Hoaxtead: Looking back…and ahead

Poor 2016. It’ll go down in history as the year of Brexit, Trump, fake news, and a string of celebrity deaths. Not really a year most of us will recall fondly…but we at Hoaxtead Research would like to offer a slightly more nuanced view of the Year that Was.

In 2016, we watched the Hampstead SRA hoax’s infrastructure collapse, as its official blogger, Charlotte Alton Ward, was hounded out of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™. Sabine was arrested (again) in early January, and she and Neelu were jointly charged with witness intimidation. While their trial resulted in a verdict of “not guilty”, it also slapped restraining orders on both defendants, which have continued to hobble their efforts to promote the hoax.

The rise and fall of Angie

With Sabine and Neelu sidelined, and Charlotte off chewing on magic mushrooms and mulling her error in having trusted Belinda in enlisting her in the first place, Angela Power-Disney stepped in as de facto Hoaxtead mobster-in-chief.

And what a horrible error that proved to be: first, she recruited American blowhard Rupert Quaintance to come to London and “investigate” the fictitious cult; then she began fawning over a young mentally unstable man, encouraging him to dive headlong into promoting the hoax. Within months, Rupert had been arrested and Angie’s young protegé had been sectioned…pretty much as we’d predicted from the outset, not that we’re feeling smug or superior or anything.

Angie’s most stunning misstep, though, was her shocking (and unproven) allegation that Ella (remember her?) had sexually abused a child on camera, and was involved in producing commercial child sex abuse videos. She made this announcement in early September, and within hours her fate was sealed: battle lines were drawn, Molotov cocktails were lobbed fast and furious, and when the dust had cleared, Kristie Sue Costa emerged as the new Voice of the Hoax.

The waning days

Kristie Sue, whose malevolent self-righteousness is matched only by her pigheaded thickness, is all we could hope for in a new Hoaxtead leader. Verily, she is the Donald Trump of the Hampstead hoax, alienating supporters left, right, and centre, while somehow managing to make Angie look like a shining intellectual light by contrast.

September and October saw a rash of arrests amongst the Hoaxtead mob. This has had a distinct dampening effect; we do hear that the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™ is alive and kicking, but our informants tell us there’s an underlying sense that this thing is dying fast.

Whither Hoaxtead?

Over the next weeks, we expect the arrests made since September to begin to play out in the courts. Those who haven’t yet been charged will begin to realise that accusing innocent people of vile crimes can indeed have serious consequences. Recent attempts to link Hoaxtead to the Pizzagate fake news story will collapse, as those promoting it are more interested in wreaking havoc within the U.S. political system than in exploring a discredited hoax in a London suburb.

Ultimately, we think that 2016 was the year in which the dominoes were carefully lined up; in 2017, a flick of the finger will send Hoaxtead tumbling.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers and commenters a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year…let’s make it a great one!


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    • The same Edward William Ellis who tried to use a “jurisdiction test” on Justice Worsley prior to Neelu & Sabine’s trial? That worked like a bloody charm! Can’t wait for his next trick. 🙂


    • It’s true he is going to bring them all down…Just you wait and see when all the corrupt ones are arrested. There will not be any Masters or Judges left to hear any trials, So no one can lose


    • I popped over to join in the fun and adapted Scarlet Scoop’s standard response to throw back at him:

      By the way, what’s with this guy’s broomstick fixation?!

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      • Who is Chick Chat?
        She / he has ODed on the Angry Pills and it sounds like it doesn’t take much to get their blood boiling so I suggest we encourage “trolling” the poor thing till their head explodes from the pressure and causes an almighty mess in their Granny’s basement.

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      • Chick Chat is talking shite as his/her kind do.

        If he/she was going to “give you my fucking address…” he/she would have done.

        Oooo we’re all scared!


        Such big bravado behind their keyboard.


        And imo Sheva is 100% genuine, she’s been trying to sort out CSA since 1993 if not before I believe and doesn’t ask for money to do so like most of them that are not genuine.

        Chick Chat is a fly by night that just wants to have a rant because they’re angry about the World or whatever.

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    • An intriguing response:

      Er…wasn’t it Chick Chat who repeatedly asked for evidence? Or did I dream that?

      Ah, the predictability of stupidity. Never fails.

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      • I’ve heard what these people do with broomstick handles. They often end up in the Emergency centre requiring an extraction.

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  1. Nice. Let’s start the year as we mean to go on…

    This was one of those nasty channels that had illegally re-uploaded the children’s video testimonies in the wake of Pizzagate.

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  2. I’ve been chortling over the BS “foreword” and “introduction” to Nick Bryant’s “The Franklin Scandal”, so my New Years present to you all will be a very brief expose about that.

    When Nick Bryant was first “shopping around” an article about Franklin and his related book proposal to various magazine publishers, he made a HUGE mistake. After one of the first publishers he approached turned him down, Bryant accused that person of belonging to a nation-wide conspiracy of cowardice. Bryant accused him, essentially, of being a complicit “pedophile protector”, or secretly pro-pedophile, or perhaps even a closet pedophile himself. OOOOPS!
    Understandably, when this publisher related that encounter to his friends in the publishing industry, Nick Bryant quickly became known as: Nick “publish me or I’ll call you a pedophile” Bryant. Equally understandably, this led to Bryant really becoming the object of a publisher’s blacklist. That’s really true, but it had nothing to do with the content of his material, it was solely about Bryant being personally a DICKHEAD

    The foreword by Kris Millegan, publisher of Trine Day which eventually published about 3000 copies of the book in hard-cover, is a devious piece of fiction – particularly the tone of it. Millegan claims that he first heard about Nick Bryant from “Franklin victims” in Nebraska who told him that some courageous investigator was asking questions out there in the hinterland. That’s nonsense. Millegan first heard about Nick Bryant’s interest in revisiting the Franklin case from other conspiranoids in a comment thread on the Rigorous Intuition site. I personally watched the conversation unfold in front of my eyes, there.

    Millegan portrays Trine Day’s decision to publish “The Franklin Scandal” as a heroic & courageous act. This is nonsense. It took three years to “bring the book to print”, because Trine Day wouldn’t publish it until they had sufficient PRE-SALES to cover all of their expenses! Ooooh! What courageous risk-taking, eh?
    You can read all about that, right here:

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    • LOL! I have had some involvement in the publishing industry, and I can just imagine the conversations flying after Bryant’s first faux pas. Most people don’t realise that publishers chat and gossip amongst themselves, and share certain information with competitors…so I’d say Bryant well and truly stepped in it with that one.


      • Yup. And he compounded that idiocy, once the book was finally published, with an “expose” article about that encounter with the publisher, on the book’s promotional website. He was trying to portray himself, therein, as a heroic “take no prisoners” bad-ass investigative journalist. Instead, he revealed himself to be a whiny journalistic “extortionist”. At that time, he was trying to get himself and his book on Oprah and other talk shows. Somehow, a copy of his self-destructive rant ended up being sent to executive producers from ALL of those programs. Imagine that.

        As far as I know, the decision to publish “The Franklin Scandal” was finally taken, after pre-sales of a measly 500 copies – enough to cover a print-run of 3000.

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  3. Sorry to interrupt but is the Angie Power-Disney fb page still there, I can’t find it?

    I’m not blocked on that one but I am on the Angela Power-Disney one.

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  4. The BBC “ska” vid. Happy Song! Reviewing the “Taj” links, catching up. We also have a couple of Shysters and “Professor’s” promoting “hoax” from FL,MI.CT. and NEV. that I know of to date. I’ve seen Attys thrown into the “Contempt cell” for far less in open Court! Actually, THAT Judge was a relic and is finally retired!!! 😀 Phew, nobody defending anyone went to HIS Court without a crisp $100 for potential Bond! hahaha Seriously, See: Judge Kenneth Post on YT vid/”judge/atty contempt” something like that, I gotta learn to post links.(they took his robe for only 90 days) Yes. I’m almost a relic too! Thanks for all the info and humor!

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        • Steven George has far greater problems to worry about than football abuse as his flatmate is on child pornography charges.
          Amazing isn’t it?
          4 months ago these phony activists had never mentioned a goal post or locker room in their rantings and suddenly they have a new angle or alleged exposure in the offing.

          They need to tread carefully.
          I have been warning Fleet Street about the fraudsters Christopher Fay and Bill Baloney for some years now (only the Daily Express reacted and acknowledged me and dropped Fay like a hot brick) and they have now caused immense grief to not just innocent civilians but serving police officers.
          Both have now zipped their lips but the damage is done and there will be retribution eventually.

          Some people will end up doing serious jail time for conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

          # George gets my prize ( it’s Booby Prize) as the first Hoaxer to finally mention alleged football club abuse. I think I’m on record on this forum as speculating on who would be the first.

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  5. Could someone go on the fb page “Patrick Cullinane, restoring common law trial and jury….

    On 29th December GeorgeGreekGuy has shared Matt Taylor’s video showing the faces of the 2 children and lots of people have shared it to other groups.

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  6. One positive to come out of Trump’s election is that Fake News is now a mainstream topic and producers of it are on notice.

    There will be many ups & downs in the battle against it but it’s future is to be sidelined as a cult type activity and every new attempt to jump on that bandwagon will diminish each promoter in the eyes of the vast public as fake tales are picked apart. That won’t convince the hard core believers of rubbish but their influence will fade.

    I note the vile David Icke has finally jumped on the @pizzagate charabanc but it’s too late and it makes him look like the desperate goose he has always been.

    # Note : Icke has studiously avoided any mention of Hoaxtead as a topic knowing he would be treading on seriously criminal quicksand.
    And that is a blow to the Cult of Fake News as it relies on every falsehood to be woven into the Tapestry of Lies. Leaving out a major proportion of the quilt of fabrications weakens the whole.

    Promoters and liars like Spivey and Power-Disney are busted flushes but they just don’t know it yet. They desperately believed they could make a financial killing out their phony “whistleblower” status (ie: lazily surfing the net and scooping up new ‘sensations’) but they ignore the fact the True Believers of Hogwash bore eventually of the popular hoax of the moment because in the end, nothing really does happen. (so much for Power-Disney’s ludicrous plea for a Million Quid to pursue her ridiculous “journalist” career)

    Rather each lunacy dies an eventually death because of a very important psychiatric reason: those who believe stuff like Hoaxtead are powerless and bored individuals seeking a reason for their own failures in life and when hoaxes begin to fizzle out they desperately seek out a new one just like a drug addict.

    #Pizzagate came and went almost in a flash. The internet mob are still hyperventilating but the thing that strikes me here is that each promoter claims the whole Pedo Satanist Rothschild Freemason NWO )insert missing fraction) Cult is about to be exposed and unravel but it never does because you can’t unravel a non-existent thing. Like Bohemian Grove or the Franklin rubbish they just fester in Cyberspace and travel in decreasing circles just like the Flat Earther movement.

    And that means those who lap up this stuff become, often without realising it, extremely frustrated with donation seeking creeps like CCN who endlessly claim they are about to pull off a major scoop but they never actually do. Those who donate to these Flim Flam Merchants of the Internet tend to be in low economic situations and once they realise they have handed over precious cash to one of these grifters with no return, Love Turns To Hate as we have seen and the hoax promoters are soon at each other’s throats as they blame each other for their failures.

    The Fake News sensation which Hoaxtead is a prime example of has been part of a growing movement building over the last 15/20 years but the one plus of @pizzagate is that it exposed the Emperor of Lies as wearing no clothes and all the courtiers (yes you APD) as being deluded hanger-ons and scroungers.

    Steven George is a classic example. Having published an original unread autobiography of his time at Broadmoor, where for our safety the dangerous arsonist was incarcerated, he wrote briefly but positively of Jimmy Savile’s visits there but once the Savile scandal was up & running he became a ‘victim’ once the lure of compensation rared it’s head (no questions asked) and his life tale was re-written.

    # George does bring up the new brewing scandal of alleged football club abuse : isn’t it marvelous how each one of these fantasists like Spivey & Crew have ranted & raved claiming to be “anti-child abuse campaigners” to be for a few years now but have never said a single fucking word about matters so close to home such as Pizza Cannibals and vast Pedo Rings operating in Football Clubs.

    You can see why Rupert Murdoch was so sad about the closure of the atrocious & criminal News of The World as each Sunday he could publish a ridiculous tale about the local Vicar boffing the church organist for the Power-Disneys to salivate over and they actually paid him money to read this hogwash.

    # also note how the Football Club Pedo Scandal is not gaining nearly as much traction as the man Who Groomed a Nation, Jimmy Savile when if true, his alleged actions pale into insignificance by comparison and that is because the one thing Britain has had for over 50 years is a dedicated journalism industry of 1000s of sport’s mad journos and newspaper publishers who provide their sporting sections with unlimited funds and yet, not one of these journalists who live & breathe sport apparently had a clue about industrial sized abuse allegedly happening under their noses.

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  7. This should be retitled ‘Fake copper who believes in solving crimes through water dowsing voices support for proven hoax, lies about interviewing Ella Gareeva and insists she’s telling the truth, even though he has no fucking evidence of this and which is academic anyway, as she was never a witness’.

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    • The uploader Kitty Engel’s liked videos speak volumes about her. ‘Plague of Jewish Lies’ or ‘Black Woman Kills Reptilian’ anyone?

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    • @Remember the Devils

      If you’re seeing this, go to 3:40 in the video below, which was uploaded by the same antisemitic tinfoil hat-wearing fruitcake who uploaded the Ray Savage vid. No prizes for guessing who pops up to talk bollocks as usual:

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      • This Kitty fruitloop also supports Holliehoax and Pizzagate.
        By the way, Annett’s attempts to tug on the heart strings are cringeworthy. And WTF does he mean by saying he has the power to bring down the entire British monarchy, lol? Arrogant deluded prick.

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  8. Imho, Crusty and Gang, after viewing the Mohawks far too Gently Part Ways w/Scammett, I kinda would have enjoyed an old fashioned “scalping” and I can’t say I would have blamed them for a nano. The VERY Nerve. As Mrs, Slocum said, “If I had the nerve of that Captain Peacock in my tooth, I’d have died from the Pain of it!” WTH??? I had no idea this fraud was operating just over the border. What a right FAT Bastard. Gooat CurrAY! ;/

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    • So…when a character pops his or her clogs on Eastenders, it’s for real? They actually kill them, in real time, on-screen? Wow. That brings a whole new dimension to the show.


    • I haven’t a clue what Scamgela (love that) is going on about.

      I had Eastender’s on and all I wondered was which hotel the scene was filmed at?

      Maybe The Grove?

      The “pool” was about 5m x 5m tops.

      If Ronny, the character, had dived in to rescue her sister like the character did, she’d have immediately reached her and would have been able to pull her out, long wedding dress or not.

      How 2 adult women drowned in that is beyond me!

      However, unless this is a ruse Scamgela I would say is in Ireland watching the gogglebox!

      So much for troofer’s ditching their tv’s and not paying the BBC licence fee.

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