The not-so-triumphant return of Charlotte Ward

Anyone ever wonder whatever happened to “Jacqui Farmer”, aka Charlotte Alton Ward, aka Belinda’s Little Mouthpiece? There was a time when you couldn’t turn sideways without stepping in another of her faux-obsequious venom-laden posts on the late and not-at-all-lamented Hamster Research blog.

She closed that blog nearly a year ago, amid speculation that Belinda’s pay cheques had begun to bounce; and then she was quiet for a month or two. She turned up briefly in a Facebook fracas involving David Shurter, Maria MacMahon, and Olu Essien Popoola, and then bobbed back below the surface, to no one’s very great disappointment.

Now she’s made another reappearance, this time on JC’s Facebook page, using yet another cloying ‘JF’ name—Jeanette Flowers. (“Jacqui Farmer”, for those who might not know, was her ever-s0-witty play on her Dutch boyfriend’s name, Jacco de Boer…in English, Jack Farmer. We’ll pause to let you wipe away the tears of mirth.)

We noticed that she’d addressed her latest rant to some of her former Hoaxtead mob buddies, and that she had made it visible only to a select audience—presumably to keep it away from our prying eyes. Well, that worked like a bloody charm, didn’t it?

Anyhoo…here’s Charlotte’s latest. Is it just us, or does she sound even more desperately demented than in the past?


We’ve known for some time that Charlotte and Kristie Sue Costa got along like nitro and glycerine; but it’s interesting to see some of the fractures in the Hoaxtead mob spelled out so clearly.

HRes, aka the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, has long been a place where Hoaxtead egos go to battle to the death. We receive sporadic reports on the shenanigans there, some of which are mildly amusing but not really newsworthy; but now, it seems that someone named Debbie Ann Woods posted our little “wanted” list there, which proves…that she’s working with us?

Nice theory, if we had any idea who Debbie Ann was. But never mind, the paranoia is strong with these ones. Apparently mentioning our blog’s name within the sacred precincts of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™ is enough to provoke cries of “Witch! Witch!”

Or in Charlotte’s case, “Luciferian! Luciferian!” Sadly, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Oh, and fascinating to hear Charlotte admit that she no longer trusts Sabine! Now there’s a turnabout for the books: last we heard, Sabine was about to be sainted for being so brave and honest, and Charlotte would swear on a stack of magic mushrooms that she was A-okay in her book.

But we suppose that since Charlotte was dethroned last fall, things might have begun to look a bit different to her.

Kristie Sue strikes back

But wait! There’s more!

Kristie Sue Costa finally got around to answering Charlotte’s shot across the bow:

kris-costa-to-jf-cw-fb-2016-10-18Good grief, people, how many Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groops™ do you need? There’s only one hoax, for heaven’s sake. Pick a group and stick to it, that’s our advice.

If we had to pick, we’d suggest you stick with HRes: it’s short, snappy, and easy for the hard-of-thinking to remember from one login to the next. Plus it’s a bit mysterious for the uninitiated: keeps out the riff-raff, know what we mean?



90 thoughts on “The not-so-triumphant return of Charlotte Ward

  1. By the way, EC, hope you don’t mind me reposting this. It’s just that it found itself in the notorious ‘deadzone’ that is ‘the tail end of the previous post’, having been put up literally seconds before the new one went up.

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  2. This has brought back memories of Charlotte’s “final words” that she kept posting on both Tapnewsire and her own Hamster Reacharse blog, amid ever louder cries of “How many more farewell letters is she going to post before she actually fucks off?” And here she is, a year later, still desperate for attention, still incapable of licking her wounds and moving on. I guess exile must be a lonely, scary place.

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    • I’m not sure why, but this reminds me of the (probably apocryphal) story of the stage production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” in which the abysmal actress Pia Zadora played the lead role. When the Nazis came knocking, some less-than-impressed audience members were heard shouting, “SHE’S IN THE ATTIC!”

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    • Be fair, though – Charlotte has cited the highly reputable, notoriously level-headed blogger David Shurter as a source, so she knows what she’s talking about 😀

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      • So true, Lucy. And I see that Shurter has once again demonstrated his insurmountable journalistic prowess by cleverly referring to Olu Popoola as ‘Poophead’. Woodward & Bernstein eat your hearts out!

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      • There’s a You Tube video of David Shurter actually wearing a tin foil hat. He’s not well and neither are most of these people. The internet lets them spread their delusions far and wide. The question for the authorities is going to be how do you deal with people like this without stifling freedom of speech.
        I’ve said before that I don’t mind if someone discusses the Hampstead case – people are free to do so. What I object to is the publication of personal details, which in these circumstances amounts to an offence of Harassment.
        To whoever put the ‘list’ together – well done!

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        • A fairly obvious answer to that Earl is that first of all you make effective use of existing laws. Childish stories about flat Earths and holographic Transit vans hiding an alien base near Gorebridge are harmless enough. But the particular lineage of the Hampstead hoax (purely as an example) indicates that there is real harm being caused and fraud being committed on an industrial basis – and that should not be tolerated. Breaching the Sexual Offences Act by identifying alleged victims for instance… A serious crime that has the potential to wreck lives; yet in the Hollie and Hampstead scams we have two inter-related cases where there is point-blank refusal to pursue that avenue. And that is compounded by ‘designed to fail’ actions on the part of the authorities.

          It’s true that the majority of those who involve themselves with these things are normally some combination of mentally-ill, substance-abusing and petty-criminal. But there does seem to be at some level a particular type of individual that runs these hoaxes with (apparently) official sanction…. And is – whether by design or through incompetence – effectively above and beyond the law.


        • I think it’s important to distinguish between those who believe in the hoax—and yes, everyone is certainly entitled to believe what they want, no matter what we or anyone else might think of that—and those who have used the hoax to harass, intimidate, and terrorise a group of innocent people and their children.

          Publishing names and addresses, uttering death threats, kidnap threats, and the like…that’s just not acceptable, and those who do so can expect to face consequences.


          • …..Or not really, as the reality seems to be. The recent ‘result’ with McNeil has been described to me, by an individual who felt driven from their home to the opposite end of Britain, as “absolutely taking the piss”. They are as badly ‘hurt’ by the action of the courts and authorities as they were the vicious false allegations that were projected at the Hampstead community. – That’s not justice.

            As a further example of this sort of failure, there is another individual who in relation to the Hollie Greig case has been reported by around 1/2 dozen different people because they breached the Sexual Offences Act. – The police’s behaviour has on all occasions been Pythonesque to the point where even other (senior) Police Officers are baffled by the level of protection that individual seems to enjoy. – The law is (or should be) the law, and it’s irrelevant what individuals ‘believe’ or even what their state of mind is if they are doing harm to other people, especially innocent children.

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          • Yes, I agree. I know that many of those who were targetted by Belinda, Sabine, and their gang have been doubly traumatised: first the terror of knowing that their names, and their children’s, were being shared online (complete with contact details and photographs) and that anyone who wished to do so could target their families; and then the complete inaction of the police, who failed at almost every turn to protect the victims of this hoax. I don’t subscribe to the idea that certain individuals are ‘protected’, so much as that decisions were taken at the outset which had a domino effect: the idea that making multiple arrests when the thing first went viral was quashed, in hopes that it would “all die down”. A terrible error in judgement that has had awful implications for the victims and families over the past 18 months.

            I’m pleased that efforts are being made now, though that is tempered with a certain sense of “I told you so” and “why couldn’t this have happened sooner?” As to the final outcome, I’ll just say that the Hoaxtead mob are quieter now than I’ve seen them in a year and a half. It is quite possible that this is the calm before the proverbial storm, but it’s also possible that some of the less hard-core mobsters are finally starting to get the message.


          • I might concur with that perspective EC if not for the fact that certain individuals ‘get away with it’ time after time after time – and over a period of many years. Belinda McKenzie is the most obvious and relevant example. But there are others – for example, the individual I mentioned who has been reported multiple times by various people (on all sides of the ‘debate’) yet remains ‘Teflon’ coated. – As I say, even senior Police Officers find themselves disturbed and baffled by the Pythonesque lengths that have been gone to in order to protect that person from prosecution.

            And those are JUST examples. – The McNeill sentence was passed only days ago; and tends to indicate the ‘powers that be’ have learned absolutely nothing and care nothing for the damage done to innocent people. And in a year’s time, I suspect, McNeill will be at full volume again.

            The point being we have laws, why are those whose job it is to administer them and serve the ends of justice not doing so? Not once or twice in isolation, but quite consistently and where connections can be made. – Are we really to believe it’s just simple incompetence? And what when these people who cannot or will not use the laws they have start screaming for more powers?

            There is also the point that ‘Hoaxtead’ is just one ‘gig’.

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    • “Approach to PR?”. That’s what it’s all about with this nasty mob. promoting themselves. Children are mere tools to be used in their quest to become top dog.

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      • Yes, this is all a grotesque exercise in PR to them. I am thinking of Sabine’s early interview with Alfred Webre, when she said she’d been advised that “exposure, exposure, exposure!” was the way to go.

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      • I think she’d have to super-glue her lips shut, and toss her laptop and PAYG phone collection into the Thames. That might help her remain quiet and out of trouble.


  3. I’m so pleased to see Charlotte demonstrating her amazing journalism and research skills by posting a statement of absolute fact (in all caps, of course, to ram home just how certain she is of said fact), then backing it up with the immortal words, “I have evidence of that (or I think I have).”

    Well, I’m convinced!

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  4. Just throwing this out there but are we certain that this is the real Charlotte? Just wondering because as we know, Kristen Patterson has been pretending to be Charlotte on Twitter for the good part of a year.

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    • Oddly, Kristen has actually identified herself to others on Twitter a few times, so I think it’s one of those famous Hoaxtead mob “well-kept secrets”. They leak like a sieve.


  5. How can Charlotte think Sabine is suspect, but APD and Shurter are 110% ok?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no time or sympathy for Sabine, but Sabine does at times seem genuinely upset, as if she actually believes her own bullshit. While APD and Shurter are clear fantasists and attention seekers, and I don’t think they believe their own nonsense.

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      • He is actually under supervision with Care in the Community. If you think he’s odd now just wait until he’s off his meds..

        I was surprised Donald Trump hadn’t caught up with #HilaryClintonEatsBabies and blasted her in last night’s debate over her toddler munching. Very remiss of his researchers.


  6. Usually when something like Charlotte Ward comes back I just wait for the cistern to refill fully and give an extra big flush. Is she still out in Suriname with the human trafficers and drug barons?


        • LOL, yeah! Well remembered.

          As for the ‘Republic of Ireland’ thing, you’d think she’d have worked out that it’s not in the UK firstly from word ‘Republic’, which is a giant feckin’ clue, and secondly from the fact that she bloody lives there!


  7. You’ll all be pleased to know that the latest round of “technical hitches”, sob stories and cancelled guests is up. And impressively, it took Piggy Hobo just two days to get round to uploading it this week!


  8. Say what you like about Neelu but at least she would NEVER allow vile antisemitic remarks to be posted on her Facebook page by anyone.

    Oh wait…

    Still, that one may have slipped through the net but at least she would never EVER “like” or support it.


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  9. Meanwhile, Alan Alanson has “proof” that David Bowie was a child molester. Oh wait – no he doesn’t. Still, he isn’t letting that stop him from announcing it on his Facebook page. I’m not a violent person but I would derive so much satisfaction from giving Alanson a slap round the face with my wet flipper.


  10. Has anyone noticed that (unless I’m missing something) not one person from the hoaxer crew has mentioned Sabine’s guilty plea? Maybe it’s a hot topic in their sooper seekrit group but not once does it a appear to have been mentioned in public. It must be a real embarrassment to them.

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