxtead Research?

        JC was blatantly not quite “right” from when he first came to my attention.

        He was then manipulated and encouraged by Angela Power Disney and he fell for it.

        Again, like another, it was pointed out to him I believe that he was being manipulated to do the dirty work of Angela who called him a “warrior” for crying out loud!

        Angela was also asked to stop manipulating him but she listens to no-one.

        If APD and the other Hoaxers had not spurred JC on then he might just have stopped actually getting in his car, visiting a shop in the Hampstead location, leafleting cars and going on field trips to Court plus visiting strangers with at least one young child.

        He was also obsessively phoning the Police and visited them with his father to report that there needed to be an investigation.

        Crazy behaviour, sigh…

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    • This is the one the commenters don’t like.

      I’ve no idea whether the “accessing memories” stuff has any validity whatsoever, I actually suspect not very much to none, but the video certainly hammers home the point about how upset he was in the interview.

      She did one on Ella I think on the 13th of January, but it’s behind a patreon paywall.

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      • I am not always a fan of so called body language experts on youtube as I have seen many miss very easy to spot techniques such as distancing behaviour in other video namely one featuring Ian Huntley from another much lauded channel, and most of the time they can only legally focus on events where they know the outcome as the trial has already happened etc.
        But so far what I have seen of this video, looks the most indepth and accurate opinion of RD.
        Sadly conspirisheeple will see what they want and make their own videos based on pre-conceived perceptions and ideals that they will never let go of, despite any evidence that contradicts their claims.
        I still have ET’s video on RD saved that she claims she deleted on worries about copyright strikes.

        Thanks for the video Tracey mate. I have never seen anything about RD to suspect him of being anything other than a distressed father and a decent human being. Abe on the other hand, endless information on him being a completely vile human being.


        • It’s not accurate, though, mate. It’s riddled with myths about body language. And what are this woman’s credentials in this field? Is she qualified to speak publicly about a person’a guilt like this?


          • Bombard doesn’t see guilt, she sees innocence. The point is, the hoaxers are dissing Bombard’s analysis as it doesn’t suit their narrative.

            In the end though, all it really shows is that people see different things in body language.


          • No, it’s ok – that was me being a fuckwit. I thought you were referring to the video I posted but I now realise that you were referring to the second one. Sorry, BM. I’ve booked myself in for a lobotomy as penance.


          • To be fair, she does state at the top of her “Description” section that it’s “strictly her opinion”; I would see it more as an entertainment-type video than anything else. I remember the flood of troofer videos which claimed it was “obvious” that RD was lying and/or acting in the Derbyshire interview, but I don’t think any of them included any sort of disclaimer.

            That said, I agree with you that she seems to repeat a number of myths. For instance, she uses ideas about “memory access” that trace back to the old days of NLP—the idea that when one looks in a particular direction, one is accessing visual, auditory, or eidetic memory, for example. This stuff has been disproven time and again, but people continue to use it, probably for the same reason they read their daily horoscope each morning: it’s fun to believe that the world is clear, predictable, and simple.

            I’d be more inclined to credit some of the physical cues she points out, such as the almost instantaneous reddening of the rims of the eyes, and swallowing or speaking in a choked voice to keep tears back.

            Bit of a mixed bag, really. I wouldn’t put a great deal of stock in it, but I’d certainly say that it’s going to annoy the troofers, which isn’t a terrible thing. 🙂


          • Lol I have not watched the first one. The second one I was referring to is full of guess work and is what you could say is interpretation i.e the accessing images or memories malarky, but it is pretty decent in some ways, and RD is genuine as we all know. There has never been any doubt of RD being genuine unless it doesn’t fit the hoaxers narrative.
            Thge mind boggles that people don’t want to look at the person (AJC) who started the hoax, yet still manage to talk about the father supposedly being full of bullshit.
            But don’t worry the special one hasn’t started her super special investigation yet, maybe when she gets enough money she will finally begin, even though she has already pre-judged it all 2 odd years too late, but it can be added to the pizzahate bandwagon that she just found out about.

            Liked by 1 person

          • I say, chaps – is it just me or is the second one hard to focus on due to the rather ravishing voice of that saucy American narrator? Think I’ll pop over to her channel with some Black Magic and a bottle of Bolly. Rawrrr. Don’t wait up, chaps. Tally ho…!

            Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t recall having seen this before, but no wonder the troofers hate it, LOL! Imagine that—a person trying not to cry, trying not to make their own emotional trauma the “story”. Inconceivable!


  14. Jolly good show, chaps!

    I’m pleased to see my ‘Prey on the Children’ nickname for that creepy bastard is catching on, by the way. And is it me or is he sounding a little jealous of this fine little blog? 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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