A late Xmas gift from David!

For some time now, we’ve been getting regular reports from the Sooper Seekrit Hampstead Research Facebook group that Charlotte Ward Alton threw together when she abandoned her disgusting blog.

Lately, though, things have got quite heated over there…and today David Shurter (who still doesn’t like us, just for the record) offered up a belated Christmas gift to Hoaxtead watchers: the bitch fight to end all bitch fights.

We’re presenting it here verbatim, for your reading pleasure:

1-shurter-fb gp-2015-12-30 2-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 3-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 4-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 5-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 6-Shurter-FB group 2015-12-30 7-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 8-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 9-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 10-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 12-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 13-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 14-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30 15-Shurter-FB group-2015-12-30

Th-th-th-that’s all, folks! Isn’t it reassuring to know the level of informed debate they’re having on the other side?

V0019462 A drunken street brawl between four young colporteurs and a Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images images@wellcome.ac.uk http://wellcomeimages.org A drunken street brawl between four young colporteurs and a man, with two accompanying couplets. Etching, 16th century (?). Published:  -  Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

V0019462 A drunken street brawl between four young colporteurs and a
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A drunken street brawl between four young colporteurs and a man, with two accompanying couplets. Etching, 16th century (?).
Published: –
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


110 thoughts on “A late Xmas gift from David!

  1. What a perfect example of the type of people who believe and perpetuate this hoax. I did laugh when David said that he bets Araya gets removed from a lot of public places.

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  2. Hmm…doesn’t the Hitler stuff violate facebook’s terms? Surely at least a ban for Araya is in order if not a ban on the group as a whole?
    Personally, I’d ban her from all social media, especially for the crime of stealing our word. Twunt is trademarked!

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    • I’m pretty sure ‘twunt’ was ours from the start, yeah. As for Facebook, good luck getting them to admit that anything violates their terms of use. Except copyright. And pictures of women nursing. Those are totally not okay with FB.

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    • Pretty sure promoting Hitler is a reason for Facebook to shut down a user and remember in Germany & Austria where these pages can be read there are pretty strict laws against deifying the psychopathic mass murderer. What with Neelu Berry praising mass killer Idi Amin these are some sick puppies.

      They really live in an alternative universe ( a flat one ) where a court decision reinforced with an appeal can be overturned by them a’ranting and a’raving on the internet.

      My sister-in-law worked for a few years as a psychiatric nurse in a secure unit and this stuff is so much like some of the madder days she would tell us about where the patients ranged from the rocking dribbling silent types to quite personable people who would convincingly claim the earth was flat and run by cults (satanic reptiles?) and so on. Now they are out in the community !

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      • I would have thought that promoting Hitler/Nazism on Facebook would get a person’s account removed too, but I’ve complained to FB multiple times about Araya, naming specific ‘kill all the Jews’ posts of hers, to no avail. I get back the same message: “This doesn’t violate our community standards”. Well, what does, exactly? I’d like to know.

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    • It would probably come as a terrible blow to Araya Soma that Adolf believed the world he wished to conquer to be round and not flat.

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  3. I did laugh at the ‘poophead’ but then it just got so horrible and repetitive. And now I feel sad. What a desperately miserable bunch.

    And what on earth is this ‘custody’ case they keep talking about? ‘Custody’ has not been a legal term for nearly 30 years now. Surely there cannot be any suggestion that ED is making any kind of application that the children live with her?

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    • Sarah, can I pass on a shout out about a conference being planned for the New Year? It promises to contain Freeman woo, discussions of the Hampstead case and H Greig, almost certainly legal advice about how to mess up your legal problems as much as humanly possible.


      There’s also one that could be organised by ‘Children Screaming To Be Heard’ the charity that’s not good at doing their accounts, although this isn’t clear.


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      • I have already complained about these and got shouted at by Maggie Tuttle for my pains….

        You may be interested in the line up they had last year – including vicky Haigh speaking about child abuse!



        Less amusingly, the Independent Reviewing Officers Organisation posted a link to these conferences without checking who exactly was behind them. They then removed the links but I wonder just how many people get suckered into these events as they have a spurious cloak of legitimacy.

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        • Oh dear.

          Thank you Sarah for letting people know so they can make an informed choice about whether that sort of thing is something they support or want to promote.

          I feel so sad that people are going down that route.

          I was introduced to a friend of a friend not so long ago, this person started the whole berth certificate, Magna Carta shtick, my ROFPML and begging them not to go that route would probably not have changed their course, did also try discussing it with them, told them to look up Meads v Meads, trying to get them thinking about proper legal advice, the stuff that works. If you were to guess that there is a child involved, and family law, you would be right. 😦

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          • I think they should all listen to Kellie Cottam when it comes to going down the ‘ignore the courts/social services’ route. I was truly moved by her speech at Belinda and Sabine’s little shindig last month. She and I might not see eye to eye on some things, but I feel she nailed it on that one.

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          • ‘berth certificate’ !! HAHAHA I have only just noticed that. They do have a bizarre interest in Maritime law – I have been tweeted by a number of idiots talking about going ‘overboard’. I still haven’t worked out why Maritime law is supposed to be superior to any other kind of law?? Its all the same human construct.

            what’s really interesting is whether laws are capable of being enforced or not, not whether you can dance widdershins around the Magna Carta.

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            • I don’t really get the obsession with Maritime Law either, but they all seem to share it. As for enforcement, well, you know the FOTL thing is totally self-enforcing, right?
              *major sarcasm*

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    • I thought Ella said it was all over, that the only way they could get the children back would be if the whole world turned upside down and ‘the (revolting) people’ demanded it. Good luck with that, Abrella, H Res.

      Anyway, I thought the appeal was lost by Ella. Maybe you could give us some legal guidance here, phillimoresarah?

      Code2222 wrote that the legal team withdrew in August at the High Court. And then it went ahead without them and it was not upheld. In other words, decision final. Ella lost. What further legal steps are there? My understanding is that only in the most exceptional, rarest cases, can you get a final appeal re-opened. Is that what Abe was whispering to Ella during the Ed Op interview? Is that why Abraham told Ella to not say the outcome at one point? When Ed pressed them, they did not offer any other solution other than a private prosecution.

      Maybe Abe and Ella are stringing the secret group along about the ‘custody case’.

      Reopening of final appeals

      (1) The High Court will not reopen a final determination of any appeal unless –
      (a) it is necessary to do so in order to avoid real injustice;
      (b) the circumstances are exceptional and make it appropriate to reopen the appeal; and
      (c) there is no alternative effective remedy.

      Maybe that is why they are desperate to find a ‘victim’ over at H Res.

      But they won’t because ‘the cult’ never existed. .

      Get that into your heads, secret group. Re-investigate all you like.

      Ps The cult is over at your place, secret H Res. The cult of Hitler.

      Essien Popoola. You are a black man. You let them get away with that? What will they say at Aston?

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      • I am at a loss to understand what any future hearings could be about. Certainly I can’t see how on earth ED has any horse left in this race. The findings of fact against her were really clear and really damning. Those findings will be treated by every subsequent court as matters of fact unless she can appeal against them. And there hasn’t been any successful appeal, as far as I know.

        so unless she is able to convince the court that she sees the error of her ways and is very, very sorry I can’t see that she would have any argument for playing any role in these children’s lives, given how comprehensively she has tried to trash them. At best, indirect contact a few times a year.

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        • This is my understanding as well, Sarah. It’s all over for Ella, which makes one wonder: why are they continuing this charade? And do their followers know?


          • But the interesting thing about the conspiraloons is that failure only cements their belief.

            I suppose its a toxic mix of the sunk costs fallacy in combination with whatever personality disorders promote this kind of behaviour.

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            • Not to get all psychoanalytic here, but I tend to believe the conspiranoid types are both highly suggestible and have a sense of powerlessness about the world around them. Conspiracy theories offer a sense of security, as they give an illusion of control.

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          • …And a sense of power too. They’re convinced they’re in some kind of revolt against the government and that the establishment are running scared, when actually they don’t even blip on their radar!

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          • Personally, I think it’s a bit more than that. Ask people to put ten dots randomly on a piece of paper, for many people their work’ll be in a roughly grid pattern, the dots are not too close, not too far away from each other. People also see a cause in an effect, and a reason or sometimes a mind or even deity behind it. Patterns. It’s the way the brain works. Me, I was asked to do the random dot thing by a teacher in my yoof. They were all in one corner of the piece of A4. She wasn’t pleased. My approximation of random was no worse an approximation than any other classmate’s, arguably better. I set her straight. Should have done them all in the same place or in a straight line and really caused an argument, that I would have won, but I was only young.

            My dad showed me how the government spied on communications back in the 80s, they even had a visitor’s centre that showed them pretty much doing it. The problem they had then was storage and picking up what they were looking for, they had the will. But hey, getting deep.

            There must be a sweet spot between believing every conspiracy and none.

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            • Yes, I agree completely. There ARE conspiracies about–we’d have to be stupid to deny that. And government and big business do try to control us–or at least, aspects of our lives. It’s seeing conspiracies upon conspiracies, and falling prey to every nutter that comes down the pike, that creates problems like Hoaxtead.


        • I’m pretty sure Abella fully understand their legal avenues are exhausted. They are just trying to justify their actions as damned by the judgement order. Abe appears to have organized a concerted campaign to pervert the course of justice & I think he would face charges for that if he returns to the UK although it can be a difficult charge to prove. Note that the last internet nutter who was charged under that law was found not guilty but has completely zipped his lying lips presumably taking legal advice to do so seriously). But Abe the narcissist just keeps putting his foot in it.

          Ella now has exiled herself from the UK permanently. I’m not sure the penny has dropped yet.

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          • I think they’re fully aware that they’re out of options too, Sam. In fact, I think all these theatrics are about trying to convince the more gullible of their supporters to keep following them, even though the race has been run…and lost.


  4. There’s a new diatribe penned by Abraham Christie uploaded to ‘Before It’s News’. He’s got a sad face because some people aren’t taking his cannabis stuff seriously, and other things.

    I’d like to point out that he’d decided that cannabis, the whole plant, was a blood substitute, in January 2014, BEFORE he met the children. The children needed cannabis, according to him, to break their addiction to blood, then he changed his story to breaking their mind control, but you get the idea. Abraham was a man with a (bogus) solution searching for a problem.


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    • And just wait for a few years when the kids might decide to speak to the media or write a book about their experiences under Abe. Imagine what will be revealed.

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      • I’m hopeful that they’re in a truly loving family now, where they can heal from this and see it simply as an unpleasant chapter in their young lives.


    • Yuck.

      Don’t joke about prison rape or use it as an insult. That isn’t a funny subject.

      Thankfully the UK hasn’t had the same problems with sexual violence in prisons as the U.S., although it happens, and it’s underreported. I know a few ex prison officers, they don’t joke about it, in fact they are well aware of things like sexual violence happens, grooming by predators or gangs, drug debts leading to coercive sexual favours, consensual sexual relationships, but they never use rape as a threatening consequence for criminals, or make light of it, rape is rape. They don’t say stuff like that in my earshot anyway.

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    • I’ve never, ever, ever, ever, heard, read, seen a survivor of sexual violence talk like that about someone being raped just because they don’t like someone. Maybe in vengeful rants against their abuser or another sexual predator, and of the ‘I hope it happens to them so they know what it feels like’ type rants that come from pain, but never dropped in to a conversation as an insult, not ever.

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      • Nor me, except from the hoaxers, this all went on during the hollie case hoax too, but now i am in a position, where i can more safely confront and challenge them. They said some pretty disgusting stuff to me, Araya, was one of the worst but others’, have tried to chip away at me. I don’t agree with alot of what David says, or believes, but i did feel that he didn’t deserve the tart comment here, bout him being cured of being Gay, and repected his point on his choice to remain celibate, but there are many gays that also don’t live a particularly ‘gay lifestyle’, his choice tho…..but i found him quick to slag off women, and criminals, Ed sounds a bit more fair, but again, i disagree with quite alot……
        I am though glad that they were not fooled by Abe’s charade….. I was commenting early on that i felt that the fact that the hemp business is the fastest growth business, or was at the time, in the US, I felt sure, that was his end game, create a storm online, gain, loads of potential customers, and sabine and bronnys computery tricks, belinda’s charity success with the hollie hoax, and it could make millions, for them all.
        Make up a whopping lie, then accuse any that can disprove it of being involved in something that doesn’t exist, and cause a storm on twitter, meanwhile, CSA survivors and beleagured parents, are still not supported adequately, and this can’t be helping to encourage people to come forward.
        Except, that still there are some strong, very tight groups, and because of the help to spotlight on these con artists, has allowed many to rake them from their groups, and watch out for them, if they weren’t already, others are regrouping, perhaps realising that they may have been targetted, groomed, attached to the hoax, then sidelined and ignored, to flounder, while the main hoax case, or grandstanders keep the attention on them, i hope so anyway. I really do, i have put myself into this arena, by choice, with what were for me, good reasons.
        And tho i believe hemp/cannabis should be decriminalised here too, Abe is so far out there, with the cannabis cures all, nuts, i see no sign of him on groups, consistantly lobbying for changes in law, here, I have tho seen warnings about fake hemp oil cures being sold online, in their groups.

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          • I will never fail to support someone as a result of this case. I’ve seen only unreported cases, failed prosecutions, poorly investigated cases in my day to day life. I’ve been sat in an office at 3am while a friend is with CID in another room giving distressing detail, been there through court cases, not as much as some, but I’ve been there. Then there’s my own life…..

            This case just sucks up too much light that should be shone upon things that need dealing with.

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        • I agree with your observation about the stuff that was said about David’s celibate status. Looking back it’s easy in the moment to pick up on stuff which on reflection may have been just badly worded, I am not sure actually, what David said, tbh. Also, maybe or definitely David said what he did about the prison sodomy thing in the email exchange with Abe in reaction to what he thought was an attack on his sexuality. Which it was.

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          • I do think it’s important that we try to draw the line between silly personal attacks and attacks on the other side’s arguments. We’re not perfect and we’ll make mistakes, and it’s fine to say so here.


          • oh, i think David still, tho went too far, he does seem spiteful to me, but that was ugly…i do think a nerve was touched though, but still really ugly, Araya tho treated him, just as she had with me, i’m pretty sure she told me i loved abuse, too….etc, was vile, i would normally, never engage, as i explained to the police officers yesterday, i normally block that shit, or ignore, by pass, many of us do, but i decided to speak out more, and confront, challenge, question, and had shocking onslaughts of abuse, from enough, for me to just put it out there, from me to various networks, because by ignoring these hoaxes, sometimes just as with abuse, we are allowing, i also did enable some of them, unwittingly, so feel obliged to make it crystal clear, the bits of experience or knowledge i can add, and also use my reach, to spread it to others, that have the sense and experience to perhaps help deal with it, but at least warn others. And yes, Tracy brilliantly put, it is why this has caused me some personal heartache,

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            • You’ve been doing a phenomenal job, Sheva, and we really appreciate you putting yourself out there to try to promote what’s right. I think you’re right that sometimes when we ignore this sort of thing it’s like we’re enabling it; and ultimately, when people are allowed to make false accusations of sexual abuse, they’re really hurting the true survivors. I’m so glad we’re working together on this.

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  5. Abe is a ‘sodomite’, his own terms, lol. He just can’t reconcile himself with his acquired taste. Maybe the cognitive dissonance of his complex sexuality from too much time in prison has sent him round the anus.

    ‘…But the hunger for touch does not always involve sex. Men in prison slap each other on the back and rub each other’s necks and hug and give elaborate handshakes and do strange exercises in which the men use each other’s body weight. It is all an excuse for touch. The condition of being a prisoner, in a point made by Foucault in his brilliant Discipline and Punish, is that of a sexless thing, and much of the experience of incarceration is the prisoner’s reflexive effort, as a human being, to resist that state.
    Consensual sex between incarcerated men happens all the time….

    But more common, from what I could see, was an older prisoner taking a young and inexperienced kid under his wing. Most often, this kid has no money and likes to get high; there are many such people in prison, and they tend to burn their bridges early and totally. And so the older man, who has usually already served major time, feeds the kid, and gets him a little something to smoke or snort. Now the kid has become a “fish.” They start working out together, then showering together, then there is a massage, and finally, the kid is asked to “help” the older guy out. He’s “no homo,” but he has needs ….

    These predators are called “booty bandits” in English, which sounds ridiculous, but in Spanish, the word is much more picturesque and of an older etymology: bugaron. The literal translation would be “buggerer,” but most people stick with the Spanish.’

    I believe Abe was in a Spanish jail at some point. He does get around, that one.

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  6. A “secret group”… like the freemasons and those family courts…tut tut.

    You know, it’s funny, Sabine et al described this case as the case of all cases. The case that would change things more than any other case. In many ways they were right. Only in so much as this case has caused more in fighting, division and argument among a usually unified group of nuts, than any case previously. It has resulted in more legal action against those nuts than any case previously. Don’t get me wrong, is still wish the children had never been exposed like this, but if there are any positives, it is the above.

    I wonder what David would make of Araya’s claim that the earth is flat and her penchant for drinking her own period blood, lol.

    The whole cannabis mind control nonsense appears to come from past experiments on mind control. The claim is that during those experiments the participants were allowed to take other drugs, but not cannabis. The people pushing that theory claim that the psychoactive property of cannabis would block any attempt to apply mind control. The psychoactive effects coming from THC. Which of course Abraham claims he never fed the children, because he was only giving them hemp seeds. Either Abraham did give them cannabis containing THC, which would be wholly inappropriate, or he did not, so the hemp would have no effect on mind control. Not that THC has been shown to reverse mind control anyway.

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  7. If you can bear it, there’s loads of stuff about aliens, demons, mind control and “ancient technology” in this one. And Angela’s theory about “creatures that live in the bowels of the Earth” that are “going to be awakened by the Hadron Collider” is a hoot!

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  8. Is it possible that Abe did have some consensual sexual experiences in prison – that he could not get his head around afterwards? Is it possible he hated this part of himself and projected it onto others? Hence his fixation with sodomy, and ‘the sodomite cult?’ This has been suggested before, perhaps this explains why he has decided to veer away from this focus now. Hit the nail on the head? Maybe as Abe works out his story, he has to adapt his theory to fit. He discovers what works for him and his followers, of which there are but a handful now.

    What I can’t understand is that people are now realising the blatant truth, it’s in their face. They cannot deny it anymore. David Shurter, Ed Opperman are examples. People who would have gladly supported them if they were credible. But they are not. They are a joke. Even Angie is having her doubts and expressing this openly online.

    Yet this group can’t seem to equate this realisation with the relationship that existed between Abe/Ella and the children. They were the masters and the children the slaves. The children produced what they wanted. A story. An act. Under coercion. Abe: ‘I managed to coax them’. What does that really mean? We know what it means, the perforated ear drum with fresh blood proved that.

    No conclusive medical evidence after years of buggery? A virgin? Come on!

    A doctor who had been emotionally affected by being in the midst of manipulative Ella during the examination retelling the story, encouraging the children, she was working to a plan. Get real.

    Why do people WANT to believe in ‘the cult’, in child rape en masse? Why do they need to keep hating the father and hang their last remaining hope about this being real on him? There is no evidence to substantiate this. Nothing.

    What are people really upset about, the ones that say all 3 ‘parents’ are bad? The children are in foster care, so what do they want?

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    • At the risk of sounding racist and an amateur shrink : I have 2 very close friends who are gay and from Morocco. We’ve traveled there together for holidays and I love the country. They have often discussed how common it is from young Moroccan males to have sex with each other for a variety of social reasons but who go on to live heterosexual lives and they fall into groups- most would deny they had, the large majority group feign ignorance to what is a very common practice and turn a blind eye to newer generations that act similarly, and there is a third smaller bunch that become fiercely anti- “sodomy” much like Abe (it’s also illegal) as though their previous experience somehow define their masculinity.

      I’m not going to mention names of who may fall into the small aggressive anti-sodomy group but the name Abraham Cristie comes to mind.

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    • i;d not bothered to listen to the fiona barnet and david interview, and will in a bit, but have been told by Kathy herself, that she was mercilessly attacked during it, stuff has unravelled more, and some of it is on my facebook page, John Brown confronts one of fiona or david’s teamsters, but very cleverly, and he really does see alot of this as vicarious trauma, being triggered,
      Kathy asks for support, as this is released, and thanks El for his kind offer, John is happy to be quoted, and very approachable, and knowledgeable, i have known both over 6 years, and john is a hardcore, pioneer,
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8j1qr8bg9s i too am so glad we are all working together on this

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  10. Couldn’t read all that conversation between Araya, David and Maria. Too much, just too much.

    However, I think Maria has disclosed her surname, so the Perps list could perhaps now be updated??

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  12. I could be contributing to discussions about David, but I’m so tired of his pointless schtick that I can’t be bothered. It’s the same old pattern – David cuddles up to some group, sounds all supportive, attempts to assert dominance in the group, (essentially, take it over), and when he gets rebuffed he starts slagging everyone until they kick him out. That’s why I changed the title of his book from “Rabbit Hole” to ” *sshole”, in the Shurter expose on Dysgenics.

    It’s a shame that David is now claiming to be “cured” of being Gay, though, as jokes about his obsession with Bugs Bunny and his ‘hole’ were always my favorites. (Disclaimer – I assert my ‘cultural ownership’ over jokes about homosexuality, being queer as a 3-dollar bill myself).

    For David, everything is always about David. To ‘turn him off’, just stop talking about him.

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    • I agree, JS. I think we need to declare a D**** S****** moratorium here for the New Year. It can be one of our resolutions.

      Another would be, “Always listen to our Uncle Justin, who knows whereof he speaks”.


        • I’m not up to speed on Simon Danczuk but what is the issue with talking dirty with a consenting 17 year old that in her own words was attracted to him?


          • “It is a common misconception that the law criminalises the possession and distribution only of indecent pictures of children under the age of 16. In fact since 2003, under the relevant legislation, a ‘child’ has been defined as a ‘person under the age of 18’. If he had asked Miss ******** to send him an indecent photograph of herself then he would be in very hot water indeed. At the time in question she was 17, and he knew it.”

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            • So the question is, what was in their correspondence. I’ll bet the cops are busily combing through his computer and phone as we speak.


          • I am aware of the under 18 law regarding images but the point I was trying to make is that the OP providing the link and hypocrite comment is dangerously close to making this a moral outrage issue because he is old and she is “only ” 17. Well so what?

            He can look at her naked body and fuck her arse off but can’t have a photo of her? Really?

            This law was not intended to be used to prosecute people over the age of consent from sending each other naked pictures. The law isn’t an ass, it is the people applying it and making some sort of issue out of it just because of the age difference.

            This site is not a place for moral crusades and witch hunts regardless of the letter of the law. That is what “they” do and something that we must guard against.

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  13. @Common Porpoise That picture of a street walking Angie is so funny. A girl has gotta earn her fags someway i guess. 🙂

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