BREAKING: Belinda McKenzie arrested

Belinda McKenzie, one of the masterminds behind the Hampstead SRA hoax, has admitted publicly that she was arrested last week, and had her computers and phones seized by police.

In a comment she published on Ella’s most recent video, Belinda states:

Well done SGT & Ella. As the latest of UK whistle-blowers regarding this case facing prison, having been arrested Thursday 16 March, my computers & phones seized and being due back at the police station 8am probably followed by court 10am Friday 24 March, could I politely ask the rest of the UK & world public please to wake the f. up?! These types are out permanently to control our politics, media and world, kill a big chunk of us off, impose on us their Orwellian New World order and raise their child-murdering, barbaric god lucifer (aka baal, moloch, satan, baphomet etc.) to top god on the planet; are we normal, child-loving, relatively civilised 21st C human beings happy with that? ALL WE NEED IS NUMBERS TO A) OPEN YOUR MINDS B) DEMAND THE RELEASE OF AXXXX & GXXXXXX. That’s all. No violence. No (further) bloodshed. No rioting or societal disturbance necessary. These satanic perpetrators to be identified by their secret society culture and removed from public life everywhere pronto; a few of the worst perps to be sent down, as I’m about to be for complaining loudly against the judge in the case and the police for failing to investigate the childrens’ allegations. Belinda McKenzie Hampstead-Highgate N. London UK

Based on Belinda’s description, it would appear that charges have not yet been laid, but she will appear at the police station Friday morning, possibly followed by a court appearance. We will follow this case very closely, as you might imagine.

We realise that this news will likely stir up a great deal of speculation and excitement amongst those who read this blog, but we would reiterate, as always, that it is of extreme importance that our commenters refrain from speculating or commenting on Belinda’s charges or the potential outcome of her trial, should it occur.

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  1. Hey Belinda, didn’t you hear? We did “wake the fuck up” some time ago. You missed it, though, because you were fast asleep in one of your hidey-hole tunnels at the time.

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  2. I won’t speculate on the outcome of any court cases that may or may not ensue but if there is one, I hope that Belinda now realises that she’s allowed to go inside.

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        • Sheeple look at the links! Washington, smothsonian, underground tunnels, a Dr of moths, a furnace Cellar OMG that’s where they burn and dispose of the bodies. Add in a missing comma after moved? “Every bit of earth was moved unaided by Dr Dyar”, if it was moved unaided by Dr Dyar, was it an esoteric,non human entity, moving the earth?
          So many questions and so little answers.

          Dyar sounds like Dying or killer, Dr Death, maybe as well, gotta lay down now too much info.
          Where do these underground tunnels lead and what is the real reason a Dr would gomto all that trouble, what does he have to hide?

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          • Lol EC, sometimes maybe I should leave the conspirinerd persona for another day, but I bet you anything that these fruitloops seeing that as they have linked L’Enfant’s design of Washington DC supposed satanic lines (Icke) and the much mentioned underground tunnels to Comet PP in the past, that they would probably look into this. The Smithsonian is not far from the Holocaust monument in Washington DC so we can link that in there also.

            Maybe my understanding of the fruitloops is probably worth a hoax twattery blog or channel one day lol.

            Barking mad, i know. You have to know the conspirifruits to fight them.

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  3. Social services should assess Belinda’s daughter, to see if her mother’s insistence that she is demon possessed could constitute emotional and psychological abuse, and may contribute to the mental health difficulties she now struggles with.

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    • Do Social Services know that Belinda thinks her daughter is demon possessed though?

      I should imagine that having Belinda as a Mother is quite let’s say, irritating.

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  4. Ms Belinda Mckenzie – could I politely record for posterity;

    1) you’re an idiot
    2) you’re a delusional idiot
    3) you’re a delusional idiotic witch hunter

    Thank you.

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  5. I won’t speculate on here as to why Belinda finally got arrested but my brain is doing overtime.

    WOW though.

    Not sure why Belinda thinks she’ll be in Court on Friday 24th March as she’s only saying she has to go back to the Police Station then?

    Colindale nick?

    Will the Gerbil make an appearance?

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    • No, sorry – not on either of her FB pages. She’ll probably reveal it as an exclusive in about May. It should be breaking news on Kristie Sue’s ‘Believe the Children’ blog by November.

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  6. Great news EC. No doubt a lot of people put in many hours of work to ensure that Mrs M’s coating of teflon finally became less slippery.

    Many of her activities have been in the public domain for years.

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  7. Some of the comments under Ella’s video are vicious and from professed ‘Christians’ too. Obvious that a lot of them haven’t done any real reading and have no idea that you can’t go around threatening peoples lives without consequences. I can’t sleep so I’m busy reporting death threats. Some people collect stamps.

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    • Thank you for your work Mrs Overalls.
      Death threats are a nasty business, mostly by people claiming to be christians that don’t believe in evidence and any support for the innocent people gets a response naming you or others a paid shill or pedophile/Pedophile supporter when in reality that is what these people really are.

      They think we get paid for this. Well I guess doing the night shift I am getting paid, but not by a government agency or CTR etc.

      I don’t know who this person is that brings up some very good points which I will screenshot the link, but they were immediately attacked by a crazy person posting a link to Decamps old book for some reason.


        • My mother and I used to enjoy sharing a walnut whip in the seventies. We also used to go out and buy icecreams for the whole family, even granny and my four year old cousin had one.

          Perfectly innocent statements – unless you invent some dirty minded code.

          By the way, am I right in thinking that both Chris Spivey and APD have been videoed sucking on fags?


        • It’s impossible to perceive what sewer like minds these people have but their fixation on pedophilia is frightening. One other aspect of these hideous people is that they are unbelievably anti-gay as well and since being gay it is no longer considered verboten by 90% of the population anywhere, I’m pretty sure ‘pedophilia’ has replaced an inner craving for them. You bashers etc. Note the way in which they say ‘gay lover’ as though it’s a sign of something dark.

          As for the creature on 4 Chan claiming this email indicates a ‘pedophile party’..perhaps he wishes it did and is furious he wasn’t invited.

          I’ve been to an after WHCD after party but never the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (not entitled to or would ever be invited) but I stay with a good friend in New York who did go to the WHCD once and I took the opportunity to finally visit Washington with him, met up in the bar after the WHCD dinner and then went on to an after party of which there are several. All they are, are a bunch of people who are professional friends going to a another bar for more drinks.

          It takes a very sick mind to decide ‘good egg’ means a virgin and to decide an email says something totally different to what it does. @Pissgate like Hampstead have shown that there are far more deluded deranged people around than we ever realised.

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      • @barchon –

        “rbeck” is an infamous Franklin-Gosch zealot and lunatic. Rbeck and its associated henchmen used to haunt the Gosch threads on Websleuths, posting personal information about Larry King (after prison) and other alleged “conspirators”, trying to solicit others to harass these people, decades ago.
        I got them all banned from that site. They migrated to a different site’s forums. I drove them out of there too (I was more aggressive in those days). They eventually created the Franklin Files forums, their own playground that no one could kick them out of. I had thought rbeck passed on, around 2010, but I guess I was mistaken.

        I’ve been thinking about some things you’ve said, and I’m not happy with your negative evaluation of yourself in relation to a person you wanted to help: “I might not have been the right person to help them”.
        Perhaps. But there are a myriad other possibilities, and because you seem a caring person I want to alert you to a particular one of these.

        In theory, a person at the far end of the Borderline Personality Disorder spectrum has a very weak sense of self, of who they are as a unique individual. They have a “weak personality”. If you ask them to tell you about themselves, they will have a hard time doing this.
        “So…what do you like to do?” – “oh, I dunno”
        “Do you have any hobbies?” – “Not really”
        “What’s your favorite movie?” – “I’m not sure that I have one”

        If a person with a very strong personality and a deep, complex, sense of who they are, takes an interest in a severe BPD person (let’s call this person Bob) – spends time with them, treats them kindly, helps them with their problems, the BPD will typically absorb some of the stronger personality’s traits, characterists and interests. They may take up Bob’s hobbies and pursue them very enthusiastically. They will watch Bob’s favorite movies and read Bob’s favorite books, and these will become their favorites. They may start parroting Bob’s social & political opinions and express them as their own – if Bob is a racist, they will express racist opinions, if Bob is a socialist, they will research socialism and express socialist opinions themselves. They may or may not be consciously aware of doing this.
        If there is another powerful personality in this BPD’s life, let’s call them Sam, they may do the same thing in their relationship with Sam – absorbing and reflecting aspects of the person Sam is. Bob and Sam may be very different people, they might even be polar opposites. This will not be a problem for the BPD, they will be capable of being pseudo-Bob and pseudo-Sam with equal sincerity and shift back & forth between these “selves” without having to think about who/how they are portraying themselves. To an objective observer, this might look like the BPD has “multiple selves”, but they don’t. Their chameleon ability is facilitated by their weak self, they don’t have to suppress a “core” personality when they are being pseudo-Bob or pseudo-Sam, because they don’t really have much of one.

        The severe BPD can become very skilled at perceiving other people’s expectations of them, and then becoming whatever that is with total sincerity. If they were to join an online community of SRA-MC victim claimants, they would very quickly learn how to “be” one themselves and how to portray themselves so that they are accepted as one by the other members. A common trait of SRA-MC claimants is being perpetually in distress, haunted by terrible memories, living in constant fear of harassment by “the cult”. A BPD who has absorbed all of this as “who they are”, cannot be helped by you or by anyone else. If they were to stop being an SRA-MC claimant, they would be left with being…hollow, empty, a nothing…once again. But that won’t stop them from asking for, even demanding, help from others. That’s part of the SRA-MC game. Help me, help me, but oh – I cannot be helped.

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        • Thank you Justin very interesting. I think that is something that can happen with depressed or lonely people as well, Hobbies and interests fade away and the cycle of thoughts and emotions effecting mood, that effects behaviour and activity levels which then comes back round reinforcing the negative thoughts and mood etc.
          I can only go on the therapy I have had myself with CBT, the Mind Over Mood Book, and personal experiences.
          I guess we are all capable of absorbing other peoples personalities, outlook, political beliefs and even accents. How much of what we believe is just another’s opinion we have assessed and then accepted as our own.
          For instance reading DeCamps book, Bryants book, watching the old documentary, visiting the same online places with like minded individuals all singing from the same hymn sheet will reinforce those beliefs.

          Same with the hoaxers who believe the children in the Hoaxtead case no matter what, or will believe the same things are happening in a Pizza joint because they want to cling to that theory no matter what the evidence of lack of evidence states.

          Thanks for educating me about BPD, and the mindset of how and why the MK or SRA types believe they have suffered this abuse even if some of them only realised it after reading a Cathy O’Brien book, bad therapy, online researching and going down the crazier Super soldier spy rabbit hole. They call it an Awakening, but really it seems the opposite and whether brainwashed by others or just by adopting these beliefs they are much less free than before this awakening. Easily led and easily influenced.


          • “I guess we are all capable of absorbing other peoples personalities, outlook, political beliefs and even accents”.

            Yes, most of us enjoy sharing our thoughts, opinions, beliefs and interests with family, friends or aquaintances, and exploring what others have shared with us. And so, our thoughts, opinions, beliefs and interests may change over time.

            The difference would be – your favorite movie isn’t going to change 3 times in one day, depending on who you are with at the time – and when you are by yourself you will still have a sense of what you like & dislike, what you find enjoyable or what you find intolerable. The severe BPD only experiences uncertainty, confusion, and frustration.

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  8. Strange that Ella came out again saying recently Sabine was a government agent and threw her under the bus, but Belinda supposedly Sabines friend supports Ella’s latest video effort.
    Some strange goings on there as Sabby was given the heads up about leaving the country to avoid arrest by apan I shall not name party.

    Maybe something completely unrelated if this person is still speaking out about the hoax on social media. Maybe the tunnel work has undermined the foundations of the local area and created a sink hole. Who knows, eh?

    Time will tell.


    • Abe and Ella disowned Sabine, Belinda and Charlotte in June 2015, BM.

      Sabine was supposedly tipped off by someone from John Hemming’s office, possibly himself or Amber Hartman. That’s allegedly and without prejudice, of course 😀


  9. That certainly is extraordinary news.

    I don’t know why people who are arrested don’t seek immediate legal advice (although perhaps this was done) as surely the first thing a solicitor would say is basically zip your lips and do not inflame matters further no matter what the truth is.

    New World Order? This is matter that involves the very cruel organised plot to falsely accuse a bunch of innocent families in North London, and in particular one father, of despicable crimes which resulted in unnecessary havoc in their lives accompanied by a lot of fear.

    I’m so over this bunch who weave one matter into a giant quilt of conspiracy involving powerful forces when it is no such thing. It obvious never occurs to them the maligned Podesta brothers also have relatives and an extended family of brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. This mob couldn’t give a flying f**k about children.

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    • Great News ALL.

      It’s a WARNING to any Hoaxers out there who are getting their daily fix of accurate news from here, to BEWARE.

      Interestingly though, as far as I’m aware, Angela Power Disney remains at large. Mmmm…

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      • I think the legal authorities need to step up their efforts, because this hoax is spinning out of control thanks to the conspiracy movement that is giving it oxygen. I thought the latest Ella Draper and Abraham Christie effort to gain funding from this hoax was a failure at $280 after 30 days, then SGT came along and inside 24 hours the crowdfunding was $3000+

        One of the key measures to getting this hoax under control is a focussed effort to find and arrest Ella Draper and Abraham Christie. Until these two individuals are arrested with the use of European Arrest Warrants there will be no hope of killing off this hoax.

        As to Angela Power Disney, how much evidence does the legal authorities need to act against her? She has been the source of several people being arrested and sectioned because she orchestrated and manipulated them into taking illegal actions.

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        • SV, the hoax will still not die, even when Abe and Ella are behind bars. The conspirasheep will still proclaim their innocence all over YT. The videos will still remain on YT too and will attract even more idiots over the coming years.

          The whole fiasco should have been nipped in the bud at the start. The videos should never have reached the internet and it was a massive mistake, letting Abe and Ella flee abroad.

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          • Sadly you are right.

            In my opinion I think the hoax will take a lethal hit if Ella Draper and Abraham Christie are arrested and then put through the court system, and the public become aware of the full horror of what those two individuals put the RD children through.

            YouTube and the other Silicon Valley internet companies are about to take a massive hammering in the UK as the full extent of their failures to address the illegal and hateful content such as what is being put out by Satan Hunters causes UK government legislation to happen, and businesses pulling their advertising.

            Example of what is now happening:

            Hopefully in a few months the climate will have changed to make it easy to wipe out all Satan Hunter content on YouTube in one major effort of reporting.

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      • Had to pinch self when reading EC`s header title.Clear evidence of a major breakthrough in the quest to overcome the horrendous contemporary dis-ease of Hoaxhorrea Teflonitus.

        Probably the first time in living memory I will be wading through my tax returns with a stupid ear to ear grin.

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  10. About time. Belinda has been one of the main instigators and always dodges arrest. Interesting that Abraham takes a back seat in the latest videos.

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    • I think the same about Abraham, Dave. He’s such an unlikeable character, I suspect they’ve relegated him to a bit role, so they can play up the “beautiful Russian mother” angle. Gag.

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  12. It has been common knolwedge for quite some time that Barnet Police have been trying to gain information for some weeks on building a case against Belinda McKenzie for some weeks, also those associated with her too


      • Not as far as I know, but I think there are various people she is, or was associated with, who can expect a knock on the door, who have already been to court last year.


  13. Right Jake! We can’t forget Good Ole “Pookster”! He/She trolled the hell out of some of the Sandy Hoaxers with the Voice of Reason also! Hurrah!

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  14. Isn’t it funny that just other day we had been commenting here asking where she was hiding these days and why she had been quiet of late?

    Then BAM! she appears in all her glory last night under Ella’s new interview and leaves a comment.

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  15. Right S.V.! Thanks for your blog post on BM. It could get Real Ugly Real Fast at Neelu’s place, she will probably chain herself to something and “hunger strike” or INJURE somebody or herself. She reminds me of Norman Bates. Who knows what will be thrown out on the curb? ffs Something taxidermy’d?? Oh Dear…

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    • I predict someone is going to film the encounter between Neelu and the officials (if there is one) and it will be posted up on the internet. With all things involving Neelu Berry, it will be entertaining.


  16. McKenzie’s partner in their woeful McKenzie Friends outfit (which has only brought grief to their ‘clients’) Sabine McNeill claims she has joined the “Chartered Institute for IT” specifically their legal section if anyone can believe that.
    Why would any allegedly reputable outfit even entertain allowing her in as a member?
    If you read their Code of Conduct she has breached at least a dozen codes. So this is either a shonky outfit seeking large fees for people to join or they just don’t do due diligence and for an IT outfit to not have researched Sabine’s shocking use of of IT and the internet to cause grief for so many shows them up to be astonishingly slack.
    I think we need answers from them.

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