Handbags at dawn: More Hoaxtead mob infighting

It’s been quiet days chez the Hampstead SRA hoax of late, and we think we know the reason: the Hoaxtead mobsters are too busy taking potshots at one another to really focus much on harassing and defaming the people of Hampstead.

It started last month with the mysterious Sophia Green, who took it upon herself to point a bony finger and scream, “J’accuse!” at Angela and Rupert. This brought the house of cards tumbling down, as sides were taken, and a gaping schism in the Hoaxtead infrastructure was revealed.

Then, of course, there was Angela’s, ahem, ‘blockbuster’ announcement: she stated that a person (who sounds an awful lot like her old friend Tracey Morris) had shown her and Rupert incontrovertible evidence that Ella Draper had participated in making child pornography—sexually abusing a child on video, presumably for profit.

This was a stupid risk on Angela’s part: she was counting on this injection of further horrific detail to revive the hoax, but it had the opposite effect. If bringing Rupert to London hadn’t already dropped a neutron bomb on the hoax, this announcement did the trick: it was a step too far, even for the looniest of the Hoaxtead mobsters.

And suddenly, the remaining loyalists were lining up to decry Angie as a traitor.

In the midst of it all, Christian evangeloon Kristie Sue Costa, publisher of the execrable Dearman Does Hampstead blog, emerged as the new de facto leader of the Abe and Ella Purist sect. She now has effective control of the famed Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, where she and her fellow nutters have been desperately attempting to plot the comeback of the hoax.

On the Kristie Sue side, you’ll find such luminaries as Jim ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’ McMenamin and his unlovely bride Helen; ‘forensic linguist’ Olu Essien Popoola; Black Hebrew supremacist Desmond During; certifiable lunatic Kane Slater; and alleged stuntman and death threat purveyor, John Taylor.

We’re not really talking the crème de la crème here, but we suppose one takes what one can get.

Meanwhile, Angie is now playing the role of a demented, nicotine-soaked heretic, attempting to rally her bedraggled followers to her version of the cause. She’s supported by the Canadian Kristen Elizabeth, Fart-Sniffer-in-Chief to the late and not at all lamented Jacqui Farmer, aka Charlotte Alton Ward, who led her own attempted (and failed) coup last winter. Oh, and apparently John Duane thinks Angie is the bee’s knees as well. For whatever that‘s worth.

Angie and Kristie Sue have now resorted to slinging insults back and forth, each blaming the other for the collapse of the hoax. From her lair in Lanzarote, Angie posted:


At first we thought she was aiming this one at us, but apparently we were too hasty; it seems she had another target in mind.

Jezebel…that is, Kristie Sue fired back a few hours later:


To prove her point, she shared a Twitter post from Kristen Elizabeth to Kane Slater (who was banned from Twitter shortly after this exchange, oddly enough):


And Kristie Sue was none too pleased with Angie for calling Ella’s parents into question, either:

“In your video with subtitles on…you question the grandparents,” Kristie Sue complains. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED INDEED!” From your lips to God’s ears, Kristie Sue.

Amusing as we find all of this, we think our commenter Mik has the right idea:

mik-re-ccn-ratings-2016-10-01Mel and Biggi would be utter fools to let a chance like this slip through their grubby little fingers. It’s time for handbags at dawn—we know we’d line up to watch!


58 thoughts on “Handbags at dawn: More Hoaxtead mob infighting

  1. You can add the gut-wrenchingly sycophantic Tim Veater to Angie’s list of supporters.
    This lot would win gold if vomit-inducement were made an Olympic sport.

    Excellent write-up, by the way (as always).

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  2. “Certifiable lunatic Kane Slater” and Tina Kachina Simerly have certainly been too busy to meet me for a nice chat this week. I’d particularly love to hear their explanation as to how one share and six likes (one of which is Kane tragically thumbing up his own post) tallies with Tina’s reassurance that “a lot more folks are paying attention than you think”.

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  3. ♪ It must be love…love…love…Da-naaaa ❤

    There really aren't enough puke buckets in the World, are there?

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    • “PRAY over them that curses return on the heads of those that send them”

      Seems she doesn’t understand the concept of turning the other cheek either, so best ignore that bit of the Bible, Angie. Oh wait – you already did. Carry on…

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      • She needs to budget very carefully. Those who save/ borrow/ beg for money in order to visit Angie often end up on bail

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      • That’s ok then, Angela can pay for her mate to visit her.

        After all she paid for the red blooded or was it hot blooded Rupert?

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        • Most likely Angie will still be milking carers allowance for her son(aka meal ticket).Surely Angies creative accountancy can cover the cost of a “peanuts” flight for her latest inevitable victim.Perhaps her friend could admit to “accidentally” setting fire to her Vermeer painting,several laptops,her journalist of the year certificate and other sundry items.

          She ought to also consider going to trading standards and claiming a refund from Ruperts mobile gigalo services for his somewhat limp performance.

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    Step 1
    Find an article about a banking “collapse” from a really reliable source. Fuck it, the Express’ll do. They have an amazing story about how Deutsche Bank shares have just PLUMMETED by…er…4%. And they posted it at 12 o’clock on Friday morning…


    Step 2
    Post your own prediction (borrowed from someone else, of course) about this “crash” (which has already happened, remember). Post it at about half past 12 on Friday afternoon and amaze everyone with your astounding ability to see into the past (and to still get it wrong, unless you truly believe that a 4% drop in one bank’s fortunes is the same as a worldwide banking collapse)…


    Step 3
    Give the original story time to seep into the public consciousness. Then slyly DELETE your original post (the punters will remember that you posted it but not when you posted it)…


    Step 4
    Then sit back, pour yourself a nice cup of Earl Grey, light up your 37th fag of the day and bask in the glow of adulation from your awe-struck punters…

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  5. “The false accusations, conspiracy theories, smear campaigns and pure out HATRED swirling around on here…”

    ~ Angela Power-Disney

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  6. I often think with these Hoaxers and especially Mizz Power-Disney, of Senator Joe McCarthy’s Witch Hunt that set out to destroy so many lives especially in Hollywood aided by the evil lawyer Roy Cohn ( I saw him in a New York bar shortly before he died of AIDs and I’ve never seen a person emanate pure evil – he was gay and Jewish – McCarthy was said to be gay as well- and Cohn specialized in destroying Gay Jews he thought to left wing)…and of how in a Senate hearings Senator Welch finally said to McCarthy:
    “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty, or your recklessness……..You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

    It so applicable to this mob. Doubtful “Young Journalist of The Year” (a popular vote by the readers of The Völkischer Beobachter) has ever heard of the exchange about false accusations and decency.

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      • Bronny was captured by some local Hobbits who thought she was an escaped Orc and transported to the Middle Earth where there is no Internet so she’s missed all the action lately.
        They felt sorry for her when they realised although she looked Orcish she wasn’t one. Just barking mad. Let her go.

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    • When you plough through Mel’s “newsletter” it doesn’t take long to realize it’s just a whole lot of flim flam nonsense, motherhood statements and attempts by her to link her tragic “network” with legitimate organizations.

      Glossy websites pontificating and claiming they are part of a great change happening on the planet do not make-up for what is an amazingly amateurish Youtube channel that can’t even get the simplest things right like lighting and sound and presenting the same hogwash 100s of other Youtubers are also doing, many with a far more sophisticated presentation.

      I did learn two new words though: Momicide from the frighteningly named Hell Is For Children “channel” (this claims the courts are biased against mothers as opposed to fringe father groups claiming the opposite) and Fruitarianism with the would be cop killer Elish de Avalon. I think it’s a term that sums up the entire Truther “philosophy” : Fruitarianism- the rantings of a collective of fruit loops.

      Breaking news is that Angela Power-Disney – all those recent arrests are apparently an attempt to stop her ground-breaking investigations (ie: linking to stale old news stories already published) – is to release a video that will lead to an arrest of one of the most prominent policeman involved in the Hampstead matter. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

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        • I thought Mel was way older than 40.

          I only realised that claim when she said she was born in 1976.


        • In some way the arrests were about her as Angela has groomed all the people that have been arrested.

          John Duan is “in love” with his Angel.

          Are Angel’s actually real?

          Rupert fell for the extended holiday in London, Ireland and Lanzarote. Arrested the day after one of his appearances on APD’s “show”.

          Sabine has conversations with Angela released on to the internet to badly affect her July court case.
          Again appeared on that 12th September “show”.

          Lee Cant was “manipulated” into appearing on her “show” and the next day was arrested as was Neelu another appearance on that same show.

          The only one to escape is Penny Pullen and David was it who didn’t want to speak on it?

          Wise move there.

          It’s not people on this blog putting Black Magic, Voodoo or whatever on Angela it’s her casting her spell on them.

          More fool them though for getting too involved with her.


      • I wish Angela would hurry up releasing this video exposing the policeman because then she will definitely be getting arrested by him.

        Get on with it Angela, I can hardly wait…


  7. Is it reasonable to expect a “mother and nana, a multi-lingual, world-traveled award-winning journalist and writer, an MKUltra and child abuse survivor” to have heard of time zones?

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    • Amazing how so many have jumped on the Keith Vaz tabloid stitch-up when the man was allegedly doing an entirely lawful act in attempting to have legal aged sex with wiling partners, albeit with an unwise drug connection which may or may not have been serious.

      I think it confirms that since LGBT lifestyles have becoming fairly mainstream and acceptable to the majority of folk, homophobic fanatics have increasingly tried to link being gay with child abuse.

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      • There are plenty of allegations about Vaz and young under age “raggamuffin’s” doing the rounds and his connection with Janner.


  8. Pssst: EC, word on the street is that Sabine has been distancing herself from Angie for some time now, as their “approach to PR” differs and Sabine sees Angie as a liability when it comes to sticking to her restraining order. You ain’t seen me, right 😉

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    • ….Which is fair enough. Sabine needs no help breaching restraining orders. None at all.


  9. They want drama. Hampstead is a drama they can make by creating groups. Drama wanes, start fighting or making stuff up (Ella recording). That’s it really.

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  10. Sabine distancing herself from Angie, would be the first thing that the arrogant, self promoting, German twat that is Sabine, has done sensibly.

    Sabine feeling threatened by the mess that she has created is a comforting thought. Sabine realising that others have taken advantage of her in promoting their own egos is an even nicer thought.

    It all now seems in meltdown….

    Belinda is quiet and obviously hiding under a stone – the going having got too hot for her. The activists seem to be going into a period of inactivity

    Trouble (for them) is the fact that when they try to leave life under the stone then there are many faces looking at them, waiting for the slightest mistake to finally drive home and end their campaign of bullshit and manipulation for personal gain.Never again will they be able to operate in the manner that history evidences as their past modus operandi.

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  11. Our benefits-scrounging hoaxer chums asked me to tell you they can’t cope with handbags at dawn. They said could you make it handbags at noon-ish instead?

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