The myth of the super-soldier versus the reality of the child soldier

One of the themes that Angela Power-Disney has been promoting lately is the idea of so-called “super-soldiers”: children who have been subjected to various “trauma-based mind control” techniques to shape them into the perfect tools of…um, whoever it is that is training them. The state, the Illuminati, aliens: all have been named as the abusers and ultimate beneficiaries of the “super-soldiers'” astonishing abilities.

The idea is that various experiences of abuse and trauma, especially if imposed in very early childhood, will shape the developing child’s mind in such a way that he or she can behave like a remote-controlled robot, doing the abusers’ bidding perfectly and seemingly without understanding that they’re obeying an implanted order.

The super-soldier concept is a popular theme in television and film. For example, in the popular American TV series Dark Angel, Jessica Alba played Max Guevara, a genetically enhanced super-soldier who at the age of nine escaped along with 11 others from a secret U.S. government institution where they had been born, raised, and trained to be soldiers and assassins.

It’s a great idea for a television series, but in real life the premise behind super-soldiers—that prolonged or repeated childhood trauma can enhance, rather than diminish, functionality in an individual—is just plain silly. As commenter Justin Sanity posted yesterday,

Such experiences can ONLY contribute to dis-functional/ mal-functional development. If someone really needs to understand why this is – what actually happens to chronically abused children’s brain function development has been thoroughly documented by Dr Bruce Perry and other neuroscience specialists.

Childhood experiences of abuse and trauma cannot turn a child into a prodigy or savant, they cannot “split” a child into multiple selves with exceptional skills, they cannot induce the development of “psychic” abilities.

Childhood experiences of abuse and trauma cannot make a child more disciplined and responsive to external (adult) direction.

Repeatedly abusing and traumatizing a child could not turn them into a “mind-control” slave for adult masters—such experiences could only contribute to the child having LESS self-control and becoming MORE erratic, irrational, unpredictable, withdrawn, or prone to sudden mood swings and violent behaviour.

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network,

Children with complex trauma histories may develop chronic or recurrent physical complaints, such as headaches or stomachaches. Adults with histories of trauma in childhood have been shown to have more chronic physical conditions and problems. They may engage in risky  behaviors that compound these  conditions (e.g., smoking, substance use, and diet and exercise habits that lead to obesity). …

A child with a complex trauma history may be easily triggered or “set off” and is more likely to react very intensely.  The child may struggle with self-regulation (i.e., knowing how to calm down) and may lack impulse control or the ability to think through consequences before acting.  As a result, complexly traumatized children may behave in ways that appear unpredictable, oppositional, volatile, and extreme. …

Children with complex trauma histories may have problems thinking clearly, reasoning, or problem solving. They may be unable to plan ahead, anticipate the future, and act accordingly. When children grow up under conditions of constant threat, all their internal resources go toward survival. When their bodies and minds have learned to be in chronic stress response mode, they may have trouble thinking a problem through calmly and considering multiple alternatives. They may find it hard to acquire new skills or take in new information. They may struggle with sustaining attention or curiosity or be distracted by reactions to trauma reminders. They may show deficits in language development and abstract reasoning skills.

This hardly sounds like the super-cool, internally disciplined, hyper-trained super-soldier of myth and fantasy.

The fact is that childhood abuse/trauma doesn’t create adults with amazing abilities; it creates adults who must struggle to overcome a multitude of emotional, physical, and cognitive issues.

Not super-soldiers, but…

As commenter YdchyncachuTracey pointed out yesterday, there are some children in the world today who have been forcibly turned into soldiers via traumatisation and abuse:

There are real ex-child soldiers aren’t there? …

Those poor children aren’t particularly effective as soldiers, the AK47 is small enough for a child to operate though, they are tragically sometimes sent to terrorise their own home community or even kill family, they are slaves to the adults, it terrorises the attacked community, I can hardly imagine something more sadistic than sending a village’s own children in with guns, it seems like a very deliberate ripping the heart out of communities and stealing that generation away, the children find it hard to be accepted back home when they have killed, never mind deal with what they saw/did, missing an education, meaning there may be worries that there is no other life for them except as a soldier.

Child soldiers, such as those kidnapped and terrorised by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) led by Joseph Kony, illustrate what can really happen when children are repeatedly traumatised and abused in an effort to turn them into fighting machines. According to “The Psychological Impact of Child Soldiering”, authored by Elisabeth Schauer and Thomas Elbert,

Child soldiers are raised in an environment of severe violence, experience it, and subsequently often commit cruelties and atrocities of the worst kind. This repeated exposure to chronic and traumatic stress during development leaves the children with mental and related physical ill-health, notably PTSD and severe personality changes. …

Hundreds of thousands of children are conscripted, kidnapped, or pressured intojoining armed groups. The proliferation of lightweight weapons has made it possible for children under the age of 10 years to become effective soldiers….The trend in using children in armed conflict as soldiers is not diminishing. An estimated 300,000 child soldiers – boys and girls under the age of 18 – are involved currently in more than 30 conflicts worldwide (Child Soldier, 2001; Jayawardena, 2001). Some 40% or 120,000 child soldiers are girls, whose plight is often unrecognized because international attention has largely focused on boy soldiers. …

Children who are kidnapped and forced to become soldiers are subjected to horrific trauma—as Tracey mentioned, many are forced to murder their own families, both to break the psychological bond between them, and to ensure that they will have nothing to return home to. Children who fail the initiation process are often killed in view of other abducted children, as a way of instilling fear and ensuring obedience. Girls are subjected to extensive sexual violence, and many, still children themselves, will become pregnant and bear their rapists’ children.

Beyond psychological suffering from the symptoms of PTSD, traumatized populations show significantly elevated levels of physical morbidity and mortality. As outlined above, in recent years, evidence has mounted that severe anxiety states – stress at a traumatic level – lead to a functional and structural alteration of the brain (Eckart et al., submitted; Kolassa & Elbert, 2007). …

There are a multitude of further psychological consequences of experiencing traumatic life-threat. In sum, the response to war-related trauma by ex-combatants and former child soldiers in countries directly affected by war and violence is complex and renders the survivors vulnerable to various forms of psychological disorders, whereby stressors may have a different impact during different developmental periods.

Former child soldiers suffer from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, depersonalization, derealization, numbing, and in extreme cases, catatonia and “tonic immobility”. Rehabilitation of former child soldiers can be a long, difficult, frustrating process, made worse by the social stigma the children and youths experience when they attempt to resume normal lives in the community.

Far from becoming “super-soldiers” with amazing abilities that make them ultra-valuable to their Illuminati/government/alien handlers, real-life child soldiers who manage to escape their captors face a lifetime of physical, emotional, social, and mental challenges, the result of unimaginable trauma inflicted during the most vulnerable years of their lives.


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  1. Excellent post, EC. No mention of Casbolt, Spiers, Marrow or Aug, etc. as most of them are more like super-stoners than super-soldiers.

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    • It was probably read as “Belinda McKenzie should have a shot.” (Innoculation)

      Not graphic enough for whoever is checking out the reports to face book evidently.

      Aside from that, I think Heifer is saying all this nonsense lately for attention, any attention and she is lapping up all the comments from Hoaxtead and on YouTube.

      She may have been blocked but probably can access what is being said about her.

      Was she making such comments and behaving in such a way before she “met” Angela Power Disney?

      How did those 2 connect btw?

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    • Bloody Facebook are terrible. They talk the talk when a representative is interviewed and vow to clean up Facebook and yet when it comes down to it, they just aren’t prepared to walk the walk. People that report posts such as that death threat to Belinda are helping Facebook & all FB has to do is see the post and delete it. They haven’t even had to go online and search for abusive content as people are reporting it directly to them.
      Facebook are a massive fail in my book.

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      • Yes, they claim that they can’t use algorithms to get rid of violent or abusive posts, and say they rely on user reports; but given the sheer size of the place, and the number of posts they process per hour, this seems completely unrealistic to me. The entire thing has grown so massive that it’s completely out of control, IMO.


      • I wouldn’t worry too much about Belinda though, she’s done a lot of accusing people of being paedophiles and worse. And it’s no skin of her nose


  2. Hey, EC – I’ll have you know that it is possible to hypnotise people into assassinating World leaders. I know because I saw it in the acclaimed documentary Naked Gun:

    Great post, by the way. And on a more serious note, there are movies that give a glimpse into the shocking world of the child soldier. I can recommend ‘Lord of War’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ to anyone who hasn’t seen them. (Neither are for the faint-hearted, though.)

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  3. @Barchon Mad – part 1 of fulfilling your request, end of the comment thread, previous article.
    Goodnight, all!


    • Smug arrogant dickheads & I’m so glad he said the right thing :”you don’t engage with bat shit crazies”.

      That bunch were so excited to have someone actually give them a minute of time. Let’s face it these are real basement dwellers that only reacted when a false internet campaign was started. They were told to jump & they gleefully said “how high?”.
      As for Julian Assange who started this bullshit, as a former supporter I hope he gets everything he deserves. I’m convinced now that he was the victim of a classic Russian honey trap and has become a Putin troll bot but he has also energized a whole bunch of lefties who I would normally identify with, into becoming Vlad Putin’s Useful idiots.

      Another excellent EC article that illustrates not only how ridiculous this new theme of Super Soldiers is, as promoted by grifters like Power-Disney and Barmy Barnett but it also shows that these hyperventilating hoaxers are now influenced by fictional Hollywood movies which is quite funny as they also think Hollywood is run by Jewish Pedophiles.

      And the California film business IS largely run by a disproportionate number of Jews but that’s only because Adolf Hitler who these creeps think is misunderstood, drove the large talented film communities from Germany & Poland (and Jews have made a habit of making sure they have a talent that is needed just to survive- something my Mum always said one should do) out of their countries into the USA were they naturally found a home in LA and gave the US an amazing boost in creative film which has never been bettered. (same same with Jewish dentists so by the end of WW2 Germans were suffering with rotting teeth)

      Some of the Somalian ex-child soldiers have ended up in Australian country towns (as part of an immigration agreement) in a wonderfully successful experiment. Country communities have accepted them, they have all found jobs and become highly valued employees to the point where many communities are begging the government to extend the program. And rather than turn into Satan worshiping abusers they have found perseverance & acceptance by locals has enabled them to recover from their childhood horrors.

      APD et al really demonstrate amazing ignorance about human behavior and are mainly expressing the real horror that lies within their own minds. Another reason to be very wary of hyperventilating fanatics who may be the very thing they claim to oppose,

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      • Thanks Sam. I wasn’t aware of the Somali ex-child soldiers in Oz, but what a great idea! Reading about the trouble many of them have re-integrating into their communities in their home countries, one realises the depth of the evil that’s been perpetrated against them: they really have nowhere to turn. I’m glad to see communities taking them in and appreciating them as a way to help them recover their lives.


      • Complete morons who have not read the emails, rather they have read the fake emails that were produced by like-minded conspiraloons.

        As much as I am now an anti-Wikileaks activist and regard them as dangerous partisans, the Podesta / Clinton emails are still on Wikileaks website in their original state and there is no talk of children or sex.
        The claims this mob they make are fabrications. Yet if you demanded they show proof of their claims via Wikileaks they wouldn’t have a bar of it.

        These are people who inside are riddled with hate and very strange preoccupations that would give Freud (Sigmund) a headache trying to unravel.
        They are the same ones who demanded endless investigations re Clinton and Benghazi and after FIVE Republican inquiries found that Clinton not only did nothing wrong, she in fact had asked Congress to release money for extra protection at US foreign embassies etc & a Republican dominated Congress refused. Yet the very same nutcases promoting peesagate are still rambling on about Benghazi.

        Others on here have pointed out the condition whereby folk like this refuse to accept positive proof something is not what they claim, rather they prefer to believe the lies crafted by others that fit a per-conceived belief.
        I think it must be like a form of Hell going through life like that.
        Power-Disney of course is not one of these types- she exhibits classic narcissistic sociopath traits – an ability to blatantly lie and continue to do so even as the lies are shot down, with no fixed beliefs rather a shifting ‘morality’ indicative of a life of seizing upon anything, real, imagined, lawful or not, to make a quick buck.

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      • When he asks the lady holding the sign about evidence and she mentions Voat. Yes there is lots of evidence of pedophiles on there, many of their users are pedophiles who have their own subs that Voat won’t remove.

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    • The problem is that it’s very hard to argue with stupid, as we’ve found over the past two years. You can point out flaws in their logic, but they refuse to admit to anything because they lack the deductive skills to assess the logical flaws in the first place. Their anti-intellectualism is painful to watch.

      And as usual, the baying crowd turns on the dissenter and immediately decide that he must be “suspect” in some way—based on the fact that they don’t like what he was saying, rather than on anything they know about his actions. Sound familiar?

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  4. Reading this post educated me about an issue that I have read and heard about before, but never responded to because the problem seems so large and makes me feel helpless and impotent to help. There is no doubt about what is happening, it is evidenced, unlike the claims of the hoaxers in the Hampstead case. But both cases are extremely important to consider, and respond to, due to long term effects that will rain down on future generations to come, as well as the pain suffered already, continually, by all the innocents, including the actual child soldiers, who are under duress, rightly fearful of the consequences of non-compliance, even if it means killing family.

    I think the human species is a wonderful one, potentially capable of many feats of wonder…..but this is spoilt by what humans ‘do’ in reality – fight wars, commit atrocities upon other humans, abuse and use each other….we are very complex beings but I am sickened by our negative side which pops out under the slightest provocation, justified or not. We are a very sad species, really.

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    • “but this is spoilt by what humans ‘do’ in reality – fight wars, commit atrocities upon other humans, abuse and use each other…”
      My friend and i recently watched a 4 part documentary about the WW.1 and one thing that came to our minds is how much time, money and effort is spent on finding new and more efficient ways of killing other humans. It is so sad that the time, money and effort isn’t spent on finding ways to make life better for people. The research into building bigger better killing machines is one that will never end, unfortunately.

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    • I never understand why these gobshites always want people to go to them.

      Let the fool get on a plane/or other means of transport if he wants to meet them.

      Think they’re so tough, crazy, just crazy half wits.

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    • “I don’t have a gay bone in my body…” ..”when I finish butt fucking you..”.
      I rest my case that Sigmund Freud would have a field day delving into the minds of some of these fanatics and they may well be what they claim to despise.
      Perhaps this should be passed onto David Shurter as he & timishere1925 may have much in common. 1925? is that a reference to his birthday? I found his old profile pic.

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    • “Tim” if it was really him are always brave sitting behind a screen, but stupid. Most of these people are cowardly poodles. A few such as Heather Brown (after a pint of Vodka) would probably pick a fight with Mike Tyson down the local pub.

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    • He’s threatening rape to another man, but doesn’t have a “gay bone” in his body???? Eh, Tim…. just read back over what you wrote there. You do know you can have consensual sex with other men? There must be some bars/clubs in Halethorpe or nearby where you can meet up with gay men. They’ll help you with the coming out process too. No need for violence.

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      • It might surprise you to know, that most men who rape other men, arn’t actually gay. Rape is nothing to do with sex. It is just a weapon, one of the worst kinds


  5. With no new FB posts from Angela, I’ve been delving into her past instead. This one’s not only bizarre but has a rather familiar ring to it. You may recall her whining about her apartment being flooded and invaded by rats last year too. I’m wondering whether this is another one of her default insurance scams (note the reference to the loss adjuster).


    • a drama class? Lanzarote or Oldcastle?
      Do the parents know the teacher has a habit of accusing other teachers and students in schools as being satanists and the killers of babies on nil evidence?
      Would you entrust your child to such a teacher let alone a school who hasn’t done a background check on it’s teachers?
      # there is a children’s theatre group in Oldcastle.


  6. In UK law a minor or child is under 18, and various laws and orders protect those under 18 from exploitation, for instance banning an individual working with those aged under 18.

    This site on child soldiers defines a child as under 18.

    The UK actively recruits and has soldiers serving in its armed forces aged 16 and 17. The UK military has an active recruiting policy by going into schools to try and encourage minors to sign up.

    Under UK contract law no under 18 can agree contract. However, for some reason an under 18 is trapped into a signed contract if they sign up to the military services, which it is difficult to walk away from this contract with severe legal consequencies for the young person such as imprisonment for going AWOL.

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    • Sad that they deem you fit to kill and die for your country at 16 but not fit to vote for who gives the order until you’re 18.

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      • Soldiers are subject to military law, which is different from civilian law. Even though I am civilian, I have occasionally done contracts for the military, which puts me as a civilian under military law in all my work on that contract.


    • ^ Satanicviews is entirely correct, unfortunately. The UK recruits child soldiers. The brainwashing might be a little more subtle that the likes of the Lords Resistance Army, but it’s there.

      I would also be willing to bet most of the under 18 recruits in the UK army are from low income demographic groups, and/or deprived areas of the UK.

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  7. Reblogged this on Aleph's Heretical Domain and commented:
    An example of some of the great work done on Hoaxstead Research, this post dissects a claim made by Angela-Power Disney, one of the main proponents of the Hampstead SRA hoax, about “super soldiers” and illustrates the ugly truth about child trauma and children being trained as soldiers in the real world.

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    • Lol Sideshow Bob.
      Even the cat found it utterly boring, woke up for a second rolled over & went back to sleep. And what about the tragic dame who rang up and wondered if her ‘contribution’ was too boring to be included in the ‘montage’?.
      Sort of sums it up – desperate lonely people who probably feel that life has passed them by, have no friends or life or interests but at last, a juicy conspiracy to latch on to and a community to join.
      And this peezagate one has sex in it which really has them all salivating
      Sex with children- even better.
      Sex with children propagated by that pedophile hangout 4Chan.
      The judge was never so on-the -ball : those with an unhealthy interest in sexualised children have found the Hampstead Hoax to be a fantasy come true.


      • And my claim is proved that cats are so amoral they would live with Jack the Ripper if he fed them.
        I speak from experience.


    • “We are fighting Satanists!”
      “We are being monitored by Intelligence Groups!”

      Sonya, dear, this is real life, not a Hollywood movie..


      • “We are being monitored by Intelligence Groups!”
        you would have to have some intelligence before they took a blind bit of notice of you arrogant deluded fantasist.
        There have a special government section that looks at folk like you and ponders why you act like you do. They have various names around the world but the common one used is The Loony Bin.


  8. More crazies. What they are saying is pretty stupid. Nearly everyone agrees child abuse is wrong and their are millions of victims all around the world of real cases of child abuse. But instead of focusing on real cases and concerns they have spent months pouring over fake 4Chan code words and harassing pizza parlours and any business with a triangle logo no matter whether it matches the Pedophile advocacy group symbols or not. Dangerous people ruining lives.

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    • God, these pricks are annoying. They remind me of the Neelu & Christine brigade at the Christ Church protests. They’ll eventually get bored and fuck off home, which is what happened at Christ Church (save for Paul ‘Sunday Man’ Barber). And isn’t it comforting that these tinfoil-wearing bollocks-spouting conspirasheep can only muster 12 protesters in a nation of 318 million, despite a 24/7 internet campaign.

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      • The full footage is on their facebook page. I only watched the first few minutes but there is a guy who reminds me a bit of ‘Big Gay Al’ from South Park meets Hetty Brown. He does a complete switch-a-roo on the audience that was quite impressive. Only 12 protesters but they have a few dogs with them that probably have more intelligent than their misguided owners.


        • Good grief ‘Big Gay Al’ was almost salivating at the notion there is a child pedo ring operating and the creepy dude who accused all and sundry in the media of being ‘complicit’ is a fucking liar.
          These morons cannot separate what Wikileaks released from the dozens of falsified emails that were then generated by these hoaxers.

          Still, the accused Assange is not a dumb man ( but an extremely foolish one) and knew exactly what he was doing as he tweeted all this bullcrap on Twitter several times a day right up until election day.
          I’ve said previously not one of these moronic hoaxers has ever looked into Assange’s history with The Family, an Australian sect that involved large scale child abuse and really did somehow obtain over a dozen young children the leader registered as her own while obtaining falsified birth certificates for them.
          Where did they come from? Who were their real birth parents?. I believe when the police removed them from the cult HQ in NSW for obvious reasons of privacy they could not say anything about the children’s history.

          I never wish harm on anyone but I do not believe Assange will be alive in 12 months time. Quite apart from the powerful enemies he has created for himself and his latest quite desperate actions that have drawn a big yawn from the media, his usefulness is rapidly become redundant.
          And I have heard from an excellent source that Assange’s previous career as a hacker, another fact avoided by many, is soon to come back to haunt him. There is a journalist working with several ex-Family members who apparently have a lot to say about the teenage Assange’s work for the Cult and it’s not complimentary.

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        • This fruit loop Wolfe characteur mentions David Sharter around 17min mark, coming to speak at next weeks march, lol.
          He also falsely believe like most of these pizzatards that the code words came from the FBI, when they came from 4chan. The FBI document release by Wikileaks had the symbols of pedo advocacy groups and they do not match Besta pizza anyway.
          A woman mentions Hampstead in the first few minutes after big gay Al/Hetty B slopes off.

          There is some strange characteurs in that video, can’t believe I sat through it all.

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          • @BM – I don’t wish to distract from discussion of the current article, so I deposited part 2 of your info request in the comments thread of the previous article. Just notifying you.


          • Thank you Justin I just saw your post and read your very interesting writings, so thank you once again. I will have to save them and re-read the articles and links you posted.
            Just interested in how some of these people come to believe the stranger claims they make about being MKU, SRA, or super Soldier victims. I know mental Illness plays a part but your excellent post on the therapy angle made me think much deeper into it than I originally thought.
            Instead of them all being scammers, fantasists, mentally ill, it does seem that these people have also been done a disservice by therapists who may have their own misguided agenda, and important to realise why some of these people believe these things happened to them and will not let go of that belief as it has been drilled into them by intense or extensive therapy.
            It has made me realise that any attempts to confront peope who so firmly hold these beliefs would be to do them more harm, by someone like myself who is no where near qualified to explain ot talk them through any kind of reverse therapy.


          • I think you may mean the lady at -30:28 wearing the face cover? The one offfering hugs and talking a lot of sense about how badly these conspiraloons have hurt people with their unfounded garbage campaign.
            I did have a few issues with what she said (drugs being a victimless crime, nonsense) but believe she is doing the right thing, and won’t judge a person under stress and on camera to say everything perfectly.
            They are already after her on that News channel for being a so called pedo cover up troll.


      • Yeah, I was half expecting Christine Sands to come around the corner with a placard screaming “Comet. Ping Pong daht cahm, Comet. Ping Pong daht cahm.”

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        • Er…question is where is Christine Sands since she only lives a bus ride away from this place?
          Does she only cause a nuisance in other peoples’ cities?


        • She’s strangely missing isn’t she?
          She livens up any demonstration. I think she needs to be invited to their next one. If anyone can quickly decimate support for a cause it’s Christine.


    • And kudos to the Washington residents who have been flocking to Comet Pizza and filling the joint daily.
      Remember these vile creeps also targeted other restaurants nearby just because they happened to be in the same street.


      • Yeah, that’s good they’re frequenting it but these families must have it in the back of their minds that another nutter could walk in with a gun.


  9. That was a really powerful piece about child soldiers and it points up the peculiarity of people like Sabine – the way they instinctively campaign about fake causes when there are so many real ones. If you look at Sabine’s causes they include the paedophile Brian Pead, the child abusers in the Hoaxtead and Victoria Hague cases and and Maurice Kirk who among his dozens of criminal convictions has one for shoving a teenager downstairs in pursuit of a campaign to evict her family. But perish the thought that she might support (e.g) the Howard League, or Amnesty International, or the NSPCC, who do real work for real causes. Angela P-D’s fantasy about being a secret super soldier is probably more easily explained, it sounds like the a florid version of the common fantasy many people have about being adopted etc. While it’s fairly common some people make it more grandiose – the accountant who believes he’s Princess Margaret’s natural son for example.


      • Yes, he’s the Brown referred to in the judgment. Quite indefatigable, after he lost on the will point he also tried an appeal against a refused FOI and I think a faculty from the Church of England to open the poor lady’s grave on the basis that she would have instructed her staff to stash proof of his birth in there. His basis for believing he was the Princess’s son was that his mother was remote to him and the Princess was in Kenya (where he was born) around the time of his conception. Were he younger he would have made an internet campaign of it I suppose.


    • Well, she has declared she wants a husband (in the most pathetic fashion, I must add.) No man is safe.


      • LOL.

        Yes she’s very desperate.

        I reckon she gets all those “romantic” messages because she has joined lots of dating agencies.


  10. Richie Allen has that old video of Sabine up mentioning SRA.

    It’s on YouTube under “Allen Richie”.


    • Lol sounds interesting. Having viewed many Conspiracy types blogs and youtube channel, I have come across a ploy that seems to work to attract these lonely individuals. If you are male play up the comic book tales of being a super soldier or spy or a victim of whatever relevent topic is trending at the moment, try not to get too dark like a Sharter type as many people feel creeped out by abuse of male victims.
      If you are female then pretty much anything goes, the more lurid the better, the more perverse the stories the more admirers you will probably attract, including predators and the unsavory types sadly.

      Angela is failing at this tactic though as she lacks both the youth or glamour to pull off such a feat and is also a terrible woe me bore.

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      • I think she’s going for the martyrdom sweeps. In the world of the MK Ultra/mind control/SRA survivor types, one is judged and valued according to the degree to which one has suffered.

        So: “chased through a forest naked at the age of 2 and then urinated on by a group of high-ranking army types” might net you 50 Martyrdom points. Add “subjected to multiple MK Ultra mind control experiments as a child”, and you could net another 25; add “…and because of that experience, gained the ability to read minds and create tornadoes via the force of my mind” and you’d get at least another 45. Getting it all on video via Herr Gropen-fuhrer Miles: priceless.


  11. @Barchon –

    You said: “It has made me realise that any attempts to confront people who so firmly hold these beliefs would be to do them more harm, by someone like myself who is no where near qualified to explain ot talk them through any kind of reverse therapy”.

    Nope. Don’t agree with that.
    You shouldn’t attempt to provide therapy or medical advice to anyone, if you are not a professional. But you can’t harm anyone by making information available to them, that the closed loop of their internal echo chamber has prevented them from perceiving.

    The few ex-brainwashees I’ve encountered, came out of their delusions quite naturally over time. They stopped taking the drugs, stopped going to reinforcing therapy, reconnected with family and old friends, and just became well and healthy again. But they told me, the start of that process often is a person in their life who cared enough not to give up on them despite being told to “get stuffed” repeatedly, who just kept offering a different perspective (in a non-threatening way). “And thank gawd that they did”, is what they say, because one day something just clicks – sticks in their mind – and triggers a domino effect of re-evaluating everything they’ve been doing and thinking for…years, sometimes.


    • I see what you are saying, but sometimes if a person with limited knowledge of a subject (myself) tries to get one of these people to re-connect with family it can add more pressure and upset that person that may already be near the edge. I have tried in the past, by not challenging their beliefs but to just point out what they maybe could put aside for the good of their life quality in order to offer an olive branch to family members they may have upset by certain accusations.
      They seem to be okay when they know you hold a neutral stance and don’t judge but anything more I think maybe in my own personal experience requires a more delicate hand and someone more experienced.

      Anyway, thank you for the knowledge and enlightenment you have shared with myself and others.


      • @barchon – you’re most welcome!

        I won’t try to give U advice 🙂 but I actually have approached the problem the other way around.
        I am willing to be a good listener for someone in distress, but I don’t ask for personal/relationship information beyond what they volunteer. I don’t try to give them advice about life issues. I just let them know how to access information that “might be of interest” and leave it at that.

        One day, a woman came into a forum I was on. She was quite frantic. Everyone she cared aout was telling her that the SRA cult victim life history she “discovered” in therapy was just nuts. “I want you to debunk all of this, but I don’t believe that you can. Despite what they all say, I believe it – but I can’t go on living this way”.

        So I took her up on this “challenge”. Kindly, ’cause she was nice. I just kept directing her to information I was sharing in various places, which contradicted her newfound beliefs. And one day she came in and said that I’d “saved” her and her family. Something I said, somewhere, had popped the bubble for her – so she said.
        Made me feel pretty good 🙂

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        • Thanks I understand what you are saying. I mean dealing with a person that will not read anything that doesn’t back up his/her beliefs. A person that believes if they cannot find an email from a chain of responses or their computer is running slow it is the government or yourself hacking or deleting their messages.
          Paranoia of the worst kind very similar to the gangstalking individuals that feel every single contact they make is by a handler or someone with a personal agenda that is working against them.

          The type of person that will thank you one minute for helping them, then 10 minutes later accuse you of not addressing every single point they make, then when you do copy each point in quotations and address every single issue they accuse you of hacking their words and draggin up comments they did not make, and so on.

          Anyway in the end I gave up as it was emotionally draining and I had no agenda other than to help someone who I thought was lonely and needed some support.
          I am no therapist and even the simplest comment would be taken out of context even a spelling mistake, which I do make many and dragged out into massive debates on anything and everything.

          Thank you again for your insight and maybe you would have been someone to help them.


  12. Interesting post. I was aware that some conspiracy theorists are fans of the super-soldier theory, and that Casbolt, one of the online propagators of the conspiracy theory (IIRC he has claimed to be a ‘super-soldier’ himself) was recently convicted for stalking in the UK, but I wasn’t aware that the theory had found its way into the mainstream entertainment industry, with the likes of Jessica Alba and so on.

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