The Angela Papers 4: And one last thing…

Last week this blog received an email from Mel Ve, co-owner of the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). Attached to that email was a transcript of Skype conversations between Mel and Angela Power-Disney, who was sacked from CCN in January. This was followed by a Skype transcript detailing the decline and eventual combustion of the relationship between Mel and Sandy Goodridge-Bergen. Over the past several days we have gone into some detail regarding exactly what happened to precipitate the breakup between CCN and two of its contributors. Today, we’ll look at a conversation between Mel and Angie, who were on good terms in late September 2016.

Hoaxtead watchers have speculated for months on what actually happened between Angela Power-Disney and Rupert W. Quaintance IV in the days surrounding Rupert’s September 13 arrest.

We know from several leaked Facebook conversations that Rupert had gone off his benefactress and chief GoFundMe donor, and it was possible to surmise from a few oblique statements that Angela was not happy about it, but the details remained cloaked in obscurity.

So it was with some interest that we read the following, from the end of one of Angie and Mel’s Skype chats:angela-mel-ve-2016-09-29-1angela-mel-ve-2016-09-29-2angela-mel-ve-2016-10-01So…Angie admits that she “patted” Rupert’s posterior in an affectionate way, and he took it completely the wrong way and thought she was sexually assaulting him. He “stopped short of putting (her) on the ground”—so we think it’s safe to assume that he experienced her “patting” as unwelcome and invasive.

How ironic that Angela, who claims to be a campaigner against sexual abuse, should employ the classic sexual abuser’s roster of excuses: “It wasn’t a big deal! It was just a friendly pat, not an actual grab! He was giving me mixed signals! He was being flirtatious! He was using his manly wiles on me!”

Honestly, we’re surprised she didn’t say, “His jeans were so tight, what did he expect me to do? It was like an open invitation!”

In fact, she turns around and claims that Rupert, rather than being the object of her sexual moves, was “GROOMING with agendas” and “sadly (she) got somewhat sucked in”. She is shocked—SHOCKED!—that a man young enough to be her son might not appreciate being groped by her.

Mel agrees with her, stating that Rupert had “inappropriately communicated” with her as well. There is no way of knowing whether this was true, but whether it was or wasn’t, the fact that he flirted with one woman did not mean that another had the right to grab his rear end.

Angela’s blatant hypocrisy here shouldn’t surprise any of us, as we all know that she changes the rules to suit herself—but we suspect that her attempt to grope Rupert was much of what lay behind his antipathy towards her:

rupert-angie-is-disgustingGiven this new revelation, Rupert’s disgust makes even more sense.

A friendly reminder that since Rupert’s court case is still sub judice, we must not speculate or discuss it in any way. To do so would put this blog in contempt of court, as it could prejudice his right to a fair trial. Thanks for your co-operation.


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  1. Hope you don’t mind me reposting this, EC. I think it’s too important to get lost in the blind spot that is the “tail end of the last post”:

    Thank you.

    Reading your Rupert post now… 🙂

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  2. Southern charm? Virginia’s in the North-East, isn’t it? Can someone give Angie an atlas?


    • As long as it’s not Charles Atlas, she might try to play grab-ass in the kitchen. Both or extra, extra high maintenance individuals whether it’s Angie saying her last hubby borderline forced her to comply with sexual obligations toward the end or old Rupee playing his goofball comedic personality to a T….Square.


    • It’s considered to be in the south, albeit the beginning of the south, People in Virginia say ‘ y’all ‘ and eat grits. I lived there many years ago and still have friends there, including a rather handsome ex beau/gentleman caller. I was going through my Blanche DuBois phase….

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    • Am I looking at the map wrong?

      OK, East rather than North-East, though I do understand that “the southern states” stretch quite a way up.

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  3. ‘I should not worry as he will not prosecute me for sexual assault.’
    I don’t know where the incident occurred but I’d like to see the reaction of the Spanish or Irish police to a complaint from a man that a woman patted his arse. In fact it would make a great Father Ted episode.
    Okay, Angie shouldn’t have done it but blimey mate. You sit her down and explain that she shouldn’t touch you again without her oven gloves on. You don’t need to have a fit about it!

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    • I agree, but…if Angie says “patted”, I’m inclined to believe it was more of a “grab”. Just because it’s Angie, and she’s a strategic liar.


    • ‘I should not worry as he will not prosecute me for sexual assault.’

      Actually, thinking about it (uggh rather not thanks) I can think of several things that APD arsegrabbing should come under

      Assault, sexual assault, crimes against humanity……

      anyone that happened to, I think would need a good long time with a psychiatrist to get over the mental scarring- and preferably a mind wipe


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      • I think he should prosecute her seeing as she has confessed in writing.

        There is probably a lot more to it than she has admitted too.

        I hate to think what exactly.

        It’s a slam dunk case I would have thought of Angela PD being convicted and having to sign the Sex Offenders Register perhaps?

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  4. “He has this overbearing habit of throwing supposed compliments around…[which] is in fact pre-meditated grooming…”

    Er…no. Sorry, Angela – check you own sodding videos some time. As can clearly be seen in YOUR interviews with Rupert, he has been very scathing of you – to your face – from the outset. How quickly you appear to have forgotten Carrotgate!

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  5. “And of course I have messages from him saying MENTION MY NAME AND I WILL FUCK YOU UP…”

    Awww, never mind, Angie. As you yourself put it in August 2016, when defending his death threats to the Hampstead community:

    “I stand by Rupert 100%. He’s a young-blood country boy…er…and sometimes he”ll…you know…testosterone and outrage will have him access…er…you know…a language of…you know…they need a square…you know…bang on the jaw, whatever…He’s young, he’s…and…and…he’s not a man of violence whatsoever, in my experience.”

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  6. For once I agree with Rupert – if it had been a man groping a woman like that, there would be no doubt whatsoever that this was at least sexual harassment and possibly sexual assault.

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    • I actually know a lot of these Anti Child Abuse Campaigners are Perverts.

      Interestingly in a similar scenario to the Angela/Rupert incident above I was double smacked on the backside by a man who claims to be an Anti CSA Campaigner when I leaned across a chair at Stevenage Magistrates Court back in June 2016.

      Jonathan Clarke is the ahem man that made unwanted sexual contact with me.

      I wasn’t too happy and took it as a Sexual Assault. Albeit from my life experiences as quite minor really in the great scheme of things, but totally inappropriate, he was not a NO FRIEND OF MINE and was overstepping I would have thought “normal” boundaries between people.

      I now believe the claims he has made that he was let’s say Sexually Assaulted as a 13 year old by a female to be bogus.

      I could mention an even worse incident than the backside slaps by another supposedly Anti CSA Campaigner.

      I also had yet another man say to me that “he couldn’t stop thinking about me all day yesterday” which I also found inappropriate especially as he had a long time partner and I am married.

      They are a bunch of Pervert’s and the very opposite or what they say they are.

      As in Angela PD.

      I would say Mel has had similar or worse happen to her by men from her reaction to Angela’s comments.

      On this one I am with RQ.

      That was definitely a sexual assault and I would say RQ feels a bit of a fool to have been played, but compromised as he was at her “home”.

      Not good but I could see that Power Disney was after him sexually from the off (why he didn’t listen or see this is a bit beyond me) and she Angela Power did admit she was falling in love with him or similar in writing.

      Again Angela is twisting the truth here and putting all the blame on RQ.

      Nah! She has produced no evidence of any untoward behaviour/s he has made to her.

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      • Yes, I remember her saying that she was “falling in love” with him, in a letter to David Chesoli. That should have been a clue, for sure–but it still doesn’t excuse an unwanted sexual approach.

        I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you, FA. As you say, it’s overstepping boundaries, and can leave one feeling very uncomfortable indeed.

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        • How can Angela PD say “WE were kind of falling in love with each other”?

          Did RQ declare his love for her?

          Nah! I very much doubt he was falling in love with her.

          That woman has some imagination.

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        • So,the Holy Spirit told Angie that Rupert had been the victim of secret child abuse and her idea is to put her hand on his arse in her kitchen?

          Rupert is correct, if a young woman had come over from the States and was put up by a man old enough to be her Dad) she’d met on the internet, to help “fight his cause” and that man had made advances in his kitchen, it would have been horrifying for her and she probably would not want to even go to her bed in his house that evening.

          I totally agree with Rupert on this one. I actually feel sorry for him, having that old trout come onto him, while staying at her house..

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          • Agree with all that Jake Blake.

            Angela pretends to be an anti CSA Campaigner and then she gropes (at the very least) a man who could be her son!

            If she really was an anti CSA Campaigner Angela would also be against ALL sexual abuse/violence including men and women.

            Yet what does she do?

            She sexually assaults someone!


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      • Hmm..I’m thinking there could be more to this story.and I won’t believe a word Angie may say now about it in any of her upcoming videos, which she may well do now that it has been disclosed here.

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    • If that’s the case I take back my comments above where I made light of it. Not a good situation at all and have to say it would be harder for a man to go to the police in these circumstances than a woman.

      Rupert has had a crap time of it hasn’t he. Again it wasn’t like he wasn’t warned. He got more than he bargained for though and does have my sympathies in that respect.

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      • Yes Rupert has certainly found out that the citizens and police of the UK aren’t as soft as he thought they were. I feel for the person having to put Rupert up for so long, talk about a guest out-staying their welcome.

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      • The guy was publicly threatening to kick down our doors, shoot us, stab us, beat us into comas and cut off our heads – and laughing about it. Plus as you say, he was repeatedly warned what would happen if he came to the UK. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.


  7. And now…as to Culpeper and The Finders…

    There was once a man named Captain Alfred M. Hubbard, who has been called “the Johnny Appleseed of LSD.”

    And you thought such a moniker belonged to Timothy Leary, or to The Merry Pranksters, didn’t you? Well, before those advocates of LSD mind-expansion for the masses, there were advocates of LSD mind-expansion FOR THE ELITES – or men & women of power and influence. Real power, and influence with others who held real power. The hope of these johnny lsd-seeders, was to inspire people in positions of leadership in every field – especially in the fields of diplomacy and the military establishment – to a profound and heartfelt conviction about the essential brotherhood of all mankind and innovative means of keeping and maintaining PEACEFUL relations between all States. Yes, really.

    Lots of American intelligence personnel experimented with LSD, voluntarily prior to MKUltra, (and in some cases tragically involuntarily during the MKUltra period), and really were ‘inspired’ by those experiences.
    In fact, the true original purpose of the MKUltra program was to explore all avenues of NON-LETHAL incapacitation of combatants. Not just your own enemies, but potentially also both sides of some military conflict that you were not a participant in yourself. Ways to FORCE a non-lethal resolution of conflict between two parties, if that was the only way to stop it.

    It’s very likely that Mario Pettie played some such role, in and around Culpeper. He may not have been a source of psychadelics himself, but his hosting of intelligence operatives during that period is very suggestive of providing a safe place for such persons to “trip out” in whatever manner – and Pettie may have played a guru-esque role for those people, during these ‘retreats’. They would have had to trust him implicitly, that he would never reveal what he knew about such experimentation and who was involved in it, and like Hubbard he seems to have honored such commitments – which may be the origin of the “am I CIA or ain’t I CIA” game he so enjoyed playing:


  8. Okay hands up.I got bored with Angie summonsing me every 5 minutes to dig her out of a hole and what with Rupert swanning around in his boxers simply couldnt resist the opportunity to reach out.You lot try being a divine entity and having arseholes like Angie messing with your tight schedules.Sheesh.

    PS. Dad says hi but doesnt actually never look at this blog apart from sometimes,well quite a bit actually.

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    • KDM leaves it a bit late to say he “will not be dragged into a public mudslinging”. LOL


      • Has anyone ever actually seen KDM and MKD in the same room? We hereby demand a full really really lengthy expensive public inquiry on the matter henceforth.

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    • Poor Icke is such a switched on individual he ignored those who said his original publisher was dodgy. And so it came to pass that all the proceeds from his original best selling books never reached Icke. He didn’t make a penny from them, not even an advance.

      The media continues to feed the fantasy that Icke has made millions from his conspiracies but ti’s simply not true, The only money he makes is by touring and even then he to have a break from the delivering the same old spiel to his audience.

      It’s also why he set-up that phony “TV Network” and had unsuspecting fans donate to the tune of £220K it’s estimated, but was busted when he took viewers on a Youtube video tour of his “studio” ( a rented office space above a shop in Wembley) and as he swept his arm over his expensive broadcasting equipment, mixing desks and so on that an eagle eyed real technician estimated the entire set-up was a heap of old junk that if you were lucky, a seller would have got a 100 quid for at auction.

      Sadly those who donated money to David Icke’s ‘studio’ were all fans and not the sort who could afford lawyers to chase up what has been described as a classic “The Producers” style venture except for one: a retired lady whose son is a pretty tough lawyer and is incensed by the whole scam and is working on a class action for Icke’s investors. Just another con whose time may have come.

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  9. This is the latest email newsletter from Chris Spivey. He is so grateful aint he just.? #ungratefulgit


    Right you lot Ive fuckin had it up to here with you freeloading cunts!
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    Do you think Facial Recognition Software is cheap do you? Well it fuckin aint! And mine costs a lot more that the ones online cos I have to get mine from a special source and it aint cheap!
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    Just sayin.

    P.S Fuck off to all the peado trolls!! Im comin for you lot!!

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  10. As the saying goes: don’t play with rattlesnakes. Rupert is no innocent or child, he is as manipulative, deceitful and perverted as Angela Power Disney. They were both playing each other, and both overpalyed their hands. Reading what Angela Power Disney and Mel has said about Rupert paints someone who is an unstable psychopath, a ticking time bomb,who should never be around children. I am just glad Rupert never got his hands on a gun.

    Interesting to note that Jake Clarke is sectioned again. I have no sympathy for him either.

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    • I can’t see them on her either of her YouTube Channels.

      Does she have other accounts or are they on her fb accounts where I’m blocked…?


      • I seem to have stumbled on to at least one old video on her YT Channel APD.

        I suspect this is part of Power’s plan to get RQ sent down.

        Didn’t work one way… so she’s trying another way.

        Bitch, bitch and bitch.

        I like fairness and she’s one huge BITCH.

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          • I hope so too.

            I reckon those investigating her, have so much information they don’t know where to start.

            I can’t see how she is going to get away with her behaviour much longer.

            I would have thought her Mc Cabe videos would have done it, but maybe she’s just not important enough for them to bother with.

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        • People are going to have to learn that if they get involved with Angie in any capacity then things are not going to end well for them as Angie has proved time and time again.

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  11. This series of communications really does give insight into the minds of these hoaxers. Their desperation for attention, unstable mental health and therefore unstable relationships.
    The impression I got of Rupert is a guy that would easily handle a pat on the ass from Angela without any real drama. I am therefore inclined to think there was far more to it than that.

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    • He was probably sleeping in the 2nd bedroom and she “slept walked” into his bed may be?

      Maybe she was “sweet talking” him?

      Maybe groped him in front rather than his bum?

      Could be anything.

      I doubt he had any sexual feelings for her, so any “sexual” behaviour he would find repulsive.

      I mean she’s repulsive without any sexual advances being made to anyone.

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  12. “Swing rattlesnake around head, get bitten by snake,” so says a wise Satanist.

    Rule of the thumb, the words of the enemy speaks greater truth than a friend. The private conversation between Angela and Mel about Rupert Wilson Quaintance in my opinion offers useful and truthful insights into the true nature of Rupert.

    The common pattern of all the Satan Hunters promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax is that they are psychopaths, including Rupert Quaintance and Angela Power Disney. A really insighful source on these types are here:

    Both Rupert Wilson Quaintance and Angela Power Disney are pure psychopaths, they were likely also lovers, and there is nothing more dramatic than lovers falling out with each other. Of the two, Rupert Quaintance is the most dangerous, and I flag that up, I would not be surprised that in future years he will go postal, preferrably when he is back in the USA.

    Although I do not know the full story of what Rupert has been claiming against me, there might have been an attempt by him to get me into trouble with the police in order to get himself out of the challenges he currently faces. He is a man incapable of accepting responsibility for his situations or his deeds. One thing for sure, when his legal issues come to a conclusion, I will be following up on this matter.

    Personally amusing is a self-claimed expert on the manipulation of women such as Rupert Quaintance being taken by surprise when his mating signals were answered by a hungry sexual cougar like Angela Power Disney. Angela likes to get to the bottom of things, but plainly touching Rupert’s bottom was triggering for him.

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  13. It might just be, given Rupert’s reaction, that the grope was the last straw. Imagine having to tactfully sidestep Angie’s constant flirtatious approaches whilst being effectively neutered by the fact that she was putting him up. I love it.

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  14. I see Alanson hasn’t posted on Farcebook in three days (he’s usually a prolific poster). I do hope that getting his racist post taken down the other day didn’t lead to another ban, hehe 😀

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  15. If memory serves me, J.C. was communicating w/APD After being Sectioned the 1st? time….Perhaps it was part of his treatment plan to “get away” from Negative Influences and Delusion/Money Grabbers like APD. Internet restrictions are becoming fairly common-place in legal parole/probation sphere even if “crime and/or civil commitment order” did not involve Internet…

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    • Power-Disney,Regarding your recent prayer request:

      Hell HQ have finally got back to my etherogram(after their freezing over difficulties) regarding post rapture accommodation but they too are unable to make their facilities available in this instance.They too have certain standards to maintain and have a primary duty of care towards their existing clientele.

      The good news is that the “recycling and holding” program for cosmically homeless bastards like you has been recently enhanced and you will be afforded the opportunity to live out the lives of your victims for the next billenia or two(ish).Following this a review of whether you have developed anything resembling remorse of conscience will be carried out by a committee comprising of said victims to determine what the fuck to do next with you,if of course they can be arsed.

      Have a nice day.

      Getting too many unwanted communications from Big G and son inc? You can unsubscribe @

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    • Nasty vile creatures. Haven’t the poor McCanns been through enough?

      They remind me very much of Joanne Lees who was just in Oz for an interview about her murdered & missing boyfriend Peter Falconio in the Northern Territory so long ago, And similar to the famous ‘dingo’ case with Lindy Chamberlain.

      Victims who do necessary come across in the most sympathetic way in the media (probably dosed up on Valium) so these armchair “whistleblowers” and phony “child protection investigators” get a feeling they must be guilty.
      No evidence, no proof, jut sod all. They would have them lynched if they could.


    • My Sydney friend responded to my email about Arfur’s hospital and said he knows it well as he used to ferry his flatmate back & forth to the place when he was having Cognitive therapy of depression. He describes it as a huge place with beautiful gardens and lovely old sandstone convict built buildings and is the main mental health hospital for the city.
      Apparently there is only one secure unit there so I guess Arfur’s there which explains why his FB pages just stopped as he wouldn’t be allowed to access social media- a deliberate part of the treatment to give the patient time away from the often frenetic pace of social media where problems are rarely solved but more likely exaggerated.

      I think it’s pretty obvious to any reasonable person that Arfur was spinning out of control and he probably, as so often happens, stopped taking his pills. Recall the recorded phone call to the policeman who obviously knew of Arfur’s history and who I think showed admirable sympathy for the man. In a way Arfur’s ringing that policeman and recording the call was like a plea for help. Now he’s getting it.

      But what of APD? : now 2 people have ended up being sectioned with her active help. While she can’t be blamed for another’s mental illness it shows an amazing lack of empathy and extraordinary ignorance where rather than see what is obviously someone melting down before her eyes, she encourages the person in their delusions and feeds their plight into her lunatic conspiracy claptrap.

      Every action of this woman shows her to be either a narcissist or sociopath who is devoid of normal empathy, an ability to make every situation to be about her and when things go haywire she paints herself as the victim.

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        • It’s normal treatment for someone who is having or about to have a psychotic episode. strong drug like Largactil to give their poor brain a rest for a few weeks.
          Bloody Angie- everything is a frigging conspiracy and yet again she’s urging people to harass workers at another mental health unit when they won’t have the right to disclose anything about Arthur except to confirm he’s there.
          She has nil idea of what medications Arfur was on but if they were any sort ant-depressant or something stronger you can’t just stop taking them- as patients often do – without consequences.


        • LOL! Her supporters are disappearing day by day and she’ll never understand it’s always her own fault.
          Reaching out to Sabine after dissing her last week..oh this just gets better and better.

          Haven’t heard much about Neelu lately, wonder what she’s been up to?

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          • Neelu had been a little out of sorts following receipt of a 3p annual return on her extensive Swissendo trust orbit investment portfolio as this represented an £8.7 billion shortfall on projected targets.She is currently engaged in putting together a claim against Oyster card for the entire value of the British Commonwealth for a train that arrived 43 seconds early last week at Barking on the District line.Although not actually a passenger she may well have been in an alternative universe.No one from Oyster card has been available for comment.


  16. As per Arfur,Jake et al.If Sandy can keep clear of allowing themselves to be exploited by leeches and (failing)clickbait whores like CCN and APD she will at least have some chance of dealing with her own issues.

    I can only wish her well with that effort.

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    • Blimey no nonsense questioning by MKD`s there.Paxman eat yer heart out.

      Sandra requesting proof of a negative is a tad desperate.I think it generally works that the accuser offers up the supporting evidence and it rolls from there otherwise its go home and STFU.

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    • EC should really considering utilizing Neelus expertise in Gibberspeak.I am sure the CIA budget can stretch to offering her a £3 per month consultancy fee.


    • It is true there are many shades of bad shit going on out there but those tasked with dealing with its various strands dont really need their time/resources taken up by failed humans pathetically attempting to disguise their own pointless stentch by spraying Au De Virtue Signale all over the friggin shop.

      Perhaps Sandra could forward a portion of her ill gotten gains to a charity that deals professionally with finding missing people.No? Hmm I didnt think so.

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  17. The infamous “pat” on someone’s backside mentioned and the way it is described by the perpetrator is exactly the sort of assault that saw Dave Lee Travis convicted and ruined after he was found innocent of may other alleged assaults.


    • Message for Rupert Q.

      Report the sexual assault Angela did to you, she’s confessed to the crime in writing and what you wanted kept quiet has now been revealed.

      You owe her nothing.


    • Yes, Angela will no doubt claim that she is just “cuddly” and “tactile”. Or that he “triggered” her with his alleged Southern charm, and so she could not be held responsible for jumping him.


  18. I’d forgotten all about this video but it’s hilarious, they all see something sinister in their accidents involving horses and Angie admits she “breaks things when she’s triggered.” It’s a short 14mn video and not one of Miles’ long-winded ones.

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  19. Who is this person who sends the email to my Sandy about Ella Draper Update and what does it contain from 2nd Feb. There is also another email address towards the top of the messages that may be interesting.


  20. Another one to report from that angry weirdo Echo Truths!

    By the way, trolls are here defined as anyone who politely disagrees with Echo Truths or dares to question her hate campaign against the innocent people of Hampstead.

    The irony is that we were much more polite than her, as can be seen from her own screenshots! And her anger appears to be based on the fact that she was unable to answer any of the pertinent questions put to her over her previous video. “I didn’t check the evidence because it was too boring” was my own personal favourite 😀

    Keep up the good work, everyone 🙂

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    • The following report has been filed under the ‘bullying ‘ category:

      “This is a nasty video about a number of named individuals whose only ‘crime’ appears to have been politely questioning the uploader. I myself am mentioned here. She also makes serious unfounded allegations about Ricky Dearman, whose life has been wrecked by a slanderous hate campaign.”

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  21. AS much as I blinded by my obsessive love for one “sandra Bergen” a huge flag popped up for me when she mentioned in a Miles Johnson Video (Sounds like a porn name about how big his rooster is), where she says she first realised she was an MKUltra victim when researching online and mentions Cathy O’Brien.
    If anyone has ever tried reading her book it is not easy at all.

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