Angela Power-Disney leaves CCN…under a cloud

Bright and early yesterday morning, we received a very odd email, from a very unexpected source. It took us aback, in fact: we just aren’t used to hearing from Mel Ve, spokes-thingy in chief for the so-called Conscious Consumer Network, especially before we’ve downed our first coffee of the day.

Surprised as we were, though, we were even more surprised at the email’s contents:

Dear Hoaxstead

Please be advised that Angela Power Disney is no longer broadcasting on CCN.
The reason CCN has decided to terminate all media support for Angela Power Disney, is because we do not agree on many aspects of Angela’s work, outlook, and guest choice on several occasions.

1. The Hollie Greig Case – Having myself personally investigated and interviewed many people to do with this case, I have categorically found that several allegations made by Hollie and Anne Greig were simply false. I simply do not believe that Wyn Dragon Smith and Sylvia Anne Major committed the crimes they were accused of by Hollie, despite no material evidence to support Hollie’s claims against these two ladies. As Sylvia Major pointed out, she was not even acquainted with the Greig family when the alleged abuses took place, and only met Hollie and Anne Greig years later. Angela is insistent that the Hollie Greig case is not a hoax, even though she has never actually investigated any part of it and refused to speak with Wyn and Sylvia to get their side of the story, based on her preconceived / false ideas of what she thinks these ladies did.

2. Fiona Barnett – Angela’s support of Fiona Barnett is bewildering, as Fiona has made up so many lies, including that Nicole Kidman is a hermaphrodite from an Atlantean race. Fiona Barnett also supports Kevin Annett, whom Mel Ve has categorically exposed for the liar and fraud that he is, based on evidence she collected when working with ITCCS.

3. Toos Neijenhuis – Mel Ve was the person that initially interviewed and investigated the claims made by Toos Neijenhuis, releasing only one interview onto You Tube. Following on from this interview, Mel Ve did many more interviews with both Toos Neijenhuis and her daughter Carmen. After a total of 7 interviews, and thorough investigation into the claims made on camera, there were many discrepancies in the story, and Mel Ve did not release the other interviews, and denounced Toos & her family for being Satanic Hoaxsters. Angela Power Disney seems to think that that Toos Neijenhuis is called Van Huus (She does not even know the woman’s name) and that her story is legitimate, despite having never met Toos, nor her family, and despite never having personally interviewed Toos, nor has she ever investigated any of Toos’s claims. Again, no investigation skills employed here by Angela Power Disney before latching herself irrevocably to the satanic abuse stance.

4. The Hampstead Case – At this stage, CCN / Mel Ve has no reason to disbelieve the testimony of Axxxxx and Gxxxxx. However, those around this case such as Sabine, Neelu, Belinda, Rupert and Angela, have made such a spectacle of this case, resulting in a rather undignified dog and pony show, that even if it is not a hoax, nobody now wants to go near the Hampstead case anymore, including Mel Ve.

5. CCN is not comfortable providing a platform for Angela Power Disney to request funding for “Investigative Journalism”, when we have not yet seen anything resembling investigative work, nor has there been any information of value brought forward by Angela Power Disney, nor has there been any proof presented, not by Angela, nor by those who are united with her on this cause. Even if there was, Angela lacks the ability to investigate without being clouded by her own preconceived ideas and bias towards certain view points.

CCN is always disappointed to have to part with people over irreconcilable differences. We give all people a chance to flourish within the environment we provide for them, and to show their true colours and potential, and when we see them for what they are, we make decisions based upon solid factual findings and first hand experience. At no point will we ever allow ourselves to be bullied into doing anything. We make our choices at our own pace based upon our own decision making process, and without influence from outside parties. Our decision at this point is to continue without Angela Power Disney as part of the CCN team. We have a great amount of love and affection for Angela, and having worked with her personally, we know what a lovely person Angela can be, despite the many nasty things said about her online.

Kindest Regards
CCN Team

Ah, we thought. Why would Mel and BigEars feel compelled to inform us of this choice? Surely it must be because they’re expecting Angela to start putting it about that she left voluntarily. And knowing Angie’s wily ways, they probably anticipate that she’ll start by telling everyone how much she loves them, and then devolve into what rat-bastards they are.

As if on cue, this video popped up on YouTube just hours later: 532D8l0DvI0. (We’ve added a gap in the link because the video shows up with the names and pictures of RD’s children.)

After nearly half an hour of waffle (well, 27 minutes and 30 seconds, but who’s counting?), Angie finally gets to the point:

It is true that I have parted ways with the media network that I was broadcasting on since June last year—I bear them no ill will—I choose to actually withdraw, and I will be actively seeking a different platform on which to continue broadcasting. The gap in the things that we agreed to disagree on was just getting uncomfortably…wider.

At this point you can see Angie searching for the right language:

With regard to Artie, my last interview, I absolutely feel empathy and respect for this…er…wild alpha male anti-child abuse campaigner. We have different belief systems, so I’m not always going to jump on board with invoking Allah or archangels and so on, but I certainly will walk shoulder to shoulder with anybody of any religion that is fighting child abuse.

So. Putting both halves of this puzzle together, we think it’s fair to assume that Mel objected to Angie’s choice of guests once too often, Angie made her usual excuses, and Mel began re-evaluating her options. Was it really worthwhile for her to continue hosting someone whose wild claims could only make CCN look even less credible than it already did, especially if that someone couldn’t come up with the monthly cash to make her presence a bit more palatable?

We predicted several months ago that Mel Ve would regret giving Angie a platform, and we must say that we are taking just a bit too much pleasure in having been right.



120 thoughts on “Angela Power-Disney leaves CCN…under a cloud

      • I’m amazed that anyone still ‘works’ with Angie as surely they can see what happens to the people who have ‘worked’ with her, they all end up regretting it. Mel was warned by Hoaxtead Research about Angie but she chose to ignore the good advice given and sure enough she is now regretting it.

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        • Angela throws everyone she ever associates with under the bus.

          She secretly records their conversations and no doubt has the pillow talk of her and Rupee.

          Tracey Morris will definitely be getting Angela’s treatment soon.

          There is no reason why she will escape Angela’s usual treatment.

          The worrying thing is that all the people she associates with get arrested, sectioned or die.

          Some probably have nervous breakdowns and are never heard from again.

          She is nothing but trouble and if she’s going to throw her Mother, Father, Sisters and Children under the bus, everyone she associates with is also going to get the same.

          Steer well clear.

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  1. Hahaha, thanks for sharing, EC!

    Listen up, Arfur – THAT’s what you call a bombshell!

    It’s so funny to see Angela desperately claiming it was her choice to part ways with CCN, not the other way round.

    And isn’t it good to see that even Mel knows where to go when she needs the truth to be shared with the World. That’s testament to your integrity right there, Mr. Coyote.

    By the way, kudos to that nice Mr. Devils over at MKD Productions, who predicted – before it had even taken place – that Angie’s interview with Arfur would lead to her CCN demise.

    Oh and in case anyone missed it, Arfur has now turned on Angie, so I bet she’s glad she chose to stick by him, lol 😀

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  2. Is it just me or is Tracey Morris keeping a low profile now that Angela’s being attacked by her own side? Good to know who your mates are in times of crisis, innit, Ange! LOL

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  3. I’m sorry but these are the dumbest jokers I have ever encountered in my life (CCN). You don’t need to interview bullshit con artists 7 times to see they are lying. They also trip themselves up over their own clown shoes mentioning believing the childrens statements. That means you believe the retractions also. FFS I know these Conniving Conning Numptees hve to stick with the Hampstead Hoax so they don’t lose both of their viewers, but a blind Newt could tell the truth from bullshit where this case is concerned.

    They make the PieceofHate crowd look like Pulitzer prize winners in comparison. How anyone cannot see the thousand holes at every step it is beyond me. I don’t even know anyone accused or have ever been anywhere near Hampstead but it annoys the hell out of me thinking these dregs are wasting oxygen on this whole sad debacle.

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    • Yes, it’s hard for me to see how anyone could possibly believe this hoax, knowing what we know about those at the heart of it. As you say, “believe the children” by definition means “believe their retractions” too—especially since they were so clearly relieved once they’d unburdened themselves. I think those who insist that there really is a Satanic cult that fries babies and eats them are motivated by different things: for some it’s about ego, for others it’s about fundamentalist religious belief, while still others sincerely believe they are helping stem the tide of child trafficking…without having any real idea of the terrible harm they’re doing to innocent families.

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  4. Oh dear, Mel – realising what Angela is really like must have come as a bit of a shock to you. If ONLY someone had warned you when she joined CCN. Oh wait.

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      • “But oh so often you kinda just wanna see them going full trajectory towards that thing they’re gonna bang into and sorta grab them and go, ‘No, don’t go that way – don’t hit your head into the tree.’ But you know, sometimes that’s the only way they learn.”

        Oh the irony! 😀

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    • To borrow some of Kristie Sue’s favourite phrases, I’d say firstly that what she’s exhibiting here is self-projection and secondly that we must be touching a raw nerve for her to get this angry.

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    • I find it despicable that Kristie Sue is trolling, picking fights and leading hate campaigns using her son’s photo as her profile pic. Hardly mother-of-the-year, is she?

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    • Don’t be fearful Kris Costa.
      Arfur Earwinkle (classic Hill Tribe name) is not allowed to leave West Pennant Hills courtesy of his current Good Behaviour Bond let alone re-new his passport to travel to the USA where he’d never get into now due to the countries on the ME countries he has visited that are on Homeland Security immigration banned list.

      However we have a US attorney who may visit you soon.

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  5. Congress again then,(lol if autocorrect likes it rather than Congrads)
    Two down in two days, what a fantastic late Xmas present

    (and Artur isn’t long for this (cyber)world either I suspect, with his crack fueled comments, I think his own crowd will be soon blocking/reporting him just to keep him out of their own groups, in combination with others reporting his videos etc, his online presence is soon to be like that infamous Monty Python parrot……)


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  6. Well it took me forever to work out how to make a video and trying lots of different software but I honestly couldn’t be happier with it when I eventually found the right muse to convey my message.

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  7. So Mel has a problem with Angie’s asking for funding? funny how she never had a problem with Hope Girl scamming $100000 from a widows inheritance. I’m not saying that Mel is employing sleight of hand to keep peoples attention away from the death threats to certain teachers and police made by Arthur but it sure is a coincidence. Hey Mel, what happened to EXPECTUS?

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  8. 😀 Ladies and gentlemen, I return from behind enemy lines with good news: Operation Bombshell has scored another direct hit…

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    • There were literally hundreds of (in many cases very long and detailed) comments from Arfur, Kristie, Sonya, Stephanie et al in that thread (see Liza’s screenshots)…and the whole thing’s been taken down! Epic! I’d love to see the look on Arfur’s face 😀

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    • And poor Arfur must so much time with those posts as they ramble on for hours. Could be more evidence of a crack fueled day where he sits for hours punching away at the keyboards.
      Those emjoi things seem to fascinate him but again, it maybe just the drugs.

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  9. Two things here: Arthur’s posts:
    The Hills LAC – NSW Police Force
    Holroyd LAC – NSW Police Force
    Parramatta LAC – NSW Police Force
    Blacktown LAC – NSW Police Force
    Quakers Hill LAC – NSW Police Force
    Redfern LAC – NSW Police Force
    Burwood LAC – NSW Police Force
    North Shore LAC – NSW Police Force
    Northern Beaches LAC – NSW Police Force
    Liverpool LAC – NSW Police Force
    Mount Druitt LAC – NSW Police Force
    Flemington LAC – NSW Police Force
    Sydney City LAC – NSW Police Force”

    # bound to be all the police stations that have at one stage arrested Arthur.

    2) ” >>>name redacted<<<
    Listen Here You Little 18 Year Old Teenage Cum Ball, Half ISIS – Half NWA Thinking You’re A Hard Cunt, LOST FUCKER – Im Not A Fucking GRONK!!!
    I Don’t Give Two Fucking Hoots If Your Cousin Is The Fucking Idiot Who Supplied The Parramatta Terrorist Shooter The Gun. You Think Im Scared???
    Don’t Ever Ring Me Up Again

    # Arthur referring to a shocking recent case where a demented teenage would-be terrorist shot an innocent police accountant dead outside the Police HQ quite near where Arthur lives. The killer was in turn shot dead by police.

    Stupid Arthur has now brought himself to the attention of Oz secret service ASIO and the Federal Police with his association by default.

    Doubtful Arthur will ever leave the country again as both organisations have the power to cancel passports and regularly do for even the simplest association.

    Arthur : crack cocaine and Ice will be your eventual downfall. Get help.

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    • Seems like he’s had problems up on the far north coast as well,, as he’s listed a few police from up there as well, I wonder if he got arrested at Byron or Nimbin as well, trying to pick up some ‘supplies’


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      • Oh dear. I was considering a visit to Byron Bay as everyone raves about it but if it attracts people like Arfur it’s off my list.
        I have to be back in Perth in 3 weeks so I don’t think I’m going to get the chance to meet Arfur in person and have him concrete my driveway.

        I wonder is Angie is hoping she may get Arfur to mow her lawn? Rupe’s got pretty close to her lawn so it seems.

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        • Its a nice enough place, good surfing but the huge numbers of backpackers and dolies tends to make it a heaven for druggies and sellers

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    • We should assume that Mel must have been getting heaps of email complaints about Angie. Or why would she turn down Angie’s monthly subscription? Oh that’s right Angie hasn’t been paying it.

      Do we think there may be a lot more to this ? Did Angie has some scheme underway to try and extract cash from people Mel knows and she’s not telling us the full story?

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    • It was definitely premeditated.

      Mary Rooney was handing out leaflets about the Russian mother’s case on 2nd January, 2015 at Southwark crown court – Ben Fellows bail hearing where Paul Foote paid the £5000 and Angela had the deeds to her Oldcastle property where she dressed as the Lady in Red.

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  10. Not the first time Angie has been pulled from a channel. Didn’t Miles Johnston pull a load of her videos because he felt she lacks integrity and common decency?

    “Seeking a different platform on which to continue broadcasting”……I’m sure her handful of viewers (mostly people here who want to laugh at her) will be happy to know that. I must admit I’ve caught a couple of episodes myself.

    I wonder if she has considered YT. It’s free and there are literally millions of people that use it. Even the shit videos usually get more views than the vanity viewing channel CCN and certainly more than any of Angie’s CCN shows.

    I must say though, it’s a bit rich of Mel to slag off Angie’s investigation skills. If it’s taken until now for Mel to realise that Angie is full of shit, then her own investigation skills can’t be up to much either.

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  11. A light-hearted and fun look at the straw/s that broke the camels back.
    Warning: Contains some strong swearing from Aussies underworld connected political Maverick AK.
    I think I surpassed myself on this one and hopefully a Betamax or Laser disc release will follow.
    Hope you enjoy watching as much as I did making it.

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    • lol lol. Great video. I was surprised to see that Arthur plays the Tin-whistle. I would have thought that the Sexophone or the Tromboner, would have been more his type of thing. Still, he appeared to be smoking hot at it, although that may well have been just the exhaust fumes from his one and only brain cell overheating again. 🙂

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    • Great work, mate! Good to see that collection of satirical Hoaxtead vids growing. I hope Arfur and Angie get to see this one. You never know – someone might post Arfur the link… 😀

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    • Betamax and Laserdisc? Ooh dear, I can’t keep up with you young whippersnappers. My grandson’s just brought me my first Super 8 camera and I just can’t get used to all those fiddly little buttons. It’s like those new fangled decimal coins – sooo fiddly. Bring back the birch, I say.

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  12. Whip out the violins, guys! 😀

    Ooookay – sorry to bother you all in what has been described by some as “the best Hoaxtead week ever” but can I see a show of hands from everyone who’s “hurting bad”…?

    Er…hello? 😮

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    • Araya Soma’s not doing so well either. She’s just lost her job in the shop and both her Araya Soma and Araya Manna profiles seem to in facebook lockdown atm. It’s almost like, you know, the laws of karma or something. She’s also begging her old ayahuasca buddies to come and join their community, saying she’s got 10,000 quid to buy land with in Brazil…. looks like she might not be in Glastonbury for much longer either… a little bird told me she’s having difficulty getting a place to live.

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        • You’re welcome Spiny. The hilarious thing is, she has no idea who I am. I have sat behind her in a cafe listening to her wittering on about the absolute brain-dead crap she believes in to folk, while I sip my latte and smile. I’ve been in the shop making small talk with her about clothes and so on. I almost feel a bit guilty, but then I remember that this is a person who splashed two vulnerable childrens’ images and forced testimony all over the web, denying them the right to privacy and the right to get on with their lives. She’s the person who enthusiastically joined in a witch hunt against an innocent community and church. So, fuck her, she’s a drug-addled loon with massive daddy issues, basically a toxic waste dump of negativity. The sooner she leaves my lovely slightly crazy town, the better.

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          • Oh God, no sympathy for her at all. Remember her Hampstead petition? And her call for people to upload photos of their genitals? And her antisemtism – bleurgh! And don’t even get me started on her drinking habits, which are almost as revolting as her singing. Vile creature.

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    • Well my face is aching from grinning so much, and I got sore sides from laughing at their rants, and a nasty case of carpet burn from rotflma….

      So yes I’m hurting, but in a good way lol

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    • Well yes Liza. I have to put my hand up and admit to hurting bad. Real bad in fact 😦 You see, I’ve unfortunately split my sides this evening, laughing at the fact that Angie hooked up with a Mr. Arthur Strangename, and then Angie got sacked at CCN for incompetence, and then Angie and Miss Neelu Berry posted picture’s of the absolutely less than worthless ITCCS Arrest Warrants, which are simply the inane printouts, from the septic mind of the totally delusional womanising conman and liar, Kevin Annett, and which Angie and Neelu now intend to use against anyone who dare’s to stand in their way of World dominance, including the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and also the members and friends of Hoaxtead Research.

      As a man of advancing years, my body is unashamedly no longer able, to cope with such a sustained level of this newfangled “high octane” alternative news Comedy. It’s only been a short period of a week and a half you know. I’m more of a laid back Morecambe & Wise man myself you see.

      So yes Liza Radley, I’m hurting like hell at this very same moment. 🙂

      Agh! I’m laughing again 😦

      OUCH! lol

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    • @monkeystolemybanana

      Turns out Arfur loved your vids too, mate! In fact, he loved them so much that he sent me a death threat. At least I think it’s a death threat but I don’t speak Fucktardian:

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  13. FLAG FLAG FLAG! 😀 It’s Working, even for S.H. hoaxer vids! 😀 Re-uploads come down faster it seems!! CRIMINAL HOAXERS FOR PRISON 2017! Great Work Spying on Araya the Blood Drinkin Nazi Lover!! hahaha

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