The Angela Papers 4: And one last thing…

Last week this blog received an email from Mel Ve, co-owner of the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). Attached to that email was a transcript of Skype conversations between Mel and Angela Power-Disney, who was sacked from CCN in January. This was followed by a Skype transcript detailing the decline and eventual combustion of the relationship between Mel and Sandy Goodridge-Bergen. Over the past several days we have gone into some detail regarding exactly what happened to precipitate the breakup between CCN and two of its contributors. Today, we’ll look at a conversation between Mel and Angie, who were on good terms in late September 2016.

Hoaxtead watchers have speculated for months on what actually happened between Angela Power-Disney and Rupert W. Quaintance IV in the days surrounding Rupert’s September 13 arrest.

We know from several leaked Facebook conversations that Rupert had gone off his benefactress and chief GoFundMe donor, and it was possible to surmise from a few oblique statements that Angela was not happy about it, but the details remained cloaked in obscurity.

So it was with some interest that we read the following, from the end of one of Angie and Mel’s Skype chats:angela-mel-ve-2016-09-29-1angela-mel-ve-2016-09-29-2angela-mel-ve-2016-10-01So…Angie admits that she “patted” Rupert’s posterior in an affectionate way, and he took it completely the wrong way and thought she was sexually assaulting him. He “stopped short of putting (her) on the ground”—so we think it’s safe to assume that he experienced her “patting” as unwelcome and invasive.

How ironic that Angela, who claims to be a campaigner against sexual abuse, should employ the classic sexual abuser’s roster of excuses: “It wasn’t a big deal! It was just a friendly pat, not an actual grab! He was giving me mixed signals! He was being flirtatious! He was using his manly wiles on me!”

Honestly, we’re surprised she didn’t say, “His jeans were so tight, what did he expect me to do? It was like an open invitation!”

In fact, she turns around and claims that Rupert, rather than being the object of her sexual moves, was “GROOMING with agendas” and “sadly (she) got somewhat sucked in”. She is shocked—SHOCKED!—that a man young enough to be her son might not appreciate being groped by her.

Mel agrees with her, stating that Rupert had “inappropriately communicated” with her as well. There is no way of knowing whether this was true, but whether it was or wasn’t, the fact that he flirted with one woman did not mean that another had the right to grab his rear end.

Angela’s blatant hypocrisy here shouldn’t surprise any of us, as we all know that she changes the rules to suit herself—but we suspect that her attempt to grope Rupert was much of what lay behind his antipathy towards her:

rupert-angie-is-disgustingGiven this new revelation, Rupert’s disgust makes even more sense.

A friendly reminder that since Rupert’s court case is still sub judice, we must not speculate or discuss it in any way. To do so would put this blog in contempt of court, as it could prejudice his right to a fair trial. Thanks for your co-operation.


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  1. AS much as I blinded by my obsessive love for one “sandra Bergen” a huge flag popped up for me when she mentioned in a Miles Johnson Video (Sounds like a porn name about how big his rooster is), where she says she first realised she was an MKUltra victim when researching online and mentions Cathy O’Brien.
    If anyone has ever tried reading her book it is not easy at all.

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